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That's a bidet. It washes your ass crack for you after you've taken a dump. Or did you think it was a drinking fountain when you encountered one? Hahaha.

I did.

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Toilet pees on you!

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That's not a bidet at all, you don't take a dump in a bidet. That's just a toilet with bidet function.

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It's a toilet from MOTHERLAND.

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I fucking loved having a bidet when I was in france. Toilet paper fails so fucking hard at cleaning ass.

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serious question, but how did you dry your ass?

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by using the hand drier mounted on the wall, but you need to do a hand stand.

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doesn't your anus get chapped, raw, and itchy by doing that?

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a bloody rectum is bad news

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OK, I smirked.

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There's separate, smaller towels for that. Obviously, you only use bidets in your own fucking home, where you have your own ass towels.

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It's a challenge to get orgasms from bidets.

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Oh I know... I hate taking a shit in public or at work because I know that it will take 40000 squares to clean my ass, and by that time it's all sore and bleeding. I much prefer dropping my load at home where I can fold up some TP, wet it, and then wash my brown eye properly.

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/jp/ - Ass Washing Advice

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some of the toilets that have bidets might have dryers, mostly japan and korea i think

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Had one of these at my hostel in Kyoto. Beats the hell out of toilet paper.

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and a toilet seat cover

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Or more like... Beats the shit out of toilet paper?

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Ya bra.

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What if your stupid maid mix up the towels?

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heated toilet seats are sweet.

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You still use toilet paper. You use this after to really get you anus clean.

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They have an air drying function of the good ones.

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I have to admit I like them, but it took me awhile to warm up to them. My first use had kanji all over the toilet buttons...and no manual flush. So I picked one and got molested by water...then hit the one next to it thinking that'd turn it off...nope, apparently that was for women so now my sack is being sprayed instead. I finally flushed and weeped for a little bit. Fucking Japan.

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I lol'ed so hard.

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I lol'd

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This shit officially prooves it. Them nips like shit being stuffed up their asses. Way to *swoon* over a bunch of faggots, faggot spics.

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This thread makes me happy.

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We seriously thought about getting one of these as a Family Christmas gift. But I would rather have toys LOL. Getting one in the spring. I am tired of a irritated anus caused by toilet paper.

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i want to buy one too

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At least you missed the "anal vibrator" function ...

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is that water clean enough to drink?

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i wouldnt try it

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It's tap water.
Now, I'm not sure if Japanese drink tap water.

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If you spent what you would have on the toilet buying decent toilet paper...

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Yes it's tap water, but come on it's IN THE TOILET. Shit and piss have inevitably splashed onto the hole where the water shoots out of.

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hey, say what you will, it's better than the old style japanese toilets that make you shit in a hole in the ground.

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What the hell guys? I shit only once a week, and when I do it's the fucking width of my fist. And my ass never is sore or anything like that. srsly

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I once fapped while using one of those.

feels good man

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I am allergic to all toilet paper.

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one time i was constipated for a week

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face it, your anus hurts and mine does too