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No, Kasen is not for lewd, she's a pure and elegant hermit.

Consider this a WaHH thread

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She can be all of those things at once, anon. That's just how amazing she is.

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then why's she pink

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Why is Kasen lewded more often than other 2hus?

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Kasen's lewdness is literally off the chart. Well, the box and whisker plot, at least.

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There is no way Marisa is behind Cirno and Reimu in art. She had over 120,000 hits last I checked.

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What did Kasen do to deserve this? She's not the only person in Gensokyo with tits.

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Pink and prudish.

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Ah yes, there's nothing people want more than what they can't have. Same reason yuri gets trashed.

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Not quite, more like it's fun to break and corrupt the pure prude.

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Tomato tomahto. Same thing.

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It isn't, but sure.

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It is a well observed phenomenon that a great way to get someone to touch something is to tell them not to touch it. What motivates someone to break and corrupt? The feeling that they're getting away with something. Telling someone you can't touch this and you can't have this have functionally the same result. So yeah, wanting what you can't, or shouldn't, have is the motivation for wanting to break and corrupt.

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I don't think these charts are accurate if you count only 18+. For example Mokou is like 4% but almost every third picture of her is lewd in some way.

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No, we shall not count that. Mokou is a 2hu that should never be sexualized.

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So why is it hinted that she wants to open Gensokyo up? Is she lusting after outsiders?

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shitty hermit good only for sex

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>Meiling just barely in the safe zone

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Wild and horny

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She looks like she is discussing sex positions with me in a calm manner.

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So what can be better?

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Koishi and Remilia are at least in the level of Yukari, bad graphic.

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Having the said positions, but without going out of control.

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The most careless and inexperienced great sage of Gensokyo.

Because she is IBAKA Kasen

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BREED Kasen and make her birth dozens of halfbreed babies!

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holy kek

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Gotta get that arm, man.

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So can anyone tell me what Kasen does as a "sage" aside from pleasing old men at the village?

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She's the park ranger of Gensokyo that takes care of the animals.

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Sounds like a job that literally everyone else can do.

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Do your job.

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Oh shut up. You hold no more power than Kasen holds over you nOkia.

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>goes away for 15 years and thinks she can just come back and order people around
Bitch please.

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Well said Yukari.
But... Who are you quoting?

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Who am I not quoting? It's what everybody was thinking.
I mean I'm no Komeji but I'd like to think I'm pretty close.

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You wanna go, baba?

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Don't push your luck you lazy shit.

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Will the three sages meet in the next WaHH?

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sage thread?

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Or just Yukari and Okina thread.

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Kasen loves human cock.

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WaHH is such an appropriate acronym for Kasen's manga.

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I guess it's rare to see Kasen, so I'll HUG her the first chance I get!

But what do I do if Kasen does or says something lewd? Do I play along? I don't want to upset Kasen!

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Pink mom.

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But Kasen is a hermit, why doesshe have horns?

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Sure, why not.

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Do you guys download from batoto? Moriya shrine only has upto chapter 35

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Oops turned out I don't have any more Okina pics. Terribly sorry.

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Have a coloured one

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>Okay-ina Pretty Good and Doormyme Fatty Lasso

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she helped resolve ULiL by opening the border

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Okina doesn't need luck to beat Yukari.

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I'm my own master now.

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Hearing the delicious squelching sounds of my fingers in Kasen's warm, sticky mouth!

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you know there are numbers higher than 120,000 right?

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Quoting a post from an older thread
>This chart has always been inacurrate because the creator used full name tags instead of partial tag searches.
>Because of that you only get about half of the total images, and explains why Cirno seemingly has more images than everyone else, because she only has one name and thus one tag.
>For example, 博麗霊夢 has 79998 images whereas 霊夢 has 137926. Compared to Cirno's (チルノ) 103662.

Also, pic related, while not the best, is a far more accurate chart.
Kasen is still the lewdest though.

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Thanks for posting it, even though >>17609615 already posted a better version.

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>15 years
[citation needed]

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You keep telling yourself that

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Pls respond

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Fuck batoto. Just dynasty-scans.com

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Favoring shitty re-recompressed scans that any random idiot can upload over dedicated release channels for sub groups? Are you just mad that there's a login barrier?

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Prequel manga about Kasen, the sages and the border when?

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Do not fap to Kasen. She's unsexy.

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Post more unsexy pictures.

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I just masturbated to Kasen getting raped.

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Good man. Kasen's lewd for sure, but she's not slut. That lewdness should only be acted upon without her consent.

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Impregnate Kasen!

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Is there any reason pink hair is associated with lewdness?

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I think it's the cute and innocence factor.
I think you can connect the dots from here.

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Kasen would be sad to see the state of her thread.

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File: 208 KB, 1000x1000, __hakurei_reimu_ibaraki_kasen_kirisame_marisa_kochiya_sanae_and_motoori_kosuzu_forbidden_scrollery_touhou_and_wild_and_horned_hermit_drawn_by_asn398__33009cd99e2406a9be41940ad62d849f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To get some interesting discussion for this wise and virtuous hermit that I truly respect:

I heard once of a theory that the depictions in the manga (particularly FS and Horned Hermit, SSiB didn't really have a protagonist) reflect what the main character sees the other characters as. I hope the image explains what I meant.
Perhaps since Kosuzu is a village girl with no experience with youkai, the youkai are depicted with less than human eyes and even Aya had a threatening expression when she proposed a business deal with Kosuzu. She is a young girl, which could explain why Reimu is depicted as someone bad*ss and reliable, a sort of big sister figure she could look up to and feel safe with. Reimu also made a bunch of serious and nasty faces in FS, adding more to her cool factor. This series also had a lot of killing and dying going on, relative to the rest of the manga works.

Comparing FS with WaHH. Here the characters are depicted more often in a cute way. It could be said that this is how Kasen sees others, especially humans, who are not even close to infants compared to her age. Reimu in WaHH is probably the ditziest and most greedy depiction yet, probably a hint to how sensitive Kasen is to detecting foolish human desires as a result of her status as a hermit. Or a fake hermit.
This is an aside, but as I was rereading WaHH something neat came up. So it's already pretty darn obvious that Kasen is an oni, right? But we know that oni are a proud race that don't like to deceive and use tricks. Kasen lied a lot to protect her cover. Is this not uncharacteristic of oni? She did reel from the bean throwing and the sardine head, but could there be other explanations for this?

Also correct me if I'm wrong but one of her goals is to get to the outside world and get her arm back, right? I sure hope the TL didn't miss any important subcontext in chapter 20.

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I think you're reading to much into it, but it's a nice theory. I think age and experience alone make you a better judge of people, regardless of hermit status.

Kasen's constant deception is strange. When directly confronted by anti-oni stuff she blows her cover immediately, but nobody ever seems to notice. Yet Reimu saw through Suika instantly and called her out on her shit. Maybe everyone's figured her out already and just doesn't bring it up?

>> No.17674846

Her name's Ibaraki man, what do you think?

>> No.17674937

It's too plain to need a theory. Each setting is more appropriate for different stories and that is in no small part allowed by the relative qualities of the main characters. Little Kosuzu lets ZUN make youkai feel scarier and show Reimu being the adult. Onihermit Kasen lets him make jokes about lazy, sinful Reimu and throw drinking parties every other chapter.

>> No.17674979

Does she have a reason to tell Kasen that her cover is blown? Maybe Reimu thinks that it's fun to let Kasen think her sceme is working

>> No.17677296

Suika's "disguise" was way less elaborate than Kasen's.

As for Kasen herself, I'm not actually sure she's ever "lied". Kasen is, in fact, a hermit. Not an ideal one or probably even one "racially", but she's a hermit. She can perform hermit techniques and such. Kasen has never specifically denied being an oni either, but this is mostly since nobody has said "you're an oni" to her face.

That all said, Kasen is definitely not honest and has lied through omission. Oni can be dishonest (see: Suika) but indeed it's weird how she doesn't seem to act at all like her alleged race is supposed to.

My personal theory is that since she isn't a full oni she is able to break her natural inclinations. I mean that literally, as she's missing an arm.

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Tiny Remi hats!

>> No.17678511

Kasen is kute!

>> No.17678517

I want to breed with Reimu's mom.

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What does Kasen smell like?

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>> No.17684807

That's nice, but I don't think you can "smell" sugar.

>> No.17694422

I'd like to see a version that indexes less common nick names.

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Dried crusted cum

>> No.17704267

What's under her tiny Remi hats?

>> No.17704631

>Also correct me if I'm wrong but one of her goals is to get to the outside world and get her arm back, right?
Half there, going to the outside world isn't a goal.

One of her main goals is indeed to reclaim her lost arm. If it happens to be in the outside world then so be it. But Kasen seems convinced after ULiL it's not there and she can come & go through the barrier anytime anyway.

>But we know that oni are a proud race that don't like to deceive and use tricks. Kasen lied a lot to protect her cover. Is this not uncharacteristic of oni?
She doesn't outright lie though. She's like Yukari that she tends to tell half truths through omission of details. Only person she's been totally honest with so far is Komachi who knows what is going on anyway.

Which makes it a crying shame she hasn't shown up in a while. Kasen & Komachi have a different and great dynamic with their interactions.

>I heard once of a theory that the depictions in the manga
ZUN has outright confirmed that is the intention.

>Or a fake hermit.
Kasen is a true hermit.

Even Miko has recognized and admitted Kasen is at a far higher level than herself. All of the Youkai Mountain have seemingly acknowledged Kasen as one for a long time now.

I recall there is one article by Aya dated which shows Kasen was already famous and well respected in the 70's.

>> No.17704833

That just makes the fairies manga even more best, since that would mean the fairies see everything as cute on top of being cute.

>> No.17704953

>Wild and Horny Hermit
How can she be anything else?

>> No.17706940

I think you could explain Kasen's slipperiness with the fact she's succeeded as a hermit enough to shake her oni compulsion to be honest.

>> No.17710722

How she's going to reattach it is my question. If it's still present somewhere that is.

>> No.17710746

It's been brought up multiple times but never by Reimu, which is very bizarre. Suika says Kasen is obvious when she finds her but won't blow her cover. Mamizou had an entire chapter dedicated to her knowing Kasen was an Oni but told no one. Kasen regularly brings up Yuugi and even fucking had her sake dish and no one points it out.

I think it honestly might just be a Japanese cultural thing, where the idea of Kasen hiding it in plain sight for the almost 7 years of WaHH is supposed to be funny every time. At least I can't think of any reason otherwise for ZUN to just always come close to broaching the subject but never actually doing it.

Reimu secretly "knowing all along" but playing along with Kasen would be the funniest way for it to end I think.

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