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Visual Novel translation status

>Aiyoku No Eustia - 28.02% Translated, 16.85% edited
Amagami - 1st day patch Released for PS2/PSP, "2284/2308 original edition scenario scripts translated (98.9%)"
Clover Day's - 100% translated, editing + TLC still to go
Chaos;Head Noah - Fan translation ongoing
Daitoshokan - 100% translated and edited, images, engine work and QC remain
Gakuen Heaven 2 - Demo released
Heart no Kuni no Alice - 91% translated, 4rd partial patch released
Junketsu Megami-Sama - partial patch released
Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to - 8% (2443/28887) lines translated
Koiken Otome Revive - 9% (2324/27095) lines translated
Lovely x Cation 2 - Common route translated
>Lover Able - 95.94% translated, 27.66% edited
Maji Koi A-3 - 32/95 scripts translated
Majo Koi Nikki - 93% (37455/40208) lines translated, prologue patch released
Mahou Tsukai no Yoru - 3 semi-active projects, one project released ch 1-7
Monster girl quest paradox - Part 1 patch released
>Musumaker - 44.0% translated
Nursery Rhyme - 100% translated
Oreimo Tsuzuku - All scripts through TLC+Editing, 207/268 scripts finalized
>Pure Pure - 47,39% translated
>Sansha Mendan - Released
Sayonara wo Oshiete - 116405/257436 (45.2%) characters translated
>Shin Koihime Musou - 89% (96609/108888) translated, 10% (11001/108888) edited
Tsui Yuri - 46% (2687/5872) QC
>Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road - 68.8% translated, common + Ai route released
>Tsuriotsu - 7637/31643 (24.1%) lines translated, 4080/31643 (12.9%) lines edited
Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete - 34% (11889/35476) lines translated
>Venus Blood Chimera - 90,3% (33277 / 36862 Lines) translated, partial patch released
Witch's Garden - 34% (18389/53677) lines translated
>Yosuga no Sora - Translation status is Common route 100%, Sora route 100%, Nao 100%, Kazuha 100%, Akira 89.88%, Motoka 41.43%, Common and Kazuha fully edited

Official work

Imouto Paradise 2 - December 22nd release
Kuroinu - Chapter 2 released, Chapter 3 fully translated and 39% edited
Higurashi Hou - chapter 5 released. chapters 6-8 through TLC+Editing, answer arcs to be released within a year and Rei arcs started
Bokuten - Port in progress
SukiSuki - In Beta
Fata morgana fan disc - 100% translated, 44% edited
Sorcery Jokers - In testing, Winter release
Maggot Baits - 63% translated, 1% edited
Hapymaher - 100% translated, 96% edited
Hadaka Shitsuji fandisc - Picked up
Shiei no Sona-Nyl - 18% translated
Hashihime - 100% translated, 36% edited
Trinoline - 53% translated, 5% edited
Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden - 100% translated and edited
Evenicle - 100% translated and edited
Magical Marriage Lunatics - 100% translated and edited
Damekoi - In testing
Koropokkur - In development
Sonohana Maidens of Michael - 100% translated and edited
Supipara ch 2 - 100% translated and edited
Ritaania no Seirei Tsukai - In testing
Room No.9 - Picked up
Sengoku Rance - 51% translated, 20% edited
Rance Quest - 35% translated, 26% edited
Sweet Switch - 100% translated and edited
Bitter Exclusion - 100% translated, 44% edited
Overdrive's Final title - English release planned

Princess X fandisc - Picked up
Flowers - Volume 2 Winter release, 60% translated
Katahane - Fully translated, in editing + QC, Early 2018 release
Majikoi - 2018 release
Trample on Schatten- Translation 100%, in editing, porting complete
Django - Waiting on translation.
Sweet Home - 100% translated, debugging script
Sumaga- Fully translated, 70% edited
Machine Child - Announced

>> No.17982387

Hoshizora no Memoria - Beta released to backers, December 18th release
>Ley-Line: The Borderline of Dusk - December release for backers and general release
Ley-Line: Daybreak of Remnants Shadow - 100% translated
Ley-Line: Flowers Falling in the Morning Mist - 50% translated
Riajuu Plus - Release "within a couple months"
Maitetsu - In QA, waiting on a third party
Grisaia no Rakuen - R18 version in QA testing
Hoshizora no Memoria Eternal Heart - Kickstarter finished
Miko no Kanata - 2017 release
Nanairo Reincarnation - 80% translated, Early 2018 release
Baldr Sky - Combined release of Dive 1 + Dive 2 in mid 2018
>The Bell Chimes For Gold - In QA
Memory's Dogma - Code:01 Released, 02 onwards upcoming
2236 A.D. - In QA
Kokonoe Kokoro - 100% translated, engine work
Creature to Koi Shiyo - In QA, stalled waiting on a third party
Tenshin Ranman - Waiting on a third party
Koikuma - 100% translated, waiting on engine work
Fault - Silence the Pedant - Demo released, Q4 release
Fault Milestone 2 - Side Above released, GE still to come
Fatal Twelve - voiced demo released
Her and Her and My 7 Days - In QA
Girls in Glasses - In QA
CyberRebeat - Picked up
G-senjou no Maou - Denpa version announced
Re;Lord ~Herford no Majo to Nuigurumi~ - In QA, stalled waiting on a third party
Nekopara Vol 4 - Announced
Rewrite+ - Picked up
NarKarma EngineA - Announced
Dracu-Riot - Picked up
Senren * Banka - Picked up
Ninja Girl - Announced
Island Diary - Announced
Love Duction - Picked up
Koi ni, Kanmi o Soete - Picked up
Subete no Koi ni, Hanabata o. - Picked up

Sharin no Kuni - December release, 100% translated
Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol 4 - 1/26 release, Ongoing Kickstarter reached goal
>Momoiro Closet - April 2018 release
Island - 100% translated, 40-50% edited, 2018 release
2 upcoming secret announcements

Muv Luv Alternative - Released, R18 patch still to come
Muv-Luv Photonflowers - Translation started
Muv-Luv Photonmelodies - To follow Photonflowers
Schwarzesmarken - Through Greenlight
Kiminozo - Picked up

Code: Realize fandisc - 2018 release
7'scarlet - 2018 release
Kokuchou no Psychedelica - 2018 release
Haitaka no Psychedelica - 2018 release

SeaBed - December 19th release
Seven Days - Late 2017 release
Chuusotsu! 1st graduation - Kickstarter finished, demo released, March 2018 release

>Tenioha - Released
Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o - December release
>Tayutama 2 - Trial out, December release, R18 patch planned but may not be ready at launch
Magical Charming - Fall release planned
Song of Memories - Fall release planned
Hemoimo - Roughly 50% translated, Steam page removed
>Newton to Ringo no Ki - Ongoing Kickstarter reached goal
>Neighbor - 2018 release
428: Shibuya Scramble - 2018 release
Dies irae - Released, uncut patch in final stages of debugging, distribution details being worked out
Angel Beats - 50% translated
Sakura Sakura - Kickstarter finished, demo released
Love Sweets - Picked up
Noratoto - Picked up
Himawari to Koi no Kioku - On Steam Greenlight
Harumade, Kururu - Seems to have an English release planned
>Monmusu - 2018 release
Taisho Alice - Volume 1 released
Lucky Dog - Possible iOS released based on the ongoing text only fanTL
>Stuff like this has been either added or updated since the last thread

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It's time, anon.

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>Tenioha - Released

>-All scenes with the character Esaka Haruki have been removed.
>-CG's that had any blood on them have been edited.

They have removed all "loli" scenes

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You mean shota?

>> No.17982492


vndb >No convoluted plots or deep philosophy here! Just tons and tons of hot sex with five cute girls!
nutaku >There are 3 heroines to be ‘conquered’.

5 vs 3

>> No.17982531

>Newton to Ringo no Ki
Is this going to be 18+ version or all-ages crap?

>> No.17982537

The game page on Nutaku has 4 girls in the cgs. And if they removed the loli(one of those 3 girls they mentioned) we'd know.

They probably meant conquered as in those are the main heroines. 4 of the girls are in the game as normal. Only the trap was cut.

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Free adult patch was confirmed, I believe.

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Will people finally stop buying Nutaku shit

>> No.17982923

>linking to the reddit post
Why didn't you just link the source?

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I still remember all the people who were seriously arguing that Sekai Project partnering with Nutaku would put a stop to Sekai Project's censorship habits. As if they didn't have the same kind of policies on this kind of crap.

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You're the reason Aroduc quit. Remember that.

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Top 5 Ranking: https://pastebin.com/nCcVn1NJ
Popularity Sort: https://pastebin.com/m7z2AmwM
Full Data Point List: https://pastebin.com/szqjbcBg

As always, this tracker is powered by anonymous like you, so post order numbers if you've got em'.

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this joke is getting old

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Why bother releasing an 18+ hentai game, when you even censor something vanilla as defloration blood?

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>Tayutama 2 - Trial out, December release, R18 patch planned but may not be ready at launch

For what it is worth, Hikari Field intends to make it a paid patch, and the main reason that the patch may not be available at launch is they are still trying to nail down distribution (as they note in an exchange with the 18+ patch announcement, https://twitter.com/hikari_field/status/935467415667851264 ). Questions about should 18+ patches be free or not aside, I doubt that a paid 18+ patch released sometime after the initial Steam release will find much success, especially with the new Steam rule so they can't even announce that they released the patch on Steam itself. Beyond that, they happen to be a new company without any prior English releases and thus have next to no established PR reach to let people know about the patch release outside of Steam (as opposed to Jast who released the Eiyuu Senki patch a bit after release), and Tayutama 2 itself isn't exactly a high profile title that will get recognition from people going out of their way to find out information about the release.

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>> No.17985857


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I think it's just Aroduc being salty. He wants people to be mad at doddler and begging for him to come back, but they're not, so he's doing it himself in hopes it'll catch on. It's honestly hard to watch.

>> No.17986334

why isnt the dk4 translation project listed

see: https://nebulous.group/index.php/2017/10/30/we-added-more-released-projects-also-the-news-regarding-current-goings-on/

>> No.17986348

>dk4 translation
Oh that's pretty cool.
Are their previous translations any decent? Because a good Dragon Knight 4 translation would be really cool.

>> No.17986646

He's been dead for two years.

>> No.17986735

ded medium

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>SukiSuki - In Beta

Only two more years to go!

>> No.17988841

why do things have to take so long

>> No.17989187

Because you chased out the fast people

>> No.17989283

what do u mean?

>> No.17989288

what do u mean?

>> No.17989396

damn autist

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Lock yourself in your cuckshed, Swede.

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Blood and gay shit is a turn off for me so I'm fine with it.

>> No.17990317

Fuck off. Next time they'll remove stuff you like. Don't be retarded. Removing content is a shitty move.

>> No.17990328

What's in it for me to translate these for you? I'm at least high N2 tier. Probably low- to mid-N1 tier. I just feel like in the huge amount of time you people have to wait for the translation teams to translate these, you could reach my level or surpass it with enough perseverance/dedication.

>> No.17990337

You can do most things a human can do with enough perseverance/dedication but such things are in short supply around these parts.

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>> No.17990445

remember Ixrec's translation contest, good times. Was it rigged for Inganock?

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>> No.17990531

Are you a translator who's salty I'm revealing trade secrets or an EOP talking out his ass? N5-kun could translate these for you. VN's are easier than manga written for 7 year olds.

>> No.17991515

Newton is up to $53k for its Kickstarter. It seems to have got a sizable bump today from a cross promotional thing with Mikandi directing Libra backers towards it. Based on the momentum it has managed to maintain it should be on track to hit its $69k and likely its $86k stretch goals. That said, it is certainly is on track to be a much bigger success than Sakura Sakura, which got $28k and only managed to cross its $24k goal with a last minute boost.

Separately, Cherry Kiss put out something asking for suggestions for more Norn titles to bring over. Interestingly, they claim to have access to "the *ENTIRE* Norn/Miel back catalog", so either they have some type of direct involvement with Norn, or they somehow made a deal where they have their pick about which title to work on.

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>Maitetsu still in QA
I'll just pretend they're waiting for Paulette's append to drop on February at the JP side so they won't need to add content after release.

>> No.17992329

Texthookers are one hell of a drug.

>> No.17992440

They sure are. But it's not like they are harmful.

>> No.17992601

Well, they allow N2s to convince themselves that they know Japanese, which is a public hazard.

>> No.17992627

Public hazzard for poor EOPs envying them or hazzard to their own ego?

>> No.17992672

It results in things like this:

>> No.17992743

Gotta go give it a try.


>> No.17992786

Is there anything more pathetic than self-assessed N2-kun from DJT?

>> No.17992903

I think that is translations like Chrono Clock where most N2-kuns can spot the errors and bad translations, but their QA team couldn't.

>> No.17992974

Very unfortunate that such translations exist.

>> No.17993008

I am mad at Doddler and I do want him to come back.

>> No.17994990

Is Dies Irae translation bad as they say? Should I skip it?

>> No.17995088

Yes, and Dies irae is also garbage, so you should skip it anyway.

>> No.17995110

Who said the translation is bad?

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File: 71 KB, 665x66, 33.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has a LOT of typos and ESL grammar, they might've fixed most of that though since I only checked it right when it released. For some strange reason there were entire sentences omitted/added but it seemed rare.
Also most/all of the narration that was first person was changed to third(for consistency most likely. Whether that's a good or bad thing depends on the individual but the typos and grammar mistakes were absolutely horrid.

>> No.17995629

They're really giving sekai a run at who can delay their 18+ version the longest

>> No.17995910


I miss the dude.

>> No.17997270

Nah, they'll release it before that just so they can charge for dlc.

>> No.17997825

What they really want to do is release adult DLCs so they can charge 10 dollars for base game 18+ patch and 10 dollars for DLC 18+ patch.

>> No.17998201

Sol Press released both an all ages and R18 Demos were released for Newton.

Fruitbat released a demo for Seabed.

Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o is now listed as a December 15th release with a $17.99 price tag.

>> No.17998369

Denpa added SakuSaku to Nutaku yesterday, so combined with the other Denpa releases last month it seems whatever had been the holdup for the Nutaku/Denpa partnership has been resolved.

That said, looking as the daily popularity chart for today, which updates once daily and appears to be based on the previous day's sales, Tenioha appears to have outsold SakuSaku yesterday (thus SakuSaku's release day on the platform).

That said, throwing SakuSaku on the platform does make the (still unaddressed) Tenioha censorship even odder. For Tenioha which Nutaku seems to have had a hand in publishing, they decided they needed to alter CGs with blood, yet they immediately are fine with publishing a third part title which includes CGs with blood the following week.

>> No.17998413

Any source on Nutaku having a hand in publishing? It's likely it's self-published and Nutaku is just a storefront. Makes sense since it was an unannounced release that came out of nowhere. I would think that Nutaku knows their audience enough to not edit content especially after getting a lot of bad press from their edits previously on their browser games.

>> No.17998432 [DELETED] 

It seems to be a mixed bag. On the one hand, the censorship is exactly in line with the edits that were common in Nutaku's early days, and even if the Japanese company thought that removing the one character's scenes was to make it more popular in the West, removing CGs with blood is something unlikely to be done unprompted on the Japanese side.

If I had to guess, at some point during development Nutaku someone gave the publisher a set of "Nutaku requirements" that were in line with Nutaku's old policies, even though Nutaku's current policies would have been fine with publishing the title uncut.

>> No.17998445

It seems to be a mixed bag. On the one hand, the censorship is exactly in line with the edits that were common in Nutaku's early days, and even if the Japanese company thought that removing the one character's scenes was to make it more popular in the West, removing CGs with blood is something unlikely to be done unprompted on the Japanese side.

If I had to guess, at some point during development Nutaku someone gave the publisher a set of "Nutaku requirements" that were in line with Nutaku's old policies, even though Nutaku's current policies would have been fine with publishing the title uncut. That or the Japanese publisher just targeted Nutaku and looked into the changes that Nutaku made on their games and lined up with what they figured "the standard for Nutaku" was.

>> No.17998589

If Nutaku wasn't responsible for the censorship I'd be pretty shocked. I looked into censorship because I saw the character on vndb and immediately thought "I bet that character's content was removed", and completely unsurprisingly, it was. While Nutaku did change course a bit on censorship, translation for a full length nukige could take 1-2 years, it's possible that the decision was made before the shift. Maybe the Japanese developer made the decision themselves based on the Nutaku guidelines, but I don't doubt it comes down to Nutaku's involvement.

>> No.17998627

Indeed, it is plausible that the original publisher might have removed the character themselves. But Nutaku is the only Western publisher to have ever removed blood from HCGs, and regardless of if Nutaku had a direct hand in the localization or not, it is hard to believe those changes were done for any reason other than appeasing Nutaku's old guidelines.

The slightly more promising thing though is this probably was just Nutaku's old guidelines somehow making an appearance again (perhaps as you say the censorship decisions might have predated the new guidelines), rather than some reversion to the old practices, considering the other titles that Nutaku has published on their store recently.

>> No.18000133

Do you guys talk about VNs here?

>> No.18000354

Yes, but most of the discussion is more about the localization companies and the quality of the releases themselves rather than the individual titles. No one really minds if you do go out of your way to discuss the plots of translated VNs though, since /vn/ on /vg/ is a shithole and all.

>> No.18002282

Lol sekai https://twitter.com/estearisa/status/938603223371223042

>> No.18004591

Sorcery Jokers is scheduled for a January 12th release.

>> No.18004594 [DELETED] 

Sorcery Jokers is coming out January 12th

>> No.18004910

Yes you can here. as long as there is not much drama about it.

>> No.18004918

Lol what the? This reminds me of the visual novel that tried to copy the Persona 5 characters and basically just change the hair color and edit so minimally that it was the same thing even when using transparency.

>> No.18005704

i think you mean midnight animal which wasn't a VN

>> No.18005722

They also mentioned that Hapymaher is done with editing. The devs are making some engine tweaks on the Japanese side, then it'll go into beta testing.

>> No.18007716

I think that was the game it was just bizarre when I witnessed it though. Chinese are really sad that they have to copy someone completely without making something of their own.

>> No.18007865

So will Haro be posting translation updates today? It has been some time since they last updated...

>> No.18007984

it was a hotline miami fangame that had an insane dev who is now making some kind of text adventure claiming it will revolutionize games or some shit

>> No.18008026

For what it is worth, the R18 Newton demo does not have mosaics on the CGs so I would assume that they'll be removed from the full release.

In light of this, as Sol Press had said Sakura Sakura would maintain their mosaics, I have to imagine that decision was from the Japanese developer rather than their decision.

>> No.18008536

Uncensored loli dick then.

>> No.18008559

Man, SukiSuki is actually not happening, I guess. Never would've thought SJ would've beat it to the punch.

>> No.18008795

Honestly, if it had that, I'd be impressed enough to buy it.

>> No.18009036

Is Sorcery Jokers good?

>> No.18009172

It'd be nice if MG said something either way. Their communication has been noticeably lacking recently

>> No.18009205

If the license is in legal limbo with the fallout of the developer going bankrupt, I wouldn't be surprised if MG were in a position where they are unable to comment on SukiSuki either way.

>> No.18009296


Should be next week. Thanksgiving kinda threw off the schedule.

When there's a weird gap in the schedule it's generally one of three things: I'm an idiot and forgot what day it was, the timing of an external event like a con panel conflicted or otherwise didn't work out with the usual day, or holidays/etc throwing our internal status updates out of sync with the public ones.

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File: 109 KB, 1280x720, 20171209001110_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just finished 100%ing little busters after all this time. I am in great pain

>> No.18009538

Holy shit, I am sooooooooo bummed out about this. SukiSuki was the one VN I was waiting for. It's /jp/'s VN afterall.

>> No.18010041

Impressive. I couldn't even finish a single route in this boring piece of shit. Even worse than clannad.

>> No.18010060

Ok, thanks for the reply.

>> No.18010851

Lol http://store.steampowered.com/app/758090/Monobeno/

>> No.18011072

>English description for a Chinese product
They're gonna license it for English aren't they
RIP in piss pedos

>> No.18011074

Can we all work together to add the "Smug Lolis" tag to this?

>> No.18011118

Their Sakura no Mori page has an English description as well.

That said, if they happen to get the English rights to either title, the translation quality will very likely be poor considering that they are a Chinese focus company, and the Tayutama 2 demo had a relatively poor quality translation with the English demo. Although they are doing an R-18 patch for Tayutama 2, so they would likely follow through with an R-18 patch for either title if they were to get the English version as both Japanese companies have been fine with R-18 Western releases.

>> No.18012021

what happened with Golden Fantasia? apparently its a mess

>> No.18012091
File: 73 KB, 607x560, DQo7PaKVAAA0I2U.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18012768


>> No.18012794 [SPOILER] 
File: 78 KB, 1280x720, 1512870164150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18013240

From what I hear, there was a compiling error that made it so movelists and other miscellaneous things remained untranslated.

It's something that can be fixed relatively easily, and surprisingly, the netplay seems fine, but it's still a pretty bad fuck up.

>> No.18013324

New thread for this week is up.

>> No.18013552

>Angel Beats - 50% translated

Has anyone who can read moon played it? How is it?

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