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Post toehoes wearing bras. Breast size doesn't matter.

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my fav bra pic with my fav 2hu

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Fuck off we just had this thread

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I-is there more?

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Erin's P-CUP bra!

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I just came on Eirin's bra.

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We need to have this thread constantly

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Don't masturbate to my wife, or on her belongings.

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Holy fuck Ran that thickness can't be legal.

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Why not?

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I want to be a big titty 2hu so anons will fill my bra with cum before I put it on.

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Booby sweat is best sweat!

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a rare picture of sanae actually wearing her bra

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Yeah, I was mistaken. With all the garbage ERP going on this thread is more of a >>>/trash/ thing

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That fight scared the shit out of me when I was a kid.

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That's not nice!

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Fuck that ghost

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I'm trying.

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Not hard enough.

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Lacey stuff is the best.

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is that a used pregnancy test behind iku's butt? gross

I bet that room smells like two day old tuna

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The irony is that this person outed himself as secondary by not knowing about cases like HM Byakuren, DDC Reimu, and now Sakata. Also apparently Okuu in the SA Reimu B ending.

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I wish this was a more common fetish. The cumming in bras part I mean.

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It's actually real hot, I've seen cumming in panties then wearing them more often but yesterday a doujin was uploaded with the bra one.

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absolutely stacked amirite

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Name of the doujin?

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What about small bras?

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Whoa-ho! This is even hotter than a boobhu thread!

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Earlier, I was very close to buying some lacy lingerie to have sex with, but I held myself off.

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guys dont have boobs

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Well yeah. He said he was going to fuck it, not wear it.

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You can't fuck lingerie.
You need something to wear the lingerie, and then fuck that thing.

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You don't have much of an imagination, huh.
Anything can be an onahole if you're persistent enough

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but that wouldn't feel very nice

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I did it with thighhighs before though I imagine a bra would be a bit more challenging. Maybe when Im feeling more adventurous.

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would you not rather wear the thighhighs and become a trap?

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How can you know that for sure? Have you ever even tried to fuck lingerie? They come in many, many different shapes, sizes and textures, you know. They can have fancy frills or fluffy trims, with elastic bands or hooks for the daring! Snug and warm or tight and cool, they can be light and see-through or coarse and weighty, they come in every colour and they can even be made from candy! Spats, panties, bloomers, bras, babydolls and many more, the possibilities are endless!

Can you really for certain judge them all to be ill-fit for pleasure?

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well I mean arguably the insides of a girl would feel better than a piece of cloth.
Pretty subjective, but i'd choose the wearer over the worn.

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Thats why I brought them originally on an impulse but then I decided against it, was raped by them and then discarded them.
I like the clothing because its demeaning. My ideal scenario is Eirin telling me to fuck her bra while she watches as a medical exam, or for research, or something.

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You now notice that her neck is really thin

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There HAS to be more Okuu bra pictures!

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More bras please

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Leave Patchu's brassiere reeking of semen!

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Source please. No image search results.

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solid reasoning there.

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>Reisen will never take care of you

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My doggy doesn't wear a bra

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it wasn't cumming in bra but rather breast region and sealing with other non-bra clothing.

Mayoiga Schedule AM

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File: 862 KB, 1000x865, __himekaidou_hatate_and_shameimaru_aya_touhou_drawn_by_han_jackpot__d82fc4e77d6a0a86bcabf967c2ccfeee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Next time you can just search doujins with the characters in them. Wouldn't really take you that long.

I love how the boy raped(?) his sister because he was under the influence of /ss/. Don't really read those much because /ss/ makes me feel weird so I don't know if that's a common trope, but that one scene made me laugh.

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Yeah sorry. Pretty disappointing story anyway, barely any bra and Eirin looks too uncomfortable.

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>/ss/ makes me feel weird

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I want a boy to slap and rub his cock all over my best clean lace bra, stain it with precum and then pump his load out between my flesh and the fabric so it stains both and I can't take the bra off and smell of semen all day.

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This thread is dumb, but keep in mind that that's Reimu's bust with a sarashi on.

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You have no proof she's wearing one.

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Aya Bra

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Spider Bra

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Spider Bikini*

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That's not a bra.

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Aya Brea

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Spider bra!

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Yuuka has the best bras

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All this bra posting summoned this

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those jpeg artifacts could cut your eyes.

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Ah yeah, spider bikini is the best kind of bikini.

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Better than nothing I guess

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My dick

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It really is, huh.

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Spider bikini!

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actually bad scans can make people not upload better ones, because they can go ''oh that one's already uploaded, better not spend my money'' without knowing that the scans are bad.

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>/jp/'s dream

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But that's not Reimu, that's KNN姉貴!

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If you think about it, all of these drawings are just random anime girls with masssive breasts cosplaying as touhous, too.

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>mfw I have a size fetish

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This seems like such an unnatural way to tell someone that you're going to show them your boobs. I wouldn't hesitate to smell her bra though.

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I wouldn't hesitate to copulate with her bra while she watches, with a disgusted look on her face

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If I don't suckle some touhou UDDERS right now I'm going to FUCKING DIE.

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dress your mom as a touhou and ask her to let you suckle her udders like the good old days.

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My mother is flat. Flaaaaaat.

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>tfw no Reisen teat to suckle on

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who the HECK are you quoting, dude?

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Myself when there's no mommyhu milk.

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>with a disgusted look on her face

This is how I know you have good taste

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I want to suck a 2hu tiddie clean after a /jp/sie ejaculated over it.

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2hu tiddies and milk truly are a match made in heaven.

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I was fapping and dreaming about 2hu udders, but it wasn't enough. I had to take it to the next level.

I grabbed one of my mom's bras. Then filled 2 (two) condoms with warm water to their maximum capacity. They got the size of nice DD breasts.

I wore the bra and stuffed it with the condoms. Then fapped while fondling and massaging my "boobs". They jiggled like real breasts and were heavy and warm. I closed my eyes and fondled as much as I could.
Then I tried paizuri on a cucumber to see how doing it felt like, doing a boobjob is an abasing and erotic experience.

Then I realized something, the tip of the condom also filled up nicely so it felt like a real nipple. I suckled on it while fapping. It was like sucking a real touhou oppai. Also the condom was strawberry flavored so that made it better.

I was in heaven. I came 3 times in the span of an hour. This is dangerous I thought. At this rate I won't be able to cum unless I'm sucking on something.

Next time I'm thinking of filling them up with warm milk, and then doing a small perforation to see if I can suck the milk out. But the condom could also explode so I'll have to be careful. I also want to try sucking the milk through the bra.

Also also also I want to find some sort of silicon jelly to mold breast forms. I want my dakimakura to wear a bra and fall asleep on her breasts every night.

I'm sorry you had to read this /jp/.

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This is actually giving me ideas, I might try this myself. Reading your post was enough to give me an erection.

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I can't blame you my friend. These threads mindbroke me like a hentai girl broken by huge cocks.

I can no longer live without thinking about huge jiggling warm youkai udders. I'm not a human anymore.

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W-what brand of condoms?

>> No.17109471 [DELETED] 
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Trustex, but that was the only option I had. I'm gonna buy several brands next time.

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Lubricated or unlubricated?

Also, this entire thread.

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I hate the janitor so much. So fucking much.

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Bra paizuri is better because the bra helps the girl on keeping her breasts together. It must be tiresome moving your breasts up and down.

Also most tits look better when in a bra.

>> No.17110183 [DELETED] 

You missed a spot janny. >>17109027

>> No.17110565 [DELETED] 

Why are these kind of threads still up?
Honest question. Filenames seem to be from a booru-like website, or 4x2 chan, so why can't you just browse for pics there? You obviously have enough free time to browse for those pics and post them there, and that's supposing you're not reposting the same one ad nauseaum.
This is also a blue board whereas the thread "topic" is not even remotely otaku/japanese related, there is just posting pics with maybe one sentence replies. There is no discussion going on at all, except for the two posts about images from doujins.
I'm seriously asking this because every single time one of these kind of threads show up the first replies ask you to go to /e/ or fuck off.

>> No.17110577 [DELETED] 

why do you care.

>> No.17110602 [DELETED] 

>Why are these kind of threads still up?

The answer lies in Fernando Botero's painting "Still Life with Green Soup"

>> No.17110607 [DELETED] 

Posters like you killed this website. RIP

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Is this what /jp/ has become? Are you going to scream at me to "delet" my posts next? Ask me who I'm quoting, maybe?

>> No.17110675


Of course these are rips from a Chinese Paysite.

>> No.17110793 [DELETED] 

>not wanting cured /jp/ lewd imagery.
Most of the artist I follow I saw them first on the jay.

>> No.17110987 [DELETED] 

Its an imagedump. If I wanted an imagedump I would go to /e/ or /h/ or, you know, pixiv or *booru.

>> No.17110996 [DELETED] 

Good for you?

>> No.17111064

Where can I find a picture of Eirin with a disgusted expression?

>> No.17121623

I see you are a man of taste, much like myself. I agree with everything you just said.

>> No.17121636

Not of that specific picture, no.

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Why are there no pictures of Yuuka in a bra that are good enough to relieve myself to?

>> No.17131484
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Damn. Thanks, Anon-kun.

>> No.17132403

I like it more when the girl wears her panties on her tits, but that's a very niche thing.

>> No.17132455

You shouldn't be peeing on pictures of Yuuka, Anon.

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Lots of Yuuka in black bra


>> No.17134989

who the fuck appreciates shit like this? Eirin's nice but that male protag...

>> No.17135833

You even managed to get one where she's sweaty or steamy. Thank you so much.

>> No.17141369

I want to live like this, but in Eirin's bra.

>> No.17142844

Fucking chinks holding raws.

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