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1st for mare nectaris sounds shitty

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I do not recognise this semen demon.

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random is cheating

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I remembered playing on offline IIDX machines (pre Tricoro) so getting dan ranks means nothing as you can't save them anyways.

I kept on clearing more and more stuff so I never noticed the safari being a wall.

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>tucking destroying songs that you ended with 0% on the clear meter the day before
God I think this feels better than any other accomplishments I've ever made in video games

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agreed, one of the most headass songs

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Dear diary, today I played IIDX like shit but I'm catching up with my main rival, we're almost split 50/50

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This european speedrunning event is going on right now, and apparently they're havingm a SDVX exhibition tomorrow.

Does anyone know about it? Are they using arcade data or kshoot?

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runner is: Therio (twitchtv/theriooo)

looks like he practices on ksm at least

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Wish i had a rival

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what time?

>> No.17377554


About 19 hours from now on the 2nd stream

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Is there a reason I never see DJMax mentioned in these threads? I really like it.

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gook trash

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this song is fucking great

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djmax sucks

generic music, generic gameplay

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Is that silver ring around a dao turntable metal?

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I dunno, but I really like how the artist has her sitting so that the 100¥ slot is right between her legs. Really makes you think.

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Eww I bet the coin slot is pretty smelly then. I wonder what it smells like haha

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How the fuck are there so many BMS charts and who are the people making all of them?

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The community is big, dedicated and has been around for more than ten years, what's so surprising about it?
>who are the people making all of them?
Literally anyone can chart something and submit it to IR as long as it's keysounded. Though the good stuff tends to be from the same people every time.

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>The community is big
from the leaderboards it doesn't look that big. or do most people not play online?

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Does the clear rate go by lamps, or does it still lower the ratio ever so slightly if you've already cleared it but then fail it a bunch after?

Either way it's not too incredibly useful considering I can easily clear some 30% ones and get wrecked by some 80% ones

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Depends what you're playing, most charts in Insane have at least a couple thousands of players in them.

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>arcade tech replaced the pop'n buttons with shittier ones
>they get stuck way more often now

Why would anyone do that

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Anyone else feel like just watching other people play helps you improve?

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Even just watching still exercises your reading ability.

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Don't be shy, ask people around

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SDVX exhibition in about 1hour if anyone's interested


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Has he said anything stupid yet

I mean do you expect him to bring rips and get yelled at or a whole cab?

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They said their plan was to play cloud but I guess it was having troubles getting online?

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>Has he said anything stupid yet
He's currently playing some IIDX tracks in KSM, which is pretty stupid.

>I mean do you expect him to bring rips and get yelled at or a whole cab?

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>Failed Brogamer

What a fitting end. Now Konami can sue and kill the event.

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I think they were gonna do that but it didn't work out so they had to play ksm

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>AA it

Every time.

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>Turn on Mirror
>Finally beat Safari


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Boy randoms that put everything on one hand sure are my favorite
Like even something that should be simple like 5+7, 6, 5+7, 6 that would be easy kill me, and my hands are too retarded to break out of a static playstyle to help with stuff like that

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>AAing Dominion H

YaymI'm gonna stop now gottamleave on amgood note.

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Just got one of those 2-in-1 laptops with a touch screen. What rhythm games can I play on this that aren't osu?

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i know what you're thinking and the touchhooks don't work that way

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fair enough i guess, why? is it because of the input lag or something?

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My assumption is that it goes by lamps on the basis of being played only in the current release.

If it was lamps over all releases, there'd be no charts with No Data and rates wouldn't significantly go down as they did during the first few weeks after release, nor would they stabilize as they have now if they accounted all plays.

>> No.17382232

My assumption is that it goes by lamps on the basis of being played only in the current release.

If it was lamps over all releases, there'd be no charts with No Data and rates wouldn't significantly go down as they did during the first few weeks after release, nor would they stabilize as they have now if they accounted all plays.

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lord of pain lol

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>Beat Almagest H
>Think I'm a god
>Go for I'm so Happy A
>Get destroyed

Damn...... there's always stronger opponent to beat, isn't there? Haven't even reached the big bkys yet.

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Reminder that clears don't mean shit
Also hi-speed is cheating

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>Hi-speed is cheating

Literally how

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>Reminder that clears don't mean shit

t. "My failed folder has over 300 songs"-man

>> No.17382625

It makes things easier, same as random

t. Bs on everything

>> No.17382661

>Reminder that clears don't mean shit
Too bad it's the only thing that actually saves on e-Amusement from version to version in IIDX.

>> No.17382679

Nice try, but I have mostly As on my currently level and AAs on almost everything below and AAAs on the easy shit.

>> No.17382689

>It makes things easier, same as random

t. I only play 10s

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reminder that museca is secretly the patricians' game of choice

>> No.17382953

Doesn't really look fun to me. If I want big buttons I'd play pop'n, and if I wanted to spin shit I'd play iidx or sdvx

>> No.17382994

Which game is popular on PC?

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I personally feel better about clearing with a B than failing with an A. I don't try to argue that the former is better, but I really don't care how well I score on a song if I fail it.

>> No.17383032

>non keysounded

>> No.17383066

yeah that's a great song and it's really fucking fun to play

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>tfw 4chan is the best place to discuss rhythm games

sows is shit, facebook groups and discords are irredeemable shit, the rest of the places are moonrunes only

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but all you get here is "random is cheating"

>> No.17383193

Because it is.

>> No.17383476

>tap fingers on desk while video plays
>music sounds exactly the same as if playing the game on the machine
yeah cool game bro

>> No.17383535

Discord is better than here though and also if you are in some actual communities, the discords and ircs for those are good too.

Even facebook is ok sometimes, but yeah sows is shit for discussion.

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>want to play Legendary road mxm
>it's at the end of an unlock chain

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KBM 3rd and Nostalgia together at last. KBM remains much harder to get into.

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>tap out the dirty of loudness ending on things irl

please don't tell me i'm the only one that does this

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I used to play pop'n 13 and 14 on the PS2 a lot a few years ago using the minicon and really loved both. I haven't played for years, but I want to get back into it and I'm planning getting one of the acarde style controllers.

What's the easiest/ideal way of playing pop'n these days? What's a good set up to avoid lag etc.? Is there a go-to community/wiki for it?

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Not much besides the PS2 games, .PMS charts, and data but I'm not supposed to be talking about that
use a monitor with minimal lag (preferably a CRT but don't worry about it too much if you don't have one), get rid of any sort of source of audio latency i.e audio cards, etc. don't worry about it too much unless you'll start witnessing latency issues

wiki: https://remywiki.com/
community: not essentially, as most are just small groups. I guess sows is the closest thing to one

>> No.17385283

Join sows
Get arcadebrata
Buy or make your own ASC

>> No.17385286

>Join sows

>> No.17385289


yes it's that easy

>> No.17385312

Do I just lurk the IRC and hope someone takes a liking to me?

>> No.17385339

not that guy but you can post your email, I might shoot you one

>> No.17385360

[email protected]

Thanks if legit. I used to have accounts on bitGamer and UndergroundGamer, but these days all I've got is Gazelle.

>> No.17385440

As a sows member I just want to say for posterity that IRC will never ever nets you invites.

It's pretty dead and all the regulars just know the new people joining the chat are only there for begging for invites so there isn't much of a friendly atmosphere

>> No.17385458

This, wasted so much time lurking thinking I could get an invite. It's really just as simple as asking here on the right day.

>> No.17385525

Already a member, but whenever I go to irc it's a wasteland. Is everybody on discord or something (don't have a discord account yet)?

>> No.17385551

Everyone is on the sows discord now.

>> No.17385587

>tfw too intimidated by sows Chads to join the discord

>> No.17385590

Get a Dao.

If you're using hdd then there will be two options, one for SD (as in a CRT) and one for HD (as in an LCD and the game will account for a bit of lag) so you don't have to worry about it too much. Sows has some recommended TVs for each game.

>> No.17385603

I heard the new Dao Popn is shit.

>> No.17385617

It's only like 15 people all circlejerking in there. Nothing to be intimidated about.

>> No.17385692

That's it boys today I'm clearing 8th Dan. I'm way above that level gotta get that clear already.

>> No.17385797

sows discord is poppin

the sows "chads" are all 16-25 year old autists lol

>> No.17385806

it is pretty shit yeah. the buttons are light and wobbly and dont have a good downwards action. also noisy as hell and sticks sometimes

>> No.17385988

So, for Dao's IIDX lighting, are the keys supposed to just all flash toghether, or is a single lit key at a time supposed to run from 1-7 like the SP/DP choosing menu shows?

>> No.17386025

Dao does not have the tech to make it light like in the arcade and not one is autistic enough to demand it.

>> No.17386059

What? My Dao RED lights individual presses just fine, given that the given light inside the key is in position well enough for contact to be made. I've tried everything to fix it but nothing works there. Otherwise they act like the arcade keys just fine.

>> No.17386070

is there any way to automatically set hi-speed in lr2 like it does at the arcade ?

>> No.17386115

I have it turned off anyway. Just don't really see why he bothered if it's not right

Arcin has it right though as far as I know

>> No.17386300


if you update your firmware the lights work properly

>> No.17386351

Does anyone have any experience modding a ps2 to play Beatmania? Is there a method that works besides burning games. For example, does OPL work with beatmania at all

>> No.17386503

hdloader and all that shit messes with timing and the games are unplayable.

fmcb memory card and burned isos is all you need

>> No.17386817

Playing while high is so weird actually. It's like time slows down and you can read faster speeds, although with bad timing.
One other thing I noticed is that I managed to do some patterns I can't even read as if my subconcious takes over, while I missed horribly in patterns that require conscious effort to perform, those that you have kind of learned but are still hard if you aren't being on a good day.

>> No.17386835

They're supposed to flash together.

IIDX only ever does the back and forth rolling lights during coin play attract mode.

>> No.17386928

Alternatively you can use Open PS2 Loader which allows for booting the games off the HDD without the timing issues of HDLoader. It's how I do it

>> No.17387026

I read on some compatibility lists for games running through OPL that IIDX games get stutter and audio desync, have you experienced this at all?

>> No.17387036

you have to use a special version of open ps2 loader for the best results. There's a modded version of OPL designed for IIDX sitting on the internet. Just do a search for OPL IIDX and it should pop up

>> No.17387048

Nice, thanks for tip.

>> No.17387544

Has anyone here done a custom underlay for their Dao? Should I get a special type of paper, or would just printing it out normally work?

>> No.17387574


Yeah, it will work printing it from a home printer but regular computer paper isn't big enough to fit the square shape of the graphic. I just went to office max and had them print it on paper slightly thicker than normal paper, cost me like 2 bucks.
Also if you need the template to make the underlay this is the one from sows that most people use, for the FP7


>> No.17387578

I got my PEE template already thanks. And thanks for the recommendation.

>> No.17387742

>tfw can't clear Afro Knuckle

Pretty much FC the song but I just can't hother to learn the chord jacks at the end so I die there.

Maybe I'll just HC it and be donemwith it.

>> No.17387945

Set your speed to the "FIX (MAX BPM)" option. This will make all songs scroll at the same set speed when at their max BPM, and scale accordingly if there are BPM changes.

>> No.17387985

How do I make it so that I use the turntable to set my speed/lane cover ? Trying to show a friend but don't remember how I did it

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>> No.17388291


Strange, I used to have little to no lag issues with playing popn off HDloader. I just used the setting that kills the Hdd after load and that seemed to work fine.

>> No.17388524

i need a little help. i'm someone that was on outphase until it died. now i'm searching another community for talk of rhythm games. zenius is shit, sows is for shitpost (and i don't have an account for it) and twitter is meh.
what to do? remain on the threads here? (i'm a long time lurker of the threads, desu)

>> No.17388551


So... are the ones after the PS2 games not good or what?

I was also more thinking about a wiki/guide for getting set up to play the games (any software needed, install guides etc.).

And also what is sows?

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Passed my first 7 on doubles

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DDR at Tokyo Olympics when
>people all around the world gathers
>Chris makes his subtle appearance in the bemani scene
>fefemz happens to be there for the football/soccer Olympics
>meet up at a nearby gamecenter close to the hotel
>Chris and fefemz inserts their ¥100 coin
>1st stage Egoism 440 CSP
>Watch in awe
>Chris MFCs the chart
>fefemz close by -40 PFC
>chris4life USA FOREVER

I want to witness this

>> No.17388878

Congratulations. DP is the only way I play. Welcome to the club.

>> No.17388893


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File: 25 KB, 652x384, 1497224090846.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck off cunt. I'm here to say USA took the throne back.

>> No.17389149

There is nothing after the PS2 games. 14 was the last to get a home release. Everything else is emulation, piracy or bemouse.

>> No.17389434


>> No.17389576

What's wrong with stamina? Shows you're more fit than the IIDX nerd.

t. IIDX nerd who passes out after intense Beatmania session.

>> No.17389697

do you agree? what would you change or move around?

>> No.17389705

ddr, iidx, pop'n is the indisputable god tier. the three best rhythm game (series) ever.

>> No.17389721

i like PIU more than ddr desu.

>> No.17389727

jose you have to go back

>> No.17389730

me voy entonce

>> No.17389737


>> No.17389738

PIU should be higher than DDR but eh

>> No.17389783

is there a list of graficas anywhere?

do people even care about museca?

>> No.17389850


>> No.17389878

I'm a bit new to rhythm games sadly the only ones I've played are osu and future tone could you guys recommend me other rhythm games?

>> No.17389889

anything bemani

>> No.17389891

taikojiro, lr2, pop'n music, etc

>> No.17389895

If there's an arcade around you I'd recommend going there and trying out all the bemani there and seeing what you like, can look for arcades here https://zenius-i-vanisher.com/v5.2/arcades.php

>> No.17389948

>mare nectaris

>> No.17389950

>is a shit song

>> No.17389959

How are *actual* meme charts like MN allowed?

>> No.17390067

>it rapes my ass therefore is a meme


>> No.17390078

the chart might be corny but if you dislike the song you have really bad taste in music

>> No.17390096

i might have bad taste, but maybe i'm just salty that almost all the stuff we get in iidx is a bit generic or bad for me.

>> No.17390136

Who are you quoting?

>> No.17390143

>He doesn't know about meme arrows

Should we tell him boys?

>> No.17390232

ITG shouldn't be below DDR when the entirety of the latter can be recreated and then expanded/improved in the former and the equipment is mostly identical. And no, the quality of community is not an argument when discussing the games themselves.

>> No.17390235 [DELETED] 

Did you just assume my gender!?!?!

>> No.17390292

>arcade about to close for the day
>suddenly got gud and BTFO several of my records


>> No.17390484


Congrats you just proved you're new as fuck

inb4 'i was pretending to be retarded'

>> No.17390513


seriously though this song and chart are insane bms tier levels of clusterfuck and bad

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IIDX is for everyone. Even little girls can enjoy it

>> No.17390721

why'd you take this picture of me??

>> No.17390748

take my pic down dude

>> No.17390909

it's better than all the generic edm shit to be quite honest senpai

>> No.17390974


>> No.17391572

100% correct. Every other game is simply redundant.

>> No.17391622

gitadora up to SS
taiko down to S
sdvx down to A
museca in S

>> No.17391859

>djmax respect will never be on pc
why live?

>> No.17391883

Just play trilogy

>> No.17391896

but it doesn't look as fresh and cool

>> No.17391907

>wanting gooknoise

>> No.17392620

>they won't release a fucking koc-style controller for it

i'm not going to play a rhythm game with a goddamn dualshock but it looks really fun otherwise

>> No.17392684


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File: 237 KB, 1100x1380, For when a nig gets quads.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17392726

this looks fun as fuck
almost makes me want to get a controller but then i remember sdvx songs that don't come from other bemani games are largely garbage

>> No.17392820

>wanting gooknoise

Are you sure you didn't mean to quote the post about mare nectaris?

>> No.17393013
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>tfw glasses fetish


>> No.17393333

ok so both my popn and 2dicks controllers are covered in a 6-month layer of dust
any suggestions on how to unfuck that WITHOUT potentially making that shit go into the buttons and making them sticky

>> No.17393348

Just wipe your fucking shirt on them

>> No.17393368

popular? opinion: lapistoria destroyed pop'n music. éclale and usaneko tryed to fix it, but pop'n will never go it back at how it was in the past.
unpopular? opinion: i really like rb reflesia, the soundtrack is on point. or maybe i'm a sucker for rpg themes. i wish i could play it.

>> No.17393411

What was wrong with lapistoria? Never played it
Eclale has some shit art tho

>> No.17393413

Very carefully.
No but really, cleaning the insides isn't a big deal if shit ends up in there.

>> No.17393414

the art. animu and pop'n should have never mixed.
also, the story behind the game was meh.
(also, more than half of the songs were forgettable.)

>> No.17393425

reflesia is fucking good. the ui is a bit shitty because it looks like a smartphone game, but the music is on fucking point
i'm so sick of edm, pop and vocaloid shit already and these are all that's left in other bemani games

>> No.17393439

same here. reflesia is refreshing.
also, the rpg theme is also why i love chunithm (also i love chuni because they got osamu kubota. man, go back in bemani, nostalgia (the game, ofc) is waiting.)

>> No.17393462
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Is U1 legit christian?

>> No.17394029

Anyone here subscribed to infinitas? Is it worth it at this point?

>> No.17394326

Lol, wearing that means he's definitely not.

>> No.17394618

What's wrong with it being hard? When clearly some people are able to play it.

Players get better, charts get harder.

>> No.17394642

>Players get better
Some players don't, as you can see by the complainers

>> No.17394659


Well it's those players' fault for not being good enough. Not IIDX's or its charters' fault.

If it's too hard for you and you are angry about it concentrate that anger into getting better instead of using it to just complain.

>> No.17395014
File: 20 KB, 651x514, 1491527155470.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I didn't say it was too hard I said it was a clusterfuck
Compare to something like perditus paradisus or mei or literally any high level 12 that's interesting

I mean just look at this shit,i don't even need to copy the rest because this is how the whole song is

>> No.17395037

we bms now

>> No.17395260

How do you get unbanned from sows

>> No.17395306

>getting banned from sows

You literally have to be an impulsive underage. What did you do?

>> No.17395605

how do i get better at doing drills in DDR

>> No.17395694

By doing a lot of drills.

>> No.17395774

by playing IIDX instead

>> No.17396009

Even Venny and BHyper aren't though. You really have to be a special kind of retard

>> No.17396458
File: 1.94 MB, 1920x1080, DJMAX RESPECT_20170729160304.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have you paid your respects?

>> No.17396580


>> No.17396636

DDR is one of the top tier games though, you don't tell someone to play a different game.

IIDX isn't even that heavy on drills compared to 5k even.

>> No.17396645

But have you?

>> No.17397372

>DDR is one of the top tier games though
i hate to be the one to inform you but it's not 2002 anymore

>> No.17397451

ddr is objectively one of the best music games ever made

>> No.17397491

Speaking of, when the fuck are those impulse pads coming out

>> No.17397530

Round 1 with Dolce 2017 edition, stream about to start


>> No.17397849

Any song with 2000+ notes would look like some BMS.

>> No.17399497
File: 339 KB, 429x506, Grace_PUR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Do a 5 card pull in SDVX
>Got the Grace PUR

Thanks little Rasis who works in the generator machine

>> No.17399762


Oh it's easy if you get the wrong people mad at you

>> No.17400524

i dont have a dance pad so i set up stepmania on autoplay and pretend im playing

>> No.17400528

you have autism

>> No.17400591

where do i go to learn about the different options and stuff in iidx

all i really know how to do is change the speed

>> No.17400616

It tells you how to change the speed when you start a new song, doesn't it? There's a little pop-up window in the lanes.

tl;dr hold start.

>> No.17400620

Reflec Beat in general tends to have a good soundtrack, which is unfortunate because the game itself isn't good.

>> No.17400720
File: 458 KB, 1536x2048, DF_HnCXUMAA2bqG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.17400893

Slow the fuck down nigga!

>> No.17401044


I'll be impressed when it's a AAA FC

>> No.17401198

what are the hardest popn songs

>> No.17401218


>> No.17401278

I'm probably the slowest of all pokes, but why is the mixdown on this so awful? Normally you can't hear half of this shit through the earrape vocals.

>> No.17401387

because who cares the vocals are the only reason to listen to it

>> No.17401593

Should I buy digital DJMAX Respect from the singaporean store? It's 67,90 Singaporean dollars and I already have 10 dollars as leftover from a previous purcgase anyway

>> No.17401937

Follow your heart

>> No.17402095

Level 50s are a safe bet.

>> No.17402144

dont tell me

you're some edgy poltard child that said offensive things

>> No.17402192

if you're not some sows tranny then damn do you do a good impression of one

>> No.17402203

Sows mods don't really care much about that crap except for Ash and maybe Ryu so I doubt he got banned for that.

>> No.17402204

Retards complaining about rag's mare fullcombo when it didn't have perfect timing, I guess some people don't get how you play when going for fc....

>> No.17402669
File: 279 KB, 700x600, IMG_1292.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw sightreading laser charts

>> No.17402946

imagine sightreading firestorm with two yellow lasers

>> No.17405349 [DELETED] 

reinstalled lr2hd and for some reason my judges are glitching out
it'll display as "great" for some and then a garbled mess most other times
how the heck do I fix it

>> No.17405373

When will DDR's team finally grow some balls and put actually hard charts in like every other major Bemani game has had since forever? DDR's difficulty distribution is laughable. If it had been like IIDX's, majority of songs would've had 17+ charts and we'd be getting multiple 19s per game.

>> No.17405416

Adding to this, they also have an unnatural aversion to giving Bemani crossovers difficult charts. The only DDR 18s that didn't debut in DDR are IX, Elemental Creation, Mei and Nageki no Ki, and the former two debuted across multiple games simultaneously, leaving only two clear exceptions to the rule. Knowing them no crossover will ever get a 19.

>> No.17405611

They're scafed of nerds passing out and dying on their machines.

>> No.17405711

If this were the case then nothing above 14 would've ever existed. Nerds and even casuals should be intelligent enough to stop playing when they instantly die on something way out of their league.

>> No.17406708
File: 68 KB, 640x479, FREEDOM DiVE-bg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does jaypee like DJMax / Osu / Cytus?


>> No.17406726

This is so horrible.

>> No.17406732


>> No.17406770

Yes / No / Maybe

>> No.17406782


freedom dive is my favorite osu song

>> No.17406791

It's time to confess, /jp/. Which was the first rhythm game you ever played?
Mine was DJMAX Black Square.

>> No.17406803

Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix.

>> No.17406856

some ddr at someone's house

>> No.17406868

DDR Extreme

>> No.17406979

The PS2 DDR with the green cover.

>> No.17406992

Probably GH3, at a friend's house.

>> No.17407004

DDR 2nd mix with a controller

>> No.17407068

i still can't play djmax with more than 4 buttons. what do i do with my life?

>> No.17407129

Eat some kimchi it'll make ya better

>> No.17407143

beatmania gb

>> No.17407330

Dance Dance Revolution (ps1) (us)

or parappa

>> No.17407577

Dancing Stage

>> No.17408353

guitar hero 2

>> No.17408375


>> No.17408611

Dear diary, today I cleared many 17s in SDVX that destroyed me in the past.

Also I AA failed brogamer [a], again.

>> No.17408854

Either Rock Band or DDR SuperNOVA.

>> No.17408940

Rhythm Heaven Fever.

>> No.17409223

why do furries play popn

>> No.17409329

played ddr at bowling alley in 4th grade during after school bowling a lot
don't remember what version

>> No.17409408
File: 38 KB, 480x360, 1420336031654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

where to download the 720 LR2 HD version?

>> No.17409426

Because it's the only buttons they can hit in their fursuit.

>> No.17409430

The buttons are large enough so they can play while wearing fursuits

>> No.17409435


>> No.17409478


>> No.17409612

>bought a stupid fucking fight stick for $200 because I've wanted to get into fighting games and hoped a monetary investment would help me commit to it more
>regretted it as soon as it arrived and all I could think about was how I wished I would've just bought a iidx controller instead
I want to die

>> No.17409631

That's pretty embarrassing to be quite honest

>> No.17409683

Who are you quoting?

>> No.17409689


>> No.17409690

suck 4 u

i bought a fightstick 5 years ago and im still playing

>> No.17409849

it doesn't work that way, you have to get into them first

>> No.17410300

what's worse

>passable song has difficult spike at end that makes you fail
>difficult song that you struggle with has easy ending that makes you pass

>> No.17410349

Failing is obviously worse than passing

>> No.17410461

Lifebar is a meme. They should've just put a hitpoint counter that doesn't replenish throughout the song, something like 20 misses = out.

>> No.17410463

I think getting an undeserved pass feels worse desu

>> No.17410752

It is kind of weird to have a clear on Go Beyond A14 only because the latter half of the chart is a 10 and you can never touch a note before it and still pass.

I think easy ending songs serve their purpose in getting people to try to push their limits and feel encouraged to try higher difficulty songs, rather than go into something in knowing that it will wreck you from start to finish.

>> No.17410835

>tfw the groove gauge of your life is at 2% on ex hard

>> No.17411429

Never because that would involve them updating DDR which they are heavily adverse to. I still believe that Konami is purposefully gimping DDR updates because the staff won't purge Naoki songs.

>> No.17411464

When's Crossbeat?

>> No.17411666

What can I play other than stepmania and Osu on PC ?

>> No.17411672


>> No.17411788

LR2, KSM, o2jam

>> No.17411924

Play on a keyboard and try that chart. It made it a lot easier for me to learn the chart before playing on machine

>> No.17411962

Konami acted petty time and time again but they couldn't possibly be this bad, right?

>> No.17412058


>> No.17412072

>the staff won't purge Naoki songs
Why would konami want that?

>> No.17412091

Work your way up slowly.
Start with 5 key, drop down to the easiest difficulty and learn the button layout while progressively climbing back up the difficulty ladder. Do the same for 6B and higher. You don't have to master one mode before moving to the next, just keep climbing and and learning the button layouts.
What platform do you play on?

>> No.17412112

DJ Max Trilogy

>> No.17412222


A pass is a pass, it's on a per song basis

>> No.17412255
File: 41 KB, 198x191, 1429201420928.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The Setting Sun EXH
>Left hand just won't follow the laseres

>> No.17412516

if you want this chart specifically in the game you should neck yourself it's godawful

>> No.17412531

so uhh how do I change my offset in sdvx and which way do I go
whenever I go to the arcade my inner korean comes out and I end up hitting everything early

>> No.17412674

I started getting this problem too.

Hold start and press 9 on the numpad I think. This will increase the offset by +1

>> No.17413051
File: 45 KB, 600x300, IMG_20170802_035610.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thoughts? Anyone going to the location test?

>> No.17413053
File: 69 KB, 600x300, IMG_1566.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We F1 now

>> No.17413069

how the FUCK do we go from sinobuz to this
at least copula looked nice and the train aesthetic worked

>> No.17413081
File: 182 KB, 960x400, locationtest_main-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Better resolution.


>> No.17413092

Looks like my wait to buy a poster has been extended yet another year

>> No.17413264

>Cannon Ballers
Is this the dumbest name in history of Bemani games?

>> No.17413381


>> No.17413511

You can use it for other arcade games at least...

>> No.17413521

Ey, the EMP sheet on my FP7 turntable is starting to peel off, is superglue ok to use on it?

>> No.17413593


Do-da do-da do-do-do-do do-do-do
Let's scratch away

>> No.17413779

Hopefully there will be Roots26 girls in race queen clothing.

At least in the results screen.

>> No.17413898

I can finally meme this again


>> No.17413900

Ffs this

>> No.17414277

Probably not.

What the fuck is a sinobuz? What the fuck is a coplua? The fuck is a Lincle?

At least Cannon Ballers is comprised of two actual words, dumb as they are.

>> No.17414342

Is the initial songlist gonna be filled with eurobeat ?

>> No.17414353

So loctest is a few days now. How long does it usually take from location test to release?

Cause I want to pkrate sinobuz so hard right now.

>> No.17414359

Sinobuz loctest was last July or something. It got released last October.

If the pattern holds Cannon Ballers will be released this November.

>> No.17414365

>What the fuck is a copula?

>American education

>> No.17414376

At least those names sounded cool or interesting, who in the hell approved Cannon Ballers.

>> No.17414433

I've played twodicks on my fight stick and it's fun, you should give it a shot

>> No.17414576
File: 59 KB, 800x600, iidx 25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wow iidx 25's theme looks great

>> No.17414673

>Cannon Ballers comes out
>Y&Co starts pumping up charts nonstop
>Tatsh comes back
>Red Zone gets a black another, replaces first kaiden chart

I'm ready.

>> No.17414720

They really couldn't have come up with a better name than fucking cannon ballers?

And these colors. Fuck. Just makes me think of italy.

>> No.17414732

Whats the best non-IIDX/DDR/Pop'n bemani series

>> No.17414734


>> No.17414757

I agree ): I love popn' because the older games are so corny and unique, but the newer ones with their animu stuff are so... ugh no

>> No.17414764


>> No.17414767

The animu style only shows up just before and after the song. The character ingame is still in that good old pop'n style.

Also, I feel like I'm destroying the cab when I play Funky Sonic World EX.

>> No.17414768

The only bearable bemani fans

>> No.17414771

The power gap between those three and everything else is so wide. Probably DrumMania.

>> No.17414773

DDR Extreme aka the best mix

>> No.17414786

SuperNOVA 2 and X2 are better

>> No.17414819

What games have the tighest and loosest timing windows, respectively? Games with no timing need not apply obviously

>> No.17414825

>Games with no timing need not apply obviously

The fuck kind of rhythm game has no timing?

>> No.17414829

Western rhythm games usually just have hit the note or didn't hit the note instead of different timing windows

>> No.17414835

>hit the note or didn't hit the note

That's still timing though

>> No.17414840

IIDX PGREAT is 2 frames. GJH/GJA used to have a 1 frame PGREAT window for giggles.
DDR Marvelous used to be 2 frames, but now it's either wider and/or not frame rounded. pop'n COOL is probably 3 frames.

>> No.17414889

I've been listening to old bemani soundtracks and while i def don't wanna come across as a nostalgiafag... damn, the difference btwn old songs and newer stuff is pretty noticeable. I get the impression that the musical output was more creative b4 since they had to figure out what kind of music would suit a rhythm game and they had to produce diverse stuff to appeal to whoever went to have fun at an arcade. Pretty cool stuff. 20 yrs later, they want to appeal to... idek, otaku? I only find edm and shithouse in new games (i mean, if ppl enjoy that kind of music then good for them, it's the only thing they release nowadays, hooray. to me, most edm/dubstep/nightcore/speedy clusterfucky music is samey and obnoxious and boring as hell!!!). Probs I haven't looked hard enough? I miss corny eurobeat like what naoki and y&co produced, random hip hop, nice trance, stuff based on classical music, funky tracks, whatever the fuck exotic ethnic/healing vision/orion 78/afronova were. And dancemania licenses. ):

>> No.17414914

Welcome to what everyones been thinking for years

Enjoy your denpa

>> No.17414926

Time to post your favourite old bemani song


>> No.17414937


>> No.17414945

i dont like any of the songs in popn

>> No.17414951


This is why i get mad when people says stuff like "everything style before resort anthem is bad"

>> No.17415010


>> No.17415013


>> No.17415033

i prefer the newer stuff but healing vision angelic mix is one of my favorites

>> No.17415048

It's more a reflection of changes in musical trends than anything. EDM and wubwub shit is big right now so that's what you get.

>> No.17415071

i just want good-cool to come back to IIDX ;~;

>> No.17415114

beatmania 1/3, duh.

then drummania/dmxg/gitadora dm

museca is better than sdvx

>> No.17415120

no it's not

if you get the same score for hitting everything on time as you do a quarter second late, thats not timing

>> No.17415122

best song in all of iidx coming through


>> No.17415252
File: 83 KB, 309x445, 1494884795147.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I dreamed I visited an arcade and played IIDX

You guys just don't know what it's like to live in a country with 0 (zero) cabs.

>> No.17415280

wubwub songs are the most fun to play desu

>> No.17415354

2-step is way too underrated.

>> No.17415701
File: 189 KB, 960x400, iidx25logo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do your worst /jp/

>> No.17415734
File: 796 KB, 2080x748, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.17415746

noon srellers by far
anyone who says otherwise is an idiot

>> No.17415753

how do i stop getting so sweaty when playing ddr

i play a couple 13s and 14s or 15s and im soaked

>> No.17415774

Just embrace the sweat or take off your shirt

>> No.17415782

Do you have a fan set up?

Also drink plenty of water.

>> No.17415963

Who the hell is Paul Bazooka and why does he keep appearing on all those asian music games?

>> No.17416063

What ever happened to Nostalgia

>> No.17416142

Nostalgia is fun but it's just an overpriced deemo with a cheap toy piano

>> No.17416158

I tried it a while back and it's not actually that fun. Although it gets more challenging on Master level difficulties it just feels like mashing your hand in the approximate location the notes are expected to land. The lack of black keys makes it worse.

Perhaps I'm spoiled coming from an actual piano, but although it's capable of being difficult it doesn't feel like it's capable of being complex.

>> No.17416227

>it doesn't feel like it's capable of being comple
This, it's actually just stupid fun.
But if you ever have another chance to try it play Tocata and do exagerate movements (or stupid shits like crossing your hands)

>> No.17416371

Ehh I can see that being fun in a kind of goofy way, but from my experience actual piano is legitimately more fun.

I'll spend my tokens on other games.

>> No.17416438

That's pretty normal. I would make sure to drink lots of water and maybe try using a fan to help cool you down, but if you're playing 13-15's you're well past the point of not getting sweaty when playing. I think you're just better off just accepting the fact that it's gonna happen a lot, and just wear light clothes and take a towel with you.

>> No.17416939

SDVX. Museca is fun but it's too easy so it robs you of the satisfaction you get from clearing songs since you'd have to be new to music games for that to even be a thing (same with Jubeat) and drummania takes fucking forever to become enjoyable to play at all.

>> No.17416971

it's LINKED CIRCLE how do people never fucking get it

>> No.17416973
File: 40 KB, 435x429, 4311452865.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw Americans call a linked circle a ring

>> No.17416976
File: 43 KB, 960x400, DGPGO9rW0AI-sEf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.17417441 [DELETED] 
File: 441 KB, 930x560, cannonballers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.17417444

I would not be opposed to this as a minigame.

>> No.17417450
File: 442 KB, 930x560, cannonballers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.17417597

DDR at a friend's house.

>> No.17418265

> it just feels like mashing your hand in the approximate location the notes are expected to land

That is by design. It's meant to be loose and forgiving.

I'm still a bit disappointed Beatstream is being sacrificed for it though.

>> No.17418745

Holy shit I've been playing Respect the last few days and now I booted IIDX and my timing is completely off.

I'm getting Cs with 800 fasts when I'm sulpised to be getting AAs and As wbat can I do to fix this?

>> No.17418791

Just got a B on Mermaid Girl

That's how serious it is. If I knew this would happen I wouldn't have bought Respect

>> No.17418811

Change offset in Respect?
I haven't tried that game, but even I play a bunch of K-Shoot my IIDX timing doesn't drop that much.

>> No.17418812

I'm also playing Djmax with a headset while I don't use it for IIDX. Could that be one kf the reasons? I'm seriously taken aback

>> No.17419016

it was probably donkey konga 2

>> No.17419269

Cannon Ballers leaked footage


>> No.17419388

idk why but i have a really hard time reading DDR patterns

i can play 9s in iidx just fine though

>> No.17419472

I just finished setting up LR2, but I've basically only played stepmania before in terms of rhythm games.
Would you guys recommend I start with 5 buttons and then work up to 7? or just start at absolute baby level 7s and try to get better? The number and positioning of the notes are a little overwhelming at 7, but I dont want to get into bad habits by playing with fewer buttons.

>> No.17419481

Just start with 7 if that's what you want to play.

>> No.17419482

Start with whatever you intend to play the most of.

"working your way up" doesn't work

>> No.17419591

I don't know who started this "work your way up from 5 key" thing, but it doesn't work at all. Just start with what you want to play. It may be overwhelming for now but you'll get used to it in time.

>> No.17419622

Playing IIDX from hdd data, not sure what the problem is but I feel like the music and sounds get off sync during the song. Might be just because I'm bad but something still feels off.

>> No.17419649

Thanks. I'll keep trying at 7 then. This is so chaotic trying to scramble to find the right buttons to hit, but I think I'm starting to get a feel for it.

It might be DJMax that put me into that mindset since I did briefly play that years ago. It lays the number of buttons out like difficulties, so I guess I made the connection to "progress through" them by starting at 4 buttons and working my way up to 8 or whatever it had. I never actually attempted anything past 4 in that so I wasn't sure how effective that was.

>> No.17419669

Low leve, 7 ley aonga exisb to make you used to the buttons.

Jjst keep playing easy songs until it becomes muscle memory

>> No.17419789
File: 50 KB, 600x604, brain damage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17419878

Thoughts on Virgoo fever ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrcAhlaxzSw
Is it a good controller for IIDX as well ?

>> No.17419906

>you can play IIDX, DJMAX and SDVX with this single controller

>> No.17419916

Respect isn't really meant for a controller, so the practicality of it might be questionable.
Probably isn't good for IIDX as it is most likely not AC distance. Additionally, TT is too small

>> No.17420047

That's cute but 8b doesn't work with it

>> No.17420115

I'm confused by the 7 buttons and 2 TT when I'm only seeing 6 buttons here.

Also I thought virgoo was dead

>> No.17420148

the black middle button is to activate the "fever" (X onscreen).
I bet that it'll not be marketed as a DJMax-only controller

>> No.17420161

Comment on the video said he made the controller himself

>> No.17420162

not understanding this DJmax meme.
game looks like utter shit, worse than osumania

>> No.17420180

https://twitter.com/VirgooTeam is a better source than a comment from a random guy

>> No.17420217

Djmax is actually the original DJ game. IIDX ripped it off and Konami's Disney-tier lawyers managed to win in court.

>> No.17420226

doesn't make it good

>> No.17420228

My mistake

>> No.17420254
File: 1.77 MB, 1446x2969, FeverController.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

With a bit of imagination you can play much more games (and with p1 or p2 side at any time)

>> No.17420369

Absolutely tiny TT with baby-tier scratch distance, but I like the idea of playing multiple games with it, and you can play either 1P or 2P.

>> No.17420370


ebin trole goon sire. have a (You)

>> No.17420423

the only game where that kind of progression makes sense is dance games. you cant learn doubles without some basis of singles skill

but 5-key and 7-key iidx/bm have surprisingly little in common. the amount of keys severely changes the techniques used in charting as well as the way your hands have to position themselves to hit them all. just play 7 key. its brutal at first, i know.

>> No.17420428



>> No.17420454





>> No.17420490

Still awkward to hit L and R. Just as bad as in the normal controller. 8b Djmax will never be fun.

>> No.17420522


>> No.17420529

>[YANKEE CAR J TRANCE] ハイ*ビスカスfeat. Kanae Asaba / Xceon

>> No.17420535

fucking yankee car j trance lmao

>> No.17420575

>totto, huΣer, かめりあ feat. ななひら
looks like a good style already

>> No.17420580

[FUTURE BASS] Chemical Cookie / YUC'e (SPH 8) BPM 180

aaaa i love yuc'e

>> No.17420581

>that DJMAX F song
Do they expect you to do that on a dualshock?

>> No.17420596

I did not expect this collaboration and I cannot wait to hear it.

>> No.17420616

Playing 6B on dualshock is fine. Things get shitty only on 8b since it's just awkward to hit L1 and R1 consistently on the harder songs because you pretty much have to mash them.
It hurts my hand and I'm used to playing IIDX for hours on my FP7.

>> No.17420620
File: 124 KB, 1024x683, dJ_MaXEnCore_PP2-1024x683-1.jpg?resize=1024%2C683.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was it all a ruse?

>> No.17420626

Can we all just agree that DJmax is the only non bemani rhythm game that's worth a damn?

I don't care about leg games.

>> No.17420636

Yes, we can agree.

>> No.17420642


cxb, chunithm, maimai

>> No.17420654

No it's bad.

>> No.17420677

3DS buttons are too small but it could've used the touchscreen to make a Technika hybrid which would be interesting.

>> No.17420687

you forgot deresute, bucko

>> No.17420778

You forgot Groove Coaster

>> No.17420888

IIDX25 leaked gameplay


>> No.17420911

How should I be hitting TT~1~3~5 on P1
I am playing 8s and I'm seeing this chord a lot

>> No.17420925

Use your left thumb to hit both 1 and 3

>> No.17420926

multiple options:
-side thumb, left thumb on both 1 and 3, 5 with right thumb
-left thumb on 1, right thumb on 3, right middle on 5
-left thumb on 1, right index on 3, right thumb on 5
-left thumb on 1, left index on 3, wrist scratch

>> No.17421104

Underated post.

>> No.17421130

Scratch with pinky and press 1 left thumb. Move right thumb from 5 to 3 and press 5 with right index.

Way more comfortable than pressing 1 and 3 with left thumb and I have huge hands and long fingers. But if you're fast enough and/or the notes aren't very dense just move your whole right hand out of your main position and press 1 2 and 3 with it with index, middle and ring fingers then move back to your normal position.

You need to learn to move your hands around anyway and adapt since there will be patterns at high level that are more comfortable to hit with unorthodox positions.

>> No.17421217

Using a wheel to scratch actually seems like a good idea.

Would make scratch heavy songs a breeze and no blisters on the tip of your pinky.

>> No.17421606
File: 667 KB, 1567x2048, IMG_1568.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.17421652
File: 42 KB, 367x230, DGV__gGVYAAgBG__01_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17421952

when the fuck is goli gonna do porn already

>> No.17421969


>> No.17421999

Are these loctest posters the same as the normal ones, just with the test date plastered over the top?

>> No.17422361

Checked. Not necessarily. Recall Empress.

>> No.17422361,1 [INTERNAL]  [DELETED] 

I found 'm39-2018082100', but can't find the All song Unlock dll file......
When I searched it, I downloaded the dll file using the 'dll Patcher' site.
but All song Unlock is not Working....
Do you have a way to rip all song Unlock or have a 'popn22.dll' file?

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