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In /jp/ the glass is always half ________

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half a glass of water

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Why is raymoo a zombie?

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This image brings back memories. It's one of the first 2hu-related things I ever saw.

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Why are so many of these so inappropriate?

Suika doesn't drink vodka. She has never been shown drinking anything but sake.
Eiki wouldn't inspect the glass from multiple points of view. She works by one, absolute code.
Byakuren doesn't drink alcohol at all. Her religion forbids it.
Patchouli is one of the more classically superstitious characters. She would be the first to believe anything about the glass.
Koishi wouldn't think the glass looks like a crocodile. Koishi doesn't think.
There is no "totality" in terms of time or space for Kaguya. Her power is to manipulate those.
Alice is one of the more accommodating characters when it comes to her house. She would sooner let the glass stay overnight than kick it out.

Reimu's spot-on though.

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Half complete. Because nobody on 4chan is a complete person since this site eates half of you and requires you to post/lurk to even try to fill thar void.

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It's because it's a secondary joke image made by a person who doesn't actually care about the series, only the dank maymays that result from it.

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/jp/ is all about dank memes!

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paizuri slaved

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>/jp/ is all about dank memes!
99% of memes are cancer, a blight on the board
they are worse than image dumps or generals

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Memes being cancer is a meme.

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so you agree that kogasa thinks that glass is half full huh ? can you give me some explainaton about that

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The only explanation I've got is _______________________________________________ SURPRISE!

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Because her skin colour in MoF was odd.

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>in /jp/ the glass is always half
fuck you because it can be interpeted two ways.
Half full or half empty.

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The glass is fucking broken.

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full of semen

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It's not that deep, all you had to do was say an adjective you dense dude

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bottle of piss.

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Actually, it's because the original version wasn't Touhou-related at all, and the creator of this edit simply chose the most appropriate characters they could to fit the predefined text. Some of them still could have been done better, but in the end, it is just a joke.

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good knowledge my friend.

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>the most appropriate characters they could to fit the predefined text.
But they don't?

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>But they don't?
He said the most, not that they completely fit.

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Byakuren thinks the glass is half filled with water and with air.

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It's half full if you're filling the glass. It's half empty if you're drinking from it.

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Kogasa is also a literally suicidal, regularly depressed girl. She's "cheery", but would probably see it half empty

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Piss off, Ran.

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Byakuren also identifies with the water and thinks the air is trying to take over the glass

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Byakuren identifies as a water-breathing entity and wishes all air was replaced by water, no matter how many air-breathers die.

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Because when you die to a Jiangshi's danmaku, you become one too, I guess? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I don't really get it myself, that's the only thing I can think of.

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Right, because "the most fitting" character for changing water into an alcoholic drink is the one character in the entire series who explicitly eschews alcohol. And "the most fitting" character for thinking the glass looks like something else is the one, singular character who literally doesn't think.

It's more like whoever made the image chose the exact opposite of what would be appropriate.

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do you believe there is a more jesus-like touhou that would be more appropriate

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Wonder what she'll think about this, then!

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>there's a cleptoman option
this is too convenient

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Yea anon you're right the guy who made the gif picked exactly the opposite of what he could on purpose just to mess with you.

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Why would Pino-san hurt Kogasa?

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First of all, Byakuren is not Jesus-like. Jesus sacrificed himself to save humanity. Byakuren saved herself at the cost of human lives. Jesus ascended to Heaven, while Byakuren was rightfully banished to a demon world. JC's apostles took and spread his teachings, while Byakuren's supplicants ignore and violate rules she preaches. And so on and so forth.

As for a more appropriate character to fill that category... Oh, if only there was a 'hu possessed of a magical tool which famously changes any drink poured in it into a better drink. If only!

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Al the children who plague the current internet will grow up one day, and then we'll finally be free of this meme culture. Have patience, /jp/, since waiting is the only good thing you're good at anyway.

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I like this post.

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Okuu relates to the glass on a very personal level!

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Suika is already used. However you can replace current Suika with Yuugi.

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Jesus founded one of the worst religion of the world based on slanders and lies. He was a crazy person who believed in voices in his head and a cult leader.

Byakuren is a Buddhist that lives for love, peace, prosperity, and understanding. Please don't compare Byakuren to that other guy.

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If nothing else, at least we can say their devotees are cut from the same cloth.

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Yuyuko shouldn't be downclassed like that.

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Underrated comment. Good joke.

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The glass is half frozen, obviously.

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You're thinking of Muhammad
The guy that had convulsions whenever he had visions and would foam at the mouth and growl like a camel.

Even his first wife thought it was demonic possession

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All Abrahamic religions are terrible.

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Why are you such a heretic?

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How? For not blindly following the worst branch of any major religion? Even taoists would agree stuff like Zoroastrianism is far better then Abrahamic faiths.

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Dumb fairy.

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This is dumb. Kogasa is an entrepreneur who is keenly aware of the fluctuations of the free market. Pinochet should be appointing her to a government ministry.

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In /jp/ the glass is Glass General #13721 - Half Full Edition.

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To be fair many Buddhist of Thiền Buddhism see Christians and Buddhist as the same thing.
Close to the end of Living Buddha, Living Christ, Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh asserted, "When you are a truly happy Christian, you are also a Buddhist. And vice versa.
many Buddhist consider Jesus a type of buddha, a Samyaksambuddha

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Couldn't you keep increasing the precision of your measurement of how much of the volume of the glass is occupied until you reach a point at which it is no longer at precisely half?

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Why the fuck did they make the glass twice as big as it needed to be?

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You're saying Suika would actually turn down alcohol, let alone something foreign and new?

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Why do I get the feeling a good chunk of this thread was deleted

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Because it did after some buttmad Anon was complaining about religion.

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I'm the strongest, not the dumbest.

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I'm saying Suika would think the liquid is sake, not vodka.

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>my post was deleted
It wasn't even off topic.

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Don't worry. Kogasa is here to cheer you up!

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Shinobu was so much better when she didn't talk.