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Not a lolicon, but I think Flandre is very alluring.

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We already have a Flandre thread.

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Two Of A Kind

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Stop this

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Flan Flan is nice but have you seen her sister?

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Why did you post a blue Kasen?

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yeah, and Flandre is more alluring

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I don't like her very much at all to be quite honest.

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how does it feel to know your sister is better in every possible aspect, flan?

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I'm not a lolicon, but Remilia makes me want to wear a butler's outfit and serve her alongside Sakuya.

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Remilia is the worse sister because no ponytail

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I....I want to commit a vampire crime!

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That is because you are a fucking youkai

Now stay right there while I call the mikos on your ass

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I want to roughly mating press Flanduru-chan!

Not a lolicon btw

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Given that Flan already has her own thread this one shall be exclusively about her superior older sister from now on.

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Loli touhou best touhou.

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>not a lolicon
Do you have shit taste or something?

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It's the hot new meme.
I, for one, am not afraid to say I fap to little girls.

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I wish they were

lolicons turn me on

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its an /a/ meme.

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Those who claim not to be lolicon are certainly lolicon.

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I want to have a lolicon threesome with the Scarlet sisters!

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I like them both.

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I'm new to this board, but I would just like to tell you that you are an inspiring individual. I appreciate your efforts. I'm not a pedophile myself, but I happen to enjoy viewing lolicon on a regular basis, so I'm well aware of the prejudices you face. Never stop fighting for what you believe in.

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Not a lolicon either, but I'd fuck her in the ass non-sexually

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I hope you will learn how to sage everything then

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Are you a loli?

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I'm not a lolicon I'm just like really really sexually attracted to young girls and/or demi humans that resemble young girls

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Why is she wearing two miniature versions of her hat?

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This is the second step of the "Cantor-Remilia set". At each successive step, each hat is divided into three equal parts. The middle part is deleted, and the two remaining parts are replaced with complete, but smaller, hats. In the limit, Remilia will be wearing an uncountable number of hats, yet the portion of her head which is covered will have measure zero.

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I want to be an older brother Flan.

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We all do.

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I want to cuddle the HECK out of that bat!

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not him, but i am

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>Not a lolicon
That's bullshit and you know it

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If bats are essentially flying mice, what does that make Flan and her sister?

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>what does that make Flan and her sister?

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I was a shota who teased lolis at one point in time

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My test results came back and it seems I'm totally not a lolicon, but I'd blow a sloppy raspberry on that tummy.

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That youkai is 600 years old you fuck

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She's even better when she grows up.

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Vampires cannot grow up.

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They can if they wanted to. Magical reasons.

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Ther's multiple cases of magic making people younger in touhou, but not older.

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Why aren't you a lolicon?

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Everyone thinks Frandle is every alluring.

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Flandre does not know what to make of these clothes you got her. They feel weird!

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She's an alluring christmas cake!

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Flandre has two threads!

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She deserves them both, also Adult Flandre is fine too.

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Flan must be disciplined

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Would /jp/ be interested with new official 2hu print works with Flandre as the main character/focus?

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Are you offering them?

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The sex appeal of vampires

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wow wat a shiddy rendition, it made me so angery I'm gonna tell the author how shid I think it is too

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Yeah you are. All adult men are lolicons. Everybody says so on the internet.

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What's under Remilia's tiny Remilia hats?

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Not a gerontophile, but I think Yukari is very beautiful.

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>The sex appeal of loli vampires

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But they're like centuries old

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Yes. They are old loli. Is there something to be confused about?

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I agree

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bags of sand

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Interesting - so at n=0, the entire head is covered, but at n=infinity, none of the head is covered?

I wonder what the graph of percentage of coverage looks like.

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A Scarlet sandwich!

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I'm... a lolicon!

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It's summer now and you're on a date with Flan! Opportunity like this only comes once in a blue moon, what kind of exciting activities would you do with Flan on this beach?

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There's no response. It's just a corpse.

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wait if she's vampire, doe's that make me a necrophiliac and a lolicon
that's two crimes at once!!
multi-crime drifting!

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It's wonderful how you can make so many laugh in these troubled times we all live in!

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The real question is how is she outside in plain sunlight

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She isn't. Didn't you read SSiB where Remi has underground pool?

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I remember something like that.
But I remember it being a doujin.

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not a pedohpile but i find children alluring!!!!
i swear !

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but flan is 500 years old anon

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le falseflag king.jpg

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500 yet looks like a child, she must of lied somewhere to ya kid! she still looks and probably acts like a child! it is wrong to be into children!

do you browse le reddit too my fellow fedora tipper?

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This is a flan

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delet this

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Where in HELL is this from?

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Delete this right FUCKING now

Touhou Kenchinroku, the second one I think.

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Well, at least the diaper is not soiled.

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You should be more concerned that they aren't bloomers.

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What kind of man is not a lolicon? Do people actually think it's better for a young girl to have to deal with boys her own age? Do they not understand we are either too fragile to open up to a girl at that age or the few that do are budding sociopathic sex predators? They are exploited and manipulated by boys who do not love them, and they either learn to imitate this behavior to extract compensation (status and material) or turn queer. They start out pure, wishing to give and receive devotion, but by the time we can have them they are so jaded, corrupted and nihilistic that they are wholly undesirable. I'm not the monster, the world is a monster.
I want to start a family with Flan.

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Third one

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Wise words.

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Bloomers are outdated.

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That's pretty hot tbqh

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When I was 9 I lucked into an fwb pact with the neighbor's daughter my same age. She stole her parent's sex books and we studied them and perfected having sex together. We were nice to each other and we did that together clandestinely until we were 16 and then used our skills on other people.

30 years later I still haven't had sex better than that first relationship. Tt was pure and magical and could never be repeated. you'd think that I might be a lolicon and long to repeat that relationship with a young girl, but there's something that happened that changed my thinking - I have two daughters now who are 8 and 10. And I have to maintain some kind of clinical, professional distance from their sexual development while at the same time being a good father. And keep you horn-dogs away from them until they're smart enough to be trusted with sex.

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d e l e t

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So you were a lolicon BEFORE having daughters?
Makes sense honestly. I think I'll be the same way if I ever have daughters.

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