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1 week until it happen
11~13 August
Join us if you feel like lining up and meet up together.

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Wanting to organize a meetup for a few of yourselves is one thing but dumping it into the OP is another kettle of fish.

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dude its better than skype

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Normally I wholeheartedly agree, but I think this is a justified case.

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why doesn't anybody use irc anymore? I don't dislike discord but It's a lot more annoying being in multiple channels in discord than irc.

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Discord ads even on /jp/...

Glass houses, knowyourmemer.

IRC is still fairly popular for its age. Most communities I consider myself a part of still prefer IRC. There's even some anonymous ones setup to enjoy.

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Still over a week out but the extended forecast looks like it may rain during the event.

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I second this notion.

Every year these threads get more and more normie infested.