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I find chest wrappings to be highly erotic.

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I find undoing the sarashi even more erotic

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No wonder most of them are flat.

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I fail to see the problem

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That's the point. It's erotic when it's being wrapped, erotic while it's in place, and ever more so when coming off.

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Ancient Romans also used to wear the same kind of underwear too.

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Ancient Romans wear underwear?

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Actually, some professor did some research and found out that when they were wearing the toga praetexta with a tunic they wouldn't have been able to wear underwear because they wouldn't have been able to go to the toilet.

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They emphasise just the right parts of a womans body...delicious

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What I meant is the Roman women...but whatever you say.

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Most people cannot use the toilet while wearing underwear.

Also, good job with your almost-appropriate name.

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Both Reimu and Marisa have nothing to wrap though.

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That's beside the point. The point being that the wrapping, and to a lesser extent, the ritual, if you will, of wrapping it is erotic in and of itself. Tits are icing on the cake.

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How old are Reimu and Marisa?

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"All Characters Portrayed In This Game Are Above 18 Years Of Age"

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Shut it, you large breasted fiend.

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This thread needs a wrapping flood, and I have like zero images.

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marisa is middle teenager.
her age isn't decided.

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Sarashi or not I still prefer schoolgirl miko.

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Don't they sell bras in Gensokyo?

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something like this? http://zip.4chan.org/jp/src/1205049372294.jpg

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A bra has a function. It is useless on non-existing breasts.

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Of course! Sakuya wears a push up bra, remember?

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Mikos do not wear underwear. Only sarashi.

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real miko

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Tch, what a terrible miko. Her sleeves are all wrong.

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they're 21 lulz (not really)
Usually Reimu has more bust than Marisa in doujin and is also slightly taller than her

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>>175873 Bra
No, that's not a real miko.

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She-fucking-nanigans, Anonymous.

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Marisa is adorable.

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today's most miko is parttimmer.
my sister got this job 2 years ago.

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I love Haniwa as an artist because he's drawn just about every single touhou character in miko outfits.

Apparently ZUN loves him, too, since ZUN's used him for some of the official manga.

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oh she is, especially in situations like this

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top-left one. Art is win.

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the only problem i have with haniwa and both aki eda are the sometimes carbon copy faces.

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Best doujin ever.

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What's the touhou official manga named? Is it the one with Rinnosuke as the hero?

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official manga
Silent Sinner in Blue
Memorizable Gensokyo
Eastern and Little Nature Deity / Strange and Bright Nature Deity

official books
Curiosities of Lotus Asia (the one with Rinnosuke)
Cage in Lunatic Runagate

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There are a few different official ones.

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i'd have to agree, its what got me into that pairing kind of. It's nice to see Marisa not being the "top" all the time like its with the other girls.

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Actually both of them are acting insecure in those scenes. It's hard to tell who is the top.

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Well maybe not in this one but its often that way in other doujin.
This one's just cute.

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Then go out with a FtM, geez.

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But, femininity is a must. The thing is well, you'll spot my posts if you read this thread, but it both covers yet highlights the lightly feminine side of modesty/elegance, but still being a basic functional garment.

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Meiling doesn't need to wear any bras or sarashis!

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Not that she'd be able to afford either anyway.

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enjoy your gravity, my dear China.

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It's not like that's a bad thing

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Gravity is awesome.

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You like saggy breasts?

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Hong Meiling is a chinese fighter. There is no fat. Her breasts are made of muscles and she trains with them every minute of her guardian job.

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She plays with them

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now now, whose hand might that be ?

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Sakuya, who else?

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I can't help thinking of "Despite having a knights body her muscles aren't hard at all"

my god, I'm turning into Shirou

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Don't forget Inaba of the Moon/Earth.

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I always knew China was weak to frontal attacks!

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>She is deeply LOVE in REIMU.

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