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The Past
As in the past, the available resources for human expansion started to run thin. And as in the past, the pressure for resources forced man to push back the frontier of Space much like the frontiers of the past. Earth was hungry. Displacement technology appeared just in time to permit exploitation of the Solar system and man's first tentative visits to new stars. As before, new communities of pioneers were established in these harsh new lands to oversee the exploitation of resources. But like before, it was not long before the citizens of these colonies started to wish for more...

The Present
For more than a century, the interests of the Earth have clashed bitterly with the interests of the moon. The feud has evolved into a never-ending danmaku war in Space between two sides:

The Gensokyo
The Earth and its colony stars constitute the Gensokyo; a power bloc, which attempts to maintain stability and unity. The Gensokyo has a massive space-going Navy. The Gensokyo Navy ships patrol space in an attempt to maintain order.

The Moon
The Moon are the manifestation of the colonists wish for self determination. The Moon movement is a bizarre mix of pirates, terrorists and and underground political organization.

Over the years the Moon have established a unique culture and identity. Fiercely defiant of authority, the Moon have built up a sizeable fleet of ships, made up of commericial ships and mining vessels along with military ships stolen from the Navy.

Moon ships are easy to recognize; their ships are typical of their defiant attitude - sporting lurid graffiti.

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the sage

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I liked it better when I made a troll thread explaining it was going to be a shitty VN instead.

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tl;dr SAGE

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I can't believe how much artistic talent gets wasted on yukkuris and Touhou.

Every time I see a well-done Touhou fanart I cry on the inside.

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That's solely your own fault for not appreciating Touhou.

This thread is now about immense-quality Touhou art.

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Good idea, brother. Posting obligatory picture that must be posted in every sugoi art thread.

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>immense-quality Touhou art.
I think we have very different standards to what makes "immense-quality Touhou art".

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Mokou really attracts the WORLD LEAGUE guys, huh?
Burn on, Phoenix-san, but don't burn in the spotlight forever just because you have forever to burn.

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Ugh, just because you don't consider them to be good does not remove their quality.

Quality is objective in the level of detail.

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Well it seems like by "immense quality" you just meant "made to look like it was painted"

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Well, I didn't say I didn't like them or anything. I think they're pretty good. I really like >>1711745.

But I just don't think it meets immense quality.

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So far it seems like "immense quality" just means "original style" in terms of the majority of touhou art, which is fine.

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Not at all; it's quite possible to get great quality and detail with a more stylized direction.

Pic related.

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Great quality, yes.

But immense quality? No.

EXTREME quality? No.

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That is only mediocre quality.

I raise with a good quality Youmu.

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Well, >>1711745 is extremely detailed if you look at it closely. Look at Mokou's hair burning away, and the wisps of fire curling around her, with the blaze of her aura burning a circle into the ground.


Feh to thine semantics and away with thee, shoo.

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I would have posted that but I don't know where it is.

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Well, see, now that's just a really terribly shaded picture.

Sub-par quality.

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I was considering not posting it, actually. But the detail in her metallic arm and hair made me decide to post it anyway.

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>I’ve been browsing Danbooru for years so I know all about this art stuff.

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So why don't you point out or post some pics that you DO consider god-tier-quality, Mr. Critic Anon?

(In before flak for posting Chado in art thread)

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poastig rt n rt thraed

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Eye'm the highest quality picture.

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