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no it's not

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It's Fall you stupid fairy.

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it's not 23th yet anon
good luck with your unpopular autumn gods

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Go back to sleep or something Lily. You're two seasons early.

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Southern Hemisphere

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I wish Lily got as much official material as the other fairies. She's so beautiful, but I'm sure she's just as playful as the other fairies considering she cosplayed as the yama in PoFV. I want to see what mischief she gets up to!

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It's fall, winter soon.

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A thread for the hardworking Lily White!

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Lily's new HSiFS outfit! Maybe she's wearing something different since we encounter her at night? They do look extra comfortable.

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I want to perform a spring release at Lily

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Lily, what's behind your back...?

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I want to encounter Lily at night, if you know what I mean.

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File: 1.58 MB, 800x1294, __kochiya_sanae_and_lily_white_touhou_drawn_by_umigarasu_kitsune1963__dc97b837179c80c0ddd6f8e8280b076e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A hug from Sanae!

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Wrong season, fairy. Did you go to your yearly calibration like you were supposed to?

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There are TWO springs! "Real" spring and the "little spring" between summer and autumn!

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Well who the fuck cares about the Souther Hemisphere? You've got aussies, chileans, macacos and argentinos. There's literally nothing interesting in the southern hemisphere.

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"My Liege! There is something of extreme importance that I must inform you."

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The chain on Lily is way too short

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Imagine marrying both Aki sisters only to be double cucked by both of your young sons, each of them fucking their aunt
betrayal, but also pride
I got an erection on a train thinking about this

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Shh, don't mention that until she puts on the other shackle.

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la concha de tu madre

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Spring is cute!

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What kind of train was it?

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Fuck off Americans.

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You're posting on a board made and based in America, made on the basis of being an english chan.
Post Lily.

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no es gracioso, las alergias acabarĂ¡n conmigo y Eirin no podrĂ¡ ayudarme

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Hang in there, anon, you can do it.

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Spring fairy!

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