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Do you fap to Touhou porn?

>> No.1709176

Of course I don't

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Futa only. Yes.

>> No.1709183

No. I only read lulzy/serious doujins with zero erotism.

>> No.1709184

Now I do.

>> No.1709186

No. I normally fap to 3d. Oh well.

>> No.1709187

I can't for some weird reason. The only exceptions are the tentacle sections of Inaba Box.

>> No.1709191

Do you breathe?
Are you browsing /jp/ at the moment?

>> No.1709194

Only non-yuri. Which means that I've fapped to around 3-7 pics.

>> No.1709198

You can schlick to yuri if you want, we won't judge you here.

>> No.1709200

Only if it's /d/ material.

>> No.1709201

touhou is the only source of futa I will accept

>> No.1709208

Only if it has oversized lactating breasts and huge dicks

>> No.1709209

That's the reason I got into touhou in the first place!

>> No.1709212

All kinds of Touhou porn, but not exclusively it.

>> No.1709214

Delete please.

>> No.1709220

Can't say I haven't.

>> No.1709221

I don't use lube, so my penis doesn't make that sound when I masturbate.

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This is a very good bonus.

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I only fap to full-bodied pig disgusting 3d asian women, so no.

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No. I don't really find any of the touhous that arousing.

>> No.1709331

Haven't seen anything new and interesting recently, so no, not really. Can't say I never have though.

>> No.1709355

Only if it involves Wriggle Nightbug's dick.

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There's only one touhou doujin i've fapped to...

>> No.1710334

I've fapped to this so many times..

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