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/jp/ isn't all filled with loli lovers right? Anyone else love the mature/onee-san types?

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I like healthy, but not old.

Healthy loli is best.

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I prefer loli, but I definitely like a good MILF

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older japanese women are so damn hot

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I go for the motherly (not necessarily mothers) type of woman. Loli a close second.

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I guess I like the idea of someone who can be independent but they choose to take care of you instead. I guess that's like a strong-willed girl who still has a soft spot.

Hmmmm, I guess that's why I like tsundere also...

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Loli isn't really a type, though.

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Greatest MILF

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Goddess-tier MILF.

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Sister is love, but those eyes...

At least the nurse keeps them slanted usually.
Also, Nurse's voice is love.

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Key has the best milfs in the market.

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Key games have the hottest MILFs. The lack of them in Little Busters saddens me.

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Can I be a MILF too?

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nagisa would be fucked even if she wasn't a milf..
me? i'd go for Fuuko, Kotomi, Ryou/Kyou, Mei, Nagisa, and Sanae. Might as well throw in Akkiko, Nayuki, Ayu, shiori, Sayuri, Misuzu, Minagi, and Botan.

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Hmmm but would that make Sanae a GMILF?

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Sanae is a MILF Matriarch.

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How is Crescendo?

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What about a loli great grandmother MILF?

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Disregarding weird art, it's a nice VN.
Nothing groundbreaking, but it's very enjoyable to read through.

Also, nurse is voiced by Akiha.

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Their expressions made me giggle a little

And I the art style is weird at first but it's not bad

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Ayame and Kaori are teh best.

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Crescendo wins for FUCK YES YOU ARE THE BEST HAREM EVER. Especially when they all work together for the common course in Kaori's route.

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I love this milf!

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Sorry, but I proffered the little girl in this case.
Purest incest love ever.

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Onee-san/Senpai characters and Milfs are the best.

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One of my personal favorite erotic VNs, up there with Kana and Yume Miru Kusuri.

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Mio is my onee-san/bossu.

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I go for the kind of girl people around here call an onee-sama. I prefer to call them tsuntsuns, or women with guts in non-weeabospeak.

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