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Why is touhou so goddamn popular? It's gotten to the point where even if you've never heard about the game you have at-least seen something from it.

It's just a bullet hell game. What makes people dedicate hundreds of hours of their life making fan videos on the game

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have you even PLAYED the game anon

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>It's just a
No, it's just like 25 or so games, a few of which aren't bullet hell games. It also has lots of fan games.
It's popular because it's a doujin work itself, so the maker won't come down as hard on fan games and fan works as big companies would on other doujin works since he's part of the community.

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There is a huge harem of girls without a fleshed out predetermined personality.

There is no official anime or anything, and we don't know a lot of info about the girls.

But all of them have style. It is easy to "fill" them with personality in our heads. And everyone does this in the most pleasant for them way.

My Alice isn't like your Alice. My Sakuya is different in almost every minor detail. All they share is their style and some generally accepted ideas

So everyone literally chooses what is the most pleasant for them and end up with fleshed up specially for them world.

Same shit happened with Warhammer 40k

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Aren't there official manga though? How does that fit into everything?

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Does this manga cover the personality of all 2hu characters? Or even half of them? Or a quarter?

I honestly haven't read them, but i highly doubt that a couple of dozens of pictures with some words can clearly describe you a person. You don't get to see them act. You don't get to feel them

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Okuu unrelated but always cute

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Are there any other doujin works with a comparable community?

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Okufag is completely braindead. Color me fully surprised.

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Well it depends on what you consider doujin works. Vocaloids, for example, despite being corporate programs, are ones intended to be used for doujin works, so there's the whole doujin music and MMD related scene there, of which the MMD community is its own thing via niconico douga. 3D Custom Girl is also basically absorbed into it too, although it's not a doujin product either.

There's Yume Nikki and the whole "horror" rpg maker games scene, as well as the YN fandom itself. It's nearly dead as is the RPG game fad, but it's still fondly remembered.

There's that monster girl encyclopedia thing which made "monstergirls" into a fandom to rally around instead of just moefied monsters(like Touhou youkai for example) and spawned the ideas of creating similar things with bestiaries of oversexed beings.

Touhou also has some sub fandom of "Cookie" which is apparently very large and only tangentially related to touhou at this point. See: >>17347397
There's also the Yukkuri sub fandom which is similarly only borderline related.

Technically Tsukihime and Melty Blood are doujin games, and they still have the Tsukihime fans, though I don't know how big it is, since everyone is more about Fate. It doesn't really produce fan works anymore, I think. Fate really has completely eclipsed it.

I don't know of anything else offhand. There's probably more stuff related to Niconico Douga that's local to it.

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>I honestly haven't read them
What a fag.

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I think the better question is: Why is Cirno literally the most popular 2hu on 4chan while she's ranked #30 or lower in every Japanese community?

What is it about this ice fairy that 4chan likes so much?

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>Why is Cirno literally the most popular 2hu on 4chan while she's ranked #30 or lower in every Japanese community?

Because Flandre is both 2edgy4chan and a normie meme with McRoll and stuff. Also because of KoG and his get thing and love of Cirno.

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Why do people pick on ZUN's drawings anyway? It's par for a doujin game, which Touhou games are. It's weird, people act like it's a free game series but judge it like it's a AAA series.

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It's because they compare the drawings to other franchises with tons of girls, most of which are by companies who hired artists instead of being just 1 person who drew everything and also made the rest of the game.

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That's funny because Touhou doesn't have tons of girls, just tons of throwaway bosses that people won't let go. I wonder if it's really weird. A lot of popular STG do kind of reuse bosses. I wonder what touhou would be like if Zun reused bosses more.

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>EoSD 12?! Fuck. YES!
A better world, I'm sure.

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There is nothing that eases me more than Touhou. Gensokyo is truly a kind place.

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>Okufag is completely braindead. Color me fully surprised.
But he accurately explains why Touhou is popular. Most fans don't play the games. Majority doesn't even read the official manga. Whether you like it or not, fanworks and fanon is what matters most to most fans.

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The series has 20 years of tradition, the music is catchy. Bullet hell games are good for blowing steam off. The official print works are nice reads.

Why are things that make people feel good popular? Gee i wonder...

Why do morons farm rank in MOBAs like DOTA for 2000 hours?


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Not him, but the art style is ugly compared to SSiB and WaHH or FS.

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Well, we can argue if someone can be called a fan of video game series without playing a single game but the last popularity pool showed that 95% people who participated played some game on easy. Which means that your statement is wrong.

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Playing one game once on easy and getting BTFO'd isn't going to keep anyone interested in the series for long. Without fanmade material Touhou fans would be a lot less numerous.
Also, taking the popularity poll results as indicative of what the majority of fans thinks is dubious at best and plain wrong at worst. The latest poll got 36 727 valid character votes, but the questionnaire was filled by only 16 845 people (and even then only partially). If you've never played the games or read the official works, chances are you're not going to bother answering questions regarding those.
Secondly, from around 20% to 40% of respondents never played each game (the older the game, the lower the percentage) which is a sizable number. What also strikes me as a highly exclusive result are the lunatic 1cc rates of some of the games. Over 10% for several of them? Somehow it seems unbelieveable that 10% of all the people who ever played MoF or PCB ever lunatic 1cc'd it.
One more thing to point out is the fact that only 57.89% of questionnaire respondents named the games as the thing they like about Touhou (in a question where multiple choices were allowed), while 95.69% named the music and 93.84% the characters. If the games really were the thing that kept interested in the series, why wouldn't you choose them? If you actively played I'm sure you would.
Even if most people who responded tried a game or two, it's still what Okufag said what makes Touhou popular.

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I never said that fanwork isn't what makes Touhou popular. I called him braindead for his black Tewi statements.

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>black Tewi
I only know the normal Tewi and she is a cunt at least in Silent Sinner in Blue.
Tried to avoid it because a tanned Tewi sounds like twice the cancer.

Whatever now can somebody seriously explain to me what this is?

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>I called him braindead for his black Tewi statements.
You only called him braindead in this thread. What were those black Tewi statements?
>I only know the normal Tewi and she is a cunt at least in Silent Sinner in Blue.
Tried to avoid it because a tanned Tewi sounds like twice the cancer.
In this context, the black part refers to her clothing, not skin as with Cirno. All characters in PoFV have alternative colored outfits that you can choose by holding shift in when selecting difficulty and character. No idea what her significance if any is in the official manga as I don't read it, but I do remember seeing pictures of black clothed Tewi from some manga, official or not.

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> I called him braindead for his black Tewi statements.
You only called him braindead in this thread. What were those black Tewi statements?
>I only know the normal Tewi and she is a cunt at least in Silent Sinner in Blue.
>Tried to avoid it because a tanned Tewi sounds like twice the cancer.
In this context, the black part refers to her clothing, not skin as with Cirno. All characters in PoFV have alternative colored outfits that you can choose by holding shift in when selecting difficulty and character. No idea what her significance if any is in the official manga as I don't read it, but I do remember seeing pictures of black clothed Tewi from some manga, official or not.

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On the other hand, googling black Tewi does return pictures of a black clothed and dark skinned Tewi, so nvm this >>17371462

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I always loved fandom side of Touhou more. Koumajou Densetsu was my jam, my music folder is still littered with ENS , RD-Sounds , TAMAONSEN etc.
I used to read & participate in Quest threads at that Touhou writefags board (pity is kinda dead atm).

And anyway Isn't Touhou slowly dying out (in the West)?

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>In this context, the black part refers to her clothing, not skin as with Cirno.
Interesting now that you say this. I only made two observations: There really is a dark skinned Tewi pic sometimes being posted here. And yes Cirno as you described in the Touhou 16 trial is outright dark.
Never checked out Tewi in PoFV will do now.

You have seen the horror then.

Black Tewi, it just just sounds like an online handle of an edgy lunarian fan.

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It's not even that popular, at least in the west.
I like the series but i'm not mega obsessed with fanworks / fap to Reimu's like most of /jp/ makes it seem.

The games are average, at best, in both difficulty, production values (it's made by one guy) and music. (feels repetitive in early games unless it's some boss fight or some specific stages, IN has best stage music)

It's "appeal" is for a bunch of guys to self-insert into the badly designed (visually, they look overdesigned) characters who 99% have a hat or some head accessory using their one liners to craft their "deep personality".
Basically it started as a bunch of head canon non-sense.
And i love it.

Best musical group is A-One

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>Best music
At least they have a male singer for originality.

You seriously should try some Stack, Chata, Ranko and Izna as vocalists. Feel free to come back later at me and say I was wrong.

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I honestly cant believe, with the established lore and characters this series has that it hasn't been given a chance at an Anime run.

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Probably for the same reason the games aren't on Steam: ZUN doesn't want it.

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>this series has that it hasn't been given a chance at an Anime run

There are a dozen fanmade and one is approved by ZUN. All of them were amazing. What do people want?
I guess ZUN lives off his work well enough. If you milk it by forcing him to write more and more stories the quality will go down.
Also commercializing it with big studios would draw in more secondaries.
No thanks.

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Touhou has the highest level of witty bantz in any game I've ever played (which is like 3).

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There are seriously people in this thread who don't know black Tewi. They should leave.


Is exactly the same "secondary and proud" statement black Tewi uses here

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Black Tewi reminds us that there is no canon in secondary works.

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Touhou as a franchise is just more likable than others because it is long standing (pretty much a habit of some people), the characters and settings are both fairly interesting (rooted in eastern folklore) and well positioned in the age of moe culture (female cast, cute banters etc), and most importantly it's always been very open to doujin work while not being based on cash grab operations like Fate/Kancolle.
That's why Touhou is okay with almost all fandom works like games/anime without wanting to regulate/license it, Zun is not much of a greedy bastard (at the moment at least).

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>The games are average, at best, in both difficulty
t. someone that has never done scoring

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t. someone who has never played DonPachi or other bullet hell games

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There is literally nothing wrong with Black Tewi statements.

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Yeah, I'm sure your shit 2-all of DonPachi is more difficult than WR-tier scoring in any of the windows games.

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Tewi in canon is a shit.

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File: 213 KB, 850x599, __hong_meiling_inaba_tewi_izayoi_sakuya_komeiji_koishi_mystia_lorelei_and_others_touhou_drawn_by_fuuzasa__sample-359754295aff7c93a61ed390c3d81e01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really love Touhou is like the perfect world that I would like to live in, I like his story, his characters, his games, his comics, his parodies, his music and even his shitposting.

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That's a noticeably shit opinion. Leave and never come back, kudasai

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High chance that a weeb's first exposure to touhou is perfect math class.

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Loose plot with a bunch of places to fill in the holes with fan material, and a bunch of cute interesting character designs.

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Early WaHH had horrible art

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>on 4chan
literally because KoG

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but happen that the bosses are girls (and unzan)

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Real DotA doesn't have rank unless you're talking inhouses

>> No.17378732

the seija one is (or was, I didn't check recently)

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The entire thing screams for more doujinshi and fan made content.

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It's got a lot of fun cute characters, fun fanmade stories, and great porn. You don't need to be an autist who plays those dumb games to understand that.

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Silly anon, the only thing OP can comprehend is sucking dick. He couldn't understand anything as simple as Touhou.

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I really hope you don't think just because a game has achievements that its on stream.

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Only the secondary faction. We have been getting better and better new players lately.

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ZUN even make a video about in his youtube channel

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ESL please leave

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There is, because while there's definitely vague aspects to Touhou, there's also still a clear canon. Ever since PCB, really, ZUN writes a LOT, and that's just counting omake.txt and not mentioning all the side works. There's actually not much room for interpretation in a lot of cases because of this, but that (and ZUN) doesn't stop people from making their own truths (like pretending Ran has an actual personality, for instance).

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have you seen the new abomination everyone's obsessed with, kantai collection? complete shit but lots of artists still switch to it from touhou.

>> No.17382877

>lots of artists still switch to it from touhou.
I've waited far too long. Fuck it all.

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You have shit taste. Please kill yourself.

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Can you not start the Ran meme again?

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>kantai collection
What's that?

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You're better off not knowing, flee while your innocence still remains.

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How do I get into Touhou?

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imagine touhou but instead of being an organic community it's a company that outright developed it with the specific purpose of gathering a large amount of people to talk about how cute shipgirls are

it's like if a game company designs a game for e-sports and pays for people to play it on TV, instead of making a good game that gets its own competitive community that do everything themselves

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Honestly this, Kancolle was designed to sell product and nothing else, but no one cares and they buy shit anyways simply because there's so many boats that at least one will cater to someones aesthetic preferences and fetishes.

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Canon isn't a meme you fucking moron.

She's been described that way for years. You're part of the problem.

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Cirno was one of the most popular 2hus back then when the series started to be a thing in the west.

And her videos became extremely popular (See PMC or Chirumiru) among a more casual audience.

Japs probably don't like her very much because they prefer protagonist (Reimu, Marisa, Sanae, Aya) and edgy-powerful characters (Flandre, Koishi, Youmu) rather than plain idiots.

Also, the baka is cute and charismatic, you can't deny it.

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I play the core games, I read the print works (both manga and stories), and follow ZUN's streams/interviews. I don't like the fighters. I write cute fanfiction from time to time. Half of my top 10 favourite characters are playable. I only ever listened to each stand-alone music CD once. I know Yatuhashi's name.

Which degree of Touhou fan am I?

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>I spoiler cute fanfiction

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No dice. I haven't done an update since three months ago, and I won't risk a reader of mine potentially spotting and chewing me out here. That is, on the off chance anyone still cares. I can't seem to, myself. Not having the best of times.

Also, grade me, motherfucker.

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Are Ryukishi07's works still thought of as doujin works or have they been commercialized far too much?

>> No.17397867

Ran technically does have a personality, even if it isn't the personality of the kitsune that makes up her body.

>> No.17397875

Unlike Reimu who is a bipolar weirdo whose personality changes on a whim and has the ability to fly out of reality or something or Ran who is a computer in a Kitsune's body or various other esoteric character concepts that confuse your average normie, Cirno is exactly what you see - a fairy, who can control ice, and in respects on the power scales is closer to the "normal person" on the end of the scale, making her relatable to some people. It's easy to cheer for her because when she's doing something like running a shaved ice stand or frantically struggling fighting off a frog, you can sort of imagine yourself in that position since physically Cirno is probably about as strong as a NEET. That makes her successes all the more impressive, and the fact that she never gives up in spite of her shortcomings and is willing to take on incidents when her closest peers operate with military-grade power at least makes you want to root for her because she's an underdog.

This is also why Marisa is popular in the west, since Marisa is likewise an easier concept to digest and is obviously one of the most human characters in the series. But both are more human than Reimu, even if one of them actually isn't.

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Can you stop misusing this fucking word? It's a guaranteed underage detector these days. Damn punk kids stealing good ol' /jp/ memes and butchering them like usual.

>> No.17397995

I guess. It's a bare minimum one, as opposed to most interpretations though. I really almost never see her doing calculations or being weirdly stiff in fanworks.

>> No.17398059

As far as I know 07th Expansion is still a doujin group. It's not a matter od being commercialized, but of being an actual corporation or working directly for one.

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>Also because of KoG and his get thing and love of Cirno.

People who are new and see one of his threads will often laugh and call it cute, but when you go down the rabbit hole and understand that he's been making Cirno threads multiple times a day each and every single day since 2007, you realize just how much of an influence he has had on Cirno's perception.

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The thread on /vg/ can help you

>> No.17399269

It has lolis and I like lolis. More lolis would be extremely welcomed. I want to dress them and kiss them for being good little girls.

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>112 posts
>16 IPs
Holy shit that general is literally /ksg/ circlejerk tier. That being said get the fuck out.

>> No.17399533

>Why is touhou so goddamn popular
Many cute girls and many doujinshi with these girls.

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>> No.17402960

There is no 'problem', anon.

>> No.17408361

>indie anything
The "touhou community" and the real world aren't even on the same plane of existence.

>> No.17408372

Thread should have ideally 1:1 IP to post ratio. People should just come on, read, say something and then leave

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Dank memers.

>> No.17411050

is that so?

it's at least an interesting concept. you wonder how different boards and their cultures would be without guys like makiposter, and there's no clear answer.

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Where did you get that word cloud from?

>> No.17422733

Looks like the clouds generated by the program used for
http://catalog.neet.tv/clouds.html#jp i.e. this thing http://catalog.neet.tv/harlequin.html

>> No.17425482

curiously enough, the three fairies are even more human-like that cirno

>> No.17426130

>curiously enough, the three fairies are even more human-like that cirno
They are really weird that way. Cirno is a fairy-like fairy, despite being powerful and relatively intelligent. The three light fairies are not only somewhat intelligent, but tend to interact with humans a lot and attempt to socialize with other fairies too. Fairies are usually described as just running amok all the time and don't really socialize so much as gather around youkai and events. The light fairies also seem to be capable of performing tasks and running stalls even though the fairy maids of the scarlet mansion are described as completely useless.

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