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I wanna hong china hongs

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Just go find a redheaded Chinese girl and do so then.

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I wanna hong Hong's hongs!

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>redheaded Chinese
That's an oxymoron.

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please do not lewd the gatekeeper anon

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It's very easy to dye your hair...

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As easy as squinting your eyes to look chinese, yeah. WHAT'S THE POINT THEN?!
Anyway, real chinese are savages, worse than animals. I don't want to deal with any real chinese girl, even if she's pretty and dyed her hair red.

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I was gonna post some but apparently they are actually mongols

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She is literally me

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No anon, this is literally me

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I want to marry meilin

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I wonder how rich youkai women get marrying human men and waiting for them to die so they can own all their stuff.

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I want hong to hong me in her strong arms.

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I want to serve the Hong with my tounge till she's a sweaty, quivering mess!

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for some reason, I want to post
Meiling-sama is So Cool!
and that can't be helped!

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Gatekeeper paizuri

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This pic makes me believe she was once a Central Asian steppe nomad who went to China proper, and eventually became a youkai.

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Hong is a Hun?!

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I want to eat her chinese

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Europeans migrated to North and central Asia where they had blond and red hair. These people's eventually became the steep barbarians who were hunters and herdering nomads. Still though there is a large tribe in central modern day China that has many artifacts of an early offshoot of the same orginal european nomads who kept traveling East until uniting with some early ethnic Asian/Chinese tribe. These people are considered the farthest eastern Chinese 0eoples with indoEuropean ancestoey and blood.

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Why a Meiling thread? She doesn't look good.

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File: 1.50 MB, 1042x1228, __hong_meiling_touhou_drawn_by_fuse_itou_jun_and_mazeran__f4f2d5dcdfae29012bf04cb80c060837[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yet the digital drawing that you have attached to your written statement contradicts it quite vividly.

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Hong her Meilings

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Ugliest touhou, stupid chink

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>Meiling is revealed to be a dragon, thus one of the most powerful youkai of all

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Jesus. I'll be in my bunk.

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Meiling like giving hugs.
All Anons who post in her thread gets a hug!

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Too bad nice models like these are never used in those MMD tickling videos you sometimes see.

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How can the gate guard protect herself from such a savage oni, she'll be devoured in seconds!

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The Maid will save her.

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It's ogre, Meiling is finished!

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Maybe it's a trick. She'll strike when the savage oni will drop her guard.

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The Hong's legs are a work of art.

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It's her charm point.

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This is my OC, Mong Heiling.

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Kill yourself.

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no u

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No, (You)

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Point? Singular?

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Well, It's not like one leg is good and the other is only so-so. Both her legs are great, as a whole singular greatness.

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Meiling's extraordinary beauty is wasted on a gate guard's position. She should find a new job.

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I want to hong Meiling's meilings!

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please post the one where she punches me in the eyes

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Its almot like a shitty MUGEN recolour.

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China's big cute feet!

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I used that as a plot twist in one of my D&D games once.