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Just promoting the best FB group, "Malaysian Touhou Brigade"

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How the fuck did this get here? A Facebook promotion in 4chan? someone call the police.

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>there are people actually replying to this thread

sage and move on lads

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god when will the fucking fb kiddies leave us alone?

first, you faggots brought your asinine ms paint no effort snowclone meme from Touhou Hell into here because "xDDDD such funny maymay i have to show this to thee big boys on jay pee :D".

That thread was fucking awful, and this one is going nowhere. You have no place here, and I don't want your fucking unironic rage comic posting on my board. You don't deserve this place, and you certainly don't deserve our respect. Why can't you be content with your dumbass happy go lucky normalfag friends anyway???

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Report and ignore man, don't validate them posting.

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I smell bait...

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Please fucking kill yourself

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Why does the Janitor jump to the defense of the /e/ threads but leaves this and the other facebook thread untouched for several hours

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Had to double check which board I was on.

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Jesus Christ.

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Please, come on in, you're more than welcome here! I hope we can expect even more quality content from you and your associated group. Please invite them to /jp/ as well!