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Thread seems to be off to a good start

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Random is not cheating

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>not posting sexy legs
dammit op
tons of choices
one job

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Scratching is cheating

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>busty grace
fucking heresy

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It's Rasis in Grace' outfit.

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So Voltex Academy is going dark side? Or what.

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Grace a cute

Rasis is probably cosplaying again. She likes to do that. Also there's no story mode in IV yet.

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>mfw gotta help Maxima save someone from drowning like his idols did for him.

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Not playing with Stealth on is cheating.

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anybody >5key?

easy af but i miss ska a go go

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I've always wanted an extended version.

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>i miss ska a go go
Play ディッシュウォッシャー◎彡おいわちゃん.

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i play it all the time and falling in love with 5key before getting into iidx made me play p2 side

best 5key chart ever is implantation hard btw

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i'm listening to the roots26 dramas. this is some fucking TOP NOTCH content.

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Is playing on random a good thing or not? I can't tell what is a shitpost and what isn't. It feels like it helps me stop going into muscle memory on familiar looking patterns. (I couldn't think of a way of saying this that didn't sound retarded) But at the same time I think I've passed songs that I otherwise wouldn't have because it was set to random.

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Some charts are just ass on non random. contract [a] on 2p is one of those.

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It's situational. Mostly a good thing since you get forced to learn new patterns, although that might not be as fun.
And yes, muscle memory is definitely good to avoid. Try not to play the same song multiple times as well, or at least put on random if you do.

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Getting occasional "fake clears" is much less important than the skills you gain from using Random.

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Most of the time I get fucked when I turn Random on. Does that mean I'm bad or do I just have bad luck?

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That's generally the point of Random. There's only a handful of songs where it will usually help you. In most cases it usually won't.

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random often makes things harder. ideally you want to selectively use random, r-ran, mirror, s-ran to make charts easier.

it can also be a decent training tool if you've already played out a chart nonran or mirror, or if you develop bad muscle memory habits. (example: i used to have to bullshit certain sections in songs, but now i'm better, but i still reflexively bullshit them so i can't get as good of a score as i should be able to, and random breaks that up)

if you don't feel confident in telling when you should use these options, just don't. play nonran until you get better. it's usually more fun and you maintain some of the artistry of the charts and play them as intended. plus you can ask other players what they like to use. i tend to play eurobeat songs on r-random because they have left-hand-heavy scale-like patterns that become easier when moved to the right somewhat.

"random is cheating" "nonran is cheating" etc. are literal meme jokes that you should not put any serious thought into.

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How the hell am I supposed rapid tap with my left thumb? That and alternating between left thumb and left index are impossible for me to do reliably.

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Use your wrist/arm, don't move just your thumb

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If you want to improve, keep random on. It will give you strange patterns that you may not otherwise have any practice on and prevent you from memorizing charts and just mashing through them.

If you actually want to score/clear, keep it off, or hope for a good random.

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i'll never be 10th dan

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yeah you will

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It took me as long to get 9 dan to 10 dan as it took me to get from total beginner to 9 dan. It's a surprisingly large jump

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i've spent a little under 2 years to get to where i am now (9dan) so this is refreshing to hear because 10dan whoops my ass right now i can't even get through gaia

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This isn't in game and it's not from Spada, it was released on Picoration on its own album, which was during Copula.

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Only thing I give a shit about right now, and I hope it comes with a new MV
I already gold crowned most of Taiko on PS4 and it's so piss easy compared to the arcade versions that it made me rather disappointed.

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Guys, is there any way to reduce the delay of the notes when you play in a led tv? I recently got a PS2 and it's really difficult for me to play due to this, I have to ignore the song to be able to hit a note correctly lol. I'd appreciate any help with this.

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Check your tv settings and do some research online. There are generally settings which will help you reduce the delay for games significantly.

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I'm aware, but it was the first result on youtube.
Point is that there is an extended version of nisohime.

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tfw not enough happy hardcore

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PS2 games weren't designed for use with LCD TVs, just hop on Craigslist or something and scour your neighborhood garage sales for an old CRT

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Happy Sky onward has a little bit of latency mitigation in the options, but if the TV is really bad, it will only help a little bit.

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happy sky - empress have offset options, but you are better off getting a crt tv, theyre between free and $25 on craigslist depending on quality

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what are some super easy 10s excluding elisha and mermaid girl because i already cleared those

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feel it

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Original poster here. Sorry, I meant the nu-denpa arrange made for sdvx. Extended version doesn't exist.

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Looks like Museca is not ded yet.

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Man I feel like I am really fucking bad at accuracy.
My accuracy has much more goods than greats or PGreats like on level 6-7. It even applies when I play easier songs and on other rhythm games like sdvx or jubeat.
Getting that D - C passes on level 5s is really starting to fuck with me. Is there a way I can try to fix this?

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I translated the episodes if that helps:https://kicksilver.tumblr.com/archive
mfw Tsugaru in the Limbo forever :'(


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lol verfluct is an easy hyper compared to the harder ones like exusia but I definitely wouldn't consider verfluct to be "super easy" like Elisha as anon was asking

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what does wawawa mean

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If I managed to get an EX HARD CLEAR it can't be that much harder. Now Xepher on the other hand, that's a tricky one.

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...wait, did I say EX HARD?
Sorry, make that a HARD CLEAR.

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How well does the Switch screen take abuse? Just tried the VOEZ demo and it's pretty fun

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wawawa cancer

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what the fuck

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>play a new rhythm game
>not sure if I should release at the end of hold notes or not
thanks IIDX

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Well shit there's no lane switching option
What do?

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Lots of charts from Pendual and Copula, probably. There's a super easy DJ TOTTO 2hu in Spada as well, I think. Sort by BPM and it should be like 85.

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it's made of soft, easily scratched plastic

>> No.18008176

Dazzlin Darlin

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how can i calculate green number in lr2?

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>Sampling Masters Mega
wait what

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Guys, right now, I'm playing DDRA lv 11 doubles with no bars.

When do you think it's good enough for me to move on to level 12 charts?

>> No.18011263

ddr ratings dont matter much until like 14 15 16 17 18 19, especially on doubles where some of the charts are way harder than their ratings because of bad patterning

>> No.18011269

mulch is one of shinji hosoe's best works imo it's a gotdamn banger

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Cannon Ballers release/Sinobuz data when

>> No.18011448

December 21st

>> No.18011454

prove he's not incorrect.

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There's no turntable in DJMAX

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there isn't very much k-pop (it would be cool if there was, since only dance games and neon fm really have k-pop) it's almost all korean electronic music which is to say it sounds mostly like japanese or western music except it's generic and soulless

see: almost every djmax and piu original

i'm not saying the games don't have good music but it's soulless and doesn't really stick with you the same way something incredible like quasar or sync or even something silly like butterfly does

>> No.18011821

>except it's generic and soulless
Completely disagree. I haven't played DJMAX in years, but it being the first series of rhythm games I started with, I still have fond memories of its soundtrack, and I don't think it's soulless at all.


Songs that I can still recall after years of not listening to them. The comparison of the general mood or feeling of DDR isn't really a fair one, since there isn't anything you can compare it to in general.

>> No.18011827

there's a much smaller range of deviation in quality in korean otoge music. it's basically all in the 7/10-9/10 range. compared to bemani which has some real bad songs but also is more likely to have amazing 10/10s

>> No.18011834

again i'm not saying there are no good songs in djmax or pump it up. heart of witch owns, end of the moonlight is a classic, i really like get out, respect has a bunch of bangers like uad, voldenuit, mulch, killer bee, but it's just got less personality than bemani shit

>> No.18011844

Agreed. It's mostly down to only a handful of artists that consistently make good stuff and/or the straight up god-like stuff, like M2U, Tsukasa, Esti etc.

But you have to keep in mind that Bemani games are just on an entirely different budget and their staff has a decade more experience at selecting its soundtrack.

>> No.18012229

I dunno about you but I think anything by M2U is 10/10

>see: Myosotis

>> No.18012288

He actually is one of my favorite rhythm game artists. Why Konami never bothered to get a contract with him is completely beyond me.

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You owe me a SDVX machine

>> No.18012847

wondering if buying this would be cheaper than a dao yet better than a koc

also looks like you can switch sides on it, which seems nice

>> No.18013759

the museon is much worse than a koc its a terrible quality controller

>> No.18013935

Anybody here an Insane Dan?

>> No.18013952

I'm insane 2nd.

>> No.18013983

Anyone else end up watching old man hours aka 2 decades of 5 keys

>> No.18013995

border bonus is cheating

>> No.18014589

are there any koc to usb adapters that can make the timing errors on a USKOC controller better? My timing in other rhythm games is good enough to get perfect FCs and I have cleared many 8s and 9s

>> No.18015288

What exactly does Guitar Freaks (even the 3button series) do so well that makes weebs insist they're infinitely better than Western guitar games?

>> No.18015303

So what's the consensus on the best rhythm game for Android? I played Cytus some time ago and it was pretty sick, any recommendation?

>> No.18015419

Probably that they have actual timing windows and better music.
Guitar Freaks really isn't that fun though.

>> No.18015512


how does this work without taking into account the BPM of the song? are you supposed to use this with BPM-Fix or are you supposed to do it per song?

>> No.18015517

The entire point of a green number is that it's independent of the song's BPM.

>> No.18015520

Guitar Hero was mainstream while GF is obscure in the west.

No brainer. Nerds won't associate themselves with the "plebs"

>> No.18015776

get a new pcb

>> No.18015792

the brook one isn't that bad, it was made with fightans in mind

>> No.18015796

Guitar Freaks mechanically sucks. No hammerons and no fretting might've been fine in 3 key but it makes playing Gitadora wholly unpleasant.

There's a reason that in Japan there are so many arcades with only drummania: guitar freaks isn't fun and doesn't sell

>> No.18015921

What do you think is the hardest chart in chunithm

I think it's 神威 World's End (which is just a recreation of it's ez2dj shd 14k)

>> No.18016119

>Everyone and their mother plays Drummania in my area
>Be one of the few people who plays GF

The good thing about it is the lines are very short and I can hog the cab for a while.

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>mfw picking a more or less random level 10 song and sightread clear it

>> No.18016235

guitar freaks is much worse than guitar hero it just came first and that's important when headass normalfags think iidx is a guitar hero ripoff

>> No.18016240

not really, iidx introduced green number way before floating hi-speed

>> No.18016516


yes, you use the number it outputs as your hs fix in LR2. there is no true floating hi-speed support in LR2.

>> No.18016563

Every nigga in the world gonna tell you VOEZ.

I’m still tryna build a dedicab for it using x86 with sound reactive led and everything. Playing it on a big monitor is a different experience than a phone, I can tell you that much.

>> No.18016613

Groove Coaster

>> No.18016785

Even without the floating hi speed it was important to know what the green number was so that you could adjust sudden+ or a towel in conjunction with the standard hi speed setting to make it work.

5th Style PS2 made most people reach for towels, and that is effectively when people were looking for their green number, despite it not having that name at that time.

>> No.18017074

this sounds immensely retarded
just take a shitty touchscreen arcade machine and repurpose it, like a puzzles and dragons cab or something they're literally worthless

see for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miGo_RH8Qzc
any not ir touchscreen that uses a windows pc will identify as a generic multitouch hid, all of the work is done for you.

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>> No.18018090

Just 2 weeks until GOTY Sinobuz

>> No.18018130

*cannon ballers

>> No.18018329

Eh. It’s more of an android project with VOEZ as a lead. It’s a personal project after all. Something I want to put my time into making something that’s mine, yknow? I was gonna customize the cab to be akin to VOEZ and other accompanying games. Instead of having the outside aesthestic stay the same. Even if I could modify it, I’d prefer starting from scratch.

>> No.18018368

cock n balls

>> No.18018383

I laughed.

>> No.18018386

cock'n music

>> No.18018461

i fuck the music
i make it cum

>> No.18018465

god i really hate the normie main menu music in VOEZ

>> No.18018535


If guitar hero had a proper scoring system it would actually be a really good fucking game.
Either way it's already fun, only super elitist bemani losers hate on it.

>> No.18019127

death grips in bemani when

I want keysounded MC Ride

>> No.18019172


>> No.18022047


Looks really fun to play.

>> No.18022435

Who is the best non jp iidx player?

>> No.18022549



>> No.18022714

Maybe like 10 years ago. He can barely EXHC hard 10s now, and even his old peak isn't very exciting by today's standards.

>> No.18022756

possibly not even american but in america i think the best player is like phnix probably?

ryry used to be at the same level as japanese rankers at that time but the game got harder and everyone got slightly better

>> No.18022785

>non jp
How is this even a question. LICHT, obviously. If talking about outside of asia, probably REA.

>> No.18023432

Counting Asian countries, LICHT from Korea.

In America, on official cabinets/eAmuse it's PHN!X by a mile. He's the only one right now who could contend with Server/Prefecture Records vs Japanese players, and has most of the game AAA+EXHC'd IIRC. (Don't know who'd be considered "2nd best in America" on cabs, but they're still not even close in comparison.)

On Arcana/private servers I hear REA is still way better than everyone else. IDK how PHN!X does on Arcana in comparison to official eA. Don't know much about current players on there other than those two.

There are personal opinions, so take with a grain of salt if necessary.

>> No.18023545

Last time I heard, CStar cleared SP Kaiden again, on AC. Don't know anything else, but I'd imagine he'd do fine with EXHC on 10s and 11s.

His old peak was 2006 and earlier on CS games, then he stopped playing as much and posting scores. From the perspective of American players at the time, he had really good scores on hard songs, like AAAs on Colors [a], Sakura [a], etc. He was a Top American player at the time for sure.

Ryry was probably Top 5 in the world at CS in 2006 and prior, when Japanese were still actively playing CS. When he was most active, no American's scores ever came close to his, and sometimes he even beat the Japanese. Even when he wasn't playing as much during RED-Gold, many of his scores haven't been touched by any Americans to this day.

Last time I heard he was actively playing, it was Sirius AC. Don't know anything past that.

>> No.18025050

Also MACAOD is really fucking good at <12s and a number of 12s

>> No.18025337

Is using an offset on IIDX cheating?

>> No.18025351

Arcade cabinets have a variety of monitors as well as multiple official IO boards that have different input latencies.

Watching warmly for pop'n to add an offset feature some day.

>> No.18025815

what button setup do the iidx cabs at ERM use

>> No.18026464

what is wawawa

>> No.18026942

There's 3 IOs in use in official IIDX cabs rn

IO-2 (newest, from Gold Cabs onward), D01 (grey door cabs iirc), and C02 (9th style cabs/conversion kits from twinkle cabs).

C02 and D01 have no timing changes, it's really just a hardware revision. IO-2 widens the timing window on TT slightly. Everything else is the same.

You're right about the monitors though, there are several revisions of the HD* monitor that are all a little different, and they're different than the og DJ Troopers HD panel, game has built in offset to compensate for the increased lag in the later models.

>> No.18026963

>IO-2 widens the timing window on TT slightly.
The timing windows are defined in software. The TT is definitely more responsive and accurate on IO-2, though.

>Everything else is the same.
Just from experience and playing on dozens of different cabinets, IO-2 probably has almost an entire frame less latency than the older USBIOs. I have to use a different offset, and I can hear the difference in how quick the keysound playback is relative to the key press..

>> No.18027004

t. placebophile
there are no significant differences between IO2 and older IOs except for a new fpga (not used for button to) and filtering on the tt input

>> No.18027024

any ongeki footage yet?

>> No.18027064

I'm reluctant to accept it as placebo, especially since it was something I noticed and could identify before I even knew there were multiple USBIO types, but I also don't have access to whatever information resources you have. I guess it will be irrelevant when all machines are using the USBIO shipped with the CANNON BALLERS hardware upgrade.

At least I'm not one of those people that constantly adjusts offset in increments of 0.1 thinking that it has any noticeable effect.

>> No.18027193

what you were experiencing was probably the built in offset for HD* cabs, but w/e you're right there is a new IO and it will be standard now unless you're playing on some shitty hacked cab in the americas :^)

>> No.18027271

What the fuck

>> No.18028065

>combo counter raises during holds
Anyway, is this program still in use or being updated? I've never touched it but I wonder how it compares to LR2 and Beatoraja in terms of things like stability and feature support.

>At least I'm not one of those people that constantly adjusts offset in increments of 0.1 thinking that it has any noticeable effect.
But it does.

>> No.18028254

How is one supposed to break the 11 wall? Most 11s have some absolutely bs parts that absolutely dumpster me

>> No.18028298

like 40% of the 10s are worse you just haven't played them yet

>timepiece non-cn hyper
>don't be afraid myself
>snow storm

just to name a few

>> No.18028513

>timing is shit
>get a full combo
nice meme

>> No.18028763

Keep playing. Used to think the same until I started beating them for no reason. It just happens after some point.

>> No.18029426

>But it does.
If the equivalent of a 1.6ms adjustment makes a difference for you, you must be getting 99% scores all the time, since the PGREAT window is 20 times larger at 33ms wide.

>> No.18029497
File: 126 KB, 720x960, 25152210_10210536512717901_3709268673685646901_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who might you be?

>> No.18029500

the girl who's headphones are backwards with R on left ear because i'm fucking retarded

>> No.18029523
File: 326 KB, 858x1200, 1483660374774.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Some people think it's the girl who's back is turned holding the vinyl in this

>> No.18029674

Nobody does zettai ryouiki quite like goli, the master. The way the plump, glistening thighs bulge out of the legging is truly inspirational.

>> No.18029693

I'm gay and even I appreciate GOLI's zettai ryouiki.

>> No.18029745
File: 492 KB, 1536x2048, inspirational.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wtf i love iidx now

>> No.18029773

If you average hit in for example -19.0~9.0 ms you can see if you'd shift that with offset to for example to -15.8~12.2 ms you can see that the difference is pretty huge. Considering that the window for pgreat is -16.66~16.66 (pretending that it isn't offset to the early window for the sake of example). If you consistently hit more early or late then it obviously has large impact on your score if you can move that even with milliseconds.

>> No.18029879

Do iidx machines have a headphone jack? Haven't been able to find one at my cab

>> No.18029920

how do you guys pronounce iidx?
Eye eye DX?
Eye DX?
Fuck off retard?

>> No.18029936

fuck off retard

>> No.18029945

fuck off retard
2DX I've never heard people pronounce it any other way

>> No.18029998

Cannon Ballers when

>> No.18030029


>> No.18030033

I used to say eye eye Dee ecks until I heard peolle say 2dx

>> No.18030095

Natively, no.

The question has been answered for at least sixteen years.

>> No.18030101

I've always pronounced it 2DX.

>> No.18030115

Just to add to the list, like a decade ago I encountered a couple people that referred to it as "2 deluxe".

A more recent example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvrNtgVMRBQ

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here's your lineout bro

>> No.18030203

2DX it's the only and correct answer

>> No.18030312


>> No.18030416


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File: 13 KB, 318x159, 6CDC5528-107A-4705-A057-CDCDA65B6AD5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So C-Show makes pretty much exclusively shitty house music now and it saddens me. “Ultra Hands Up Best” was a weak album on behalf of everybody, USAO, BlackY, C-Show, Noriken, etc.. Everyone sounded exactly the same. I just want my boi C-Show to go back to making creative music instead of this repetitive shit.

P.S. watching him live, you can tell he is visibly uncomfortable being on stage.

>> No.18030770

three Y three Y S

>> No.18031268

Juggler's maddness extended version when

>> No.18031269


>> No.18031537


Where was it streamed? it's not on the youtube channel

>> No.18031565


>> No.18031569


there was a bemani livestream at 8p japan time yesterday

>> No.18031647


No shit, did you even read the post

>> No.18031779


the live in livestream is your clue you had to watch it live

>> No.18031825

It's unlisted.

>> No.18031903
File: 18 KB, 542x82, wow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i guess sows really IS gay

>> No.18031928

who's the pink girl? is that just celica but with a ponytail or am i dumb

>> No.18031965

its nyah

>> No.18031981

no. cab owners/arcade ops can install headphone amps though. a lot of arcades in asia do, as well as most private cabs in the us, but only a few round 1s have them.

>> No.18031991

>he isn't getting 90+% scores constantly

how does it feel to have no sense of rhythm

>> No.18032104

Is that resetera?

>> No.18032323

What is the best bemani meme that I can fit in 50characters ?
Seriously asking

>> No.18032336

iidx gooooooooold
but with enough o's to make it 50 characters

>> No.18032351

see >>18029674

>> No.18032408

gvm being one of them and god bless

>> No.18032666

My best scores weren't loading. First time that happened. Are they tinkering with Arcana to make it ready for Sinobuz?

>> No.18032809

alright guys i cracked the code...
cannon ballers' theme is green and red and christmas colors are green and red
christmas is on the 25th and cannon ballers is IIDX 25
cannon ballers will release on christmas day (the 25th)

>> No.18033252
File: 38 KB, 1239x301, autism.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your example changes the offset by about 0.2, not 0.1, and it even helps illustrates the point that you probably shouldn't bother with 0.1 increments until you're already very confident that you're close.

Going off of your example (-19ms~9ms), let's assume a player has timing that can be modeled with a normal distribution with a 14ms standard deviation, does not drift based on in-game early/late feedback, and already has things like WN/GN set correctly. He is playing on an unfamiliar machine, so he's 5ms off on average. Ideally, he should be getting 87.44% scores, or high AAs, but he's getting 85.61%. Something's off, so he adjusts offset by 0.1. On a 1000 note song, he sees an improvement of about 20 EX, or a 7% reduction in lost EX. That's already not that much, but it's still pretty good, and you might think that the adjustment of 0.1 was a huge success. Instead, consider that such a "large" improvement with 0.1 is just evidence that the adjustment should have been much larger to begin with, since a 0.3 change would have had almost double the reduction in lost EX.

In reality, using 0.1 increments is even less useful, since any reasonable player would adjust themselves based on the judgement feedback while playing the game. At best, this means that the score differences between using different offsets would be even more subtle, and at worst, the player may be hurting themselves in the long run. If the offset is off by a lot, like 1.0, as a player makes 0.1 increments, they're also very likely to be slowly adjusting themselves. After they're satisfied with the timing, they may have drifted to the point of meeting somewhere halfway, where a 0.5 total adjustment feels fine. After returning to a familiar machine and using the offset they normally would, it might feel strange and require yet another period of adjustment.

For most players, I would advocate adjusting offset in 0.5 increments, or 0.3 at the very least. Most of the time, you'll more quickly find the offset you need, and overshooting and scaling back helps the player avoid drifting too much in any one direction while searching for the correct offset. Then stick with an offset once you're confident enough. I often see less skilled players constantly adjusting their offset up and down by 0.1 between songs, and it's silly.

After experimenting with some numbers, 0.1 offset error appears to have the most noticeable total EX improvements only for 95+% score players that have a standard deviation of 10ms or less, and even then it's still within the noise/placebo range.

Post scores.

>> No.18033275

>Post scores.
you first bucko

very rarely are people who autistically analyze this kind of thing actually any good at it

>> No.18033294
File: 886 KB, 960x720, ifm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18033495

I just got the PS4 Taiko game with the toy controller after only having played the PSP games and I've fallen into despair. Is it actually possible to get full combos with that drum on Oni? And is there a way to stop the thing from sliding everywhere? This game is insane.

>> No.18033579

never really played rhythm games before but found myself really enjoying SDVX when a R1 opened up near me
apparently there's some illegal private server shit you need to get into to even get a copy of the game for home play. where the hell do I start?

>> No.18033608

Befriend the right people or, if you can prove you're competent enough to keep a tracker ratio, post your email here and hope someone's feeling generous.

>> No.18033640

There is one legal avenue, though it sucks and is probably more trouble than it's worth.


>> No.18033737
File: 6 KB, 320x180, 1422915574285.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ah, I see. been around the block a few times with that.
email: [email protected]

>> No.18033762

sent ;^)

>> No.18033763


>> No.18033829

Tell me why the 2dx cab near me has a fucking towel on it?

>> No.18033834

Newfag detected

>> No.18034166

Got a sweet deal on a metal pad and returning to DDR for the first time since 2002. How do you guys practice? I'm playing the JP PS2-era games (MAX/MAX2/Extreme) with the 10-level difficulty scale. I'm bored with 1s, fine with 2s, and can clear 3s. Should I work my way through the tiers through clears or should I set grade goals for myself before moving up a tier?

>> No.18034475
File: 14 KB, 180x274, latest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18034488

It's the Kaiden rag. When you first hit it, you shoot your load right there. It's a communal thing.

>> No.18034744

everything easier than 7 in old-scale ddr is fucking trivial (except for a couple heavy 6s maybe)

>> No.18034753
File: 23 KB, 369x490, DPmMoJ5VwAAGd_S.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reminder that if you were born with fully functional fine motor skills you have no excuse for being shit at iidx

i would kill to have hands that i could actually control

>> No.18035197

the classic "id be better at this game but im completely barred by my health condition and this is as good as im gonna ever get no matter how much i practice" person

>> No.18035257

I'll be going to japan soon, I kinda want to try out pop'n. I can do lv 6-8s on IIDX, what is a recommended level to try out?

>> No.18035299

I was playing 7s in IIDX when I started pop
n and if I'm remembering right I started on 10s and skipped a few levels up after every song once I was comfortable with the button placements.

>> No.18035310

What is "being shit at IIDX?"

I think that as long as you're getting As, you shouldn't be embarrassed. Game even rewards you with a cute girl pic for it, so it's not supposed to be a bad score.

>> No.18035510

>Game even rewards you with a cute girl pic for it, so it's not supposed to be a bad score.
what version are you talking about here because when I get A or AA its always 1 or 2 ayy lmaos instead of those 2 conductor girls

>> No.18035530

>Not cute

>> No.18035533

Try stuff at 20-25. There are some IIDX crossovers in pop'n too so that might help.

>> No.18035973

Being shit is always relative. Someone near all white 12s might consider themselves to be shit comparing to guys who have most 12s exhard cleared for example.

>> No.18036132

No one here likes Taiko? I just want to know if I'm better off using the PS4 controller or if it's humanly possible to do well with the drum that it came with.

>> No.18036272


you could work your way all the way up to and including 30 before you start needing to be careful. if a song has a bpm change, skip it, it's not worth dealing with.

>> No.18036431

start at 15 just to be safe, it might be even easier with beat pop on. You'll probably be able to zoom right to around 25.

>> No.18036582


Sinobuz gives you girls for just AAs

>> No.18036600

i have above average timing but i can't play density without using cheesy techniques that give me rsi

>> No.18036603

>Someone near all white 12s might consider themselves to be shit comparing to guys who have most 12s exhard cleared for example.
Since the gap between the easiest and hardest 12s is so huge, I would expect anyone near all 12 HC to have a decent majority of 12s EXHC'd.

>> No.18036610

>cannonballs gives you a sausage picture for AAA again

>> No.18036628

Well ok when I say that I mean like comparing someone who is like couple songs off all white vs someone who is like couple some off all exhc having only the crazy stuff left.

>> No.18036643

>>cannonballs gives you a sausage picture for AAA again
Nearly everyone at my local arcade that regularly AAAs things in the first place is gay, so that's fine.

>> No.18036648

even gay people can appreciate goli thighs

>> No.18036695

>introduce new blond hair blue eyes qt character
>dudes only for AAA result screen
what the wtf fuck

>> No.18036710

join one of the bemani discord servers and prove you aren't a retard who will post ac data on public social media and can maintain a good up/down ratio on a tracker (which on the pig website it really isn't hard to do)

>> No.18036759

it takes more skill to intentionally get AA instead of AAA and still pass

>> No.18036828


bemani players are gay is not a meme

>> No.18036862

so do you get the maximum amount of volforce if you PUC all of the 20s and the rest 19s?

>> No.18036864

I think so. No one has PUC'd Lachryma GRV I think.

>> No.18036869

Sinobuz gives you chibis for As, girls for AAs and guys for AAAs.

>> No.18037444

i'm starting to clear 10s and my hands are still hammy tentacles on every song no matter how easy it is to time
hodl me bros

>> No.18038172

it only gets worse, quit while you're ahead

>> No.18038377

Pick a random 11 and cry. That's what you got ahead of you. Just stop playing it's not worth it.

>> No.18039401

The further you get in clear the more 10s and 11s start feeling like nothing though, like after when delving the hardest 12s.

>> No.18039445

Playing LR2 with judge auto adjust on, it adjusts to about +60ms which is where it feels comfortable. Anybody have any idea where all this latency is coming from? I have a 1ms monitor, so it can't be from that, most likely. On my laptop, I have it on on my laptop's install, too, but there it only adjusts to about +20ms. Weird shit.

>> No.18039451

Auto adjust is dangerous, it easily makes you time sloppy and it adjusts to wrong offset and you start adjusting to that and it's a chain reaction of bad. The latency is probably just you hitting late rather than the game having latency.

>> No.18039467

That brings up another point which is that I have autism, and supposedly my reflexes are bad according to other anons. If that's true, I suppose that could play a role, too. But I don't know the specifics behind any of the research done behind it, just that I googled it one time and it was true.

>> No.18039478

Well unless you are extremely high level at scoring you will probably drift in offset because of lack of control. That's why a lot of people advocate against using it until you are extremely good at score (like 97%~99%ing the stuff you play in lr2), since at that point it won't matter that much, because the timing is so ingrained in you. So basically what is happening to you is pretty normal.

>> No.18039580

I'm not sure I believe that, honestly. 60ms is way beyond just a little bit of variance. I'm more likely to believe that my responses are more delayed. I checked the laptop and I was mistaken, as that was apparently settled at about +60 as well.

As some possible empirical evidence of this, once upon a time I was playing some GH with my friends. I happened to discover that increasing the offset option helped my accuracy quite a bit(and this considering how lax the game is). This from playing the game from 0 delay previously. This was much to the chagrin of my friend who insisted, not unreasonably, that I play the "normal" way while playing with others and claiming to my own annoyance that doing so was cheating.

I'm no noob to rhythm games; I've been playing normally for some 10 years and LR2 for about 2. I have some AA's on some IIDX 11's on keyboard and recently switched to controller a few months ago. I play on J6 or J7 in Stepmania when I want to do some accuracy practice. I'm definitely not a new player.

>> No.18039678

favorite sinobuz songs?

>> No.18039687

Okay yeah I misinterpreted you a bit, but +60 offset isn't a problem if that feels comfortable. There's some insane players who use similiar offsets. For example the current best scoring bms player often uses +99 ms offset and gets insane scores with that.

>> No.18039741

Yeah, I can't play the game for dick on 0. I get C's and D's and it feels so wrong and off to me. I was mostly just wondering as to it's source, honestly, whether it was a hardware or biological fault or whatever else.

It does scare me a bit considering the idea that it's a biological fault. Can you even change the delay in IIDX? If it was, and you can't, I'd be screwed bad trying to play on a real cab. Which is something I'd like to do sometime.

>> No.18039748

rotterdam shogun
papayapa bass

>> No.18039765

like all of em lol the style fuckin owns

i keep going back to beat juggling mix though

>> No.18039781

I love Break Over. Too bad the extended mix is fucking shit.

>> No.18039807

>I have a 1ms monitor
No you don't. Pixel response time is only a small factor of total latency.

Anyway, there are a lot of potential sources of latency in a system. USB by itself introduces more than people think. Another sneaky one is your modern graphics card buffering for several frames for the sake of consistency at the expense of responsiveness. The number of prerendered frames is often configurable.

>Can you even change the delay in IIDX?
Yes. See >>18033252, my fellow autist.

>> No.18039832

beat juggling mix
this is not the angels
yellow sketch

>> No.18040146

Where do you look when you're playing? Do you look where the notes are going to hit, or do you sort of lock your vision elsewhere? Could you play perfectly when they do the thing where the notes disappear before they get to the place they hit?

>> No.18040157

>Yellow Sketch
Such a good comeback from Takada. All his IIDX stuff was gold.

>> No.18040287

It varies a lot, some players look right down above the judgeline, but most players look somewhere above the judge text.

>> No.18040315

Im shit at Taiko, so I don know how good the drum actually is, but I keep it from sliding around by placing it in a wood frame which I nailed on a small table.

>> No.18040380

Like all Taiko drums post PS2, you've got to mod that shit to usability. Follow one of the guides, and rest that shit on some towels or something to dampen the sound and stop it moving around so much.

>> No.18040397


Who /hype/ to play Sinobuz?

>> No.18040965

What is the best DDR arcade version and why is it either Extreme or 4thMIX+?

>> No.18040993

DDR A is pretty good.

>> No.18041015

Extreme was always my favorite mix. It has just the right amount of everything with the best BGAs.

>> No.18041021

Ninjas are old and busted. Racing is the new hotness.
I'm honestly super hype for CB's release tracklist. Might not be a bad song in the bunch by the look of artist and genre.

>> No.18041189

Thanks for the replies, I'll try those methods to stop the drum from moving around so much. As for the responsiveness, it's absurd that modding is pretty much required but I'm glad it's not just me having issues. This is going to be a long, difficult road. Maybe I'll start taking drum lessons too.

>> No.18041216

Either locked onto the judge text (default position and 300 WN) or quick bursts of tracking the notes from the top.

>> No.18041295


>> No.18041436

>Sex: Male

>> No.18041632

This is my favorite song!

>> No.18041763

>Liking meme songs

>> No.18042019

everyone who plays it at my round1 is gay (me included )

>> No.18042025

sdvx i mean

>> No.18042252

I like dubstep.

>> No.18042558

elemental bender

>> No.18042588


>> No.18042955
File: 62 KB, 200x200, 200px-Apocalypse__dirge_of_swans_.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18042966

Honey trap
Beat juggling mix

Sino has a very solid soundtrack overall though

>> No.18043151
File: 443 KB, 1079x2029, IMG_20171216_100912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will be playing the konmai killer™ ver2018 around 2pm
See you fags there

>> No.18043205

>Konami killer

God I fucking wish.

>> No.18043338

i like popn

>> No.18043696

It's an otoge and touhou (+jougasaki rika 2.0) combined, what can go wrong?

>> No.18043704

After it stopped putting genres in the splash art Pop'n was dead to me.

>> No.18043724

popn is too hard

>> No.18043739

Thought you guys would be interested in this.
New MAME update(emulator of arcade machines and more) adds the next

>Games promoted to working: beatmania IIDX 4th style (GCA03 JAA), beatmania IIDX 6th style (GCB4U JAB), beatmania IIDX 6th style (GCB4U JAA), beatmania IIDX 7th style (GCB44 JAA), beatmania IIDX 8th style (GCC44 JAA) and beatmania IIDX Substream with DDR 2nd Club Version 2 (984 A01 BM).


>> No.18043784

How much of a memer is USAO in real life

>> No.18043909

the buttfuck stupid control scheme
why didn't they just use a stick and 3 buttons is beyond me

>> No.18043963

It got lots of potentials for the endgame that way. I actually saw lvl13 song using 2 buttons of the same color just now

>> No.18044003

Does anyone know how long after the JP release it usually takes for new IIDX versions to come to round 1 in the US?

>> No.18044012


>he hasn't been playing sinobuz at home for months


>> No.18044015

1-2 weeks

>> No.18044033


if his twitter is any indication, a big fucking memer

>> No.18044057

any asian rhythman for pc?
i'm gonna grab djmax respect for ps4 and the virgoo controller makes me wet but I figure I need more games to play to justify the cost

>> No.18044061


I was playing sinobuz and matixx both on the day of their jp releases at my us r1. pretty cool feeling. now that the games are updated over the network, which they just started doing, there shouldn't be any wait between us and jp releases.

>> No.18044074

Cannon Ballers will most likely require a hardware upgrade so we're gonna have to wait a couple weeks this time around.

>> No.18044098

anyone know if they have eamuse passes at the R1 in fox valley mall in aurora?

>> No.18044220

>playing bare bones day 1 data

>> No.18044315

sows btfo once again

>> No.18044406

theyll have eamuse passes at every r1, it would be rare if they didnt

>> No.18044742

Have been there, can confirm

>> No.18044833

is there any way to make a dao TT work well with xpadder? I have to use xpadder because it's the only thing the keyconfig program I'm using works with, but the TT scrolls too far on menus and responds poorly overall. is there some option I'm missing or do people put up with this?

>> No.18044883

As far as I know there isn't, but I'd be interested to know if there is. I gave up when I tried using it for other stuff like o!m once.
What are you trying to use it for?

>> No.18045087

Try using universal control remapper. I'm using a crappy old fp7 and everything works perfectly

>> No.18045530

This is neat news, yeah. It's been a long time coming for this breakthrough to happen.

Here's hoping that some more distant date Beatmania III can be cracked and I can play it again at home before I kill myself.

>> No.18045558

Roll on over to 1cc catalog, dood.

>> No.18045659

does iidx make you gay because it's a sausagefest

>> No.18045729

There's so many cute anime girl mascots though

>> No.18045945

the runs of 3 aren't triplets, they happen at the exact same speed as the runs of 4

>> No.18045960

He probably meant the playerbase. A grill playing IIDX is rare as fuck.

>> No.18046113
File: 141 KB, 246x315, Stamos.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw looking at the DDRA soundtrack
I know Dancemania is dead and relicensing those tracks would be a nightmare but why are so many Konami originals and Bemani crossovers from before SuperNOVA mysteriously missing?

>> No.18046346


lol this guy

>> No.18046466

That's one of the hardest 10s.

>> No.18046541

Feel free to prove me wrong if you have an updated build. The base song list is hardly noteworthy.

>> No.18046553

An up to date build was uploaded somewhere last night

>> No.18046608

>easier than YAKSHA which does a lot of the same stuff and is B+
2ch biggest jobbers ever

>> No.18046722
File: 11 KB, 320x240, akane.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It'll never die as long as you keep playing!

>> No.18046807


Not that guy but you realize there are servers other than arcana right?
You know, ones that care more about proper network support over sows dickwagging

>> No.18046815
File: 274 KB, 414x414, 04195m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18046845


>> No.18046846


>> No.18046930

Naoki and jun are unpersons. It's also the reason we'll never see a new PARANOiA, Trip Machine, or Max song.

>> No.18046971

Yes, though you apparently don't realize I said nothing about networks. I'm talking purely about the content of the data which, evidently, was just the upgrade kit until yesterday.

>> No.18046991

>I'm talking purely about the content of the data which, evidently, was just the upgrade kit until yesterday.
You don't know what you're talking about. Protip, there are at least 4 groups of people that independently get data before it even drops in Japan, and that's just people I happen to know of.

>> No.18047104

That's a given, but how closed/small are they? You're right that I'm not up to date on all the sekrit clubs, but if they have n-0 data I can't exactly imagine they'd be handing it out like lollipops.

>> No.18047427


>> No.18047831

At least two of those groups are ridiculously lax with n-0 data. To give you an idea, DARQs has had the latest Sinobuz for months now.

>> No.18047945

>Cannon Ballers will most likely require a hardware upgrade

Why? Too much high speed?

>> No.18047971

konami was apparently sending out surveys to japanese arcade owners to see if their cabs were tricoro hardware or newer, and cannon ballers adds two cameras

>> No.18048161

esports hand+facecams thats why

>> No.18048709


I'd imagine cabs would be able to upgrade just fine without the cameras. I wonder if any kind of webcam would work or if they have a specific model designed to work with it

>> No.18048831
File: 208 KB, 339x481, 1479863350635.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bunch of Ultramix/Universe crossovers still absent
>Radical Faith still hasn't been revived

>All the game has gotten in the past five 5 months are a bunch of region-locked licenses and shitty songs that are in like half a dozen other Bemani games

>> No.18048856

>shitty fucking idol 13s

>> No.18049374
File: 131 KB, 960x690, DRGVM26UMAY3-go-orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's this say?
>inb4 the pleasure of being cummed inside

>> No.18049377

much obliged doctor

>> No.18049497


X-Axis: - "Unknown" to + "Famous"

Y-Axis: - "Garbage Tier" to + "Culturally Valuable"

>> No.18049497,1 [INTERNAL]  [DELETED] 

Sorry to bother you guys, but can anyone help me out with any of the sekrit clubs? I just moved back to the states from Japan and the closest R1 is like a 4 hour drive. I mainly just want to get things as arcade accurately as possible since I was so spoiled and have places to discuss these things (arcin boards, cab dimensions, ETC.) as well as be apart of the community mainly rather than data. Mainly play IIDX and DDR, but those communities are dead here IRL.

>> No.18049629

Well that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Famous as in famous in Japan? Because I'm pretty sure DDR is the most famous one out of these in an international sense. Maimai doesn't even exist outside of Asia.

>> No.18049746

this chart doesn't even try to hide the fact that it's bait

>> No.18049806

Basically all it's missing is Otokadoll in the upper right corner.

>> No.18050074

So how do I get in these new secret clubs? Arcana and the whole n-1 is making me want to kill myself.

>> No.18050168
File: 1.32 MB, 1362x768, brogamer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I the only one who liked Snakey Kung Fu?

>> No.18050189

w-what's wrong with Happy, I Want You To Know and Break Free?

>> No.18050350

有名 is usually translated as "Famous", but looking at it again, "Well-known" would be a better term for this context. Was being lazy, my bad.

>> No.18050792

Do you play DDR for score or for fun? I'm going to meet my state's rhythm game community soon since we have a DDRA machine here and I'm worried I'm going to be the only non-score-attacker there.

>> No.18051081

fuck no dude that song is an instant classic, Carlos the lion is back

>> No.18051101

befriend commiefornians or buy a cab

>> No.18051107

new features, also the existing hardware is eol

>> No.18051116

fun, I play IIDX for score autism

>> No.18051174

anyone know any fun / cute 6s or easy 7s? I'm going to r1 today and I forgot the songs I was gonna try out except for beach side bunny

>> No.18051235


mind mapping is an utterly easy 7
element of spada / exchange place
the level 7 another in sinobuz is easy

>> No.18051370

drive me crazy, kneesocks

>> No.18051709

celebrate nite is my favorite 6

>> No.18052183

I finally modded my PSP, what are some good games for it?

>> No.18052270


popn portable 2 is awesome. kind of cramping for your hands but I managed to do well on it with a psp go. you can play with dualshock if you have a ps3. Taiko portable dx is good too.

>> No.18052284

>I managed to do well with a psp go.
That's good to hear, forgot to mention that mine is a go. I'll try that out, thanks a bunch anon!

>> No.18052686

Why were so many amazing Konami originals and Bemani crossovers cut from DDR after the location test of DDRX?

>> No.18053213

Bought an IIDX controller from gamo2 last week (it’s getting here Wednesday), and just found a metal DDR pad (with a bar!) for 200$ on craigslist that I might buy, this is going to be a very merry christmas for myself lads, I’ve never felt such joy before

>> No.18053387

not if i buy that pad first

where do you live

>> No.18053545

texass, snag it if you want, it’s probably best I don’t blow more money

>> No.18054946

Project diva 2nd/Extend

>> No.18055383

>coming back to DDR for first time since Konamix
>playing DDRMAX JP
>getting bored with Light Mode, getting As without effort
>step up to Standard Mode
>mfw failing almost every song
How do I not go completely braindead when 8ths show up? I don't know why, but they completely destroy me and I end up reading the chart five steps late. Should I try flat mode so I end up seeing every step as equal?

>> No.18055714

dj max hot tunes or fever
dj max clazzi+black square with connectivity patch to unlock all songs
portable 2 if you're really inclined

>> No.18056149
File: 432 KB, 1280x720, sinono.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is nobody talking about this leak?

>> No.18056292

I'm not gonna download 42 GB, I'll wait for the torrent.

>> No.18056347

because 1cc is still a joke and can't release their own data

>> No.18056556

The jump from one difficulty to the next can be quite the leap from song to song.
Given the 8ths are making you fail the song, it seems like you're trying to jump from ~5's to ~8's under the old difficulty system.
Are you FC'ing your light mode songs?

>> No.18056767

The only Standard Mode song I've gotten a decent-ish grade on is Somewhere Over the Rainbow, which is only a 5 on Standard (3 on Light) and I've gotten a B on that. However, I've failed Lovin' You, which has taught me that not all difficulty gaps are equal (2 on Light, 6 on Standard). I've FC'd both of the above songs on Light, and gotten A's or higher on almost the entire DDRMAX tracklist (aside from boss songs) on that mode.

>> No.18056789

Doesn't Solo give you note colorings for 8th? Also, try adding a bit of speed mods to help space out the notes.

>> No.18056878

I have been. They haven't been much help so far.

>> No.18056889

Seconding increase your speed mod, if you haven't tried playing on 1.5x or 2x then do so. Keep in mind the BPM as well, you'll want a higher xmod on slower songs.
Mentally force yourself to not rush when you see densely packed notes and stay on the beat. This is something you will probably need to do A LOT as you improve as a player.
Count the beat in your head, if it helps, like you would do in 3rd grade music class.
Pay attention to the actual difficulty ratings more than the mode of the song. If you can score well on 4s, then look for 5s to play (there are even some in Light mode, like Afronova).
Play more, of course.

>> No.18056896

going from stepmania to osumania is impossible

timed holds gtfo

>> No.18056944

Why the fuck would you do that to yourself?

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