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ITT: We discuss onaholes, dolls, and every thing else we stick our junk into because using just your hand is for peasants.

The guide: http://pastebin.com/hwhGL66a

Read the guide, use the archive, don't shitpost. Follow global and local rules. Don't reply, report and ignore instead.

Length, girth, budget and location are important in determining your next best course of action!

Use the chat for small questions and try to extend the life of the thread.

Please refrain from creating new threads till page 10.

Onahole Chat:

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Guide says bad-dragon holes are shit, but it's mostly mental for me and I can't resist the idea of an animal hole. I've narrowed it down to the mare, the husky, the bunny, and the pony. Any tips in helping decide, or any other animal or monster hole recommendations?

I haven't done too too much searching outside of BD, but all the monster girl holes I found are too small for my barely average sized american penis. Right around 6 inches.

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Spdx daily deal on otona jp

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I really want a torso to hug since I only have a hip right now, but this might start the slippery slope where I end up with a full size doll. The skeleton sounds great with the pubic bone but I heard the dual layer gets detached easily.

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get the tomax dolphin hole
superior nip quality, and you still get to pretend to fuck a mammal

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Is there anything wrong with Tomax O2 lube?

Why does it cost half as much as Toysheart Moisty?

>moisty sample almost empty

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Any Onaholes that dont rip so quick on the entrance?

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I've honestly considered getting one just to have something I can actually sterilize, but it's not really worth it if the hole itself is shit. Does anyone make actual silicone holes worth buying or is everything good still TPE/TPR?

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Can >>17263962 or anyone who knows chime in on if the atahuta cover is censored? Bonus points for a picture of the crotch area.

Also, I'm looking to expand my collection. Anyone have any experience with the Virgin Loop (regular, hard, or "eight long") or any of the following:

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I have a virgin loop soft. It's more stimulating than it looks because those four ridges along the tunnel are sharp. It accomplishes somewhat high stim with soft material.

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Onahole newbie thinking of Venus Real [soft]. Does the name imply realism in terms of the toy's appearance or tunnel? How safe are onaholes? Is there a newer toy that outperforms the Venus Real? You have my thanks.

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Any advice on making these? Guide just says use ballistics gel and go. Wondering if anyone else has tried, advice on materials and molding, etc.

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Venus real soft, like all onaholes, aren't like a real pussy, but it does try to imitate it. The stimulation is very faint. Neither it's appearance or it's tunnel is close to being a real pussy. Onaholes are safe, as long as they are cleaned properly after every use. The venus series is a very good product.

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Anybody know where to get the busty Mikura shipped to the US? Kanojo Toys had them but it's out of stock. I wanna use it as a replacement torso for a doll. Seems to be the popular choice among the jp.

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just bought these

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What are those made of? Amazon just lists things they're not.

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Can confirm it is censored

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A material called thermoplastic elastomers. A few are made of silicone, but those are normally niche.

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Thanks for that. Huge shame since I love that artist. I can see myself being enough of a betacuck to own a pillow cover of a half naked anime girl, but having the fucking vagina censored is a whole other level of betacuck. No offence to you of course.

Nice collection btw. Is that the SPDX? How do you like it?

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I'm loving the venus rich soft (clone). I had to get used to the softness and low stim the first few days but I think it's my new fav hole. I can use it forever without cumming, it's super easy to control your orgasm with this.

I bought it primarily because my dick was starting to become irritated and overly sensative when using even soft textures. It works for that as well no irritated dick anymore.


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If it works for you, it works.

Just tried the SPDX today, it's a whole other level to onaholes, if you have the spare cash, it will be worth it. cleaning + drying is a real cunt.

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I have an SPDX too and just use female condoms when I fuck it. Cuts down on the noise since it's not a through-hole anymore and cleanup is a breeze. I just pull the female condom out and wash it at the sink or during my next shower; done.

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Nice, where'd you get that? just from the chemist, or can they be ordered online?

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I got mine online, but if you're lucky your local pharmacy might have it off the shelf. Mines didn't. I use FC2.

The only con is it's obviously a bit visually unappealing, but if you're staring at something else it's not really a bother. Oh, and they're pretty durable and reusable. I bought three so I can cycle between them or use one for vagina and one for the anus for dual hole holes. Or if I'm feeling energetic I blow loads into all of them back to back, swapping them out in between, in one session.

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Has anyone tried the Muses Arkhe? I heard that it's a pain in the ass to clean, but how does it feel compared to the other Tomax holes?
I'm considering buying one instead of a Lilith Uterus.

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How many uses can I realistically expect from a ona?

I read that they tear apart easily and I have a big dick (7*6)

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As long as you get one that fits your size, get a quality one and take care of it, it should last for a year or so, some last longer, some shorter. Generally you'll get plenty of use out of it

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I'm thinking about getting a Mouth of Truth, will onatsuyu be suitable for it or should I get something else?

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Actually, I remember another anon asking a while back and one or two people said that the guide was outdated there and that BD has really stepped up their hole game. Haven't heard any other reports though. Can anyone else confirm?

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Which onaholes fit well with the air pillow ?

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Warm it up. Watch VR porn. It will feel exactly like a vagina.

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Is the Venus Real the closest imitation currently on the market?

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Well technically it's never gonna feel like the real thing, but do what the anon told you and it'll feel even better.
Had a girl alternate between her and onahole while blindfolded, couldn't tell a difference

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>just got gf
>she specifically mentioned wanting to do this with me

Feels good brehs

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Why do people want to replicate a vagina is beyond me
Probably virgins

I fucked over 15 pussies from 8 different countries and one thing I learned is that pussy is very overrated

>> No.17317289 [DELETED] 

The feel of it is fine, but I agree that I intensely dislike the actual sex. Having another person to worry about makes it too much work and not enough pleasure.

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If I want something that's easy to clean and reusable, what should I be looking at? I never used one of these things before, but I'm curious about trying them.

>> No.17317381 [DELETED] 

ike >>17317289 siad.
Though i'd agree that it's probably virgins seeking the unknown, and honestly overrated experience. If you really want to go though it just get a proffesional if you can, you're basically guaranteed superior experience.

Differences between onaholes and vaginas are minimal, with quality of experince depending on what each is made off(bad materials/personality), and you have less chance of getting a shitty time with onaholes anyway.

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By no means is it close, but what you should be looking for in a onahole is not how alike to the real thing it is, but how much it costs, how easy it is to clean, what kind of stimulation it provides, and what kinks it satisfies.

Most holes are very easy to clean, did you have any particular one in mind?

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I was looking at the Tenga flip hole, but it seems pretty costly.

>> No.17317537

Not a bad suggestion, but I'm seeing it's only 5.7 inches of penetratable length, which is just barely too short. That's one of the reasons i was looking at BD, actually. It's pretty much them or the lolinco virgo if I want a hole I don't have to worry about piercing. Damn my American penis.

>> No.17317557

remember that onaholes stretch a bit, though if you want a large hole that's also really good, look at the vacuum witch.
as a matter of fact, I highly recommend everyone get the vacuum witch, no matter your dick size, it's fucking godlike for anyone

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>just now noticed only last 1/3 of the post went through
Well fuck.

Anyway to TLDR, don't go by what imitates the real thing better but what satifies you better.

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The witch's temptation, is that it? Seems like some real shit, bit too much for my pockets though

>> No.17317892

it's worth it, especially since it's extremely durable
you'll never have to replace it

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I've been wanting to buy a hole for a long time now but I can't figure out how to hide it, any ideas?

>> No.17318316

I'm assuming you live with your parents.
In that case, if your parents are noisy, keep it inside a backpack. Let the backpack inside your car.
That's assuming you don't park your car on the sun during the day. If you do, the onahole might melt because of the heat.

>> No.17318396

I was moving and had my toys in the back of my car for a couple of days and some of them melted.
Shit gets hot in there.

>> No.17318409

Leave it in your room, tell everyone to respect your privacy
Or buy a safe

>> No.17318417

Or just get one of these backpacks with a lock, since a safe might call some unwanted attention.

>> No.17318487

Just say that's where you stash your drugs.

>> No.17318622

I keep mine in a tacklebox in the corner with the shelves removed. No one's ever even glanced in that direction for more than a second.Toolboxes would probably work too unless you have people in your house that are prone to trying to DIY things. Get creative, anon.

>> No.17318913

Get a storage container, put it in your closet, and either pile a bunch of shit on top of the holes/boxes, or buy one you can tuck underneath something so people won't see the container. Put a lock on it if you're super paranoid, but that'd probably just draw attention.

Anyone got any good suggestions for a first hip? I've been eying the Puni Ana DX and the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000.

>> No.17318971

I used a toolbox that had a hole for a combination lock for a while, I bought a two drawer mini filing cabinet that locks when my collection got too big. Anytime someone asks what's in it I tell them none of their business. But I've only had a couple people ask.

>> No.17319529

Just got the puni virgin 1000, and it turns out I was too sensitive the entire time to the point where it was painful. I made sure to use plenty of lube. Is it the hole or am I just fucked?

>> No.17319536

just slow down anon its not a race

>> No.17319538

the length is very short and the womb entrance tears pretty easily. i'd recommend the venus real or lilith uterus over arkhe

>> No.17319544

venus real is pretty good, i'd recommend it

>> No.17319593

You get used to it

>> No.17319713

Would you recommend the seducing witch as first ona?

Unvirgin normalfag here btw

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My Onatsuyu is about to run out but I don't want to just purchase lube so I've been eyeing some holes.

I currently own regular Lolinco and Venus Real, I use Venus about 98% of the time because it feels better and somehow is less deteriorated.

I don't want to go very expensive, I'm planning to spend $60 usd at most on the onahole but I might go a bit higher if it has good recommendations, I'm looking for lasting quality and stimulating as Lolinco or one that gives a pleasurable time like Venus.
No hips tho, I only have room to store "sleeve" onaholes.

I'm currently eyeing these but as I mentioned I'm open to recommendations:

Temptation/Seducing Witch
Girl in the Box (Is hard too stimulating?)
Anything from Tomax (Which I'll have to import because I'm not murican)

>> No.17319778

By onahole do you mean the Venus Real?

You said it's never going to feel like the real thing but then you say.you felt no difference? Which is it?

>> No.17319783

If you could.only have one onahole.

Vacuum witch vs Venus real?

>> No.17319860

Nigga too poor for two fake pussies

Please revaluate your life

Best of luck

>> No.17319937

I have both and while they're both are amazing holes, the Venus Real soft is my go to hole about 90% of the time now a days. So I'll have to say go for the Real. But I'm also really into soft holes now so ymmv.

>> No.17320051

Some review site said that you can flip the vacuum witch inside out for cleaning

Are they really this flexible?
Is it risky?

I don't want a roastie-hole

>> No.17320216

I bought my first onahole, a "fleshlight girl vagina model" with which I can adjust the suction, it cost 80€ but I had it for 30€.
The problem is that I don't feel as good as I espected from this toy, the difference between this onahole and a girl is so huge that I have more pleasure with my hand than with this onahole.
And after having less pleasure with that, I have to directly clean it and it take a lot of time. I have to set tap water directly into the hole for one minute, then let it into a little soapy water bath where I rub my finger into it to get out the cum and lub for one minute or two, then I use a hair dryer to accelerate slightly the drying into the hole, and then I have to let the onahole at a vertical position for like two hours or more because it take time before the inside is perfectly dry.

Is the clean process the same for every onahole ? And is it just that I have a bad onahole or all vagina models give the same feeling or very slightly more ?
A friend told me that his onahole mouth model is just godlike, I think that if I have to buy a other I will try that model.

>> No.17320253

Vacuum witch is trivial to clean to begin with, why would you even try

>> No.17320481

So it's a fleshlight? That's in general a bad choice, also taking in account the likely implication that it was made in the west where surely they give them less care only for the sake of making a 6+ inch dick fit in. The cleaning too is shitty since they're mounted on that hard plastic piece of crap meaning you can't even take the bottom near the hole let alone flip it inside out. Get some Japanese sleeves with a slightly decent depth and remember that you will then be able to stretch it.

>> No.17320670

Just got an onahole called SevenTeen.
This shit is crazy, i love its suctions especially. Got mixed feelings on the transparent outer layer, and didn't expect my dick to slip out so easily by not holding the onahole against it, but then again im a retard on this type of stuff so i don't know if it's the same for other holes too. Overall i think i made a good first choice for myself.

>> No.17320769

So guys i am in japan right now, can you tell me the tightest onahole i can find in Akihabara? I just used a soft one and honestly didn't felt anything, can somebody please tell me a dick bully like no other so i can at least feel something.

>> No.17320781

I'm told virgin age admission is a killer.

>> No.17320809

Just found out it sticks to walls too. Gonna try some spiderman type of shit this evening

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>> No.17320870

I have some talcum powder but it has menthol in it. Can menthol damage onaholes?

>> No.17321037

>having to buy onaholes for the lube
What has your life come to? Just ask for massage lotion at the supermarket.

>> No.17321047

Pretty sure most of these are oil based and you fuck up your ona

>> No.17321066

The onahole i bought had a small bottle with exactly that written on it. Also you can always check ingredients but oil isn't acid anyway.

>> No.17321119

Oil infiltrates into and fucks up the rubbery shit they're made of, acid doesnt have anything to do with it

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File: 28 KB, 480x360, why.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is it normal for orders to spend a day or two in customs?

>> No.17321826

Never do this. Tried with a Tenga egg once and it started to fall apart. Anything with petroleum will fuck up your onahole, period.

>> No.17321871

Murican? Alas, behold the true land of liberty, the Netherlands

>> No.17321908

Ireland actually not sure why they're holding on to it for so long since I had the artwork removed

>> No.17321941

shipping from otona-sekai took only a week to europe with SAL small packets, really surprised.

>> No.17322114

Seriously but was there no "chemistry" in whatever school you went to? Learning what different stuff does to plastic (solvent etc) and how it is made and reacts is a pretty basic thing you should've learnt. Try to remember it.

>> No.17322140

Thinking about ordering the Mouth of Truth, would it be safe to put lipstick on it?

>> No.17322166

still waiting for answer desu

>> No.17322257

Finally living on my own!

I love my Venus Real but it's time to upgrade to a hip. I basically want a Venus Real in hip form.

Please tell me something like this exist. Exact or as close to the same durability, softness and feels.

>> No.17322264

Anyone own a flesh light quickshot im looking for something discrete and it seems to fit the bill

>> No.17322434

Late reply but I didn't mean to say I wanted to get a new onahole just to use the included lube. I want to purchase a new lube bottle AND use the chance to purchase a new onahole.

>> No.17322453

Any included lube is way too little, why not buy a new hole but also the separated lube

>> No.17322479

Are dense or what?

>> No.17323666 [DELETED] 

anyone wanna get drunk and play video games

>> No.17323817

I've been doing it, not going to say it's perfectly safe, but there's been no wear and tear on mine. I do get a bit antsy sometimes since it's so thick and the texture is so visibly stretched when it's inverted but it's pretty tough.
It's way, way faster and there's no second guessing about it being perfectly clean or dry. You can go from nutting in it to putting back in it's bag in like two minutes.

>> No.17324148


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File: 1.40 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_1111_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

literally overnight onaholes from japan with nls and dhl.
>what is it anon
just a dollho onahole.

>> No.17324440

How muchas was shipping?

>> No.17324473

I'd say Alice dayo comes the closest, mine has been ded for a while but from what I remember it was super soft as well

>> No.17324621


$23. almost as much as the hole itself but e-packet was only $5 cheaper and I didn't wanna wait a week.

>> No.17324698
File: 2.21 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any moonrune readers here know what these are? I think the purple one is supposed to mimic female juices? But I have no clue about the alcohol one.

>> No.17324703
File: 2.21 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Back side

>> No.17324736

So I've used the MoT, Lilith Uterus, and Venus Real. What should I go for next?

>> No.17324935

They don't look water based

I'd stay clear

>> No.17324947

Should I get the Muses Arkhe in Normal or Hard firmness? I've only got Tomax toys in soft and I really like them, but I want to make sure that uterus feels nice and tight to penetrate. Considering the way the cervixs in the Dolphin soft feel I don't think it'll feel as tight as I want it in soft.

>> No.17324951

You're not supposed to hit past the cervix in real life

>> No.17324956

They are tho, at least i'd assume so since they are sold with and for onaholes

>> No.17324989

Interesting I've never heard of that one I'll check it out

>> No.17325011

Any Asian anons here?

>> No.17325013

I am 30 years old. I fuck my Venus Real 3-7 times a day. I'm still a virgin.

>> No.17325014

is tomax still best place to buy venus?

>> No.17325065

It's the only hole I own. Once I figured out how you reach the womb it's not that hard to clean anymore. I'm happy with it, but I have no other hole to compare it to.

>> No.17325843

Thanks to /ona/, my mastrubation quality increased. Never gonna use my hand again. Thanks for showing me the light.

>> No.17325932

First sorry for long time to reply.
>By onahole do you mean the Venus Real?
Yes actually, that was the exact one. Wasn't mine, girl had it for w/e reason
>You said it's never going to feel like the real thing but then you say.you felt no difference? Which is it?
You gotta reread what was said >>17316799 and >>17316897 , on technical level if you focus on it it won't feel the same, but it doesn't matter since the larger part of the experience/pleasure comes from the brain.
Get your favourite jack off porn/music/Stalin photo and enjoy your self, i promise you that you won't even notice that it's not the real thing. Hell you'll probably feel even better if you are relaxed enough.

>> No.17326099

That's exactly what he's trying to say. I think what's more likely is that he wants to buy lube+a new onahole so he doesn't have to pay for shipping twice if he eventually decides getting another onahole.
Anyways, my vote goes to the SuccWitch

>> No.17326151

I'm a little rusty on my Japanese but the yellow one has alcohol which is supposed to make it last longer(?) It specifically says for onahole and hand(job) use.
The purple one apparently froths up during use to simulate female body fluids. Best enjoyed with onaholes and/or dolls
Here are their amazon pages:

>> No.17326172

So if ordering from NLS with DHL (internationally) will it be discreet?

Pastebin says DHL says what's on the package for one website and says it's discreet for another

>> No.17326317

got any pics?

>> No.17328460

THANK you anon :3 I'd give you a cookie if I could

>> No.17328921
File: 49 KB, 447x723, 1473294371543.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If I order from Amazon and there's sightly lewd art on the box, do you think I will get boned by customs? This is what I'm buying for reference https://www.amazon.ca/gp/aw/d/B01BUXC4FE/ref=cm_cr_arp_mb_bdcrb_top?ie=UTF8

>> No.17328955

"Fulfilled by Amazon" is shipped from a fulfilment center so customs shouldn't be an issue. AFAIK they're in BC and ON.

>> No.17328992

I frequently buy from amazon using prime and it mostly comes from ontario, but I just wanted to be sure. thanks anon
also anybody know if this hole is good or not, all I see here is lolinco and venus talk

>> No.17329254

I don't wanna make you paranoid, but a canadian anon got v& and outed by his local media for ordering something "fulfilled by amazon"
ask if you can have the boxart removed or something

>> No.17329295

thanks for the tip, I haven't ordered it yet so i'll contact support and see if that's even possible. just let me have a rubber vagina in peace

>> No.17329298

thats what happens when you live in a third world country such as canada

>> No.17329345


>> No.17329649
File: 1.24 MB, 303x307, 1473709264712.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well girl in the box anon here, I received a quick response from Amazon and they said that they unfortunately don't remove packaging. I asked a friend about it and he had his come in wrapped in black plastic inside the box so it should be fine for me. Will update with pics when it comes in.

>> No.17329686

Anyone know what size panties fit the SPDX?
Asking for a friend.

>> No.17329690
File: 55 KB, 814x1024, when you can fuck a dog but not a chunk of rubber because there's an underaged 2d drawing on the box.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll be waiting for you, eh?

>> No.17329704
File: 34 KB, 123x124, Why am I here.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17329969

For the handful of you who lost your virginity do you prefer the feel of your onahole(s) or girls?

>> No.17329979

I get what you mean now. Apologies about the confusion.

I'm excited about ordering the Venus Real [soft] now. It will help get my mind off real life girls. Does anyone know if Queencatadult ships to PO box addresses?

>> No.17329986

Just fill your onahole up to the brim for me :3

>> No.17329989

Puni Ana DX Hard or Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000? Can't really decide.

How fucked will I be if I import the Puni Ana DX with the box?

>> No.17329994

I'm from Canada too. I am the anon looking to buy the Venus Real [soft] and I heard there is no lewd art on or in the packaging. Still need confirmation though!

I also need to figure out if I can get it shipped to a PO box address so I can use Canada Post's Flex Delivery service!

After that I shall own my first onahole!

>> No.17330001

what if custom remove the black bag? what may have been an accident before now come with intent to hide bad kiddie art. sigh you were even warned

>> No.17330004

Does this look lewd to you?


>> No.17330008

Is it better den venus toy?

>> No.17330011

Its a fuwa cyun triple, which has holes in both ends so no can do ;_;

>> No.17330013

How long you used it for before ded

>> No.17330016


onaholes physically feel way better on my dick but the overall experience is better with 3dpd.
this is assuming you have a decently performing partner.

>> No.17330017

From that angle seems fine. Hopefully it's like that all around and on the bottom of that card thing on the table!

>> No.17330025

haven't tried that, but it's my favorite hole out of all the holes I've purchased, including such holes as the dolphin or lolinco

>> No.17330029

I literally have not read a single bad post either venus or witch

>> No.17330047

Can't find pictures of the other sides, unfortunately. You might have to take a gamble.

>> No.17330069

No response? I have needs, /jp/

>> No.17330103

what country are you in? flip a coin, either should be good

>> No.17330117

I ordered the Venus Real into Canada from Queen Cat a few weeks ago. While their website states they do not ship internationally you can ask them through their contact form/email for a PayPal invoice for a delivery to a Canadian address. See the pastebin for a pic of someone's conversation with them.

They only use USPS which gets transferred to CP after customs, so Flex Delivery should be fine.

One thing however is even though I'm pretty sure the box art is fine I requested they remove it for safety and they forgot to.

>> No.17330122

Amerifag, born and bred. Dunno if states matter, but I'm in California.

>> No.17330131

fellow commiefornian here, you'd be happy to know that loli stuff is perfectly legal and fine here, I ordered a puni ana dx with the box and no black vans or chris hansen came to arrest me
states absolutely do matter though, certain states consider loli stuff to be illegal, but like I said, perfectly fine here in cali
I really liked my puni ana dx, I got it in normal, but hard might be decent too

>> No.17330146

Thanks anon o7

Is it good for doggy? It'd be a waste if it wasn't, with that ass and all.

>> No.17330153

yeah, I'd say so, you can use it in a few different positions, and it's fun to spank and slap around

>> No.17330158

Has anyone had any experience dyeing their holes? I am mildly interested in the idea of dyeing my spdx green to fulfill a disgusting goblin fetish, but would hate to destroy or otherwise harm it.

>> No.17330161

Aaaaand Puni Ana DX Hard it is. Thanks, based anon.

>> No.17330630

>Hopefully it's like that all around
There's a silhouette of the tunnel on the back, and the glowing angel is on one of the sides. Other than that, it's pink floral patterns and barcodes. Don't know what that other thing is though.

>> No.17330840

Just when I thought I've seen everything

>> No.17331735

Just confirming what >>17330117 said, I've ordered from Queencat to Canada twice, one of which was a Venus. It's all good, box is a bit lewd but far from loli status so the Trudeau squads won't round you up.

>> No.17331744

Can't believe their negligence! That's exactly why I'm not going to risk ordering​ an onahole unless I know there isn't any lewd art anywhere.

There weren't any pictures inside the package right? Also how long did it take for you to receive your Venus? I'm in BC.

Thanks for the information fellow Canadian.

>> No.17331788

Appreciate the intel guys. Reading the story about the Canadian anon in the pastebin and then my fear about a vendor forgetting to remove the packaging being confirmed made me feel paranoid!

>> No.17332457
File: 30 KB, 650x650, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Apparently there's a new torso by the makers of real body julia. https://www.motsutoys.com/kyo-torso.html

400 europe dollars, which seems alright. 16kg though, I'm afraid I'll snap my twig arms.

>> No.17332467

>Looks like a roastie

400 dollars buy you 2 years in gym, and you can get any roastie after that

>> No.17332754

I'm getting one from otonajp next week if customs doesn't call the police on me, will post thorough measurements here.

>> No.17333121

Brown shipping box with nothing suspicious on the label. BC as well and it took 5 business days to get here.

>> No.17333363

use a 16kg torso to fap every day and you wont need to go to the gym

>> No.17333388

Might as well go full doll, it's inevitable if you buy this anyway

>> No.17333876

Appreciate your help once again. I'm going to order as soon as the [soft] firmness comes in stock.

>> No.17333883

what is the best doll out there

>> No.17333890

recommendations for hips that doesn't resemble a young child?

>> No.17334512

now why would you want that?

>> No.17334617

There are plenty that are just a huge ass and no weird little torso thing. Look at NLS under large masturbators.

>> No.17335420

Fuwa mochi 2000 is pretty good.

>> No.17335476

Hello /ona/! Planning on buying the following 2 items: "Monster Wet Real" and "Gokusai Monster Alraune". Anyone got any experience with one of these (or both)?

>> No.17335488

Have the alarune, it's a good hole, would recommend.

>> No.17335495

how is the outer part of the hole? is it sturdy enough to not fall apart after a couple uses?

>> No.17335504

It's very soft, and feels very nice it the hand, after 6 months it has start to slightly peel in a little lip, but that'll be soldered back on soon.

>> No.17335516

sounds good, thank you!

>> No.17335940

it's ok, really needs a bigger version, so easy to poke out the back, also the wall outside of the vagina is too thin, too afraid to poke through

>> No.17335986

Essentially textureless with how soft it is. It does however clean and dry very easily.

>> No.17336502

Has anyone here used a fleshlight? How do they compare to an onahole? I can't decide which to get.

>> No.17336524

see >>17320481

>> No.17336628

A food grade dye shouldn't do anything harmful since it's powdered base, but I haven't tried it so maybe test it out on a hole you don't really care about much first before you apply it to a hip.

>> No.17336689

Hello friends,

I'm in the market for one of these, but my key criteria is shipping speed. What websites should I use if I need it to arrive by the end of the month? I'm in the USA, California to be precise.

Keep on fighting the good fight, brothers!

>> No.17336711

There are multiple US distributors.
coolmalesextoy.com and queencatadulttoys.com are both in socal.

I'm in san jose, and I get packages from these two in two days. Queencat ships orders placed before 2PM the same day.

>> No.17336762


Thank you so much!

>> No.17337018
File: 2.00 MB, 1449x2627, 20170716_155646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this was my first fleshlight, erikas perfect hole, from jlist
i would recommend it but do not go balls deep because u will rip a hole in the back of it
its only about 7 inches long (it doesnt say the measurments on the site)
after about 2 weeks of using it it was pretty much unusable
but for the beginning when it wasnt broken i would give it an 8/10 very good

>> No.17337040

er thats an onahole not fleslight

>> No.17337365

>onahole broke and omochadreams is out of pretty much every single good onahole
Wew lad I can't go back to my hand

I could buy one from some ching chong website but I don't feel like waiting 2-4

>> No.17337595

That's a hard one to answer, I'd say for me at least it's overall VERY slightly leaning towards onaholes. onahole>vagina>>>fleshlight
If you want a more detailed then read on with a grain of salt.
I enjoy the freedom and 'do as I want whenever I want' way you can handle onaholes, which you obviously can't do with women, plus she might not be in mood and all other human factor shenanigans. But then you got to thoughly maintain an onahole if you want it to last, which the woman does herself, with downside of monthly downtime if you're not up for sailing the red sea.
Another thing is that with onahole there's only your own pleasure to takecare off, with a girl you gotta put extra effort into making sure both off you are properly satisfied.
And then there's the whole issue of actually matching up sexaually with a woman after going through the whole dating buisness[considering you're going in for the long haul], while onaholes are just matter of using until you get a better one or just trash it from the spot if you don't like it.

Personally I'd say onaholes are considerably more cost-effective when it comes to pleasure gotten vs effort put in compared to women, but you can get better/more pleasure if you and the girl are a match.
Which is apparently really fucking rare if any of 20-ish guys I know are anything to go by, not exactly a proper statistic but you get my point.

>> No.17338188

your dick must be huge

>> No.17338309

guilty as charged, gonna buy the Venus next

>> No.17338362

you're a big guy

>> No.17338436
File: 387 KB, 269x270, 1482671404419.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

well, girl in the box anon here again
it is deemed as shipping soon according to amazon but after reading up the story and seeing the art on the inside of the box and the lube packet, I feel like just hitting cancel and avoiding a huge headache if is random checked.

>> No.17338451

Okay, I've been wanting to bring this up for a while now but I can't be the only one who has noticed /ona/ is full of big guys. What's up with that? What's the distribution here? Am I seeing this all wrong? I clearly inherited my mom's penis at 5.5" but come on, it's like the average cock size in these threads are bigger than any dick I've ever seen.

>> No.17338463

Most of them are lying. Never trust people to self report stuff like penis length.

>> No.17338469

subtract 2 inches and youll get their real size

>> No.17338507
File: 25 KB, 341x341, chen_is_displeased.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>my mom's penis

>> No.17338573

small not very noticable yellow stain on magic eyes onahole after 2 uses. washed and dried thoroughly both times. what could it be?

>> No.17338683

>my moms penis
btw this was my first time posting on /jp/ in general
you guys must be hanging around some liars

>> No.17338739

>so easy to poke out the back
But that's what's so good about it.
You can pretend you're reaching the womb like in your japanese doujins.
I do agree that missionary with the vagina isn't the best in that you need to position yourself to not poke through it though.
Although if you want to do missionary you could just put it in the butt.
I'd recommend doggy style overall though.

>> No.17339278
File: 90 KB, 640x572, male-pleasure-device.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I seek guidance from my every wise Ona Clan. I have the opportunity to purchase an AutoBlow 2 and I would like your opinion. Should I do it? Anyone use one before? I need your help my fellow masturbation revolutionaries

>> No.17339290

I think 1 anon from the last thread said it wasn't actually that great.
>strokes 4" up and down
you are out of luck if you are bigger than that because the plate at the back makes it look like it cant stretch very far

>> No.17339301

Thanks, man. Damn! I really want to get this as penance for throwing away my ZXY (rip).

>> No.17339309

What if I buy it but use an Ona sleeve instead of the one provided? Shit Shit Shit This could be great!

>> No.17339366

https://www (dot) getfifi.com/products/hot-pocket
Not shilling, I've just been looking into this instead of the usual cylinder ona heater

>> No.17339492

great analysis
how bout hookers vs onaholes?

>> No.17339505

This guy here, I've decided against the Autoblow. A little disappointed but $150 is a lot for a wank. Anyone use the new Tenga FLEX? Looking at them...

>> No.17339570

What's better to dry onaholes with, microfiber glass cleaning cloths or normal microfiber towels? I'm using a microfiber towel right now, and it leaves fibers all over them after a good cleaning. It's definitely not dust, either. I'm gonna throw that piece of shit in the trash, and I need something else to dry 'em with.

>> No.17339589

I dont think microfiber towels are meant to leave behind anything. Yours might just be dirty and I suggest buying a brand new one and only using it to clean the onahole
rolled up shamwow

>> No.17339602

That's what I did, though : / Bought it brand new, only used it to dry onaholes. I leave it sitting around in my room, so I thought it was dust at first, but I washed it, and it still left those fibers on both my onaholes and my hand. Maybe I just bought a shitty one or something.

Got a recommendation for a non-shit one on Amazon?

>> No.17339668
File: 42 KB, 640x427, 1491308839275.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

GiTB anon, it's been a full 2 hours since it's arrived in sorting facility and nothing has changed since arrival scan. I think it might be it for me

>> No.17339769

If memory serves, I read something on a "Lifetime Silicone Stroker" a while back.


>> No.17340230

I just use a paper towel. One and my toy is fully dry with no bits or lint

>> No.17340240

I fucking love my venus real. To show how much I love it I leave my dick in it for hours every day

>> No.17340403

Is there something similar to the LO Kupar? Looks like they don't make it anymore

>> No.17340675
File: 6 KB, 145x145, 1495049202694.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>vacuum witch
>tunnel length: 14.5 cm

wtf is this a toy for shotas?
I wanted to buy this based on good reviews but it's so small

>> No.17340725

>tfw 12 cm dick

Just be happy for what you got

>> No.17341021

any recommendations regarding A10 Cyclone SA sleeves? got vortex and it's too tight for my non-jap dick

>> No.17341175

Circumcised i suppose? Too bad for you. I think the hole is supposed to play on glans stimulation but if you're circumcised you'll get nowhere near as much stimulation. If you're uncut though i suggest you take it anyway.

>> No.17341192

I'm uncut and antisemite

I'm 18cm, 19 on a good day
Maybe I'll take it since they say the walls are thick enough to last long

>> No.17341232

>uncut and antisemite
But yeah the material really is made to last, don't wanna gamble my hand with fire too much but maybe even ten years if kept well, not even perfectly, just well.

>> No.17341467

How much have you guys spent after discovering this thread

>> No.17341573

Like 700€

>> No.17341641

Shipping and import taxes included

Over 1500€.

>> No.17341890

Probably $300-400. I was buying like crazy for awhile so I forced myself to hold off for awhile.

Be careful onahole newfriends, the road ahead is treacherous as it is pleasurable.

>> No.17342242

Onahole>>>>random hooker
Hooker you're friends with/on friendly terms/regular with/ect>onahole (with higher cost ofc)

>> No.17342263

You'll have even more stimulation as your glans will be touching the "utherus" which creates the vacuum.

>> No.17342361
File: 1.05 MB, 2448x3264, XG99H4N.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys, I just want an anal onahole, no bells and whistles needed, just a decent hole and a lube to buy it with. I'm new to all this, and the guide is just giving me a headache. Pls help

>> No.17342377

Anahole, look that up not many stores available for it but you can always try

>> No.17342382

Preferably items available on NLS since they take Paypal and ship to my country
No hits on NLS :(

>> No.17342426

anything I need to know about maintenance and lube?
I recently bought my first hole and I really don't want it to fall apart because certain lubes don't play nice with the latex.

>> No.17342444

water based lube always

>> No.17343141

any clue when the venus real (soft) will be back in stock?

>> No.17343559

You're asking for Omochadreams I assume?

I've been waiting for over a month and still haven't gotten any updates from them.

>> No.17343650

nah i'm in the US, hoping to buy from amazon or queencat.
hope i don't have to wait over a month like you have

>> No.17343730

I have a hard time deciding on BD as well. I have one of their dildos, they've got high quality silicone for sure. No odors and you can boil it but my toy is medium firmness and solid so I'm not sure about how the extra soft density holds up.
Leilani looks pretty good. I don't do much butt stuff but it's either that or medium chance because I've heard good things. I have a small echo but 1, I should have gotten firm, and 2, I want to feel something bigger but not extreme

>> No.17343911

Checking back. Any developments or new things in the last 6 months?

>> No.17344030

Just email queencat, they should tell you their expected date if its not already on their product page.

>> No.17344138
File: 10 KB, 478x432, what is this called.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Newfag here.
I need the specific name for this specific thing, as in, what do I type on google to find more like it. I thought that typing onahole would be enough, but obviously I was wrong. I'm not planning on buying one or anything, just need referece pictures for a drawing and know how to properly tag it, so I only care about visuals, really.

>> No.17344397

Holy fuck I feel like I just wanna tear my SPDX apart right now

Why the fuck must it be so hard to clean a fucking masturbation toy

>> No.17344412

Calm down anon, just run water from the butt out the front until it's clean. Stuff a wad in each end and massage it dry.

>> No.17344435

Bought the SPDX to dick it, not fist it. :/

Finally dry after 35 minutes. F dis I'll powder it next time.

>> No.17344625

That would be an onahole as well. That type is just extremely uncommon as an actual sold product.

>> No.17344652
File: 94 KB, 357x317, 1451601166434.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For tight go with Tong-ggo
For softer and cheaper go with R-20 or monster Chimera
Personally r-20 is my favorite in that area
and for lotion Pepee lotion is the best, if you can find a small bottle go with that.
If anyone has anything better I would like to hear it.

>> No.17344804

use a turkey baster to blast out your cum in both holes and use the handle end of a drum stick or similar stick to gently stuff a towel in there.

or you can be a lazy ass like me and use female condoms with it. zero cleaning on the actual hole itself.

>> No.17344872

Basically doesn't exist, even though it is prominently featured in hentai manga

>> No.17344893

I am pretty diligent when it comes to cleaning my doll out.

But the cumrag pile holy shit. even with bleach there are yellow stains on the white cloths.

Also, how would you all go about getting rid of a doll? its like 5'5" and after a few years with it I really wore out its vagina and anus really, really bad. saving up to buy another but..

do I roll the dice and just toss out a human sized bag out and let the waste disposal people have a field day of giggles or possible police intervention? christ what if they find a spec of my DNA and arrest me thinking I was playing a prank

oh god on the local news and shit "anon with life size sex doll arrested for public prank"

or do I chop it up and dis assemble the metal skeleton?

do I let it rot?

>> No.17344912

>Basically doesn't exist, even though it is prominently featured in hentai manga
I see, I think that's where I got it from.
But it's the same way for aliens and I still can google them. I really wish I knew what to call it other than the general name which leads me to other stuff as well.

I really just need to draw it, so even if it only existed in drawings I'm still interested, I really wish I knew how to find examples of it, in fiction or reality doesn't matter, just need some refs.

>> No.17344926

Can't you just search on danbooru or pixiv? Why do you need google?

>> No.17344940


>> No.17344958

Water wigglies, found it by googling slippery tube. I used to play with them and break them all the time when I was very young.

>> No.17344965

Oh man i totally forgot about those, i tried putting my dick in them all the time when i was a kid.

>> No.17344979

I can't say I was at that age yet, but based on how it's always sliding in and out of itself I can imagine it might feel pretty good as an onahole with some lube on there. At least as good as a microwaved bagel with some butter. And until you break it open and spill that shit everywhere, which you will do when you're fucking it. So if anyone is gonna try this for science and for the future of /ona/, buy several.

>> No.17345003

>Why do you need google?
Because there are some reasons to why I would rather stay away from places directed at explicit art nowdays, specially when it comes to eastern origins... it's... complicated
took a look, hardly anything and a lot of it was people being used as an onahole
lots of stuff and the ones I want are there with all the other types, so I'm guessing they don't have a specific name, but again, I would rather avoid looking at porn drawings if I'm not just finding just the simple gel thingies. I consider it too risky for a low reward.

That looks more like it but I don't think it is intended to be a sex toy. If anything I'm gonna start calling them Wiggly Gel Onaholes and roll with that.

Thanks, everyone.

>> No.17345186

venus still the fucking bestest

>> No.17345192

wtf that bugger is munching on a burger!!!

>> No.17345375

>just take a human sized bag and a shovel to the nearest forest, what could go wrong?
Although seriously, getting rid of a doll isn't any less complicated than getting one. What if you live in an urban environment?
>inb4 chop her up and take a pile of chopped up human body parts sized bag to the dumpster

>> No.17345386 [SPOILER] 
File: 665 KB, 590x2445, 1500454742262.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do you guys think of this gimmic?


>> No.17345428
File: 38 KB, 727x563, order.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Somebody, please, STOP ME!!

>> No.17345522

Do you want something even harder to clean than the SPDX? Go ahead.

Decent hip otherwise.

>> No.17345736

That is a lot of lube

>> No.17345865

Yeah, I stock up for a year.

>> No.17345957

whats a good automatic na

>> No.17346041

Does Omochadreams ship to door or post office?

>> No.17346055

a what

>> No.17346061

How much better is an onahole/real vagina than a hand/sock? No experience with either of the former.

>> No.17346122

If it delegates the pack to a shipping company you can probably choose.
Socks are awful and hands should only be for emergency fap, onaholes are much better. Abstract its feel from that of a real vagina immediately though, or you'll get very sad for not getting to fuck one

>> No.17346144

where does 2ch discuss onaholes? they have like a couple hundred boards

>> No.17346146

I've been using my hand for a full decade now. I've grown pretty attached to it and I've had loads of great faps to my favourite fetishes.

>> No.17346242

I understand and sometimes it can be a breath of fresh air to jack off with the hand but really youll never fully go back if you have an onahole
unless you run out of lube and are too lazy to buy it

>> No.17346271

I live with family, so they'll get suspicious of me buying lube constantly. Give me a ball-park figure, how many times better is an onahole than my trusty hand?

>> No.17346279

After buying my first onahole and having my first 2 faps with it yesterday, it feels weird at first and if you go slow and focus on all the ridges you'll enjoy it a lot. You don't have to stock up on lube, only about 5 drops per is enough. I cant add a value to how great it is but I think you'll like it much more than using your hand as a lot of anons have said in the previous threads.

>> No.17346303

Is it at least twice as good? I just want to know if it's really worth it, because no offence, but to me buying an onahole seems like giving up.

>> No.17346329

If I could give it a number I would say it's better than 2x. It also helps with curing deathgrip and phimosis. There's nothing wrong with finding better ways to pleasure yourself anon, are girls giving up if they buy a vibrator? It helps to read the pastebin too

>> No.17346376

So somewhere around 3x better? Also I have no clue what deathgrip and phimosis are.

>> No.17346388

What is the best onahole for a newfag with 15-17cm penor (slightly thick, i guess)? Preferably something durable and newfag friendly. Ive seen the wiki but interested in more suggestions. Also, oil as lube - yay or nay?

>> No.17346452

its nearly impossible to put a number on it, I won't spoonfeed you any more info but it is up to you and how curious you are to determine if you want to buy one or not
try girl in the box by magic eyes, I am around the same as you and its only ripped a little at the entrance which will happen anyways. magic eyes has had a bad rep for quality control but just dont try to turn it inside out and you should be fine. never ever oil as lube, use water based lubes like astroglide or the toucan, using oil based lubes has a chance to dissolve the rubber

>> No.17346474

Is it 2.6x better?

>> No.17346552

Is tokyocrazysextoys.com safe?

>> No.17346614

Late reply but I chop my onaholes with scissors before disposing them, I know that it's not the same because chopping an onahole takes less than a couple of minutes and dolls have skeletons but you don't know until you try.

If chopping it into small pieces isn't possible then I suggest at least chopping the limbs and dispose of them one at a time in irregular intervals of days, that way you won't generate suspicions of someone disposing of human-sized body parts.

>> No.17346623

>A year
How much do you fap with your onahole? I use mine 2-3 times a week and a single bottle of onatsuyu lasted almost a year. I fap daily, I just can't bother myself to prepare the onaholes before and after use every single day.

>> No.17346698

how big is onatsyu
do you dilute

>> No.17346728

Why wouldn't they get suspicious the first time you buy it instead of after buying it several times?

>> No.17346746

Both contain the same amount but IMO Onatsuyu lasts more because it requires less re-application and I use a bit less because it feels more "moist".

I don't dilute but when my lube bottle is close to being empty I fap with a water filled spray bottle in hand, spraying your dick and onahole with small amounts of water will almost eliminate the need to reapply the lube.

>> No.17346753

I forgot to mention that you use the spray AFTER using the onahole for some time (when it starts drying), if you spray water without using the onahole it'll be the same as just diluting.

>> No.17346816

>I fap with a water filled spray bottle in hand
Holy shit, I never thought of that! Thats genius!
I always have problem if I try to add water, I just make it too runny.

>> No.17347196

The breasts look terrible.

>> No.17347209

>they'll get suspicious of me buying lube constantly
Why would they know?
Are you going to lose your fapping privileges if they get suspicious?

>> No.17347299

just go to the Pharmacy and buy something like gum to cover up your purchase.

>> No.17347432
File: 72 KB, 1200x630, ttttttttenga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

greetings fellow fappers! Any of you ever use one of these (Tenga Moova/Flex)? Tenga in general any good?

>> No.17347454

welcome to torsos
don't understand why is it so hard to just slap the breasts from stand-alone tit toys

>> No.17347495
File: 52 KB, 129x111, HK8Mc.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How long should I leave my warmer in my ona?

I know too much heat will slowly destroy it but I want that shit to feel good on my dick

>> No.17347670

Read the pastebin?
I'd that all anon needs to do is rip out the skeleton and turn out the outer 'shell'.

>> No.17347716

My parcel got hold by the customs.
I guess nls forgot the invoice or something.

Need to pick it up, should I fake a Receipt with Inspect Elements?

>> No.17347883

Is this shitposting? Stop trying to put a number on it and make your choice

>> No.17348389

>Tenga in general any good?
They're okay, but any of the recommended ones here are better. I threw away my Fleshlights and Tengas when I discovered superior Japanese masturbation.

>> No.17349036

2.6384141857 times better.

>> No.17349044

are there ones with a hole on both sides? like one that goes all the way through. i feel like that would be easier to clean.

>> No.17349055
File: 126 KB, 500x500, girl-in-the-box-loliho-04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has anyone brought onaholes on a plane before?

Also, what about form the US to Canada? Would it matter if it's semi-loli hole (girl in the box) if I don't bring the packing?

>> No.17349114

In Canada there are no laws against the possession of child pornography but there is a law against distributing it. Bringing this item could constitute the latter. Just bring a less risky onahole and look at loli pics in private

>> No.17349170

You should be fine if you get rid of the packaging. I bought this the other day from Amazon and there wasn't any problems, original packaging was untouched but it doesn't hurt to be safe

>> No.17349188


I already own the onahole in the US though. It's my only one. Should I really just chuck it? Seems like a waste.

Although on the other hand, it would be nice to buy a hip instead.

>In Canada there are no laws against the possession of child pornography

This is blatantly false. For a brief period (iirc 1998-2001) this was the case, but only in BC. You can still get like 7 years in jail for mere possession.

>> No.17349342

Yeah, the Fuwa Cyun W and the Fuwa Cyun Triple are the first that come to mind.

>> No.17349391

neato. what a strange world. i had no idea there were so many of these things. i thought there were just fleshlight and a couple other brands

>> No.17349537

Yeah, I have a thirst for it sometimes.

>> No.17349546

I NEED more numbers, anons. Actually rate out of 10 how realistic the most realistic onahole feels. I hope it's at least 7.7/10.

>> No.17349549

I chop up my onaholes too and then boil it in chicken broth. Simmer it for 10 hours or so and it's actually quite tasty.

>> No.17349557


>> No.17349592

>assuming that we know what real vaginas feel like

I've had some of the best orgasms of my entire life using onaholes. They were intense enough that I'm quite happy to spend over $200 on more of them, and I was originally quite irritated about spending over $50 when I first bought some.

Just buy a few to try out or fuck off, anon.

>> No.17349631
File: 3.80 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_20170720_032841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any tips on how to get this shit off, or how to keep it from happening? Everytime I get an onahole they get covered in these dark dots that look like black heads in the pores of the skin. I've tried washing them off but they're really in there. I can pick then out one by one but they're all over the surface. Im not really sure what it is, looks like just damp collected dust or fuzz floating around wherever, but it really makes it look pretty nasty. Really takes away from the smooth beautiful hole

>> No.17349655

Buy some talcum or cornstarch powder and cover the outside of your onaholes in that. I have a spare towel that I use as a mat to powder all my onaholes on.

>> No.17349745

Any good places to buy in Kyoto? Didn't buy enough when I was in Tokyo

>> No.17349753


Osaka's Den Den Town would probably be your best bet. But I didn't see any onahole stores there when I went.

>> No.17349762

Dang. Cant really go to Osaka since Im here with family

>> No.17349822

Tenga is japanese as well.

>> No.17350169

Bois what should i go for, Julia + or seventeen bordeaux plus onatsuyu lube?
Try puni puni. It's very short but that's intentional to make your glans poke out

>> No.17350230


I had that problem too - Seems like powdering prevents this.

I had good results removing that kind of grime with hand soap and patiently massaging it off, rinsing periodically.
While soapy you could also try running your nails against the surface to catch the small bumps

>> No.17350624
File: 104 KB, 707x553, 1489964966778.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have always powdered my holes and never seen shit like that.

Also, is the autistic realism numbers anon back again? Jesus fucking Christ.

>> No.17350882

whats a good automatic onahole

>> No.17351097

10/10, no joke.

>> No.17351215

so nobody knows?

>> No.17351266

a10 cyclone sa but that thing only rotates
a10 piston but it's loud as fuck
and that's it

>> No.17351372

Guys im between:
Bitch Omanko Gyaru Onahole
HANJUKU ! (Half Mature)

help please.

>> No.17351467

SPDX measurements
bust 18.5 inches 47 cm
waist 15.6 inches 39.5 cm
hips like 22 inches 55.9cm

Got some "size 10" (US size) panties which are still too big and an XS size swimsuit which fits well except for being too long, since SPDX does not go all the way to the shoulders.
(Not adult sizes obviously)

Delivered from otonaJP in 4 days, they removed the box with the art of in by request and (not by request) significantly undervalued and marked it as a gift.. Also a cute thank you card and some japanese sweets. A+ service would use again.
otonaJP > NLS

>> No.17351517
File: 114 KB, 960x640, aww_yeeea.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright, I had a chat with Omocha Dreams representative today.

1. They do not know when the next Tomax shipment will be as it depends on Daimaoh to pack and send their shit.

2. The Velvet and Bubble Tomax lubes are rebranded Silky and O2 lubes from Daimaoh.

3. I asked if they can import Insomnia lube, and they said that it's complicated due to EU regulations. But they will look into this.

There is also a minor issue with redirection to a different page when trying to choose Dolphin softness that they promised to fix.


So, in regards to that, anyone tried Silky and can say how it compares to Onatsuyu?

>> No.17351528

you're doing gods work anon
t. fellow euroshitter

>> No.17351534

You're welcome.

Also, I forgot to mention that it's probably a good idea to send them emails/contact them on whatsapp to ask about Insomnia.
Increases the chances of them actually looking into it if there is demand from multiple people.

>> No.17351541

sounds like a good idea
ill try send them an email too

>> No.17351560

what's the size of the hole pouch in meiki plush?

>> No.17351577
File: 1.91 MB, 1750x985, 1808618592341.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do you guys do with your onaholes getting loose over time due to wear and tear? Just buy another one?

>> No.17351607

Well, you can't do much, really. If the loosening is due to tearing, you can try welding the sides of the crack using soldering iron.

>> No.17351802

I'm simple asking for numbers. Just a number out of 10 for the Venus Real to rate it's realism. Also how safe are these onaholes? Novelty toys are unregulated so not sure about rubbing toxic plastics on bare penis skin...

>> No.17351805

Please be serious. If it's 10/10 I'm going to get one and remain a virgin for life.

>> No.17351840

10/10 with lube, 9/10 dry/spit/water.

>> No.17351842

You realize that no onahole will be completely realistic because they can't simulate muscle movement, self-lubrication, and warmth?
Besides obvious things like being attached to a living human being and all that stems from that.

>> No.17351858

Onaholes don't loose unlike women, they either tear or the texture wears out from friction. Yes, just buy the same onahole again if you really liked it.

>> No.17351882

I'd give my onahole a solid 5/7.

>> No.17351923

they're fine. read the guide

>> No.17351929

Any of you ever used zenmarket to get tomax onaholes from Japan?

>> No.17351994

I used 2you4 to ship a Tomax onahole that I purchased from Daimaoh.

>> No.17352031

Is there some benefit to dual layers?

Why do you people keep buying them if they break after a few uses?

>> No.17352069

They feel good. 17 Bordeaux continues being my favorite ona.

>> No.17352206

not that guy, but plenty of holes with 1 layer feel good (tomax et al)
Any secret to the dual layered holes or is it just a gimmick?

>> No.17352247

What exactly is a dual layer hole?

>> No.17352262

Read the fucking guide.

>> No.17352315

Quality post. Why does that make them more fragile? All of my holes are dual layer and I don't have any problems outside of general wear and tear.

>> No.17352320

Update about cleaning cumrag pile.

After two washes with bleach they were still kinda yellow

Hung them out to dry and few hours later there was nothing but bees around them

I indirectly impregnated plants today

>> No.17352352

It doesn't necessarily make them more fragile, mate. However some dual-layer holes are prone to separation of layers. One of the most well known examples is Seventeen Bordeaux.
The same manufacturer, ToysHeart, has a bunch of other dual-layer holes that are welded so solidly, it's impossible to tear them apart.
Single-layer holes can't have separation problem by definition, but they can have a bunch of other issues.

>> No.17352506

I don't have gyaru but hanjuku is one of my favorites. Only problem is that it tears vertically on the exterior of the hole pretty easily.

>> No.17352544

Oh are you serious? I bought seventeen bordeaux 12 hours ago, didn't know about that problem since it wasn't reported about anywhere i read, so i thought the hole was completely fine. Is it a big problem and can it be prevented?

>> No.17352573

Not the guy you're talking to, but they are terribly fragile. I loved mine while I had it, but I would be surprised if it made it past a few dozen sessions. I'm pretty gentle, so I'm not sure what exactly it takes to keep them intact. Mine seemed to start to peel from the entrance. That is most likely just due to mechanics, but it might be wise to avoid pulling all the way out too much. That's my best guess.

>> No.17352595

Which ones are solid?

I'm the one who asked why ya'll buy them. I kind of want one. No idea which are durable though.

>> No.17352604

Mine started separating pretty much out of the box. I further fucked it up with my attempts to use chemical solvents to weld the layers.
I mean, the separation mainly affects the cleaning. You can't guarantee that there is no moisture between the layers, so it increases the probability of mold growing there. But the hole itself is still okay until the layers separate fully.

From personal experience, their Daishyuki Hold and Student Council President are durable as hell. Whether those are good holes in regards to feeling is up to personal preference, though.

>> No.17352606

Well, shit. I hope it feels good for the time i use it but gonna alternate with the original seventeen so i can let it last a bit longer i guess. How about bordeaux soft though? I was going to buy that one but sadly it's out of stock on motsu toys and they seem to take forever to get new stock, just wondering if i would have been luckier with that one

>> No.17352617

I've heard that while it might be a bit more durable, it still has the issue.
I don't know why ToysHeart can't make a revisuon that addresses it.

>> No.17352730

I should have specified that I had the soft version. My prior comments were all directed towards that version of the hole.

>> No.17352756

lol, alright. I'll just wait and see then.

>> No.17352929 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.75 MB, 640x480, 1500595746210.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

are there any onahole related AR apps for Cardboard or w/e?

>> No.17352967

The future is bright

>> No.17353101


>> No.17353265

I got Silky from Daimaoh, it's thinner than Onatsuyu so stimulation is higher. I'm quite sensitive so I prefer the Toucan lube, as it helps me last longer.

>> No.17353418
File: 164 KB, 427x640, lingerie1-018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well I guess I'm going to be in the full doll waifu club soon, couldn't not order a full plush from dekunoboo with the 40-50% discount sale they are running till the end of the month.

If I didn't have to order though JSS she would cost the same as my Meiki plush did when I bought it 4-5 years ago, but hey $450 ain't bad either.

>> No.17353421

holy shit this looks great

>> No.17353482

is that spdx? seems small

>> No.17353495

So I want to buy a vacuum witch on Amazon but will the box have ADULT TOY on the outside?

>> No.17353636

and it will have PERVERT LIVES HERE

>> No.17353785

That's only stuff from Queen Cat's Amazon store and those are packed inside a plain box anyway.

>> No.17353845

>onahole arrived at about 3 which is the time i go to work
>can't pick up packages at my apartment complex after 5 because all the staff is gone
>didn't have time to get my hole

how am i supposed to wait any longer i haven't jerked it for 3 days

>> No.17354032

I don't care how good or intense it feels I just need to know how realistic it is rated out of 10

>> No.17354048

Holy shit. Second 10/10 realism score. Can't tell if for true though.
Warmth and self lube can be sufficiently replicated with a USB warmer and artificial lube. Muscle movement would be the only thing that can't be simulated but let's assume the woman was unconscious for whatever reason. How realistic then would a Venus Real be? (Rated out of 10)

>> No.17354117

Can you DP a doll?

>> No.17354194

How do you imagine the after"sex" would be?
>just don't let the balls touch

>> No.17354279

High five

>> No.17354600

You *can* but should you?

Some brands like orient industry don't have assholes though.

>> No.17355075

What's the most optimal way to get lubed up? Usually i just pour a decent but not big drop on the tip and spread it around the glans, then lubricate the hole's walls with the leftover that gets on my hand.

>> No.17355189

Hold the hole vertically, squeeze it to push out the air. Put a small drop of lube on the entrance, release the pressure and watch the lube as it is sucked in, lubricating the hole. Use the finger to spread some lube at the entrance if it's too dry to penetrate.
Bam, a lubricated hole and mostly clean hands.

>> No.17355199

Take an hour off work?

>> No.17355202

>Muscle movement would be the only thing that can't be simulated but let's assume the woman was unconscious for whatever reason.
So do you glue your onaholes to the wall and fuck it like that? Use your hand, it's more than enough to mimic muscle movement.

>> No.17355303

>let's assume the woman was unconscious for whatever reason
Stop reading sleep rape doujins, anon.

>> No.17355306

Actually you can make a hip-like shape in which you can put your onahole, by rolling up a thick blanket and bending the result of that around the center twice and keeping it still with a couple belts. It's pretty good but it makes you sweat hard before you manage to cum.

>> No.17355319

Those are great though

>> No.17355436

Well I was more referring to the lack of muscle movement that you can simply simulate by squeezing the onahole with the hand you're holding it in.

>> No.17355905

SHIIIIIIT got a superb fella 5 coming in today. All keyed up for it mayne. Anyone ever use one. Reviews looking great for it

>> No.17356081

Fuck these midget toys, man. Those fucking rings don't stretch and I can't even use this thing properly.

>> No.17356205

Alright, I decided to pull the trigger on the new order.
A new Venus Real to replace the one I've been using for close to a year because it's pretty torn. My favourite hole hands down.
A Dolphin because why not.
Velvet lube to try it out.
And some cheap 10 eur ToysHeart hole to bring up the price of the order to over the limit needed for free shipping.

And now we wait until Jewmocha Dreams gets their next shipment from Daimaoh.

>> No.17356828

Anybody recommend a good oral ona? I've been looking for one for ages

>> No.17356874
File: 908 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170721-180025.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do you bros think about this one?


>> No.17357059

>mentioned a billion times
>hey guys what do you think

>> No.17357371

Boca de la Veritas breddeh, if you got a thin dick get tthe superb fella 5