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Does Eirin have a sex drive?

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Ask Reisen

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She has a sexual overdrive

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That's exactly what Reisen is for.

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Lacey bra

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I don't know. I'll ask her for you anon.
Give me... A day. I'll return with an answer

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No. Seiga has.

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A-as for y-our question, Ye-Yes.
Y-yeah. I c-ca-can confi- I can confirm thIS.
Sadly I- Sadly I cannot s-speak of -nything eh-else on the m-mattEr, but All i caN sa-s-say is it remains t-th- the same. p-robably due to t-the hourai elixir. Though it's probably reli-reliant on when s-she drank it. That c-could be a huge f-actor.

Now, abou-t y-yo-your question,
I-Th- This isn't a question -should asK r-really. Also, I won't do y-ou any- any- any more f-favors, i mean, it's not t-that I won't- i just can't.
This fuckin hurts man. Never agaiN

Soorry I-If my post is a llittle i-incoherent, I ha- It's hard to move r-ight now without any- no, its- i mean, i- fuck.
Fuck you, my body hurts.

Now one thin- thing to add.
Lu-Lunarians a-they- just stay away fr-from them.
They're assholes. You'll be do-doing yourself a- a huge favor. Howe-However, If you do make a visit to the -the Lunar Capital, brin- try to bring a moon rabbit home with you. They're g-great accomplices, and make g-grea-great company to have aroumd. Especially if you've been physically sc- i mean- uh, down on the inside. Yea-h. Bu-But one w-ord of advice. Try not to bring one wi-with a foul attitude, or one with a r-record of being so-someone rather unpleasant, like tewi.

TL;DR - St-Stay the fuck away from lunarians, this was a stu-s-stupid question, of course- and if y-you visit the moon, bri-bring a rabbit home with you. It's l-like having a normal one but this o-one- they-they'll come with all sorts of shit. Jus-Just mind the a-asshole Lunarians. You may not come back.

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N-now if you do-don't mind, I-I'm gonna- I'm gonna take the week off. No, m-make that two weeks.

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What did she do to you, Reisen!?

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S-orry, I-I-I cannnot speak of a-anything that occurred S-She did nothING! I Aassure y-you. She ju- I just- I just can't feel m-my legs..

I-I only- I only have myself tO BLAME! I dragged mys-my-myself into this, n-noe i hAVE To live wit IT. Eirin is nice! V-Ve- She's nice! She's the-the nicest person! Yea-H! She did noth-nothing bad!

Ab-about Reisen, n-no. Reisen sat to the sidelines. She-Eirin said she- Reisen is nice. She's much nicer in-in-in person! I-I hear alot abou-about Lunar Bunnies, but a-the rumors are true! Right from-from her- her- her smile to her personality! She might've b- i mean, she was one-one of the good things w-when i visited! T-too bad it was for-for a brief time.. She's no different from an actual rabbit i-in some cases..

P-please. I can't say anythING ELSE. Let me rest. Ho-Hopeful-Hopefully it's going to- to be better tomor-tomorrrow. Speaking o-obviously hasN'T.
P-please heed my w-take my advice. Get a moon rabbit for a-a companion, and stay- be wary of Lunarians.
Be sure t-to care- to care deepLY For your Lunar Bunny, they're really one of a-one of a kind and c-rather- rather...

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Are you trying to tell us that Eirin fucked your brains out in bondage?

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What? N-no!
She may we- no. She isn't "that" kind of- of person.
Nothin-Nothing happened! O-I only asked h-her OP's question an-and she answered! I-It was an un-uneventful encounter!
Jus-Just drop it! Y- Nothing important happened!
T-That's all y-ou nEED TO Know!

Jus-just- I'm fried, please, let me rest- i- have a nice day.. Or- or nig-ht.

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I'm not letting you rest until you tell us all what happened in full detail you stupid bunny

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1. I'm not a bunny
2. No. She- I can't tell you-you anything! Yo-You can't stop me fr-from barri- sleeping! It- It's only been 2 days! I s- I still have 12 left!

I-I know someone skilled! Your scare tactics won't work on me Tewi! W-Who attacks so-someone w- someone who is currenTLY unfit to-to-to p-rotect themself! Ab-ABSOLutely dishonorable!

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Thank you for deleting that ERP garbage.

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Shhhh. Stop!

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Aww. I wanted to chat with Reisen some more.

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>Does Eirin have a sex drive?
yes, with children

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That's disgusting. Little boys are inherently unsexy. They don't even have cunnies.

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If she does she clearly ignores it.

I'm shocked she doesn't have children, even from when she was an ordinary human.

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Eirin tries to deny it, but she frequently masturbates when she thinks no one is watching, and sometimes uses Reisen when she needs a toy. She also makes frequent, unauthorised trips to the human village to pilfer the semen of the men living there.

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A girl masturbating, especially ones with Eirin's commonly depicted body type, is very hot.