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ITT: Trigger /jp/

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Expected this to be some crossboarder posting Hiroshima or something.

Was pleasantly surprised yet also triggered as intended. Good job, secondary.

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Who are you quoting?

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Stop this meme, it's not funny. Just because 2ch uses the meme arrows to quoting that doesn't mean that we have to do it as well. We are USA, WE TELL THE WORLD WHAT TO DO.

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You haven't told me who you were quoting yet.

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You can't be a primary if you don't live in Japan.

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I thought this was the trigger /jp/ thread, not trigger the crossies thread.

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What kind of "work" is this pupper going to?

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Why is /jp/ so shitty?

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Sometimes i snr why people never put the name in the fucking filename. It prevents the spam of "source plz" from lazy bastards, and actually exposes the lazy bastards who cant use asiple search engine.

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What even happened here.

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Nice bait. Can you pass the paprika please? I dont like my bait bland and tasteless.

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this pretty much sums it up

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/jp/ players do not have the skill level to play the superior CAVE games.

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Oh you know, the same type of work Sanae does for her shrine.

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2dix is a cheap knockoff osu clone

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Well. Time to ruin my day.

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Just post the memehounds with a MAGA cap on. Easy modo.

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TL;DR - Post anything another board or normalfags have gotten their hands in and ruined rather quickly via shitposting.

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post those antifa guys "playing" touhou

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Anon. That'll only piss of Saku- You know what? I- i take back whatever i might have said about- just, just forget i said anything!

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You mean this one?

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very angery shrine maiden

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This made me fucking mad, fuck you japs, YOU are the ones that say ピザ, WE SAY ピッツァ

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hell yes

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How fearsome. I bet their enemies are quaking in their boots.

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I honestly would have laughed if someone said, with a straight face, that /pol/ stealing our memes would radicalize /jp/sies into becoming direct action anarchists

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>not even 3.5 mil
I didn't even know being this bad was possible

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To be completely honest, I find this is pretty funny. It's just so absurd. What's even funnier is that they're playing on normal.

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The whole thing is baffling. They mistook memes and shitposts for a plot to take over the anime and japense video game communities, then decided it would be a great idea to bring this evil plan to light by dressing up in cheap face rags and play touhou on a laptop with a controller and just hope people would take them seriously.

Pretty much everyone involved in this was an idiot is what I'm getting at.

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Let's ramp up the ante.

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>What's even funnier is that they're playing on normal.
Haha yeah, bunch of scrubs.

brb crying myself to sleep

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No no no. It should've been easy mode. Just fire my shit up senpai

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Obviously, they'd be dodging strikes left and right like it's no one's business due to being hardened from playing touhou. Figures why they played UFO due to Ichirin using actual fists as danmaku to dodge.

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Most of these guys are LARPers.

Antifa's biggest strength has, for decades, been in subversion and doxxing:
>Searchlight relies for its material on those involved in the far-right. This includes a range of infiltrators, defectors and casual informers. The best known defectors were Ray Hill,[16] and Matthew Collins,[17] now of the Hope not Hate campaign.

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If they're true otaku, they should dress up as 1960s Japanese socialist student protestors

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Wait, you mean people still get annoyed at the existence of IOSYS? I used to feel like that about ten years ago I guess.

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>be me

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But people post touhou here literally all the time.

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Most people involved in actual right-wing politics are finding the memes tiring and cringeworthy. For e.g. a month ago a militia member got into a shouting match with an alt-righter over his pepe posters and choke slammed him

>Figures why they played UFO due to Ichirin using actual fists as danmaku to dodge.
I'm also not surprised they play Marisa, who steals hoarded knowledge from wasteful aristocrats

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Holy shit that's hilarious

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Is one search away anon.

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The person who makes Touhou Ewi videos draws porn

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what do I search for

what were these protesters protesting against?

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that's a bold statement, i think you need sources to back up that claim

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Learn nip history and start searching yourself. You're better off learning nip from the daily threads and asking a nip yourself since they [might] know. If it wasnt removed from their history class of course. They have a record of "forgetting" things.

TL;DR - 1960s Japanese Student Protest or something. Don't expect any credible results. And dont use wikipedia.

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if they were socialists then I hate them and hope the government killed them or something

it's a good thing they don't talk about shit like this in modern japan

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Get out. We are a communist boatd

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I dont have a meido suitable for this.

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>Get out. We are a communist boatd

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Fate/Stay Night is a good visual novel and Nasu isn't a bad writer

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>We are a communist boatd
Free Helicopter Rides for Commies desu

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Communism good (p.s. don't look at million deaths of countrymen).

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>ITT: Post Obscene Garbage and do shit the wrong way the thread
fucc mh shît up pießen¡

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I genuinely agree.

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>We are a communist boatd
communism would destroy anime/manga and jap culture though

commies need to die

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Alriht. Thread over. This anon won. Everyone go home. Party's over.

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>Get out. We are a communist boatd

Kill yourself CHINESE scum

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this bothers me because prove that moeshit it's soulless and still will sell and /a/ will defend it

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2hu paizuri for everyone!

>> No.17237257

enough politics

>> No.17237261

This triggered me the most. It hurts having no talent for games I love.

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Who is this "we" you are talking about?

>> No.17237269

Please ignore all the frogposting, I couldn't find the original twitter video

>> No.17237275

man both the left and the right are extremely cringy now

>> No.17237276

That's a nice video by Alt Right Pepe General Franco and I subscribed for more quality Alt Right Pepe General Franco videos at youtube.com

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This is correct


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The topic of the thread was to trigger /jp/ and /pol/posting/commieposting is the easiest way to do it
also this thread was kuso from the start so hey, nowhere to go but through the floorboards

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And there's nothing wrong with that, /jp/ culture should include the appreciation of classic VNs and other artifacts of japanese history - there's no reason for anyone to get upset over it

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>This is correct
no it's not
also left anarchists aren't even anarchists
granted neither is ancap

you're all a bunch of hypocrites and this has absolutely nothing to do with otaku culture
otaku culture is japanese culture, which is center right and economically liberal

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Without Kuso threads life would be boring as hell

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>otaku culture
This board's title continues to be under occupation

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>otaku culture is japanese culture, which is center right and economically liberal
This is basically correct.
t. lived in japan for 5 months last year

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The only philosophy that is truly Otaku is Stirnerism.

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We need a /jp/ civil war.

>> No.17237309

We have them every two weeks

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How is being an anti-social degenerate sociopath anything to do with otaku or anime?

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Thread is over, move along.

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>normal difficulty

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>otaku culture is japanese culture
2/10 stale bait
>economically liberal
'heh,' scoffs the chang, as she dumps decades of economic data on japanese deficit stimulus spending on your lap

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Thread just started, get in.

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Wow this thread got derailed really fast.

>> No.17237344

/jp/ is and will always be allied only with [s4s] in the alliance of shitposting tribal militias. No one here actually believes in political bullshit

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Speak for yourself. Japan could be better if it went communist.

>> No.17237351

>2/10 stale bait
no, it's part of japanese culture

>japanese deficit stimulus
I never said they were a complete free market(I wish), they're making a lot of mistakes with monetary policy. But they were historically more economically liberal than other countries.

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If commies hadn't been stabbed to death in Japan, we wouldn't have anime or Touhou (or any Japanese video games in general.)

Fuck off, Commies.

>> No.17237358

There's a difference between the hard working drones and the hikkikomori

>> No.17237358,1 [INTERNAL] 

And there it goes...

>> No.17237358,2 [INTERNAL] 

jan-man oppressing NEETs everywhere

>> No.17237358,3 [INTERNAL] 

big j is a corporate fascist keeping the anarchist revolution down

>> No.17237358,4 [INTERNAL] 

this thread was trash anyway

>> No.17237358,5 [INTERNAL] 

it was trash from the beginning

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