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>MFW I keep getting pummeled into the floor by Patchouli

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You wouldn't hit a sickly asthmatic girl would you?

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Who said that?

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You fight SAKUYA HARD, while Patchouli reads books.

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>MFW no spell practice or practice patch for EoSD
>MFW even in the modern games there's no spell practice for nons so NDL would still be cancer

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>TFW there is no slow mode for any game other than PCB and IN

Fuck Miko's spin balls and Kanako's last spell card.

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VoWG is my most despised card besides maybe cancer light ray from IN.

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How about you get some hand eye coordination and stop relying on a crutch to barely complete the game with 5 ship stock at 60% fps.

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I wish I had that coordination, but I spent my entire life playing turn-based JRPGs, some VN and slow platformers. Now when I see a fast game my eyes get tired and I can't see well what the heck is happening.

It's all my own fault, I know. Just because I have problems with something doesn't mean that everyone suffers the same.

It was stupid from me. Sorry.

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>mfw just before being defeated, Meiling nabs 1 life from me

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>MFW MoF, SA and UFO return you to the start of the stage after you use a continue
>MFFW that happens in the last spell card of a boss.

SA is one of my favourite games in the series, but seriously, fuck that shit.

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Huh! Whose footprints are these?

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>mfw mfw

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>MFW deathbombs perfectly on frame in IN but it still took 2 bombs away from me
Never use slow mode. It spoils you.

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Just imagine that you're pounding her ass on the floor then.

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My only 1CC was achieved after I lost 4 lives against Remilia (and all but 2 of my bombs). I've beaten her before in practice mode. What was your worst choke, /jp/?

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I once got full lived against Byakuren and lost them all because i chocked hard on Flying Fantastica.
I was devastated.

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Slow mode will permanently damage your skills

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This one still haunts me to this day. It's been roughly 1 month and I sadly don't play as much as I used to, if it all, and I hope to eventually pick it up again. Before the days turn into weeks, and the weeks turn into months, with nothing to show but a failure.

I had a near flawless stage 1-4 with a perfect patchy fight, losing 1 life to Koakuma. I did somewhat bad on Sakuya, losing 4 lives, but manageable for Remilla. Everything went smooth as planned until the last stage, the devil, the beast, the monster of the SDM, appeared.

Sakuya, on her vestiges of hp during eternal meek, nabbed a life with a careless choke from my movement. This lowered the rank and the bullet speeds for the 1st wave of Remilla.

I lost all 3 lives to Remilla's 1st wave.

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who r u quoting?

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Where's my (You) anon?

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lol he got beat up by a nerd

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Themselves from a parallel universe. No matter what you greentext, you are always quoting someone, somewhere.

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Are you frustrated?

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Going into stage 5 of PCB with like 7 lives in stock, losing 4-5 over youmu and the rest on yuyuko. Still annoyed over that one as I could have got it if I'd gotten it right.

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Was doing a nearly perfect run a Hard 1CC on UFO and had a ton of lives. I then choked on stage 4 and lost all of them even though I had consistently done pretty good on it when I practiced it. Oh yeah, fuck Shou too since almost the same thing happened a few days later.

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UFO is fucking choke city

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Actually, yes. Just the image of her trying to cry without her breath makes my dick diamonds.

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Oh, a fellow erotic asphyxiation fan, could you direct me to some good hentai?
Piss off, it's not like we would find this hot irl.

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And it's not like I don't find it weird regardless.

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/v/ in one thread

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So close to quints

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Hold shift for focused movement

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yes but you are supposed to put a backlink or citation
it's only common courtesy

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worst thread on /jp/ right now

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"Where do you work out?"
"The library."

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I am now going to save this thread from being trash by requesting this with Meiling.

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I wish I was getting pummelled into the floor by Patchouli

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Just a box.

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Huh? What was that noise?

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I like to imagine that Meiling is actually some sort of well-read Bertrand Russel-esque figure but is just so old that she can't be bothered to say or do anything intelligent anymore.

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I want Saber paizuri

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>Bertrand Russell

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I don't know who you're quoting, but being old, smug, and angry doesn't preclude one from being smart.

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I don't know who you're quoting, but being old, smug, and angry doesn't preclude one from being smart.

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I was quoting you.
>takes 400+ pages to prove 1+1=2
>wastes everyone's time by being an autistic logicist
>won't give up on logicism upon discovering Russell's paradox even after Whitehead pissed off
>gets btfo by Hilbert, Goedel and Wittgenstein
>cheats on his wife
>opened a shitty daycare that failed miserably
Go on, try and refute actual history.

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In an alternate universe, they already backlinked, so there was no need. It's not their fault if you're a casual pleb who can't figure out how to hop over to another universe for a bit to figure this out.

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Spoileral exists and is better than spell practice.

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I never said "smart" though. Are you sure you were quoting me and not someone else?
That aside, whoever you're quoting this time is looking for a goalpost that never existed. They are purporting some dubious relationship between being smart and being correct. It was never stated that Russel was correct, nor even originally that he was smart, but only that he was well-read and capable of intelligent speech and action. The only thing stated in the original post was that his personality was projected upon Meiling, who has been shown to be overproud to her own detriment and possess asinine habits and interests, not unlike Bertrand "the discovery that one is a number must have been difficult" Russel.

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Is Patchy diabetic?

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>only that he was well-read and capable of intelligent speech and action
That is not at all what "smart" is.

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I see you've realized your folly then. Good. Carry on.

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Good backpeddling. Almost as good as Russell's type theory attempt.

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Must've been my imagination.

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