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I wish I had the relationship with my mother that Chen has with Ran...

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And me.

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Picture unrelated?

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I do have that relationship. :3 Be jealous.

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I do have that relationship. :3 Be jealous. We even take cute pictures together.

Pic related.

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Unless you're holding up a sign that says /jp/ and the date, no one will believe you.

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My mom knit me a scarf when I was in middle school. I hated wearing it to school cuz I got made fun of. But when I lost it when we moved I cried.

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O lawd.

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Oh shit, tried to delete duplicate post but accidentally deleted both.

Making proof pic right now

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When I was in 7th grade I made my mother some origami thing for her birthday and wrote "Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you!" on it. We got into a fight later in the day and I got a pen, crossed everything out and wrote "I HATE YOU" on it. I was such a fucking asshole back then, I was mean to my little sister too; I regret all of it.

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i baaaaawwwwwwww'd and then i daaaaaaaaaaawww'd

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I forgot to write the date, but I'm obviously the mother-daughter girl. :3

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Also you dumby you can't do this and feed the people who say /jp/ is dying because of stuff like this.

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Thread over due to girls... Well, maybe athens will come in and extend it by fifty posts.

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Athens was b& for excessive trolling.

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Then I'm just plain cancerous. <3

and that's a p not an f.

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Aren't you that Canadian lady from the Daily Show?

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Y-You are now Fatchouli.

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Write /jp/ on your other hand and take a picture.

It has to be /jp/ with the slashes, lowercase, and everything. Please.

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Fatchi is moe.

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Oh, how did you know?

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I don't care that you're a girl. Not one bit. I do however care that this one post is going to cause a ton of shit and I resent you for causing it.

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Stop making requests.

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So why isnt anyone requesting tits?

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Oh god, I write for shit with my left hand.

I said it was a p, not an f. lolz

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Is it true? Is Stephen Colbert a secret /b/tard? What does he really think about bears?

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Cunts like you ruined /b/. You should keep to myspace or livejournal. Reported.

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I can already see athens and co. standing alert like fucking merekats.

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Thanks, I'll be reposting this everyday and using it to troll from now on.

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Because this isn't /b/.

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Erin? is that you?

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1. Worksafe board.
2. Not /b/.
3. Afraid of women.
4. This woman is pathetic.

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It's really hard to post when you've been blinded. Throw some cleaning shit in your eyes and try it.

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Might as well use this too, but you'll never get my tripcode right. :|

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That's why I just needed it to say /jp/ without a date. I trolled with this the day it was posted but the date really limited it's usefulness.

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Might as well use this too, but you'll never get my tripcode right. :| It's flattering that I'm going to be on the internet though. <3

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For some reason...taking a second look has turned me on.

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Gosh, fans are fans, regardless of gender. Yes there are many female Touhou fans. Did you all think IOSYS and other groups were all traps or something? Stop making such a big fuss about it.

Back to appreciating Ran, people!

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Okay, that fucking does it. I'm leaving /jp/ until after the Christmas break.

Enjoy your Japan/Random until then, kids.

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Hohoho, pathetic cunt.

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Taking a second look at your face has turned me on.

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Ah, I guess so, but it's flattering that you're going to so much effort with this photo with saving it and what not, but whatever. <3

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>This thread

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Don't leave us... ;_;

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male touhou fans are the worst

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>Fujiwara no Mokou !!mGXYMm0qKk/
>appreciating Ran
You are not Mokou!

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Because it's going to be so much better afterwards, right?

Like when summer ruined /jp/ and then it got so much better when summer ended. You remember that, don't you?

This is the second camwhore now, and /jp/ was over by the first one. You don't come back from that.

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mod perma banned that bitch? or wishful thinking?

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losing her hat is the worst thing that can happen to a Touhou.

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You idiot, non-secure tripcodes can be cracked easily.


Almost everyone here lurks /prog/.

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Hush, it's people like you that prevent more artists drawing awesome pairings just because they don't make sense.

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All Americans cried.


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Must have been wishful thinking.

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Where did all the Patchy pics go ;_;

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Anyway, Iet's turn this thread around. Ran and Chen. <3

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Most likely a janitor, so yeah, it's wishful thinking.

Also, I prefer Tewi over Chen.

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Not if you don't have one!

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Because all of us are big enough losers to leave our computers on for 2 months and waste 40gb just to crack trips?

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Fascinating... Whats with Japanese of taking photos of their own shit?

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Every time I post, they like, dissapear... Why?

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I am intrigued at the idea of Ran and Mokou together. You are a smart man, Anonymous.

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Six minutes for my post to go through. Wow.

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Because you are a horny bitch that can't keep her legs sticked together.

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You're not? Why are you here?

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Ha, you know me all too well, anon.

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Someone don't like you...

Maybe if you wore a hat like Ran's...

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I'll stick your legs together, if you know what I mean.

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I would gladly help rid this board from the tripfag menace, but somebody needs to generate and torrent those tables.

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I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. This is the LAST camwhore pic I'll ever post on here. <3 A paper Ran hat is just what this thread needs. :3

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Too much work. Just take it easy and everything will be alright.

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oh god what the hell is this shit


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Hey where are you at? Want to go out some time?

>> No.1787058

Omaemo Nekomimi ni Nare!

>> No.1787068


Well, it IS 2d.. but then again, it's missing the details...


>> No.1787062

Try posting some tits.

>> No.1787067

Reported for trolling.

>> No.1787072

You're doing a good job today, janitor.

>> No.1787074

wtf. haha

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>You can crack those (by bruteforcing, not rainbow tables

bruteforcing is faster than rainbow tables? What are you retarded?

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I think you're cute. Do you have an AIM or something?

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Patchy is cute ;_;

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First off, are you a chick or a guy? I'm intrigued.

>> No.1787095

Aren't you the one that cosplayed Teiwi and posted it on here a while ago? <3

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Mokou is a kind person who usually helps people she comes across like Merry, as long as they aren't part of the NEET brigade. And her dialogue with Yukari is among the most friendly in IN, talking about jelly donuts and such, so there's no hard feelings between her and the Yakumos. There's no reason she should be mean to a little fox.

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Eye'm a girl, wanna chat?

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post email, I want to see what you look like.

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Same person.
IP address does not lie.

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Aw. Must have been another tripfag.

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This is the Remilia tripfag.

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are there many Remis or do you just have a dynamic tripcode?

>> No.1787141

No it's not.

>> No.1787146

>dynamic tripcode
What the fuck.

Are you Croatia or something? Level of retardness is identic.

>> No.1787150


Yes it is, you cunt. I bet athens came from your womb, you chunk of devilflesh.

>> No.1787152

This is a worthwhile thread. Thanks for the laugh /jp/.

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>> No.1787159

No, that isn't true either. Stop lying so much.

>> No.1787163


the tripcode changes. look up the dictionary term for dynamic.

>> No.1787165

Nice one, smartass. :3

>> No.1787166

It's possible he is changing his trip every time he posts.

>> No.1787175


Stop being such a shitty poster. Oh wait, I guess that comes with being a tripfag.

>> No.1787179

There is no such thing as a tripcode that changes unless that person changes it.

Regular tripcodes are always calculated in the same way, period. Secure tripcodes change from BOARD TO BOARD, because they depend on the board's salt, but that's about it. Dynamic tripcodes don't exist because they'd ruin the entire point of it.

Maybe you're confusing it with IDs, something some text boards have?

>> No.1787182

Remilia's old tripcode ( !cDHwwwva1A ) has been cracked for a long time now. Anyone can impersonate as his/her old one.

>> No.1787186

But you're impersonating one, how terrible does that make you?

>> No.1787191

Hey guys, what's going on in here.

>> No.1787188

Remilia Scarlet #junk

Have fun.

>> No.1787190

It's threads like this that make me appreciate tripfags like ponpo and Jones.

>> No.1787195


It's satire!

>> No.1787198

Are you still in Japan?

>> No.1787199

I'm ponpo so thanks. Though I don't know if Jones will be pleased about you comparing us.

Also has he been banned yet again or is he taking a holiday break? And someone just said athens was banned again but I don't know if that's true.

>> No.1787201

You appreciate Jones? Even after he started sage posting in every single thread that he could, mildly trolling all the ones he didn't like?

>> No.1787206

Even a camwhoring touhoufag is better than Jones. Trust me, I'd totally know.

>> No.1787207




In my /jp/? it's more likely than you think. Now if you excuse me I would like move this off page 0

>> No.1787205

>And someone just said athens was banned again


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That's not me.

>> No.1787220

To be fair, you're worse than all the other tripfags on this thread. Fatchy included.

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Wow I usually post in the middle of shitstorms to lighten up the humor and make you guys stop.
But this is too fucking gay.
~Support Haruhi1994 for mod~Put this in your sig!
~Support Currybutt ban~Put this in your sig!
Member of /jp/'s Aya fanclub!

Touhou fan
Firefox user
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>> No.1787225

Why don't you use your full sig anymore?

>> No.1787221


>sage posting

>> No.1787223

Hey guys, I heard this was a tripfag thread, can I join?

>> No.1787233

hi haruhi!

>> No.1787226

I still blame ponpo for egging on athens. TEA HURR DURR DUMDURRDERP

ponpo's posting has been better as of late but we could've avoided the whole thing had everyone just ignored athens. Jones I couldn't care less about, I really don't see why everyone gets worked up by him. Which isn't to say that I wouldn't be happy if he gets permabanned or anything.

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This only needs White Ren, Anonymous Jones and Currybut and it wins the prize to the gayest fucking thread ever.
Such a shame the OP is such a good doujin.
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Last ass pic and now I'm going out for dinner.

>> No.1787236

I don't know what's the deal with Jones. He just posts a lot, that's about it. There's nothing special about him.

>> No.1787238

Your post count... going backwards again.
If he's smart, perhaps he finally took off his name and tripcode. There was an anon who said he drew the line for women at 4 men earlier today, might be coincidence.

>> No.1787249


He's Croatia-level retarded, but that's nothing compared to this thread. There is no greater sin than camwhoring. The real Russia coming and completely shitting up the board with his scripts would be far better.


Jones is just a shitposter. White Ren is a worse shitposter, but he's not a nigger so I guess most people don't hate him as much. Fucking racism.

>> No.1787242

Haha, sorry again! I realized the threads sucked but I guess people just get caught up in things.

Anyway despite having a trip this thread is absolutely terrible. A random /jp/ girl posting multiple pictures of herself and people talking about trip users in /jp/. Definitely will be cited by countless others as why /jp/ sucks currently.

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because it's too long and I want to keep it unscratched
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No anon, you are the worst. ZUN agrees, don't bother him about it.

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Touhou fan
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>> No.1787256

It probably wasn't him. That "4 men" line has become sort of a /jp/ joke, though.

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My postcount goes backwards because for some reason my posts dissapear -_-
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>> No.1787261

It's a 4chan bug, happens once every day or so. Mods are too lazy to fix it.

So, what happened to your sig?

>> No.1787271
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I always had this sig o_o?
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>> No.1787270

Can't you read? She said it was too long.

>> No.1787273

>The real Russia coming and completely shitting up the board with his scripts would be far better.
I have his scripts, but this is honestly far too funny.

>> No.1787283


don't think I don't know who you are. You have been following me around for some time, I can see right through your same-faggotry. I know my hate-posting please you greatly since you probably have nothing else to do, but once this thread is dead, which hopefully will be soon, you will think twice before posting. I assure you.

>> No.1787294

I'm >>1787220 and not >>1787249. But keep dreaming you have a nemesis whose only purpose in life is to say mean things about you.

>> No.1787298


no, this thread dies.

>> No.1787300

russia sux
long live lithuania

>> No.1787302


I don't think you know who I am, and I find your delusions of grandeur amusing. As if anyone would care enough to follow a third rate namefag around. You're no Ciel Dude.

You're also no AoRF, so I don't think I need to buy a dog.

>> No.1787305

The only thing that could make this thread better is a tripfag from a certain board that rhymes with "g/a/y".

>> No.1787310



>> No.1787313


>> No.1787317

You give Ciel Dude too much credit, he's not even 1/5th of what AoRF is.

AoRF = greatest tripfag on 4chan.

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>You're no Ciel Dude

Are you talking about me?

>> No.1787320

I was referring to myself, but I can take his place


>> No.1787323


I haven't seen Butt of Curry in a long time. Maybe Sion knows what happened to him.

>> No.1787335

I'm glad I don't go to /a/ anymore, every time I check, their tripfags are worse and with even more stupid gimmicks.

If you don't count one or two who are obviously in it for the trolling or are just plain stupid, our tripfags are generally acceptable when compared to /a/'s.

>> No.1787336


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Don't you think when Ran is wearing her hat over her ears her hearing is distorted?

>> No.1787347


Fuck, I hope my exam tomorrow gets canceled.

>> No.1787357

I will give up on Haruhi for a longass time.
At least until i get OC.
It stopped being funny when everyone started immitating anyways.

>> No.1787358


>> No.1787359

a thin bed sheet doesn't cancel that much sound
i don't think that silly hat is much thicker

>> No.1787361
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Im a space cowboy
Bet you werent ready for that
Im a space cowboy
Im sure you know where its at

>> No.1787364

Glad I dont have to deal with marking my parking space ever since I sold my car

>> No.1787365

It could be made of wool, but you're probably right.

>> No.1787374
File: 20 KB, 350x300, 1229662459528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good point! But at least her hat is pretty thin, so it shouldn't be that much a bother. Besides, it's a good excuse to pretend to not hear Yukari's commands!

>> No.1787377

even if it was made out of something thicker, you have to keep in mind of how large and sensitive the ears are
maybe she'd WANT to dampen the sound a bit

>> No.1787384

*shakes fist*

>> No.1787388
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You shall be missed.
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simoun sux
Im a space cowboy
Bet you werent ready for that
Im a space cowboy
Im sure you know where its at

>> No.1787397
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>Support Melty Blood ban

>> No.1787430

You should support it too, considering how much you suck at it.

>> No.1787433

Hey Patchy, you have cute eyes.

>> No.1787459


>> No.1787464

> XD

>> No.1787467

I forgot we needed the "XD" faggot too

>> No.1787475

whats the matter, too many epic lulz for you?

>> No.1787479


>> No.1787488

butthurt tripfag

>> No.1787490

im not a tripfag or butthurt.
you're just a shitty poster

>> No.1787497

this is the gayest thread in /jp/ history. Just for that, imma make Message delay the installer some more

>> No.1787498

I can't believe you're answering seriously to this shit.

>> No.1787499
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>> No.1787503

I don't give a damn anymore /jp/ is lost forever

>> No.1787505
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You rang?

>> No.1787504

This thred rox

>> No.1787512

Yes Message! We must return to the past and delay the UBW and HF installer. We will kill our past selves and enact retroactive punishment upon /jp/!!



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hi friend :D
TouhoU 4 EvR Take it Easy
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Friend list: ZUN(barViVIt), Kyon, China, Remilia, Aya, Currybutt, Aya Hirano sama fan (<3)
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[]get Over 9000 posts
WhEn I rEaD mAnGa wItH yOu I wAnT tO sToP tIme
Dog Sakuya-
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Firefox user
Primary Touhou Fan

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I made that sig too.
It was what inspired me to do this
*vanishes again*
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Touhou fan
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>> No.1787522

If you seriously thought
wasn't a troll, then you should leave /jp/ forever.

>> No.1787529
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good lord. this thread is still on page 0. just 50 or so more posts to go before it autosages.

>> No.1787541

phew! good thing i didn't think that

>> No.1787554
File: 18 KB, 150x150, 1229664734653.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the fuck?

>> No.1787570
File: 59 KB, 400x500, 1229664991916.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.1787644

This thread is terrible.

>> No.1787670


>> No.1787693

im so maining you in fuc

>> No.1787699


>> No.1787708


>> No.1787714
File: 78 KB, 871x519, 1229666914839.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Um, okay.

>> No.1787718

where's the panties of yours dusk?

>> No.1787731

By the way, you might want to check the /jp/-archive, a good portion of this thread was deleted.

It's even worse than it looks.

>> No.1787741

I dont know why?

>> No.1787748
File: 41 KB, 704x396, 1229667503236.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I just did, nearly lost my dinner. I'm hoping she was just a troll and not a sign of Things To Come.

>> No.1787764

It's very bad tonight. There is a flood of trash threads causing good threads to die from neglect.

>> No.1787773

I want more Patchy ;_;

>> No.1787773,1 [INTERNAL] 

Nothing will ever top how bad this thread was.

>> No.1787773,2 [INTERNAL] 

>208 replies
Yeah, I'm not reading this. Give me a summary beyond "tripfag drama that shouldn't have been bumped"

>> No.1787773,3 [INTERNAL] 

Just out of curiosity when I read your post I wanted to see what could be so bad...
Fuck I raged quite a lot, This was really bad REALLY BAD.

>> No.1787773,4 [INTERNAL] 

I still don't get why people enjoy threads like this, I hate them and never post in them...

>> No.1787773,5 [INTERNAL] 

Tripfriend from Pooshlmer camwhoring, followed by athens-level girl drama, followed by tripfag drama that shouldnt have been bumped, followed by shitty trolling.

>> No.1787773,6 [INTERNAL] 

Why did you bring this back? ;_;

>> No.1787773,7 [INTERNAL] 

A typical day for /jp/

>> No.1787773,8 [INTERNAL] 

not really

>> No.1787773,9 [INTERNAL] 

Too bad I can identify the same troll
in a whole Thread. Also, too bad, he has good tastes.
It was so related to /jp/...almost like his gaiafag mogulus channel. Which means they both belong to the same shitholes, as I expected.
Now I know why people hate ponpo. It always has to be the same mafiya fag's doing.

>> No.1787773,10 [INTERNAL] 

That's a great novelty trip ;_;

>> No.1787773,11 [INTERNAL] 

I don't get it why were you permabanned?

>> No.1787773,12 [INTERNAL] 

For posting intelligently. Don't worry, Croatia, you're safe.

>> No.1787773,13 [INTERNAL] 

Holy shit Haruhi1994?

>> No.1787773,14 [INTERNAL] 

Ignore my comment, this was way back in 2008.

>> No.1787773,15 [INTERNAL] 

That's an oxymoron, last time I heard about you, you were banned mostly for posting NSFW.
If Suigin was Croatia...well...he beat enjoy his reports.

>> No.1787773,16 [INTERNAL] 

beat? what the fuck, best.

>> No.1787773,17 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.1787773,19 [INTERNAL] 

When will you fuckers learn I AM MYSELF, NOT AROF OR WHOEVER I only post with my trip and i never do shit, you're all so paranoid...

>> No.1787773,20 [INTERNAL] 

I know you're not Suigin, but you have to give them a break, you're the only two trip users on /jp/ that can't type.

>> No.1787773,21 [INTERNAL] 

>you're the only two trip users on /jp/ that can't type.
Sadly I agree.

>> No.1787773,22 [INTERNAL] 

I'm literally dumb

>> No.1787773,23 [INTERNAL] 

Are we brothers or something?

>> No.1787773,24 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.1787773,25 [INTERNAL] 

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´
We bros have to stick together.

>> No.1787773,26 [INTERNAL] 

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´


>> No.1787773,27 [INTERNAL] 

B-But I'm not Croatian!

>> No.1787773,28 [INTERNAL] 

B-But you're stupid.

>> No.1787773,29 [INTERNAL] 

2 years later and Suigin is still right

>> No.1787773,30 [INTERNAL] 

stop looking at my old posts! it's embarrassing! (/////)

>> No.1787773,31 [INTERNAL] 

Oh for fuck's sake, stop this. I hate seeing my old posts, even if I am anon.

>> No.1787773,32 [INTERNAL] 

They were right. This thread is pretty bad.

>> No.1787773,33 [INTERNAL] 

Btw this thread embodies the good old days. Just look at it. Glorious /b/-shit. Countless tripfags. Stupid meta. Janny hate. Blogging. QUALITY.

>> No.1787773,34 [INTERNAL] 

This proves NOTHING. /jp/ has always been about [insert my personal views here] and you would know that if you were a real good old days oldfag. Archived posts don't count for shit, you have to have actually been there and have photographic evidence before you can prove me wrong.

>> No.1787773,35 [INTERNAL] 

I loved those haruhi1994 posts, it was a funny gimmick until it got old.

And the meta here is not really as bad as Warosu. We still had people who actually cared about /jp/ and could type replies that didn't make them look like retards back then.

Stop giving me nostalgia by the way dude.

>> No.1787773,36 [INTERNAL] 

I miss these days...

The good old days...

Why are you making me feel all this...

I already told you to stop...