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wrong thread you cunt

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do you even score

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would you rather watch a LoLK LNN or a MoF scorerun

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Marisa sux

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I'd prefer to watch a MoF score run, but only if someone would babysit me through the tricks they're doing.

It's hard to understand the difficulty of a score run if you don't score the game yourself

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"dude i love how you spammed bombs on that part of the stage to get points from destroyed bullets" vs. "dude i love how you managed to dodge even that spell, i can never get that even on hard mode"
Your choice now.

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Watching an LNN live when you're unsure whether or not it'll succeed is pretty entertaining

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no different from score lmao

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i love watching hours of stage 1 restarts

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I've never seen a single stream of "hours of stage 1 resets".

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Generally speaking, challenge runners are far more unpleasant to interact with and deeper up their asses than scorefags, so a scorerun I guess.

Then you've never seen either type of run.

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Yeah dude those I love being called shit by score pros for liking any touhou game past IN and enjoying survival runs

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>Then you've never seen either type of run.

If someone going for LNN has hours of stage 1 resets then they're definitely not qualified to be going for LNN. Most credits make it to S3 at least.

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neither unless the mof run is the normal reimua wr

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But scorefags only post "im shit" while survival players often try as hard as they can to shove in your face about how good they are.

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Funny considering /jp/ is full of score players complaining that people don't see how good they are.

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It happens for any game really, they all just look like people from csgo teams or some shit buttheading each other on twitter.

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I prefer to watch my own game while playing it instead of watching someone else.

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It's more like scrubs complaining on their behalf my senpai.

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What the fuck is this thread

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a bunch of autistic spergs larping as scorerunners and LNNers

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-Stretching a 4:3 game to 16:9
-Wrong previous thread
Please never start a thread again.

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So uh, post your charts? I gotta update mine so i will post later

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>you are trying way too hard not to use the quoting arrow, it is time for you to get out of my board

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This. I've actually known some really cool score players, while challenge players seem to exist within their own little circlejerk.

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From what I've seen, it's pretty interesting how most scoreplayers tend to be humble about their runs while the survival players boast about their LNBs/LNN(N)s and often give their videos such clickbaity thumbnails.

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You posted mine.

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Say what you want, anyone will leave good words about the ones they support and shittalk the other "side", in quotations because its really just an inside war where nobody is winning.

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What are you doing here

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>being humble about a world record

I don't get this attitude. Why are people humble about having the best run in the world? Unless literally 2 people play your category, you're definitely allowed to give yourself a dickstroke or two. Especially if the survival players are doing it with their "piss easy" LNBs.

Who knows, maybe that will even solve the attention problem, if people actually draw attention to their score runs in a positive way.

>inb4 t. survival player

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Yeah dude like fuckin post your scores on reddit and shit, give 'em the good thumbnails, title them in a way I can ACTUALLY FUCKING FIND THEM WITH YOUTUBE SEARCH. Cool that you're humble and all about it but if your self-worth is so low you take pride in not seeking any attention whatsoever for an amazing achievement then you get no right to complain about those who do actually post their achievements in the proper channels.

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t. survival player
From what I've seen scorerunners tend to stress on the mistakes in their runs, while LNN is lmao literally perfect amirite

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That's just a factual thing. A survival mistake is bombing or dying or [third condition], ergo not doing any of those equals no survival mistakes, it caps out.

Scoreruns do not cap out, there is always room to improve and there will always be mistakes to talk about. Even though a near-WR scorerun has mistakes, that doesn't make it inferior to a """"burfegt"""" run, none of us are trying to claim that, in the same way you wouldn't claim a slow no-damage run of an action RPG is superior to the world record speedrun of it, even though the latter might miss a few strats.

And for what it's worth, I see people actually mentioning their close calls on LNNs, it's not like they pretend it can't be any cleaner.

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I'm still so happy that I got the UFO 1cc after months of frustration, what should I try to do next?

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Good job. Try SA maybe? Right now im far closer to beating SA than i am to beating UFO so you should have a fair chance at it too.

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Start with IN or, if you use a keyboard, LLS. Practice for a normal clear there and learn what enemies do, while also trying runs on other games to train your overall skill. In some time the results will show.

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Well I've been playing SA recently but I can't beat Yuugi without losing a life or two yet, since using bombs leaves you with 0 power left, then against Satori when I reach her final spellcard I can only hope to get the safespot done correctly (ReimuA). Best run so far was reaching Orin without dying once before but she brutally murdered me.

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iktf about orin but did you literally not reach stage 6? That's harsh. Myself i got pretty stable against satori and yuugi, being able to get away with it by just bombing twice for each fight, so once i get better trained against orin i should be good to go against utsuho with a good amount of lives. Good luck with whatever you'll be going for.

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Yeah, never got past Orin yet, I remember I had problems with the bombing system back in MoF but in that game I always manage to get my power back pretty fast. By the way have you considered doing Phantasm (Yukari) in PCB after beating Ran? I tried it out and got to the Shikigami Ran spell you might be able to beat her.

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>if you use a keyboard
newhu here what else would you use? I thought everyone used a keyboard?

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The pros all use Xbox controllers.

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I recall there being some scorerunners that use a Saturn pad, but I don't know any by name

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Wait, does that mean you know im the anon who beat ran a couple weeks ago? And yeah, as if the bombs hadn't been already sent to hell already in mof with SA they managed to go to squared hell, or rather, cubed hell since you're also bringing them to hell too.

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>tfw insistence on beating DDC first because I started with it has left my chart blank except for a few spots on ULiL when I got curious about how a touhou fighter would look.

I've done like 5 runs of PCB and two have gotten me to stage six so I should probably iron that out instead.

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Yeah I noticed you were him, I might continue to play practice mode SA and try learning how to clear everything without using bombs so I won't cripple my power level.

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We all told you my man, you could have beaten Touhou 7, 8, 9 10 and 13 by now, leave DDC for later.

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I'm currently playing through EoSD again a few years after my first 1cc. That original EoSD 1cc was my first ever 1cc, so I'm happy finally playing it again after so long.
Cleared MarisaA last night, will probably start ReimuA today.

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I had managed to fight my way to stage 6. I thought I could handle it. I'll start working on PCB, but I'll be back for DDC's head soon enough.

I agree though, I'm a fucking mongoloid.

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>see OP pic related

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Almost all of the west plays on keyboard, almost all of the east plays on a great variety of controllers, ranging from Saturn to PS2 to SNES. Mostly D-pad. Some use arcade stick even. Yu-suke plays on numpad, the madman.

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So he hits 8 to go up and 2 to go down?

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he uses 8460, thumb on 0

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Oh. Why isn't this standard.

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Anyways, I was about to start streaming, and then the bastard beside me goes "want to see a pacifist run?" Who in the world plays pacifist nowadays, you moron? I want to ask him, "do you REALLY want to play the whole game without shooting?" I want to interrogate him. I want to interrogate him for roughly an hour. Are you sure you don't just want to try saying "pacifist run"? Coming from a /jp/ veteran such as myself, the latest trend among us vets is this, lunatic no bomb. Lunatic no bomb means you give every spell card all you've got. But on the other hand the difficulty is a tad higher. This is the key. And then when you clear, it's delicious. This is unbeatable. However, if you attempt this then there is danger that you'll be marked by the score-runners as a survivalfag from next time on; it's a double-edged sword. I can't recommend it to amateurs. What this all really means, though, is that you, >>17414994, should just stick with your one credit clear.

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It's initially somewhat uncomfortable and takes some getting used to. Besides it's not actually very common where you'd need to move up and down in a very short timespan, Touhou is a not a hori shmup.

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how do you change keybinds

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Pretty sure it'd be 8462, at least, that's what I saw him doing in that YT video of him doing S4 opener graze. Besides, he used a red Row 1 1U keycap, as opposed to row 4 (I am assuming he just swapped ESC) for the down direction (height helps for hitting it with thumb), on a standard fullsize board like was visible there, the 0 is 2U, so it couldn't have been 0. Additionally, Touhou games natively support 8462, and you'd need Autohotkey to use 0, which also introduces additional delay.

Arrows are absolutely fine and if you have any muscle memory whatsoever it's better to stick with them. Starting out though, numpad might be a thing to consider, since it does have that mechanical superiority of separate up/down fingers.

You can't. You either use autohotkey to do it externally, reprogram your keyboard like a badass, or stick with either arrows or 8462 since those are what the games natively support.

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SA was my first game, so you can tell why is the only one I've played on Lunatic.

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I can't really tell from the video, though the grip really looks like 8460, similar to how my own hand is shaped (I use 8460 myself), or it could just be the power of small asian hands. I could not do 8462 at all, even with my numlock keycap on 2, too cramped. I personally don't have any input lag with ahk. I wouldn't really recommend learning it though, rarely do I feel like I benefit from this.

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I have all of them hard 1ccs now, both finals!

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>Alice Solo
Wait, you did all 24 Hard 1cc runs then?

>> No.17415668

This guy also cleared Extra with all the shot types, even Sakuya and Alice solo, the absolute madman.

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i would rather watch aikatsu

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the irony is that this thread so far and the last thread proved the complete opposite

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Have I ever told you how much I love SA?

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Now do it with Marisa.

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Is that sufficient?

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No. Be a man and pick that Patchouli.

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But she's too weak due to her anemia! Can't do shit with such a fatass!

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Yeah, finally.
Sakuya was very challenging, only 1 life left, on Final A.
Alice is surprisingly good for this Extra anon, you can end a lot of Mokou' spells fast since piercing means you deal damage to both phoenix and her, which means a lot of damage.

Guess this is when you gotta post progress

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Indeed. When people are saying that they love SA they should be honest and say "I love SA when I play as Reimu".

>> No.17415922

>chart shows I've already cleared SA with two of Marisa's shottypes
>"durrrrr, you don't like Marisa!"
I'm quoting you.
Seriously, I've tried but Marisa B is really weak.

>> No.17415952

Time for some more IN Lunatic 1cc's? well, at this point I think you have what it takes to even get those in more games.

>> No.17415972

Marichouli isn't that bad, it can make the stages hilariously easier (at least the early ones) and her Utsuho fight isn't to bad, you can even end her last spell kind of fast with water formation on.
For now I'll get less misses as Yuyuko vs Mokou. Might also get more NBs on that same stage with other shots and idk play some of the other games, that SA chart looks very empty

>> No.17415982

I've only played Normal for SA, but I found MarisaB the easiest Marisa to play as.
Do you prefer even Nitori over Patchouli?

>> No.17416008

にとり is actually pretty powerful all things considered and her bomb is defensive, which makes you able to do better in survival mode, but it's also very useful as a deathbomb because deathbombing does the bomb effect while keeping the shield on. And if you don't get hit, you recover power AND you can grab the spell card bonus.

Range aside, there's not a single wrong thing about Nitorisa.

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tfw shit at scarlet meister

>> No.17416120

so how do i change to play with numpad
im clicking ''custom'' file and dont see thingy to change

>> No.17416177

tfw shit at everything

>> No.17417193

>I'm quoting you
And where did I say that you greentexting homo. My point was you only need Patchy to fill that chart and there're not many people who plays Marisa in SA.

>> No.17417267

Strongest bomb in the game damage wise, and the only shot with a really solid spread at almost any power stage.

MarisaC was actually my first SA Extra clear and my first SA Lunatic 1cc. Her bomb is just that helpful, it makes up for her awful range and underwhelming power. It's actually kind of funny that the only major thing separating Marisa C from Solo Alice functionally is the bomb, and it makes a world of difference.

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tfw worse than shit

>> No.17417988

I know i should just stick to 1cc, after all it was SA normal i was talking about. Did you even mean to reply to me with this?

>> No.17418117

Doing Extra with all combinations ain't hard nigga. Regular runs are just boring outside of teams

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wow I didn't know people actually play these shitty games
I tried once and deleted it after a minute of gameplay
they're deathly boring and hard at the same time
what do you find so good about them?

>> No.17418297

Git gud or uninstall after trying. Once you get the ball going it feels good to be able to complete the games. Maybe though you're just larping since you decided to come here.

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dont suck ass then

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You don't change anything, it just works. Unless your keyboard is a piece of shit which outputs numrow 0-9 instead of numpad 0-9 when pressing keys on the numpad, in which case, please buy a keyboard that is not shit, preferably a Ducky or CM with reds or browns.

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What a loser.

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>what do you find so good about them?
>no reply
you're just pretentious faggots larping for internet points
I doubt anyone here actually likes touhou

>> No.17418500

I keep getting more convinced that weeabos have the reaction time of a snail

>> No.17418589

Seems like the "pacifying lunatic 1 year after starting playing" sperg is back but larping as someone who can't into the game. Maybe this time around he's baiting with the truth though

>> No.17418616

yeah undertale is better baka

>> No.17419168

.>>mods was i correct?

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why can't anyone explain what's so good about the games?

>> No.17419311

I find the games fun because I like to dodge bullets, and the music is pretty damn good.
You are not getting many serious answers because this thread isn't for shitposting.

>> No.17419322

Aesthetically pleasing for the most part, very thrilling, varied gameplay depending on the options you use, FUN WHEN YOU'RE GOOD. now get outtie my boardie.

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Because I always liked bullet hells/shoot em ups, the music is great and the characters are interesting, if you wanted answers then you shouldn't have acted like an idiot in the first place, now get out.

>> No.17419402 [DELETED] 

Talented egoists can use their scores in these games to dickwave and shit on others when posting as anonymous while at the same time cry about being shit and retarded on their Twitter or twitch stream to be humble. You get the best of both worlds this way, and you get your cock sucked by the same circlejerk of talented autists in both areas. You also get noticed by your favorite Japanese superplayers and get to feel like you are one of them when one of them gives you an おめでとう.

>> No.17419505

Pretty good gameplay and great music, The music sounds 10 times better in-game than just listening to it.

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+ nine fan games
i never tried to play on hard or lunatic, so i think it's time

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anyone has recommendation for non bullethell/danmaku touhou games? I've been playing touhou wandering souls and it was pretty good but I'm almost reaching 100% on it.

>> No.17419790

Someone should tell ZUN that another westerner is stealing assets.

>> No.17419802

Music's great, the atmosphere's great, the gameplay's very good compared to other bullet hells, and you can enjoy it even if you suck and play on easy.

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File: 526 KB, 395x549, TouhouLabyrinth2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's LoT 1 and 2 if you like playing rpgs.

>> No.17419823

This is an abomination

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File: 101 KB, 640x480, 2hou_ws2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the game is pretty old and so is Touhou Hisoutensoku, I doubt he would care. Also that's a free RPGmaker made game so I guess there is even less reasons to be upset about it. Did he get mad before because someone made some fanmade game?

>> No.17419835

is it? I quite liked it. What's wrong with it?

>> No.17419837

But some idiots have claimed that they can't release their fangames for free because "stolen assets".

>> No.17419856

Gensokyo no Nazo is a lot of fun if you enjoy games focused on exploration.

>> No.17419882
File: 138 KB, 457x645, 1473878434291.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not a big fan of that style of RPG but thanks for the suggestion!

Looks simple but I kinda liked it. Gonna give it a shot.

>> No.17419905

Gensou Shoujo Taisen is good, has some great music but the last one isn't translated yet.

>> No.17419923

Not using stolen assets in a game you release is a pretty fuckin basic principle, but far too much of western internet culture involving stuff like sprite ripping, game modifications, and using unsourced art/music they found for whatever they want, have internalized to people growing up with it that it's totally fine and dandy. I'd argue this has helped mentalities surrounding stuff like open-source development, but it still has lasting effects on the artistic side. Thinking about it in terms of "nobody will care" or "they won't do anything about it" is ultra cancer.

>> No.17419955

I didn't mean it like that, I'm sorry. Also it is sourced, as all assets used in the game are given credit in the end scenes. I don't think ZUN would care if some fan used some sprites in a free fan made game but again, I don't know ZUN personally and I might be completely wrong. I do understand your point that people should get permission to use some other people creation.

>> No.17420041

Why do I even keep playing those games?
There is clearly something wrong here. The games themselves have become a huge grind that at the end, it is just not worth doing so.
If it is for enjoyment then that's already ruled out. If it is for just showing off, well that also doesn't work, no one knows about those games in the normie masses, they barely get views on Twitch and if you wanna show off then you can try, bt everyone will just go smug about it or be condescending.
At the end, you just play the exact same stuff for hours and days only to say you 1cc'd/LNB/got xxx score, it's so fcking retarded.

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File: 311 KB, 501x599, LoT2_Chara_Kaguya_Stand.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

B-But it has smug looking 2hus.

>> No.17420136 [DELETED] 

The sooner you realize you don't have talent, the less regret you'll have when you finally quit.

>> No.17420153

It's almost as if you are always waiting for someone to show weakness to say something like this.
You might be right, though.

>> No.17420172
File: 22 KB, 458x456, 1500426150306.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it has smug looking 2hus.
nevermind, downloading it right now

>> No.17420189

Anon it's a free game, released for free.
Is it technically illegal? Yeah. Is ZUN going to do anything about it? Not unless you try to monetize it like an idiot.
I'll agree that using assets that don't belong to you is lazy and immoral, but at the end of the day nobody is going to care if some passion project that's being released for free is doing something like that, not unless they're a big company who's trying to protect their image or intellectual property, which they do certainly have the right to do mind you.

Now, admittedly, ZUN doesn't want fangames giving people the wrong idea about what Touhou is about, so he might care about the stolen assets, but it's still unlikely that he'd take any extreme actions against it, especially if the creator isn't advertising his creation.

>> No.17420269

I think the only touhou fangame he did something against was that smash bros fangame, which was well reasoned.

>> No.17420302

He's also taken down a mobile game, but that was once again for good reason.

>> No.17420323

Can someone give me a quick rundown on the smash game situation?

>> No.17420324

Yeah but the point is that ZUN doesn't discourage fangames unless they're really scummy or trying to monetize it.

>> No.17420381

Real quick, off the top of my head, please excuse the misuse of the quote function but it's quicker this way.
>Some team comes out of nowhere and claims to be working on a "Touhou Smash"
>Release some really early footage, it looks really rough but some people are excited.
>Bring the game to the first Western Touhou convention (a story in and of itself) and let people play it. It's very clearly in an early alpha state, but it looks and plays really poorly.
>They start talking with Nintendo reps, and are allowed to put their game on the Wii U and sell it there.
>Community tells them that this goes against ZUN's policies, but they ignore them (it's very possible at this point that they didn't actually know who ZUN was).
>ZUN's lawyer sends them a cease and desist.
>They get pissy, start to claim that ZUN doesn't have the right to do this, that they're being discriminated against as westerners, that Touhou belongs to everyone, and that they were going to take ZUN to court and that they could win.
>Ends with them basically trying to dox ZUN to make him look bad.
>They rebrand the project, put in their ocs, and continue making the game with their small band of blind loyalists.
Oh, and the cherry on top of it all was that they were using Sims models to make the 2hu models.

>> No.17420533

>Start playing PCB
>Beat it on run number 6
goddamn, it wasn't a 1cc, but if that's what it took to get to the end of the game, I should be able to 1cc it in a couple days.

>> No.17420659

Are you the DDC anon? how many continues did you used to complete PCB?

>> No.17420680

3, I would have done it in 2, but i wasn't prepared for that final spellcard, I thought I already won. Didn't lose any lives from the third one, though, so I figure my next run I might be able to do it using 1 or 2.

And yes.

>> No.17420889

>>ZUN's lawyer sends them a cease and desist.
This part is not exactly true. Rather, this group started a Kickstarter fund for their project, and TSA sent Kickstarter a copyright violation notice, so Kickstarter took it down and sent the team their own notice.
Let's also not forget they were deliberately obtuse in all this, pretending not to understand doujin guidelines, never answering questions directly but responding with tedious 15-minute videos.

>> No.17420981

I finally beat TD Extra 1cc with Reimu today.
Then I tried hard for the second time ever and 1cc'd it, and didn't die until the third-to-last spell card. How close am I to being able to do lunatic? I barely made it past stage 4 before running out of lives.

>> No.17421063
File: 160 KB, 300x360, 300px-LoT2_Chara_Yukari_Stand.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Godspeed anon.

>> No.17421464

>I don't think ZUN would care if some fan used some sprites in a free fan made game
It's actually a part of the Touhou derivative guidelines that you can't use ripped assets. Whether he reaaaally cares that much is another thing, but it's like explicitly not "allowed".

>but at the end of the day nobody is going to care if some passion project that's being released for free is doing something like that
This was my point of addressing western internet culture, because over here we've just become accustomed to people taking stuff for whatever project for the sake of having non-MSpaint content and expecting it to be fine because "nobody will do anything". On the japanese side this is not considered acceptable, especially amongst Touhou circles. We only don't see any of that because of the degree of separation.

>> No.17421503 [DELETED] 

Where can I get vpatch_th07.dll?

>> No.17421529


>> No.17421575 [DELETED] 

I'm sorry but I tried the download site but it has a bunch of dlls instead of th07.

>> No.17421585

sorry I'm retarded.

>> No.17421590
File: 43 KB, 850x462, __mononobe_no_futo_touhou_drawn_by_jeno__sample-a2284aadb41c0e3afd9de2d7b65ab608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Close enough to get the lunatic 1cc if you want to, just gotta create some more consistency for yourself and memorise some shit and you should be good to go (especially in TD).

Also, not dying all the way until Guze Flash is pretty amazing.

>> No.17421593
File: 2 KB, 320x151, error.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Every time I try to play MoF it gives me this error, what should I do?

>> No.17421605

Don't mess with names for the sake of an idiotic joke?

>> No.17421624

I didn't mess with any of the files.

>> No.17421640

You renamed the game to th_crap (haha funne) then created a link file of it and then you renamed it probably back to th_10 or whatever the fuck. Since your joke isn't even hard to fix, all you have to do is create a new link file and replace it with the old one.

>> No.17421650
File: 64 KB, 688x547, 1472641919250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Wandering Souls is a fan game based on Touhou Project. Since this game focuses way more on gameplay than story, you don't necessarily need to know anything about the Touhou universe to enjoy it.
Why would you make Touhou fangame that doesn't require from you to know anything about Touhou.

>> No.17421653

I didn't, actually, but there is a th_crap folder stuffed in with the rest of the game.

>> No.17421684

You are an idiot.

You're clicking the right shortcut to launch with the english patch, but the path isn't correct to find that file. If there actually is a thcrap_loader.exe in that folder, rename the folder to thcrap_brliron to see if it's set up properly.

>> No.17421836

I would say it's kinda like touhoumon in that matter, like you can play regardless of whether you know the game or not and (ill make an assumption it has at least some references to the main saga since i don't know the game) if you don't you will at least learn a bit about the game which is actually how i came to know plenty of stuff about touhou even before playing the originals.

>> No.17421840

Sounded like bait since there already has been a lot of it ITT but even then i gave him the solution regardless of whether he was going for a stupid joke or not.

>> No.17421898

That's the name of an automated translation patch for the game. I wonder how you'd never heard of it.

>> No.17421909

All the games i downloaded had the english patching file inside so i had to do it one for one for all of the games though i don't mind it. Only game where i had to download the english patch separately was TD.

>> No.17422039

>but even then i gave him the solution regardless of whether he was going for a stupid joke or not
you really didn't

>> No.17422186

>i wasn't prepared for that final spellcard
I don't blame you, it's really hard if you don't know how it works.
The most important tip to know is that the orange bullets that start to appear at about 75% HP are aimed at you. With this knowledge you can, with practice, consistently get to the phase where she also fires blue bullets at about 30% HP. From there, hopefully you have some resources left.
Whether or not you bomb the rest of the spellcard, be aware that the blue bullets also have a pattern to them.

>> No.17423041

Yes, but you also have to keep in mind that there's a difference in conduct between releasing something for profit, which is what a vast majority of circles do, and releasing something as freeware, which is what that one game is doing.

That aside, having tried the game myself, it really does just feel like on of those fangames that tosses in danmaku without considering how it affects the gameplay.

>> No.17423048

Stop using botnets.

Probably because it's garbage.

>> No.17423220

there's no .exe that has that name, there's a folder within the touhou 10 folder, though. Should I try running the exe in there?

>> No.17423225

I noticed it was easy to get barriers if I bombed in that spell card, so I think that I can probably get through it easily if I have resources, and if not, I can probably get through it after a few tries

>> No.17423344

That meme is really outdated, anon.

>> No.17423494

I misunderstood you, I thought you were talking about DDC's final spell card Hop O' My Thumb Seven.
I'm sorry, please do not apply what I said to Resurrection Butterfly, those bullets are not aimed.

>> No.17423640

Anyone tried the new Chinese fan game, how is it?

>> No.17423857

Yeah I hadn't noticed orange bullets during Resurrection Butterfly, so that got me worried.

I've gotten through DDC a few times, usually needing at least my second continue, Hop O' My Thumb Seven isn't even the spellcard I have trouble with on Shinmyoumaru.

>> No.17424163 [DELETED] 

Who are the most talented Touhou players in the west? Feel free to name drop, they are probably Twitter celebrities anyway.

>> No.17424182 [DELETED] 

Oparer, EricVanWilderman and Shotty to name a few

>> No.17424184 [DELETED] 

Me and you.

>> No.17424199 [DELETED] 

Hi, shotty.

>> No.17424294
File: 178 KB, 500x541, 1400279098011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've hit the point of complete stagnation where I just keep resetting practice runs after the first mistake despite them being practice runs. I feel like the blame goes to everyone calling PCB Alice an easy boss. I don't want to let anyone see I've repeatedly lost to an easy boss so I just keep resetting every time I get touched by her. I'm really thankful that PCB doesn't save spellcard statistics from runs in which you reset or I'd be so embarrassed that I'd have to delete my scorefile and start over.

>> No.17424313

Don't pay attention to cap rates anon

>> No.17424316

>being this worried
It's not like your runs are being televised, anon. No one's just perfect at something because it's easier than other bosses, you're still going to have to fight her enough times before you're perfect.

>> No.17424327

This. You could fail something 9 million out of 10 million times in the past, but if that's how long it takes to get consistently good at it, then your previous cap rate has no bearing on your current one. Hope that was inspiring.

>> No.17424328

I've gotten a NNN once actually, but my issue is I can't do it consistently.
But can't other players see my cap rate in replays if I decide to upload them? I don't want to finally achieve a 1cc and then get shitposted about because I died to Benevolent French Dolls H a million times. Sometimes I even lose to Letty and Chen.
EoSD felt a lot less stifling since it doesn't track your caps.

>> No.17424351

>I died to Benevolent French Dolls H a million times
Noone really gives a shit. The only thing that matter is 1cc.

>> No.17424354


It doesn't matter how trash you are in the past, as long as you can do it now.

I used to be nazi about cap rates until I realised that all it does is hamper your progress.

Even if someone feels the need to point and laugh at your cap rates, you can literally just say "I was experimenting with some trick/safespot/time out/ultra mod".

99% of people won't even look at it. If they're really that interested in your consistency they will just ask you what you think it is and pretty much never take the in-game capture history into consideration.

>> No.17424385

This, basically
If that makes you feel better, I died countless times trying to pass that Merlin spell.

>> No.17424569

>But can't other players see my cap rate in replays if I decide to upload them?
No, captures are in your scorefile, not the replays. They see their own caprates instead.

>> No.17424604 [DELETED] 

>talented west Touhou player
Pick one

>> No.17424973
File: 471 KB, 640x480, th7_ud0021 (PCB) Phantasm Clear - MarisaA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Man I love PCB and all the games with this engine, these feel so much better to handle.
Its been months since I last played Phantasm and I got this out of just trying to see how far I get, Yukari is so fun

>> No.17425091
File: 523 KB, 640x480, 2.721.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

2.721b! Really happy to have gone over 2.7b for the first time.

>> No.17425135 [DELETED] 



>> No.17425166

>Yes, but you also have to keep in mind that there's a difference in conduct between releasing something for profit, which is what a vast majority of circles do, and releasing something as freeware, which is what that one game is doing.
Absolutely, but to doujin circles the line between selling a work and giving a work for free is basically nonexistent exactly because the only functional difference is whether you've used assets that were permitted to be used but only in free products. It's already expected that you aren't releasing works with stolen assets at all, whether free or not.

>> No.17425540

Look, I'll level with you anon.
There are several "content" creators who have claimed to have made fan games. They have posted videos of these supposed games in action. They claim, however, that they can't release these games, even for free, because of "muh stolen assets".
Now, they are very likely full of shit, and are simply talented animators who are doing it for attention, but the fact that there might be games out there that are completely finished, but are not being distributed because someone is worried about stolen assets, those creators are the scum of the earth. Absolutely awful, immoral people, the worst wretches to crawl the earth. They deserve nothing more than a swift end.

>> No.17426457 [DELETED] 

Stop promoting yourself.

>> No.17426504 [DELETED] 

i wish i was this good ;_;

>> No.17426730
File: 13 KB, 400x1090, 1cc chart template ver 2-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone else can't play at all in the evening? I did yesterday in an attempt to clear SA but i kept dying even just against Parsee.

>> No.17426745

I'm the opposite, my best runs are at night or when other people are around. If I try to play on my own in the afternoon, I can't do shit.

>> No.17426771

I don't know, maybe im the one who is better off but i find the concept of playing games in the evening/night pretty comfy so i kinda wish i was good at playing in that time of the day even if that implied less time available for me each day to play.

>> No.17426772 [DELETED] 

That guy who got LoLK LNN is probably the best western player around.

>> No.17426860 [DELETED] 

Lets not start it again. Stop your fangirling.

>> No.17427207 [DELETED] 

fuck off yatsuzume

>> No.17427313 [DELETED] 

superplayer syaro

>> No.17427341 [DELETED] 

Maybe Jaimers?

>> No.17427499 [DELETED] 

Imagining chum's reaction to reading this is amusing

>> No.17427535 [DELETED] 

Kefit is better.

>> No.17427554 [DELETED] 
File: 11 KB, 225x200, 1475902276955.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the pep

>> No.17427555 [DELETED] 

Okay guys stop memeing, everyone knows that MaZe is the best in the west

>> No.17427801 [DELETED] 

He's barely decent if anything. I'm already reaching his skill levels and I recently started playing in Lunatic. Also he's a huge faggot that doesn't want to upload a video against Junko and he justifies his inability to do it by saying it's "a boring fight".
>dying at Pure Light of the Palm

>> No.17428038 [DELETED] 

Trips confirm. Is there anywhere where I can read MaZe's autism firsthand?

>> No.17428042 [DELETED] 

Real talk. Dxk is probably the best current player at the moment. Megapulse and Deplore are also pretty super as well. Vcz too if he still plays. And Everlasting seems to have really solid potential as well.

We used to have chum, but he like freaked out and ragequit the community for no reason. Syaro seemingly retired. And Cactu is an outdated meme who begs for dicksuckings on discord but hasn't actually made any decent progress in years (nor does anyone even expect him to).

I also like to think that Zeems has good potential too, as he seems to really be working his way up in UFO land. Looking forward to more from you.

>> No.17428143 [DELETED] 

There's also Kana, who's been pushing onwards in EoSD for a while and even passed the 600 benchmark a while ago. Morth is also a really respectable player who obtained multiple records in SA and a nice TD WR.

Zil was a thing once but he hasn't played in a while it seems. But in his day he did some really inspiring PoDD runs, surpassing really insane levels with Chiyuri and I think Mima too. I think there was also another guy who touched that PoDD boundary too.... kirby, was his name? There was also Minogame who had something going on in PCB once but he seems to stop every time he starts resulting in wasted potential, and nowadays he resorts to cheap attention grabs from his "LP series".

Oh, and don't forget Satis. He's a lot scarier and skillful than what meets the eye.

>> No.17428166 [DELETED] 

Someone made LNN of LoLK and it succesfully shit up 2 whole threads. Nice fucking job Yatz.

>> No.17428186 [DELETED] 

That's because Yats is basically the figurehead and representation of everything wrong with today's current Touhou generation.

>> No.17428223 [DELETED] 

What's wrong with today's current Touhou generation?

>> No.17428240 [DELETED] 

Yeah. Because current shit show definitely shows that older generation is full of mature gentlemen.

>> No.17428373 [DELETED] 


>> No.17428451 [DELETED] 

lots of screaming is how a regular player transforms into a super player

>> No.17428482
File: 370 KB, 540x720, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is really strange. I acquired a Touhou game by purchasing it and installed it through the CD. However when I try to run it it just gives the message "This program has stopped working." and quits. It works just fine when I copy the .exe from the "pirated" folder into the original install folder, despite them being the exact same size strange enough. My PC is Japanese local and I tried Windows XP service pack. I suppose it's more or less a non-issue as I can just use the other .exe but it still feels kind of wrong not to use the original despite having bought and installed it you know?

>> No.17428491 [DELETED] 

>I'm already reaching his skill levels and I recently started playing in Lunatic
no you aren't

>> No.17428527

did you know that doing EoSD LNB can cure depression?

>> No.17428587

did you know that playing IN Lunatic can induce depression?

>> No.17428600

Post the replay anon, I'm feeling like watching some.

>> No.17428704

Which game?

>> No.17428707


>> No.17428741

Somehow, I'm not surprised. You could try reinstalling it, but if that doesn't work, there's nothing wrong with using the .exe from the pirated copy. I mean, you're still using files from the original.

>> No.17428806 [DELETED] 

>not easily reaching the skill levels of someone who cheeses spell cards and stage portions whenever they can and does Lilies of Murderous Intent the pussy way
Yes, I am, normalfag.

>> No.17428870 [DELETED] 

30 minutes sepnt for a shit clear is not representative of skill level. Unless you're already at the point where you can shit out LNBs casually in <1 hour you're probably not close to his level. I know I thought I was a badass when I started doing lunatic 1ccs too

>> No.17428873 [DELETED] 


I love how you're basing all of this on a LNB he has done 2 years ago which was also one of the first LNBs of the game in the west (being a week after release).

Also, if you're that incredibly proud of doing different things on Junko than he does, I would like to see a replay of your LNB, now that LoLK has been fleshed out survival-wise much more than it was when Jaimers made his.

>> No.17428888

There is nothing remotely skillful about LNB clears. Nothing at all. Jaimer's expertise lies in his accomplishments in non-Touhou shmups. While you might think that he's relatively unskilled, that's only because you're looking at his Touhou achievements, which are pretty casual and far inferior to what he's actually capable of.

>> No.17428908 [DELETED] 

people in this thread are afraid that Yats might actually put some effort into a game one day and destroy their highscore

>> No.17428985 [DELETED] 

I'd be happy if he tried/did, all for the great spirit of competition!!

>> No.17429044 [DELETED] 

not worth the effort/dicksuck ratio

>> No.17429052

Jesus Christ so much ammo is wasted in these games.

>> No.17429067

It's mind ammo, they don't run out of it

>> No.17429068 [DELETED] 


>> No.17429084

yeah, that's why pacifist play is the pinnacle of touhou skill

>> No.17429118

What about Reisen's gun?

>> No.17429137 [DELETED] 

"LNB is a mark of mastery few can achieve for a reason."

>> No.17429179 [DELETED] 

i'm so untalented that even LNB took me a while

>> No.17429198

scoring is for autists

>> No.17429213

stg was made for autists

>> No.17429219

I bet these score clowns can't even LNN lolk. Until they prove otherwise scoring is invalid

>> No.17429286

She shoots suppositories.

>> No.17429472 [DELETED] 

Saw that old yakuza guy fingering up the 11yo at the desk playing this in that old divx video on limewire and it got all over her chin.

>> No.17429538

Who's the best character to use in PCB? I've been using Sakuya for no particular reason (Though after finding out what her A shot actually did, I stuck with it, and the extra bombs were a bonus.), but having used Marisa a couple of times, I notice she takes bosses down a lot more easily.

>> No.17429574 [DELETED] 

Quads of truth. No idea about the other games he plays but implying he's an expert west Touhou player is whack. Also, for some reason all other Jaimers posts got deleted, including mine. Did that pussy complain when being shat on?

>> No.17429576

It really depends on what kind of playstyle you have, though i recall Marisa B has the same bomb cheese as she has in EoSD. Personally I'm a Reimu B kinda a guy, so I'd favor her, mostly because she gets the easier stage 4, has pretty good spread, while also maintaining good damage on bosses in her focus.

>> No.17429587 [DELETED] 

Marisa only gets 2 bombs in PCB, so Sakuya is better for bombcheesing, especially SakuyaA of course.

>> No.17429595

>Who's the best character to use in PCB?
ReimuA, no ifs or buts about it.

Or it could be because this is the Touhou Gameplay Thread and not the E-Celeb Wanking Station.

>> No.17429597

Eh, I'd say Marisa bombs are overall better, but that might be a more personal preference. You don't need that many bombs imo, stage 1-3 you should be able to do mostly without bombs, and you'll have plenty of lives, and I find that Marisa can tear most spell cards using only one bomb, but that might be me.

>> No.17429599

Sakuya A's bombs seem to be a lot weaker than Master Spark is, though.

I'm starting to gravitate away from homing shots, as it's more fun to just dodge. I still kind of use them because I'm still bad at the series and it seems like an easier choice.

I'll try her next, anon.

>> No.17429605

ReimuB is forward focus anon, no homing shots there, where as ReimuA is all about homing.
It might have been a while since I've played but isn't ReimuA's shots really weak, like it takes her a lot longer to clear cards.

>> No.17429614

Yeah SakuyaAs bombs are weaker but you get literally twice as many and have a decently strong homing shot on top of it.
>isn't ReimuA's shots really weak
Yeah she's not really good at all except for the spam in stage 6.

>> No.17429627

I noticed, nearly had Cirno time out on me before I killed her, but that could be me being shit.

>> No.17429776

Thanks senpai, I will keep trying.

>> No.17429823

I would honestly say ReimuB. She's very balanced. Smallest hitbox, great damage unfocused and focused, and has a modest 3 bombs per life. Her unfocused speed is nice so if you want to unfocus for borders or cherry+ there isn't too much risk.

>> No.17429922 [DELETED] 

I still play regularly. Just not as much as I have work so I can't waste away the week playing 2hu. The reason I don't tweet about 2hu as much anymore is because there is only so much I can post before I ran out of things to say about the extra stage. I've explored it pretty extensively at this point and shared basically everything I know in some form or rather. The only things I could post at this point are practice PBs (which are rare) and an actual PB, which won't happen for a long time, I reckon.

>> No.17429940 [DELETED] 

>some form or rather

Meant to say "some form or other". Not sure if that makes more sense though lmao.

Anyway, I agree on dxk (or vcz) being the best active player currently. Chum still plays regularly but it's all DS so we have no comparison and can't say how good it is at all. No one knows anything about it. All I can say is that chum is still one of the best at least.

>> No.17429964 [DELETED] 
File: 873 KB, 700x1000, 57916490_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hi syaro

>> No.17430093

I've 1cc'd with every shot type and beaten extra+phantasm with almost every shot type and I have to say Sakuya A. Pretty good homing attack combined with 4 bombs can't be beat. Granted, her bombs really don't do much damage, but that's not the reason you should be bombing.

>> No.17430155 [DELETED] 

>Dxk is probably the best current player at the moment.
this is true

>> No.17430163 [DELETED] 

this is fake news

>> No.17430166 [DELETED] 

no its >>17429922 by a long shot

>> No.17430175
File: 165 KB, 850x1133, 1368055212384.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.17430190 [DELETED] 

who cares about IN extra, literally no japanese superplayer will bother with that shit

>> No.17430201 [DELETED] 

the jap superplayer with the eosd wr said that in extra player is GOD

>> No.17430206 [DELETED] 

he's just being polite because almost no western players manage to get wr

>> No.17430208

I'm just trying to make myself feel better for quitting.

don't give up on your dreams

>> No.17430214

Honest Man's Death more like Too Many Taps

>> No.17430225 [DELETED] 

unless you're >>17430166

>> No.17430232 [DELETED] 

you're correct though. If you can't manage an lnn after around 50 hours of play it's probably better to quit rather than face constant disappointment. talent is the only important factor, not "hard work"

>> No.17430235 [DELETED] 

in a category that no one bothers with. it's much easier to get wr if you don't actually have to compete with the best

>> No.17430238 [DELETED] 

dxk is literally japanese, he doesn't count as being a westerner

>> No.17430244 [DELETED] 
File: 254 KB, 700x861, sanae_dick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

During the WWII Pacific War the New Georgia Sound was known as "The Slot" by Allied combatants due to its geographical shape and the amount of warship traffic that traversed it. The Japanese naval efforts to resupply their garrison on Guadalcanal were referred to as the Tokyo Express. A large number of naval battles were fought in and around the sound during 1942 and 1943, between the Imperial Japanese Navy, and the allied forces of the United States Navy, Royal Australian Navy, and Royal New Zealand Navy.

>> No.17430248 [DELETED] 

this is also true

>> No.17430380 [DELETED] 

Talent is a meme, if someone gets good really fast they have a good routine or a background, not talent.

There's some physical factors that can theoretically throttle execution, and reaction time is of a slight importance, but these only start becoming relevant at an absurd level of execution, and don't have much to do with your rate of improvement.

TL;DR if you can't LNN and want to, consider practicing instead of shitposting on /jp/

>> No.17430414 [DELETED] 

reaction time XD

>> No.17430423 [DELETED] 

I said slight. The biggest mechanical difficulty in survival is reading speed and a slightly faster reaction time gets you a very slight head start on processing what the fuck is going on. Variation of reaction time in humans is pretty small anyways.

>> No.17430446 [DELETED] 

This is something only a talented person would say. Rate of improvement is talent based, and players can have a really low skill cap if born unlucky (the point where playing would not cause you to improve/improve extremely slowly).
Why do you think it took 50-150 hours for some to get their first LNN and 1000+ for some others?

>> No.17430456 [DELETED] 

Show me someone who got their first LNN in less than 100 hours of total shmup play.

>> No.17430465 [DELETED] 

>if someone gets good really fast they have a good routine or a background, not talent.
For games like STGs I can't really read this without feeling like this is supposed to be sarcasm. If you seriously think this, you're either talented or just new. Judging from >>17430423 I'd say the latter.

>> No.17430470 [DELETED] 

any jap
any talented westerner

>> No.17430508 [DELETED] 


>> No.17430540 [DELETED] 
File: 89 KB, 355x299, possibly the dumbest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guarantee you all of them have had over 100 hours of total shmup play. Reading is not a skill one starts off with.

I'm just really good at making retarded elaborations in the wrong areas. As for skill/talent, I started off playing like a pile of shit, advancing at the speed of my ass, and have just slowly and steadily improved, a bit faster lately due to more condensed practice. I see people with similar hours pulling higher achievements but they've also been challenging themselves more since the start, and challenge is the key to improvement.

Sure you might need good genetics to kill it on the trampoline or have the dexterity necessary to become a master violinist, but we're playing a game in which you press 4 buttons to move around through obstacles, you don't need anything absurd for that, just conditioning. As you use the pathways of your brain that do reading, they strengthen and you become better at reading. If you've never used them before they're not gonna be good, hence nobody LNNs in less than 100 hours of total shmup time. To get back on that, >>17430470 please show me someone with LNN, less than 100 hours, and not a bunch of hours in other shmups.

You insufferable fool, do you really think Yats just came out of nowhere and played only LoLK? He'd been playing for like 4 years before even getting TD LNNN.

>> No.17430550

I love circlejerking over "e-celebs" like /v/.
Let's namedrop more people and talk about their life instead of the game.
Fucking faggots

>> No.17430642 [DELETED] 

>even posts that add to the discussion are getting deleted
Including my GET one in spite of including relevant text. Really made me think. I knew /jp/was infested with autists just not faggots as well.

>> No.17430651 [DELETED] 

He definitely got TD in <100. The ``4 years'' doesn't mean shit when you play 2 credits. There's also one korean with <20 spell cap history (bms player) MoF LNN and another korean with <100 hours in ufo for 2.9b.

>> No.17430688 [DELETED] 

Yats got TD LNN whithin a week of playing, basically just a few hours of credits. He also got LNBs in a matter of hours before that, without having to practice anything and virtually no experience. No amount of bullshit you're going to come up with can disprove the simple fact that talent is the only thing that matters.

>> No.17430694

Jerking off your favorite e-celeb is not "relevant text".

>> No.17430707
File: 158 KB, 495x267, 993.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sure is strange. Was it always like that? I just started playing again after like two years of doing nothing and I'm happy about getting those normal clears on my first try, gonna try ramping up the difficulty. Most people here seem to concerned about LNN clears, e-celebs and genetics though. Makes one not even want to play the games huh?

>> No.17430719 [DELETED] 
File: 219 KB, 512x512, Reimugh 512.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Less than 100 in TD maybe, less than 100 in total absolutely not. He'd only have to play an average of 4 minutes per day to achieve that number rofl. Total Touhou hours are undoubtedly far far higher. First Korean guy might either be well-versed in shmupping in general, or tossed his scorefile at some point (scorefiles are not an absolute, keep that in mind as well). 100 hours is also more than enough to learn all the routing and tricks for UFO very thoroughly so provided you have very strong reading and movement going in, 2.9b is not at all unreasonable in 100h. And again, scorefiles are not an absolute.

It all comes down to background again. What I'm interested in, what I want to see, is this supposed mystical uber-talented superhuman who goes from never having touched a keyboard/controller to LNN in 100 hours, because this person does not exist.

TD LNN within a week of trying for LNN, having already LNBed and having had many hundreds of hours playing other touhou games. Of course you can casually shit out LNBs when you've got the proper background to do so.

This so-called "talent" is just skill amassed over time. Yats too started out struggling with Normal, and then struggling with Hard, and then struggling with Lunatic. I have no idea how you even manage to come up with this inane non-argument.

>> No.17430733 [DELETED] 

>having had many hundreds of hours playing other touhou games
this is such a lie and your entire argument is based on this

>> No.17430739 [DELETED] 

Even if he did have "many hundreds of hours" playing Normal mode (which he didn't) it still doesn't mean shit because you don't get better at Lunatic by playing normal mode. No, the fact is that he got to LNN level fucking instantly after he actually started to play seriously, and that's how it goes for most talented players. People who don't have talent have many more hours into these games than he does, and they'll probably never even reach the level he reached by playing for ~100 hours

>> No.17430747 [DELETED] 

why are you focusing on the 100 hours LNN point so much? The point was that people improve at different rates, and in certain cases it's quite noticeable.

I'm not going to throw out any names, but there are people who put a stupidly large amount of time into a category and still don't get very far. You can maybe say that they're not playing correctly, or they're stupid, or not trying hard enough, or whatever, but talent is definitely a factor. I know it's not a black and white issue, and hard work is absolutely important, but some people just get better faster.

>> No.17430786 [DELETED] 

>"many hundreds of hours" playing Normal mode

Don't misquote me on this. Going from Normal to Hard to Lunatic to LNB across all games takes its time.

Then prove that it is.

I am in a perhaps somewhat comically foolish manner still making an example of the initial 'first LNN in 50-150 hours of play' argument because that one was the most flagrantly incorrect.

Yes rate of improvement will vary somewhat from person to person, practice routine and effective time spendage matters a lot, but some brains are also just more stubborn or pliable. However, there is no aforementioned shmup ubermensch, nor is it impossible for some to get good. The argument of 'giving up because some talented person got LNN in 50 hours and you didn't xD' is absolutely ass-backwards retarded, and admitting defeat is the easiest way to kick your learning ability in the balls. Good mentality is a powerful asset.

>> No.17430791 [DELETED] 

It's impossible for me to get good because I'm human garbage.

>> No.17430808 [DELETED] 

>Good mentality is a powerful asset.

>> No.17430810 [DELETED] 

>Then prove that it is.
prove that it is? you're the one who said he had ``hundreds of hours'' before playing TD
anyway what you literally described is talent, but i wasnt saying not to try. just that difference in talent gives vastly different results over a medium/long period of time

>> No.17430847 [DELETED] 

This is the sort of thing that only talented players or really new players can genuinely believe. You know what creates a good mentality? Being good at the games to begin with. If you can actually see yourself improve over a short period of time, of course having a good mentality is simple. But it's just a byproduct of being good and has no bearing on your actual results.
Either way, you'll have to try and see for yourself. If you can spend a hundred hours in these games and not end up improving, you'll realize that you simply have no talent and no amount of "learning" will help.

>> No.17430860 [DELETED] 

I'm addressing talent as the 'impossible to get good because I don't have talons' meme. Having a somewhat taller mountain to climb is no excuse not to go for it anyways instead of whining about it. Focus on your personal accomplishment if seeing other human beings depresses you so much.

TD was literally his first touhou game back in the day so he's obviously played it plenty before outright going for LNNN. Signing up for TD Lunatic survival in a competition also heavily implies a large level of confidence in survival in that game so it's not like he randomly shat out LNNN instantly.

As for the hundreds of hours, I have no doubts about hundreds of hours before going for an LNN, because I have yet to see anyone get to that level or close to that level with less than at least a couple hundred. People like RB or DimentioK who near an LNN after a year and hours around the 500 mark are considered 'scarily fast', it is a simple fact of progression that getting there takes at least a certain amount of minimum time, and if it doesn't, then prove that. One instance of any person who goes from zero to hero in no-time. No background.

I struggled with Undertale on pacifist. I'll call you when I brickwall on lowmiss. Peace.

>> No.17430877 [DELETED] 

>I have no doubts
Just your opinion, my dude.
Also I just listened a korean player that has LNN with minimal playtime.

>> No.17430966 [DELETED] 

>Having a somewhat taller mountain to climb is no excuse not to go for it anyways instead of whining about it
you don't seem to get that it's not about the fact that you struggle more, it's the fact that it's simply impossible to become halfway decent at these games without some amount of talent. you can have hundreds of attempts on the green books in EoSD and still be just as shit at them as you were before you started practicing. reaching LNN level without some form of talent is impossible, unless you spam tens of thousands of runs and hope one of them is lucky enough to clear (which is meaningless anyway because you're still shit)

>> No.17430990 [DELETED] 

If you're "untalented", you are most likely just somewhat braindead. I recommend giving up.

>> No.17430995
File: 181 KB, 360x584, teammates_sucks_by_akihikohex.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there something more bullshit than Route B1 on GFW? That fucking last Star spellcard jesus christ

>> No.17431007

Restream with freezes, if she's not following you and you have no charge, misdirect it up against a wall and hope the way down doesn't look like cancer.

>> No.17431077 [DELETED] 

I hope you realize you fit into that category unless you have several WRs

>> No.17431095 [DELETED] 

>Good mentality is a powerful asset.
This is another idea that exists off of nothing but confirmation bias and should be buried, along with the retarded idea of "talent doesn't matter just practice better/play more xD." "Good mentality" is only reinforced when you're getting better. Once you find yourself playing for say a thousand hours and not seeing any improvement, then you'll realize mentality doesn't matter, and begin to stop caring about it. You'll have talented players use "good mentality" as a reason for why they got so 'gud,' along with other crap like "hard work and dedication," while omitting the most important one: "superior genetics."

Not only that, there are tons of players with outright shitty mentalities that get world record level scores with relatively little effort compared to others. In fact, you can find several high scoring players (both Japanese and Westerners) whining about being shit/talentless and thinking about suicide yet get a world record or whatever the next day.

>it impossible for some to get good
When the standard of good is set by the best players (or at least a level relative to the best), then yes it is. The best players are obviously going to be the most talented ones. The talentless ones drop off and cap out at some point. Sure, you can think of your LNB or LNN or whatever score and your skill as "good" in your mind because you're satisfied with it, but unless that score is actually good relative to whatever the record is, then it's not good. So talentless players will never actually be good on an objective scale (and when the metric is score, then objectivity is the only scale relevant).

It's fundamentally flawed to think that all humans are equal, and given identical circumstances, practice methods, practice times and mentalities, a group of people will produce the same results after a fixed period of time. Genetics are no doubt the biggest factor, and don't meme me with "superior shmup genes xDD" in an effort to pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. Stuff like coordination, mental malleability, learning disposition, etc is the determining factor of what will make someone good on an objective scale, especially evident when it comes to scoring.

>> No.17431101

I wasn't the one defending them, absolute retard.

>> No.17431118

What's NOT bullshit in GFW? It's just the A routes and the Extra (and even then, Extra has some spellcards that are fucking retarded).

>> No.17431183 [DELETED] 

If you're talented keep playing. If you aren't kill yourself

>> No.17431241 [DELETED] 

Follow your own advice and kys already

>> No.17431259 [DELETED] 


>> No.17431268 [DELETED] 

Make me nigger. The only one that needs to leave is the muh talent shitposter

>> No.17431269 [DELETED] 
File: 132 KB, 500x475, ff6479ac6655963ce63b1a3db2d1af4c937fae50.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If we can't WR in a week then we might as well die.

>> No.17431332

This thread is the fucking worst I've seen in a long time.

>> No.17431346

This is what happens when /v/ shows up to circlejerk about e-celebs.

>> No.17431399

In actuality /v/ Touhou/STG threads are more dead and imagedump focused, with no trace of e-celebs. They might surpass /jp/'s in quality even so.

>> No.17431487 [DELETED] 

They don't have any talent in posting, so they should just stop.

>> No.17431515 [DELETED] 

In any competitive game, whether it's sports, chess, literally anything, people acknowledge that talent plays a big part and most people will never be able to become champions. It's only with shmups that people get offended when you suggest that talent is the most important factor

>> No.17431547

Daily reminder that there is no real competition in Touhou and most "records" are shockingly mediocre, if not outright turds.

>> No.17431619

Says the person without one.

>> No.17431643 [DELETED] 

gus is the only western superplayer

>> No.17431749 [DELETED] 

So sorry your valuable discussion of legal issues behind some shitty 2hu fangame and 1cc chart posting was interrupted by discussion of players that push the boundaries of these games and the qualities that are attribute to such feats. Discussion of high level players in these threads (though still unwanted) has been around since 2010-2011, but you're too new to know that. Writing off stuff you don't like as "from /v/" is also a great form of escapism, so I hope that's at least making you feel better.

>> No.17431765 [DELETED] 

chum boobie

>> No.17431811
File: 138 KB, 350x350, tmp_13065-Naamloos-21432514146.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This thread has been more like a raid of people from 2 different sides that aren't even sides insulting each other and headbutting each other with "he's the best!" "no HE is the best" "survivalfags have no talent" "bombing in predetermined parts of a stage takes no skill"
Get out of my board filthy b-tier "competitive" pride defenders.

>> No.17431937 [DELETED] 
File: 456 KB, 626x1252, 1469592921552.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It's Dutch
Gee, I wonder who this is?

>> No.17432158

>have already cleared SA on hard many times
>can't defeat Kaguya on Hard
Shit man.

>> No.17432221

The games change a lot with their difficulty. Ive heard of people having a hard time with cirno's icicle fall on hard/lunatic while on easy it even has a safespot.

>> No.17432284
File: 432 KB, 641x480, hard 1CC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't see what your poor example has to do with mine but there it is. 1st IN Hard 1CC.

>> No.17432290

I remember something about a key you press in EoSD to retry without pausing, quitting and using the menu. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I remember devs usually put these things so they have an easier time while testing. Google doesn't give me anything.

>> No.17432295

Ok yeah it was a shitty example, but it is true that each game's difficulty level ramps up the actual difficulty differently. And congrats.

>> No.17432324 [DELETED] 

What bullshit am I reading? Do some people really think the ones who got LNNs did it in a less than hundred hours? I myself watched Yatsuzume's stream and he himself said he had been playing touhou for thousands of hours in the same stream he got his LNN. Where do these shitposting retards come from?

>> No.17432350

How the fuck does HM and ULiL work? Where is moves description screen? I just keep mashing buttons and different things happen with the same buttons. Where is the manual? IaMP was so fucking easier to learn than these.

>> No.17432481 [DELETED] 

nice bait

>> No.17432529 [DELETED] 

What bait? Are you retarded?

>> No.17432859 [DELETED] 

He said "around a thousand" iirc which is not a lot considering he has like 5 LNNs including lolk. Most people wont even have an LNN if they play for 1000 hours

>> No.17432884 [DELETED] 

Most people (in my personal experience) get their first lunatic 1cc after playing about 100 hours, so I think you're full of shit. You can do wonders in 1000 hours, which he ultimately did. It just depends on how long you keep being interested and not quit.

>> No.17432888 [DELETED] 


>> No.17432958 [DELETED] 

Getting your first lunatic 1cc doesn't mean anything, what matters is what skill level you hit before you hit a wall. Talented people keep getting better as long as they keep playing, while people with no talent hit a brickwall sooner or later.

>> No.17432994 [DELETED] 

That just means you're doing it the stupid way, doing the same thing again and again and expect different results. You have to account for human limitations while routing the spell card you have most difficulty with. People who keep harping 'talent' are just stupid.

>> No.17433008 [DELETED] 

The difficulty of these games has nothing to do with routing. I'm talking about things like the green books in EoSD, killing doll, scarlet gensokyo, etc. Being consistent at these things has nothing to do with planning or strategy. Ultimately it doesn't matter what you try if you don't have the sheer dexterity required to become consistent.

>> No.17433018 [DELETED] 

>being consistent at rng
just look at any western 'superplayer' of your liking practicing books and see how many times he dies. These just more or less depend on your luck, no one in the world is consistent at books and scarlet gensokyo.

>> No.17433035 [DELETED] 

You're showing how little you know. Japanese players like soc or izumico are very strong at books and scarlet gensokyo (soc has like 60-70% cap rate on books for example). It's only "luck" if your skill level is too low. For a lot of people, reaching that high of a skill level is impossible, no matter how long you play.

>> No.17433097 [DELETED] 

>japanese players
So you're already comparing to people who have been playing Stgs since birth? They are just grown up in that kind of environment, add to that the massive autism and you get players like soc and izumico. Its not saying much.

>> No.17433110 [DELETED] 

Then you still have western players who reach 50% consistency on books and gensokyo. That's pretty much the bare minimum to consider going for LNN. Also, not every strong japanese player has been "playing STGs since birth", some of them are in fact relatively new to the genre. You're simply making assumptions because you think that everyone who plays these games has magically equal chances of becoming good

>> No.17433122 [DELETED] 

I dont really know anyone who practiced for as long as the ones who are semi consistent (50% is not consistent) and still arent at a good level. Did you?

>> No.17433137 [DELETED] 

You don't know about them because they will not advertise it. Imagine anyone proudly saying that they practiced books for months on end and still only reach about 20% cap rate (which isn't even as easy as it sounds, trust me). You mostly hear about the talented players who reach at least 50% and manage to get an LNN.

>> No.17433146 [DELETED] 
File: 287 KB, 1540x1482, 1499671192156.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So you lack proof?

>> No.17433151 [DELETED] 

Hello. I practiced books for some months and reached a score of 14/50, where's my medal of honor?

>> No.17433165 [DELETED] 

>its only luck if your skill level is too low
Then why do superplayers keep talking about how lucky they were after an rng section. Heck even Yats said he was lucky at rain and lillies and wasnt expecting to get it so soon

>> No.17433171 [DELETED] 

Is that your pb or your average across all sets? Either way time will tell whether or not you're allowed to progress past that point I suppose

>> No.17433177 [DELETED] 

Best, average in the 10/50 range.

>> No.17433188 [DELETED] 

Because luck always plays a factor, however skill is definitely the most significant one. Sure, you are "lucky" if you get past a section you are 80% consistent on, but not as lucky as someone who has 10% consistency on it.

>> No.17433192 [DELETED] 

Well I hope you're talented and will be allowed to reach 25-30 one day

>> No.17433198 [DELETED] 

I thought you were talking about superplayers? Why mention Yatsuzume then?

>> No.17433203 [DELETED] 

Skill mostly depends on how long you have played the specific thing till you get the most optimum path most suitable to you, and it ultimately boils down to how long you've played the game, with some smartness mixed in. You just dont have to be an autist with ultra delayed reaction times.

>> No.17433209 [DELETED] 

Because he is? When didnt I say he wasnt? I just dont think he's the best western superplayer, and not even close.

>> No.17433212 [DELETED] 

What if you have ultra delayed reaction times then? You just admitted that not all players are equal and genetics play a significant factor. Also, you might be that autist who can't even reach 80% consistency to a very skilled player

>> No.17433227 [DELETED] 

Genetics dont play a significant factor, they play a minor factor. By autist I meant literal autist, the kind that require special supervision.

>> No.17433237 [DELETED] 

i probably am that kind of autist since I'd probably require special superivision to reach 50% cap rate on books in my lifetime

>> No.17433243 [DELETED] 

That's what I'm saying. He has 0 scores. Nothing super about that. He is certainly very good but calling a survival player "superplayer" just makes the word worth even less than it already is.

>> No.17433305

Just get this raided thread over so we can have a new normal one. Id much rather see people patting each other on the back over miniscule achievements than people shilling scoreruns/lnn like the game is divided straight in 2 which it isn't.

>> No.17433308

Is ZUN a superplayer?

>> No.17433315

Hello answer me pls

>> No.17433316 [DELETED] 

So is a player with one score and no LNN more of a "superplayer" than one with no score and one LNN?

>> No.17433320

ZUN has autism according to this thread since it took him 4000 attempts to cap PDH

>> No.17433324 [DELETED] 

LoLK LNN is probably more impressive than the current IN Extra WR.

>> No.17433341 [DELETED] 

Depends on the score. There are players with 6b in IN and no LNN. Honestly, would you consider the one with the IN LNN more 'super' than the one with the 6b?

>> No.17433342 [DELETED] 

It all depends on context, what score and what LNN can make the difference

>> No.17433343 [DELETED] 

It depends on the score but if it's a good one, yes.

Hard to say accurately but possibly yes.

>> No.17433365 [DELETED] 

IN Extra WR is just a glorified ExNNFS anyway (^:

>> No.17433497

1. Don't give up!
2. Stop greentexting.

>> No.17433504 [DELETED] 

>my board
Cute. Epic reaction image my bro. How about you post some of your scores hot shot. If you can't get at least 90% of a world record you shouldn't be allowed to post in these threads, but too bad the janitor that think he's doing a good job policing these threads when he doesn't even play these games.

>> No.17433564

Does you screen has black bar on the bottom in the modern games? Initially my laptop gpu had setting which didnt stretch the resolution to fit the screen, after I changed that the older games are stretched completely, but the modern games have a black bar on bottom.

>> No.17433570

No, it doesn't. Something funky is probably going on with your driver settings.

>> No.17433576

>can 1cc LoLK normal and get to stage 4-5 without continues on Hard EoSD and SA
>still haven't 1cced TD normal
What's wrong with me jaypee?

>> No.17433583 [DELETED] 

You need talent to be a janitor.

>> No.17433591

I know exactly one other guy who thinks TD is hard and isn't a shitter. Use trance instead of bombing and if you don't need it use it for doubling green and purple spirits.

>> No.17433634 [DELETED] 

Yeah call out the "get out of my board" while you show you're exactly what you're being called. I bet you're all "oh i got him with that one" in your head too. Don't worry about the gist of the message, that's irrelevant, just call out the reaction pic instead. Seriously that message killed 2 birds with one rock, you fell for a thing that is there to bait you and miss the point AND you exposed yourself with a salty post that just shows you really are just defending your own pride.

>> No.17433898

If you pause and press R, the run resets without you having to fiddle around the menu. This could be what you're talking about, though it's not the case in EoSD, it's only for PoFV onwards (and for MoF onwards, if you press Q while paused, the game will kick you out to the main menu which can be handy).

>> No.17434007

It's PCB onwards for Esc-R, and every game since EoSD has Esc-Q, what are you even.

>> No.17434028

esc-Q is in podd

>> No.17434031

Because TD gives you little resources.
If you can do all that and you are having that kind of problem then your playstyle is probably very cheesy.

>> No.17434062
File: 41 KB, 1011x643, 1500028653765.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess double-checking before posting would have been a good idea. Sorry guys.

>> No.17434734

I've heard ZUN tweaks the games until he can just barely LNB them. So if you can get LNBs, you're as good as ZUN, and if you can get LNNs, you're much better.

>> No.17434903

I don't think he LNB'd many games actually. I've only heard he did SA once to prove a point, not sure about the rest

>> No.17435172

I guess I feel better about my scrub 300 tries on this without capturing it.

>> No.17435661
File: 85 KB, 246x246, 1392877303343.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I reached Okuu (Normal dif) for the first time today, got to her final spell and lost, I just need a good fight against Orin...

>> No.17435712
File: 402 KB, 730x780, Kagerou disgust.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stage 4 seems to be the hardest part of PCB. Not even the boss, just the stage. I almost always lose a full continue there, if I could just nm that shit, I could probably 1cc this game. I'm still under 20 runs of this game so it's not quite a wall yet, but goddamn if it's not the most frustrating level I've ever played. Should I keep running the gauntlet or actually watch someone else's playthrough and take hints?

>> No.17435790

That stage can be routed so looking at someone's else replay should be of great help and something you should have done the moment you realized the importance of performing well on that stage.

>> No.17435817

It's just streaming anon, I always complete that stage the same way with every character, search for a no miss replay. Also remember to practice Youmu's non spells in Stage 5.

>> No.17435911 [DELETED] 
File: 177 KB, 292x366, niggy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hello janitor.

>> No.17435971

It seems like a retarded argument. Obviously playing for score is going to demand more skill, especially since it's a riskier playstyle, but if LNBs required no skill at all, any rando could do it within a week from having not played any touhou games at all.

>> No.17436382

Yeah that's probably her hardest spell, even harder than fixed star, i managed to go against her with 3 lives and won after spamming bombs and losing one life

>> No.17436406

But FS isn't hard at all. Even without the safespot you can become super consistent at it.
It has all the cool points though, I love that card

>> No.17436457

Maybe i do it inefficiently by going up and down but i find going through the little bullets to crawl between the artificial suns kinda hard.

>> No.17436506

>Maybe i do it inefficiently by going up and down
Yes, you do.

>> No.17437180

>Been trying to perfect DDC's extra for a while now
>Unable to do consistently for some reason
>The first couple of tries go great, then I can't tell why but my eyes get extremely sensitive and getting a remarkable run takes a hella lot of tries
>Finally realize it's the shitty "ebin thunderstorm effects" at the beginning of the stage
Man I love ZUN but what the hell was he thinking? As if the bullets on the stage aren't bright enough already
The worst part is I couldn't even tell what he was aiming for with that, not until after giving it some thought
The man sure has some idiotic ideas at times. Not even LoLK's extra blinding flash before Doremy is this bad

>> No.17437208

put your monitor at a less autistic brightness

>> No.17437293

It's properly balanced already, any darker messes with the less bright colors. It's the constant flashing what messes with the resistance in my eyes.

>> No.17437361

LoLK LNN because I can't get enough of LoLK's ost

>> No.17437387

I'll never understand the stigma against Nitori in SA. Counting unfocused Alice, Nitori is the second-highest dps shottype in the game, but that doesn't include the dozen+ REALLY WIERD situations you can get in to have higher dps, like Patchouli wood but only at 3 power and only standing behind the boss, or Aya full power but only when you're inside the boss, meaning only when you're bombing.

But everyone seems to think Nitori has weak dps in SA for some reason.

>> No.17437417

>You renamed the game to th_crap (haha funne)
There's nothing funny about the Community Reliant Automatic Patcher.

>> No.17437426

If you can't get over being super autistic about cap rates, just ignore them for now and get good at the game, then do a fresh install of the game so there's no records of the numerous capture fails.
Then people will be amazed at your 12/12 Alice card caps.

>> No.17437438

Get good at Trance, that's really all there is to it.
You get less resources because the game expects you to "abuse" Trance at least a little bit.

>> No.17437608

Well I got to her with 3 lives, but died stupidly to some spells which I didn't even remember she had since it was a long time ago when I last fought against her (on easy)

>> No.17438175

Im trying to record my game using OBS, the problem is it works fine with MoF onwards, but is pitch black for PCB to PoFV, and maybe even EoSD but I havent tried that. Can anyone help me fix this?

>> No.17438243

Screen capture for pre-MoF instead of game capture works.

>> No.17438298

Well my window capture just outputs the folder explorer even when I select the game window in it, and monitor capture doesnt output anything other than black screen. Im using classic OBS since the new version apparently dont work for my set up, and say something along the lines of check your NVENC and AMD settings, even when I have a pretty decent set up.

>> No.17438336

I want /v/ to leave

>> No.17438415 [DELETED] 
File: 134 KB, 292x366, negri.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hello janiturd

>> No.17438473 [DELETED] 

baste niggy

>> No.17439437
File: 332 KB, 640x480, bubble attack.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How are you supposed to deal with the part in Remilia's 4th nonspell where she shoots rings of really fast red bubbles? Is there some sort of streaming technique, or do you just need crackerjack reflexes?

>> No.17439447

/v/ here, we're not allowed to discuss Touhou there. The posters will tell us to go to /jp/ and the janitor will delete the thread

>> No.17439477

You can stream them. Move together with the audio cue when she fires them.

>> No.17439481
File: 547 KB, 640x480, its actually 6 loses, game stops counting after 5 it seems.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please somebody stop her, this has happened twice already ;_;
Get into a lane and stream it.

>> No.17439531

Or just ATATATATATA the left or right arrow, works too

>> No.17439673 [DELETED] 

Why does the janitor keep selectively deleting posts with on opinions he doesn't like. Also I'm tired of having to post from my phone. So stop that.

>> No.17439747

Reimu is the best

>> No.17439992

Needle Reimu for life.

>> No.17440084

Why is Princess Undine so hard? Patchouli's other spellcards are nowhere near as hard as her first one as ReimuB.

>> No.17440314

I'm not sure if I believe this. In any case, please stop shitposting like you're on /v/ when you're not. I've said this before, but I welcome some fresh blood into /jp/. But only if the new dudes abide by the current culture. /jp/ has a distinctly different posting style than all of the other 4chan boards and if you're not willing to preserve and follow that style then you can get the hell out. Otherwise, enjoy your stay, and take it easy.

>> No.17440337

>I'm not sure if I believe this
Believe. /v/ can't have 2hu threads, don't blame the few /v/ people that actually care for playing the games and come here for doing so.
But yeah, try to accommodate to how this place works.
Also those threads have been made by /v/ for a long while now, I don't know why complain now and if you need to call out shitposting just call it that.

>> No.17440620
File: 112 KB, 685x600, 1354274223824.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>/v/ can't have 2hu threads
Alright I checked your archive and explain this then. So stop please lying and depart.


>> No.17440953
File: 1.80 MB, 3200x2368, IMG_20170807_224910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've beaten her first time tonight and three times now but when I try as reimu A I'm not as good lol

>> No.17441127

Does anyone have a problem with input lag in MoF? For some reason whenever I play it too long, the controls become less responsive. It fucking pisses me off, because it completely fucks over any chance of a 1cc.

>> No.17441131

>fresh blood
Ah yes, gotta love when autists feed on others' autism.

>> No.17441133

1 good thread in like years, cool.

>> No.17441145
File: 54 KB, 213x260, 1343091094415.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's been a while since I've been to /v/, is it as consistently terrible as those two threads?

>> No.17441157

>is it as consistently terrible as those two threads?
No. It's worse.
It's like 40% waifufags dumping pictures and 40% of drama arround common shitposters.
The other 20% is a mix between gameplay and 2007 memes.
Oh and you can't disscuss gameplay about Hisoutensoku because for some reason some people get really butthurt about that game.

>> No.17441160

They have decent memes but the discussion threads are shit.

>> No.17441166

>Oh and you can't disscuss gameplay about Hisoutensoku because for some reason some people get really butthurt about that game
Sadly ive seen people get butthurt here too, plus even when thats not happening no one seems interested. It's a pity because i believe soku and hiso have way better mechanics than the new fighting games.

>> No.17441730

Don't ever try to talk about Soku, they go into a shitposting frenzy.

>> No.17442656

What are are the flurries floating around in Stage 1 of IN supposed to be? Fireflies?

>> No.17442703
File: 258 KB, 987x531, 1483357441925.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hope you're ready to get those parallels endings.

>> No.17442788

>It's a pity because i believe soku and hiso have way better mechanics than the new fighting games.
You have to go back.

>> No.17443177

Hey it's not my fault they're better, sometimes old games beat their successors.

>> No.17443297



>> No.17443362

Maybe that's because these threads are oriented to the danmaku games hmm

>> No.17443375

They pick it all up after

>> No.17443382

I''d be fucking happy to go back to /v/. You /jp/fags are so pretentious. You get one little opinion that you don't agree with and you bitch and moan because it's not your "superior" taste and the poster isn't sucking your cock dry. Fuck you guys, you're second worst, only to /a/

>> No.17443741

>implying you will actually convince someone and aren't just pointlessly insulting each other

>> No.17443875

>subterranean sun
It's the only spell that I can capture pretty consistently, even on hard (Fixed Star doesn't count because safespot). Her hardest spell is Hell's Tokamak by far, it's claustrophobic as fuck and it fucks with my mind.
I've actually managed to capture all of her spells in normal EXCEPT Heaven and Hell Meltdown and I don't think I'll capture it any time soon. This spell makes me completely panic.

>> No.17443896

It's not about being pretentious, it's about blatantly shitposting all the opinions you don't like off the board.

>> No.17444047

just do tiny circle movements

>> No.17444105

I tried this too but the spell fucks with my hand-eye coordination and it goes on for too long.

>> No.17444150

On normal i personally manage to sneak through the bullets when they meet at the same latitude of the screen, and i can most of the time cap the spell like that.

>> No.17444219

/jp/ BTFO in one post. How will they recover?

>> No.17444398

I finally got another chance to sit down and play for a while, and wow, Reimu B really is the shit. I'm going to stick with her for a while.

>> No.17444409

I've grown kinda addicted to Heian Alien. That track really has so many different feelings to it, it's probably one of the best Extra Boss themes.

>> No.17444443

I've really come to love futatsuiwa from sado myself, it's probably my favorite underrated extra boss theme.

>> No.17445426

I want to practice Aunn's nons so I can get some early practice for LNBNR. Is there a spoileral thing for HSiFS trial? I just need a time freeze or a stage practice.
Or I guess I could just wait.

>> No.17445674
File: 434 KB, 376x200, 1485394971449.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I finally have all the hard 1cc for PoFV!!!

>> No.17446229

Why is UFO so fucking hard holy shit.
I have never had so much trouble in Stage 5 before. The stage was absolutely insane and Narzin's RNG bullshit doesn't help either.
I don't think there is any stage 5 as hard as UFO's except for LoLK because it's different.

>> No.17446373

I really can't get over the boring beginning. But I didn't like Hartmann's Youkai Girl either before I listened to it completely.

>> No.17446947

I'd like to apologize for deriding Marisa-Nitori as a shottype. She truly is fantastic for bosses. She's also very well-suited for Utsuho, I can deploy the shield in advance and stop fearing the bullets and all those clipdeath spell cards become so much easier.
Nitori is the first shottype I managed to beat Utsuho on a continue with, and that's not because I've gotten all that much better.
1cc soon.

>> No.17447611


Now attempt it on lunatic, it's like getting your balls busted.

>> No.17447801

Lunatic is very fun in PoFV, I'm confident on getting that

>> No.17447857

I attempted lunatic a few weeks ago with cirno and got shikieiki down to half life before dying.

It's definitely doable with Aya and Medicine though.

>> No.17448638

my best ez 1ccs average fps is 137.444
you guys think im ready to move onto normal yet or should i reach 150 first?

>> No.17448733

you haven't 1cc'd normal at all?

>> No.17448767

Is there really any point to beating a game with more than one character?

>> No.17448800

bragging rights.

>> No.17448923

Maybe you find it fun.

>> No.17448998

You get to see their endings

>> No.17449457

I've got a couple questions about PoFV. Since staying unfocused makes more fairies spawn, does it mean staying focused makes more spirits come to you/appear on your side? And, is graze even a thing here or is it completely absent ?

>> No.17449479

I've also been having trouble with PoFV and hadn't noticed it. i feel like I'm missing a trick somehow past "shoot spirits and wait for AI to fuck up."

>> No.17449600

Whats the secret to beating Reimu in IN? besides Duplex Barrier and Duplex Danmaku Barrier her spellcards and normal patterns either force me to bomb or take a life from surprise.

>> No.17449701
File: 52 KB, 481x337, 1377032355548.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I just got my first 1cc of any game on Hard (was PCB) and it feels really good

>> No.17449719
File: 409 KB, 498x366, congraulations.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17449854

What's the best game for getting better?

>> No.17449950
File: 69 KB, 861x918, 1499646430338.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw close enough to a 1cc that I can reasonably reach it soon if i get enough time to play.

I'm coming for Yuyuko's ass.

>> No.17450001

Your favorite

>> No.17450004

>I'm coming for Yuyuko's ass.
I'm sorry, what?

>> No.17450246
File: 320 KB, 500x362, N6WnRtn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


YESSS FINALLY HAHA, this is my victory run against Raiko! Say something nice to it!

Please watch it and tell me what spell cards you think I did best. Also le ebin Alternate Sticking dodges

>> No.17450980

>Game: Ten Desires - Extra
Huh? Regardless, renaming it is an easy fix.
Land Percuss is awful and hurts me, great job on that one. Overly bright bullets such as on Alternate Sticking are also one of the worst ideas ZUN had for DDC, having to do practice that spell until NMNB is something I don't envy.
I also like that you took the time to collect items, your bonuses were on point and you have a good feel for where the poc is.

>> No.17451583

Keep it up anon, I'm rooting for ya.

>> No.17451879
File: 1.33 MB, 1950x1311, 1480799987781.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do you get lives in Highly Responsive to Prayers? I watched a lunatic 1cc and he gets 1 or 2 lives every time he bombs, but when I try it I don't get any.

>> No.17452784

>Game: Ten Desires - Extra
That page is old and unmaintained. People have to use TD to upload replays for the newer games.

>> No.17454163

Or you know, use the page that was made for the new games http://threplays.appspot.com/replays

>> No.17454327

I think it has to do with the fact that they haven't developed a replay engine for that page for games after TD.
I actually had to learn the harsh way how unforgiving the hitbox of the light orbs is during Den-Den Daiko.
Thanks anon! You have no idea how satisfying is to get that feedback actually since I highly dislike the scoring resource system in this game, there were many times in which I failed to go above POC several times and it costed me at least one bonus. Had I finished the Tsukumo sisters faster and not missed the bomb piece thanks to the laser in Den-Den Daiko I would have finished with full resources, but I was pretty close regardless. Thank you for watching!

On that note, I went for Mamizou this morning and stupidly missed Danmaku in Ten Transformations, after being forever stuck not capturing Full Moon Pompokolin and getting a replay before that where it's the only spell card I miss. Ah well, I shall get to it one of these days!

>> No.17454769

She looks like a penis

>> No.17454778

Curvy lasers gone curve

>> No.17456116

HFiFS gonna be shit

>> No.17456812
File: 118 KB, 485x500, 1465766544964.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17457726

i don't know do the past 10 years not tell you anything?

>> No.17458669

Is it normal for the Prismriver sisters to switch in PCB Hard?
I think that doesn't happen in Normal mode.

>> No.17458794

During spellcards where all 3 sisters are active, the sister you do the most damage to during the spellcard will be the active sister for the next non-spell phase on every difficulty.

>> No.17458794,1 [INTERNAL] 

Does anyone have the saved video of his breaking down once he got the LNB?