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Why isn't there more fanart of this 2hu?

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Too cool for that shit.

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Surrounded by 2hus
Only cares about junk from the outside world
His mom never visits and his dad is dead

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It's because he canonically has a dick.

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He sounds like our average /jp/ user.

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y-you saw it?

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Everyone saw it.

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Even the lunarians and everyone in makai saw it.

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Here you go.

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all right who cued the old Donna Summer hit "Hot Stuff"?

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1: Male

2: Not in any games [Although Marisa does mention him in an ending]

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I wish I could be him. All the cute girls come by and visit his shop to keep him company.

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Male character. Mostly keeps to himself and is mostly obsessed with his shop rather than the goings on in Gensokyo. His main characterization is from written stories without pictures and although he does appear in most of the mangas in some capacity it's usually a one-off appearance (and the mangas are significantly less popular in the fandom than the games). Doesn't appear in mainline games at all and barely cameos in the others.

I think that's okay though. Rinnosuke's philosophy is to stay out of everyone's shit and he only really cares about his curio shop. Not every character has to meddle in shit constantly. His shop being a base for Kasen/Sumireko lately is about the level of activity I'd expect from him.

For what he is he does have a decent amount of popularity (70+ on the poll is pretty low considering how long he's been around, but again, lots of people don't read the print works), and although Touhou really isn't a place for romance, he has a few ships with characters, if that's what you're asking about. For my money I'd honestly much rather read a doujin about Rinnosuke than one about a faceless male insert.

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>and the mangas are significantly less popular in the fandom than the games
This is actually not very true anymore. From the last popularity poll, a maximum of 80% of respondents played EoSD, while about 65% of respondents read the ongoing manga.

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dude creator self input in game lmao

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There's nothing inherently wrong with a creator self-insert. If he's the most powerful character or everyone in the story loves him, then it's a problem, but Rinnosule's nothing like that. Also
>in game

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>in game

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They keep him company alright.

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I need Fifty Shades of Gray fanfic with Rinnosuke and Marisa.

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>When ordinary magician Kirisame Marisa goes to visit young-looking antique shop owner Morichika Rinnosuke, the latter encounters a woman who is beautiful, brilliant, and intimidating. The unworldly, innocent Kourin is startled to realize she wants his stuff and, despite his enigmatic reserve, finds she is desperate to get away with not paying for it. Unable to resist Marisa’s quiet beauty, wit, and independent spirit, Rinnosuke admits he wants her in his shop, too — but on his own terms.

>Shocked yet thrilled by Marisa’s singular obsession, Rinnosuke hesitates. For all the trappings of success — his otherworldly business, his vast wealth, his lovely book collection — Rinnosuke is a man tormented by his youkai ancestry and consumed by the need to keep his shop in order. When the couple embarks on a daring, passionately physical business affair, Rinnosuke discovers Marisa’s secrets and explores his own dark desires.

>This fanfic is intended for mature audiences.

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Rinnosuke is a character in the Touhou Project series, but not a 2hu.

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Rinnosuke is a rapist.

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Rinnosukes great cause he's too autistic to be with the 2hus romantically

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Really? I think he's gets lots of fanart compared to most spin-off 2hus like Akyuu or Kosuzu. Heck, he probably has more than say Ichirin or Seiga. I think it's pretty impressive considering he's male and his only game appearance is a cameo in HM.

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Because no one wants a male in their yuri world.

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Would you mind providing the source?

Tried it. As comparison, Kourin has 14099 results.

This isn't definitive, but the number is quite overwhelming.

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It is every bit as terrible as I had imagined.

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A mouse is fine too

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that's kinda sad that not much of the fanbase read the mangas
they have good arts, nice story, and lot of fun shenanigans

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>image for ants

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no silly hat; not a real touhou

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I hope we'll get another male in touhou someday

> written stories without pictures
Isn't there a picture or 2 for each story in CoLA?

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>I hope we'll get another male in touhou someday

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>I hope we'll get another male in touhou someday

Reimu has been in touhou since the beginning.

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But Mokou is obviously a guy crossdressing as a cute girl.

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Honestly, it baffles me that there aren't more doujins/art with Rinnosuke as a self-insert.

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Why so few of Kosuzu? She is like, ultra cute.
Also, she stars the best manga.

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Because having a face makes it difficult to properly self-insert. I'd say "an established persona" too, but this is Touhou we're talking about, where those things usually goes out the window for the sake of comedy.
Personally, I prefer it that way. Having a guy - and a side character at that - be this overwhelming presence in a series where girls are the main cast is somewhat jarring. I prefer my "I see nothing, I know nothing" Kourin, thank you very much.

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Because she is dead.

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He is fujoshi bait.

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Where can I get all the Touhou mangas from?

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But not even the fujoshits want him.
Which fucking upsets me.

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Is this page actually FROM anything?

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not even fucking yandex got me anything usable

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If you're that desperate, it's Magical Kinsenyoku. and also non-h.

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thanks very much anon

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>that one doujin where Kourin crossdresses as various characters and anally faps

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Because nobody cares about him

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ZUN does, and that's all that really matters.

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she is newer and can get 'lost in the character shuffle' at times, plus Rinnosuke has a couple of years on her to gather artworks. It's not a hard and fast rule but it goes a little way to understand the discrepancies in the numbers.

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>that one doujin where Kourin drugs, rapes and mind breaks 2hus to become his sex slaves

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What do you expect? The only other male character that has any sort of meaningful relationship with him is Marisa's dad. And it probably doesn't go past employer/employee.