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Visual Novel translation status

>Aiyoku No Eustia - 13.28% Translated, 6.91% edited
Amagami - 1st day patch Released for PS2/PSP, "2166/2308 original edition scenario scripts translated (93.8%)"
AstralAir - 100% translated, release a long ways off
Clover Day's - Common + 4 routes done, last route 348/711 KB translated
Daitoshokan - 100% translated and edited, images, engine work and QC remain
Gakuen Heaven 2 - Demo released
Heart no Kuni no Alice - 85% translated, 3rd partial patch released
Hemoimo - Trial text translated
Junketsu Megami-Sama - partial patch released
Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to - 7303/26935 lines translated
>Koiken Otome Revive - 5% (1334/27095) lines translated
>Lover Able - 68.38% translated
Maji Koi A-3 - Starting up
>Majo Koi Nikki - 86% (34552/40208) lines translated, prologue patch released
Mahou Tsukai no Yoru - 3 semi-active projects, one project released ch 1-7
Monster girl quest paradox - Another new patch released, released, although some scripts still untranslated
Oreimo Tsuzuku - All scripts through TLC+Editing, 193/268 scripts finalized
>Sansha Mendan - 21,745/35,409 lines translated, 18,263/35,409 lines edited
Sayonara wo Oshiete - 103564/257431 (40.2%) characters translated
Shin Koihime Musou - Partial patch with first chapter of Shoku's route
Sukimazakura to Uso no Machi - 12,891 / 30,513 Lines (42.3%) translated, 1 route translated, partial patch released
Tsui Yuri - 100% translated and edited, 86% QC
>Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road - 3.31% translated
Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete - 34% (11889/35476) lines translated
Venus Blood Chimera - 28% (10332 / 36862 Lines) translated, partial patch released
Witch's Garden - 24% (12615/53677) lines translated
Yosuga no Sora - Translation status is Common route 100%, Sora route 100%, Nao 100%, Kazuha 100%, Akira 89.73%, Motoka 32.17%, Common and Kazuha fully edited

Official work

>Tsumairo Shoujo - Released
>Kuroinu - Chapter 1 Released, Chapter 2 100% translated and edited
Higurashi Hou - chapter 5 released. chapters 6-8 through TLC+Editing
Umineko - Released chapters 1-4
Bokuten - Port in progress
Dal Segno - In Beta
SukiSuki - In Beta
Princess Evangile W Happiness - In Beta
Imouto Paradise 2 - 100% translated, 65% edited
Fata morgana fan disc - 54% translated, 44% edited
Sorcery Jokers - 93% translated, 77% edited
Maggot Baits - 31% translated
Hapymaher - 76% translated, 73% edited
Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku - 100% translated and edited, Summer release
Hadaka Shitsuji - 76% translated, 57% edited
Hadaka Shitsuji fandisc - Picked up
Shiei no Sona-Nyl - Picked up
Hashihime - 55% translated, 6% edited
Trinoline - 15% translated, 2% edited, 2017 release
>Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden - 64% translated, 50% edited
>Marina’s Cuckolding Report - 100% translated and edited
Secret Project 1 - 94% translated, 88% edited
Secret Project 2 - 66% translated, 44% edited
Secret Project 3 - 50% translated, 50% edited
Secret Project 4 - 100% translated, 77% edited
Overdrive's Final title - English release planned

>Eiyuu*Senki - In preorder
Flowers - Vol 1 released, Vol 2 onwards still to come
Katahane - "Translating new scenario, editing original scenario"
Princess X - 100% translated, in editing and coding
Princess X fandisc - Picked up
Trample on Schatten- Translation 100%, in editing
Django - Waiting on translation.
Sweet Home - 100% translated, debugging script
Sumaga- Fully translated, 70% edited

>> No.17054860

Nekopara Vol 3 - May 26th release
Ley-Line: The Borderline of Dusk - In QA, Kickstarter finished, Spring release
Ley-Line: Daybreak of Remnants Shadow - 72% translated, Kickstarter finished, Summer release
Ley-Line: Flowers Falling in the Morning Mist - Picked up, Kickstarter finished, Winter 2018 release
Grisaia no Rakuen - Steam version released, uncut release upcoming
>Hoshizora no Memoria - 100% translated, Kickstarter ongoing
>Hoshizora no Memoria Eternal Heart - Stretchgoal in ongoing Kickstarter
KaraKara 2 - 60% translated, late 2017 release
Memory's Dogma - Code:01 Released, 02 onwards upcoming
2236 A.D. - 100% translated, Engine/QA work ongoing
Maitetsu - 100% translated, engine work ongoing
Nenokami - Part 2 2017 release
Kokonoe Kokoro - 100% translated, engine work
Creature to Koi Shiyo - 100% translated, engine work
Tenshin Ranman - 99.25% translated
Darekoi - 100% translated Engine/QA work ongoing
>Wagamama High Spec - 100% translated, Denpa version announced. Editing/Engine work ongoing
>Koikuma - 72.12% translated, 2017 release
Fault Milestone 2 - Side Above released, GE still to come
SakuSaku - Engine/QA work ongoing, Spring 2017 release
Baldr Sky - Picked up both 1 and 2
Fatal Twelve - 52% translated, Kickstarter finished, demo released
Her and Her and My 7 Days - 70% translated
Girls in Glasses - Picked up
The Bell Chimes For Gold - Picked up
Unannounced Project 1 - 68% translated
Unannounced Project 2 - 100% translated, editing/engine work ongoing
CyberRebeat - Picked up
>G-senjou no Maou - Denpa version announced
>Re;Lord ~Herford no Majo to Nuigurumi~ - Picked up

Grisaia: Phantom Trigger - Volumes 1+2 released, Volume 3 Summer release
Sharin no Kuni - 2nd Kickstarter finished, goal reached, August 2017 release
Island - Roughly 50% translated, 2017 release
Subahibi - 2017 release
English release planned for "upcoming adult title"

Visual Arts
Little Busters - On Steam Greenlight, 2017 release
Rewrite+ - Picked up
Angel Beats - 50% translated

Symphonic Rain - 6/14 release
Muv Luv Alternative - 2017 release
Muv-Luv Photonflowers - Translation started
Muv-Luv Photonmelodies - To follow Photonflowers
Schwarzesmarken - Through Greenlight
Kiminozo - Picked up

Collar x Malice - 2017 release
Bad Apple Wars - 2017 release
Code: Realize fandisc - Picked up

Seven Days - Late 2017 release
SeaBed - Late 2017 release
Chuusotsu! 1st graduation - Kickstarter started, late 2017 release

>Kyuuketsu Hime no Libra - Short term delay
Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen - 5/23 release
Dies irae - Steam release 5/31, uncut patch to follow
LoveKami Useless Goddess - Early Summer release
Tayutama 2 - Summer release
>Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro - Sept 5th release
Danganronpa V3 - 9/26 release
Magical Charming - Fall release planned
428: Shibuya Scramble - 2018 release
Love Sweets - Picked up
Noratoto - Picked up
Himawari to Koi no Kioku - On Steam Greenlight
Harumade, Kururu - Seems to have an English release planned
Taisho Alice - Volume 1 released
Lucky Dog - Possible iOS released based on the ongoing text only fanTL
>Stuff like this has been either added or updated since the last thread

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Top 5 Ranking: https://pastebin.com/KY67k4VH
Popularity Sort: https://pastebin.com/ZVFStmBV
Full Data Point List: https://pastebin.com/aGP7kViq

As always, this tracker is powered by anonymous like you, so post order numbers if you've got em'.

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>>Tsumairo Shoujo - Released
Torrent soon?

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>Marina’s Cuckolding Report
Got to hand it to MG for original name

>> No.17055112


That's not really all that much of change from the original title, I'm more curious how "Great Fuck College Student" came from 絶倫大学生 and it doesn't seem like haro cares to comment, so maybe it's something from the japanese side?

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Kek. Feel bad for Doddler having to fix up Moonstone's garbage animations. Pretty much all their animated titles look really bad -- I always skipped the H-scenes with animations in them because they would flicker and have huge delays on the internal cumshots and stuff.

Honestly don't even know why Moonstone bothered with animating those games. Itou Life's art is hot enough without it, and adding half-assed animations makes it worse, not better.

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How good is the Majokoi translation? I'm not setting the bar high, but just on a scale of "machine translation" to "full comprehension and noticeable effort to convey tone".

>> No.17055167

It reads better than a machine translation

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Looking up if this is really the case or your toaster is just shit, made me want to re-read Imopara.

>> No.17055203

I don't have a toaster so it most certainly isn't that. Perhaps it was just for me? But I tried Imopara 1's localisation and the animations in there, while still looking like hot garbage, weren't flickering or having loop / delay issues.

Meanwhile all of the Itou/Moonstone titles that I played in the original versions had animations issues.

No idea why they didn't just include an option to turn off the animations.

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"Zetsurin" is slang for being peerless at sex, so "Great Fuck" is an appropriate translation.

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I'm willing to buy that, but you still end up misusing fuck as an adjective(not that it can't be an adjective, but not like that) in that case, which given how hard they've railed for "natural english" doesn't strike me as the sort of thing they'd do on their own.

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On par with MG translations since two editors of that team work with MG.

>> No.17055569

Oh, that's a good sign.

I just downloaded the patch to look at the readme, and saw the massive list of people who worked on the patch. Five translators seems like a lot, but hopefully the TLC takes their job seriously. Still can't believe a Niijima Yuu VN will be fully translated soon.

>> No.17055586

Yeah, I really hope the majokoi team moves onto other Nijima Yuu's games like HatsuSaku or NatsuNagi.

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According to MG's blog, they plan to release Marina this summer. Soon.

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$29k on Hoshizora no Memoria after roughly 24 hours. It is a somewhat slower pace than Chrono Clock which got $36k in 24 hours and ended up with $87k. $45k will be easy enough, and although it may be a long struggle but there is a rather good chance it gets to the $75k stretch goal, especially since having a meaningful stretch goal should help it keep a stronger pace later on in the Kickstarter.

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Dovac is a piece of shit for what he did to Baldr Sky.

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Where would be a good place to shill a translation team in need of translators? We've got one game out of the way and going through the 2nd one.

>> No.17057139


>> No.17057376

Fuwanovel or Hongfire. Though unless it is something people really want to translate then you may not have much success.

>> No.17057523

I wonder if Sekai plans to do a Maiden Voyage panel at AX alongside their Sekai and Denpasoft panels and announce something meaningful. It would then make sense about why they made a big show about announcing their new otome/BL brand with just some low budget doujin title that only managed to raise a bit over $1000 on Indiegogo before failing. Either way Sekai has some catching up to do with MG establishing themselves quite well with both genres and their catalogue is only likely to expand during the Summer convention season, not to mention plenty of bigger otome titles have been being released on Steam by other companies (including some more mainstream companies) recently.

>> No.17057627

I'm going to go ahead an invoke the goddess of girlcelly on that one.

Please bless us, kamihime.

>> No.17057647

Nyaa is dead, so...where?

>> No.17057667

If it's not too heavy work I wouldn't mind helping. Post contact info. Also, what title?

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They added a stretch goal for a new side story, as well as stretch goals for a new opening and a physical art book.

>> No.17057862

You NOC EOPs are the worst. Where to you think girlcelly posts everything first? Perhaps on that forum where he's a moderator? Or his blog?

(Note: NOC = Nyaa only cripple.)

>> No.17058084

Yeah, I'm sure that acronym will catch on.

>> No.17058133

I'm aware of Gilcelly and Anime-Sharing. Not so much the blog. I just don't like DDLs much. Prone to dying. Unless you're referring to the magnet links.

>> No.17058153

Yeah, I refer to magnet links, which are ultimately the same thing as torrents. And not only that, but Girlcelly always posts a torrent file as well, if for some random reason you want it.

You seem to know this, at least the the part about magnet links, yet make a stupid assumption that I mean DDLs.

Probably not, but it's still fun to use, so I do when I can.

>> No.17058211

Its (apparent) replacement is si instead of se.

>> No.17058217

>Marina’s Cuckolding Report - 100% translated and edited
Is this real, or did you just put it in the list to see if people read it?

>> No.17058231

It's real, it was one of MG's Anime Central announcements.


>> No.17058250

Oh cool, the one who is fucking his wife seems to have blue eyes and blond hair.
This wasn't as bad as I thought I'd be.

>> No.17058256

That is the one being pushed by Herkz and crew. Pantsu is the one to go for to keep away from that faggotry.

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I need Uminekos core arcs. Does anyone have any info on them? Waiting for the PC release.

>> No.17058354

It's been a while. There were times when the VN I sought out wasn't on Anime Sharing so I often went to Nyaa. Also a bit farfetched that Girlcelly would have every VN (and its resources; apparently some folks like to collect character sprites and such) ever, including the obscure (by VN standards) ones, hence again, Nyaa. Any other super contributors I should know about?

>> No.17058365

Well, there is a thread right now on /jp/ thats asking the question where to download VNs. You may want to go there.

>> No.17058393

There will probably be news at AX or Otakon.

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File: 54 KB, 987x660, screenshot-blog.mangagamer.org 2017-05-22 01-07-58.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this an educated guess or insider information? This would mean that they release the core arcs more than a year after the question arcs. I kinda hoped it's Project #1 or #4, so I don't have to wait that long. I don't want to watch the gameplay on youtube or something. Damn.

>> No.17058489

It's not going to be a secret project, because it is already announced. I think they mentioned something about its progress during the panel, though I don't recall exactly what they said offhand.

>> No.17058509

Thanks for the info, I read that they inofficially announced it somewhere already. I'm not sure if it's good or bad news, though. Why wouldn't they list it if they're working on it?

>> No.17058543

Not him but this is the VTNS you know? People are supposed to know what to pirate from here.

>> No.17058661

I'm pretty sure that particular title was announced last year. Not sure why they would bother reannouncing it.

I don't follow the otome/BL scene, so I can't really imagine what Sekai could license.

The main reason why they don't do progress reports on Umineko is because it's mostly just a comprehensive edit of the Witch hunt TL, and it's hard to convert that into a specific percentage.

Everyone in this thread knows how to pirate, but I don't really remember this thread ever being spoonfeeding happy. Try /vn/ if you really want to.

>inb4 more secret project percentages at the next update.
I doubt it though. 4 is a nice even number anyways.

>> No.17058887


I just don't know the answer off hand and anyone who might is out for the weekend.


The rest of Umineko isn't a secret project. I don't have direct contact with the team doing it and like the polishing/re-edit type stuff is always a little hard to put numbers to in the first place, hence the lack of updates. I believe ep 5 is heading into beta right now but don't quote me on that.

Similarly with Golden Fantasia most of the work so far has been on the netcode and multiplayer (don't ask me to answer questions on this because I don't know shit about the subject and won't be able to give you a sensible answer), so it's kinda difficult to say much.

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sorry for being so late, I made a Discord on the go since usually we communicate through email


We're translating Sukisho, a BL franchise. We'll accept everyone with a so-so understanding of Japanese, since our only translator (me) sucks and can't even read kanji.

>> No.17059708

>We'll accept everyone with a so-so understanding of Japanese, since our only translator (me) sucks and can't even read kanji.


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Also if I can read Kanji and basic Japanese well does this mean I could actually make it to a Translation team somewhere.

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pls help us, I can't carry this shit

>> No.17059768


If you want to actually translate VNs you have to be able actually to read them(and I don't mean shit like with a text hooker).

If you want to make a "translation team" you don't need to know anything though, so sure. After all, there's tons on fuwanovel.

>> No.17059777
File: 78 KB, 669x696, 1494622862993.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unless you wanna make a machine-translated game, which is a waste of time and effort.

Beggars can't be choosers though so here I am. Please help.

>> No.17059790


I don't think you're going to find someone who wants to translate ancient BL here.

On the upside for you, I hear quality standards in the fujo community are absolutely terrible, so you might be able to find a bunch of other dudes that think they know nip over on fuwanovel and hobble together an absolutely terrible original-clannad-tier monstrosity of a "translation" and enjoy the epeen.

>> No.17059808
File: 107 KB, 519x671, 1494642961386.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks a lot man, I'll try there and shilling at fujo forums or something

>> No.17059850

lmao, the target audience is japs specifically, so it is as bad as you thought it would be. I've never quite believed cuck porn is all that popular, but these localized titles one after the other lead me to believe otherwise now.

>> No.17059881
File: 1.27 MB, 1360x720, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cue overly dramatic freaking out from certain translators/editors

>> No.17061150

There should be a question mark after huh and not a period.

>> No.17061466

It can't be helped

>> No.17061570

I disagree. The sentence is not even a rhetorical question; it's a statement.

>> No.17061612

It depends on how he says the line.

>> No.17062135

Heretic. How dare you question the translation gods. If they say that it is a bad translation then it is. If you know what's good for you there will be no more of this "thinking for yourself".

>> No.17062941

>I'm pretty sure that particular title was announced last year. Not sure why they would bother reannouncing it.

The Bell Chimes For Gold was announced months ago, the big announcement at Anime Central was the launch of the new Otome/BL brand Though Sekai seems to have this habit of not treating a title as "announced," even if it is officially confirmed, until they talk about it at a panel. They did the same thing with KaraKara 2 not to long ago, confirmed it a couple times on twitter but made a big deal announcing it at AOD.

I can't say I'm familiar myself with what otome/BL titles are out there up for grabs as I don't follow it all that closely. I'm just interested in seeing how Sekai jumps into a new market where they'll be playing catch up, and opening the brand with only one low profile title announced at the convention before AX sets the stage for them to make a big splash with their new brand at AX.

>> No.17063009


>> No.17063389

What are the chances E2gaming was actually Sekai's first otome brand that they dropped instantly to try again?

I'm a bit worried when the chance doesn't feel like zero.

>> No.17063496


I have issues with Sekai too but that's just bonkers. There's no evidence to suggest that could be remotely possible unless dovac's secret identity is wannabe viskei rocker Shion Francios.

>> No.17063863

I doubt, since I don't see Sekai dubbing anything. Plus, they wouldn't need government funds when they could've crowdfunded the series.

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File: 58 KB, 801x600, delicious.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17064074

Kind of shocking really. There are people who are kind of masochistic for NTR. I do not get it really.

>> No.17064287

How much will you pay me to release my Baldr Sky work?

>> No.17064292
File: 40 KB, 415x212, kusoge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.17064305


While certain people seem to get unnaturally triggered by even a few instances of this, I think most of the time people are fundamentally misunderstanding why there are complaints in the first place.

You don't(and can't) translate japanese word for word. Words and phrases have different meanings depending on the context. Take for instance 付き合う, which I'm sure most people here are more familiar with meaning "to date" given how much galge we all play. Imagine if it were always translated that way, even when talking about a guy hanging out with drug dealers and how ridiculous it would sound.

Similarly if one were to translate every single instance of 仕方がない in a game as "it can't be helped", it both ends up looking silly and what's worse, there could actually be information lost due the stock translation.

For example, let's take the stock japanese translation of "There's no use crying over spilled milk", こぼれたミルクを嘆いても仕方がない

If we were to backtranslate this back into english with the usual stock phrases, we get "Even if you lament over spilled milk, it can't be helped." Patently silly, right? The meaning's even changed slightly.

What gets even sillier is that most of people complaining about this particular complaint seem to be on a quixotic quest for "literal" translations(which are basically impossible but that's a whole 'nother argument) without realizing in the first place that "It can't be helped" is actually a (very old) attempt at a natural translation. When you break down 仕方がない literally, you get "[there is] no way/method/means/thing" with the implied part changing depending on the context (nothing you can do, no way you could have known, no means to stop it, no choice but to resign, no way I could resist eating it, etc)

The main point of the argument is to try to get people to actually look at what the line really means instead of just picking the same stock translation all the time.

That said I don't mind peppering in a few "It can't be helped"s myself, as it was a phrase that my father used a lot(along with "nothing doing", but from my experience people really don't like seeing that one in their japanese entertainment)

>> No.17064335

Liking fictional NTR is somewhat more understandable than liking real NTR.

Probably my biggest issue over that whole controversy is that people only cared because it was a modern Persona game getting a not ideal translation when those same people laughed at people who cared about Fire Emblem Fates. I agree with you, but the whole thing was overblown.

Even if it was a 10/10 VN, people would shit on it for having too much text.

>> No.17064371

>Probably my biggest issue over that whole controversy is that people only cared because it was a modern Persona game getting a not ideal translation when those same people laughed at people who cared about Fire Emblem Fates. I agree with you, but the whole thing was overblown.

That's what I think it really boils down to. The well is so thoroughly poisoned that the minute anyone sees a complaint about a translation, their mind immediately jumps to "this asshole wants to censor my games". The p5 complaints would really have been better served if the arguments had been made by people that didn't have that particular history.

It's disappointing that due to the current political-cultural climate and poor content decisions, people have become so entrenched on either side that no one realizes "Hey, you can have something well translated AND not censored"

>> No.17064404

There's a whole thread of alternative phrases on BDH's twitter.

>> No.17064420


I try not to look at his twitter because he has a lot of opinions I don't like, so I wouldn't know.

Depending on what you mean by "alternative phrases" though, it could still be kind of doing it wrong. If you're just swapping one stock phrase for another, you're not actually looking at the line to see what it really means.

>> No.17064464

>I try not to look at his twitter because he has a lot of opinions I don't like, so I wouldn't know.
same here but i don't mind since i don't need everywhere to be a safe space.

>> No.17064473


Anonymous, I have a limited time on this earth. I simply prefer to spend it not getting angry over things I can't change.

>> No.17064904

I think the unexplored (but still extremely explored) translation part is titles. Where it is acceptable to keep the Japanese title without changing anything, but nukige titles insist on being translated into what sounds like awkward titles.

I'd rather buy a game called Hitoduma than Waifu. Even if some translator found it extremely funny.

>> No.17064915

Not even hardcore weebs know that term instead of waifu, so that's a pretty poor choice of title. Apparently the term should be Hitodzuma though?

>> No.17064946

>Apparently the term should be Hitodzuma though?

Just different romanizations for the same thing.

>> No.17065024

Fuck you, kunrei-shikifag.

>> No.17065142
File: 25 KB, 377x364, 1490001922896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Following BDH

Why does anyone ever follow these dumb people in the first place? Anyone can make alternatives but it does not mean they are better than the original. It's all subjective at some point.

>> No.17065150

>If you're just swapping one stock phrase for another, you're not actually looking at the line to see what it really means.

That is really him in a nutshell I do not like BDH that much either for the fact he tries to destroy everything due to jelousy that he did not get the job himself. But thanks to his autism episodes it just confirms Atlus made the right decision.

>> No.17065165

>Not following things you do not like Equals wanting a safe space

Anon I think you are retarded and might need to be checked out. SJW's often find shit to dislike and then complain and bend the rules to accommodate them because they do not work hard for it they expect things to be handed to them. Also they get mad over petty things and cry about it. Much like the guy you defend due to the butthurt.

>> No.17065530

A May 29th release date on that new Moenovel title.

>> No.17065692


What's the best VN that allows me to have my heart crushed and have all my friends turn against me? This is very important /jp/, thank you.

>> No.17065703


>> No.17065847

The "alternative phrases" are the translations he used in his works, which are based on context.

>> No.17065904

I think it'd be pretty cool a VN with a protagonist actually constantly saving others but in reality he's constantly viewed as the bad guy and everyone, literally everyone (including his own family) hates his guts.

I like protagonists with strong resolve (as long as they're doing the right thing) and capable of sacrificing themselves for the good of others.

But I much rather have a happy ending.

>> No.17066999

Sekai released a demo for Wagamama High Spec

>> No.17067025

>Sekai released a demo for the all-ages version of Wagamama High Spec

>> No.17067111

Translation is a train wreck. It's nice of them to include the Japanese version so we can see how badly the translation is.

>> No.17067116

Better or worse than Chrono Clock?

Have people complained about the CC translation other than here or on /vn/? I still see SP defenders on Reddit

>> No.17067142
File: 319 KB, 1285x720, 1495478542593.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Better or worse than Chrono Clock translation?

>> No.17067146


>> No.17067150


>> No.17067154

Some people like it Buster. Other people would like a translation more towards weebs than retards.

>> No.17067161

Hoshizora no Memoria is up to roughly $36k after 72 hours, about $10k behind what Chrono Clock had at this point. Although the main weakness for Hoshimemo compared to Chrono Clock is the lower average amount per backer, as Hoshimemo actually is about 25 backers ahead of Chrono Clock at this point (525 backers vs 500).

Though it's pace is well behind what LeyLine managed to pull, which after 72 hours had $82k from about 940 backers. For Hoshimemo I wouldn't be surprised if the existing fan translation and the September 2018 projected release date were dragging it somewhat compared to the interest in Leyline.

Separately, Chuusotsu needs another $2200 in a week, so it should have absolutely no issue reaching its initial goal.

>> No.17067172
File: 968 KB, 803x634, 1488722299409.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your average weeb wouldn't know some of the shit they reversed for DD's English outbursts.

>> No.17067175

Frontwing is doing an Indiegogo campaign for Phantom Trigger volume 3 on June 4th.

Sekai updated their Anime Central announcements on their tracker.

>Re;lord 1 is 100% translated.
>Bell Chimes For Gold is 48% translated.

Re;Lord 1 seems to have been Unannounced Project 2, and KaraKara 2 is also up to 100% translated.

>> No.17067192
File: 283 KB, 1280x718, cccc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Some people like it Buster.
Almost no one, that translation is pure garbage full of misstranslations, memes, stupid localizations and random curses (because for SP they're cool).
But this one is right for the weebs and retards.

>> No.17067198
File: 63 KB, 300x300, 1478048441918.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw learned Japanese to read the chrono clock TL

>> No.17067202

I'm kind of worried that Hoshizora won't make its fandisc goal at this rate.

Sekai should be answering more questions and posting updates on the kickstarter. They're not keeping engagement up at the rate they're going.

>> No.17067210

>Frontwing is doing an Indiegogo campaign for Phantom Trigger volume 3 on June 4th.
Wonder how big the drop off in funding compared to the Kickstarter will be. It got a mild reception for the first two volumes and they also admitted it wasn't originally meant to be a Grisaia title (so basically it is a cash in).

>> No.17067215

Fruitbat released a demo for Chuusotsu.

>The demo allows you to meet most of the cast of the game, and get a good feel for its strange and wonderful story.

>It's probably a given, but the demo is a very early build and there may still be various issues with it - please don't take this for the final product.

>> No.17067217

>Kickstarter for the first two
>Indiegogo for the third part

>> No.17067220

>the demo is a very early build and there may still be various issues with it - please don't take this for the final product.
Do they not understand what a demo is for?

>> No.17067225

I think it feels really generic and cliche. I got the first 2 volumes at launch, but I'm waiting for future volumes to be half off or so before buying them.

>> No.17067237

In this particular case, the idea would have been to rush out something playable before the Kickstarter ends to try to boost how well the Kickstarter does.

>> No.17067239

Flexible funding?

Makes them not seem very confident in it.

>> No.17067278

Like this is a meaningful distinction for a demo.

>> No.17067281

It looks like it is on pace to be a bit shy of the $75k stretch goal, but it should be close enough that "we are almost there" could get them across the finish line. Chrono Clock only got to $86k with its faster start, but it was out of whale tiers by this point, and it had no stretch goal as motivation, just having a basic $20k initial goal during the whole Kickstarter. Hoshimemo will also have cross promotion when they start with their monthly Kickstarter updates on their other Kickstarters, which may give it a significant boost.

>> No.17067290

There's no reason not to use flex funding when the purpose is to sell merch/advertise the game, not fund the localization.

>> No.17067333

>September 2018 projected release date
Wait, what? Chuue promised it would be released early this year. What the fuck?

>> No.17067349

It does make sense if the japanese trial edition was +18.

>> No.17067351
File: 4 KB, 591x112, 2018 Release.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sekai should be answering more questions and posting updates on the kickstarter. They're not keeping engagement up at the rate they're going.

They just put up an FAQ

Sekai apparently screwed up, from that FAQ they had a placeholder date they forgot to change before launch.

>> No.17067580

Who's the retard that keeps asking Sekai if the physical will be censored when they already said it won't be?

Or is he perhaps talking about mosaics?

>> No.17067608

Do you need to have Steam to see the demo? Because BYE if so

>> No.17067620

It is mostly for lewd physicals I think. So they went with indiegogo.

>> No.17067630

>when they already said it won't be
To be fair. They've already gone back on their words in the past.
Not that talking with them would get you anywhere.

>> No.17067700
File: 74 KB, 844x441, 1111s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17067936
File: 52 KB, 500x525, fov.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17068395

It's like he's pretending his question wasn't answered when it was. Then he goes on to accuse them of avoiding his question, which is just dumb, because it was already answered.

>> No.17069083

If Memoria, a game with a released faux translation they can use as a base, isn't EXPECTED to be out until the end of next year after all this time spent working on it, Baldr Sky Dive 1 won't be out until 2020, if you're lucky.

>> No.17069096

Speaking of Baldr, why is vvav being such an asshole about it?

>> No.17069115

Sekai is saying that they messed up with the listed release date when they launched the Kickstarter and it is in QC now (and did so in a way to suggest that it should be a 2017 release date) in their FAQ. Of course though nothing prevents them from pointing to that release date if things go wrong and it ends up delayed.

>> No.17069222

>Wonder how big the drop off in funding compared to the Kickstarter will be. It got a mild reception for the first two volumes and they also admitted it wasn't originally meant to be a Grisaia title (so basically it is a cash in).

One of the noteworthy things about the original Phantom Trigger Kickstarter is just how much money they made from higher tiers. During the campaign itself, they managed to average $107 per backer despite digital copies going for $25-30 and the basic physical version going for $60 thanks to the large amount of whale tiers. Tiers $750 and up brought in about $30k. It's quite possible that the mild reception reduces how much people are willing to put out for Phantom Trigger stuff, especially trying to sell people additional Phantom Trigger merchandise. Although I suppose they could throw in some original Grisaia merchandise if they want to try to boost their total some.

A quick check and Frontwing is actually closing in on $300k on the Phantom Trigger Kickstarter as a whole thanks to the backer kit (at about $293k now), though most of that $110k and counting they've pulled in with the Backerkit is because of original Grisaia boxes.

>> No.17069294

If it was actually a mistake, they'd correct it.

And wouldn't have made it... *counts*... 10 times.

>> No.17069329

Are you actually able to change estimated release date on the Kickstarter tiers once someone has backed that tier? Obviously if you could do so after release the Grisaia Kickstarter would no longer say Oct 2015 for the full trilogy, but I'm not sure if they allow you to do so even while it was running since you could quietly delay it at the last moment.

If you accept what they said at face value, it's not a typo, but rather they had a placeholder date which they never bothered to change. Although if they actually had a year left of work I doubt we would be getting the Kickstarter now since it would be setting up a Grisaia like mess. Regardless, the listed release date only hurts them, since few will go read the FAQ where it says they fucked up and instead decide to back the Kickstarter or not based on what is on the front page.

>> No.17070605

Chuee also promised that SakuSaku was going to be out last December.

>trusting anyone who suckles the teet of Sekai

Is there anyone in the cartel that isn't an egotistical asshole?

>> No.17070709

Feeling very conflicted right now. I really liked Hoshimeno and will gladly give money for it. Heck, I even imported the japanese OST.

But then we have SP taking care of the kickstarter. There's no information about who's done the translation (they just said it's on QA) to potentially know the level of quality we can expect, no confirmation on DRM free hard-copies and 90 dollars to get physical goods is a lot.

Not sure how I should proceed...

>> No.17070722
File: 31 KB, 257x205, huh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think you got the wrong guy. Aroduc was the one translating Baldr Sky, not me.

>> No.17070845

When deciding whether or not to spend money on SP, I am always inclined to say nope. SP has tried to get a bit better, but I don't think they warrant trust just yet.

Never crowdfund unless you absolutely trust them or are willing to accept that your money may be completely wasted.

>> No.17070910

MG is having a doujin sale on their website.

>> No.17070940


>> No.17070952

Chuee's translating Hoshimemo. It's on his twitter.

I heard his SakuSaku partial was okay. You could stay on the cautious side and wait for them to release a demo or something first. It's SP, have they released any VN without something screwing up?

>> No.17071005



He's an EOP editor. He doesn't speak a lick of Japanese.

And I honestly don't remember their work on SakuSaku. All I know is that people made fun of it, but that was one or two years ago and it's possible they might've improved.

It's kind of funny, though. One of the SakuSaku QA guys last year started spamming screenshots in /vn/ because they had just finished the translation (this was before they announced it officially), and he was like, "Get hype, guys! We're releasing this baby soon!"

2 weeks later it gets officially announced, lol

>> No.17071027

Ironically that actually makes a lot of sense. That Indiegogo should be used more for small scale and Kickstarter for large scale.

You can tell with Sekai backers that they see getting tired along with many others. Of course they will make it but after awhile of being asked to support many projects in a single year and the fact the quality needs to be on par with what is being paid into it. It has not helped that a few have been disappointments especially CC and delays.

>> No.17071036

Oh god he is a machine TL type? Let me guess a majority are only Machine TL.

>> No.17071058

His twitter says he's editing it. He's not the translator.

>> No.17071189

How is Aroduc being an asshole about Baldr Sky?

>> No.17071904

Up to $41.5k on Hoshizora no Memoria. They had a rather strong day yesterday thanks to a shout out in the Chrono Clock update as Sekai's first cross promotion effort for it, a trick they can probably pull a couple more times with other Kickstarter updates. It is closing in on their initial goal and it is now only $6k behind Chrono Clock's pace at this point.

Chuusotsu managed to pick up another big backer, and is $900 away from its goal with just shy of 6 days to go, so Fruitbat isn't going to see a failure, although the side story stretch goal might be harder to reach depending on how much they decided to make it.

>> No.17072135

wav have nothing to do with Baldr Sky but he's an asshole for sure. Remember when he lied to us for months about SubaHibi?

Fuck off.

>> No.17073106

I believe they have shown many signs of trying to improve themselves. The problem is their incompetent translators/editors BUSTER, and that they literally have no issues with insulting and harassing customers who dare to not kiss their ass.

It is also uncertain if they will go christian on your Baldr and Maitetsu so it is best to hold off.

>> No.17073441

Am I correct to interpret the ps2 version is superior and has exclusive content not in the English Patch?

>> No.17073470

Some extra scenes and much better gameplay. At least that's the PSP vers

>> No.17073986

Wait so you are the guy I've been stealing memes from?

>> No.17074218

PC 18+
PS2 15+
Now stop with the silly questions.

>> No.17074223

The PS2 version includes various new gameplay elements not in the original.

1. A brand new opening animation and song (two variations).
2. With the exception of narration and internal thought, the game is fully voiced.
3. Additional new characters, new CG, and new bonus extras.
4. Additional new Events and Battle Stages.
5. A new and robust Item system.
6. Eruruu now has a special item technique for various stat/healing/damage effects.
7. Characters now learn unique special abilities and skills.
8. Characters can now perform Team Attacks with each other.
9. Characters no longer buy extra attacks with bonus points, and thus stat level-up costs are changed.
10. New tutorials are available for the new abilities.
11. All H-scenes have been removed. Some CGs have been edited, while others have been replaced.
12. Random skirmish battles have been added, making the number of available battles no longer set.
13. You are allowed to deploy more characters per stage than in the PC version. Additionally maps are filled with even more enemies.
14. There is no longer a difficulty setting when starting a new game. >_>;

>> No.17074231

I didn't ask for this shit. I said PS2 is all-ages crap and no one should ever play it.

>> No.17074241

Voices alone makes the ps2 version superior.

Wait is the PSP identical to the ps2 version?

>> No.17074258

Voices were brought to the PC version, moron.

>> No.17074435

The PC version is the definitively worst version of Utawarerumono. By kept responding with the same tired meme.

>> No.17074449

I'd trade a few porn scenes for all that other shit any day.

>> No.17074900

I agree with that sentiment. Only back them when they can prove worthy of the money.

>> No.17075036
File: 775 KB, 1024x365, 1482654741644.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17075214

That a fact, my friend?

>> No.17075232

>14. There is no longer a difficulty setting when starting a new game.
And that's why it's casualized garbage.
Beating Utawarerumono on the hardest difficulty was the best thing about the game. It's pretty much the challenge that justifies the gameplay. Without it I'd probably just recommend some different game altogether.

>> No.17075236

If I wanted challenge I'd play something real-time vs another human. I can't play the ps2 version either way so I'm stuck pretending I know how difficult the game now is

>> No.17075331


Not that there is a ton of information in it, but Light did an interview for the upcoming Dies Irae release.

>> No.17075436

There's already a voice patch for PC. Or rather its been out for ages.

>> No.17075591

Hello koestl.

>> No.17075604

It is funny how they had to add all that to offset the lost sales from H-scene removal.

That said if this game is just a little like Battle Moon Wars, it would probably still be a fun game as all-ages.

>> No.17075610

>the lost sales from H-scene removal.
I assume the people that wanted h-scenes already owned the game. I'm not pretending any censorship is okay. But I doubt it loses them sales. I find with many VNs the eroge scenes to be rather goofy. Ecchi scenes work much better than full on sex. But I realize I'm not the main audience for these type of games either way.

>> No.17075673
File: 34 KB, 250x250, Stamp 18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

doé my gratitude count ?

>> No.17075680

is there any ETA for Black bunny 3 ?

>> No.17075846


50 bucks worth of amazon gift card.

>> No.17075995

Honestly PC Uta 1's base system is so simple in comparison to the PSP it wouldn't be hard to beat it on the hardest difficulty, there's just so few options.

>> No.17076012

Have you played it? The acceptable margin of error is so ridiculously slim that there really is almost no room whatsoever for mistakes.
And the lack of options doesn't really make it simpler. Rather because of the lack of options, you need to think several stages/missions in advance. Since there is little to no room to correct past mistakes.

It's relentless. But because of that, it's also very satisfying when you get it right.

>> No.17076149

You're dovac's audience.

>> No.17076273

I actually loved that

>> No.17076323

I don't have DearDrops installed, but I remember that the choice point for childhood friend route was:
>It can't be helped
>It can be helped

>> No.17076347
File: 1.58 MB, 1280x721, d449b2cf53a5c1533deaccdf0990ddb0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Outside being a good VN and having pretty good hentai scenes both in novel and video, would Kyonyuu Fantasy be a good anime series for all ages?

Yes it has harem, but the plot of the True Route was pretty good. and the fight scenes could be extended, if Fate could do it along with others why KF no?

Also Shamsiel best girl without a doubt.

>> No.17076463

All you're really losing from the pc version is the adult scenes, which as far as they go, were super short, unvoiced, kinda bad cg, and generally just terrible. It's probably a better game without them.

>> No.17076477

PQube (finally) announced they have Chaos;Child for a Q3 release date.

>> No.17076496

>no Steam version
Why PQube hate money so much?

>> No.17076510

The funny thing is that it will likely have the same type of unofficial PC release as Steins;Gate 0 did since there is an existing Japanese PC release.

>> No.17076536

Nekopara Volume 3 was released within the last couple hours. It has thus far peaked at 1,915 concurrent users on Steam so yeah, the franchise is still very very strong.

>> No.17076538

50 paypal

>> No.17076550

hard to say. cc english would be on >3.60 firmware so

>> No.17076665

If you're niche, relatively speaking, then it does lose money if you don't have them. Leaf isn't niche enough that no H-scenes would make them lose money though. They are mainstream compared to the average vn maker, around Key level maybe.

>> No.17076770

As an interesting tidbit, Dovac tweeted out that less than 3% of Nekopara Vol 3 Steam users got the Denpasoft R18 patch, and about 1.5% got the standalone Denpasoft version.

Of course though, nothing else still sells like Nekopara as far as VNs go. It is going to sell well in excess of 100k copies on Steam to a broad audience that generally isn't going to be aware of the existence Denpasoft, or even that there is an R18 version of Nekopara. Not to mention, at least half the Nekopara Vol 3 sales are likely to come from Chinese buyers. Even making some very generous estimates on how well Sekai's other titles have done, Nekopara volume 3 will likely eclipse the combined sales of every new title released by Sekai since Nekopara volume 2 was released last February. It's hardly going to be representative about what the average seller looks like.

In the long run, the more interesting question will be how the ratio holds up for their other R18 releases now that they are (for the moment) making a big R18 push. Especially how Chrono Clock has done overall and how the upcoming LeyLine/Wagamama High Spec/Hoshimemo/SakuSaku/Koikuma end up doing. Of course, they may end up disappointing with their R18 versions as well, and they'll need a much higher ratio to justify the R18 version because of their far lower base sales, but that would hardly be determined by Nekopara's ratio.

>> No.17076905

Does anybody have the Nekopara 3 or the 18+ patch uploaded anywhere?

>> No.17077036

As a Steam user, I would also love a free patch. Because as Dovac's research shows, I am incapable of paying more than 10 dollars for a game and thus can't pay their patch price.

>> No.17077162

You can just paste the 18 version over the steam version, and it should work fine. Sekai patches are usually lazy like that.

>> No.17077169

Is this dolphins?

>> No.17077209

Pretty sure their patches actually incorporate "no screenshot functionality" and other bonus functions to their patches.

Not like I'd know if it is on or off since I don't care about screenshots or streaming.

>> No.17077603

Is he the guy that said little girls should play his VNs?

>> No.17077620

Nekopara 18+ patches for all 3 games.

Volume 1:

Volume 2:

Volume 3:

>> No.17077633

delete this

>> No.17077649

I know where you came from. You might as well post the vol.3 torrent which I'm already downloading.

>> No.17077659

No, he's the guy who said that pornhaters should play his VNs.

>> No.17077666

i don't hate porn. I dislike things that are badly written.

>> No.17077675

You must never read porn then.

>> No.17077702

I do. Which is exactly why I'm able to make this argument to begin with.

>> No.17077845

I didn't say that you've never read it. I said that you don't do it now.

>> No.17077873

Most likely MAGES will port the game and Translation over to Steam instead of PQCube.

>> No.17077894

Oh. Well that's wrong too.

>> No.17078062

Just found out Harumade, Kururu is getting an all-ages release as well. Now I'm sure you hear this BS all the time but it's actually true in this case, the ero is actually important to the story in Harukuru. I guess we will have to wait and see how decent the content they replace the ero with is, but I would strongly recommend the 18+ edition for anyone planning to give it a read when it comes out.

>> No.17078253

Moogy's turned on Aroduc too.

What a time to be alive.

>> No.17078375

et tu moogus

>> No.17078824


Sekai put up an update for Leyline saying a Summer release for the first title.

>Just a quick update today, since we had some questions about the status of the first game. Right now, it's currently undergoing QA, and we're looking at a summer release (hoping for early summer, not late summer). We plan to launch the Steam version and the Nutaku/Denpasoft versions at the same time. Translation for the rest of the series is underway, and at the moment we don't anticipate any issues there.

The update probably only came out now so they could give Hoshimemo a bump. It's at $44k now so the cross promotion should be enough to get Hoshimemo to it's initial goal.

>> No.17078930

why the 3 month delay for the dies irae H patch?

>> No.17079007

>Tsumairo Shoujo
I feel as though your loli wife pissing herself after every single time you fuck her would get old really fast. Like, the novelty and excitement wears off, replaced by annoyance.

>> No.17079031

>It's at $44k now so the cross promotion should be enough to get Hoshimemo to it's initial goal
One of those "it's" is not correct. Can you guess which one?

>> No.17079719

More than likely it is due to the dialogue being a huge chunk in the H scenes. It makes sense that the main part of the game would be translated soon and that the H scenes take a backseat and wait.

>> No.17080051

Mugi never could resist these sweet dovac's dollars.

>> No.17080111

There's no real justifiable reason. All we can do is hope the end result will be worth the wait

>> No.17081220

>we're looking at a summer release
Kek, another delay. Sasuga SP.

>> No.17081453

It is kind of funny how according to companies Steam all-ages is the best sales, and it is almost impossible to do all-ages KS because it is the worst support.

Chuusotsu, Japanese game with top story, is still below 20k. Neighbours are demons, English trash with porn, finished at 24.5k.

Maybe Japan should consider adding porn to their VNs to sell better. Shame they never realized that before.

>> No.17081905

The problem with Chuusotu is that it's a doujin title that no ones ever heard of, that's kinetic and has an all-female cast. There's no real yuri either.

>> No.17081930


Bloody Chronicles seems to be moving smoothly. I wonder if it will get good sales. From what I understand it's going to be a 3 part series and that is it.

>> No.17082238

>$45,188 pledged of $45,000 goal

Hoshizora No Memoria has reached it's initial goal. Now the question is can it do well enough to get another $30k for the fan disk.

J.Q.V. probably wouldn't have done much better than Chuusotsu even with an uncut version. Fruitfat Factory has just been picking out good but obscure doujin titles with limited potential to take off even if the people who play them like them. .

>> No.17082335

After 24 hours, Nekopara Volume 3 has thus far peaked at 2,571 concurrent users on Steam. It actually has peaked with far more than Volume 2 peaked at, but that is likely a result of the sales being more front loaded than Volume 2 as well as the continued expansion of the franchise since Volume 2 was released, as it is unlikely to outsell what Volume 2 does. Of course though, those number pretty much dwarf most other VN titles, as generally when talking about the peak concurrent users for a VN we are talking about 2 digit to at best low 3 digit values, not to mention numerous recent titles haven't managed to hit even a double digit peak. It is also already has more than 1200 reviews, although the majority of those reviews happen to be Chinese.

So in the end, despite pretty much every other VN franchise cooling down on Steam since the end of the Steam craze, Nekopara seems to remain as strong as ever. It is also a good reminder about why there has been a parade of Nekopara clones, as Nekopara Volume 3 is on pace to sell 10 times more copies than pretty much any VN by any of standard VN localization companies since the release of Nekopara Volume 2.

As to the R18 version, the R18 patch is up to 7th on Denpasoft's storefront, while the standalone release is up to 16th on the long term popularity sort. It will be a strong seller relative to other Denpasoft titles, and the patch should end up settling in the 3rd or 4th slot on the popularity sort just behind Grisaia and the Volume 2 patch, but it hardly resembles anything like the smash hit the Steam release happens to be.

>> No.17082366

Nekopara Volume 4 confirmed.


>> No.17082378

Phantom Trigger Volume 3 is scheduled for a July 28th release.

>> No.17082389

>As for our future plans in Japan, we hope to develop on Android, iOS, as well continue on PC as a basis for our business. There are also planning for English releases for these new projects, so please look forward to them We are planning for a new Japanese Dies irae game on a different platform this Winter, which will hopefully get English adaptation in future, as well as more announcements for Kajiri Kamui Kagura in the very near future.


>> No.17082411

Interesting tidbit about Dies irae's anime adaptation.

>For the anime version, we plan on doing one route from start to finish. I won’t spoil which route we chose so everyone can find out for themselves. While Dies irae is a long game that has 4MB worth of text, we made sure to cover all the important points so even someone new to the series would be able to enjoy and understand the anime without missing a beat.

Which route do you think/hope they chose?

>> No.17082435

So when the fuck is Libra coming out?
What's taking them so long?

>> No.17082466

Delayed so that Steam can approve cards and achievements. It's all up to Steam now.

>> No.17082475

Typical that they are going the mobile route considering the Chinese and Koreans shop there.

>> No.17082492

They seem to have updated the interview since it was first posted, adding that and fixing the line about who translated it.

That said, with that response it seems like Light wants to follow Visual Arts and Frontwing in making a big bet on the West. It is hard to say how well their latter titles would do, as Dies Irae is far more broadly known than the rest of their lineup and has an anime upcoming, but it could surely lead to getting a handful of Light's noteworthy titles translated.

>> No.17082495

>We are planning for a new Japanese Dies irae game for mobile phones this winter
It got updated from "different platform" to mobile phones.

>> No.17082504

Kajiri Kamui Kagura could be one of them, since it's mentioned by name in the article.

>> No.17082519

Someone decided to get Chuusotsu to (exactly) its Kickstarter goal.

>$20,000 pledged of $20,000 goal

>> No.17082532

I'd watch about things like that. It could be a troll pledge.

>> No.17082538

If it was a troll pledge it wouldn't mean much in the end, since less than $50 would have been needed to get to the goal.

>> No.17082560

>cards and achievements
>for vn
for what purpose?

>> No.17082562

Steam users want them and prioritize buying things that have them.

>> No.17082613

Dies Irae anime is going to need coverage from websites when it is going to air in the US. Good news is the lineup this fall is not that strong right now.

>> No.17082615


That shouldn't take that long, approval is 2-5 days(minus weekends) so they must have gotten too lewd with an asset or something and got feedback to change it

>> No.17082629

This Monday is a holiday (Memorial Day), so it probably won't be ready until at least Tuesday.

>> No.17082746

They sell cards so the high (10 dollar) Steam VN price doesn't kill their wallet.

>> No.17083174

I'm sure the $0.1 per card will save them.

>> No.17084013

MG just posted updates. Most noticeably, Dal Segno is through testing so that will probably be released fairly soon.

>> No.17084096

but why do they translate already translated VNs?

>> No.17084116

They could release it without cards, and you don't even need approval to do achievements. I don't think anyone's going to be on the fence for buying a $30 VN and take the dive just cause it has trading cards... but some steam users are a bit crazy.
Having gone through the valve gauntlet a few times, I can say that it usually it takes a week, sometimes a bit longer to get approval. Only reason for it to take longer would be because they keep failing the approval process for some reason. Not that it's hard to fail, they absolutely love to fail developers for silly reasons, like profile backgrounds not being dark enough, or high level badges not being special enough.

>> No.17084208

Money money money.

>> No.17084421

>according to companies Steam all-ages is the best sales
That's because Steam has the biggest market. Anything sells the 'best' on Steam

>> No.17084436

>implying fan translations are good

>> No.17084543

Insem's version is memetic and fun.

>> No.17085147

I heard Uta 3 was twice as long as Uta 2, is that just in the gameplay or is it the whole length? Cause Uta 2 feels pretty damn long already

>> No.17085360

Memes can be good. But the recent VNs I've read that were professionally translated really were just so much more enjoying to read.

>> No.17085382

Can you fuck the sister in Nekopara yet?

>> No.17085484

They mentioned a volume 4 coming out. I'm guessing that there is where the sister-fucking will come in. She's the only character left that didn't get in on the action.

>> No.17085499

It could also be about timeskip neko milfs.

>> No.17085500

Can steam normalfags handle implied incest?

>> No.17085513

I'm sure it will reveal that his sister was adopted.

>> No.17085525

If I remember correctly, Imouto Paradise on the Japanese side had them all be not blood-related but had an incest patch that rectify that, making it clear that they were full-on siblings.

Maybe Nekopara would do something similar.

>> No.17085545

I don't think most devs would bother with something like that. Such a thing seems very uncommon.

>> No.17085546

What about the takoyaki loli cat?

>> No.17085896

>Uta 2 feels pretty damn long already
It won't when it ends so suddenly in the middle of the story just beginning lol

>> No.17085899
File: 834 KB, 1282x747, 1488714160176.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And the "professionals" are any better?

>> No.17085927

You're joking right? I just finished it and it's short as fuck.

>> No.17086016

Is this the golden age of vn's?

>> No.17086022

hopefully they translated Ikabey and KKK too
marie of course

>> No.17086068

SP still exists so no.

>> No.17086094


>EDIT: So Light put a transcript of the interview on their site, and it turns out a lot of the important bits of that were pretty much just CR just pulling things out of nowhere. I have no idea how they translated this so badly, but they did. Light still mention that they're looking into English releases, but they don't mention any immediate plans, and there's nothing about KKK. Time to revise expectations, I guess.

Thank fucking God, I was worried you EOPs would touch even KKK.

>> No.17086120

Memes are never good, if you see a meme it only mean the translator was a lazy fuck.

>> No.17086348

>我々のチームは今後AndroidやiOS、そしてPCといったメディアの方に軸足を移していくと思います。それらも英語展開ができるように検討しておりますので楽しみにしていてください。今冬、新しいプロジェクト、スマホゲーム『Dies irae PANTHEON』を配信する予定があります。お楽しみに。

>Our team thinks that we will shift the direction to media such as Android, iOS, and PC in the future. We are looking forward to studying them so that they can develop English as well. This winter, we are planning to deliver a new project, the smartphone "Dies irae PANTHEON". looking forward to.

>> No.17086356

Here's the link to the Japanese version of the interview.


>> No.17086453

But annon, SP is full of professionals that know how to screw with anyone/anything and this isn't nothing new.
Now I'm waiting warmly for the release of the all ages version of Bald'r Sky with a nice localization (ala CC).

>> No.17087187

At the very least, the recent and upcoming VN lineup is quite strong thanks to all the projects that were licensed during the Steam craze and are still in the pipeline.

>> No.17087218

I expect things to die down in a year or 2. Devs and publishers have already started seeing how much sales have dropped off after the Steam craze. It also ended up being more time and effort than many self-publishing devs expected.

>> No.17087227

It depends on what you consider a meme. For Girls und Panzer Coalgirls did a great job

>> No.17087258

>For Girls und Panzer Coalgirls did a great job
Any examples?

>> No.17087273
File: 93 KB, 524x443, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.17087287

They just inserted random German words everywhere. It makes it sound like I'm disingenuous when I praise them for their translation. But it works really well. My memory isn't good enough to mention anything of the bat.

>> No.17087359

>They just inserted random German words everywhere.
>did a great job
Konnichiwa, CC translator.

>> No.17087362

It works really well though

>> No.17087387

Let me guess, not enough gameplay and too many anime cliches.

>> No.17087397

I would agree with that assessment, the upcoming release list will probably look its most impressive sometime within the next year or two. However, with the decline in sales on Steam the rate of big releases is likely to eventually outpace the rate of new big announcements, something that would gradually begin to free up the pipeline.

As a secondary thing, while there are plenty of noteworthy titles out there still unlicensed, the amount of unlicensed top tier VNs out there has been dwindling as VN companies go through their backlog to find Steam ready titles.

>> No.17087426

Because the most important thing about reviews are a sum of the ratings!

>> No.17087441

Commie was the one that did the German subs for GuP. And no, calling that troll sub a translation is an insult to actual translations.

>> No.17087445

Still the best when it comes to GuP

>> No.17087477
File: 85 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17087519


>> No.17087529

>What is google images

>> No.17087560

So you're telling me it's a bad translation without having even heard the audio. Let alone watched the show/episode?

>> No.17087620


>> No.17087637

>just buy a new graphic novel book instead.


I doubt this person has ever played a visual novel before, because his expectations seemed very off. He couldn't believe he just had to read for hours.

>> No.17087657

What's wrong with it?

>> No.17087659

can you blame him? the last time he had to read a book was high school, and he dropped out.

>> No.17087712

Are you dense?

>> No.17087719

Humor me. What's wrong with it.

>> No.17087748


>> No.17087763

>3 minutes later playing it
>Ends abruptly

>> No.17087772

>graphic novel book
Comic book, that's a comic book. Fucking /co/mblr pretending like they're reading anything but literal pictures page after page. If anything that's lesser to most VNs.

>> No.17087823

>wtf why are there so many words in this visual NOVEL
Almost every review I've seen for it has been like this.

>> No.17087911

I think they just expected more visuals and less novel.

>> No.17087958

Some VNs can be terrible at getting to the point though. Just my two cents.

>> No.17087977

Yeah, but when the main medium you consume is comic books I can't imagine you'd have any patience. Need new shiny images now, no wordwordswords.

>> No.17088149

In the case of Utawarerumono, they complained about the gaps of time between the battles. Just reading the story was too boring for them. It's not that the story dragged on, but the reader just really want to read. Sounds like A.D.D.

>> No.17088161

*just didn't really want to read.

>> No.17088176

Having played Uta 2, it certainly had a hefty amount of SOL, but it was good SOL with reasonable length per scene and never forgot to get back to the main story before long. The only way one would view Uta 2 as too wordy is if they just don't enjoy the writing at all.

>> No.17088202

Or in the far more likely scenario >>17088161

>> No.17088268

Naturally if you don't want to read you won't enjoy the writing.

>> No.17088291

Then why would you read a fucking visual novel in the first place?

>> No.17088316

Cuz publisher promote Uta2 as a game and not vn.

>> No.17088318

Because they never read a visual novel before and didn't know what it'd be like. Or didn't realize it was a visual novel when they bought it.

>> No.17088347

You'd have to be very ignorant or perhaps brain damaged to be this unaware. Then again these kinds of people are probably normalfags so that goes without saying I suppose.

>> No.17088478
File: 41 KB, 300x300, 1481940565701.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't need to pretend that it takes some kind of mastermind to read VNs

>> No.17088500

I knew I'd get a reply like this but you've missed my point entirely.

>> No.17088504

He's saying they're uninformed consumers who just blindly buy things without doing any research.

>> No.17088768

Game reviewers are so shitty nowadays that I can't really trust metacritic. It's not exactly metacritic's fault but still.

There's always going to be a gap between critic and fan opinions, but the schism seems bad in videogames in general and even worse with otaku games. The hipster bias critics have is terrible.

>> No.17088833

Fan reviews aren't much better.

>I'll be honest, I haven't finished the game. I'm about 6hrs in (at the pace of the game's auto command for moving through the dialogue).

>I understood it's be a VN, with RPG elements. I didn't realize to the extent how much dialogue that would include. It took nearly 2hrs before your first "battle" (the only time you have any real input into the game). Nearly 3hrs before your first "choice" (Which was basically click 'X' because you only had 1 option). And in 5hrs I've had 3 battles, and just came across my 2nd (though actually 1st) choice.

>I think the art works is beautiful, the voice acting (Though in Japanese) is magnificent and the music is soothing and creates the right atmosphere. But sadly, this game needs 1 thing - 1 simple thing - and that's English Voice Acting.

>Don't get me wrong, I prefer Japanese voices at times - but that's when not-so-much reading is involved. But with the amount of reading, and the poor displaying of some of it... it'd be nice to just listen to the story. Because there's too much text. I'd honestly prefer this entire story in book format.

>But a lot of the dialogue is unnecessary chatter, or over explanation of events. Which is the oddest, and brand new form, of 'fluff' I've come across in gaming.

>Honestly, regardless of what die-hard fans will say (the sort of people who would jump on the hype for this VN) I'd recommend the anime for anyone wanting the story in a more immersive and easy to digest manner, which - itself - is still a masterpiece. Granted, there are changes but I personally prefer the anime on that basis alone.

>If they ever bring of English VA's (which they likely won't) then I'll pick it up, but we're not getting the experience as it was intended because - unless you can understand Japanese - then this is just a pretty digital book.

>And yes, I love VN's. I've burnt through a few, most are short and sweet - and some are lengthy - but this "game" takes the biscuit, and the RPG elements may as well not exist. It's not deep, meaningful... it's entirely unnecessary to the 'experience'.

>3/10. It's good, it's just hard to digest - and for anyone with dyslexia, or difficulty reading for long periods of time... it's going to take forever to get through this game, English VA would have helped appeal to a wider audience. It's a shame, I was hoping to fully compare it to the anime - and thought it would have much more of a game to it, in term of it's RPG elements, and didn't realize the issue of lacking English VA. But now I know, and that was a risk I took when buying the game - and I hope I inform people who don't make a similar mistake.

I can't believe this person claims to have read alot of VNs. Though they did say most were short. If they really did read alot of them, they'd know Utawarerumono's text is nothing unusual.

>> No.17088891
File: 129 KB, 314x278, 1462950314251.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's good

>> No.17088967

He subtracted alot of points for too much text and no English dub.

>> No.17089051

They always were.

>> No.17089068

>English dub
Do Visual novels even get English dubs? Other than scams like Taisho Alice that is.

>> No.17089079

I've always wondered if American voice acting is actually more expensive than Japanese since there's hundreds of low budget Japanese games with 40 hours of dialog and basically nothing like that for English games.

But it doesn't make sense that a more respected profession in Japan would be underpaid in comparison to anime-tier American VAs (not under union).

>> No.17089131

>Do Visual novels even get English dubs?
Unless it's something like Danganronpa or the Zero Escape Series, then no.

I think the issue is how niche VNs are in English-speaking countries and how small the publishers of them are.

English amateur voice acting usually sounds terrible, which is what most publishers would go with since it's all they could afford.

>> No.17089302

I think it should not matter about the length if you like the storyline. Danganronpa is 30 hours alone yet you do not hear anyone complaining about the length. Or even Grisaia and Steins;Gate.

>> No.17089326

Some people did complain about the length of Grisaia's SoL part though.

>> No.17089340

>American voice acting. Expensive

Japanese voice acting is way more expensive than American unless we are talking about AAA games with Troy Baker.

>> No.17089354
File: 44 KB, 689x304, uta2 terms.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uta 2 has a huge amount of Japanese terms. So this is probably the best approach to localizing it instead of trying to make up terminology right?

>> No.17089366

>So this is probably the best approach to localizing it instead of trying to make up terminology right?
Is basically the equivalent of translation notes except they are part of the game.

>> No.17089371

True but my point is it's just silly to complain about length in visual novels. It's ironic because the reviewer did not understand it's not an RPG with Visual elements but a visual novel with RPG elements.

>> No.17089377

They think their readers have a very limited vocabulary.

>> No.17089384

Most of these look like fantasy terms and character names. Not many Japanese terms are in the list.

>> No.17089401
File: 171 KB, 796x1076, uta2 gl1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not a literal dictionary glossary, but one that relates to the game's world.

Oh okay, I wasn't sure if stuff that keeps coming up like Nugwisomkami were from real fables.

>> No.17089409

Even google isn't finding any matches for this term. Sounds like it's mostly fictional words.

>> No.17090608

He read alot of VNs: Nekopara 1, Nekopara 2, Sakura Beach, Sakura Summer and so on.

>> No.17091513

That's true of all consumers everywhere.

>> No.17092970

>Clover Day's - Common + 4 routes done, last route 348/711 KB translated
>Daitoshokan - 100% translated and edited, images, engine work and QC remain

Are these fan TL projects anything to look forward to?

>> No.17093145
File: 648 KB, 1187x500, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Stream with reduced force runs along her thighs like water trickling from rocks and flows onto the washing area of the bathroom
>It is simply impossible to stop mindlessly flowing pee with a thin cloth
>But so many weird things happened recently like, a random attacker and cosplay girl. And close to me, two transfer students from a small country I never heard of before called Racronia.
>Hooray, Master's got a lawful wife! After this, suck as much blood as possible and keep your favorite mistresses! Yay, harem, successful man!

>> No.17093329 [DELETED] 

Does anyone know if Jast announced anything at their Phoenix CC panel yesterday?

>> No.17093827

Nah, the Clover Day's guy works for sekai so he's totally going to sell the TL out.

>> No.17093835

Nah, the Clover Day's guy works for sekai so he's totally going to sell the TL out.

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