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Alice's Prozac prescription just came in!

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It's okay Alice I take Prozac too.

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aww crap I shoulda sent her the vicodin!

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these medicines are too expensive for someone who can't work because of massive depression
thankfully, we have alternative medicine!

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Alice should be smart enough not to take that sort of pill. Of course, depending on how long she's been on them, she probably isn't anymore.

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The pharmaceutical jew has no made it into Gensokyo。

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Speaking of drugs, does anyone have that non-h doujin where marisa goes apeshit?

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But did you really have to say that?

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Honestly, I don't find that it helps much, if at all. I haven't even been taking it long.

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I wanted to take antidepressants but my mother wouldn't let me. I heard some bad things later about them though so that's okay I guess. I can't find the pills picture from this artist.

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Try Wellbutrin, it's non-addictive!

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This might not be the best quality

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So the butterfly dream pill is aeuphemism?

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SSRIs kill your brains, anon

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Guys here me out for a sec.
Luvox and xanax.

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Bupropion worked really well, except I got like 4 seizures while on it. I'm back to venlafaxine now.

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Start drinking.

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I'm on venlafaxine too.
It's ok I guess.

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Wow, that sucks. Are you seizure prone? I take it plus Lamotrigine, which is an anticonvulsant, the combination works (kinda).

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Your mom's right. Antidepressants are not a solution. SSRIs turn off your emotions entirely.
The only reason anyone should get on them is to get the motivation to solve the problem causing their depression.
If you can't solve it by yourself, don't bother taking them.