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Would /jp/ be full of females if Tohou was about males?

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Most people here would just accept that we all are pansexual.

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/jp/ would be without Touhou. Bishounen go in /cm/.

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Touhou wouldn't be popular if it were all about males.

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I would very much wear the Reimu outfit around my apartment if it was comfortable enough.

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But theres enough crazy yaoi girls to play it...
How can /jp/ be pansexual when the closest thing to yaoi here is traps. And since traps count basically as female we are all straight.

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I hate Kieyza Cmp almost as much as I hate Dan Kim and America.

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I don't see why that would change anything.

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No, it'd be all over /v/. And there'd be discussions over which one is the manliest. With occasional appearances by some idiot spewing "they're all fags".

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I loathe kiezya. His art is terrible and his porn is nightmare-inducing. Even Takeuchi could give him some pointers on anatomy.

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No problem i can post non Kieyza Cmp

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Actually. Theres a major thing that would change, no futa doujins.

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Kiezya is my favorite Touhou artist though.

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>And since traps count basically as female we are all straight.
>since traps count basically as female

Welcome to homosexuality, m'boy.

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Wait, I thought Takeuchi was a decent artist. Aren't Ryukishi07 and ZUN the ones we complain about?

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The difference is Zun and Ryukishi07 cant draw even if then wanted.