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Why are hag2 hus so great?

Your post must contain at least THREE reasons.

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Yuyuko x Yukari

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Suika is NOT a hag!

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Neither is Yuyuko but that doesn't stop the hagfags.

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I love large breasts
I love femdom and sexually aggressive girls
Older women are more likely to fit both of the above (especially Yukari, in context of Touhou specifically) than other girls

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Why does Byakuren have regular brown hair?

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>especially Yukari, in context of Touhou specifically
Why her in particular?

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I've seen more femdom doujins of her than the other hag touhous.

Could be heavily biased in that since I'm EOP and thus my selection is limited to what's been translated, but that's the only reason. Eirin is probably second, off the top of my head.

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same reason she and Yukari have the faces of Ryu and Ken. shit artist.

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What is with people and Yukari's dress? Even in this image the others are mostly wearing their normal outfits, but Yukari's is modified into that slutty cleavage showing version again.

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Eirin is my favorite milfhu and I find variety in her doujins sadly lacking. Im looking forward to that one by Shown from the most recent reisaitai though.

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By the way, my favorite is Kanako.

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Sexy body and big fat saggers
Ara ara
fu fu fu

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Who /mommyissues/ here?

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No mommyhu will do any of this for you.

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What's are mommy issues even about? Could you explain to someone inexperienced in the topic? Why this in specific? What made you attracted to this particular type of girls, or rather, women? Why do you prefer them over, let's say, "normal" girls? Explain this whole deal to me /jp/

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If anything, Remilia would make a better option, and that's saying something. She's basically a hag without the "Motherly" qualities.

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Not him but the lack of love and being insecure about everything, specially myself, makes me want to have a girl that acts as a mother too.

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Yes but why do they have to be six feet tall with massive tits and the rest of their 40% body fat in their hips? Don't most mothers have normal proportions? Is it some sort of fertility goddess thing?

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I think the point is to have a woman big enough to make you feel like a little boy.

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Bigger breasts and hips are good traits for a mother so they are seen as more motherly I suppose?

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>big fat saggers

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Because those are motherly features you idiot.

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So basically just a modern form of this?

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This is why White dress Yukari is the better outfit.

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I like lacy and elegant dresses Yukari the best.

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But an unkempt Yukarin is cute too!

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Why are you confusing hag and motherly? Hags are called hags because they are old ladies like grandmas. It's baasan, not kaasan. Usually it's characters like Ran that get that mom shit. It's like confusing 20-30 milfs with 50+ grannies.

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Her hair should be tucked in with that outfit.

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The hagfags and mommyfags fixate on several of the same characters so there seems to be some cross-contamination going on.

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Why are you such a stick in the mud?

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Is there a tag to search for if I want to look at pictures of these cute hags upset at being called old ladies?

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Ara ara and ufufu are strong on their own. But ara ara ufufu~ is fucking unstoppable.

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Would you like Kanako to be:

A) Your mother
B) Your girlfriend
C) Your mother and your girlfriend

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D) A friend of my girlfriend Yukari

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Not pictured in OP: Yukari and Eirin having a huge punch up afterwards

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oedipus complex

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Can't believe Yuuka got kicked out of the club

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I unironically like this artist.

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Yuuka is original aliance.

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She just prefers to be left alone I guess.

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But we got an official hag now

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Why are secondaries so retarded?

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One! They have BIG BOOBS!
Two! They're experienced and can teach you lots of things!
Three! They're kind and motherly!

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E) Dead

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Junko's a cute "hag" too

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t. secondary trying to fit in

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Is Letty a mom?

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My mom

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I want to share a bath with her.

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But you would have to clean her big tanuki balls.

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Mommyfags are autistic

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Thanks for proving you have no clue about canon.
Yuyuko killed herself when she was a young girl so there is no way her ghost is a hag.
Byakuren was sealed away for using magic to keep herself young.

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hey no young girl cares about looking young

only old decrepit hags buy products to keep themselves young. a teen wouldnt care

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1. Shinki-sama
2. Shinki-sama
3. Shinki-sama

Shinki-sama is literally my mom.

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Does it count if my mom was really supportive and loving and I've modeled my ideal after her?