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I want to live in Gensokyo and marry a 2hu

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But I want to be the 2hu!

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I had a dream in which i was drinking tea with Mokou and Kaguya. This was amazing.

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Kill yourself so you'll be reborn as an anime loli that flies and shoots lasers. Good luck,anon!

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What did they wish for?

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For you to be with them!

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I want to marry Sagume.

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I don't want to marry anyone I only want wild sex with every girl in Gensokyo.

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I want to divorce Seija.

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wouldn't they try to kill each other and take you down as collateral damage?

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I want to adopt Flandre

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I had read "The Immortal Who Saw The Death of The Universe" in which they were friendly and I got slept.

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I want to become a youkai that can only be defeated by running out of semen.

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Not canon

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*tips headdress*

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Seems like you're gonna have a bad time with the Hourai.

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Try this, OP.

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Will it be permanent or temporary so I'll have to open the portal again?!

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It worked! Now I am in Gensokyo and Rumia wants to eat my dick.

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So Masturbation is dangerous for you?

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Honestly talking. You guys ever have a dream with 2hu related? Me never (although I have had some anime dream related).

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It's hard to chose only one wife.
I want to marry half of the cast!

I don't think so.

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All the time. Just last night I had a dream I was sitting in a sort of natural tunnel at night with Mokou, Keine, and some others I don't remember. The tunnel's entrance lead to its exit, like a portal, so I was sticking a flute in the exit and playing it to mess with someone near the entrance. The dream ended when I felt Keine jump on my back for some reason.

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>touhou picking the fuck up in the states
>long before the touhou/a/ civil war
>fell in love with sakuya and youmu
>at work one day playing PCB on my laptop
>new girl starts sperging out
>start dating
>into touhou hard
>start buying cosplay outfits
>shes great with it
>then got married
>touhou starts fading away from the relationship
>she does never want kids
>she got fat
>forgot my prenup
>outfits would even fit her anymore even if I tried
>years went by
>shes still getting fatter
>soon she needed a scooter
>live went to pounding Ran's tight ass to learning about chocolate covered potato chips
>2012 kicks around
>wake up
>she is still asleep
>get ready for work
>come home
>shes still in bed
>dead, later found out heart failure
>waves of relief washes over me
long story short I bought a silicone sex doll and dress it as touhous. ZUN was a fucking genious when he designed 99% of touhous with skirts

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I want to live in a 2hu and marry Gensokyo.

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I want to become Chen's shiki.

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I once had a dream where I was sitting on my couch and Yukari was sitting next to but she sounded and acted like Frank Reynolds

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I don't know how to feel at it since she died. I can understand it but still. I guess it's because I didn't experience it.

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Are you seriously bumping a thread on a board that takes days for threads to die?

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Would Yukari appreciate being thrown into the trash when she dies?

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>main characters in the picture are all humans
How vanilla. Marry a youkai instead.

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I want to keep her corpse in my closet.

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came here to post this

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I choose my vampire girl!

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I want to help kokoro in her presentations

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Kokoro is a slut

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Most of my Touhou dreams involve Yukari, but a couple of days ago I had a dream where I met with Eirin on a tropical island and had a conversation with her about medicine or something. Then she complained about being tired and I princess carried her inside a house.

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I once had a dream in which I woke up in a forest or something with nothing to survive and stuff.
I made some shelter and noticed the forest 2hous (Cirno, fairies, Rumia, etc) had nowhere to stay and when winters and autumns came they were cold and had to sleep outdoors.

The dream had a long span (at least for me) and after some weeks and some tools a village lent me I built a treetop house for the forest little 2hous to live. I also tended to their scratches and small injuries they got while playing in the woods, I grew crops and fixed them with clothes for the winter and such.

I also told them bedtime tales and tucked them to sleep (some other 2hous would also come in some occasions, mostly Flandre and Remi).

I was happy being a father for the little ones. I hope they are doing fine

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We went on a date at the Gold Saucer from FFVII.

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Yukari is the trayshman.

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They look so happy together! Will they have a threesome or something?

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This picture makes me feel like I'm going to be raped.

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Never a dull moment with Yukari.

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Watch out, OP, those are skeletons in disguise!

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You are doing god's work, anon.

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Nah... they are just anorexic...

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At least once a month I have a Touhou show up in a dream that I can remember. They are only part of the dream as anything more than a background character half of the time. Rarely I'm the Touhou.

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Did you have sex with them?

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I've had a bunch. A few were very precious dreams.

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Parsee has been in at least three dreams that I can remember. I feel like either Sakuya or Kogasa have showed up in my dreams too but I cannot remember if it actually happened.

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>tfw I will never be autistic enough to change my waifu's eye color every time someone gets it wrong in the fanart
>mfw I'll never be autistic enough to care about how other people greentext

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He's not alone. I've edited several pieces of fan art of Alicia because some artists drew her with blue eyes instead of purple eyes. And she isn't even my favorite Aria.

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Oops misquote.

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thank you

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Hey Reisen! Your boyfriend looks fucking UGLY!!!

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Sorry but you are in the wrong country, faggot immigrant.

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He looks like such a loser!

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I'm currently living in Gensokyo. I have a job, pretty friends and I even have a beautiful girlfriend.
Related pic.

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2hus are all gay

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Somehow sluttier than Sanae herself.

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Scuzi anonimo

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What is that liquid in her chest?

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What kind of job offerings would even be present in Gensokyo? I imagine that there wouldn't be much need for help considering that each community is mostly self-sufficient. You can probably become a farmhand easily.
Does the SDM take job applications?

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That is beauty cream, she is just taking care of her skin.

There are a lot of jobs here! In my case, I sell medicinal plants and I'm satisfied with that. I have enough money thanks to my own business.
About SDM: They are looking for anyone that can take care of Remilia's little sister. I heard the previous employee died for unknown reason.

She is actually Sanae and that is not very nice.

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I want to live in Gensokyo and marry ZUN

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I had a dram with pic related and Yukari telling me how Remi alwasy wanted to be my bride
I felt awful for the rest of the day

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I've only dreamt a coloured pencil drawing of Remilia.

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99,9% of time I see nothing but black void in my dreams, what does it mean /jp/?

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You probably just don't remember your dreams.

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I've found your dream!

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Get in line

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The pose is eerily similiar. Although the art itself was more simplistic.

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How to remember them?

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Start keeping a dream journal. Write down your dreams as soon as you wake up.

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The thing is I don't remember anything even the moment I wake up ;_;

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The SDM is always hiring.

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But you don't start forgetting your dreams until about 15-30 min after you wake up on average, if he dreamed at all he should remember, right? right???

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Maybe he really does just see nothing but black void in his dreams.

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I know your feel, anon.

Maybe a yokai, who eat dreams, could be doing this.

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I had this dream recently where I was playing video games with Kanye west and I had this bag full of hundreds of dollars full of change, and every once in a while Tenshi would show up and steal some of it, at once point I got so mad I threw a bag of electrified paper at her face, I felt so bad that I went to her bed to apolligize, she was wrapped in a blanket and when I went to move it It revealed her reptilian face

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I finally had a 2hu dream recently, I was in a temple with Junko and Byakuren.
Sadly I wasn't able to fuck them.

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What is sex with a 2hu like?

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2hu is not for marriage

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They are for petting.

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i blame Doremy

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Holy shit, there is a Touhou reference in Malcolm in the Middle.

Ep. 2 season 4. Malcolm gets called "Margatroid"

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Which 2hu would actually marry you for who you are?
Alice for me.

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i've been walking around gensokyo as small animal/youkai(?), it was rather blurry and vague, views were nice though.

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Holy shit it's real.
The timestamp is 12:28.

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Usually I dream about having romantic dreams about satisifying a 2hu (usually Okuu or Yuyoko) then having the best sex imanginable with them.

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I remember dreaming that I was able to 1CC on Lunatic. Sadly this can't happen in reality for now.

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So I watched the episode and it does sound familiar, but I looked for a transcript online and apparently it says "Murgatroyd", which is what Alice's surname derives from, apparently.
There's a much higher chance they were referencing Agatha Christie's book: "A murder is announced", where one of the characters is "Miss Murgatroyd", or they just picked a random British. Would be too spectacular if it actually was Margatroid, though.

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>a random British
a random English surname*

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Oh god

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>have a dream
>its a giant labyrinth
>corner of it was remodeled into a living room but still had the branches going out to the mazes
>remilia and flan chilling on stone couches arguing about something
>patchy using a demon for a chair and koa holding a patter with teastuffs on it in another corner
>sakuya leading me around by hand
>Hell Knight from Doom appears out of no where
>Sakuya starts waving her hands around creating a barrier type thing that looks like a pattern for a lacy piece of underwear
>in english all around the carriers holes the words "Leave me alone" constantly repeats itself
>monster banished
>creates a hole in the maze
>sakuya takes my hand again and smiles
>wake up as we walk out the hole

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Sakuya wants to have hot, tender love with you.

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>sakuya leading me around by hand
>sakuya takes my hand again and smiles

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>can't even have one MitM reference
Yeah sounds like Alice alright.

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It is the life Alice chose, and I shall help fulfill it.

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Can't believe I had to open both the original and the edit in different tabs to see the difference.

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kek you must be really bad at "7 Errors Games".

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It's easy if you know what to expect. I was just in the Marisa thread a while ago to post about how bad she is and saw a few edits.

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Flowey is probably a Yuuka fanboy.

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I had a dream in which I hit Yukari with a baseball bat a bunch of times. She stopped moving after a while so I guess she died. I then shouted "GET OUT OF MY HEAD. YOU'RE NOT 'THE ONE'."
It's weird because Yukari is my favorite 2hu...

I had another dream in which I was Nue.

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I saw Okuu.

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Hina, Alice.
And of course Kogasa because she would marry anyone that gives her attention.