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What is /jp/'s opinion on having a 2hu as a waifu?

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Having a waifu is for people who are unable to accept the reality that... you know what, I don't even feel like finishing this sentence. Fuck you.

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Nah man.... Fuck you. I've dated real girls,real women too.... All that brought me was some comfort but more pain than it's worth.

Let me delude myself,It makes me happy. Kagerou may not be real but she's lovely and brings me joy.

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reality is shit anyway

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My opinion is that I love her.


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sanae is pretty big...

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I'm going to have to blog a bit to respond to what you just posted.
I'm a cripple, and so far two women have left me with their stated reason being that being seen in public with me and my cane was embarrassing.
2D won't do that to someone. Reality sucks.

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Am I too autistic for /jp/ then?

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Realistically, even if my waifu was real, she wouldn't come near a lowlife like me. But I still admire her nonetheless. She is very beautiful.

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This, if only I was enough to even look at her

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Ran's been my waifu for the past 5-6 years, and it's the greatest! New fanart every single day with no sign of slowing. Multiple artist dedicating themselves primarily to the character. Constant flood of new content keeps the flame lit. Pic related, this pic was submitted the other day and it's one of my top favorites. Even I doodle her everyonce in awhile (but only for funny threads on /jp/) It's like the surge of fandom over a bestgirl from an anime of the month, except the popularity is unending, and more merchandise than a single figma/nendoroid.

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The point of a waifu is that she doesn't exist, so you can imagine her however you want. It's your choice if you don't want your waifu to love you.

I've accepted the reality that 3D women are not for me and I'm not for them.

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Being abnormal is abnormal on /jp/ these days...
You're not alone, but it can seem that way.

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I like looking at pictures of Suwako. I don't feel the need to consider her my fictional wife though. Any fantasy is fine as long as you don't let it impede your development or control you.

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I'm not capable of envisoning a 2hu who would be okay with husbandoing me, so I'm not able to have a 2hu waifu.

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You would never encounter a 2hu as you are now, so it's pointless to think of it that way.
At least one thing would be different, and that one thing could be what makes all the difference.

That said, I can't picture most 2hus settling down with a man.

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Stay in /a/ ``kudasai''.

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At least they were honest.

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They're cute, adorable and I pick favorites among the many of them.

But I never really had an emotional attachment towards any of them either.

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only /a/ and /v/ have waifus.

/jp/ has paizuri slaves/significant 2D others.

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If you have been here for any length of time you would instantly realize that many if not most character threads are made and populated by "waifufags" (as much as I hate using that word) who want to share pictures of their loved ones. I see nothing wrong with it and I am one of them, and I've been in love with Okuu ever since I played her in Hisoutensoku 9 years ago. She's given me a lot of happiness in this otherwise shitty life of mine and I understand why other people would come to love many other 2hus.

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Are you the guy who asks for an Okuu thread on his birthday every year?

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Do it. You're going to be miserable and lonely regardless, may as well have something to keep you sane.

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I've never called Reimu my waifu, and I likely never will, but if I had to name the one character that has been inside my heart for the longest time, it would definitely be her. I had seen Reimu before I knew what Touhou was, and I instinctively liked her design; I immediately took to her from the first time I played PCB (which was my first 'hu game), and she has consistently topped my sorters at #1 since.

She may not be my waifu, but she is at least a good old friend.

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I hate 1000% what the concept of waifu has become, which is just another meme word for normalfags and nu weebs.

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I don't have a waifu because I'd feel bad for the fictional 2D character that would hipotetically date me

I really like several 2hus, but I refuse to have a waifu

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No, I almost never get the opportunity to make Okuu threads even though I show up in all of them. Someone else always beats me to it before I can even think of a topic for the next thread.

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Depression: The Thread

Thank you for reminding me, OP.

>2hu as a waifu
Horrid, but far better than the shithole reality this is.

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>being seen in public with me and my cane was embarrassing.

Damn, sorry to hear that, man. I wonder if those women were really looking for love.

>>17496882 see >>17496882
Having a waifu doesn't necessarily mean you'd rather be hooked up to the matrix than experience reality.

I don't have a waifu. Partially because of >>17500521 but also because I've never really obsessed about any character. I have some characters I really like but not any I'm obsessed with.

If you think about it there's no reason for a 2hu to like a sperg.

My sister is getting married next year in the spring. I've agreed to be a groomsman, but I apparently need a date(I don't know much about weddings.) Currently my plan is to wait until the last minute and then just go for broke post on craigslist or whatever that I need a date for the wedding, offer to pay for her dress, get the day over with and then never talk to her again.

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>I've agreed to be a groomsman, but I apparently need a date
That's retarded nonsense. You should just not go.

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it kinda sucks, all the reasons talked about in this thread thus far apply but I have an additional layer of fuck because everyone hates my waifu now thanks to /pol/ and reddit as well as the fact she is an underdeveloped shit of a meme.

no merch, no actual popularity, and half of the people that post her dont even know what touhou is. I have grown to unconditionally love her since I first discovered touhou and the games about 4 years ago. liking her more and more through the fan works but this recent awoo stuff that shits on her and touhou as a whole really hurts.

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I feel you, anon. I'm not a big momiji fan, but I always call her the Canadian 2hu. Why couldn't they just take clownpiece instead.

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She isn't only in my top 20 but I'm just as annoyed by her being co-opted into those fucking groups.

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Shes my wife too! Nice to see another Ran poster giving her the love she deserves.

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This, don't conform to normies

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but the reality of the matter is that love is a delusion at its core. love and reality are not compatible.

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what about you do you think makes you undesirable? you can never love someone if you cannot love yourself. and even then it gets sketchy. but still, i think a big factor of love is self-worth and you're not getting that externally, nor does it depend on what the external world thinks of you.

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Feels great having one. Okuu is my wife and when I think of her I fell a lot less miserable and lonely. I guess someone from outside would see this as a coping mechanism but man it's just nice to have a waifu.

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Reimu in a bra is a rare delicacy.

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I dont feel like im merely coping by being in love with Okuu either. She just really is just so lovable and full of cheerfulness and happiness that it justs rubs off on me easily. Hugging her feels great especially.

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What about a Reimu out of a bra?

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But with panties. No thanks.

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Really shitty because Rinnosuke always keeps boning them all

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Couldn't they just take Cirno, she's a low-tier 'hu and already a huge meme, no one would be hurt

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Oh please. He's much classier than your dime a dozen harem self insert.

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That word doesn't mean anything these days

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What makes you say that?

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Not him, but ironic weebs pretty much redefined the word to "girl i fap to reguarly" if it's not used ironically.

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I know why he said it.
I was more so curious as to if he had a legitimate waifu, and if that's why he thinks the way he does.

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I'm sorry for your loss, anon

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>What makes you say that?
>I know why he said it.


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Yeah, kind of.
I like Alice, but I don't see her as a lover or someone that would enjoy my company. I hate seeing her being paired with other characters or getting fucked, it makes me angry and sad. I simply get happy whenever I see her doing her stuff.

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>My sister is getting married next year in the spring. I've agreed to be a groomsman, but I apparently need a date(I don't know much about weddings.) Currently my plan is to wait until the last minute and then just go for broke post on craigslist or whatever that I need a date for the wedding, offer to pay for her dress, get the day over with and then never talk to her again.
This is a bad idea. You're literally hiring an actor to be your compensated date for the evening. What will happen when family members ask her questions about how you know each other? Her own life? Are you going to write up an entire backstory for her to memorize to maintain the illusion?
Look, if the wedding isn't until the spring you have two options:
1) Tell the groom you can't make it after all. Make up some excuse about work or uni exams or the like. Do this as soon as possible since if you wait until a month before the wedding to cancel, they will have already spent $25-75 for catering and other accessories just for you and your non-existent date.
2) Wait until a week before the wedding and then tell the groom your date bailed or had to back out. Ask him if he knows someone who could be your date on short notice. Fair warning: you will probably be paired up with the groom's aunt or cousin. It's all a formality and if you really want that meal then tuff it out.

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Thanks for the advice. Saying yes to anything above just briefly showing up was a huge mistake, but I can't take it back now. Unfortunately my family knows me too well for option 1 to work, so I will have to go with option 2.

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I feel you, I have a mental illness that randomly sends me into episodes of body spasms for 2-15 seconds. I'm used to people staring at this point but I doubt any girl would want to date me. I also can't really have kids since my illness is inheritable. I don't want to make anyone live with this.
I fantasize about my wife curing me with her magic a lot.

In a just world, /jp/sies collaterally damaged by 2016 meme shit could haul /pol/ and reddit before The Hague for war crimes

They tried but IIRC [s4s] shitposters ruined her by spamming pics of cirno freezing frogs
Kami-sama bless those lovable autists.

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No problem. Another thought: since it's your own family they might give you some leeway. They probably aren't expecting you to find a date so maybe you should just "look" for one for a couple of months and then just straight up tell your sister in November it'll be easier to be paired with someone since you're having no luck. It'll save you more embarrassment.

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I'm not that undersirable I like to think. Sometimes I look at myself at the mirror and think "Looking good m8" and next day "Disgusting". I still love myself much more than in my teen ages so I'm steadily improving towards self-love.

Still, what you display as your worth to the rest of the world is important. I don't look that good, my hobbies are boring for most people, and conversations with me are either generic and boring or weird and unappealing.
Studying for a good job so I guess people will look at me differently once I hit 30, my debts are paid off and I get a house.

Still, no waifus for me. Not only out of pity for a 2D fictional girl, but it's also a line I don't wanna cross. I feel it's a slippery slope towards buying dakis and several figures, and otherwise I'm not better than those teenagers on facebook swinging the word for quirky points

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I get what you mean.
I mean, I would consider Marisa an ideal partner, but yeah seeing her paired off with others bothers me as well, especially in poorly conceived or written trash.
I'd imagine it'd be even worse for you though, considering how most things that pair Alice tend to turn her into a complete caricature in order to make the ship work.

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I think that in writing a shit OP like this you probably need to return to >>>/a/

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I may be just repeating what other said, but it is great. Not only she has bringed new joy into my life, but she also probably saved me by stopping a big depression crysis that could've pushed me to suicide. And I mean it, I was almost to the point of giving up.

Meiling is a strong, amazing fighter who can be friendly too, I admire her spirit and that's what gave me the force to react from my terrible, terrible mental state.
I just love her, that's it. Nothing more to say.

See >>17496900 man. She might not be real, but the positive effect she has is true and that's what counts. I am happy and I'd not have it any other way.

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I don't want a 2hu waifu. I want to be a 2hu with a funny hat.

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We're just kidding about the waifu thing right?

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Everyone knows Rinnosuke doesn't give a damn about that kind of stuff, so no.

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I don't read fanworks with her in them, but it's almost impossible to avoid.

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Kill yourself ``kudasai''.

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I was expecting a shot type pun. How underwhelming.

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Never understood it. I mean, I understand having a waifu, but 2hu characters are all so bland. Maybe I'm missing something because I haven't read the manga, but the average anime character typically has more interesting traits/combinations therof and more (non-fandom-meme-based) personality quirks. And a good eroge heroine blows both of those out of the water. Maybe it's just an issue of saturation and exposure, since new material for 2hus is always coming out, but as much as I vaguely like them, not one of them feels fleshed out enough or has enough impactful emotional moments for me to ever fall in love with them.

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Why do you type like such a huge faggot anon-kun?

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The average anime character is nothing more than a few traits slapped on a cliche character template, while eroge heroines are nothing more than flat fap fodder. 2hus have nuance to them, even the ones that almost never appear.

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If you really belive that, then there's nothing more that can be said. I hope your skill at expanding on barley existant traits to make a complex character out of cardboard brings you much joy in the future.

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you know you could date another cripple right

>> No.17511060

I've come to the conclusion I'm always going to be happier alone.

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Don't ever date a /cgl/ fag. They are nothing but trouble, and will leave a hole in your heart or steal your money. Stick to 2D waifus only.
I wish I had an Okuu daki to snuggle with.

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Touhou characters have plenty of defining traits. Marisa is sociable and charming, yet studious, honest and hard working. Reimu is transient and a bit blunt, and treats everyone in the same disinterested manner (except Kosuzu because shit writing I guess?). Sakuya is dedicated, haughty, and aloof, and Youmu is immature, loyal and a bit dim. They all have these nuances that, while not directly spelled out, paint a portrait of a colorful and intricate cast of characters. I believe this is why many animefags have such a difficult time grasping the canon 2hus, and why fanon personalities are so common. It's because they're just so used to these copy pasted archetypes, where a character is defined by a few very explicit traits, and often struggles to venture much farther beyond their cliches. It's far easier to digest, but nowhere near as substantial as the well written 2hus.

But that's just my opinion on the matter.

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Too bad Marisa is not a well written 2hu

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I'm jealous of them because they can at least be kind of happy.

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This, most of the time the fanon forced personalities are shit.

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Damn, that's harsh. I hope you'll get to meet a 3D cripple waifu who will settle with you one day though!

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>don't let it impede your development
I'm not 18 anymore. I've got nothing left to develop

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Just wait until you reach 30.

If there are any hardworking illegals want to murder me and take over my identity, go ahead. You'd do more good to the world than me.

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This. The people who complain about Touhous being anime templates only do so because those templates are all they know.

I.e. secondaries.

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Better than nothing.