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Previous thread: >>17474397

C92 Download DS Thread: http://www.doujinstyle.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=17150

C92 Music Upload Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Sd--PzyGckd8fF5akok0PbB6UrZ-wbRMmIQy9-TUzpQ/htmlview

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My order seems to be coming monday

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Is the album pictured in the OP good? can't find it in the spreadsheet

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I think it's good, it's in the spreadsheet, the name is: 7uta.com - 夏空オーケストラ

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Has the NEETs cancolle orchestra album been uploaded yet? Last year's was so good.

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What did you get?
Tomorrow mine will be in customs I guess

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Reposting cause thread died right after:

Anyone have 喫茶紅魔館 by 狐の工作室? I need more touhou café music now that DDBY hasn't put out another Cafe de Touhou in a while.

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Kill yourself cancercolle nigger

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Calm down anon, i don't care about the franchise, but those arrangements are sublime.

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Has anyone bought and uploaded the new A-One Toho Eurobeat vol 16?
I just need the Odyssey.

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Anyone get their hands on Thrashkick Must Die! V2.0?

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>I just need the Odyssey.
This is the most annoying thing about these compilation albums. I had to download gigs worth just for a few tracks each album.

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Has anyone uploaded P*Light's "Magic of Fantasy" Album?

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uhhh, blue magia and my usual classic trance/ambiance shit nobody else likes. Confetto. The rest has already been uploaded, but I do like collecting the CDs of certain groups I like no matter if they're uploaded or not.

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Here's a link to the Chaldrea Jazz Club album if anyone wants to add it to the spreadsheet (though I do honestly encourage anyone who can to buy it from Bandcamp since it puts money directly into TG's hands)


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Any singers similar to 葉月ゆら?

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Ringing Volcano for a poorfag por favor

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How do you order doujin albums?

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Why are all the jcore songs and artist names in english anyways? Makes it super convenient for me at least

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notebook records has a US site I believe

proxies are expensive but I had to use them a couple times

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plenty of vocalists use autotune

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Fuck me, I've totally eaten my words. PE :outsider is so damn good. I'm really glad I was wrong.

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seeing as this is an event exclusive and nobody has uploaded parking panic ep I don't expect to see this anytime soon

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Well you got me curious and listened to her and I got hooked, guess I'm getting Fairia after all.

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61? Wew, I'm in for fun times I guess. Thanks anon.

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No problem, Swiss anon.

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Did someone need some coffee?


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Went to Comitia yesterday and caught up with the music thread again.


>accord on codes

Seeing the preivous thread, looks like people will upload better qualities of most the CDs I own so you can just wait for those. And vera folder soon.

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>wake up
>miko is out
>320cbr poster

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leme.me is down again fug

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seriously, anon, can I get that source code for that music player. That's pretty sweet.

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Thank you so much!

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Is Apprism ripped?

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You need some glasses.

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Direct your t-word to this guy >>17513243, I just linked it as soon as it appeared on his site

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Aren't there other files and folders and not just the one .php file?

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I don't know php, so I couldn't tell you, but if you really want more go ask the author.
His mail is literally at the top. Also if you know about r/a/dio you probably know who he is as well.
If you don't google it.

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I sent him an email and he didn't respond yet. Guess I'll mess around with it and figure out what it's missing later.

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Can you guys recommend me some other similar albums to nayuta's one from this comiket?

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What the fuck, more than half of those links in the spreadsheet already got taken down.

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Who's counting?

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Is there a good tracker for doujin music? I know some people upload to RED. Does AB carry doujin music?

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Why isn't anyone updating the fucking spreadsheet?
Even god dam fucking 9tensu is more up to date on what's out than this.

Jaypee is fucking dead, man.

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It's been dead for a long time

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Those spreadsheets are a Hakkin solo-operation afaik. Are you volunteering to help him?

Press F12 and read index.5.js, but if you couldn't figure that much out by yourself you probably need to spend a lot of time here. Well it's not like you have anything better to do, is it anon? >>>/g/wdg/

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just use an rss feed

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Wait, there's a google spreadsheet? I just put my uploads in the damned thread. Anything I post here gets taken down in less than 24 hours

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Any tomatoes up yet?

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Post them on DS and it'll be pushed to the spreadsheet.

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Patiently waiting for this guy to upload, he has good taste! I really want Zytokine!

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How does 9jew have magical mixer before everyone else?

>> No.17517375

You better be quick when it gets uploaded, because it gets taken down very quickly

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Not even gonna visit that site, but if it was posted there in like the past 24h then probably stolen from a certain Chinese forum.

>> No.17517400

Any links to said Chinese forum?

>> No.17517404

you don't want to go there

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I am still trying to find 彼はきっと魔法を使う。
Anyone got it?

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Not very related, but can you trust the sites that deliver stuff internationally from other sites that only deliver in japan. Which site would you recommend?

>> No.17517841

i'm thinking this one could work fromjapan(dot)co(dot)jp

>> No.17517847

I personally recommend japanshoppingservice(dot)jp

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>you don't want to go there
Apparently he wants and it's not Europe.

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Are there actually people who listen to this crap?
Do you call this music and think it's fun or entertaining?
Honestly, /jp/...
This is trash, it's worthless crap.
Those who like this "music" are uncultured swines who have no place in a high end board like /jp/.
I earnestly recommend you to listen to some real music like Vivaldi or Mozart, or at least some rock or jazz like Ink Spots or the Rolling Stones.
Please /jp/ get some real taste in music, this is just embarassing and disgraceful.

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Sure, sire, we are sorry to disappoint you, we're all gonna consider suicide, maybe. Please have a nice stay on >>>/mu/, sire.

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>rolling stones
Weak bait.

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I've been scouring and I can't find much of 狐の工作室's stuff. Most of what's uploaded is their orchestral arranges, which is understandable but I'm more interested in the cafe/lounge. I'm looking for:
魔理沙のお菓子屋さんへようこそ (Kirisame Mahou Yougashiten) [KNTH-0014]
ケーキと、お茶と、もう一曲 (Cafe Hakugyokurou) [KNTH - 0019]
夏風の音 (Natsukaze no Oto) [KNTH - 0016]
RainyFrame [KNTH - 0011]
sweety Fluity [KNTH-0007]

If anyone has these in at least V2, please throw them up.

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Is DS down?

>> No.17519324

The Touhou Lossless Audio Collection has [KNTH-0001] through [KNTH-0016] in lossless .tta. As such, you can find all of your listed ones except [KNTH-0019] there.

>> No.17519325

I've been using this one a lot. They're pretty good but those fees bump up the cost real fast so it's best if you're buying a bunch of ~100-500yen albums/other cheap items. What is nice is that they pack their orders a little too well.

What is the best service if you're just buying two or three albums?

>> No.17519331

Looks like it. DS goes down every once in a while so just keep checking until it comes back up.

>> No.17519453

Requesting Utsu-P GALAPAGOS in FLAC or MP3 320

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>> No.17519598

I think the best would be sniping some on mandarake (from the same store), they have a 500y fee for handling but you can use SAL for shipping

>> No.17519673

I found a DL for Cafe Hakugyokurou on 9T.

>> No.17519766

Dang, no wonder I couldn't find the Parking Panic EP for months now.

>> No.17519958

Sorry, I've been busy for the last few days, updating the spreadsheet with all the uploads from DS, last thread and this thread now.

>> No.17519988

who /VK/ here?

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>> No.17520077

Is TLMC project dead?

>> No.17520101

I'm sad rapecore doesn't exist yet

>> No.17520103

lossless is a meme anyways

>> No.17520145

The closest thing I can think of to recommend to you is that there was an utauloid made specifically for creating erotic noises. Don't think she was too popular but paraoka made a few songs using her.


>> No.17520162

I didn't expect that, thanks.

>> No.17520606

file lol project — lol project 025 RENEW -lol project remix trax [C92].7z 同人音楽 C92 FLAC EAC 1,130,255,928 a0c03ffac0a83ec1267be02681b825dbbb611f5dfb12e9ad0afbaf6b57d6cdb3

file ASDRecordings — VOCALO EDM SESSIONS [ADSR-0009] [C92].7z 同人音楽 C92 FLAC EAC 233,912,798 802d92394431956f060b3845cb5403740b322ff993a00b681752051f7bb7f135

Also put up 2 of the things that were deleted from MEGA:
file S2TB — Battle Royale (2017) [FLAC][C92](S2TB-0021+22).7z 同人音楽 C92 FLAC EAC 601,761,532 fbecc7ed52ef76efe6c3850fc90c64889bf27125968def3b0fb0a55d91eba83c

file HARDCORE TANO*C — Hardcore Syndrome 11 [FLAC][C92].7z 同人音楽 C92 FLAC EAC 545,817,440 b553cb0263746c0be2d969899cd9e77a678ed3d82e53f7142c283a9dc72692da

>> No.17520812

Since I'm still waiting on HTNT either way... any release from this Comiket that caught your surprise?

>> No.17520829

Light Night Beat 6 surprised me by existing. Would've put it on my shopping list if I'd have known.

>> No.17521024

so is lossy

>> No.17521025


>kors k - S2TB Files7: BATTLE ROYALE

Couldn't get it before it was deleted, I'd greatly appreciate if someone could re-upload it.

>> No.17521029

it's on AB

>> No.17521059


>> No.17521067


Well thanks, but I don't have an account there.

>> No.17521079

Shame you're from reddit-space. Otherwise I'd have follied you an invite.

>> No.17521083

perfect dark. Here's some tutorial: http://kasumi.moe/pd/

download->add download and paste in the hash.

>> No.17521090

perfect dark still operates?

>> No.17521119

Pretty good for DLSite piracy (games, voice) and there are still doujin comic uploaders too.

>> No.17521160

can't you just put them on mega or something?

I don't feel like opening router ports and waiting a week for PD to sync again.

>> No.17521344


>> No.17521436

neo /jp/, where AB memberships are cool and exclusive and people are still trying to push PD in 2017.

amazing. i almost wish i didn't let my account expire 2 years ago.

>> No.17521450

no, just let it go, it's not worth it.

>> No.17521456

this makes me giddy. thank you for alerting me of its existence.

no, she's godly. yuiko (aka yuikonnu, check out Primary) is my #2 and she's not that far off in terms of style.
a couple of other circles that do similar stuff with decent vocalists:
chibocco folk -- http://chibicco-yuko.com/
seraph -- https://www.seraph.jp.net/
ariabl'eyes -- http://ariableyes.com/

they're just not as consistently good imo. pretty much all of yura's albums are worth listening to.

>> No.17521484

Feel free to leave. I won't miss you.

>> No.17521551

Alstroemeria Records - Nachtansicht (Nachi compilation album)


(link is on 9tensu but I hate the adf.ly thing so I'd just post MEGA here)

>> No.17521561


>> No.17521897


>> No.17521991

thanks, but we kinda want the FLAC

>> No.17522013

>Ringing Volcano for a poorfag por favor
Seconding this. On a related note, does anyone know of some way to give money to nakasoko? I really want to support his work, but have no clue how to do so from yurop

>> No.17522037

Mine should be delivered today, I could rip it in flac tonight with my other stuff

>> No.17522047

Good taste, friend. I would also recommend Golden City Factory's 3 物語 albums, all fantastic and in similar styles. Really wish there was more of this stuff.

>> No.17522219

Anyone got the new Pizuya's Cell?

>> No.17522302

Every single one from 0001-0016 are available on the Touhou Lossless collection. I also have everything else including the one in your pic from 0017 onwards upto their latest in lossless and also one or two works from the same composer outside of their circle.

If you point me towards a place to upload I can hook you up.

KNTH-0001 was reprinted and re-arranged as KNTH-0013 making 0001 redundant.

>> No.17522366

Akatsuki Records is really on fire, aren't they? They've been releasing so many albums lately, plus a LOT of PVs

>> No.17522389
File: 762 KB, 832x830, tumblr_static_duydg0b2nf484s00o40so40oc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone got 薛南1st Album Colorful Collection?

>> No.17522420 [DELETED] 

Simplest way is to buy directly from Ringing Volcano via their Booth, they offer lossless DDL and high quality versions of the cover arts.


Only hassle is really signing up for a Booth account, I think you might still need a Japanese address to do so but I'm not certain as I haven't used it myself.

>> No.17522439

Simplest way is to buy directly from Ringing Volcano via their Booth, they offer lossless DDL and a small discount if you choose the digital option.


Only hassle is really signing up for a Booth account, I think you might still need a Japanese address to do so but I'm not certain as I haven't used it myself.

>> No.17522448

You can log in through Pixiv and pay through paypal, you don't need a Japanese address.

>> No.17522492


>> No.17522553

It's been days and no one's uploaded. I might just cave and go scrounge around for enough loose change to buy it then.

>> No.17522562

Lots of stuff going up on Red and Sows.

Stop being plebs and get where the music is.

(astost too, but fuck chinks)

>> No.17522585

Awesome, thanks.

>> No.17522638

Where's 50/50?

>> No.17522831

flac is on RED

>> No.17522839

and JPS

>> No.17522932

don't want to burn ratio as it's hard to get by on RED. Can you UL it to AB?

Nice cover.

>> No.17522939

just use one of the 140 FL tokens everyone got

>> No.17522941

just UL it to AB

>> No.17522966

It's only "hard" if you contribute nothing.

>> No.17522985

it'll be on ab soon

>> No.17523069



>> No.17523076


>> No.17523109

Requesting Revelations 3 in 320k/FLAC

>> No.17523211

Could anyone mirror vocalo edm sessions?

>> No.17523213

I don't but that cover is very cute!

>> No.17523287
File: 261 KB, 1200x1200, cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is Nachtansicht in FLAC


>> No.17523318

Track 12's name is garbled

>> No.17523331

Change applocale to Japanese you filthy gaijin, or use a locale emulator with 7-zip or winrar or whatever

>> No.17523333

What I did. Just try it yourself

>> No.17523350

On my system it's OK

>> No.17523352

>still no FELT and hatsunetsumiko's FLACs

I'm starting to get worried about future events, maybe by C93 I'll be already in Japan so I can rip this stuff right after the event is over.

>> No.17523353
File: 51 KB, 1241x686, 7zFM_2017-08-23_10-44-34.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did. Using xupefei's locale emulator on 32-bit 7-zip and Win8.1.

>> No.17523421

What is JPS?
I've been kind of away from the private tracker scene.

>> No.17523469

Jpopsuki. They're really, really casual with their ratio shit there and it's easy to bump it up when you get a gorillion points you can trade in for ratio for just keeping seeded torrents running.

>> No.17523530

The price you pay is very laxed moderation and quality control on rips/naming/orders is non-existent.

>> No.17523640

What about RED?

>> No.17523644

Reverberations 3 please.

>> No.17523656

Generally high quality standards, up-to-date logchecker, active staff. You won't be able to get by with just seeding though -- you more or less have to contribute to stay afloat. No freeleech. This setup keeps the new content flowing in. If you're even a smalltime buyfag, you'll be just fine.

>> No.17523674

to add, they're becoming a bit more lenient with things like freeleech tokens and user class standards.

>> No.17523690

Speaking of RED, do they have those IRC interviews? I know enough surrounding audio quality and general tracker information but I'm pretty bad at explaining myself so I'm not sure how well I would do at one of those.

It's too bad these places don't open up registration more often since generally it's either doing that or sucking someone off for an invite, right?

>> No.17523696

They do interviews. Sign-ups should NEVER be open. That's how you get 20,000 Indians who transcode MP3 to FLAC, or mods that don't know the difference between AAC and LAME... like on Apollo.

>> No.17523699

you should't try to get it, this website is autistic and maintaining a ratio is impossible if you're not a complete cuck.

>> No.17523758
File: 141 KB, 526x526, folder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have that one actually:

It's preddy gud. enjoy.

>> No.17523760

True. It'll probably end up like other private trackers I've joined where I don't bother downloading anything to try and keep my ratio number nice, then the site closes a year or so later before I even do anything other than uploading.

>> No.17523769

I have a rip of this one, would anyone like it?

>> No.17523778

Oh, yes please.

>> No.17523807

Thank you. Can I get BK scans/HQ photos to take a look at the lyrics?

>> No.17523823

I don't have a scanner sorry. I wouldn't do it justice. I'm sure someone will upload the BK scans eventually or I'll try to get a scanner somewhere.

>> No.17523835

You could also try your local library and hope their scanners work.

>> No.17523917
File: 591 KB, 250x228, 1469512737750-0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>[幽閉少女アクティブNEETs] 第3幕 協奏曲「華鳥風月」 SIDE A/B
>MP3 320K

>> No.17523933

>local library
what is this, 1998?

>> No.17523947

I wish. But personally, I only ever use libraries for their printers nowadays. Much easier than buying one and needing to buy ink all the time.

>> No.17524058

It's not from C92, but does anyone have or know where to find The Last Battalion's ObiZen (released at C86)?

>> No.17524188

You'd better try to join jpopsuki and animebytes, they are friendly trackers and no one's gonna tell you're a weeb

>> No.17524397
File: 222 KB, 640x640, cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will there be a FLAC of the new Lost Garden or is a low bitrate AAC all we're getting?

>> No.17525072


>> No.17525538

Are VK downloads slow for everyone or is my third world internet just that shitty? I can't get anything done before the connection times out.

>> No.17525558

You're getting hacked by the russians. Congrats, you're now part of Putin's botnet.

>> No.17525567

they are slow. i just kept telling chrome to resume whenever it timed out.

>> No.17525936
File: 3.25 MB, 1920x1080, 1487553293985.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

FLAC FELT and HTNT when?

>> No.17526156

I want this one too, save us anons.

>> No.17526181


>> No.17526499

Riparia Records — Whiteout

320k MP3 https://leme.me/verah/mp3/?C92%20%28MP3%20V1%29

Don't ask for lossless because it doesn't exist, this was a DL code.

>> No.17526503

>pays for something
>still don't get lossless

>> No.17526504

I weep for all the people with two thousand dollar headphones who will be able to notice a difference if they concentrate carefully for four minutes.

>> No.17526507

It was free with REDOUT.

>> No.17526508
File: 3.63 MB, 1920x1080, 1479585511772.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

better investment than paying for music

>> No.17526773

can someone sacrifice his buffer on red to grab the c92 releases?

>> No.17526792

red is not /for the people/ it's for /climbing the pyramid/

>> No.17526832

>weebs upload their perfect flacs on red instead of ab or jps
it get me hard

>> No.17526951

It doesn't even make sense. No one DLs on RED.

>> No.17527269

AGENT 0 and IRON ATTACK! uploads , where u at?

>> No.17527275

>desperate cucks trying to get their electronic dick bigger instead of just sharing their stuff normally
The only reason they're not uploading it anywhere else is because they want upload credit on RED so they can feel good about their electronic penis.

>> No.17527305

I have a large elecronic penis.

>> No.17527364

That doesn't really make sense either. If you're going to buy an album why not spend 5 bucks on a seedbox and be done with ever needing buffer again?

>> No.17527381

This happened to me too at one point, just keep trying.

>> No.17527385

If everyone had this lazy leech mindset, no one would be able to download anything.

Some people just like sharing music because they love the music. The people who buy, rip, and upload their bought copies are heroes.

This whole whiny thread is basically begging for handouts, and you shouldn't be surprised when uploaders see this attitude and stop sharing altogether.

>> No.17527392

Even 2k$ headphones won't hear the difference in FLACebo

>> No.17527416

Who are you quoting?

>> No.17527421

It's just ineffective because, as I said, people don't DL on RED

>> No.17527555

You contradict yourself, you call those who upload heroes, but you proceed with saying that said heroes don't want to upload to certain places because they wouldn't gain anything from it.
People don't upload there because they want to share, they just want their ratio to go up. If this wasn't the case, that shit would've been uploaded on AB, JPS and even here with a mega.
Anyone who is uploading that shit on RED is 100% also in AB or JPS.
There is no other explanation why it's only being uploaded there. They're not the heroes from the past you speak of, they're assholes who want you to suck them off for their uploads.
The only reason there's whining is because in the past people would actually just upload their shit instead of stroking their own e-dick.

>> No.17527612

>you proceed with saying that said heroes don't want to upload to certain places because they wouldn't gain anything from it.

I never said this. I said the uploaders will see the crybaby attitude in this thread and maybe reconsider whether they share AT ALL.

>People don't upload there because they want to share, they just want their ratio to go up.

Look at the ETMs on RED with 1TB+ of buffer. They're still uploading new stuff all the time. Is the concept of enjoying sharing really too hard for you to understand?

>Anyone who is uploading that shit on RED is 100% also in AB or JPS.
There is no other explanation why it's only being uploaded there.

JPS and AB require little to no participation. You can just seed freeleech stuff and buy points to buy upload. Why would someone want to reward this behavior?

>They're not the heroes from the past you speak of, they're assholes who want you to suck them off for their uploads.

Or they want to encourage more people to share. If ten buyers upload to 4chan and a thousand people just leech, why would any of those thousand buy anything? We need more buyers and more uploaders. One way to get to that point is by uploading to sites that require participation. Red and astost are examples of that and -- guess what -- they have a lot of content. Hmm. Most uploaders are not the egotistical maniacs you portray them as. They just want to download music too, and that's not possible if they're the only ones buying and sharing...

>> No.17527620

Regardless of them being heroes. They don't need to put so much effort in getting buffer on RED regardless. They can just get a seedbox and UL chink music to sites that actually get people to DL and listen to music. Either way I don't believe anything is being uploaded to RED from C92.

>> No.17527656

Anon, we're not all as butthurt as >>17527555

Most of us do appreciate the rips. You're right about needing more buyers. Where would a /jp/er with good intentions go to buy some Comiket stuff? Preferably in English.

>> No.17527662


There's a collage dedicated to it specifically, although not all the C92 uploads are there yet. It's one guy making the collage and many people uploading. I doubt most of them know about it.

>> No.17527664

It's nothing exclusive though.

>> No.17527678

>Look at the ETMs on RED with 1TB+ of buffer. They're still uploading new stuff all the time. Is the concept of enjoying sharing really too hard for you to understand?
No, these people do fall under the group of "heroes". It's the people that upload shit there from C92 that don't.

>Why would someone want to reward this behavior?
Now you're doing it again, in your previous line you say that people enjoy sharing. But now suddenly they need a reward for it? If you feel like that then you don't enjoy sharing, you enjoy a bigger e-penis and you enjoy people sucking your dick for illegally sharing content.

>Most uploaders are not the egotistical maniacs you portray them as.
Maybe I should clear up that when I talked about said "non-heroes", I meant the people uploading solely to that place for the sole reason of getting upload credit. Which is obviously the case for any and all C92 content uploaded there. It's a general music tracker, almost nobody there is even remotely interested in downloading doujin albums.

My point is that there is no reason they are not uploading anywhere on AB or JPS other than the fact they want credit for it. You confirmed this point when you said you don't want to reward "freeleech" and "buying points" behaviour. Clearly you don't care as much about sharing as you're pretending to.
Sharing is caring, not getting your dick wet.

>> No.17527679

There's no reason to get into red if you already use astost and primarily only want doujin music, correct?

>> No.17527689

yeah, only this time some albums got uploaded to trackers, usually all stuff is upped to ds and chinccforums

>> No.17527691

But wouldn't they want to upload it on JPS/elsewhere too so they can get upload credit wherever they can? What's the point in having a big e-peen if you aren't going to flaunt it everywhere?

>> No.17527821 [DELETED] 

only reason to get into KG is if you want to move on to KG

>> No.17527827

only reason to get into RED is if you want to move on to KG*

>> No.17527950
File: 37 KB, 470x470, folder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any good instrumental, vocal-free electronic stuff this year?

I've already grabbed the Unitone and Diverse System releases.

>> No.17528115

Just wait until my $250 shipment arrives.

>> No.17528117

With 5 bucks and a seedbox you can get more buffer in a month than your entire 250 shipment would get you

>> No.17528123

I bought AGENT 0, I'll upload it whenever I get my stuff.

>> No.17528174
File: 91 KB, 465x408, 1502306615552.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Waterproof is a really fun album.

>> No.17528177

Only putting albums on a single closed community website seems pretty stupid if you look at it from an archival point of view. Just look at what happened to what.cd and all the content that was there.

>> No.17528200

Yeah, over half of it was reuploaded to the replacement site in only six months. Truly terrible. We better post all the rips on The Pirate Bay right away!

>> No.17528204

Don't care about buffer my dude. I'm set.

I want to put my stuff into a community that also shares that they have. Nothing more, nothing less.

>> No.17528231

Speaking of archival, is there anyone here who doesn't rip their albums at all for whatever reason? If not you probably should, even if it's just for yourself as data doesn't last forever on poor quality discs. I'd be heartbroken if I went to listen to something 20 years from now but the disc couldn't be read.

>> No.17528239

If you don't care why would you UL to RED? Nobody uses RED for sharing. They use it for climbing. You're essentially just making it harder for others to climb by flooding the place.

>> No.17528245

>wahh everyone should give me their rips
>I shouldn't have to do anything!!

Why is every comiket thread like this?

>> No.17528248

>If you don't care why would you UL to RED?
Don't care about...?

>Nobody uses RED for sharing. They use it for climbing.

This is a /g/ meme. It's currently the #1 site for well-organized music. Selection is far bigger than Apollo or Waffles or NotWhatCD.

>> No.17528293

Crossboarders go back to >>>/g/62052653

>> No.17528298

for more progressive trance check out the gunter10 and As Like Music releases.
I thought Amplified Sound - Wonderland was pretty great too, but feel free to skip if you're sick of 2hu.

>> No.17528312

Diverse Direct is probably your only option that doesn't require using a forwarding service.
Unfortunately ysk fucks up orders on a semi-regular basis, so if you're ordering a lot of things the probability of getting a wrong CD or something being missing is kinda high.

Oh actually, I think Akiba Hobby will ship overseas too. http://ovs.akbh.jp/

>> No.17528332

Literally not true.

>> No.17528386

Does anyone know what happened to buydoujin.com? Sounds like people had good experiences with it and then it just died.

>> No.17528715

I'm no hero. comiket is already an insider circlejerk, be glad you get anything at all.

>> No.17528724

They couldn't manage to get more than 5 circles to let them sell their stuff overseas, then fucked up the only thing they had to get right ... billing and shipping.

>> No.17528812

I had a good experience with them the one time I bought from them. Kind of sad, since they have good deals.

>> No.17528825

There is more c91 releases on red than on ab and jps which are supposedly the place for this kind of stuff. Red is complete shit and no one downloads or use a token for it. Proof is that I upload various perfect FLAC albums and got nothing out of it.

>> No.17528858

>There is more c91 releases on red than on ab and jps which are supposedly the place for this kind of stuff.

Do you mean C92? JPS and AB are just reposts of reposts of reposts. No one uploads there originally. They're all from public sites. People on RED actually upload THEIR rips to the site, much like astost and sows.

>Red is complete shit and no one downloads or use a token for it. Proof is that I upload various perfect FLAC albums and got nothing out of it.

Wahhh, wahh.

Snatches: 4,961,084

All 2017 FLACs are autosnatched. Everyone was given ~140 FL tokens. Sounds like you're just reuploading garbage from other places. No one is going to bother getting that.

>> No.17529396

I'm fairly convinced the guy running it died or something, one day he just stopped shipping/accepting orders, none of the circle's he had deals with could contact him, no activity on their twitter page.

>> No.17529519

>muh gorillion tokens
you sound like a fucking retard and better leave this board, definitely not a place for you

>> No.17529874

Even if he is, there's no way something like buydoujin's size would be handled by 1 person. A statement should have been made by another team member if something drastic happened.

>> No.17529891

There are proxies and forward services ran by 1 person that do more orders than what BuyDoujin did.
Diverse Direct is ran by 1 person, and they do a lot more business than BuyDoujin did.

>> No.17529925
File: 65 KB, 285x317, 1467288541269.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If quality doesn't matter you should download the music from youtube.

>> No.17529968

someone make a doujin music website with the primary focus on lossless quality with no ads allowed and ill be more inclined to upload.

>> No.17529988

you just described ASTOST

>> No.17530000


im already on there, im talking about publicly.

>> No.17530011

Doujinstyle? Not 100% focused on lossless, but quite a lot of the selfrips there are lossless.

>> No.17530031


one similar to dojin.co but not shit. also not really anyone uploads if it's not the most recent event.

>> No.17530082

It quasi-revived back in May, when they reopened the site and posted new things on the site and on Twitter. Before that the site was actually frozen for a while by the hosting company. But now it seems to be dead again, but without being frozen.

>> No.17530578

Any new USAO stuff come out?

>> No.17530772

He had a track on HARDCORE TANO*C's Hardcore Syndrome 11.

>> No.17530821

Other than using diverse-direct, you should probably look into using a forwarder service like tenso or big in japan. Shipping shouldn't be too costly compared to the CD prices unless you're buying only like 1-3 CDs.

>> No.17530868

Has anyone got Crimson Raincoat and would upload it?


>> No.17531149

He's also on Diverse System's AD:DnB3 but I don't think he has released an album.

>> No.17531459

He also remixed a track on MNK's Evolution and appeared on Battle Royale. No new albums as other anon mentioned.

>> No.17531511

You sound like a giant faggot, please leave the board as soon as possible

>> No.17531921
File: 64 KB, 300x333, 1370434290368.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Shibayan will never release another album again
Bossa nova doesn't count

>> No.17532204

is camellia a furry

>> No.17532243

Quality > Quantity my dear

>> No.17532301

ironic furry. Just appealing to something to get sales.

>> No.17532340

>he doesn't know about furrycore

>> No.17532343

You can plaster anything infront of the word 'core' you easily manipulated sack of shit that doesn't know how to quote people.

>> No.17532347

make lolicore cute again

>> No.17532502

Who are you quoting?

>> No.17532528


also bossa nova DOES count

>> No.17532796

I bought it but who knows when it'll show up. Keep an eye out for it on astost and jps.

>> No.17532848

Can't you just post it here?

>> No.17532890


You want doujins? Help buy and rip them. Teamwork.

>> No.17532930

I'd have no problem doing that if 9tensu wasn't around. Sorry.

>> No.17532948

already ripped mine.

>> No.17532995

Are you trying to imply that 9tensu steals from here but not from JPS/Astost?
If yes, please keep your retarded opinions to yourself.

>> No.17533012 [DELETED] 

Ironically this actually helps 10jew

Most people are lazy. When the options are 10jew and a private Chinese forum, people will just wait. Eventually 10jew will steal it - and everyone will be lining up to click that adfly cancer.

If you really want to kill 10jew, there's only one option: Don't upload anything.

>> No.17533047

There's no need to be so hostile. You're right about jps I guess. I was going to post it with a love restriction on astost but perhaps I just won't upload it now. How's that?

>> No.17533058

reuploading selfrips from astost is a guaranteed ban, you are free to ask the audio4u guy :^)

>> No.17533132

I'm sorry you feel so insulted after you realised how dumb of a thing you said.
I'm confused you're using "not uploading your stuff" as a threat to me.
I presumed you implied that 9tensu doesn't steal from those places and judging from your reaction being a "threat" I appear to be right. That is all that happened here, anything else, such as you threatening with not uploading content has nothing to do with that.

>> No.17534079


different anon, 9tensu can and does steal from toast but usually if there's no restrictions or in a way that's not obvious so it doesn't happen often.

>> No.17535816

Speaking of which, is that uploaded anywhere?

>> No.17535893

Was illumination vol.2 sold at this event? By J-neration

>> No.17536683

Is there a RD-Sounds - 音 uploaded that has the titles of the tracks right?

>> No.17536772


I'm >>17530868
and this is my first reply to you (the others aren't me)

I just wanted to say ok and thanks, I will keep an eye out as usual.
I'm really not a big listener of doujin music (though I buy some sometimes), and I've yet to make an account on astost. But hopefully it'll be there someday!

>> No.17536920

Did the Kuroneko house sets ever get released in flac? Just curious as they were always free iirc.

>> No.17536924

Track 4 is fucking great.

>> No.17536946
File: 241 KB, 1024x911, Kare ha kitto Mahou wo Tsukau.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have 彼はきっと魔法を使う。??

>> No.17537051

With BK. https://mega.nz/#F!FnIQmIra!UI-_E22MnvnGAL2olYZ3-g

>> No.17537110

I thought Hatsuki Yura's stuff leans more towards gothic/symphonic rock, while Yuiko is more about pop and general love songs. I don't consider myself an expert on either of them, but I am curious how you found their styles close.

>> No.17537137

that's only the booklet

>> No.17537247
File: 30 KB, 200x193, 6a0120a85dcdae970b0128776ff992970c-pi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17537250
File: 369 KB, 470x470, 傷痕ニ棲ム.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i know im really late but does anyone have green sky 傷痕ニ棲ム from reitaisai 14? hell any green sky album? ive been searching this and many AZITAMATEISHOKU older album and got nothing

>> No.17537503

50/50 is sort of disappointing. It sounds really low quality, though maybe that's the fault of whoever uploaded it.

>> No.17537684

There was no Bossa Nova 7 this comiket, most recent is 6 which is everywhere.

>> No.17537716

TLMC isn't connecting to any seeds for a few days now, can you throw up what you have onto mega?

>> No.17537868

Not that anon but really? I just downloaded some stuff like two hours ago.

>> No.17537870

Strange, I just used TLMC earlier and it was working perfectly fine for me...

Try the Audio4U Fox Factory torrent? It's actually slightly more complete than the TLMC one since it includes a few of Yuki's non-Touhou stuff and has seeds.


>can you throw up what you have onto mega
Don't really want to register a account just for a throwaway upload but I can see what I can do.

It'll take a while either way probably not till end of the week when I have time since I don't have a fast upload connection and it's a bit hefty if you seriously want all of them even if it's only just the missing albums.

>> No.17538148

HTNT and FELT FLAC when?

>> No.17538197

felt is on ds

>> No.17538214

I had DHT and PeX disabled, got what I'm looking for boys.

>> No.17538268

Someone on astost repost some of their flac rips here please.

>> No.17538278


gl with that request

>> No.17538282

POPOVER+TEATIME 3, FLAC with the cue sheet and log. If you like it, buy it.


>> No.17538290

Side note; I am a fucking retard when it comes to ripping (as DS knows lel), so sorry in advance if your ears get decimated or something.

>> No.17538371

I'm almost 100% sure the Felt flac album on ds was converted to lossless from lossy

>> No.17538397
File: 10 KB, 410x214, 2017-08-26_15-52-04.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does it feel to be wrong

>> No.17538407

i dont post shitty transcodes to ds you knob

>> No.17538419

probably feels like every day on /jp/

>> No.17538434

Every FELT 'flac' album sounds like trash. Like it's probably something to do with their mixing. Either way, the flac one isn't properly tagged.

>> No.17538445
File: 24 KB, 211x205, 1472641119383.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not seeing the .cue in the zip I got from ds

>> No.17538449

You don't need the cue to verify the rip in CUETools.

>> No.17538457

anyone know where i can find SPACELECTRO EDM3?

>> No.17538463


>> No.17538468

or if you're talking about vocal3

>> No.17538476


thank you

>> No.17538561

This one and two of their other releases are available on suruga-ya for 200 yen each.

>> No.17538671

lulz nub you don't into logs do you?

>> No.17538728

Talking about Spacelectro, where can you find his stuff in flac without paying for it?

>> No.17538743

if you like their stuff why not pay for it?

>> No.17538745

im a poorfag

>> No.17538756

then you wont be able to tell between 320k and flac

>> No.17538761

You're fucking stupid, you don't need audio equipment to tell lossless with lossy. And I already have audio equipment.

>> No.17538773

then you're not a poorfag

>> No.17538785
File: 14 KB, 199x253, 1486144722474.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do you get off to being stupid and saying stupid shit with logical fallacies on a daily basis? pic related, you might be severely autistic

>> No.17538803

no i only jack off to my spacelectro flacs

>> No.17538806

flac encoding is a sign of mental illness. peace.

>> No.17538855

pretty sure you're autistic

>> No.17538899
File: 1.86 MB, 1300x1300, reAdvent_jacket.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone upload reAdvert by Sakuzyo?

Thanks in advance!.

>> No.17538962

It's on the second page of the DS thread in FLAC, if lossy is more your speed go to vk or probably anywhere else...

>> No.17538967

I can't believe I just spoonfed you, fucking hell I'm too old for this.

>> No.17538975
File: 9 KB, 228x206, 15965927_705712502943605_1449948184946595863_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're my hero.

>> No.17539012

Could try Void, he released another Trance solo album this comiket which is pretty good

>> No.17539044

Anyone have a FLAC of 7uta.com - 夏空オーケストラ?

>> No.17539048

Great. Think it's gonna get uploaded?

>> No.17539062

but it's already upped...?

>> No.17539064


>> No.17539066

Cheers. Didn't see it on the spreadsheet. I'll go check the thread.

>> No.17539086


>> No.17539096


>> No.17539105

but 7uta.com - 夏空オーケストラ isn't there

>> No.17539122

I've held off listening to the crossfades or downloading anything until now. Is anyone else disappointed by the tracks on Hardcore Syndrome? Feels like only 1/3 of them were any good.
Would anyone have recommendations for relaxing, ambient or minimal albums outside of the Easy Listening and House categories?

>> No.17539124

it's on tsdm, where 9tensu stole it from

>> No.17539439

Hardcore Syndrome (and nearly everything released by Hardcore TANO*C) has been a disappointment for years.

>> No.17539472

watch your words anon, that opinion will get you beaten around here

>> No.17539532

I feel this way too, but it could just be me because I barely listen to hardcore anymore. I really liked Syndrome 1 & 2, and Bright Colors, maybe some others. B&B was pretty good back when he was alive and stuff.

>> No.17539563

Revolution of Happy? #02 is kind of good

Dj Genki and others are there


>> No.17539609

FELT finally got some fucking remixes worth listening to. I'm a happy boy.

>> No.17539750
File: 1.25 MB, 600x340, 1329617064522.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Revolution of Happy? #02 is kind of good

>> No.17539770

sorry, I though this was the hardcore fans music thread

...so, which anime music is trendy now? I can't seem to keep up

>> No.17539847

>hardcore fans music thread
The Denpa thread is that way --->

>> No.17539870

>...so, which anime music is trendy now? I can't seem to keep up
I'll listen to ear.RAPE until the day I die

>> No.17539967


the hardcore genre as a whole has been/is turning into shit. apparently mainstream generic sound is what sells. there's still good stuff here and there but it is becoming more and more rare.

>> No.17540097

I dislike the increase in 'hardstyle' or 'jump' tracks like the ones Massive New Krew make. Having a couple of them is fine, like how they appear on each release, but having several of that type is annoying. I want more like Jumping Jumping from HS10. I'm also kind of surprised they didn't do something special for HS10 like a box set of all the previous ones or something.

>> No.17540115

I look forward to confetto anon, thank you for your work.

>> No.17540144

I already uploaded it on ds

>> No.17540170

Sorry for my retardation; haven't really had the time to go through the forum post until now, and it should be pretty obvious to me that it takes time for the spreadsheet to be updated.

Again, thanks.

>> No.17540186

Yeah, I just read the thread. Grab it before it gets taken down.

>> No.17540321

FELT has had incredibly shitty mixing for a while now. I have a hard time listening to their albums anymore because of it, which is a shame.

>> No.17540356

You mean from the start?

>> No.17540575

I think that after HS5 came out in 2011, the HARDCORE SYNDROME series never really reached the same (extremely lofty) standard again.

>> No.17540692
File: 269 KB, 1400x1400, love_a00_mainimage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Syrufit's 'Love' is probably my favourite album of all time with it's chilled but haunting vibe but none of their other albums sound anything like it.
I've tried Halozy' and they're quite good especially emaru songs but anyone got anymore?

>> No.17540704

Some tracks sound pretty good to me. 舞花 and 美歌 songs are pretty much always good but everything else kinda sucks. Vivienne especially, it's painful to listen to most of her songs. I don't care much about most of the instrumental tracks since it's not really my kind of music so I never paid much attention.

At least for me the quality seems to be getting better recently, Spatial Moving was as good as 発熱巫女~ず back when it was released. Though it went back to being inconsistent right after that.

>> No.17540734

I still don't get why FELT is so popular
They're mixing is shit
Half their album consists of 1 minute long interludes
And they're songs are so heavily remixed you can't even tell it's a touhou song anymore to the point it sounds like generic Jpop

>> No.17540740

because people like jpop

>> No.17540766
File: 621 KB, 1000x1000, hlzy-0027_jacket.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Far as Halozy goes pic related recent album is pretty much the greatest album they've ever published.

It's just a compilation of 100% Asahi/emaru songs.

Otherwise my best suggestion off the top of my head is maybe check out some of RD-Sound's stuff?

What bothers me about the mixing quality is I'm pretty sure one of the core members of that circle actually work for Square-Enix's sound team for FF XIV Online. You'd think having a actual industry pro with experience they'd get their shit sorted out.

>> No.17540875

I too would like Spacelectro in flac.

>> No.17541327

>pic related recent album is pretty much the greatest album they've ever published.
Good taste.

>> No.17541549

Older Syndromes used to be mostly Gabba/Mainstream hardcore. It's good, but they became more varied. Recent HSs have become more of a showcase of the whole hardcore scene, with each track having a different genre.

>> No.17541649

>And they're songs are so heavily remixed you can't even tell it's a touhou song anymore
this is a good thing.
>to the point it sounds like generic Jpop
This really doesn't happen all that much. I liked their stuff because it doesn't sound like a generic touhou arrangement but like something actually worth listening to. Again though. Their modern shit hasn't been all that great.

>> No.17541721

is great

>> No.17541735


>> No.17541862

USAO is the only reason i still listen to HS albums. his newer shit is nuts.

you're completely right. style was the wrong word for comparing the two. they both have borderline-denpa loli voices (and both have done denpa music), but also range away from that genre/pitch fairly often.

i basically just meant "if you like Yura's vocals you might also like yuiko's, because i do."

only listened through once so far but i think #3 is my favorite for now. shaping up to be one of his best albums.

>> No.17541946

What's the appeal of denpa? It sounds too generic to my ears and tries too hard to be moe, like the kind of stuff some corporation or company would fund in the early 00s

>> No.17541954

daily reminder nanahira != denpa

>> No.17541968

what's the appeal of any music? i like it because i think it sounds good.
>like the kind of stuff some corporation or company would fund in the early 00s
no idea what that means.

>> No.17542004

is there more denpa with binaural mics?

>> No.17542023

Pretty much that last point. Their earlier stuff are some of my favorite songs of all time. Up until before Abyss Nova, their title songs are fairly iconic then they suddenly changed for the worse after that. Faith is the only song in recent memory that is any good (and it's pretty good).

>> No.17542050

I'm pretty sure the voice actor in Felt is some top tier artist with a different name and voice

>> No.17542058
File: 55 KB, 1280x720, 1474616447544.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we will never get something as good as Crumbling ever again

>> No.17542076

not that anon but I don't get you. the reason Felt got popular was because they arranged 2hu in a commercial pop-style, like the type you could share with someone who doesn't know anything about 2hu and they'd still find it catchy.

Usually doujin music only sounds good to those who know and appreciate the original tracks, since by their nature the melodies are short and repeated pretty often

>voice actor

EE please go

>> No.17542263
File: 46 KB, 262x275, Sad panda.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pizuya's Cell will never release a good non-piano album again.

>> No.17542336

Not entirely sure what "commercial pop style" even implies. Mixing Yellowcard with whatever the heck else is in there is like 10 years too late if that's the case. No idea what Maurits is trying to go for either if this is the paradigm they're operating under. The music they made before in the time frame I mentioned is more shareable.

>> No.17542747

Their new one was a little bit better, still not Merciless Lazuli Rose-tier, though.

>> No.17542988
File: 205 KB, 1000x1000, main.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you talking about Standalone? Because that was trash. Liquid & Splash was alright, if only because they finally abandoned the awful pseudo-pop rock stuff they've been doing and fully embraced the alright EDM stuff.

Their last album that wasn't a huge disappointment was pic related, and it wasn't even that great.

>> No.17543317

Guess we just have a different taste since I disliked that particular album.
At least their piano arrangements are good.

>> No.17543431

I'm actually pretty selective with FELT, I get every album just to listen to two or three songs. I like Tim Vegas so I make an effort to check everything else he makes aside from 発熱巫女~ず.

Mixing isn't actually that difficult, to be honest. I do some mixing casually and you can learn to mix decently in a month if you really want to. At this point I just gave up because I don't think they will ever fix that shit and Tim Vegas doesn't care that much about it. People pretty much get FELT and 発熱巫女~ず together, so it's guaranteed to sell.

>> No.17543469


>> No.17543475

Isn't their mastering more of an issue than mixing? Especially with Vivienne's songs, it's almost like they want to hide her english for some reason. Either have her sing japanese or let her slowly improve and fix the mastering.

>> No.17543478

No, even ignoring the vocals. The actual tracks just sound like shit.

>> No.17543706
File: 7 KB, 400x275, melonbooksbgm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seems like Melonbooks fucked up track order when recording MelonBooks ShopBGM Compilations, here's the correct order.

>> No.17544457

Thank you blessed anon.

>> No.17544634

Does anyone have a working link to this? The one in the DS thread got killed

>> No.17545373

Both work fine for me.

>> No.17547514

The one in DS has been fixed and properly tagged.

>> No.17547741

Anyone have these in lossless?

P*Light - Magic of Fantasy
P*Light - Parking Panic EP
DJ Sharpnel - UPSHFT限定
Various - Massive Circlez 6
Various - Underground Makina Connectionz 21

>> No.17549519

It isn't C92, but does anyone have whatever was on http://linecraft.bandcamp.com? It looks like the line craft circle decided to get up and disappear. I have neko and RE:Line craft but I think there were a few other things on there which I didn't bother grabbing for some reason.

Looks like someone ripped it. It's on dojin.co.

>> No.17550811

Velvet Prism is nice. I don't remember fang doing any releases like this before. Reminds me of Taishi's older vocal works.

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