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These are my wives.

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Is this the thinly veiled religion discussion thread? I want to bully some Taoist otaku scum.

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She is Boobs.

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Look at this Boob creature.

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By Allah, behave yourself or I will give you a taste of my shoe.

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A boobs.

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Post more motorcyclist Byakuren please.

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Her name is Boobs.

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>lewding the Saint of the white lotus
This is bad and you should feel bad. I'm quoting the general trend of this thread.

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Boobhuren Hijijuggs

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I want to deflower youkai Jesus. Am I a bad person /jp/?

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deflower her breasts?

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Biker Byakuren is best Byakuren.

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The below-navel and pelvic area on this image is extremely arousing.

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I agree, but since she's a pretty shitty Buddhist, she'll probably get a DUI

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Useless monk, only good for boobs.

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I would marry Byakuren's tits.
Not her. Her tits.

Wedding ring is a piercing on the nipple.
Wedding night is non-stop paizuri, the first one lubed with her spit, the rest lubed with my sperm.

Make foam out of my cum between her breasts.
Impregnate those heavenly mounds of flesh.

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She wants to be hip and cool around the young boys and girls.

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>youkai Jesus
Jesus would never turn his back on mankind.

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Why did she hang out with American bikers in the outside world?

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Now that you mentioned it.
I saw a Chinese movie about journey to the west and they bullied a Taoist in the beginning.
What did Taoists do?

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All 3 are shit choices as baseball is shit.

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Journey to the West was basically Buddhist propaganda. Wukong even kicks things off by smashing Taoist Heaven.

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This is stupid, the first one would be Miko's taoist ideology.

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Byakuren doesn't actually treat humans and youkai equally, as evidenced in SoPM. Byakuren's Gensokyo would claim equality, but give youkai preferential treatment.

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yes it is
also do not bully taoists

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Sun Wukong was initially developed as a Taoist immortal before being incorporated into Buddhist myths. He is also considered by some scholars to be influenced by elements of both Chinese folklore and the Hindu deity Hanuman from the Ramayana.

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Bugger off, this is the Byakuboobie thread.

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H...How shameless...!!!

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what do her breasts smell like

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Like a sweaty virgin.

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I want to wear Hijiri's sweaty bodysuit right after she takes it off after a hard day

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I want to repeatedly cum inside Byakuren's leather bodysuit!

I want to go on a cross-country trip across the American midwest on her motorcycle. I want the heat of the western desert sun along with the heat of the motorcycle to make her a sweaty mess underneath her suit. I want the repeated vibrations of the motorcycle and her hot, steamy body pressed against mine to force her to take roadside quickie breaks to calm down my body. I want to repeatedly cum inside her leather body suit in her breasts, crotch, and armpits. I want her to not bath the whole trip so that my semen slathers against her body as we ride down the highway. I want her body to be drowning in a pool of a mixture of her sweat and my semen by the end of our ride! I want to be assaulted by the lewd, musty smell everytime she unzippers her front!

Byakuren's full leather bodysuit!!

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Never stop posting this.

You just got me hard. Moar!

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Both of these posts really turned me on, especially reading them back to back.

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What is Byakuren's paizuri technique like? Spare no detail.

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You can't marry breasts and I'm pretty sure Byakuren does not agree with polygamy!

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Slow, yet immensely pleasurable. Unlike most girls, doesn't care how quickly you finish; she makes you feel good until you can't take it any more.

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She literally beats up your penis with her breast punches.

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You and the laws of Gensokyo can't stop me from trying

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But can a universal copyright law stop you?

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It's not a crime if nobody knows about it.

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Answer my question, rat!

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Her boobs aren't covered by international copyright law.

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Deep feelings are tingling.

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She'd be initially reluctant to aid you, being a Buddhist and all, but after enough pestering and harassment she'd permit you an intimate audience with her breasts.

Initially, you'd sieze upon her tits and sink your hands into her giant mounds of fat. She'd let out a whimper and instinctively put up a small amount of resistance, but after vigorously kneading her giant udders, she'd succumb to your desires.

What method of paizuri do you choose?
1. Perpendicular
2. Standard
3. Reverse
4. other

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The method that bans the shitty ERPers or moves their thread to /trash/

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I think the best form is clothed paizuri.

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But of course, that's a given. Byakuren's robes are holy. Or are you looking for her to wear her biker outfit?

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The boobs of the night.

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>her biker outfit
That's fine too.

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Boobdhist. Pray for Boobdha.

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Why are eastern gods so cool?

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Byakuren sama is not just boobs!

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There is no such thing as Byakuren. There is only Boobs.

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I never really understood whats the difference between Taoists and Byakuren's practices

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Yes! Yes! Yes!

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Byaku = White
Ren = Ren

Byakuren = White Ren

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Does she wear panties or bras underneath that biker suit? Also aren't those boobs TOO big?

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Would you rescue Byakuren from Makai and make her your wife?

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I'd poke her boobs and then shove her aside like a 90's cartoon character and go for Shinki.

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Shinki is a universe creator god, you'd better be pretty special.

Makai has other planets and stars, she's higher than pocket dimension / hell gods.

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I'll fight my way to the top.

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Boobs became a cute boobs.

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What would Myouren say if I asked him if I could come over to his house and fuck his sister?

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sortie dels

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What would you think he'd say?

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Shinki protects the Boobs.

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Wasn't he really old when he carked it? He probably had dementia and wouldn't know what a paizuri is.

Third impact?

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Byakuren is my mom, my wife and my paizuri slave!

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The Boobpact.

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Your mom, wife and paizuri slave's breasts are my wives, mothers and paizuri slaves.

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Even black magic is no match for Aya's super powers.

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Bya's boobs must be bigger.

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Is that Skyrim?

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Boobs are in tears.

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Boobs assaulting the Prince

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Come to think of it, wouldn't it drive Miko insane if you took away her headphones?

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File: 264 KB, 850x1870, __hijiri_byakuren_and_toyosatomimi_no_miko_touhou_drawn_by_shan__sample-3e8539198c0a805c967218b2b411ee85.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Getting free milk from Byakuppai,

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We have to make Byakuppai's oppai bigger.

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So this is the legendary boob Otaku?

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Like lavender, cinnamon and motor oil.

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I want to rub her breasts with motor oil and have a nasty paizuri!

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