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Don't be afraid of ghosts. They are probably more afraid of you than you are of them.

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Thanks for the reassurance Yuyuko. I appreciate it.

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Japanese ghosts are dicks. They murder people completely unrelated to their deaths.

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How many licks does it take to get to the core of Youmu?

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Damn straight. Say your last prayers!!

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As expected of the softest touhou.

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Cutest softest touhou.

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What do ghosts eat to sustain themselves?

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What they are made of, of course. Ectoplasm.

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Where are the finnish 2hu comics like these? Golden.

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Setz makes these :--DDDDD look on danbooru

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So mature yet immature. So strong yet frail. So boyish yet feminine. So capable yet incapable. so strict yet caring. so imperfect yet perfect.
How can any hou compete?

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By not being dorks ecsdee

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Yuyuko is Yukari's titty wife.

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Youmu is not a ghost, please don't be racist.

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A half ghost may as well be a full ghost.

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But anon, you're also half skeleton, are you full skeleton too?

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Is Youmu the type to get embarrassed when praised?

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Phantoms are not ghosts!

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*used to make them

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W-woah... sonna

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If you are talking about the Clownpiece edit he did saying he 'retired' from doing touhou 4koma, he did more a few months ago for the new touhous. even one of momiji and the other repeating dog girl thing.

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The Dork is afraid of ghost please comfort her!

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what is this?

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Say hello to this pretty ghost!

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How does Youmu not piss herself every night when the manor is literally surrounded by ghosts? Does she close her eyes and fly off in a random direction until she gets to Gensokyo every day?

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She wears diapers.

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My ghost wife.

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I want to hug Youmu's body tightly, accidentally groping her budding breasts on purpose.

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Youmu will hate that! I hope you get cut to pieces!
Don't take my good deeds for granted! I try REALLY hard!

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Yuyuko most likely sleeps next to her then goes to bed herself after she falls asleep.

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I want that

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This is very cute.

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I want Youmu to get scared by lightning and then run to my bed and hug me tightly! I then want her to cutely fall asleep while tightly squeezing me!

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Is Youmu a good girl?

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Yes! She was very nice too! She doesn't limit her kindness to only Yuyuko! She just puts her above all others! Even herself!

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You cannot unsee it once you do.
Yuyuko's arm isnt supposed to be like that.

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Nothing to be afraid of.

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Not at all!

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So what's this? Touhou Bleach? Looks fun.

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IQDB it.
Don't get your hopes up.

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Alrighty. I'll take your word for it.

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Oooooooh. A return.
Thanks anon.
Guess i found something else to binge on.

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Kogasa can't catch a break. Can she.

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Its a ghost arm!

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>Yuyuko's arm isnt supposed to be like that.
What am I trying to see? Her right arm down in her clothes? The left arm she's laying on?