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For all practical purposes, everyone who posts in this thread is male and ronery. Please keep this thread off the front page by putting sage in the e-mail field.

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I won't fall for your trap this time, OP.

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Can't do that, Star Fox.

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Still too early and we really don't care.

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I have no problem complying.

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Too early? It's 1am to 4am depending on where you're at.

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Because everyone lives in America

Complying happily

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This is would be a good idea if you could sage and noko at the same time. Otherwise, you have to search for the page before you can post in the thread.

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Why the fuck are you eating cake in your bedroom?

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Okay, guys, what do you think? Troll? Obviously in some regard, probably relating to the meme. But I can completely see some really uninformed person without an open mind posting that, and using bad language for no reason. That is, thinking "Oho, that kind of image again, I'm going to pretend its his room, since eating cake there is not normal".

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I don't understand. Where would you eat cake? I haven't had cake in years but I only eat in my bedroom. What's wrong with that?

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1- thread watcher
2- ????????
3- profit

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Eat it in the kitchen (or is it a room next to the kitchen we've never seen in the game?), you moron!

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Us girls can be ronery too.

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It doesn't matter since everyone who posts in this thread is male, for all practical purposes.

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/jp/ is a lonely path. It is also the ultimate humanitarian path. We forgo social interaction in hopes that someone out there in the world will take our share. Such is the sacrifice that we must endure when we take up the banner of /jp/. Our path is a solemn path. We do not expect to experience happiness. We do not expect companionship. We do not expect any interaction with the opposite sex. Instead we live our lives through the eyes of the protagonists in visual novels. Once we see through their eyes, we cannot turn back and hope to experiencing those things through our own mortal flesh. In becoming one with /jp/ we shed our fragile bodies for the eternal body that is a VN protagonist.

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I don't understand your irrational hatred of bedrooms. You're just a bigoted kitchen supremacist.

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Reporting in. ;_;

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Hisui ;_;

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Shiki never ate in his bedroom before (unless he was bedridden), why would he do so now?

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I'm a female.

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You know... I could actually believe that. You're dumb enough.

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i can tell by the girth of your finger that you are overweight

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