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/jp/, I just got into touhou and it's fucking fun. I'm still trying to figure out how to get more time orbs, but it's fucking fun.

But how does one pronounce touhou?

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thats how

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oh man, how does one get into this game?!

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Mr 999999999 has it right

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I dunno lol

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It's pronounced 'Moh-eh'.

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Time orbs are from just shooting stuff as a human when the bar at the bottom left is at -80% or less, and grazing as a youkai when it's 80% or more.

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Do not focus during the stage unless even the bullets are shooting bullets. Focus during boss fights.

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Why do I always see screen shots with people having random shit and ugly processes running behind their Touhou. Do certain computers fuck up, or do you like playing in windowed modo?

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I just saw what the OP wanted us to see.

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Easy Modo spotted

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My computer pronounces it as


It also pronounces Cirno "Sirno"

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this is no fun, back to trolling /v/

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It's ok anonymous

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Focusing is when I turn into the other character and get slow and shit, right?

Whenever I do that, these little blue spinning things around the enemies become invincible, and then I kill the enemy really quick holding down shift, and then switch back to human and get the time orb bonus.

Isn't that how I'm supposed to do it? I get substantially less orbs on normal enemies when I blow up those spinning things, and the shot is too wide as a human.

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I actually just stole that picture from google when I typed in touhou because I didn't feel like taking a screencap, so I have no idea.

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..That's how I pronounce Cirno. How do you pronounce Cirno?

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This is a Linux screenshot running it in wine.

Not that wine forces windowed mode though.

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You're doing it right then. Remember to wait a few seconds when the master fairies appear so they can spawn more familiars.

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If you're just starting, I recommend you stay in human mode for the actual levels, only focusing when you need to avoid the more difficult boss spellcards or momentarily at the top of screen when collecting items - that gets you more than enough time orbs for at least the first few stages.

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Cirno isnt japanese.

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Sir No

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Well I'm using...uh...the blonde witch girl, so I don't need to focus at the top, which I like.

Is there generally a better character to use? I like her normal shot because it doesn't spread and rape the master faeries or whatever they're called.

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Oh, and can someone explain how holding down shift makes it easier to dodge the spellcards? Doesn't it slow me down?

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It’s Marisa bitch, remember it.

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Hotaru guy is that you?

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You can see you hitbox. a red spot.

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The bullets will start shooting bullets. You'll understand.

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When you play on Lunatic you'll know why.

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But can't I just memorize where Marisa's hitbox is? It seems like seeing the hitbox is a disadvantage compared to how badly is slows you down.

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Ok, ok. Beat Stage 5's boss without using the focus button.

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When the bullets start shooting,and you need machine-like precision to avoid, being slow is good

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This man is a troll, there's no way someone is that dumb...

Well excluding a certain Ice Fairy we know and love.

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Wait, so the advantage is that it gives you more orbs too, right? In boss fights, at least?

So I'm supposed to stay in focus mode the entire time then, I'm guessing, at least on the boss.

Alright, this makes sense now. I got up to stage 4 on normal but the time started getting too late, and I couldn't figure out why I didn't have enough time orbs.

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Could anybody explain to me about the time orbs annd alternate (focus) shooting ?

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Ok, this thread is boring now.


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Oh wow, OP here.

I only asked like 2 questions so far. Seems there's a lot of confused people.

Anyway, thanks for the help about the time orbs. I'm still getting raped on stage 4 but it's my first time so whatever, haha. I'll get it with time.

Thanks for your help, /jp/.

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See that bar at the bottom left? That's your Human/Youkai meter.

When 80% human, you'll collect time orb simply by shooting enemies.

When 80% youkai, you'll collect time orbs by grazing bullets.

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What mode are you playing on? Unless you haven't yet caught on, it's unforgivable to play on easy mode. Unless of course you're an elementary kid.

And one thing that I've wondered for a very long time....

Is loli said like "lollipop" or like "lolita"?

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You're kidding, right? How the hell do you say the 'lolli' in 'lollipop' if it sounds different from the 'loli' in 'lolita'?

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I'm playing on normal. I never play on easy, it's for pussies.

This shit is seriously difficult, though. I like it. I was seriously confused on the mechanics, but I think I've got them down now.

Is there a "better team", though? Or are they all good?

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Reimu and Yukari are pretty easy modo.

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All the other teams are pretty fun to use. Although require more thinking, since they don't have homing shots.

Try playing EoSD. You don't to worry about all that shit. Sure, you don't see your hitbox when focused, but at least it teaches you not to rely on it so much. PCB is pretty awesome too.

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Haha. Well I've got this stubborn streak where I need to beat a game if I'm stuck, so I'm beating this one first. I'll definitely play it after, though.

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In english words that are shortened forms of other words still retain the pronounciation rules for the shortend spelling. loh-li is wrong.

More to the point tho how you pronounce it is totally regionally influenced.

In other news anon has no life.

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How can anyone know about time orbs but not know what to use focused movement for.

Anyway, Reimu is good for beginners, Youmu is for pros.

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Are you playing with Slow Mode?

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Surely you can't be serious. Lolly sounds horrible.

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I didn't mean for that to come across like that. IN is pretty good for beginners. Plus, it has a fuckwin extra stage.

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Where can I download touhou?

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Good that you didn't start with Shoot the Bullet. You'd be playing nothing else for a year
(currently 10-4 and ongoing)

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Wait, what the fuck are time orbs even for?

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I'm surprised at how much fun Shoot the Bullet is.

Normally I prefer the games with at least some elements of them translated, so before then I had EoSD, PCB, IaMP, IN and PoFV. Got bored, so I figured, fuck it, and got Mountain of Faith and Shoot the Bullet. MoF isn't bad, but it feels like a step back, only thing I really like about it is the new characters and the music from stage 5 onwards. Shoot the Bullet however, I really like. No difficulty setting so I don't expect to get to the end of it, but the I had a choice of which person I wanted to fight depending on stages unlocked, and what card they are using, then a it builds up as I try and get a shot of their panties (fuck the real plot, that's what Aya is doing in my way of looking at it)

Some of the cards so far have been awesome, I can try again instantly and I only really have to beat three of each stage to unlock the next set. So far I just got to stage 6 after doing Patchy's really annoying silly string one.

I'm really liking the camera mechanics of it. It's fresh and basic. I can imagine I'm Aya annoying the crap out of all the other Touhou's trying to take panty shots of them while they attempt to blast me out of the sky. China's card where she attempts to kick you is awesome. Though I found most her cards easier then Patchy's.

For a break from normal Touhou I recommend it. I liked running rings around bosses taking pictures.

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If you hit the time orb requirement for each stage, the clock will only advance 30 minutes, instead of an hour.

It's game over when you hit 5am.

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I think MoF was intended to be a step back. 'Going back to basics', IIRC.

STB makes for some pretty good dodging practice. I usually have a few attempts at some of the spell cards I haven't cleared when I need a break from perfecting my extra clears.

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sounds like a copy pasta

I never needed more than 350 shots of anything but that one raped me (see pic) and 10-4 is currently at 1083.
I hate myself for getting to the last photo, which is pretty easy and dieing because I took a path that led to a dead end.

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Ecchi nano wa ikenai to omoimasu?

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I never understood the appeal of Phantasmagoria.

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It's basically for extra continues, score, and seeing more Last Spell patterns (especially against Kaguya, and each stage boss on Normal and up). Don't worry about it too much if you just want to clear.

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ZUN said somewhere (before MoF was released), that he wanted to make his games more relaxing.

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Youmu exists for the express purpose of clearing things quickly in Spell Practice. Her massive attack power pretty well trivializes pretty much any spell card that revolves around familiars (Keine's are good examples of this) since she can blow them up in an instant. Youmu Solo is my preferred character for most hard cards in spell practice, although I use the Boundary Team for normal play because I'm a pussy.

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which TH should i start with?

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Pick a number

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How exactly can you control her phantasm? It seems to shoot where it wants to while I'm moving around, I've seen videos of people moving the shots without her character moving at all.

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Wait, you guys said that when I hold down shift to make everything slower, I get time orbs by grazing, right?

The bullets are going right next to my hit zone, and my grazing meter is going up, but I'm not getting time orbs. Why not?

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If you're a youkai.

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Imperisable Night is the most relaxing for me. I like the whole tone of it, nicer graphics, good selection of characters and relative ease compared to others with some neat character mechanics. Loved seeing Ran attack stuff with Reimu/Yukari combo. Liked that Marisa could used auto-collect without full power mode and Sukuya slowing the speed of power ups falling down the screen. Little neat individualisations and some good music as it went along.

MoF was kind of relaxing in it's ease up to Senae, then it's a little tougher, then you hit Kanako on stage 6 and hit a wall of difficult spell cards. Senae was fun to fight, Half of Kanako's card's seem like they come from other characters.

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Imperishable Night is the easiest in terms of pure shooting, but the time orb system adds some complexity that could slow down a beginner.

Perfect Cherry Blossom is probably the most balanced. The later levels get fairly intense, but this game hands out more extra lives than any other.

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil feels kinda dated compared to the others, and is definitely the hardest.

But the real answer is buy them all (that's right, I said "buy", you'll feel better if you buy them) and play them all.

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I honestly ignored it and went for 1CC. Never ran out of time anyway.

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Myon (her ghost half) stays locked in position if you're focused. So have it facing forwards, hold focus, and lunge forward to absolutely rape anything in your path. For some examples, check these replays: http://replays.gensokyo.org/index.php?u=&g=--&p=youmu&t=--&d=7

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>Half of Kanako's card's seem like they come from other characters.
You mean the red and violet ones right?

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Yeah, as long as you're going for the 1cc time orbs only matter for accessing last spells and scoring. Although for someone who's just starting out and is simply focused on clearing the game in general, the fact that they're only given one continue by default can be frustrating.

Although going for time orbs is good practice for not raping the focus button.

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Wait, so to actually beat the game, I can't use any continues?

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Although it doesn't help your danmaku skill, Highly Responsive to Prayers is really fun. Even on Lunatic - although through tougher dodging, boss attack patterns need quite a bit of bombing.

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I hate Kanako's card on Normal where these red daggers aim at you, and she also shoots out these white medium-sized bullets.

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Using even 1 continue condemns you to the BAD END in all Touhou games. Also, in Imperishable Night, you face Eirin as the final boss instead of Kaguya if you used any continues.

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Marisa/Alice have the malice cannon, which let's any idiot tear through bosses. And they have master spark, which is almost a free pass through any spell card. They are the overpowered team.

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Time orbs are completely useless in terms of survival. If you just want to 1cc the game try to get many point items instead for extra lives. There is a maximum how many extra lives you can get from them at 1100 in IN, but you should reach it.

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Sacrifice Sign "Misayama Hunting Shrine Ritual"

Pretty easy one if you move enough. On hard, it looks different.

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Youmu solo = best character overall, especially for score junkies.

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You forgot ridiculously hard to use.

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What does 1cc mean?

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No continues

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Honestly, I think Reimu Solo is harder to use, simply because her fire power is so horribly pathetic. But really, I don't think any one particular character/team is "hard" to use, it's just that the Boundary team is so radically easy compared to everyone else that it seems hard by comparison.

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That's because reimu is supposed to be a beginner character

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What does it stand for?

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1 credit clear

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one credit clear

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>>172813 here.

I didn't clear my high score, but at least I'm capturing 11 out of 14 spell cards. Fucking up Hollow Giant and Possessed by Phoenix out of pure idiocy.

I probably won't be completely satisfied until I clear 13 out of 14 spell cards.

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