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Let's be honest, even excluding the whole eating humans thing, most 2hus would be arrested because they committed at least one crime in their lives

Why is Gensokyo full of assholes?

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It's not a crime if there's no laws.

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pedo go away

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Gensokyo seems to operate on the non-aggression principle. Any act of aggression is prohibited unless it is as an act of self defense against any other aggression. Incidents in Gensokyo are violations of the NAP and the necessary actions of people to counteract such aggression is permitted and to be expected of.
Marisa is a thief though so yes she does commit crimes

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Citizen rights don't apply to non-citizens and human rights don't apply to non-humans

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It's realistic. Duh.

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I'm so sorry that I made this.

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>Why is Gensokyo full of assholes?

First of all, because it's not animeshit.

Secondly, Gensokyo is obviously individualist anarchism. There's no police, you have to fend for yourself. The only exception is Reimu protecting the balance of the place in its entirety. Most characters live alone. What reason could they possibly have to be "good".

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Libertarian paradise

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>What reason could they possibly have to be "good".
But I want free snacks.

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Most of the girls are really, really old, anyone who's lived for 500+ years would have committed at least one crime out of boredom at some point.

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Jinrou didn't nothing wrong.
And crimson blader kill him without compassion.
You must really don't give donations to a murderess shrine.

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He turned traitor from humanity. The conflict is necessary for the balance. If Reimu didn't kill him, it would set an example for the rest of the village that turning into a stronger youkai is fine to do.

Also, Reimu doing her job gets my gaps rotating.

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What crimes? There isn't exactly a lot of moral laws in gensokyo.

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What's wrong with becoming strong?

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They're youkai, anon. Demons tend not to be nice people.

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Who the fuck is Jinrou? Who's Crimson Blader?!

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>at least one crime
I mean unless you're Eikishiki, I'm not sure there are even actual laws in Gensokyo.

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Because he was forsaking humanity for it

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Did you not check which board you're on?

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I dunno. The assholes usually get put in their place or become a more gentle person overall as time passes.

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Why is she allowed to be so smug?

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That seems arbitrary and dumb.

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Because she has nobody to pipe her down and it's her job.

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She has a license to exterminate.

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If a Youkai started attacking a ton of humans from the Human Village and eating them to gain power, it'd be no different.

Only humans from the outside are permitted to be eaten, and the majority of those humans are suicidal and/or about to die anyway.

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>humans are suicidal and/or about to die anyway.
Since when are the words of Yukari treated as gospel

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You just avoid her and hope she doesn't seek you out for whatever reason.

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like mokou who killed every person and youkai she came across for like 300 years

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>Why is Gensokyo full of assholes?

You translated "Lunar capital" wrong.

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>eating humans

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You're only saying that because he was male.

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If he was justified in gaining power for his own sake then reimu is justified in stopping him for her sake. No rules.

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So, because he was a male.

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People still care about tohou?

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>People still care about tohou?

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Boatnigger detected

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this, and no, kotohime don't count as a law

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one doesn't quit the another anon

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>Gensokyo is obviously individualist anarchism.
Ha, nah. There are hints at centralized youkai leadership (the youkai sages), and there are various factions which have clear control over various regions, with the human village itself being controlled by them all to a degree. Gensokyo is basically a feudalistic society where several "factions" are vying over control of various areas. And that's ignoring the individual societies like the Tengu and Kappa, who clearly have their own society and hierarchy.

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So when will we get playable male Touhou?

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People flee to mexico to avoid the fuzz. Do you think Youkai are any different?

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Lunarians are arrogant cocks, but they're just a human nation with delusions of grandeur.

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They're primordial gods and descendants of those gods.

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Hopefully never.

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The only actual gods were as far as we know Tsukuyomi and Eirin. The rest of them were probably not gods, but more likely nobles who arrogantly thought of themselves as superiors to all the 'commoners'

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So he was being DIO?

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And Sagume, and Chang'e.

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t. didnd't read forbidden scrollery

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how's your first week on /jp/ treating you?

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this thread shows how many secondaries infest /jp/

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How's yours?

It's Jinyou (Fortune Teller) and Crimson Slasher (incident-mode Reimu).

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Youkai Sages? Where's the source?

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Do you know this would ruin the series forever, right?

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Most of their crimes are victemless crimes so who gives a fuck. Besides they can eat beef and pork instead of humans in the real world.
>Remilia needs no UV light over her private mansion, so she builds a myst machine.
>Yuuka only attacks when youkai or humans fuck up her privately owned flowers.

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are you brazillian or what 3rd world country are you from?

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Half the shitters gone in one fell swoop.

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I'm still convinced that ZUN simply doesn't know how to draw boys, so we'll never see a male humanoid with a portrait in a mainline game.

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Are you? What that guy said is true. Your misspellings are not.

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This. No need for a lowlife garbage in Touhou community. Go watch some yuri garbage tier anime instead of playing Touhou

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It's actually quite surprising how many Brazilians and other Southern Americans frequent /jp/. If you pay attention, you'll start noticing them, and it's hard to stop.

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Rinnosuke has a face

A more pressing issue is his inability to draw feet and hands

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What "crimes" are thoese you speak of?? To whom should they respond?

Your president doesn't rule Gensokyo

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