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9 years later. We made it /jp/ we fucking made it ;_;

Had you told me that Touhou would be on steam and one of the best sellers I woudn't have believed you.

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I was here first.

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Time for 9 year old memes.

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It's hilarious, I'm already seeing people who claim to love Touhou to the point of cosplaying saying 15 bucks is too much

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can't wait for all the crossboard retards to flood in here

or rather flood in here more than usual

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We've had a very large spike within recent weeks. Disproportionate amount of the quoting function misuse and un-/jp/ like images. Not that I mind the non-/jp/ images so much.

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I think it's been that way since longer. I started noticing all these things appearing more than usual around Comiket, bu it may have been a steadily downwards slope reaching further back

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this shit's just going to lead to a bunch of retarded let's plays on youtube since it's popular on steam


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Man, I have some bad news for you.

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>The game has 672 reviews, In just a few hours.
>Yu-Gi-Oh, that also came today and is F2P, has 375.
M-maybe you were right?

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I stopped caring about that when we got our third straight /a/ cancer general dumped here. Why bother worrying when the mods can take a shit on the board whenever they want?

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this is true.

and for the retard who's going to say "this was always /a/'s dumping ground", no, other than containing Touhou this was a board with a dedicated focus on Otaku Culture and media, not just a catch-all "we don't want this on /a/ anymore so you have to take it now"

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Touhou 17 never then?
ZUN doesn't have to work ever again.

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No matter how much money you give ZUN, you're still not getting another game with spell practice

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/v/ here
This game is selling faster and better than most other niche Japanese games on Steam, and its not even translated into English.
Someone explain this to me. I'm not knowledgeable about danmaku games or Touhou in particular, but don't danmaku games typically sell pretty poorly compared to most other kinds of titles? Like if you look up something like Caladrius Blaze or even Dodonpachi Resurrection on Steam the amount of attention they get is nowhere near this. What makes Touhou so special?

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It's always like that around comiket, but they haven't fucked off yet. Probably because /a/ and /v/ are so shit, they don't want to use them anymore, but don't realize they themselves are the reason those boards are such shit.

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Look at the catalog right now, it's flooded with either /e/ tier image dumping (kinda like the beginning of this thread) and circlejerking about ugly 3D whores.
It can get only better.

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I'm not sure, but a lot of reviews are in chinese. A lot of steam's userbase is also chinese, and touhou has a sizable fanbase in china.
Not sure if that's the answer, though.

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>What makes Touhou so special?

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If I had to guess, I'd say Touhou is more popular than people make it to be. For one, both the McDonalds shitpost and Bad Apple have around 10 million views. Several other videos have millions of views, too. Basically, it had a good chunk of exposure.
People KNOW about it, that's what matters.

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Here is a file from 2006. We made custom Touhou stuff back then. This is how long we waited!

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What makes lolis so special?

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While it's "active" popularity might not be great, it can draw on people with a hint of nostalgia about the old memes, giving lots of "potential" popularity.

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The games are still fun, but Touhou owes more success to its character designs and music. These also inspire lots of fanworks, which in turn get more people into the series, who create more fanworks, etc.

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It also owes to its setting, Gensokyo, and the world that's built around it.
It's all based in folklore, history and mythology, so it can connect with a lot of people, it also gives it lots of potential for stories.

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That makes sense.
I guess as long as its a recognizable name its going to do a lot better than it otherwise would. I'm pretty sure everyone's at least seen Bad Apple at this point. Plus as the others pointed out, the history and fanworks also helps I'm sure. I'm happy for Zun, although one of my friends is going to be sad that Cave shooters aren't getting as much exposure.

Nonetheless, thank you for the answers everyone.
They're cute.

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Like Bitcoin, everyone invested into it and gave it value.

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Dude that's not it, you'd be hard pressed to find shmups nowadays that don't have lolis, and most of the time lewder than Touhou's

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autism. gtfo crossboarding faggot

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Hurray. Flood of idiots who play le "so random Japanese crazy bullet HELL! Touhou is a nerv-wracking but fun game!" incoming.

This is gonna be amazing.

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It's funny how modest 2hu designs are, so instead we try to grasp at straws and fetishize armpits

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>Flood of idiots [..] incoming
And I see the first one is already here.

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Yeah, they may replace our valuable I want to do X to Y threads. Whatever shall we do when these idiots infiltrate our great discussions (/e/ imagedumps)

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You're not fooling anyone, /v/irgin.

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Top-tier bant.

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I honestly dont give a fuck about the mainline games anymore. I'll play them once for the story then read up on some of the lore but that's really it. I'm kind of tired of shmups at this point. I'm more excited about the fighters coming to steam or doujin games.

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So does the patch work on the Steam version?

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Noooooo, my secret touhou club that was totally not already popular among idiots years ago! Guess I will have to drop Touhou now.

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It sadly was, since you're here.

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It really is not that bad.
I would have been more worried about fangames being released on playstation, xbox and such than an official game being released-- it is Touhou just as Touhou is, no secondary interpretations.
The kinds of shitters that some people are worried about in these threads will be attracted by the more easily accessible games, such as the fighters and secondary doujin games, or just other secondary doujinshi in general.
Basically, fuck this guy and his thinking, >>17911681, a release of primary material might just get more people to actually play and appreciate the main games

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Nice to know /jp/ diehards are celebrating the death of the japanese doujin scene and its imminent assimilation into western indie gaming culture! We made it /b/ros!

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It really isn't.

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shooters are pretty much a dead niche genre. Who the fuck is going to care about some weird ass fuck japanese only shooter that looks like shit and doesnt even look good on 1080p display. Anybody who actually cares about shooters already knows about 2hu.

also all the secondary shit is the only reason why 2hu is still relevant.

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Just go to steam discussion page and check few threads. It's full of /jp/, /bant/, /qa/ and [s4s] memes and posters. The flood is real, but you got the direction wrong. It's from 4chan to steam, not vice versa.

That comment is very obvious shitpost

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>not vice versa.
One can only hope.

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Still going to pirate every new game like always.

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What the fuck. That means they've never financially supported the series at all, because most places that sell the games sell them for over $15.
How do they justify spending far more money on cosplays for the series, but none of the money supports the creator?

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Is it time to bring back Touhou Hijack?

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because cosplayers don't do it for love of the game they do it for attention

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Yeah, true.

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probably because zun didnt offer any kind of special localization effort or trading cards. buying a digital game at this price is pretty absurd honestly. Theres other 1 man team indie games that have much higher quality standards.

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these are your typical touhou fans. i sure am glad zun released this on steam...

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It's time

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I don't see how 15$ is a high price for Touhou, I'd pay 15 $ for the soundtrack alone.
Fuu fuu cringe I'm so mad.

There, you got what you wanted, happy?

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/jp/, get the fuck out of the comment section.

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The majority of people don't care about the autismal differences between buying digitally and buying physically. All they care about is the video game itself, which is why digital buying options have been so massively successful in the past decade or so, even on consoles. So I doubt that has to do with it.
$15 is the price of a nice meal, and this game gives me a lot more value than that single hypothetical meal.
I also don't know what "higher quality standards" you have in your head, but I doubt they line up with the appeal of the series for so many people.

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Good job anon, here's your commemorative (You) as a reward for your services in the war effort.

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Nothing will change. Touhou always had plenty of extremely shitty fans if you looked at the fanbase for more than 1 second. No secondary is suddenly going to buy the game and then spam /jp/ with shitty threads about it.

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I was going to reply properly, but just kill yourself really

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>trading cards

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looks more like /v/ to me

>> No.17911862

Funny how crossboarders are always the ones who are trying to ridicule the opinion of others.

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I feel stupid for not expecting /v/ crossboarders to come to /jp/ with this steam release, it seems obvious in retrospect.

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Tbh. thats all i need

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steam cards pretty much guarantee you some money back from any game you buy. and most anime games bring in lots of money with the potential to even make money off the game just for owning it. it's also more money for the developer for every transaction.

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> not wanting to get Reimu as a trading card

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For the last time, get the fuck out of here.

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I don't think ZUN care about anything of that. He's basically is treating Steam as a marketplace where you can buy the .exe.

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Yeah well too bad, ZUN stated that he hated achievements and other dumb shit like that.

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i dont even go to /v/, i just play all kinds of games on steam and the money from trading cards just adds up from casually selling them.

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/jp/ used to be so much better before Touhou was on steam. I still remember the day when I made a Yuyuko thread and it died after 49 posts because I did not bump it from page 10 myself. Now there is no Yuyuko thread and I won't make one but if I did I am sure the exact same thing would happen but it would be much worse now. Anyone else remember the good old days?

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take this (you) to feel good

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Based ZUN. Achievements are evil. Just imagine if he made a 2hu game based on achievements, level ups and dumb shit like that. I don't even want to think about it.

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reminder that ISC exists

>> No.17911916 [DELETED] 

The amount of stupidity in your post is staggering. Even irony and sarcasm should at least make sense in order to be efficient. I won't even give you a (You), just commit suicide.

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Thanks, it really means something to me. Have this ghost in return.

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Well, yeah. You just proved his point.

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i am afraid that everyone slowly forgets about cast from 7-14 except "memes"

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What did I tell you fuckboy? This is /jp/s future but you didn't listen!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!!


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Bruh, wut. I haven't been on /jp/ in 6 fucking years and for some reason I was clicking through 4chan and stopped by only to see Touhou is now on Steam. What a world. Anyway here's a picture I saved from 2007.

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>nothing will change

- Touhou comes to steam, is massively successful thanks to the ironic weeb needing it in his videogame facebook library to validate himself
- Other doujin developers take note of this, open up to the west via steam, further strengthening valve's position and further justifying their scummy business practices
- Other doujin games are not as successful
- Doujin creators ask themselves why
- Doujin creators increasingly pander to the west
- Japanese distribution platforms wane in popularity outside of porn games (eventually this niche is targeted as well)
- Platforms like steam take note of events such as comiket and directly compete with it by having choice developers release their games earlier on steam
- Such events stop being the main line of release of videogames
- The niche moves further and further into digital; the same arguments that were used years ago to convince westerners are now used in asia (namely, "digital means less production costs, means cheaper games")
- Physical events lose more and more notoriety and influence in the scene
- Doujin games lose their identity. Rigged western indie contests become the place to be
- Open road for western indie devs to take over the japanese market and further influence it
- The deep interconnection between doujin and mainstream content production means another avenue for western influence in japanese content creation is wide open

By 2030, anime, manga, doujin (now "インディー"), and most other otaku media niches are fully globalized. Politization of the medium soon follows, with western censorship standards close by.

>> No.17911951

>tfw. we use a ancient pictures from our trashfolders to prove our old-fag status, soo we can shill about ssteam relase

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screenshoting this for future reference, please be wrong

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>Breathes in

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And to think I almost deleted them!

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I'm an oldfag too!

>> No.17911979

Japs are notoriously impervius to trends from the west. Porn mags are still popular over there, I'm sure Comiket will be fine. Seriously you're only missing the 2020 Olympics and SJWs banning loli to be the perfect doompost

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Cute reversal youkai being the MC of ISC suddenly makes a lot more sense now.

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File: 2.39 MB, 1222x2845, ban sexual violence.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Japs don't give a fuck about gaijins and their opinions.

>> No.17912025 [DELETED] 

I hope this influx of /v/tards finally results in the creation of /th/. And that /th/ in not a blue board.

>> No.17912059 [DELETED] 

hello is this the touhou board??
i got this game on steam but I can't read anything :(
where is the english translation????

>> No.17912060

Time will run its course.
You'll see it. You'll become one of them.
Games that go mainstream have a low chance of surviving and keeping its status as "good". This saddens me.
Happy for ZUN, but not the future,

>> No.17912072 [DELETED] 

There isn't much left to fall back on.
I hate this.

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>further justifying their scummy business practices
But the only scummy business practice Valve participates in is Steamworks DRM, which is very easily broken.
>Physical events lose more and more notoriety
Will never happen because the people going to these events enjoy physical releases of games. As for digital, a significant portion of people getting these games digitally were likely pirating to begin with, so at worst instead of pirating digital they'll be buying digital.

>> No.17912110 [DELETED] 

Doompost is fun, please don't delete it janny.

>> No.17912125 [DELETED] 

Sure they don't, that's why Buzzfeed japan makes it to the global trends every time they start a hashtag. That's why huffington post's japanese readerbase is growing. That's why has-beens like otaking are begging for the end of animation committees and welcoming overseas investment. That's why anime like Chiyo-chan no Tsuugakuro are targeted almost exclusively at westerners. That's why neo yokio's getting 5 star reviews on netflix japan on account of having a cast of stars. That's why they perfected DLC extortion schemes created by the west. That's why both nintendo and sony added fees to their online features. That's why western-sponsored indie conventions like bitsummit aren't getting stronger with each year. That's why more and more doujin games are mentioning in their trailers that they've got some kind of western acclaim, no matter how vestigial it may be. And that's definitely why ZUN and others before him published their games on steam.

Sounds like a culturally airtight bunch of dudes, these people of the japan.

And nice, I guess I can't even post an opinion without getting on some people's nerves. I made specific case to avoid touchy subjects that have no place here, but leave it to the fucking retards who mention "doomposting", SJWs and the UN statement to keep their posts and let me eat a ban. Great fucking job as usual.

>> No.17912130

I find it really funny that as a background he chose her most indistinct and random spellcard, admits to taking a screenshot of it, and blowing it up with some filters. 0 effort.

>> No.17912131 [DELETED] 

and they said touhou is dead

>> No.17912134 [DELETED] 

Mola poster pls go.

>> No.17912135 [DELETED] 

dead is subjective to the perspective of the sayer.

>> No.17912139

>that man face
could be worse, like having tumblr nose

>> No.17912141

The secret club broke down years ago. Who the fuck cares?

>> No.17912142 [DELETED] 

From my perspective, it is the you who are dead.

>> No.17912145

Looks like your average pixiv fanart.

>> No.17912148

Those who don't want touhou to share the same fate as many.

>> No.17912152 [DELETED] 

>like otaking are begging for the end of animation committees
they have reason about it, only the alternative that you refered isn't better

>> No.17912153 [DELETED] 

And you are [in]correct.

>> No.17912168

Oh no, bad fan art! This would have never happened before. How long until people will put bad fanart on the english touhou wiki front page at this rate

>> No.17912176 [DELETED] 

first if ZUN went full jew they would done >>17911834 so I share opinions with >>17911883

>> No.17912181 [DELETED] 
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the post got deleted, good thing I got a screenshot too.
also, why the fuck are you mods deleting these posts? I don't see any rule breaking

>> No.17912185 [DELETED] 

I agree that you shouldn't have got your post deleted, but I don't think it will be as bad as you paint it to be. I'm not sure what Buzzfeed and Huffington post have to do with anything either. Most of the stuff you mention has to do with the mainstream audience, which is not really the public of Comiket.

I don't know man. You seem to be knowledgeable, but have an outlook too negative. At this point in time the only thing that has happened is that Touhou is in Steam, and it's in there in the rawest form possible. It's like buying the game in dlsite.

And about western fans creating bad fanart and posting retarded memes, those didn't come from Steam, they already existed and just came there because they heard Touhou is coming out. We here in /jp/ just never saw them before because we don't bother looking that shit up.

>> No.17912194

The fairies on the wiki are cute and unobtrusive.

>> No.17912195 [DELETED] 

I've noticed that too and it pisses me off, if you go to the deleted posts in warosu you can see instances where he just deletes any argument that arises, even if the people posting were being civil and just disagreeing with each other. You can post your detailed sexual fantasies, self insert fanfiction and barely censored porn, but posts that are worded a bit strongly get deleted.

>> No.17912229 [DELETED] 

Mods might as well delete this whole thread, considering we have more deleted posts than actual posts.

>> No.17912230

Yeah because addblock can block them.

>> No.17912238

That's not very cute, anon.

>> No.17912245 [DELETED] 

The only deleted posts I've noticed are literal /b/-tier capslock shitposting.

>> No.17912251

are you aware that we've been getting fangames on PSN for a while now?

>> No.17912271

>I would have been more worried about fangames being released on playstation, xbox and such than an official game being released
Living under a rock there buddy?

>> No.17912274 [DELETED] 

Of course there's good reason but his obvious interest in overseas investment is so that he can pull off an Inafune.

It's the repercussions of ZUNs move that matter, not whether or not he decided to add some irrelevant crap to his steam release. It's like saying your shit soup is great because at least there's no flies in it.

>I'm not sure what Buzzfeed and Huffington post have to do with anything either. Most of the stuff you mention has to do with the mainstream audience, which is not really the public of Comiket.

Fair point, if you leave out the fact most fan artists have moved to twitter in detriment of japanese platforms and are increasingly delving in those subjects/media platforms. I really don't want to take the subject further in that direction because I already got my post deleted. I'd argue that comiket is becoming more and more open to mainstream audiences (not necessarily a bad thing) and that the big sight issue might leave some repercussions of its own. It's true that there will always be an audience for certain things and where there's an audience there's creators ready to supply it with content. My prediction might be a bit on the negative side but you can't deny yet another layer of bullshit is beginning to materialize, and actions like ZUN's only reinforce it.

I have nothing against him in particular for taking these decisions and I wish him well. It's not ZUN's fault he's become a leading piece within the scene. Others would have caved in a lot sooner. Just take a look at type moon.

Nothing you can do. Looks like this board is not meant for discussion anymore.

It's ironic because I reported those posts. Lesson learned, don't wake up the janitors.

>> No.17912290,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.17912290 [DELETED] 

Every quoted post is deleted. Now I'm scared.

>> No.17912298

Also an official game was released on PS4

>> No.17912301 [DELETED] 

Good god, he's deleting entire reply trees now. What human garbage.

>> No.17912305 [DELETED] 
File: 90 KB, 752x1062, __yasaka_kanako_touhou_drawn_by_tobisawa__9d23035f652e653943fb561e17ea260c[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guide to not getting your post deleted on /jp/

1.- Include a half naked picture of a Touhou
2.- Describe how you would have sex with her

That's it, if you post anything else you're in risk of getting deleted

>> No.17912310 [DELETED] 

Why do the shitpost boards like /bant/ and /qa/ love touhou?
I swear the last time I went to /bant/ half of the threads were Cirnoposting

>> No.17912320,1 [INTERNAL] 

I don't even know anymore whether or not janny is just this petty or whether or not this is a viral marketing thread and he's getting paid to delete any post expressing negativity.

>> No.17912320 [DELETED] 

> cirnoposting

>> No.17912327 [DELETED] 

Presumably a lot of 9 gets.

>> No.17912327,1 [INTERNAL] 

the best thing about 4chan's new features is that you can track new posters and you can tell the jan is samefagging the shit out of this thread after deleting posts to steer discussion in the direction he wants

>> No.17912334,1 [INTERNAL] 

I'm fucking livid, I don't understand why he's doing this.

>> No.17912334 [DELETED] 
File: 479 KB, 1623x956, cirno.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess a lot of people enjoy shitposting more than the actual thing they are shitposting about.

>> No.17912338 [DELETED] 

What does /jp/ think of /bant/ and /qa/ anyways? What are we to them even.

>> No.17912346 [DELETED] 

/jp/ hates literally every other board and a true jay peedo never leaves /jp/ at all. You should not even be aware that other boards exist.

>> No.17912360 [DELETED] 

thats scary... its looks... scary... (i dont even have a word to describe it but Jesus Chris)

>> No.17912364 [DELETED] 
File: 19 KB, 250x249, 1396234381074.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did they actually steal Sakuya fish? As I would expect of /bant/. Shameless.

>> No.17912366 [DELETED] 

I glazed over them, and they're too green and have way too many pictures of frogs.

>> No.17912372

the man made enough money to buy his own brewery and he's still making things

>> No.17912375 [DELETED] 

Almost as bad as /b/, and in some ways worse.
You shouldn't waste brain cells on considering their existence.

>> No.17912383

touhou has never been anything more than a passion project to ZUN.

>> No.17912392

Personally I can't explain that, I thought Touhou was almost dead in the west.

Then again people buy whatever the fuck on steam that gets any kind of attention, like a bunch of sheep.

>> No.17912397 [DELETED] 

but /b/, before it was filled by edgelords and compulsive masturbators, was fun and creative shithole

>> No.17912409 [DELETED] 

Obviously I'm talking about /b/ in the state its been in the past 10+ years.

>> No.17912415

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I meant that the time to be worried about this was back when those were being released, not now with a mainline game

>> No.17912419 [DELETED] 

shit... sometimes i forgot on 4chan, its already 2017 and not 2012...

>> No.17912419,1 [INTERNAL] 

I, for one, am reporting any post that is even slightly not about the OP. It's probably resulting in more deletions than otherwise, but fuck if janny is going to delete my post and leave other ones.

You all should report the OP and maybe someone will come along and actually delete this mess.

>> No.17912466

>not wanting to get Reimu as a trading card
Which you would then use to craft the badge and all-important profile background.

>> No.17912487

Alright, but where are my TF2 silly hats promo, valve?

>> No.17912545

this, i want to play scout running around with reimu's ribbon on his head. i feel cheated.

>> No.17912578

>pyro with mokou's ribbon

>> No.17912602

It used to be.

Right now Touhou is nothing more than a money making machine, and he's going to squeeze out every single penny out of it until there's nothing but a dried out corpse left.

>> No.17912617

Was this supposed to be a funny post or something?

>> No.17912621 [DELETED] 


normies out

>> No.17912621,1 [INTERNAL] 


I got banned for both these posts.

It is, in the Alanis Morrisette meaning of the word, quite ironic than in a thread about the Steam distribution platform janny seems to be quite "steamed" himself.

>> No.17912662

If this statement was true he'd have made a fucking Gacha by now

>> No.17912890

Who made these pictures?

>> No.17912911

>tfw bought the game as soon as it was up
> and I'm not even a big touhou fan

>> No.17913094

Give it a year or two.

>> No.17913132

In b4 the touhou equivalent of the F/GO phenomenon happens and just retarded gobs and gobs of money flows to ZUN because god damn.

>> No.17913486

ZUN stops making actual games and all work is put into this theoretical mobage

>> No.17913525

wtf I hate 2hu now

>> No.17913560

Touhou always hated you

>> No.17913629

Most of the reviewers in my language are glad that they can now get the game legally and help ZUN get it's own brewery.

>> No.17913679

>help ZUN get it's own brewery

i always had my suspicions he was an andy

>> No.17913699
File: 326 KB, 350x350, 1496235063750.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no cheevos

>> No.17913701

Have steam users ruined /jp/ yet?

>> No.17913701,1 [INTERNAL] 

>in a thread about the Steam distribution platform janny seems to be quite "steamed" himself.
Nice steamage, wbro.

>> No.17913716

do you think they will put the older games on there? i would totally buy a pack with all the main games in the series.

>> No.17913740


>> No.17914109
File: 13 KB, 360x440, 1187558931779.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17914131

ZUN said he might put out Gold Rush of all games on Steam

He lost the source code for the older games, and those tend to have problems running on Windows 10 so it wouldn't be suitable for Steam

>> No.17914133

I'd love to see earlier games that work properly on newer versions of Windows be available on steam.
That's probably way too much work though, and I highly doubt ZUN would be willing to go back and work on games he's already finished, just to prevent compatibility issues with newer OSes.

>> No.17914137

Now we need PoFV or something newer like it so we can play co-op.

>> No.17914144

15.5 will also be on steam in 2018

>> No.17914164

It will be glorious

>> No.17914179

I don't really get how Steam works but you think it will help the netplay somewhat?

>> No.17914211

Yes, it would make the online scene borderline popular.

>> No.17914219
File: 294 KB, 375x375, doremy sweet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ZUN should put all of the multiplayer games then.

But what are the chances they ZUN will deem Steam release as
"mistake" just like Playism and leave HSiSF as the sole Steam release?

>> No.17914227

If he gets enough money to balance out the shitposts he's going to get on twitter, he'll keep uploading the back catalog.

>> No.17914228

Steam releaae went well though, almost 1000 reviews and the score is Overwhelmingly Positive

>> No.17914235

Was the sale the issue for Playism? I think it was something else, and might happen with Steam too. I dunno.

>> No.17914239

Nobody uses Playism

>> No.17914242

*sobbing* dan kim would have loved this

>> No.17914255

Dan Kim status: probably not dead yet.

>> No.17914298

when most people think of touhou, they are thinking about eosd and above anyway
im not going to pretend like i know what its like to sell a game on steam, but can it really be much harder than dragging and dropping?

>> No.17914299


>> No.17914301
File: 79 KB, 600x630, __alice_margatroid_kinomoto_sakura_and_kirisame_marisa_cardcaptor_sakura_tomoyo42_s_room_and_touhou_drawn_by_dan_kim__dbb452490ada7db1be18ec30bab9621e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Arts man, drew a bunch of webcomics, posted here occasionally.


>> No.17914302
File: 79 KB, 600x630, Tomoyo42s_room_219.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17914307

Early windows era (6-9.5) have trouble with windows 10, im not talking about PC98
You need stuff like the vpatch to properly run those on Win10, but if you sell a game on Steam you can't expect the buyers to go on external sites to download a fix for a game you know has issues
Since the source code is lost, ZUN can't fix the issues, so him releasing those is very very unlikely

>> No.17914308
File: 58 KB, 353x308, 1506553413019.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17914310
File: 63 KB, 349x479, suika_dance_flip.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Touhou mind

>> No.17914311

Directly patch the binary.

>> No.17914312

He doesn't need to fix the issues.

You think the source code for Commander Keen is still around?

You can hire people.

>> No.17914317

ZUN specifically doesn't want to turn Touhou into anything resembling a corporate business.
Him hiring people to fix up the code of the early windows games is less likely than him creating a Touhou gacha.

>> No.17914322

How about physical copies? Older games still have them, right?

>> No.17914323

I'm just guessing

>> No.17914330
File: 21 KB, 620x620, 1437568475599.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's not how source code works

>> No.17914337

holky fu k dude

>> No.17914347

please elaborate

why are the discs not enough?

>> No.17914354

The disc has an executable, source code is like the blueprints to build an executable. It tells you everything about a program, and there are changes you more or less can't make without the SC.

>> No.17914356

Having the physical copy has absolutely nothing to do with the games' code having compatibility issues with Windows 10, if that's what you meant.
The disk literally just contains the digital game files.

>> No.17914363


i just dont get why we are able to download and play the games just fine
i could copy my folder for eosd, upload it, then you could download it and play it
why cant they just do the same with steam?

>> No.17914366
File: 79 KB, 438x469, 6182e94a531271018154d81ff5ccb633.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm just desperate, man. I thought I could own all of 2hu games' physical copies one day.
Time to build a time machine.

No I'm different anon.

>> No.17914375

Because EoSD is old and has compatability issues that require edits in the source code to fix

>> No.17914379

Not true, which is the issue. Most machines running Windows 10 require the vsync patch to run them properly.
I for instance have the issue of EoSD running at about 2000 frames per second without the vsync patch installed.
The vsync patch is a fanmade tool. ZUN can't really rerelease the old games with the knowledge that they don't work on the operating system that most people are using, and just tell customers to go find some fanmade tool that fixes his broken game.

>> No.17914383

Oh so you weren't talking about the source code at all? Even the early windows games are still very easy to find the physical copies for, most if not all online retailers selling the newer games will also be carrying the older games as well. As for the PC-98 games, which I assume you're talking about, I've just noticed I've never even seen pictures of physical copies of those.

>> No.17914386
File: 103 KB, 949x621, 548760493_preview_xiv3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay cute anon time for coding 101.

When someone writes code say in C or Java or C++ etc... this code needs to be compiled.

So the human readable programing language needs to be converted into something a machine can read so assembly language, object code, or machine code.

You do this via a compiler that coverts a programing language into machine code. This creates a so called executable also called EXE also known as binary. As the term binary implies it a set of instructions the CPU or the whole machine can read.

Now ZUN is not a genius hes an ordinary guy he probably Borland C/C++ to write the early games seeing as he uses Visual Studio today, the games didn't even have an engine.

Zun was not this guy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RollerCoaster_Tycoon#History He didn't write the whole game in assembly. He was an amateur programmer with an idea and hell of a lot of motivation. He was 19 years old and his programing experience was probably Highschool Programing classes at best.

Todays Touhou is made by using modern software, ZUN uses Visual Studio, C++, Photoshop and Cubase.

But ages ago the old games used totally different software.

See the old touhou games where made for


So to basically without the source code, the higher level language, the PC-98 games currently look something like picture related.

>> No.17914388

If the fan tool were released as an open source thing, it would be possible to bundle it with a steam release. Gog does something similar, though they make their compatibility tools in-house AFAIK.

Still, it's a lot of work, something ZUN personally is probably not going to do.

>> No.17914410

but how do we all play the games regardless?
ZUN never released the source code in the first place, right?
aren't the files we download just uploaded by people who had the disks?

>> No.17914416

If you play the game on windows 10 with the retail EXE, you will run into problems. That is what the last 20 posts has been discussing.

>> No.17914421

Yes, the cd only has the executable
It's like the exe being the building and the source code being the blueprints, you could technically reverse engineer it but it would take too much effort for it to be worth it

>> No.17914441

The source code is ONLY necessary for altering the code inside of the game, and has nothing to do with running the game, especially on the customer end.
The point here is that because the older games have problems with Windows 10, to rerelease it officially ZUN would have to go back in and make major tweaks to the code of each game, which he would need the source code to do. He does not have the source code anymore, so he cannot realistically do that.
This means the older games are almost guaranteed to not see official rereleases ever.

>> No.17914463

What we can do is simulate the environment it was designed to run in. So the PC 98 environment. Thats how we can play it.

Or someone with a great deal of knowledge in machine code can go in and adjust things.

See the games EXE could be calling say a windows95 function that hasn't existed for 20 years.

A skilled person can go in find that problem and adjust it. Takes an incredible amount of time since you're working of a binary this is mostly trial and error and previous experience.

And yes Zun never released the source code, most old games never did and most modern games never will. You won't see the source code for WoW or Ragnarok Online or Diablo 2 or Doom 4 or whatever...

You get the point, source codes are technically trade secrets especially the famous game ones. Not only would releasing a source code lead to tons of copyright infringements and stealing of ideas. It also totally exposes you to cheating and hacking.

See Linux and other open source development projects work because everyone can see the code and everyone can look for vulnerabilities.

Microsoft Office on the other hand is closed source as in Microsoft can only see it. And this is why you get infected by viruses when you open a word file in outlook. Someone exploited an vulnerability that could have been patched had others been given the time to look the code over.

This is why 99% of the Servers use linux and not Microsoft shit or anything else. Servers need 99.999% uptime.

>> No.17914469

>too much effort for it to be worth it
This isn't true per say. If we're speaking money I think a shitload of people would buy it.

Zun would make way more money by doing this then say working a job he is actually qualified to work for.

>> No.17914477

No it's pretty fucking difficult to reverse engineer the source code from the exe alone, it would take weeks of full time work, probably longer

For ZUN it would be 100x easier to remake the entire game with the current engine than to reverse engineer the source code

>> No.17914484

It would be easier but the payoff would be astronomical. He would easily make 10.000$~25.000$ per game if not more.

>> No.17914487

It would be 1000x easier to release the games with the patches that have already been built and demonstrated to work

>> No.17914522

>ZUN specifically doesn't want to turn Touhou into anything resembling a corporate business.

Hahaha holy damn, how can someone be so delusional?
Did you somehow miss the OP? 4th best selling game on Steam right behind a corporate giant like Call of Duty. And all those sweet, sweet dollarydoos for just one man too.
Mangas and royalties he gets from thousands of figurines sold daily?
It doesn't get any more corporate than that.

If there ever was a ``doujin spirit'', it's been exorcised a long time ago, and had its grave pissed all over, so that not even a trace of ectoplasm is left.

>> No.17914523
File: 553 KB, 1599x774, Screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Step 1) Copy
Step 2) Paste
Step 3) ???
Step 4) Profit

>> No.17914572

Are you implying "doujin spirit" means you have to be paid like shit? Doujin stuff can be expensive, too.

>> No.17914600

thanks i just added pcb on steam greenlight

>> No.17914649
File: 377 KB, 1700x767, SteamSpy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here are the day 1 stats BTW
ZUN made around 20.000$ or 30.000$

>> No.17914661
File: 23 KB, 642x245, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17914662

$30.000 a day, that's almost a million dollars a month.

Doujin spirit!

>> No.17914669

I know it's an aproximation or whatever
it gives it a better look either way and that's what matters

>> No.17914671

So it's more then?

>> No.17914680

It's not an approximation. It becomes a decent approximation after 3 days from now on when it has the proper data. Right now it's junk data and you are idiot for trying to extrapolate information out of it.

A more reasonable estimate is probably between 10000 and 20000 sales I believe. So if we assume ZUN gets something between $5 and $10 for each sale I think it'd be between $50000 and $200000 that he earned already.

>> No.17914800

Top seller literally means nothing if it's only for a while. I remember for example TiS second chapter was there too and in the end it sold like 15k.

>> No.17914817

>between $50000 and $200000 that he earned already

Two hundred thousand dollars, and the game is out for only a single day?

Holy fuck.

>> No.17914961

I can't wait to play IAMP against cute anons <3

>> No.17914977

back off mate

>> No.17914991

doujin spirit != unprofitability

I know that people hate capitalism and for good reasons, but come on.

>> No.17915001
File: 647 KB, 661x782, BBC News Magazine - Voltaire vs Loli comics.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>gaijins and their opinions

>> No.17915018

Japs have like 90% tax rates there so ZUN should be happy if he got a couple of cents over each sale

>> No.17915029

'Murikan education.

>> No.17915034

>Japs have like 90% tax rates
Only during WW2.

>> No.17915040

It's hypocritical of him. He didn't allow Touhou games on Steam because that would violate MUH Doujin Spirit, and now?

>> No.17915083

His specific wording was no mainline Touhou games on console. Steam isn't a console. That's QB-tier weaseling, but he technically keeps his words.

>> No.17915110

>sell his stuffs at Comiket
>compete directly with Cowadooty
What did he mean by this?

>> No.17915132

He still have full control over his games and no one else. That's all it matters.

>> No.17915145

Get rekt consolebabs

>> No.17915162 [DELETED] 

Touhou is the MLP of shmups. I hope it bombs.

It's funny to me that a lot of people praising the game in reviews don't own any other shmups on Steam. Typical plebs.

>> No.17915238
File: 10 KB, 349x193, 1186642595497.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did you know people play games outside of steam?

>> No.17915408 [DELETED] 

Very nice, you're not allowed to say anything negative about Touhou here. It immediately gets deleted.

Your point? There are quality shmups that have been on Steam for years and not released elsewhere in an easy to acquire way. A lot of these people show no signs of supporting these developers. I don't think that's true for all Touhou fans, but a lot of the top reviewers seem to have it in common.

>> No.17915437

What are you trying to say? People enjoy the aspects of Touhou that make it stand out among shmups? Imagine that being a thing. Or are people incapable of playing and liking Touhou unless they've played a myriad of other shmups? I don't see anything in what you're saying that isn't completely meaningless and probably anger that Touhou is successful. Though admittedly I haven't seen your original post so do enlighten me.

>> No.17915460

>not released elsewhere in an easy to acquire way
You gotta be joking right. You're on 4chan right. RIGHT?!

>> No.17915503 [DELETED] 

There's no point in presenting an argument when it will immediately be silenced. You "win".

In a legal way. I don't think these people bought a Japanese 360 to play some of these games.

>> No.17915519

Yeah but take me. I played all the fallout games and all the morrowing games except that MMO trash.

Do you know how many I own on steam? Skyrim and thats because it was a birthday present.

>> No.17915520

Your post got deleted because it's mostly consist of insults, or that you mentioned what shouldn't be mentioned.

>> No.17915522

this thread is not very comfy

>> No.17915542
File: 135 KB, 320x1000, 1234140637434.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17915571

>we made it
why is this phrase suddenly being spouted all over the place here. underage, or crossboarder?

Why is going on Steam "making it", Touhou games were already very popular, ZUN could have done this whenever he wanted, and Steam is far from the be all end all of indie games let alone video games entirely. You know the Japanese doujin scene still exists, right?

>> No.17915572

Great. Now I can trash all my DRM free ISOs and give steam my shekels for their DRM versi-

Yeah, on second thoughts, nah.

>> No.17915698

>You know the Japanese doujin scene still exists, right?

After this little stunt of his right here? I wonder for how long.

>> No.17915705
File: 22 KB, 313x405, 1212957518740.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because for years and years since 2005 people have made mockups of touhou or VNs on steam, in super markets and everywhere. And we all dreamed of the day it would come.

When I was a shitty 16 year old teenager back then I dreamed of a day when I'll be able to watch japanese tv over the internet, buy japanes games and instantly get them, have every anime translated every season and so on...

All my dreams came true. I can watch Japanese TV via FUJITV, I can download all the horrible subs I want, I can buy touhou on steam, I can order so many many figures on so many japanese websites.

And a flight to Japan costs only 500€. 1 Month In Japan with friends is only 2000€.

This is the future I imagined, I dreamed about. And it's delightful.

>> No.17915709

Dude I run EoSD on my brand new Win10 computer just fine. If I can't do it why can't ZUN do it?

>> No.17915725

Ok so add the goddamn patch onto it and sell it

>> No.17915732

Literally no one gives a fuck that you're a v-tard, you attention whore.

>> No.17915758

>pathetic pseudo elitist EOP faggot trying to act like a gatekeeper on a board he was responsible for ruining in the first place
Get some fucking self awareness.

>> No.17915779

Because you're using a fanmade tool and ZUN doesnt want to use that in his own game. And he doesnt want to fix it himself either.

>> No.17915793

Are there any plans to release the older games? This can't be good...

>> No.17915804

There are if it sells well
15.5 will come first regardless

>> No.17915824

leave my board modesto
you're a traitor of your homeland

>> No.17915832

That wasn't about doujin spirit, that was about not wanting his work misrepresented in mainstream markets without an official release on the platform first.

Crowdfunding was the bit that was purportedly against doujin spirit.

>> No.17915944

>Gold Rush
oh yes

>they are thinking about eosd and above anyway
the statement that you refered are still true anon

>> No.17915958

>But what are the chances they ZUN will deem Steam release as "mistake" just like Playism and leave HSiSF as the sole Steam release?
almost 0, 15.5 will be sold in stream

>> No.17915996

Touhou fortress 2 exists in an unpolished and buggy state

>> No.17916022
File: 63 KB, 680x1020, shrine gaben of paradise.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As long as the shekels keep flowing ZUN will keep putting games on Steam.
Literally who?

>> No.17916228


>> No.17916267
File: 594 KB, 984x1199, 1486802064243.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Going down!

>> No.17916295

Good riddance.

Unfortunately I doubt this will affect ZUN's money-grubbing habits.

>> No.17916394

So? He's still turned down countless opportunities to get involved with a publisher or make Touhou aimed at larger mainstream audiences, he's said he never wants to make a Touhou anime, he lets countless people make for-profit fan works based on his stuff without swinging the banhammer of copyright infringement around, etc etc.
Literally the only reason he released it on Steam is so that it could reach a western audience that he's recently begun realising exists. IIRC it was the announcement video for LoLK or some other relatively recent game that he uploaded to his youtube channel, and about half of the comments section was in english. Before that he had awareness of any sizeable fanbase in the west. As of now, the only way for westerners to get his games is either illegally, or through second-hand reselling sites. Steam gives an easier, more direct way to deliver the game to westerners.

>> No.17916398

>he thinks day one sales of a video game are sustainable
You are legitimately retarded. Get the fuck out of /jp/.

>> No.17916412

I went to Montreal and spent an afternoon just hanging around the Ubisoft offices hoping to see him.

I didn't see him, but he works in a really nice neighbourhood apparently. Extremely expensive and hipsterish, but otherwise it's very clean (for Montreal) and has the best food in the city.

>> No.17916593

I can guarantee you that 90% of people who bought it are pretentious secondary underage shits that will idle it for like 200 hours, put it in the favorite game showcase and never touch it again.

>> No.17916622

I bought it to support ZUN but I am going to keep playing my english patched version. No reason to go through the trouble of downloading the game a second time and patching it all over again.

>> No.17916710

Post your scores, fag.

>> No.17916722

same senpai

>> No.17916832

9 years and my life is still shit.
It also took 9 years for me to finally wring all of the enjoyment out of /jp/.

Funny enough, I became NEET around the time I stopped coming here.

>> No.17916874

>There are quality shmups that have been on Steam for years and not released elsewhere in an easy to acquire way. A lot of these people show no signs of supporting these developers.

Why the hell would I buy a new shmup when my favorite one has virtually infinite replay value since I score it? This is just a shitty collector's mentality, where your validity as a 'true' shmup fan hinges on how many games you own rather than your achievements obtained by actually playing the games. Funnily enough the the western touhou fandom (the portion that actually plays the games) tends to be better about recognizing this since piracy is so rampant and so nothing is gained by saying you own such and such game.

>> No.17917124

>we all dreamed of the day would come
you realize the photoshops of touhou on steam with achievements and trading cards were facetious right?

Touhou was hardly inaccessible. 90% of actual doujin works are. You're never going to get people uploading or tramslating everything at Comiket. Learn Japanese and your world is wide open dude.

>> No.17917146

It's not worth spending 7 years of your life to learn it so you can play 6/10 doujin games at comiket.

>> No.17917211

Yes, you just have to rely on other people and wait warmly for LN/VN translations as well, if there are any that is.

>> No.17917235

I have the shortcuts from running the patch tool, but the shortcuts just load the configurator over and over and never the game. Please help ;_;

>> No.17917242

All the best Doujin games eventually gets translated and it's not like anyone's in a hurry to play them regardless, certainly not worth learning Japanese for it alone anyway.

>> No.17917785

>a western audience that he's recently begun realising exists
ZUN has been hanging out getting wasted with his Western fans since forever. The problem is the restrictions imposed by delivery platforms, not the non-existence of Western fans. Steam is much more lax in its rules (Dream Daddy come to mind) and that's why he allow it to carry them.

>> No.17917791

i'm too lazy to read through pages of things.
will zun get my money if i buy this? i figure i probably should if he will.

>> No.17917792

>secondaries are bad
Not this meme again.

The only way a fandom can be bad is if it's infected by SJWs. Everything else is just mild annoyance at worst.

>> No.17917848

Most of this thread is either grossly inaccurate or shitty doomposting that needs to be deleted already, anyway.

The money should go mostly to ZUN, yes, with a slice given to Valve and Mediascape (a company owned by a personal friend of ZUN's which is helping him with the Steam thing).

>> No.17918012

the very definition of a weeboo

>> No.17918069

Have you forgotten what board you're on?

>> No.17918145
File: 917 KB, 320x180, who are you quoting sanae.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17918157

how can you people be this retarded holy shit

>Crowdfunding was the bit that was purportedly against doujin spirit.
It's pretty straightforwardly obvious when doujin works are basically by definition a hobby. Having other people fund your work to sell back to them is not a hobby, it's a business.

>> No.17918312

t. mildly offended secondaries

>> No.17918333

This is the board full of otaku who hate Japan, newbro.

>> No.17918382

this is so fucking bad
cringy 7 yr old arts coming soon

>> No.17918397

Too bad I didn't even like hsifs

>> No.17919472
File: 154 KB, 675x900, 1357673683864.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Into the trash

>> No.17920846
File: 311 KB, 713x720, 4TZngtt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The most positively rated game on steam.

>> No.17921391

99.08% positive.

>> No.17921666

Does it have tanned Cirno?

>> No.17921716

Gacha shit is cancer.

>> No.17921801

>You won't see the source code for ... or Ragnarok Online
You do realize that everyone has their hands on the original source code of aegis and Ragnarok's client, right?

>> No.17921842
File: 84 KB, 500x400, 90172abb06780d735afff4272ef9b755.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Umineko and Touhou got Steam releases on the same day. years ago i would have said you must be on the pipe to believe that either of those would ever happen
still not gonna buy it though

>> No.17921881

Steamies have shit taste in touhou

>> No.17921951 [DELETED] 

>haha we did it reddit!
Nice, now may the normalfag menace flood one of the only cancer-free boards on 4trash. Soon they'll be talking about it on IGN, Facebook and famous youtubers will record touhou gameplay. Next step will be some anime studio licensing it, ZUN selling the rights of his game to some goon producer and finally touhou will be pay to play.

>> No.17921978
File: 41 KB, 360x270, 1395501173415.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>and finally touhou will be pay to play.

>> No.17922006

/jp/ 2017

>> No.17922033

This post could be framed and put into the irony hall of fame.

>> No.17922075

How hard are most toohoo games? Like Cuphead tier?

>> No.17922092
File: 85 KB, 196x315, 1510621259191.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>and finally touhou will be pay to play.

>> No.17922298

You have to leave here.

>> No.17922450
File: 148 KB, 500x500, Get out of jp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17922456

I don't play a lot of shoot em ups and I'm using a relatively difficult game for comparison

>> No.17922554

You know, we tell you to lurk for one year for a reason.

>> No.17922643

I love it as much as the next guy here but I've just never played the games. I just play VNs and shit, can't blame a nigga for just asking

>> No.17922714

It's just really hard to explain the gameplay. It's easier to show. Unfortunately we are probably separated by thousands of kilometres so I can't just invite you to my home to show the game.
If only there was a website where people can upload their recorded gameplay videos. And where you can type something like "let's play touhou" in the search bar and it would show hundreds of videos with detailed commentary and explanations of gameplay. What a fantastic idea for a startup!

>> No.17922731

I know, but if I didn't say that everyone would be wondering why the fuck someone on /jp/ doesn't know why Touhou is popular, and I didn't want to get those kinds of replies.

>> No.17922764
File: 75 KB, 1280x720, atashi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Read first page of reviews. Overwhelmingly positive

.7 hours played
.6 hours played
1.2 hours played
.9 hours played

>> No.17922944

Most of us have lives outside our bedrooms.

>> No.17922961

get out of /jp/ please

>> No.17922975

Most of us aren't you.

>> No.17922997

What would be a good time played for a review?

>> No.17923001

Most of the old /jp/ cadres from 2008-2011 have killed themselves or been forced to get jobs. NEET it up while you still can losers.

>> No.17923011

What kind of trash life do you have if you can't play a new game for at least an hour?

>> No.17923150

Well the game was out for about four months before it hit Steam.

>> No.17923764
File: 70 KB, 605x586, 1493582864062.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

still better than zun's drawings

>> No.17923794

Fuck off, ZUN's art is a miracle of the Universe.

>> No.17923799

>t. zun

>> No.17923822

Disgusting. This is why /jp/ is declining.

>> No.17923826

Yea for example EoSD hardlocks if you try and run it windowed.

No clue how to fix it. It's why I've not played it since I had to get a new computer that's running 10 as Touhou Fullscreen looks like utter shit.

>> No.17923927

You use vpatch and applocale

>> No.17923929

who are you quoting quoting

>> No.17924197

Tried it. Still goesn't get it working windowed. I'd have to double check vsynch patch again.

>> No.17924212

You have to set vsync to 0.

>> No.17924249

It's set to zero already still freezing with or without the dx8 dx9 fix being on

>> No.17925572

>EoSD hardlocks if you try and run it windowed.
Windows 7 doesn't have this problem.
>Touhou Fullscreen looks like utter shit.
Not a problem if you play on a CRT monitor.

>> No.17926095


Did you get your EoSD from Moriya Shrine? I had the same problem when I got it from there. Using vpatch did nothing.

So got a jap original and patched that. Works fine now.

>> No.17926395
File: 127 KB, 765x569, 1337580034084.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.17926502

what anime is this?

>> No.17926593
File: 103 KB, 997x837, 1423361486916.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's fucking nothing compared to this.

>> No.17926751
File: 411 KB, 666x602, 1493607432722.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

steam will be the end

>> No.17926775


>> No.17926784

it will be a much more common sight now with a steam release

>> No.17926793

It's not even a good game.

>> No.17926807

It was weaker than lolk

>> No.17926819

It was weaker than fucking Sonic Forces.

>> No.17926911

Woah buddy hold down there, the only good thing about Forces is the OC creator.

>> No.17926931


>> No.17926950

So what are you suggesting? 当方針鼠作 as the next game?

>> No.17926954


>> No.17926976

>steam is over 9 years old

what the fuck

>> No.17926986

>Steam isn't even ten years old

i'm younger than i thought

>> No.17926989

Hi, /v/, enjoy your stay.

>> No.17926995

I've been on /v/ a handful of times in the last decade

>> No.17927005

you do realise that steam has /jp/-relevant things right

like my oldest library title is recettear, i also have eiyuu densetu and shadowverse stuff on it

i was thinking of picking up disgaea but they still haven't released anything past 2 and i've already played the first couple

>> No.17927019

Don't the new releases have new content, though? (like playable Pleinair, IIRC) I'm pretty sure they have mods as well.

>> No.17927291

The incredible amount of fanboys who won't even play the game more than one hour

>> No.17927384

>Windows 7
>CRT monitor
Wow yeah just let me go back in time ten years and EoSD plays fine without patches!

>> No.17927392

The people reviewing it would have played a lot of the game before it released on Steam, you do realise? And all of those playtimes indicate more than one run of the main game.

>> No.17927396

Newer is not always better.

>> No.17927463

Wow anon truly insightful, now that you've activated my almonds, my OS transformed into the outdated unsupported Windows 7, and my monitor became shitty and incompatible with most modern websites and game/video resolutions.
At least I can play the worst windows-era Touhou game without a fan patch, though.

>> No.17927470

Windows 7 is still supported you shit for brains

>> No.17927487

4:3 is objectively better for web browsing than whatever ultrawide meme shit you're using. I'm running 1600x1200 at 75Hz and I have more usable space than 1080p. I also have an OS that respects my right to privacy and doesn't force updates on me.

>> No.17927516

>the worst windows-era Touhou game
Why did you bring up PoFV? The conversation was about EoSD.

>> No.17927563

>objectively better
>more usable space than 1080p
Well I'm afraid to say that you're objectively retarded for thinking 1600x1200 somehow has more screen space than 1920x1080.

>I also have an OS that respects my right to privacy
Ugh. Just >>>/g/.

>> No.17927564

Fuck, it's been 9 years? Goddamn, I don't come here much, but I remember doing translations of Yukkuri stuff in 2008. Am... am I an oldfag now? Let me see if I can find some of the old stuff in my folders

>> No.17927575
File: 52 KB, 403x280, 1388047112233.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17927579

It doesn't have more screen space. It has more usable space for web browsing since most modern websites have nothing but whitespace at the sides. You're losing vertical space for horizontal space that doesn't even get used.

>> No.17927590

i'm using gentoo and i appreciate the extra space on the sides to put my terminals and media players thanks

>> No.17927596

I wouldn't have minded this as much if it had happened a few years ago, but the current state of otaku fandom on the internet is absolutely deplorable. Here's hoping that the kind of people this thing will attract lose interest in it soon enough.

>> No.17927602

Really? I actually think /jp/ is moderately less awful now than it was in 2007, at least.

I can't speak so much for other sites since most of my otaku-related browsing outside 4chan is done in Japanese, but still.

>> No.17927650

>And all of those playtimes indicate more than one run of the main game.
Hi secondary-kun

>> No.17927661

Now what's more likely, that they all played the game to death before the Steam release or that they downloaded the game, ran through it once on Easy with Cirno only to get a game over on stage 1 and never touched the game since then?

>> No.17927749


>> No.17927755

Teenagers and young adults invading my hobby is only not annoying and shit when I'm part of that demographic, you say.

>> No.17927757

There's clearly a middle ground with that and it's disingenuous to suggest the worst extreme just because you think the other extreme isn't possible.

>> No.17927786

There are bad teenagers and young adults and good teenagers and young adults, as usual. The good ones are more than welcome to enjoy the things I do, the bad ones need to get out.
In other words, I just don't want more people who act like complete retards for the sake of attention on social media enjoying my hobby.

>> No.17929575

>Windows 7 doesn't have this problem.
I know that. 7 didn't support my CPU thus running 10

>Not a problem if you play on a CRT monitor.
I ain't had that since fucking 1999.

And upscaling anything at 640x800 native makes it look like ass

>> No.17929581

I expect it to die down pretty fast. Probably will get another Sonic game or another [INSERT OVERHYPED KICKSTARTER GAME HERE] soon enough.

>> No.17929928
File: 4 KB, 403x94, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pretty much as predicted. Though it still seems to be rising.

Wondered about something else though. A lot of Steam reviews are from people who acquired the game outside of Steam. Anyone know how that happened? You don't get a Steam key with the original game after all.

>> No.17930484

Would you prefer I compared to 2008?

They were pretty much the same. /jp/ was half tripfags and bad meme spam. The current state is an improvement.

>> No.17938511

Yeah I don't mind shitty widescreen aspect ratios so much on Linux since my browser windows end up being roughly 4:3 anyways with a couple terminals tiled on the side, though I still do miss the extra vertical space older resolutions used to give me.

>> No.17938511,1 [INTERNAL] 

>You won't see the source code for ...Doom 4
that's where you're wrong kiddo


Doom3 has been released, expect doom4 in the future