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ITT: We discuss onaholes, dolls, and every thing else we stick our junk into because using just your hand is for peasants.

The guide: http://pastebin.com/hwhGL66a

Read the guide, use the archive, don't shitpost. Follow global and local rules. Don't reply, report and ignore instead.

Length, girth, budget and location are important in determining your next best course of action!

Use the chat for small questions and try to extend the life of the thread.

Please refrain from creating new threads till page 10.

Onahole Chat:

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Two new holes, two prostate vibrators, 2 bottles of lube.
Good haul for today.

The only downside is that yen course was friendlier last month, i should have been less lazy with ordering.

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>Move to Japan
>Already spent $300 on sex toys in my first week
Uterus red even though it got 5 star rating on onahodouga is shit. Thing is tight as fuck and a nightmare to clean.

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After about 4 months of having my lolinco virgo (my first onahole), the inner ring is split and also the inside started feeling really abrasive for some reason. Maybe it tore on the inside or it has mold or something. I'm sure you guys will just say it's black mold and I have cancerous AIDS ebola no matter what but maybe someone more experienced than me might know. Either way, I think it's safe to say it's out of commission. It was 50 bucks well spent, though, so now I'm looking to buy a second. I'm really tempted to buy just another lolinco virgo because I enjoyed it that much, but I'm curious what you guys might suggest as a second hole because I know a lot of people have the lolinco as a first. I wanna stick with loli holes because lolis are what do it for me.

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What about that witch onahole?

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>Get mildly interested in onaholes from an anon on another board
>Come here and check the guide
>Start reading through it attentively, then realize how long it is and brain clicks off a bit
>Start skimming through the main points of interest instead and start to feel less confident about this
>Decide I probably shouldn't bother with all the effort
It was a nice thought, at least. The sheer size of that guide is both impressive and intimidating. I applaud the dedication to sex toys some of you anons have.

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Take your Ritalin, american comrade

>> No.17403626

>Getting bored of onaholes
>Done the whole nofap and get onto really soft onaholes that feel like jelly
>Getting slowly interested in the prostate
Beware the slippy slope, it's real.

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Ordered this from Motsu today.
I want my order to be delivered to a package station, but forgot to add my mail registration number to the shipping adress.
Wrote them an email though.

How fucked am I?

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Anyone know which hole feels the most like fucking a loli?

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Beware, poking the prostate is the begining of a long arduous journey, chasing the famed "Super O". worth it tho

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>holes have been stuck in customs for a week
>on my 4th no-fap day waiting for them

>> No.17404165

Are there any full body onaholes or anything similar designed to look like fairies/nymphs?

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There are no specific ones.
They are mostly sold on Aliexpress

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Onaholes are probably the best thing you can do for yourself in regards to masturbation. And the guide is not even that long. Have you never read a book in your life or something?

>> No.17404253

>mail registration number
Like a post index/zip code? How can you even make an order without it?

Also, SCP is not a particularly great toy. I've used mine less than 10 times in the half a year since I got it.

>> No.17404329

>that face
>that pose
mi primal urges are coming up

>> No.17404365

You just got the near best and near worst onaholes at the same time. (the good one is julia, great choice on that)

>> No.17404445

I finally did it guys. I clogged my sink with my spunk.

>> No.17404461


>> No.17404484

Maybe I'm giving myself too much credit, but I have been dumping my cum loads into my sink for the last couple of years. It has always been thick and make cleaning my holes a chore.
Now I'm just looking up the best ways to declog it.

>> No.17404534

Me too friend
send help

>> No.17404619

asking again since last thread 404'd before I got a response. I forgot to dry my onahole last time I washed it, what kind of soap should I use to disinfect it if I dont have rubbing alcohol? somebody suggested dish soap but that doesn't have any antibacterial qualities and I dont want dick cancer

>> No.17404624

NaOH is your friend.

>> No.17404660 [DELETED] 

Apparently this is a thing in the UK. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/paedophiles-uk-arrests-child-sex-dolls-lifelike-border-officers-aids-silicone-amazon-ebay-online-nca-a7868686.html

>> No.17404731

Probably just need hot water for a while.

>> No.17404871

Actually I think hot water is what makes cum solidify in the first place.

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God save the queen

>> No.17404909

how long ago was "last time"?
if its within the last few days, and there is no black spots or moldy smell you you should be fine if you wash with dish soap.

also, can't you go buy rubbing alcohol? I don't suppose there are any restrictions on household cleaning items where you live?

>> No.17404920

around 3 days ago, I could but then my parents would wonder why I bought rubbing alcohol. I'll give it a good rinse

>> No.17404929

sounds fine. I've had onaholes sitting around for longer than that without damage, but i might just have been lucky

>> No.17404947 [DELETED] 

That's literally the definition of a victimless crime

>> No.17404977 [DELETED] 

>offences against children
Sounds like the type of nigga who wouldn't even care about their child seeing that shit, just does it to fuck over a person who happens to like those kinds of body shapes and facial features. And im not even a big fan of loli/shota even though i don't bother if it ends up in the stuff i watch.

>> No.17404992

Just say it's for cleaning computer parts, I use rubbing alcohol to clean my keyboard and interior of my PC case.

>> No.17405122

Holy shit, I just found out that wanta UK is based in Belfast and it turns out out they're about 25 minutes away from where I live. It'd be great if you can just go and pick up whatever you like, shipping and parcel deliveries is the one thing that really puts me off just in case it's delivered while I'm out of the house.

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>Get horny
>order fleshlight
>Start edging to prepare for it
>can't stop
>Post-masturbation clarity
>regret order
>mail company to cancel order

I want and should kill myself.

>> No.17405246

you did the right thing
now go order an onahole with that money you saved

>> No.17405280

I hope they cancel it before sending it.
Otherwise I'll have to send it back myself.

Also it's useless because when I'm going on anti-psychotics again I won't be able to masturbate anymore.

>> No.17405291 [DELETED] 

It's pretty ridiculous, literally no one is harmed by some dude buying a doll to stick his penis inside, better that than a real person. I do find them a bit creepy so I would never buy one though (Swedish police, please don't v& me).

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>Also it's useless because when I'm going on anti-psychotics again I won't be able to masturbate anymore.

How do anti-psychotics prevent you from masturbating? Genuinely curious.

>> No.17405323

Is that a legit issue or some meme diagnosis?
Must be tough

>> No.17405329

A lot of them can and often do completely kill your pecker/libido. Anti-depressants had the same effect on me.

>> No.17405330

I can't speak on behalf of >>17405280 but most drugs like anti-psychotics and anti-depressants make it hard to cum at all.

>> No.17405425

Well shit, that sucks. Seems like such an odd side effect, having my member unusable would probably make me more depressed than I was before medication. My condolences go out to anons limp dick.

>> No.17405430

Dick just wouldn't get hard any more besides a decreased libido.


I was off for a few months but it wasn't the best plan.
Side-effects are shit, but I don't want to go in psych ward again.

>> No.17405447

she got some big-ass hands; wtf

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After a month mostly using Venus Clone r. soft and Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro, my other toys like Vacuum Witch, MoT and 17 Bordeaux feel like trying to get off with a deflated basketball. Only 1.5 year old Lilith Uterus regular and, more surprisingly, Stoya Destroya still hold up.
Soft meme really is the best meme. Sadly I only fell for it after wasting so much money on mediocre shit. Going to throw them away now, otherwise I'm going to run out of shoe boxes to store that shit.
Also running out of Onatsuyu. It lasted maybe half as long as Peace's but sure as hell wasn't twice as good, overdosing due to shitty design didn't help either.

While looking where to restock on lube I've found that Motsutoys now offer delivery to DPD parcel terminals. It's my favourite way to pick up packages and is available for UK too. And I think amazon.co.uk has similar service.

>> No.17405482

What, succubus hands aren't a turn-on for you? Pleb.

>> No.17405538 [DELETED] 

Store my onaholes in the same place I store my dank ass weed. Open treasure chest to get ona, slapped in the face with weed smell (NICE) grab ona and it smells like weed too. Is this bad for my onas?

>> No.17405570 [DELETED] 

go back to 420chan

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...and since I'm buying lube, I might as well pick up another hole. Julia+ or Hanjuku? The later costs more, apparently has durability issues and might be quite similar to puni 1k fuwa I already have though.

>> No.17405653 [DELETED] 

You don't like weed dude? This is an actual question bro. Can't find anything online although I don't think this will hurt it in any way. *shrugs

>> No.17405952


Can confirm total lack of libido with anti-depressants. I was on Paxil for a while, and I was like an emotionless robot. I legitimately can't remember having masturbated once while I was on it, didn't stick with it because dark thoughts were preferable to being a zombie. Not everyone has that option, though...

>> No.17405959 [DELETED] 


I doubt that storing onaholes with weed (but not in direct contact) would have any adverse effect on them.

>> No.17406003

The SCP is trash. I got it for $20 and still regret it.

>> No.17406440
File: 112 KB, 319x436, __fujiwara_no_mokou_touhou_drawn_by_shangguan_feiying__45d87bd7c0c3af974bc5d09ec4eb93df.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Finally get some time to use my onahole
>It's been dirtied by mold because I forgot to clean it

>> No.17406444


Why wouldn't you clean it immediately or shortly after use? Don't you love her?

>> No.17406552

I was disappointed with the lolinco virgo, because I expected more from it. It even broke at me after two months.
This was my first and last buy from MemeEyes.
I'll stick at ToysHeart. My stuff from them is over a year old and still in good condition.

>> No.17406758

I went off the deep end and ordered a nexus revo stealth

>> No.17406837

I've got a Nexus myself, not a huge fan of vibration but the rotation is pretty nice. I'm more of an Aneros guy myself.

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save yourself the trouble, it's fantastic but it's basically a rabbit hole, once you get one onahole you're going to want to try other ones and then you might want to get a hip and then from there it's pure white wizardom with doll territory, I'm at the stage where I have multiple holes and am considering a hip to try some cowgirl action...

>> No.17407225

there's nothing wrong with treating it like another hobby

>> No.17407366
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Yes, sink deeper.

>> No.17407527

>holes get caught in customs
>customs send mail for confirmation
>mail doesn't arrive (weird considering all my JP boxes before that were fine)
>not receiving my reply, they send normal mail
>have to write email to them that there was a problem with information like normal, getting around the automatic system
>they have written "erotic toys" on the box

I fucking hate this embarasment. I just want to fap in peace.

>> No.17407709

Inaccurate, this just made me skip 13 steps and then go back by 4.

>> No.17407869

Nice pic

>> No.17408003

That's a load of crock, I don't even own a hip but I'm still in here every day to answer beginner's questions and give my $0.02

>> No.17408525

How do i deal with hard onaholes being so difficult to enter even after lubing?

>> No.17408542

I have it, but I can't say I'm a huge fan.

First of all I expected it to be stealthy since it's supposedly for use outdoors with a partner. Well, it's pretty fucking loud and the base is so big you would look like you've shit yourself if you put the pants on top.

The remote is flimsy - disintegrated in my hands while I was inspecting it. It also rarely works.

The toy itself is pretty large, so it's hard for me to insert or take it out. It also keeps fucking rotating 90 degrees so you have to keep a hand on it to keep in in place.

So I don't know. It's definitely not a beginner toy unless you can comfortably fit at least three fingers up your ass.

>> No.17408555

Maybe they are too small for you? Or are you talking too much friction? In that case lube the penis as well.

>> No.17409476

No its a tight hole and i like it for that too, but i lube it all even the labia part and my dick has a hard time getting in every time, and im not talking about just the first thrust, even if i get it out and then go back in i have some difficulty. Maybe more lube would help but im trying to ration the amount for each time i have at it.

>> No.17409624
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from what I gathered, it seems to be hit or miss, depending on personal taste

>> No.17409641

Do you squeeze out any air left in the toy?

>> No.17409659

it's mostly miss. The best thing about it is the opening, but since the inner layer is thin and basically has no texture, it just feels what I imagine fucking a cheerio would be like. The Anal Teacher would probably be a better investment if you're looking for an anal hole.

>> No.17409735

Is Seventeen good to start?

>> No.17409739

Not the same anon but im gonna look that up. I thought anahole was the only good alternative and you can't even buy it on a non japan located store as of now because they only have stock in a couple shops which are all in japan, though if that one is available on motsu toys i might consider the one you suggested. Also does japan have a thing for school and anal going together?

>> No.17409783

Yeah onaholes in the seventeen series are good starters but still are slightly different than each other. You probably will change your mind often on tightness but the original seventeen is probably the tightest in the series so beware of that. You might even think you would have liked a softer hole better even of beforehand you considered yourself to prefer tight stuff anyway so you just gotta try.

>> No.17409970

That sucks. What country do you live in?

>> No.17409983


>> No.17410540 [SPOILER] 
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Im calling bullshit, there is a point where someone has to evolve into elder god wizard status and get dolls
>buy a few fleshlights years ago
>find this place
>buy a few sleeves
>buy a few hips
>buy a few oppai
>get new job
>get part of a quarter bonus
>buy a doll, 4ft D cups
>absolutely ruined during the year to where soldering did not put it back together due to overuse within a year
>buy another doll, 5'5'' F cups
>holding together strong, lots of cosplay outfits for it but sometimes I just want some big fat tits to play with
>4th quarter coming up
>pic related
>finding outfits for it without custom orders is impossible

>> No.17410902

Why would I use an onahole when my mommy is right there?

>> No.17410922

Either you are the anon who actually managed to get his mother to fuck him or it's not gonna happen, the most she'll do is clean the hole for you. And even if your case is the first one then you're a faggot for not being at it right now.

>> No.17411034

What if I've never owned an onahole, check this board regularly and plan on buying a doll?

>> No.17411068

Okay, okay, so the slope isn't [ABSOLUTE], but you all can not deny that there is a slope. It's kind of a sliding scale, I guess..

>Started with US onaholes
>Then some Bad Dragon stuff
>Then JP Onaholes
>Then hips
>Probably too self-conscious to get a doll, but also pretty sure that it's only a matter of time...

>> No.17411082

>self conscious to get a doll
thats some next level shit right there where you think the doll is judging you

>> No.17411118
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It's more the thought of someone, ANYONE coming over to the house and looking in the wrong closet. Then having to explain it, or worse, they just don't say anything but tell everyone that you know. Some people will understand fine, but not everyone...

>> No.17411199
File: 440 KB, 688x500, loli.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When will onaholes be banned?

>> No.17411471

>anon who actually managed to get his mother to fuck him
surely there must be a screencap?

>> No.17411705
File: 133 KB, 800x1119, 1494993694982.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Was this on /ona/ or /b/? Because I've seen a lot of those stories on b but I must have missed it if there was one here.

>> No.17411848

No more 'schoolgirl' onaholes, or at least no more importing them without removing the packaging first.

>> No.17411895

ok that seems a little creepy

>> No.17411982

That's my mom in the picture.

>> No.17412134

Where would one find a decent asshole sleeve/hole for some one that is a little thicker than average?
Also won't take a month to be delivered to aus?

>> No.17412309

read the pastebin

>> No.17412460
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>> No.17412501

Every time I think we have it bad in Russia I remind myself there's Europe and UK in particular

>> No.17412573

I wonder if they are still banned if they have gigantic tits.

>> No.17412579

Puni ana dx or Fuwa Mochi 2000? I think I'm finally ready to ascent to the hips plane

>> No.17412613

It wasn't /ona/ for sure but i remember he posted at least a few videos of it so probably /b/ but i believe there is still a slight chance it might have been on /r9k/. I'm not sure about that but it had to be either of the two.

>> No.17412990


>> No.17413175

They have the shittiest criteria to decide whether or not that stuff should be revoked, at that point they could just decide on the moment if they want to block the delivery. But the worst thing is that you have paid hundreds if not thousands of dollars/euros/pounds for something that hurts nobody to be confiscated, and maybe even used by the actual customs as sex toy for themselves.

>> No.17413388

how do they feel

>> No.17414298

Opinions on the Nikuman?

I'm kind of tempted to get it.

>> No.17414311

Well how do you think 10 potential kgs of soft tpe tits around your dick feel? Probably very good.

>> No.17414589

When are you going to upgrade to Z cups?

>> No.17414598

Are there any sites specifically for doll pics and vids?

>> No.17414618

Oh i wasn't the guy who bought the doll, but i was just saying it's the same base material most onaholes are made of. Can't even try to imagine what z cups would be like, at that point i would live in them

>> No.17414625

>boob house
I think I've seen this on /d/

>> No.17415166

Guy not knowing what onahole is until 5min ago. How onaholes differ from fleshlights and equivalent products?

>> No.17415178

Nevermind. It is on the guide.

>> No.17415182

> and maybe even used by the actual customs as sex toy for themselves.
Is this NTR?

>> No.17415456

So wait, you prefer soft over more intense holes?

>> No.17415683


>> No.17415860 [DELETED] 

does this mean britbongs can't have cocolo and such?

>> No.17416449
File: 3.88 MB, 2619x3930, IMG_1743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Its here!
After spending $400 for the doll, $60 in shipping fees, $20 in JSS commissions and 5 days later, I have received my plush doll and boy is she curvy.

>> No.17416461

more pics

>> No.17416473
File: 3.68 MB, 2511x3764, IMG_1744.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here she is dressed up and sitting next to my Meiki plush for a size comparison.

She is great for cuddling, missonary and fucking from behind, but isn't the best for cowgirl due to the positioning of the legs, kinda makes me want the "m shaped legs" version, but then she wouldn't be as good for the cuddles.

>> No.17416493
File: 2.63 MB, 2247x3370, IMG_1747.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And here she is in some Ryuko cosplay, the top might be a tad small for her :D

Being that she is filled mostly with small polystyrene beads (small bean bag beads), her torso is very firm yet her tits are rather soft as they are filled with cotton/polyfill.

This mixed fill is both a positive and a negative, its great for when I'm fucking her on the bed, as her torso is firm enough to not compress like my MPD does if I lay on top of her, but this also makes it difficult to re-position her legs at times.
As in order to bend her legs at the hip for a seated position, I have to massage some of the foam beads in the area away from the spot I want to bend to soften it up and the beads tend to migrate back and stiffen the joint back up as the doll gets moved around.
I expect this to get better with time though as the beads will compress a bit over time and there are also probably things I can do to kep her flexible, like using some ribbon/string to hold her legs in position.

>> No.17416566

If I get a Puni DX, should I get the soft or hard?

>> No.17416594

Mmm nice.

>> No.17417269
File: 86 KB, 453x679, hole.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's coming tomorrow, I can hardly wait

>> No.17417904 [DELETED] 

you're famous now

>> No.17417991 [DELETED] 
File: 1.83 MB, 288x377, 1501626819240.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Was about to post this

/onahole/ eternally BTFO

>> No.17418004 [DELETED] 

I like how laughing at degenerates gradually transforms into jeering about brits. And rightfully so.

>> No.17418078 [DELETED] 

they are Brits though

>> No.17418135 [DELETED] 

Self-deprecation is one of their favourite national pastimes, along with complaining about weather and binge drinking.

>> No.17418261 [DELETED] 

I'm not :(

>> No.17418485

I'm interested in anal masturbation but I wonder if prostate orgasm is attainable for everyone.
Because I've read for some people it doesn't work and I don't want to risk getting caught if I won't enjoy it.

>> No.17418513

Goddamn that looks amazing

>> No.17418518 [DELETED] 

Sure...they laugh now, but they'll be back. And slowly before they know it they'll be trapped here like the rest of us

>> No.17418526

can you even buy onaholes in Russia? I'd be too scared of mailworker aunt sraka checking out my package and reporting me to OMOH

>> No.17418554 [DELETED] 

Literally who?
Let's say somebody I may know has tried anal masturbation with an appropriately shaped everyday object, and had moderate success. I think you should try the same and gauge your interest before purchasing specialised equipment.

>> No.17418564

As long as the package has nothing too obscene on it it will be ok, and generally nobody at customs cares if the documents are filled properly since the value is too low to incur taxes. Dunno about dolls though...

>> No.17418578 [DELETED] 

You'll be hearing from my lawyer.

>> No.17418621 [DELETED] 

Is this the /r9k/ of people who do managed to get a pussy of some sort?

>> No.17418909

What's your experience with breasts ?
Been looking to buy them and busty aichan is a name that I see pop up in reviews and even in the pastebin . Has anyone here bought them? Do they feel as real as people say? Is it worth dropping 200 dollars on?
Not necessarily going to buy one for fapping, going to to combine with daki for cuddling . Do want to fall asleep on them but I wonder how easily these thing would deform if I tried that.

>> No.17418915

I am one of those people for whom anal stimulation alone does nothing.
If I combine it with traditional penile stimulation, however, shit feels pretty cash. Better than normal masturbation.

I concur with the other anon - use your fingers or conveniently shaped objects without ANY seams or protruding parts before you buy toys. See if you like it in some way.

>> No.17418919

>What's your experience with breasts ?
Well, I've touched a few pairs in my life...

>Been looking to buy them and busty aichan
Oh. Ooooh. Sorry, nevermind.

>> No.17418934
File: 16 KB, 329x439, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any new updates in the wonderful world of electronic onas?

>> No.17419102

S&m is banned in the UK

>> No.17419196

Pretty much what >>17418915 saidm even if you don't hit a prostate orgasm it makes regular masturbation feel way better. I'm one of the ones that can prostate orgasm, shit took at least a year of trying and learning to attain but it was sooooo worth it. Now I can fire off orgasms like nothing with a prostate massager. Just do it friend.

>> No.17419288

I started taking pygeum. How long will i have to keep waiting to expect noticeable results?

>> No.17419330 [DELETED] 


came for the laughs. the fuck m8s

>> No.17419358 [DELETED] 

Welcome to the rabbit hole, you'll wanna get one of these for yourself eventually

>> No.17419366

I would say a few days?

>> No.17419383
File: 35 KB, 500x400, fairy_doll_sitting_nono_type_a_black_long_hair__6_3[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whats the easiest and least painful (even if more expensive) way to get pic related into europe

>> No.17419442
File: 247 KB, 888x888, rip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Clearance delay - Import 2017-08-03
Bye /jp/ it was fun while it lasted...

>> No.17419474

Well im kinda trembling like ive seen from only vaginal orgasms on certain girls but im still waiting for the orgasm to FEEL stronger.

>> No.17419496

Slow shipping, avoid getting packaging with drawings that might get some unwanted attention and live in the netherlands or other libertarian countries

>> No.17419536 [DELETED] 

Don't mind me, Just posting this here for you all to see.

>> No.17419565 [DELETED] 

This is the third time this link is posted ITT, at least ctrl+f before you idiot.

>> No.17419635 [DELETED] 

Its probably just the guy trying to shill his own video

>> No.17419661 [DELETED] 

I think they're already famous enough to not do that. Honestly the video wasn't bad, but the people who came from it are just cancer.

>> No.17419702 [DELETED] 

Not like it takes much effort. Every other /jp/ thread in no less pathetic than this one and then you have /r9k/.

>> No.17419716 [DELETED] 

Even the monster girl thread?

>> No.17419975

I tried it out as soon as it arrived, best fap I've ever had (my first onahole though so nothing to compare it to). There are probably a gorillion reviews already but I thought I'd put in my two cents in case any anons were wondering.

>Easy to clean, turns inside out without any trouble
>The lube packet that comes with it is pretty good, you can probably get 5+ uses out of it as you only need a little
>Feels great, is tight, well textured

Only negative is that if your cock is much larger than average this hole is probably too small for you, but if you had a big cock you wouldn't be on this thread anyway.

I can't even imagine how good it'll be once I get the hole warmer and Onatsuyu lube

>> No.17419977

The cum you shoot in one load is completely produced within 12-36 hours. If it takes additional time until this stuff starts to affect this production process, that i don't know. However, it shouldn't take a considerable amount of time.

>> No.17420026

I only ever bought quty tits, which is basically a separated, smaller busty ai chan. It doesn't feel real although they did try very hard. I guess the nipples feel all right, but the sides of the toy feel unconvincing. Not worth 200 imo, and also they warn against squeezing too hard, so I'm assuming you shouldn't let a whole night pass with the weight of your head on it. Also, you can't let it touch cloth for too long or you'll see an oily stain. I can't even leave it on my pillow without a towel under it.

>> No.17420032 [DELETED] 

Good job talking from the ivory tower. Every place has its own type of spergs but i guess you only take the time to strawman in here? I really just own one of these things, only reason i come here is to laugh at the autistic tales that go on in here but i know that there are others like me.

>> No.17420097 [DELETED] 

Nigger, what?

>> No.17420198

So keep searching?

>> No.17420225

Well, it's kinda hard to achieve something like that. I guess it's a combination of mental and physiological factors - health, tiredness, mental openness, arousal level, etc.
So don't expect the quality of orgasm to shoot up just from the supplements. Difference is not significant anyway, and requires a cocktail of supplements, not just pygeum.

>> No.17420277

This thing is good but too tight. 5.5 in dick has to maintain complete hardness to stay inside. It literally feels like it's trying to force you out.

>> No.17420310

either use a forwarding service like JSS and end up paying like $100 over the local cost in japan or buy from a UK retailer for 2x the price assuming you can find one that stocks it.

>> No.17420405
File: 1.57 MB, 3328x1872, Dead.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wanna know how I got these scars?

After owning my MoT for two years and keeping it as my dedicated abuse hole, I'm ready to replace her with either a new copy or a different hole entirely.

What do you guys think is a good blowjob hole, in terms of realism?

>> No.17420836

Then you should take drugs.

>> No.17421060

Witch is a bit more stimulatory, but it's got the same kind of end chamber as Virgo.

Witch has slightly better suction, and is much more durable. Slightly harder material too.

My personal go to is the ZXY, to be honest. It's definitely worth a try after the Virgo.

>> No.17421144

That's what I always hear. I got the VA:G instead.I really like it but I've been thinking about picking up the VA:A as well.

>> No.17421435

>slightly better suction
before j-j-jamming it in, squeeze the hole as hard as possible to let out ALL of the air and everything
it'll fuckin clamp down and convulse on your dick. Literal earth-shattering orgasms the first time I tried it out. Months later it still feels god tier compared to any other hole.

>> No.17421793

You guys really make me feel like going further down the slippery slope

>> No.17421911 [DELETED] 


How to Britfags feel about this?

>> No.17421933

I'm going to get one when I move out next year

>> No.17421963

Good things come to those who wait.

>> No.17421995 [DELETED] 

Have any of you guys ever thought about double penetrating an onahole with a friend?

>> No.17422001 [DELETED] 

There was a guy who was asking around about onaholes that can support two dicks at once.
Is that you again?

>> No.17422019 [DELETED] 

I don't see how import laws regarding dolls isn't on topic.

>> No.17422024

I think it's kinda working now but maybe i should try to get more prostate stimulation. I also noticed that my already existing that the stimulation around the base of my dick, that i was already normally inclined to get, has grown quite a bit stronger, maybe i should go for a toy that touches me more there. Im using 17 bordeaux in this period and while it reaches the base of my dick i am kinda afraid of impaling it.

>> No.17422036

Sorry for the messy reply, i rewrote some parts like 5 times and left undeleted parts in there.

>> No.17422056 [DELETED] 

Why was that post deleted, I wonder. Nothing wrong about spitroasting an onahole with your otaku bro.
Damn that would be so awkward both during and afterwards, I can't even imagine

>> No.17422091 [DELETED] 

This thread is badly triggering our britbong jannie.

>> No.17422111

No, I just came up with the idea when I went to bed yesterday.

>> No.17422128

The hard is slightly larger and has a longer tunnel.

>> No.17422143

I just noticed pygeum only helps with cum amount for the most part, that was embarassing. Well then i'll go get soy lecithin when i have the time so i can integrate that too.

>> No.17422227

I would recommend also getting zinc, l-arginine and maybe swedish flower pollen. I've noticed some increase in quality of orgasm after using the latter.

>> No.17422394

I was already on zync before pygeum but i don't wanna be taking more than 3 meds at a time, so i will just take the one that has best effects on orgasm and if it's lecithin that's what i'll take. Might add other stuff someday though

>> No.17422465
File: 68 KB, 650x650, 1419833288812.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>but if you had a big cock you wouldn't be on this thread anyway.

Speak for yourself. I love onaholes but so far I can only use the puni ana dx hard or the lolinco. I'm gonna try the spdx in the future. I can never enjoy the variety of smaller holes that get such great reviews. Having a big dick is not all it's cocked up to be.

>> No.17422469

I tried a bunch of supps before and the one that really increased my cum volume and orgasm intensity was just drinking a fuckton of water throughout the day. Of course that meant I had to piss a lot but by the time I got to fapping and finally cumming at the end of the day, my eyes literally rolled up for a while and I could kinda see light sparks in my vision before I could finally calm down and look down at how much I filled my onahole. Almost to the brim (but then again, it was a shallow hole ie VAA). This made my cum also super viscous so cumming was easy yet powerful since it wasn't thick and it wasn't hard to shoot it hard (and far). Makes holes easier to clean too.

Pygeum noticeably increased my precum. I wouldn't need to relube or add water mid-fap because I'd be making so much precum to keep the lube from drying. If I spent a lot of time arousing myself before actually going into a hole, my precum would already be dribbling down and making a mess all over my balls and chair. So I could just scoop it with my finger and rub it all over my head for easy initial entry.

L-Arginine made my acne break out because I think it stimulates male hormones; had to balance that with L-Lysine. I'm guessing if you aren't as horny, maybe this'll help because maybe the acne means you go back to horny puberty mode. Not much for me I think; I'm still as horny. As a matter of fact I think I might have even gotten more easily angry on it cause at times I'd snap more easily and wanting to attack someone.

Lecithin increased cum a bit I think, but not too sure.

Saw Palmetto didn't really do anything.

Same for Zinc.

So yeah, nowadays I just remind myself to hydrate like crazy and consciously drink water even when I'm not thirsty.

>> No.17422516

How long did it take for the pygeum to start mass producing precum for you? Im 3 days in and got nothing yet but i think it might be because i don't drink enough water, but if it takes more than 3 days waiting longer would also be part of the solution

>> No.17422532

Yeah 3 days is definitely too early. I'd say 5 days to a week was when supps with noticeable effect started kicking in for me. But you have to commit; stick to a routine and don't miss a dose.

I stopped using it (and all supps) since I don't really have time to fap daily to benefit from them, and yeah in about a week I stopped making as much precum. Only a small bead on my tip like always before. Seeing my dick hard and seeing it angrily overflow precum to my balls was fun though.

>> No.17422560

Well, the point is to take several supplements at the same time, unfortunately. They work in synergy.
Up to you, of course.

>> No.17422665

Be Swedish, have no idea what to google to find this product in my country lol. I can only find beepollen in raw form.

>> No.17422835

go to amazon.co.uk, search "swedish flower pollen"
first product on the page

t. danefag

>> No.17422879

Or .de. Switch interface to English, google the same thing.
UK vendors sometimes don't deliver outside of their country.

>> No.17422886

that's true, but the first result seems to be fulfilled by amazon and ships to DK just fine

>> No.17422887

Ay lad want some loli pollen, just watch out for the police and you'll be good

>> No.17422959

Yes but I wanted to find it locally since I already ordered my supplements recently from iherb.com. would just feel like a waste of shipping to buy it alone. I'll order it in my next batch.

>> No.17422969

Just gonna point to myself again (>>17419196) and say it's worth a try if anything, just don't go overboard. Start slow and don't get something massive.

>> No.17423021

Yeah im just sticking to the recommended dose and not gonna go over that

>> No.17423033

Especially zinc. It's harmful in if you take too much.

>> No.17423062
File: 142 KB, 1440x1102, 1459980830033.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>recommended dose of prostate stimulation

>> No.17423117

I know that too, i only take 50 mg a day of that.

>> No.17423274

I ordered an USB auto warmer. It should keep its temperature at 37°C but it feels really hot. Is this normal?

>> No.17423410

Do 34. Your dick isn't as warm as the rest of your body and even then have you ever been in a room with the same temperature as your body's? Of course it's too hot.

>> No.17423444

>Big dick
Yeah, enjoy your two uses of that hole

>> No.17423498

I do not think that I can reduce the temperature on this thing. It only has one temperature setting.

On the bright side, I can now imagine to lewd a dragon.

>> No.17423514
File: 190 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_2993.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has anyone tried the fuwatoro motchi? I'm new and wondering if that would work as a 1st time onahole, and this one looks very interesting.

>> No.17423562

I noticed the same thing. I just measured it with IR thermometer and it warmed up to almost 60°C before switching off. But I don't think it will get so hot when it's inside a hole.

>> No.17423617

Now I am scared to insert it into my new holes that came with it. Is there any way to test if it is safe? If you guys have taught me anything then it is that onas are heat sensitive.

>> No.17423657

37 means that after the hole gets at that temperature it is not gonna go higher from the warmer. Just leave it less time, like 10% less time that it would take to get fully warmed up at 37°C.

>> No.17423664

(that's unless it does go higher which i just noticed from a different reply you got)

>> No.17423674

mine has some fancy mechanic that keeps the warmer at a constant 37°C

>> No.17423840

Otherwise just give it a couple minutes to slightly cool down to an acceptable temperature.

>> No.17423881
File: 387 KB, 269x270, 1500330930635.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My SCP and Julia+ finally arrived.
SCP is tiny compared to Julia... I feel intimidated by Julias size...

>> No.17423899

You'll probably end up sticking with julia, scp is just a cool concept that went to waste.

>> No.17423908

Both are good holes. I will decide which one I prefer once I have had sufficient time to use them.
Having roommates really has its downsides.

>> No.17424057

how would you go about smuggling this shit in post ban? not banned yet here but likewise I'm not low enough on the slope to buy loli dolis

>> No.17424065

I'm thinking of getting some sort of suitcase to hide my degeneracy in, for now under the bed works but if I get oppai like aichan there just won't be any room left, this way I can lock it and hide it in a closet or something

>> No.17424652

lilith uerus came in today,
this is certainly the fanciest packaging ive seen for an onahole.

>> No.17424672

why not just get a chest with a hinge for a lock pad?

>> No.17425270

I've only used it once so far. It's a really tight fit.

>> No.17425294

>lolinco ripped in half after 8 months of use
I'm thinking about buying the Lolinco Soft Skin Edition off jew demon. It's only $33 right now. Anyone know if the soft skin edition is any more or any less durable than the original?

>> No.17425654

Got Mouth of Truth today and used it for a few hours. Is anyone else's MoT really sticky on the outside?

>> No.17425688

Pretty sure you just need to powder it to fix it. They powder the holes at the factory, and maybe yours didn't get as much

I don't have MoT, but my SCP got really sticky after a using/washing a few times

>> No.17425704

Thing is, I did powder it. After using it for half an hour, it becomes sticky again.

>> No.17425801

I used to own a Mouth of Truth 3 years ago, got another one last week and I don't remember the teeth scraping my dick this much

>> No.17425854

you're a big guy

>> No.17426000

>Live in Japan
>Hit up love merci
>tfw you get a bit of a chub being surrounded by so many sex toys and onaholes

>> No.17426051

What's the best transparent onahole?

>> No.17426131

>that libidoll temptation each time you climb the stairs...

>> No.17426159
File: 838 KB, 826x1169, bd6d8dffbd3d252d60cd623e24ab2482.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guess I'll go visit it again today.
Won't be long till the staff see me as a regular

>> No.17426183
File: 77 KB, 290x290, 1_1501652852_1_WoIkg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why can't nls stock proper onaholes rathet than this horrifying goods?
You should be able to see what they're inplying in the top photo.

>> No.17426317

Anyone got any recommendations for good onaholes with ribbing? I bought a bunch of different types a while back, and I honestly like Sexy Elder Sister and Innocent Younger Sister the most, even more than the Daisyuki Hold I bought recently. Rubbing the ribbed areas against my head right as I orgasm is literally the most pleasurable feeling I've ever had.

>> No.17426338

Venus Real desu

>> No.17426535


>> No.17426601

That doesn't look like it has much ribbing, though :-/

>> No.17427188

Because my question was left unanswered.

Who here has tried to double penetrate an onahole with a friend?

>> No.17427197

Yea, Tomax stuff is like that. Inconspicuous and convenient to use as a storage.
A stark contrast to packages with literal porn on them.

>> No.17427221
File: 70 KB, 702x1024, the fuck, man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17427886
File: 551 KB, 1024x1493, GayGook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not yet, wanna try?

>> No.17428026


>> No.17428352

fuck you, get one one of these,R20 is good for beginners overall because its easy to clean and dy


get lube

read more if you want more after trying that

>> No.17428713

You can do the same with the Virgo. The suction is comparable to the witch, in my opinion. The vacuum is strong, but the tightness dulls the sensation.

It's good, but I wouldn't consider it god-tier in my book. It's missing... something.

Definitely in my top 5 holes, though.

>> No.17428987
File: 44 KB, 1080x1080, 1499646732681.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whoever claims that SCP is not stimulating, is using it wrong.
If you press the air out of it the sensation is quite noticeable and nice~

>> No.17429165

what retailer did you use with JSS?

>> No.17429245

Did that, still threw it away

>> No.17429258 [DELETED] 
File: 88 KB, 500x431, britcuckland4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17429528

Anyone else have any suggestions for ribbed onaholes?

>> No.17429779

I've been thinking of grabbing a new onahole and I've heard people talking about the Tomax Orca. is it any good or is it just a meme?

>> No.17429891

I'm tempted to get one of those "mystery packs" or whatever they are from otonajp.
Did anyone get one ? Is it worth it ?
I'm ok with getting a random hole, but I would regret it if it happens to be a shitty one that disintegrates on first use...

>> No.17430030

>medium firmness

I love this so much. You're right about having to press the texture against the head of your dick with the ribbed holes. With the tsubo I hold the end and stretch it a little and the stimulation is so intense. It's also a unique feeling. Very different than the R20 or other high stim holes.

>> No.17430053

It's thoroughly mediocre.

>> No.17430270

I got an onahole but the hole warmer I bought doesn't really seem to do a very good job

>> No.17430447

Its mostly a meme but its by all means pretty good if you like how soft tomax stuff is. I just would rate it lower than their other ones.

>> No.17430825

i think it depends on the voltage of the usb slot/wall charger you use, mine takes at least 30-40 minutes to warm the holes to my liking.

>> No.17430827

It said on the box that it would take up to 5 minutes to charge and up to three minutes after that to heat up but yeah I feel like it's going to take longer than that.

>> No.17430835

I mean five minutes to heat up and three minutes after inserting to spread that heat thoroughly.

>> No.17430931

>I'm ok with getting a random hole, but I would regret it if it happens to be a shitty one that disintegrates on first use...
Then you better skip doing that then, Murphy's law basics.

>> No.17431014

Yeah the box doesn't mention the voltage required to get those results though. The comments/ reviews are either "it takes 30-60min" or "i plugged it into a high voltage wall charger and it melted my pussy"

>> No.17431092

I would assume the old USB 2.0 standard of 500mA

>> No.17431115

What would be the best choice for a super thin lube that lasts for a long time without drying out?

I mostly use thinned golden lotion for cleanliness but it tends to dry after a while and I feel like something else would make holes textures much more noticeable, especially stuff with cervix gimmicks.

>> No.17431167

Onatsuyu or Tomax Insomnia, Insomnia lasts longer imo.

>> No.17431221

>Tomax Insomnia
How does their Silky lube compare? It sounds like its thinner but may not last as long.

>> No.17431250

I have a tenga fliphole that I haven't washed in a year and it has black mould at the end of it. Do you guys think I can clean it and use it?

>> No.17431288

enjoy the ebolAIDS if you do, anon

>> No.17431355

So I bought Puni DX soft last night. Onahodouga reviewed it as a shit hip.
He's a fucking idiot.

>> No.17431378

>different strokes for different folks

>> No.17431522

I think that's just some sort of staining the clear TPE on those flip holes develops. I used one for over a year and never noticed they were there and never got dick aids. I also religiously dried it (no excuse since it's a damn flip-open hole). So it boggles my mind mold would develop,

>> No.17431764

I haven't tried it, but Insomnia is plenty thin and lasts forever, I prefer it over Onatsuyu now.

>> No.17431833

Just how loud are onaholes? I usually have at least 1 roommate in the house at all times but want to get into them.

If they are really loud how hard do you think it would be to soundproof a single room?

>> No.17431867

If you're the signee on the contract he'll have to deal with it.

>> No.17431872

Many onaholes have a suction effect that makes them make a kinda loud popping sound when you take your dick out of them but there are also holes that don't have it, for example julia+ which is incredibly silent.

>> No.17431903

Fleshlights are pretty silent, they're also fuckhuge

>> No.17431910

Just run some rainy whitenoise on the speakers

>> No.17431911

As much as I've tried over the years to shed my feeling of shame I still cant bring myself to do that.

I'll try shopping around.

>> No.17431938


If you listen to loud enough music it won't be audible.

The loudest parts are entering and exiting the hole. If you fap it from tip to end all the time it'll make noise but if you just keep it along your shaft it'd hardly make any noise beyond a closed door or running shower.

>> No.17432016


I jerked off with it and never cleaned it with the intention of throwing it out but I never got around to throwing it out

>> No.17432184

Anyone tried the Hidachitukko or other variants? Is the strings gimmick worth it?

>> No.17432727

Velvet Extra Silky (rebranded Tomax Silky from Omocha Dreams) lasts for hours and is very thin. I haven't tried Onatsuyu or Insomnia though.

>> No.17434022

with the mod I use its gets kind of loud.

>> No.17434141

I just came here to say this:
Over the last week or so I have found, and then lurked, this thread. I'm a 30 year old guy, and my only experience has been with a couple guys, several girls, and a couple fleshlights.

So I bought an onahole. I got the Lilith Uterus in medium firmness.

Holy. Shit.

It was easily as good as any blowjob or sex I have had. It took me a bit over an hour to cum, but it was incredible.

If there were one of these that were self-lubricating and could ride me, I would be %100 satisfied never having another sexual partner again aside from this magical, self-lubing and riding onahole.

So in short: thank you anons.

>> No.17434217

>couple guys

>> No.17434230

Well. You can experiment with DIY moving onahole mounts. I'm sure someone has thought of something.
Then there are electric toys like Cyclone which move up and down. Costs a lot though.

Also, I personally prefer Venus Real over Uterus, even though it is still a very good toy.

>> No.17434235

Yes, a couple guys. So?

>> No.17434239

That's gay you queer

>> No.17434895

So I'm moving in less than a month, from Dallas to southern Minnesota. Two questions.

I didn't have much trouble with buying at least one onahole with questionable box art in Dallas, would that change in Minnesota? (I don't know if customs changes any depending on state.)

How do I transport the two holes I have (Fairy Onahole and VA:G) cross-country? Like, how would the quick change in climate affect them?

>> No.17434910

Good thing you got one after losing your virginity. After getting my first hole I'm even less compelled to go through the trouble.

>> No.17434998

Honestly, if I had gone Onahole while I was still a virgin, I may not have bothered. In fact, sort of like I said before, if there were an Onahole that could ride me, I would be %100 sated.

I would still be lonely, so I might find some cute asexual person to keep me company and share my bed, but the sex would be covered.

>> No.17435250

own: Daisyuki hold, r20 Puni, 17 Bordeaux.
Should i get the temptation witch or the virgin age admission/graduation as my next hole?

>> No.17435463

How do meiki holes compare to normal holes? I really want to buy one, but I'm wondering if its worth the money.

>> No.17435581

Why is J-List bad?

>> No.17435599

Because they take advantage of uneducated goy.

>> No.17435627

Good question. I'm also curious about this.

>> No.17435634

sometimes I like to buy undersized onaholes so I can rocket them off my dick whenever im bored

>> No.17436156

a lot of anons claim that their lolinco always does that every time they let go

>> No.17436295

I'm looking for ways to get hornier. Do chastity cages work?

>> No.17436338

That's fucking gay dude

>> No.17436343

Not being a cuck interested in chastity cages seems like a good way. Try abstaining for a couple days? I dunno.

>> No.17436805


>mfw I am still a virgin at 26 about to buy an onahole
>mfw I could have fucked guys at this point but want to get a girlfriend first because I'll have a complex about not being able to get female attention

I was worried the lilith wasn't good cause the price seemed like such a steal I'm amazon priming that shit right now

>> No.17436856

Are you willing to seek for other ways to relieve yourself that do not involve your penis? Because that's the main purpose of those. To become an anal slut. Crossdressing may or may not be added to the list depending on your needs and preferences.

>> No.17436876

Any anal obsessed anon with tips for anal holes / hips?

>> No.17436929

These things are fucking awesome. I want to play with tits that aren't my own while I masturbate for a change; any recommendations?

>> No.17436959
File: 844 KB, 900x1200, __light_cruiser_hime_kantai_collection_drawn_by_mochitsu_jou__e8f54ae406fdaf09f3b1733beee959c3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So Ive had more than a few onaholes, with my most recent being this.


I really liked the way it felt, but in not too long, maybe a month or so, a tear formed, and that ended up splitting up the side until its basically unusable. Is it suggested you stay away from these split material ones? I was thinking of this one next but Im weary cause of how the last one went.


>> No.17436988

I've had seventeen for a while now and i believe it's still pretty much perfect and a purchase that i don't regret at all. I don't know about the tightness of the toy you had but the seventeen is pretty hard and tight, not a dick bully by any means but it definitely plays around wrapping your dick firmly and giving you strong stimulation. It is pretty durable regardless as far as my experience can tell though.

>> No.17437029

I think part of the problem was leaving the warmer in too long? Maybe that caused the tear, cause it tore from the inside out.


Do you have any experience or comparison to this either? I think I liked textured ones more, although Ive never had a smooth one like 17.

>> No.17437131

It could have been anything, maybe even thrusting too deep but regardless you gotta watch out when using the warmer.
And no i only have the original and bordeaux from the series.

>> No.17437596
File: 29 KB, 400x400, Erika.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd get one if I didn't have room mates

>> No.17437803

Why don't you get a torso with two orifices and live out that one anon's dream of double teaming a toy?

>> No.17437901

You might want to get SCP. The art looks great, and the gimmick sounds interesting.
But don't do it. It's not a particularly good hole. It's basically a hard ring that is difficult to penetrate, and quite a thin sleeve with some ribbing after it.

I didn't throw out mine yet just because it's good to have some variety every few months.

>> No.17438100


came here to ask this very same question.

I'm split between the mystery packs or the starter kit.

>> No.17438207

Kinda new to the whole (or should I say hole) Ona scene, so please bear with with. I remember I saw a review once, or a top ten or something, where an onahip, or I guess torse, was mentioned. The review said it was one of the best out there, and such it caught my interest, though sadly I never looked into it at the time. My interest has since then been peaked and I wondered if it rung a bell for anyone that could potentially tell me the name of it. All I remember is that it had a loli theme, and that the box was, like, a gritty-ish grey color. If nothing else, some top-tier loli torso recommendations would not fall on deaf ears.

>> No.17438502

Do onaholes have some sort of break in period before they start feeling really great?

>> No.17438522

It depends on the person really but i'd say only a few days

>> No.17438729

>Like, how would the quick change in climate affect them?
No, how do you think they survive the freezing cargo bay of an airplane?

>> No.17438766

Get the witch. Its a bit bigger than what you have, but it has great stim and is very durable

>> No.17439636
File: 147 KB, 1010x810, 1311798939025.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My doll have been stuck in customs since last Thursday, time to worry!

>> No.17439768

theyre taking turns on it, i'm sorry anon

>> No.17440300

Any blowjob holes I should be interested in besides Mouth of Truth? I've been looking for something a little different.

>> No.17440373

I got it and I'm honestly not a huge fan of it, it's not bad by any means but I rarely find myself using it as it's not nearly as stimulating as any of my other holes and it's obviously a pain to clean being a hip.

Biggest issue I have would be the smell though as even after having it for a few months(although not using it that much admittedly, probably only around 10 in total) it still keeps smelling and leaving the smell on anything it touches. It's not a horribly foul smell but it's very obvious so I can't really use it unless I know noone will be around for quite a while.

>> No.17440712

magic face

>> No.17440876

It was a shill for La Vie En Roses.

Not that great. Made noises like crazy, wasted a shit-ton of lube. Don't waste your money or your time.

>> No.17440879

Actually, try girl in the box hard. It's not a halfway bad replica of anal.

>> No.17440934 [DELETED] 

its not gay to share a sexdoll with someone at the same time, right?

>> No.17441106


fuck onaholes now, bought one of the black ones and and its a fuck loads better.

>> No.17441119


>> No.17441123 [SPOILER] 
File: 34 KB, 662x712, 1502176772797.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get home from work, first thing I do is drop my pants, go get my hip onahole and start going at it
You know, when it becomes priority in your life to do this and it's the reason why you rush home everyday, you realise that you have probem.

>> No.17441130

Do yall really chop your shit up before you throw it away? Thinking about tossing Lolinco, doesnt feel as good as I wished and I feel weird owning a "loli" hole.

>> No.17441139

Enjoy it while you can, I miss that feeling and it all ended the day I turned 30.

>> No.17441267

>Not cremating your dead partner(onahole)
You're going to hell son

>> No.17441281

At least you are not combining it with drugs

>> No.17441408


what are opinions on the lifetime stroker? I was looking at this but couldn't find any reviews and then I remembered onaholes existed

>> No.17441514

A friend will be buying me an onahole and bringing it back home. He lives in japan. I was hoping if any of you live there too and if you bought any onaholes from amazonJP (he only wants to get from there) and what your experience was like with the product you bought, and if you think it would be a good purchase.
If you have any recommendations that would help a lot, please and thank you.

>> No.17441596
File: 41 KB, 680x1020, An_Excellent_Chef.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why not just cook it and eat it alongside some other fine cuisine? I hear it tastes like chicken.

>> No.17441760

Newb here. Planning to put in an order:

Fuwa Cyun Triple
Virgin Age Admission
Virgin Age Graduation
La Bocca Della Verita / Mouth of Truth
Julia +
Naive Sister / Innocent Younger Sister
Seven Teen Bordeaux Soft
Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo [originally wanted the soft version instead but heard it breaks easily. so maybe this or Rina?]
Chu! 1

I'm lazy cos I don't like cleaning up, so the easier that is the better. Onatsuyu seems to be popular lube. Probably won't get a warmer as it sounds like :hassle:. Otherwise selection based on a bit of variation, popularity and some personal taste. How bad is the selection?

Seems like Otona Sekai have the best prices. Are they any good?
I don't quite get their shipping, as it appears that the cost is fixed regardless of where it's being sent to? Also weird is how AU$ prices are actually cheaper than Yen prices.

Also live in the nanny country Australia, where naked cartoons can be considered CP. I like packaging so am not going to remove it. Packaging of the above doesn't seem too objectionable, hope it works.

>> No.17442250

Okay choices as far as i know about them, though ive been seeing bad reviews on the mouth of truth so i don't know if you should get that one. Also i'd recommend you not to play with fire in regards to customs, especially with a hole that specifically states the girl's age.

>> No.17442457

Because everything there is marked up by 120%

>> No.17442696

>Chu! 1
I have the Fuwa Cyun Triple. It's a very interesting hole cause its like having two different onaholes depeinding on the side you insert. Since it is double sided, lube has the chance to leak out or if you go at it again without cleaning it out, your cum and lube will foam up at the end look like some form of whipped egg white. The yellow portion is hard and sturdy while the blue is the standard softness of most holes, and the pink is doughlike soft. I enjoy the hole. If you're bigger than average though you will poke out at the end, so you should typically cover that part up with your finger or something if you don't want to make a mess.

>> No.17442876

I highly doubt the lecithin has any effect. An egg yolk (assume 18g) is around 8% lecithin which is around 1.5g/1500mg. That holy grail guide says to take one 1200mg supplement daily. I don't think the dose is high enough to matter. I've had meals that have had 3 or 4 eggs (omelet, carbonara) not even counting anything that uses eggs as an ingredient and not notice anything unusual. Maybe it only works in conjuction with all the other supplements, can't really refute it if I don't understand the science behind it.
One day I'll get around to supplements but from what I've tried excessive water and eating more celery helps with a bigger load. The celery tip was from some pornstar interview on how he preps for a shoot.

>> No.17443122

>excessive water
More than 2 liters a day? That's how much i do so if it's more i don't know if it's really worth it.

>> No.17443325

Venus Real and Vacuum Witch are basically the go to choice if you don't know what you want in this thread.

>> No.17443428

Well 2 liters a day is the standard 'healthy' dose for your body to flush it self properly and replace water lost, and that is if you don't do anything that involved manual labor.
Just by doing gym an hour or 2 a day and you've already bumped your needed water intake to minimum 3 liters a day. 4 liters of water a day if you're really breaking your back with work/gym.
This is considering a mild mediterranean climate, be in a hotter climate and you're gonna be guzzling water like your life depends on it(It does).

>> No.17443615

So.. Just taking a single example here but the price tag on julia+ is 10 euros higher on omochadreams than on motsu toys, is that at least because they may be taking shipping costs already into account or what?
Oh i thought just regular drinking would simply help with everything including this kind of stuff but i guess not then. Well at least i picked up a sane attitude on drinking water since i used to just have a little glass of it during meals so that's nice, but other than that im not feeling like drinking more than i need just for the sake of more cum and a better orgasm.

>> No.17443671


>> No.17443686


>> No.17443722

Omocha Jews don't include shipping into account until checkout.

>> No.17443760

Just drink one 2l bottle a day plus anything extra and you're set, the occasional thirst kicks will easily get you to drink 3L of water a day and then you're good to go(Plus you'll generally feel better besides having to go pee if you don't sweat).

>> No.17443773

The 2L a day is actually a myth. The amount of water that is necessary varies wildly depending on metabolism, ambient temperature, health, amount of activity, etc.
Just try drinking when you feel a little bit thirsty, eventually your body will get used to having high water content and will demand more and more.

>> No.17443835

Well I did say it depends on where you are and what you do, and seriously, if unless you're hospitalized or a cripple you should drink at least 2L a day(not at once) to accompany your exertion.

>> No.17443888

Okay, cool. And actually ive noticed way less unnecessary sweat e.g. in uncomfortable or embarassing situations so im kinda glad i started drinking more water. Again though ill just stick to the amount im used to drinking right now and however positively it influences my jackoff sessions i will be cool with it.

>> No.17444090

Thanks anon. Hadn't thought about checking for age so good point. Looked at all the images of the packages I could find and couldn't find any indication of age, so I may be safe there, though the *Seventeen* Bordeaux is probably a giveaway.
Did see that Virgin Age Admission/Graduation written in English on the side though, and combined with the girl lifting her skirt on Admission, is likely suspicious and may get attention if seen.

Thanks for the opinion cause I couldn't find any online. I mainly wanted something easier to clean, so hoping that's the case.

>> No.17444113
File: 357 KB, 1010x1799, 1495323562963.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be content with my Rina
>she dies
>get a slut announcer
>continue to be content
>discover pic related
>do constant research
>spend time I would be using slut announcer on learning about dolls
>lose all desire to use onahole, just think about getting a doll instead
>3 roommates, soon to be 4
This is eternal suffering. I cant even fap at all anymore. Every time I start, my mind wanders to the thoughts of how I would dress her up.

>> No.17444137
File: 1.00 MB, 590x1462, WhatisPortio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hello /ona/.
I am intrigued by this hole, and was wondering if anyone has experience with it or Magic Eyes products. It's pretty new and looks great, but I've heard Magic Eyes holes can be delicate, and I'm a little worried about the size. I don't want to buy a hole only to have it break in a week. I also don't really get how the hymen feature works. Is it just a thin layer of rubber you break through or is it just a tight ring?

I had a Lilith Uterus and loved it, and was hoping this could replace the hole it left in my life. Any advice or alternate recommendations for a uterus style hole is welcome.

Also, what is Portio?

>> No.17444220

Magic Eyes has odd QC, every time people bought MoT it'd always be a gamble. They'd have misaligned tunnels, layering issues, super thin secondary layer and other oddities. Not sure how they're faring in recent times, but I'm sure something better is bound to happen. The hymen seems to be just a tight ring.

Portio would be the entrance to the cervical canal.

Beware, Magic Eyes is known for their tunnel design but not their molding. I'm not sure how she'll hold up to you and some abuse. Don't let me deter you though, it's just that a lot of people have issues with ME.

I can't remember if someone already has bought one of these, probably best to sit tight, and maybe post early in the next thread if this one dies real quick.

You have other alternatives, too, if you're willing to explore.


I remember an anon buying the one by Hot Powers, but can't remember when or what his thoughts were.

>> No.17444281

Lolinco packaging is also questionable

>> No.17444334
File: 341 KB, 320x238, leaf.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am kinda curious about pumps, anyone with experience on the matter?
Honestly just want something that gives a lot of suction and won't break my dick.

>> No.17444400

For me onaholes with suction have been a bit of a dick bully for me, where they would torment the part of my dick that the foreskin hides, blurring the sensation of feeling good. That might be just me though, so as much as you should be aware you're free to take this with a grain of salt, but if you're getting onaholes with suction they will end up simulating a lighter version of the virgin age series of onaholes.

>> No.17444401

Had a simple vacuum pump. No, it will not make your dick bigger. Well, maybe just a little bit if you use it twice a day for like a year, and results will disappear if you stop.
The process itself is not particularly pleasurable, and even a bit painful. There is a very real danger of fucking up your dick if you go overboard as well.
There is some increase in sensitivity after the process, so masturbation after pumping can feel better than usual. But you have to endure the pain first, so fuck that.

I think the fun part was the ability to make the penis erect by force even with no arousal. But overall would not recommend. Some people like it though.

>> No.17444411

damn I just want something completely handsfree, I do have a VORZE SA and it is great but I want more and not of the rotational kind

>> No.17444414
File: 41 KB, 393x460, midoriya.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has anyone contacted Omochadreams recently about when they are going to get new stock?
I know it depends on Daimaoh mostly, but I'm already waiting for my order to be processed for two weeks.

>> No.17444692

This looks perfect. I generally prefer the prone style holes and didn't know about this one. I'll keep an eye out for reviews of the other hole but now I have a decision to make.

Thank you for a very helpful and informative post. I appreciate it, Anon.

>> No.17444754

New to /ona/, what is a onahole that has good suction?

>> No.17444939

I had the hot powers hole. It was nice while it lasted but I think the design is flawed.
The inner layer is thin, firm and tears/separates easily. Which might have been okay if it weren't for the also delicate and very soft outer layer.

The only thing that stood out was the cervix design, but it just felt like a tight ring in any other hole.

>> No.17444999

Damn, that's unfortunate. I've also forgotten to mention Tomax's Dolphin if the anon is still around. It's fairly well received afaik.

>> No.17445072

Temptation Witch/Witch's Temptation. Pretty hefy price. Goes for $60/$70 in most places.

>> No.17445077

Has anyone ever used coconut oil as lube?

>> No.17445331

It will dissolve your toy

>> No.17445740
File: 2.82 MB, 4032x3024, 20170809_003307.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got the Anal und vagina onahole as my first and I love the soft squishy texture, and the heaviness of it. Any recommendations similar to it in the $30 price range? The Futanarikko Double Hole seems pretty good.

I tried the f&f blowjob onahole and it just sorta felt like hitting rubber without any pleasure. The outside was kinda stiff which didn't feel very good holding.

>> No.17445755

unless you use a silicone sex toy

>> No.17445773

From the one I got, its basically just a firmer fleshlight by the basics but silicone sex sleeves are a lot more intense texture wise than TPE shit. Not to mention its easier to clean and doesnt mold as fucking easily. The black one is better than the flesh one imo. If they made one without the hole at the end it would be perfect, but for what it is its better budget wise if you want something to fucking last longer than 6 months before doing what most of this thread does and replace it with another in a year.

>> No.17445776

most toys are not made out of latex but TPE, so oil will not dissolve it.

it's not exactly clear what will happen, see:

however, fleshlight (TPE toy) only recommends water-based lube.

>> No.17445828

>Also live in the nanny country Australia, where naked cartoons can be considered CP.
South Australia has the most autistic laws in this regard, so if you're in SA I would strongly suggest removing any packaging that could remotely be considered CP.
t. South Ausbro

>coconut oil
literally every fucking thread

>however, fleshlight (TPE toy) only recommends water-based lube.
Every TPE ona manufacturer recommends water-based lube only

>> No.17445843

>Every TPE ona manufacturer recommends water-based lube only
as far as i can tell most say nothing.
where does tomax, toysheart, or magic eyes say it?

>> No.17445889
File: 239 KB, 600x849, TH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic related is the first manufacturer that I tried. Whilst not explicitly stated in English (it may be in moon), I'm going to assume that a white droplet on a blue background means to use water-based.

>> No.17445940

>Not paying human traffickers to smuggle this into your country
Come on

>> No.17445942

How long does it usually take to get a tomax onahole to ship from .jp to .de? Site said 4 weeks but it's been almost 2 months now with no signs of change. Another .jp order from a different website is also in limbo for like 10 weeks now, so I'm worried somalian pirates may be looting all of the cargo ships or something.

>> No.17446080

generally all the onaholes require water based lube as they are made of rubber, silicone and oil based lube will destroy it.

>> No.17446107

Restock time depends on how fast Daimaoh produces their stuff and ships it. I'm also waiting on my order to EU, shit sucks.

>> No.17446109

This page seems to have images of all sides of the box: https://blog.onahole.eu/reviews/onaholes/sujiman-kupa-lolinco-virgo
I couldn't find anything particularly offensive. I don't know if there's more in the box. Did I miss something?
There's actually a store in Australia which sells it, so I'm thinking it's likely fine.

I believe customs laws don't vary by state as you can freely move products interstate.

Whelp, I might just try it and see if it works. If not, I can at least be someone else's onahole, once in jail.

>> No.17446166

>If not, I can at least be someone else's onahole, once in jail.
They told me I could become anything...

>> No.17446658

that's pretty much what I said here >>17445828

>There's actually a store in Australia which sells it
Hmm is there a store other than Love Merci? It's not on their website. Or do you mean a physical store?

>> No.17446759

Any idea on when OmochaDreams restocks? It's been a damn good while and I want muh tomax.

>> No.17446901

When I asked the rep on whatsapp a couple of weeks ago, they said that it depends entirely on Daimaoh, so they don't know.
You can send them a message and ask if they had any new info.

>> No.17446941

So I'm now 9 days into pygeum and im still not making precum, could it be because i may be pissing it out with all the water that I'm drinking? I don't see any other possibility but i guess ill just keep on taking the stuff at this point.

>> No.17446966

It is made when you are aroused and there is some stimulation of the penis. There is no way you are not making it, it's a basic function of Cowper's gland.

>> No.17446969

Slut announcer?

>> No.17447046

You might just not be making it in the way you're expecting it. Not everyone has a dribbly dick when they're aroused, sometimes it literally only comes out right before ejaculation.

>> No.17447078

My Magic Face just arrived. You guys weren't kidding about the stability issues.
This thing literally can't stand up by itself. Sorta makes the "base stand" thing on its molding seem silly and redundant. I wonder how I should store this thing. I'm worried it'll lose its shape or something if I store it improperly.

>> No.17447143

To be precise i only make the little drop of it that i would make normally anyway, if i stop right before orgasm, but the point still stands. Just to warn that in general i do make it but the pygeum isn't looking like it's changing anything.

>> No.17447220

Well, pygeum is supposedly having effect mainly on the prostate, and per-ejaculate is produced by Cowper's gland in the base of the penis.
Personally, the main effect of use of pygeum for me was increased volume of ejaculate, and I don't remember any particular effect on the amount of pre-cum. So the thing about the amount of it increasing might just be that guy.

>> No.17447379

Whatever then, i guess I'm not the kind of guy to get that effect. Though as an update since i jerked off a few minutes ago, i noticed the head of my penis was a bit bigger than usual fapping just to get some sperm out of my balls and also the part of the head that was under my foreskin was a quite stronger shade of red than the exposed tip, which kinda worried me.

>> No.17447504

I hope they restock soon, I need my hole too

>> No.17447578

Damn, are we all on the waiting list? Do they restock in batches or do they ship requests individually

>> No.17447662
File: 3.28 MB, 2340x4160, IMG_20170809_144358286.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Package arrived today. What could it possibly be?

>> No.17447668
File: 7 KB, 290x174, 86d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17447675
File: 3.12 MB, 2340x4160, IMG_20170809_145021626.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seems a little big for just lotion.

>> No.17447699
File: 3.16 MB, 2340x4160, IMG_20170809_145044111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's because It's everyone's favorite fuck-nugget.

With damaged packaging, fucking postal service.

>> No.17447956
File: 15 KB, 532x320, 979.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Odd question:
How can females use onaholes?

>> No.17447983

Be shemale, buy onahole. That i think is the only possible use, unless you wanna play a guess game with bf.

>> No.17448083

Cunnilingus, or to teach their boyfriends/husbands how to do it using one.

>> No.17448114


Nah, don't wanna be a shemale.
Just wanna know how use the pleasure of an onahole as a female.

>> No.17448218

Looks like jlist is actually the cheapest place to get Pepee lube right now, considering shipping. Whoever was previously selling it on Amazon isn't anymore.
Didn't expect that.

I don't think I'll ever sink past dildos.

You could use something small that has texture very early directly on the clit? Seems like it'd be more effort that it's worth.

>> No.17448276
File: 96 KB, 449x330, very_confused_anime_cook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I actually mentioned that I have these toys to a female friend. And she said that she would want one as well.
When I asked her what the hell would she even use one for, she couldn't give a coherent answer.

>> No.17448280
File: 102 KB, 957x1024, 1499589134147.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

rec me a onahole that like the one are describing please, anon

>> No.17448285

Well it doesn't really work properly to put a hole in a hole if that's what you wanna know, and standard small onaholes aren't designed to act as dildos either so just get an actual dildo? Alternatively there's an anal onahole with a dick on the other side, that could be also worth considering. No other stuff that i know of, though.

>> No.17448295

ok, anon

>> No.17448297

Maybe some monster themed onaholes that have interesting designs on the outside can be rubbed against.

>> No.17448338

I saw one video of a chick turning a tenga egg inside out and putting it on a dildo.

>> No.17448354

The only thing that immediately comes to mind is the Tenga Egg series. I hope you can find something that makes you feel like danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2698582.

>> No.17448380

>Hmm is there a store other than Love Merci? It's not on their website.

Love Merci is the only one I could find which lists it. Out of stock, but listed for sale nonetheless, and seems to have a review (so presumably has sold): http://lovemerci.com.au/onahole/sujiman-kupa-rinka.html

>> No.17448412 [DELETED] 
File: 845 KB, 1084x908, 1460911070125.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

s-sometimes i fantasize about dating a weeb with a collection of waifu shit like body pillows and onaholes because you guys always seem so lewd and cute. but also i wonder if you'd prefer your waifu sex toys over an actual 3d girl

>> No.17448422 [DELETED] 

Please stay on topic and don't bring /v/ culture into /jp/ thank you

>> No.17448427 [DELETED] 

>actual 3d girl
Sure you are.

>i wonder if you'd prefer your waifu sex toys
I have an issue that I can't feel anything at all when I use a condom unless it's really thin, and even then it's not great. Damn right I prefer a sex toy I can fuck raw over a live person who can get pregnant.
I can't cuddle and kiss my sex toys, however, so real women have that at least.

>> No.17448428 [DELETED] 

Pick one. It's more like lewd and autistic.

>> No.17448449

Anyone else here enter infernal monkey's waluigi onahole design contest? Dude said something about making an article with all the submissions but there hasn't been a word of it in any of his articles after the contest announcement one.

>> No.17448454

If TPE is porous, wouldn't that cause all kind of crap to eventually grow inside it?

>> No.17448459 [DELETED] 

>I can't cuddle and kiss my sex toys
Not with that attitude!

>> No.17448468 [DELETED] 

3D isn't like the toys where you can just pretend you're filling your waifu's womb with your seed. If 3D came without consequences it might be worth considering.

>> No.17448471 [DELETED] 

Trust me, I tried. Not as good as real people.

>> No.17448488 [DELETED] 

Can't speak for everybody, but I'd prefer a 3D girl if they were just as convenient. In reality, they seem to be a huge hassle and not worth the effort. You save money and time by using an onahole.

>> No.17448505 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 127 KB, 561x1536, 1502319611939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got a Meiki Plush sometime last year and use it way more for hugging than I use it for its intended purpose.

There are things you can't do with sex toys, you know. They can't dress me up in cute clothes, for one.

>> No.17448516 [DELETED] 

Silly Hanabi, doesn't she know you're never alone on the internet?

>> No.17448522

Porous to air, perhaps not water molecules, same with silicone. It's a meme.

If you don't want shit to grow on it, clean it.

>> No.17448588 [DELETED] 

Just because it's not good as real people doesn't mean you can't do it!

>> No.17448600

They probably just buy in batches from Daimaoh like any other person.

>> No.17448696

Thanks for info.

>> No.17449073 [DELETED] 


>> No.17449130

Please stop posting links to this guy. His fanbase looks awful and I'm not going to watch his videos. Just people have their toys and discuss them in peace

>> No.17449351

six in beanis
I like soft, already have a seventeen bordoex. What's a nice tight soft Onahole? Was thinking of getting some ass too.

>> No.17449419

I'd kill for some Overwatch inspired onaholes.

>> No.17449423
File: 2.60 MB, 2268x4032, IMG_20170809_235659585.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not typing all this on phone, cont...

>> No.17449433

Girl in the box is a pretty nice hole, there's a ridge that stimulates your frenulum and it feels like heaven and hell at the same time

>> No.17449448

tl;dr TPE dolls are more durable than they look
TPE is not a sponge. With regular cleaning nothing is growing inside it and it does not take much to clean. I left it sit one week because out of town reasons and came back to an old water type smell which was gone with one douching of 91% iso alcohol. get a metal/wooden rod and some car microfiber cloths and you are good to go.

Also, I used to have a 4ft tpe doll before this one and after getting the new one in the pic I used it for experimentation. cut off a chunk and left it in water - no bloating, no absorption. a chunk of leg being musclemanned like those sports spring chest expander things to no avail. pinching the nipple hard as I can and pulling, it came off eventually I just had to stand on it and super mario bros 2 power lift that shit.

One little cut however, unless glued (gorilla glue gel was my go to) or soldered (treat the TPE material like actual solder) the cut will grow quickly, especially in high use areas like the crotch/tits/mouth/joints

>> No.17449704

>tfw no 2Butt Rear:Automata Hip
seriously, what the fuck is taking them nips so long?

>> No.17449956
File: 25 KB, 296x328, 1476661957588.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to buy something like this, but I am absolutely terrified about customs. Is it safe to buy one of those if I live in Cali?

>> No.17449969


you're fine.

>> No.17449979

>No Tomax
Fix that, Tomax soft material is god tier

>> No.17450105

Oh, I see, they're autistic and somehow came up with Rinka for Lolinco Virgo; presumably that's so that no one finds it when searching for it....

>> No.17450444

Vibrating strap on dildo.

>> No.17450452

Product name (written on the front) is 'Sujiman Kupaa Lolinco' but the character's name is Mizoguchi Rinko (top-left on the back of the package + on marriage form).
Maybe they wanted to use character names for all the items. Still don't know where they got Rinka from.

>> No.17450466
File: 30 KB, 522x522, trash.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How's it feel? Ignoring the face and this retarded video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCAbgiB505E

It a damn shame that fuckable busts/heads aren't really being developed. Pic related seems to be the closest thing to an attractive onahole head on the market.
Hopefully someone like magic eyes takes a shot at it. They seem to like dumb, expensive gimmicks.

>> No.17450481

Marriage form? What?

>> No.17450569
File: 152 KB, 640x400, sujiman_02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lolinco's box has a marriage certificate printed on a side of the box. It's a joke but the woman's side is filled out with her info in case you wanted to fill out your part.

>> No.17451044

Where do you get this and how much was it? I've been kind of interested in getting a doll but the only one I've actually liked seems impossible to get

>> No.17451078

I want this exact doll so badly but I have no idea how to get it

>> No.17451116

What does it say?

>> No.17451304
File: 489 KB, 954x704, 1494816660729.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what is the best site to order a Witch hole and get it in Europe?

I don't find it on http://en-nls.com

>> No.17451612
File: 80 KB, 640x640, 1502155760570.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>try to make an order on motsutoys
>select DPD pick up point
>click save
>nothing happens
>try enabling scripts, even using a different browser
>nothing happens

>> No.17451972

try otona jp.

>> No.17452025
File: 17 KB, 270x267, 1453650939591.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Are there any good electronic/moving holes out now?

I am completely out of touch with those types of holes.

I'm about to get VR as well (Vive), so would that make it worth it?

>> No.17452129

I think you're out of luck as far as auto stroking goes. And I'm not going to bother mentioning the "rip your dick off" tier options.

However, you could always just get a flat base hip that you fuck on your desk.

>> No.17452169
File: 1.60 MB, 1920x1440, zenmarket_5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey guys, just a quick note, you should consider using ZenMarket to buy your <anything>, including onaholes, from Amazon.co.jp directly - https://zenmarket.jp/en/

It's cheaper than any other solutions listed here. And you're paying to manufacturer directly, not some resailer. Comission fee is really generous - 300 yen per item. They also support a variety of shipping methods, including budget ones.

Here's what I bought from there:
Meiki 005: ¥4,450 + ¥300
Meiki 006: ¥4,270 + ¥300
Maid In Fella: ¥2,557 + ¥300
Tiara 600ml: ¥725 + ¥300
Pepee 435ml: ¥588 + ¥300
Onatsuyu 370mm: ¥594 + ¥300

= ¥14,984
+ EMS shipping 5.5 kg - ¥11,400
= ¥26,384 or ~$240

// happy Europe-kun

>> No.17452207
File: 3.18 MB, 3840x2880, zenmarket_all.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Arrived in 8 days from Osaka to Smolensk.

Packaging was great, none of the lotions leaked, Meiki toys were in additional cardboard boxes.

>> No.17452668

Amazon. 1300usd. Highly recommend the expedited shipping.

tinyurl com/ybgvxsub

>> No.17452680

Oh and when you order, ask for the standing feet option in an email. the dolls like 70lb and without standing feet, it will never stand up or be proped up.

nonstanding feet dolls have basically pipe cleaner and standing them up will rip its feet up.

>> No.17453142
File: 3.26 MB, 2519x1645, cam-crop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whatcha gonna use the webcam for, anon?

>> No.17453375


Haha I knew someone will notice :D
Short answer: for occasional video-chatting, lol.

I actually needed to add something so that my 2nd purchase from Amazon was above 2000 yen (to get free shipping). Since I don't have a webcam I decided to get it for 1000 yen, it's 2 times cheaper then where I live.

>> No.17453859

Penis extension for bf with tiny dongs... and gfs with large ass vagoons.

>> No.17453952

wait a minute.. that hair

>> No.17454519

Is gold drops thicker than insomnia?

>> No.17455012

>>Mizoguchi Rinko

I see what they did there. The "guchi" part looks like a katakana ro/lo

>> No.17456030

New Thread.