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My taste is the best among you peasants out there.

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someone actually bothered doing an entire tohosort for this purpose

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Sounds like someone's a Chen-fag to me.

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i mean

anyone with marisa, cirno or china in their top 10 should probably just kill themselves, right?

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I refuse to accept the fact that some people find Flandre loveable.

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did you chucklefucks even look at the pic

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I did. But I suppose you failed to realise I was shittily baiting.

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Ah yes, the "I was only pretending to be retarded" defense. An excellent choice.

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Naturally. I can't help acting like an idiot at times, that's my only way of being at least somewhat entertaining to a certain group of people.

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>certain group

don't tell me this guy is another facebookfag

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Do I look like a 12-year old autist to you? That was painful.

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>OP being this desperate for attention
Must be sad being you.

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>taking baits
Wow, it sure must be sad being you too

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I didn't gave them, nor you, any (you)s, plus I sage as to not bump the thread.

I'm also not making threads for attention.

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>I can't help acting like an idiot at times
It's only natural for you, is it not?

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My thoughts exactly.

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>Watatsukis as equals

It's like you hate Gensokyo and Earth

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"Look at me, I clicked tie on everything."


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I want to die.

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>Evil eye in top ten
>Tewi, Kagerou and Kyouko that low on list
McFucking kill yourself

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by the way, EES is rad as HECK.

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>unironically liking tewi
better drink you mocafrecacapachino with extra semen before it gets cold anon

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Liking Tewi makes people contractually obligated to drink fancy coffee with ejaculate fluid?

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>not a single protagonist in the top 10
I'm quoting your garbage fucking taste, you retarded nigger.

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Best taste, coming through

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Honestly pretty good. Many playables, overall well-liked and/or prominent characters (maybe except Yuuka, but Yuuka is fine as she is). At least two dorks. Overall very nice.

Byakushit still too high though.

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sure sure

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I feel like some characters are missing.

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I hate main characters.

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I skipped a few of the mainline games because I haven't played all of them yet

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I want the crossboarders and secondaries to go away already

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Fine taste.
These are some very unusual choices...

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So why haven't you left?

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only losers use tie
mary and renko don't deserve to be that low
i don't see my dude mima anywhere

overall 2/10. i'd give you 0/10 but you like kogasa so i'll assume that you're merely a misunderstood child.

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don't post benben ever again

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last time I didn't use tie it took like 500+ battles to get that shit done i'm not doing it again

i didn't play pc-98 so i'm not gonna rate a character on what I know from the fandom.

fair rating though

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But anon, Yuuka is a protagonist.

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too lazy to do it again

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Is it time for memes?

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rate this

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Nothing stands out and I don't like seeing so many main characters at such numbers.
Not bad. I used to be a huge Yukarifag myself.
Fortune teller did nothing wrong.

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Sorry I forgot you.
I would say that your taste is nice but I don't see Mima anywhere on your list.

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Fuck it, everyone else is doing it, so why not.
meh, they're alright
Yukari is pretty cool, but she isn't best girl. Otherwise a pretty good list, extra points for Sakuya and Mokou.
Kaguya and Mokou are too close to each other, 0/10

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I want to be mokou and fuck kaguya, thats all I dream about in life.

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Where's half the cast? This isn't about Mima anymore.

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Are you the anon that hates main characters because of his brother?

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Made one excluding Reimu and Marisa to make it fair, honorable mentions goes to Yuugi and Banki.

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This thread is bad and you should feel bad.

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Better than all the 3DPD idolshit generals that infest this place

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It honestly is, but it provides everyone with an excuse to post their tohosort, so I expect it to have 200 posts by tomorrow.

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How's this.

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Just because an OP is bad that doesn't mean the entire thread is bad. This is just a Touhou-sort thread that pops up all the time

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good sagume, hecatia, renko and raiko. the rest SUCK.

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>just a Touhou-sort thread that pops up all the time
That's why it's bad though.

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>my taste is for fucking ants

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what kind of threads do you think are good, then?

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How'd I do jp?

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>top ten all meme characters
>literally everyone below top ten are tied
>those reddit tabs
Good job laddie, now I have terminal cancer

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I don't that know many characters okay. I do know a good amount about the characters I picked though.

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I'd rather hang out with OP than with you. Please leave /jp/ and never come back.

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Screw you then. I'm going to that Reimu thread.

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Where's Mima?

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The only person in this thread that isn't suffering from some horrendous mental illness is this guy


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hating suzy is a sign of extreme mental illness

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In your bones. You should be able to feel her there.

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Is this you?

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One should never exclude the 'Mu, but a pretty nice top nevertheless.

Bonus points for the Banx.

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meh taste
i wouldn't hang out with you, especially considering you don't acknowledge the existence of mima.
better than the other guy, but that's not saying a lot. at least you like renko.

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Point out one thing wrong with my top 10, and I will show you a liar.

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I don't like Futo. It's just my opinion though.

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The fuck is wrong with you, man? You some sorta race traitor enabler?

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I can assure you that you would call my taste shit if you saw it, so it's only fair that I can do the same.

>> No.17146048

I assure you I try my hardest to be constructive when rating other people's sorters. My only red flags are if you have not a single playable in your top 10, or if it comprises mostly memetic non-characters. Post it.

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five out of ten are playable in at least one game

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My diagnosis is you either never played any Windows games at all, and are getting your info from the wiki, or you're the rare PC-98 hipster. I mean, first true playable as Sanae at 39? There's something off about this. I almost don't believe that sort is real in the first place.

I wouldn't call it shit taste, as you've some decent characters up there, but misguided and/or ignorant would certainly apply.

>> No.17146144

I actually 1cc'd a few of the Windows games on Normal and successfully beat Yukari after challenging her for over a month. It makes me a little sad that you gave me such a judgement, but I shouldn't complain.
Thanks for the rating, dudebro.

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Here's my ranking from the end of last year. It hasn't changed much.

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cute list overall. you have a solid top-10. my biggest problem with it is medicine so low

>> No.17146195

Oddly enough, I was given the exact same criticism last time.

>> No.17146196

Excellent top 10.
Shitty 90-124 top.

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You really like pink/red hair, don't you.

>> No.17146245

I've never noticed that before, but you're right, there's an obvious bias there.

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>Elly that low
off yourself

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Haven't played passed MoF yet so:

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i like the oldhus but i cannot say that someone who likes a canine as their number one has good taste. also i can see that you're tie-abusing scum.
play the rest of the games. i don't give ratings to fags like you.

>> No.17152447

Post yours then.

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>evil eye in top 10
And people are supposed to take you seriously?

>> No.17154950

Except Kana and Yuuka your top 10 it's pure trash.

>> No.17154958

Yuuka's great fuck off

>> No.17155060

That's what I said retard.

>> No.17155082

I find giant eyes of destruction to be extremely cool.
At least it's pure, unlike your favorite 2hu.

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Just as I thought. Worst taste here. I can see why you'd want to die now.

>> No.17155380

maybe if it wasn't microscopic we could see what message you were trying to convey.