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Hypothetical question, /jp/. If you found yourself in Gensokyo, who'd you want to have discover you first?
My answer is pic related.

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Whoever kills me as painlessly as possible.

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Honestly? If I was found in Gensokyo, the first person I would likely wish to encounter me would probably be Reimu, mainly because then I'd have a realistic chance at getting to the outside.

However, there is one person who I probably wouldn't want to encounter at all, and that's Rumia. She may be a joke in Gensokyo terms, but to normal humans she would be terrifying.

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anyone but the garbage that is reimu and marisa

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Why would you remove the two people who are least likely to kill you?
Are you suicidal?

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Why would a highly visible, random moving blob of darkness that you can avoid be terrifying? Hell, you can even not avoid it and she still couldn't see you. Even if she ran into you, she'd probably think you were another tree unless you said something.

Reimu is likely to kill you and Marisa is likely to rob you.

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Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were a youkai.

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I think Medicine or Mystia would be worse to run into than Rumia. They're both somewhat likely to be hostile and they have much more dangerous abilities.

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First human charcters, than failing that any fairy character, then the various minor deities, and AFTER that maybe Yuuka. Encountering anything else is a death sentence for an unarmed man.

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Reimu wouldn't kill you, but Dolls of Pseudo Paradise also states she wouldn't mind if you died. Marisa strikes me as the type of person who would act altruistic if you're say, a younger person than her.

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If seeking for survival, consult the Human Friendliness table on [whatever fucking printwork it was] for information.

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>Reimu is likely to kill you
That's incorrect, really. If you were to ask her, she would return you to the Outside World, but since you're an Outsider you wouldn't be under her jurisdiction as the shrine maiden of Paradise, so she would be wasting some valuable time trying to protect you.

Also, the story might be interpreted like that, but it might also be interpreted as a nihilistic outlook on life. And besides, it contradicts other sources of canon.

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As said by >>17619550 I would seek to meet with Reimu so that I could go back to the outside world, where I can afterwards, in the safety of my home, dedicate a semen tribute to Reimu with a choice doujinshi.

However, if I turned into a cute girl with danmaku powers equivalent to my ability in these games, life wouldn't be half bad, really.

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Alice. Most likely to take you in (for sex).

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Mokou before I get turned into a lab rat in Eientei.

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That would be stupid.

While Alice is not the most violent of Youkai, her home is something more out of a horror movie than something fantastical. A lot of other Youkai don't eat humans, and a lot of them are fairly decent people, but wanting to settle in with Alice is kind of like wanting to go to the hotel in The Shining.

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If you were in the Netherworld you'd probably be already dead.

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Can you travel to Hakugyokurou via Gensokyo? I want Youmu to assist my Seppuku................hypothetically

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Only with the ability to fly; the big gate in the sky is the only real way to get to the netherworld.

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as weird and stupid as it might sound, Yukari
yes i'm thinking serious canon Yukari and no fandom bullshit
i have a plan to offer a proposal to her that i'm... optimistic she'd accept?
and i have a backup one if she didn't like that

i bank on Yukari because I figure she'd know if anyone had just been spirited away into Gensokyo, so either she's going to be fine with me being there in which case meeting her personally shouldn't be a problem, which gives me the chance to talk to her, or she's not going to be fine with me being there in which case it probably doesn't matter who i meet first, she'll probably at the very least just gap me back to our dimension anyway, if not worse

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So, should I just hitch hike Reimu then?? Hypopothamically

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You also have to remember canon Yukari is sleeping for most of the year.

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that's true, but i figure that if i'm choosing who i get to meet, i'm also choosing that i get to meet them at a time where they're actually able to talk to me

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So what happens to Merry everytime Yukari wakes up?

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Nothing, really?

We don't know what connection Merry has to Yukari.

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She would actually be welcoming, and curious, and might introduce you to Miss Marisa. How do you think they would react if you brought them a copy of Forbidden Scrollery?

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Anybody high enough on the human friendship scale to not want to kill me, basically. The dream scenario would be that Remilia finds me (or Sakuya does and takes me to the mansion) and considers me a novelty instead of food because I speak English. It's so unlikely that it'll probably just stay a dream though. Realistically, Marisa or Alice seem safest and most likely to be willing to help, I guess?

If we're playing light, friendly fantasy Gensokyo instead of grim survival Gensokyo, then definitely Remilia/Sakuya(/Meiling/Patchouli if they ever goes out), with the Chireiden bunch and Reisen/Tewi as somewhat distant seconds. Basically anything that would let me live a non-solitary life outside the village, because the village is dull. Safe, sure. But I'm assuming a safe, reasonably friendly setting to begin with on this one so I don't need that.

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>How do you think they would react if you brought them a copy of Forbidden Scrollery?
Do the drawings look realistic to them or do they look like anime character versions of the real thing?

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>but since you're an Outsider you wouldn't be under her jurisdiction as the shrine maiden of Paradise,
Sumireko technically does, but Reimu shows at least a small level of care for her well-being, even if she doesn't admit it.

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Hypothetical finding myself in 90's Gensokyo.

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There's no such thing as 90s Gensokyo.

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Actually, Remi would be a safe bet. She can't completely drain you, and she's likely to hire you if you ask.

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I'd like to think so (and that would 100% be my dream scenario in Gensokyo because I'm a fan of everybody in that house), but I didn't really want to pick fights with anons who latch on to a more bloodthirsty interpretation of Sakuya's cullinary skills.

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Sakuya just cooks meals with her period blood.

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1. Meet Rinnosuke first.
2. Exchange knowledge/items for currency and safe passage to the human village.
3. Purchase property using currency.
This technically makes me a Gensokyo resident, and therefore protected by the contract.
After that either get a job or find a way to get back to the outside world.

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>She can't completely drain you

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Yeah, that's because she actually knows Sumireko.

On the contrary, it's a bit difficult to care for a bunch of idiots who stay out in a youkai-infested forest who you don't even know and who aren't powerful enough to defend themselves.

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Nobody and nothing.
And if someone or something discovers me then it's preferable if it's disposed of in as little time as possible to prevent word from spreading

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too bad, Sumireko already does it.

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I would cut my veins only to have a chance to spend time and talk to her as she waits for me to bleed out.

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I'd want to run into Marisa first because she'd probably be one of the easier girls to rape. Since I'm an outsider she would likely take interest in me initially which would give me a perfect opportunity to physically overpower her before she has a chance to use any magic.

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File: 236 KB, 1024x1431, __reiuji_utsuho_mousou_dairinin_and_touhou_drawn_by_nehitsuji_syatihokoga__efde6cb7002468af1dbd045517c92b95.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want Utsuho to bring down nuclear armageddon on me!

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Nitori. Being an engineer myself my knowledge have value for the Kappas. I would negotiate for protection and work for them, and enjoy life in Gensokyo.

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Moko. Smokers are chill.

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>implying she won't blast you with a point-blank master spark the moment you make your move

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40 days of surviving the boobhus and lewdhus.

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She can't move if I give her tea that's spiked with drugs, anon.

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>no spell card rule
>no SDM
>no suwa shrine
>only tewi in eientei
>no myouren temple
>no senkai
>no inverse castle
>sealed underground
>mima and yuuka wild rampage
>child reimu

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she could, another thing is a light eater

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First choice? Befriend Meiling or something, Second maybe Eirin?

Joke but would be fun choice, Cirno. I'd just hide among them and act like I'm not worth even bothering with by every other insane person in that world

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>wild rampage
The GTA2 of Touhou. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G37hYz6v-7Q

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>teach meiling how to sleep with her eyes open
>she loves you for life
>protects you from the rest of the insane world

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Meet Sanae, receive safe passage into the outside world in exchange for the latest gunplas

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Ideally non of them, that way I can escape, ideally out southwest of the nameless hill, build up a small encampment and live the rest of my life in obscurity , I'd also like to see what I could pull of technologically speaking.

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>implying sanae can take you across the barrier

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Cirno so I can genuflect before her and proclaim that she is my queen and I will be her faithful knight to serve her until I die.

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what if she sees you and wakes up soon after?

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Even if I only got to see her for a moment, that's enough for me.

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Kosuzu, because she's probably the only one I would be able to communicate with since she could read English. She can't speak it, but she can relay what I'm asking for to everyone else.

>Reimu is likely to kill you
How? It has been stated multiple times that outsiders who somehow find themselves into Gensokyo are returned to the Outside World by Reimu

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doesnt patchy also understand english

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Remilia understands English for sure.
Sanae probably knows at least a little English due to it being commonly taught in schools, as would Sumireko.
Yukari and Mamizou have a good chance of knowing it.

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i feel like she would be pretty low on the list of 2hus who would try to immediately kill you if ran into her first

>> No.17633707

>How? It has been stated multiple times that outsiders who somehow find themselves into Gensokyo are returned to the Outside World by Reimu
And this is why I wouldn't want to run into Reimu if I ended up there.

It wouldn't be bad per se, but I'd spend the entire rest of my life wondering what could've been.

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Pretty sure she's not going to force you out if you don't want to leave. It's only if you DO want to leave, tell her and she'll lead you out.

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It's also said that there are rarely people who settle down in the village instead...

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They might, but I wouldn't take a risk on them being western youkai who might know English. Even if they did, the idea of being caught as an outsider and thus free game by the SDM is too much of a risk compared to Kosuzu who is benign.

I believe they also let people stay if they desire it, but it means you have to be a villager and play by their rules from then on.

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yeah, i'd probably give the SDM a very wide berth, try to travel at night along the river or forested areas, periodically burglarizing homes in the human village for supplies, or rob marisas house if i am feeling bold and she isnt home

>> No.17633785

SDM is actually not a bad place to go. As mentioned earlier, they're typically hiring and would have more to gain from you being alive than you being dead.

You monster. No one will miss you when the youkai eat you on your first ill-conceived run.

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what? marisas house is probably full of junk she hoards and doesnt need or use, besides all i'd really need from her house would some chemistry equipment

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But Marisa has a pet Tatsunoko, don't forget - who will probably become her familiar, or already is - that might defend the house.

>> No.17633867

ill just need to be quick then, makes it easy when you know what your looking for

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>chemistry equipment
What makes you think she has those that you'd understand?

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>What makes you think she has those that you'd understand?
shes a witch with a workshop, bound to be some in there

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Somehow get my ass to the Sanzu River or Higan.

Ask Komachi to confirm wether or not I'm dead, and either way meet my maker.

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I'd accept death by their hands. But at least, one of them should be willing to fuck.

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Probably suika. The greatest risk of death would probably be her making me drink to death. Plus it would probably be at hakurei shrine anyways
I've always wanted to share a drink with her anyways

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Pic related. How is that even a question?

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it looks like you all failed the test

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Keine or one of the humans other than Sakuya, so that they could send me off to the Human Village where I can practice my danmaku skillz.

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Why so?

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Pretty sure if I met her as a no-name outsider without connections or backup, the best case would be getting stuck with one of those mind control ofuda she uses to keep Yoshika on her leash. Which is probably only slightly better than death unless that's your fetish.

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Thankfully that chance is ridiculously low since she's a Hermit.
Also to answer OP's question, I thought about it a bit and I only came to one conclusion.

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A man of taste, I see.

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Whichever one grants me the swift and merciful release of death the fastest.

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>insta kill

>> No.17637998

Doesn't she grant sleep deaths though?
Then again those are technically merciful.

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This right here.

>> No.17646082

going deep inside yuyuko-sama!

>> No.17648118

She's probably immune.

>> No.17648134

Tanuki are killers. We know her as a manipulator because she's not allowed to kill native Gensokyoans. I really wouldn't trust her if I were you.

Sure, she "helped" Sumireko, but she had reasons. Sumi, and more importantly what Sumi had, was special.

>> No.17648154

I guess she might want to teach you immortality and/or jerk you off, but I'd be worried about her mindcontrolling me.

>> No.17648179

Luna-chan, so I can use her as an onahole.

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Where's Youmu?

>> No.17648904

shes in there

>> No.17650148

I've always wondered if I could win a fight against Meiling.

>> No.17650194

Fuck, it's a Tsuchinoko.

I'm fucking dumb.

>> No.17651839

At least you're learning, Anon!

>> No.17652211

I want to get picked up by Reimu and be reluctantly protected, treated as a nuisance etc.

>> No.17654161

I want to get picked up by Reimu and be reluctantly procreated.

>> No.17655208

Whoever can kill me when they find me would be nice.

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>> No.17655225

its your lucky day anon, all of them want to kill and eat you, especially Reimu

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if i could become a 2hu or be transformed into a type of yokai, i would throw myself at remilias feet and ask to be turned, or get trained by patchy or Alice. i would play music with the Prismrivers as a job, as i am a musician as well.

>> No.17657772

could she theoretically make you into a spirit as well? like youmu or herself

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Mokou, and try to get kaguya to give me some hourai elixir

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>Being able to turn into any type of Youkai
>turning into a vampire
>Not becoming an inchling, courting Shinymoumaru, and taking over Gensokyo with your flying inverted castle

Have fun living under my tiny but extremely oppressive iron fist, you fucking dweeb

>> No.17657890

why do you think kaguya would do anything for you if you've been hanging around with mokou?
they hate each other so much they kill one another on a regular basis

>> No.17658117

I'd rather be discovered by Yukari who'd grant me the ability to fully understand Japanese, be thrown out of the gap by Reimu's shrine, be educated on the dangers of Gensokyo by her mother, reject her advances and head out to human village at night, stumble across crying Rumia in a manner similar to a Left4Dead witch, and be chased by her to the Garden of the Sun where I run into Yuukarin, who, on a whim, offers me what seems to be a temporary shelter at first but later turns into a home.

In fact, it's the beginning of the main route's plot for a VN that I've been harboring within me for several years by now. Now, though, I'd like to try it in a manga format first. As soon as I git gud enough to draw good art fast.

>> No.17666258

They don't just have that shit lying around mate, it has to be made with a combination of mystical moon bullshit plus Kaguya's powers. You ain't getting none of that EVEN if you SOMEHOW convinced them to give it to anyone

>> No.17666323

Didn't the Extra stage say something about how you can eat the guts of someone who has the elixir in order to gain the effects? If you want that elixir, looks like you need to kill and eat Kaguya.

>> No.17666334

You just need to eat the liver.

>> No.17666336

Id play IN to get this, but I don't want to do easy mode, and im still shit.

Would the Hourai die, or would they live if you do that

>> No.17666347

>but I don't want to do easy mode
Extra, anon.

>> No.17666417

Tbh rumia is so much of a idiot that anyone with some degree of manipulation could just escape her by making her think you are a god or something.

>> No.17666422

Forgot about that. Sorry.

>> No.17666425

They would live, its just that the elixir stays on the liver.

gl getting the fucking liver tho

>> No.17666435

You could also just say "I'm a youkai" Most of the youkai look human enough anyway.

>> No.17666438

Wouldn't they then no longer have the elixir?

>> No.17666441

Ok. Thanks. Pointless if you ask me.
Nothing you do will get you the elixir.

>> No.17666445
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Btw, is there any canon info how to become a vampire in the 2hu universe?
It's like hellsing that you need to be a virgin, be of the opposite sex and also receive a bit of blood from the vampire?

>> No.17666448

Drink their blood.

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The elixir is permanent, even if u go back to the past and killed then before they drank it, they would still be immortal.

Some of the elixir stays on the liver because thats where its processed by the body, so it stays here. eternally.

>> No.17666496
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Try to do that before dying, looks promising.

>> No.17666879

They'd just regenerate the liver as it was when they drank it, as in with the elixir inside. The Hourai are literally removed from life and death themselves, it's literally impossible to remove them from existence.

>> No.17666949

Why would Yukari grant you the ability to understand Japanese?
Why would Yukari just leave you in the most convenient location for your survival?
Why would Reimu have a mom?
Why would Reimu's mom give two hecks about how much you know about Gensokyo?
Why would Reimu's mom try to flirt with some fat weeb?
Why would any human being with basic self-preservation skills go out into unknown territory in the middle of the night?
Why would Rumia be crying?
Why would she chase you in such a way that you conveniently end up in the Garden of the Sun?
Why would Yuuka be roaming around at night?
Why would Yuuka give a shit about some human about to be eaten?
Why would Yuuka allow you to stay in her house for longer than next morning?

Your LN is shit.

>> No.17666961


>> No.17667006

as far as surviving canon gensokyo goes, either keine or moukou

if this is lewdhu gensokyo, junko in a heartbeat

>> No.17667026

>Why would any human being with basic self-preservation skills go out into unknown territory in the middle of the night?
>Having the will to live in the year of our lord 2017

>> No.17667027

I mean yeah, that's what I was actually thinking of.

This fucking game has taken over my brain over the last couple of years.

>> No.17667182

>and Marisa is likely to rob you.
good luck to her. I would only had my clothes and she is more than welcome to take them off

>> No.17670880

Lewdhu Gensokyo is canon actually. It's just that all the stories have been told from the perspective of the more innocent hus.

>> No.17670926

I'm likely fucked due to language barriers. Yukari and Reimu are both my best bets. Reimu can get me the fuck out, and I can use my hands to visualize what happened if she doesn't know english.
Yukari, if feeling generous, is the only one that could teach me japanese proper. Keine might but we'd have to start from square 1, which would take years upon years. Either way isn't a hard sell.
If I don'r value my life over living in such a foreign location, at least many of the characters can make my death quick. Of course, catching Yuyuko in mainland Gensokyo would be the best bet for that, but Kaguya could also do the favors.

>> No.17671018

What the fuck makes you think Kaguya of all people would give you a quick death?

>> No.17671100

plz make this anon san

>> No.17672500

Yukari is much, much more likely to eat you and is a terrible person to encounter as an outsider.

>> No.17673424

This, Yukari is the one that supplies youkai with human food.

>> No.17678267

Sakuya and ask her monthly wage

>> No.17682426

Why and how?

>> No.17684426
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I'd first find Mokou. Then I'd convince her to let me eat her guts.

Boom! Immortality. Now I get to stay in Gensokyo forever!

>> No.17684666

wouldnt you need to convince her not to eat you first?

>> No.17684676

and now you die many and many times for being extremely underpowerd and you don't even have the sweet release from death.

>> No.17684703

Mokou is a human, you asshole, not some filthy and simple youkai.

>> No.17684733

>you asshole
I am satan after all, as for the other part, I am not so sure...

>> No.17684801

It would be unlikely, but I'd like to run into Eirin first. She'd probably ignore you though, or tell you to fuck off.

>> No.17686727
File: 267 KB, 600x600, 1504570535809.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Humanwise, Reimu, Marisa, or Kosuzu. Youkaiwise, either Ran or Kogasa

>> No.17686785
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Definitely Rumia. It would be an honor to nourish her.

>> No.17692087

I wonder if I could convince or fool Tenshi into allowing me to eat peaches off her hat.

>> No.17693019

She's human you idiot.

>> No.17693055
File: 443 KB, 600x720, CaYENKaVAAAhgMG.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wanna fool Tenshi into letting me eat her peaches

>> No.17693063

Tenshi has boobs?

>> No.17693628
File: 628 KB, 900x900, Cbvwe_pVIAASYBt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tenshi has peaches!

>> No.17695008
File: 435 KB, 640x1058, 1492316466957.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll compliment her T-shirt.

>> No.17704248

Probably Mokou, Reimu, Marisa, or Kiene

I could survive if I encountered Cirno,

But I would not want to encounter Rumia, Sakyua,

>> No.17704450

>, who'd you want to have discover you first?
Flandre. Maybe I can trick her into biting me.
Immortallity always has been one of my dreams, and as an outsider I wouldn't get hunted by Reimu for turning into a Youkai.

>> No.17711053

Kaguya so i can drink hourai elixer, then find mokou to teach me to wield fire

>> No.17711066

could you become an inchling canon? that is interesting, to say the least. Becoming an Awoo would be fun.

>> No.17711072

just tell cirno how awesome she is, and that she is the strongest girl in gensokyo, and you wish you could be like her, and she would be your best friend.

>> No.17712215

Now that I think about it, Keine and Momiji wouldn't be bad