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>1.67 and prior versions changelogs:

>Elona Custom and Elona CU Discussion:

>Previous Thread

Current Version: Elona+ 1.67fix2 (5/1/2017)
Latest Custom: E+CU 1.67fix2.2

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It would be nice if we had an improved house guest system, the current one could use an update.
Most of the useful things about it become obsolete before you hit level 50. Other aspects could use improvement as well.

I speak mostly about the shittier house events, namely the 'beggar' (Lose half your money or some karma), 'trick or treaters' (Lose karma or have your house burned down, don't even bother with the useless pumpkin), Porn Star/Punks (These are a nuisance to me at least), other wastes of guest events I may not have listed, they're funny at first but then they very quickly become an irritating nuisance.
I'm fine with the random civilians and adventurers showing up to say hi.

Getting to a point where I'm considering firing the maid since the only benefit comes from the new years gift and once a month training and I can get potions of potential easily enough now where that isn't particularly useful anymore, and even then sometimes I won't get training or new year gifts at all because the aforementioned events would waste my goddamn guest spot uses.

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updated monstergirl sheet when?

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Damn, the PK version of custom is handy with auto-farm and the highlight system

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How do I change fonts?

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Oh geez, I haven't seen this before.
I wonder how hard it would be to reuse a NetHack bot to make an automated dungeon clearer.
Or create some kind of API endpoint to spit out all of the map/enemy/item data.

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There really needs to be a way to organize spells so I don't have to look at the ones that are never used. It hurts my autism.

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It's possible to hide special skills you don't want to see, it shouldn't be too difficult to do something similar with spells.

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Yea that function would be perfect. Does anyone know where I can suggest it?

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Anna reads these threads sometimes. She was here last thread to talk about new dungeon floor layouts.

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Anna is a dude, he just got married too which explains the hiatus a while ago

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I don't use custom though, I wanna ask ano. Is that a bad idea?

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People have suggested things ran through translation software before, should be fine

Maybe have some moon readers look it over before sending it in

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I can throw together a rough suggestion in moon, I'm halfway done. I just don't know where to send it.

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What. I thought she was the black lady in the photos.

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I think it was the guy because of the ''you may be surprised considering my username'' bit

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Time to wrap up Akeno's training. Just wanted to get tactics to 1000 before moving on. After that,the bonus point cost of raising skills starts to climb fast. I'll return to her skills if I need to but for now it should be enough. Going to move on to training my final pet which will be a range pet of some sort. After that it will be a push to floor 6,666 of the void.

That should work too. Didn't have any oil on hand at the time but I know potion trade ins at my inn have given me both oil and gasoline. Making an enemy wet and then using iceball has proved easier to do for me. Instead of using alchemy rain to rain down oil or gasoline I can just lead in with bubble storm and go directly into ice ball.

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Speaking of bubble storm, where does it and water bolt fit on elemental resist? Doesn't seem like there's a water "element" resist.

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Bubble storm and water bolt cannot be resisted but unfortunately the damage for both spells is pretty bad and they scale poorly. I mainly use them as a lead in to ice ball or to put out fires quickly. Aside from that, I rarely use those spells.

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They're completely non-elemental. They'll murder any metal creature.

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I just summoned a shade through spellbook reading failure and let it follow me around while it massacred the entire town and I looted their corpses. Feels good man.

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She is the lady in the photo. What she meant was that people would perhaps find it weird that a black girl would be called Anna, to me it is natural but perhaps that applies more to where she lives.

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To make the lovely bouquet i need 5 different flowers?

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I tried changing my shop map icon and now I can't make it anything but a grey square or green square. Can I unfuck this?

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I did the same thing but I'm too lazy to fix it. I think you have to go into the image file that has all the overworld images and paste the one you want into it. I think you can find a guide on the wiki.

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Isn't it funny that Sakuya needs to hire a maid?

It takes you 2 minutes to update them.

You were reading too deeply into it.

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Can get your default shop sprite on the map by going to the register, picking change map icon, and then enter 0 in the box. Hit enter and that should do it. It's the same thing if you end up changing say your house's sprite on the map as well.

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>Isn't it funny that Sakuya needs to hire a maid?
The head maid is doing more important Time Maid oriented things, the NPC house maid is a glorified greeter that only lets random people inside the mansion and nothing else, much like how a fairy maid would function.

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Does Sakuya also stack time-stopping for roleplaying?

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Don't know about the Anon playing as Sakuya, but the Sakuya in my entourage uses the Nightmare as a throwing weapon and (currently) dual wields Ether Dagger and the Oti-Tubaki.
Using the other weapons that can time stop would mean breaking the mold on dagger usage.

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Goofed around in the code and managed to greatly increase the mob spawn count. Makes things a lot more chaotic. Also gives a huge incentive to level up ball spells.

Later I'll look into adding a toggle to turn it on and off, then donate the code to E+C.

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is it okay to basically just avoid combat early on? playing a fairy pianist and i die in 1 hit from basically anything that hits me.

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As a fairy in general you have to do that until you get some good defensive gear, you have a powerful evasion ability but this is multiplicative depending on your gear so it is almost worthless at the start.

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>fairy pianist


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These sprites are pretty what are they from?

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Can someone ballpark it for me about how much gold I need before I can start buying potions of potential? I'm sitting on around 750k now but I don't want to start investing if it's going to be a waste. My shop isn't making dick and I can only do very low level dungeons so I don't have much income aside from doing all the quests I can as I go from town to town.

Additionally is there anything I can do to help my little girl raise her cooking faster, or at least direct her potential training?

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That's a good amount, I started buying them before I even reached 500k. Making money is easy, I'd say always buy them.

Your shop will start making more and more money as time passes and its rank increases. Just a little while ago mine was just like yours, but sales skyrocketed after a while. As a rule of thumb I only put in items that vendor for over 1k and fill the shop to the brim. I just became able to make panties and those sell for tens of thousands apiece(!).

About cooking I dunno, just traveling around got my young lady and little girl's cooking up to 50. Give them combined ores from the pot for fusion and watch them get their potentials to 400%

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You find them occasionally after one round of invest 50 in a magic shop. Going to 100 increases that a tiny bit, 150 I didn't notice any difference but stock size of scrolls of gain material and wonder increased, found a book of wish once too. Pump investing to 400% when you do this.

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Thanks, that's what I was looking for.


I don't really have anything that vendors for 1k aside from hamburgers and cutlets. Right now my shop is just filled with all the shitty miracle gear that was clogging up my storage houses (I'm a huge hoarder) in the hopes of finding upgrades in the safe.

I have to work on my crafting skills. I can't even combine ores yet.

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is it true that melee is crap late game in this? i generally prefer melee but the wiki says status effects and ranged enemies just make it suck

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Yeah, I think one of your main priorities right now should be to keep running low level dungeons as you have been and gathering a ton of materials.

Then spend the plat from your quests to get potentials of carpentry, alchemy, jeweler and tailoring as high as possible and finally craft a ton of garbage (actually at 10 carpentry you can make art from the literal 'garbage' material, each piece selling for about 16k gold) which you can vendor or throw in your shop.

A couple handy recipes were scrolls of greater identify (jeweler 18, vendor for 1k and uses common materials so can make dozens at a time), cargos of barrel/coffin/rope etc. (take your tool with you and craft them in front of the goods trader, then immediately sell them) and aforementioned waste art. Always make the gear recipes when you can, I got a ton of godly/good resists gear this way.

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I'd recommend against STRICT melee, but melee with some magic and abilities is quite fine. Don't stick to just one playstyle, late game you will be using a bunch of different skills, spells, and abilities.

I'm up in level 100+ and i still use melee twohand as my main source of damage. I like twohand because it doesn't negatively effect spellcasting.

Note though that i use a lot of shadowstep to teleport to enemies and use magic storm a lot too. I also have double attack, proximity assist weapon, and decapitate. I use my shooting slot for more armor/resists/damage reduction. Usually I use an Al'ud that I rerolled enough times for it to also have magic reflection on it.

I have a bunch of pets that are stronger than me too, both several melee and shooters. And a dedicated magic caster. They all seem to keep up with each other, all of them also have double attack and proximity attack. Might be worth noting that my close range shooting android seems to be the strongest of them though.

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That's kind of what I'm going for now. I've been slacking on dungeons mainly because I'm always on some escort or delivery quest and worrying about sleeping on a strict breakfast schedule, but I'm trying to focus on clearing a bunch now and gathering all the materials I can.

Are pot for fusion recipes effective for training related skills or do they get drastically reduced gains? I don't have that many materials for crafting potions right now but crimberries are easy to find and there's an infinite amount of trash to make into worthless fake gold bars.

>> No.17052144

They are absolutely not effective for training because they're more specialized, use inventory items, and take a lot of button presses to make as opposed to holding down the button to craft dozens

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At what point should I stop caring about turning equipment with +stat into raw and eating it? I don't see on the wiki exactly how much +1 trains stats.

>> No.17052207

I think it's a waste of time. The time you spend gathering inf mat scrolls and turning those boots into beef jerky might as well be spent traveling and getting money. I've gotten a stack of speed upper potions just from clearing dungeons. Just run a farm (with herbs) on the side and go to bed on time (breakfast). Of course if something happens to be raw already by all means munch away.

Maybe the temporary bonus multiplier to stat training from eating e.g. ''it maintains strength'' gear or putitoro would be handy, if you have a lot of that edible and are hardcore training that single stat, but otherwise I wouldn't bother.

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So I woke up in the starter town to the innkeeper being molested by an alien. How do I fix this? I could start over but this is my most succesful char even if its not that good. I actually have a reliable income and stuff

Google says nuke the town but I'd rather not nuke my karma and be killed by guards much as I'd rather not be killed by alien children

>> No.17052454

If it's only the innkeeper give him a poison or dye. If you don't have any maybe killing him will cure him when he respawns.

>> No.17052457

Is the chat and see other people's stuff feature dead? I tried following the instructions on the in-game chat section of the wiki but whenever starting up the game I just get a small popup menu when loading and no chat.

The only help offered is "follow the instructions" which just seem to be make a server.txt and put elochat-proxy.shiroko.yi.org%elona.squares.net% in it.

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tried checking shop for dye only to find he already exploded into a kid which infected my kid and who knows who else

>> No.17052500

Did you change serverList to 1 in config.txt? Because that is part of the instructions too.

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Vampire Riker.

It's from an older MG sheet that was posted here a couple years ago that I've been maintaining. Some of the sprites aren't aligned right, but it's fine for the most part.

Sheet is for 1.65 as I haven't bothered to upgrade yet.

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yes I have.

>> No.17052578

Oh, 1.67 when...

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Very nice

>> No.17052700

So what kind of shop stocks dyes/poison? My little girl seems to just be ******* out aliens but not dying from it like I figured she would. Nowhere seems to sell dyes

>> No.17052728

Maybe later.


Sulphuric acid works too.

>> No.17052750

I don't know where to get that either. I just assumed dye is easier to find.

>> No.17052753

What's the secret to getting equipment that doesn't suck ass?

>> No.17052790

There's a shop in Larna that sells nothing but dye.

>> No.17052800


Just wander around the puppy cave for a while.

>> No.17052874

Will do. Been avoiding dungeons because non-combat char

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For some reason letting my skellies get kills gives me significantly more anatomy experience than zapping them myself. This is true even for summoned monsters, making it trivial to grind anatomy by resting my hand on one button.

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Get lucky, both irl and ingame

>> No.17053009

Craft when you get a lucky day.

>> No.17053302

Houzanha is OP as fuck and it takes like no time at all to get. I feel like a god just yelling and destroying the entire map.

>> No.17053358

Yee it's the best, with a PC dependent on a group of pets I hate getting stuck in tiny corridors so much and this solves that problem completely.

>> No.17053696

I wanna take an apprentice angel and turn it into my personal onahole.

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>Double Attack/Proximity assist weapon
These are "Attack again" enhancements right?
Can I get more than one extra attack if I fill my equipment slots with these?

>> No.17054074

It's not working currently. The author said he did something wrong and will take time to fix it.

Did you look into the spritesheets in the pastebin and in the All-in-one pack?

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Murder knight is the coolest.

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I think it would be neat if there was a "dimensional vault" like in One Way Heroics, in that you could store an item with one character and retrieve it with another. It would make sharing/passing down of items without genes between multiple active characters possible. It could only become available on Act III and/or have a high fee for retrieving items, say 10x buying value (like souvenir vendors), so that it couldn't be abused easily or made the heir trunk obsolete.

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While I'm too poor to own a farm can I just plant seeds wherever or in my own house? I have so many seeds from farming quests but very little money since I had a cursed hat that took a lot of scrolls to remove.

>> No.17054176

I think they only grow when planted in farms. Try planting one at your home and see what happens.

>> No.17054199

I tried a couple but they withered. Wanted to see if anyone has tried succesfully before potentially wasting more.
Not sure if they're dying because its a no-go or just bad luck

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File: 155 KB, 600x600, __rueken_s_elona_player_character_elona_drawn_by_harusame_rueken__619b3d90a6613c3114e1e2afb88dd469.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's possible to plant outside of a farm plot, but it takes some significant Gardening skill to do. There's basically three factors: Seed type, whether you've planted on a farm plot, and whether it's raining.


>Artifact seeds may be planted off of field tiles without any penalties after reaching 121 Gardening, or at 61 if planting during rain / heavy rain.
>For maximum regrowth chance, all other seeds should always be planted on field tiles.
>Assuming you plant on field tiles, maximum regrowth and lowest wither chance can be reached at 41 Gardening.
>If you do not plant on field tiles, maximum regrowth and lowest wither chance can be reached at 214 Gardening, but will still be worse than planting on field tiles.

>> No.17054231

Oh right, but for the sake of your question, I wouldn't count on things growing in your house if you can't afford a Farm.

>> No.17054236

Were you planting them on field tiles?

>> No.17054252

I actually looked at the wiki before asking but I'm not entirely sure if 'field tiles' means 'farm tiles' or 'dirt tiles' or something else.

I mean that someone would ask this when I don't have a farm would suggest its not the same thing as farm tiles.

>> No.17054271

It's a specific tilled dirt tile, and you can't get them from the house editor.

>> No.17054274

It's referring to the plot tiles specifically on the Farm properties (Similar to what you see in Yowyn). So yeah, you'd have to buy a farm to start 'em up.

>> No.17054291

Ah well. Will just need to store the seeds for now. Thanks

>> No.17054308

is there any particular reason why my escort quest dudes randomly die after I get the quest before even leaving the town?

>> No.17054313

What's the message?

>> No.17054318

throw poisons at anyone infected
mix cursed water with a stack of liquor and throw them

>> No.17054324

are traps still spawning in towns? what version?

>> No.17054336

They weren't, it was a mine dog placing mines in anon's town.

>> No.17054384

missed the message, only seems to happen in palmia but it sounds like an explosion

current version 1.67 fix2 or whatever the stable was

>> No.17054391

Mine dog placing mines in your town probably.

>> No.17054398 [DELETED] 

What NPC can I use with gene engineering to give a pet the faith skill?

>> No.17054421

thats pretty unlucky, I have never seen one in town and 5 dudes have been killed by the mines. Would it have been spawned by cursed equips?

>> No.17054429

Maybe some adventurer wearing them wandered in. You should do a thorough (and careful) search.

>> No.17054551

How can I tell if lowering my pet's INI fucked their bitflags?

>> No.17054564

Manually test or EloSnack, I'd imagine.

>> No.17054976

Is there any way to avoid napping on the overworld, or force sleepiness? It drives me fucking nuts when it makes me nap right before it becomes night and I either have to miss a breakfast or stay awake for another day. Breakfast should not be this stressful.

>> No.17054983

Try entering the wilderness every couple steps. I haven't been doing it enough to definitively confirm that it works, but it has been working for me.

>> No.17055038


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Breakfast is serious business

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File: 471 KB, 832x846, 36471851_p4_master1201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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My little girl tops 1000 damage two handing her sword - I evolved her into a witch and her magic stat is now her highest, but her crystal spear does like 80 damage. What do?

>> No.17056077

Is there a reason to use heavy armor since flying scrolls exist? You can use "heavy" armor while it being light status right?

>> No.17056115

It only uses the heavy armor skill when the sum of all your equipment is over a certain weight (35s). So if you make your platemail weigh as much as paper, you will effectively be using light armor. When pressing w to wear equipment it will say at the bottom what class your current gear puts you in (light/med/heavy)

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How much casting skill does she have? Also, spells fall off in damage later on compared to the weapons and almighty martial arts. Picrelated: different damage values of my pets, who use different styles of combat (and weapons), all in appropriately shitty quality.

Super Armor. Aside from that, it's all about preference and maybe casting penalties.

>> No.17056201

She only has 35 casting, but 100 long sword/tactics/twohand. She only uses the bolt very sparingly and otherwise fights in melee as usual, so it will not train nearly as fast and so always remain weak. As it stands she's basically the same little girl that occasionally wastes a turn. Maybe I can use AP and magic-boosting equipment to improve her spell damage, but I think I would have been better off grabbing a pet that specialized in magic in the first place if I wanted a spellcaster.

>> No.17056278

Well, at least she'll have rain of sanity as well, which is nice, plus cheer. Don't bother with damage spells on your pets; unless you're like me and want to crowd control mobs with chaos ball, they're not very useful. And casting will eventually train itself by traveling, so it's not a big deal either.

>> No.17056299

Custom AI. Set her to throw crystal spears until she runs out of MP.

>> No.17056321
File: 394 KB, 1042x1320, d76cadfde036f7ac7ab11821c2630d56.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah those are useful, but most importantly the witch sprite is cute so it was worth it

I'm not playing E+CU, but regular E+. Is that still possible?

>> No.17056327

You can also spend AP to get her to exclusively use ranged attacks.

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Brothers, the path to riches is opening a pantsu shop

>> No.17056706

Is it possible to do pure mage? No melee or ranged attacks of any sort?
I know there's some enemies with huge magic defense like Sleeping Ogre, are you just fucked when you meet them? I guess you could use rod of change creature, since I would say that still counts as magic.

>> No.17056741

I wouldn't recommend going pure mage, but it's possible. No enemy is immune to raw magic and water spells. Some might be resistant to magic, but it's still your best pick if you want one element to kill them all, since scaling of water spells is so awful.

>> No.17056747

Even if you can't damage some enemies with your magic, you can just have your pets beat their ass

>> No.17056751

Why wouldn't you recommend pure mage?

>> No.17056785


I'm pure mage level 61 still going strong. I'd recommend training magic ball as your raw magic spell to deal with enemies with spell resistance since it scales the best.

>> No.17056792
File: 186 KB, 618x566, ring.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17056853

It's more of a preference, but you never know when you'll run out of MP\get silenced or dimmed, so it's always handy to have some backup options in mind. Also, in late game my crystal spear doesn't really damage enemies that much, and it takes awhile to train, so as an almost pure mage fairy I'm mostly reduced to support for my pets.

Shame there's only one resist, but it's good enough nonetheless.

>> No.17057048

What resistance should I go for in artifact fusion? I got 8 scrolls of gain attribute, and it's going to a gene character.

>> No.17057088
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Bless you, anon, for reminding me about panty crafting.

Those you don't have\have the least. Especially mind; insanity is nasty.

>> No.17057121

Sweet mother of pantsu

>> No.17057154
File: 5 KB, 517x92, cArmor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why don't the values line up with the ones on the wiki?

>> No.17057213

What are the best non-combat skills to be focusing on? I'm a farmer and topic suggests crafting with the cash I'm seeing but for all I know cooking pays just as well.
Or do I just go for everything? The only non-combat job with any risk seems to be performing anyways.

>> No.17057217


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this seriously still happens?

>> No.17057499

how do negative attributes work with artifact fusion? do they give an attribute point credit?

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When I think archers I think Elves but the Elea have let me down. A lot of them like to melee as a warrior or cast spells as a wizard. The only archers that were Elea that I know of you need to astral pen and I'm not sure if they're 100% range all the time.

Had to go with a cutie Norland mercenary archer. This should be an easy pet to raise. Just need to experiment with setting her up as the ideal archer.

>> No.17057550

You have an item limit regardless of weight, haven't played in a while and I can't recall if you can also increase said limit through more obscure methods

>> No.17057564

I'm pretty sure he's not talking about the limit itself, but that if your inventory happens to be full you lose all the casino rewards.

>> No.17057661

PC's inventory limit is 200 items (equipped items and cargo also counts towards it). It cannot be increased by any means.

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File: 1.37 MB, 1623x1266, trainingday.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kai: Alright Mina, today we'll be hunting in the puppy caves. This is pretty typical of the first day with all recruits. I want to see what you're working with. How are you feeling? Good to go?

Mina: I'm still feeling dizzy over the amount of gold bags you dropped at my former commander's feet for me. I always dreamed of graduating from mercenary work and one day joining one of the knightly houses responsible for clearing dungeons. I just didn't think I'd join a house that was on the front line in adventuring forth into the void. I think you may have over estimated my abilities.

Kai: Relax, all those knights you look up to were typical adventurers at one point doing easy security and escort job board quests to get by. We all have to start somewhere.

I've given you some rings and an amulet to help your archery out. I've also set up a hermit crab as target practice. Please demonstrate your abilities.

Mina: *Thwack*, *Thwack*. *Thwack*, *Thwack*
I'm pretty amazing right?

Kai: That's one way of putting it...*Two attacks each second(turn). That's pretty low given the additional range attack I stacked on her. I wonder if two attacks is the cap for range attacks. If that's the case that's pretty weak but I wonder...*

to be cont.

>> No.17057918
File: 38 KB, 305x218, shoproom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really like the new shop training system. My shopkeeper girl started at like 10 cha and 15 negotiation, but after minding the shop for a year or so has 60/120. I built her a little living area in the back, but customers keep snooping around her bedroom

>> No.17057925
File: 426 KB, 818x640, trainingday2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kai: Ok, *rubs hands together* lets try this. I'm going to give you this blessed silver arrow. It's a special kind of ammo that lets you burst. I want to see you give it your all. In other words. I want to see you burst this hermit crab.

Mina: Ok, I'll give it a shot.

*Around 33 beams of light and a second later around 33 thwacks in one turn*

Kai:*whistles* Ok, I can work with this...*Looks like we may have a diamond in the rough. If I just polish her up a little she can do a lot of damage.

Moral of the story: If you're a ranged character make sure you're using special ammo. To get a pet to use special ammo give them ammo with it and use the special action called directive to have them change to the ammo you want them to use.

Did some further tests with my character. Couldn't seem to break 2 attacks when attacking normally however the additional range attack stacking does seem to affect the special ammo burst. Without stacking additional range attack I was only able to get around 20 attacks however when I went to stack that enchant, I was able to get up to 35 attacks in one turn. So additional range attack might affect special ammo such as burst, rapid, and possibly others.

So, it seems to create the ideal archer pet for me I need to stack additional range attack chance, have my pet carry lots of arrows with special ammo or I can carry it using 4d pocket, and equip her with the strongest bow I can find. For now, those bows are looking like the Rainbow and the Heltiarre. If I equip the Rainbow on Mina I expect my log to be flooded with numbers but I wonder how that compares to the breath stuff on the Heltiarre.

>> No.17057964
File: 10 KB, 148x193, the pleasure.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do you get a vial of blood of your pet every sleep sharing event, instead of just the first time?

>> No.17057967

Not the anon in the first post, but the anon playing Sakuya in the gif. That was the plan originally, but since time-stopping equipment, that aren't magic ammo, are practically nonexistent (only managed to find a crappy sythe) and didn't really care for the precious weapons that already had time stop, I pretty much ditched that. So instead, with what little I could find, decided to have some of my pets get all decked out in them (trying to build an asura combined with time stop and extra melee), though probably won't be expecting an army of time stoppers anytime soon.

Out of all methods used for generating random gear, I find that in most cases reading blessed maps on blessed days usually generates the real top tier quality. Almost all my eternal force, proximity assist and interlocking shooting equipment came exclusively from reading maps.

>> No.17057978

Because it's bodily fluids in Japanese.

>> No.17057993

Kai, since you are working with a range pet at the moment, is there any possible way to get a pet to use special ammo while having a custom ai routine?

Or is the default ai just the price I have to pay for having my military putit use the special bullet I found with basically all the ammo types on it?

>> No.17057998
File: 657 KB, 327x513, 1488546444465.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17058008


waiting until a lucky day and using your gach coins or materials to make stuff with carpentry/tailor works pretty well.

Another option is if you have ton's of gold but nothing to spend it on is black market vendors, invest in the port kupal or derphy ones or just buy a castle/palace and hire your own.

Also investing in Loyter can be better than making jewelry as he has ton's of rings and amulets the more you invest in him and at around 150+ shop rank it is common for him to have something that gives lots of critical or extra attacks.

>> No.17058054

do pets deplete their special ammos?

>> No.17058199

Considering finding ammo with timestop isn't the reigning strategy in Elona, I'd say yes.

>> No.17058232

can they at least use ammo boxes?

>> No.17058306
File: 869 KB, 1579x636, YourOrders.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes. I have a very simple AI for my pet set up until I teach her some stuff.

IF Target Distance >= 4 Move Forward
IF Target Distance != 1 Attack(Range)
IF Target Distance =1 Attack(Melee) //Will replace with zero shoot later.

By using the special action directive you can in mid fight tell your pet what ammo you want them to use. Select the ammo you want and the pet will use it for their ranged attack. So if I select say rapid ammos, Mina will use that special ammo when the second line of the custom AI triggers.

Yes they deplete. Due to this, I plan on having Mina or myself, carry multiple arrows with special ammo. All I would do is swap out depleted arrows for a fresh one by going into the pets inventory. Should be easy for me to just carry them in a 4d pocket and swap when needed. Ammo boxes can restore special ammo while you're still in the dungeon so that's cool. Most of the time I'll probably just go through arrows and replenish special ammo by going to the blacksmith. He has a service that restores all your special ammo for gold. Right now I have an arrow with rapid of 45 uses. So that's like 45 special ammo that causes 6 attacks in one turn. If I can find another arrow with 45 I should have enough to last me for quite awhile. Definitely should have enough ammo to last me for the rest of the dungeon until I can get back to the blacksmith to replenish them.

>> No.17058332

Ah alright, I wasn't sure if since it was on the same menu that choosing a special type of ammo would over rule the custom ai like defense and intercept directives do.

Thank you for the confirmation!

>> No.17058628
File: 45 KB, 387x93, nuclear.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This game.

>> No.17058726

Can you cook and eat it?

>> No.17058824

How do you find Will Smith in the snow?
look for Fresh Prince

>> No.17058853

This looks more like the sort of thing that could actually use some balance changes.

>> No.17058911

>blessed days
You mean Lucky Mewmewmew sleep events or some other thing I'm unfamiliar with?
Wasn't aware blessing treasure maps helped.

>> No.17058925

is there any particularly likely place to sell musical tools? wiki says just kill or steal from a bard but i dont think im strong enough to kill one especially if that aggros guards and i dont have thieving abilities
just want it to get more charisma so i can ride a horse

>> No.17058937

a fortune cookie told me to do it

>> No.17058940

>>just want it to get more charisma so i can ride a horse
Why is charisma necessary?

>> No.17058942

Player spell damage is fine. Pet spell damage formula is different than the player which results in weaker damage. Formula may be the way it is due to a pet not needing spell stock. Still can do reasonably well if the pets casting skill is raised but for the most part a pet pure caster is probably better off as backup damage and healer/buffer.

>> No.17058947

to get more pets

>> No.17058966


the dream lucky event is very different from the food one, instead of a bonus of 77 luck it is 777 luck which has a huge effect on the quality of your drops

>> No.17058969

Oh right.
If you have the money you can invest in shops, it raises Charisma really fast.
If not then either goods of general vendors can have instruments, I don't remember which ones.

>> No.17058985

You can find a free horn in the Lumiest Graveyard.

>> No.17058994

>blessed days
Yeah, meant those mewmewmew dream events. And from what I heard blessing a map before reading is supposed to boost the quality of the treasure.

Also generating items on deeper dungeon floors through crafting, sewing or using the vending machines to spawn treasure balls has some quality boosting effect as well.

>> No.17059035

that works thanks. been running around with a lot of cash by my standards since i was at the point where im just waiting for things i want to buy to spawn

ill head there too then thanks

>> No.17059170

can I give my pets ammo boxes and have them use them or do I have to keep track of how many times each one has shot and do it for them? also does the blacksmith recharge the party's ammos or just the ones in my own inventory?

**I just had to fill out like 11 fucking captchas fuck this shit. You know they're using this to make self driving car sign, structure and other vehicle recognition system? If you care about being in control of your car and not at the mercy of some 15 year old in Kazhakstan or the CIA or a bunch of liberal jews in California putting tens of millions of rural conservative truck drivers out of work, please intentionally do your captchas wrong**

>> No.17059188

Why don't you use legacy captcha?

>> No.17059251

Just kill the bards. Nobody likes bards. You think the two guards stationed at Palmia's fountain plaza like listening to that spoony asshole 24/7? I bet he has only three songs to rotate through.

>> No.17059263

Is it reading the map or opening the chest that cues the generation?

>> No.17059289

That's an interesting way to spoiler :^)

>> No.17059303

That sounds like an incredible hassle, and time spent micromanaging ammo. Do you have enough to keep it permanently on through the whole dungeon, or is it only for boss fights?

>> No.17059328

Its reading the map the cues generation, same with defeating a dungeon boss. Because once a chest appears the quality of the content is already determined before you open it.

>> No.17059386

>that cues
Time to sleep.

>> No.17059438

Don't have an ammo box on me to test but I'm guessing the player will have to use it. Keeping track of ammo for a pet I found easy. Simply observe. If they're not scoring x hits, things aren't exploding, or their damage is dropping they're out of ammo for said type. Restoring ammo is pretty easy with the blacksmith. Just use his service once to restore all special ammo in your inventory.

Mileage varies. Like on one of my arrows I have 45 rapid ammo, 2 burst, and 2 timestop. Another I have like 22 pierce, and 16 rapid. Pet can pump 61 bullets each doing 6 attacks into 61 enemies, 22 enemeis get subjugated to pierce, and the boss gets like 2 burst bullets into him which translates into 66 attacks in two turns. Is that enough to clear a whole dungeon? Maybe. It's enough for me considering I have myself and 3 other pets doing damage. I personally don't find the ammo management a hassle but I understand that may be just me.

>> No.17059497



>> No.17059509

>Just use his service once to restore all special ammo in your inventory.

Sorry let me clarify this. When you go to restore your ammo off of the blacksmith he restores all the special ammo in your inventory and will restore the special ammo in your pets inventory too.

>> No.17060067

Intrigued by this talk of blessing treasure maps. How much of a difference does it make? I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it early on when bottles of water are hard to come by and needed for other things. But upgrades are also hard to come by...

Speaking of blessing, was anyone ever able to conclusively prove whether or not it has any effect on tools? I always buy blessed tools if I see them in stores just in case.

>> No.17060068

Why my shadow step now costs 27 SP? It used to be much lower, I could perform it like over 9000 times, but now I have to use my bow, because I'm getting tired real quick.
I've read changelogs and found only halved accuracy on this skill, what happened?

>> No.17060133


water is easy to get in elona+, with a pot for fusion all you need is magic device at 7 to make water out of extremely common items.

>> No.17060153


Is the salt solution really that common? I've only found a handful so far. Less than bottles of water themselves. But I've been slacking on dungeon diving.

>> No.17060179

The blessed treasure map thing is a false fortune, guys. http://elona.wikia.com/wiki/Fortune_cookie

>> No.17060235

Some anonymous jackoff on the wikia page says you can read them more often and the location will be closer.

>> No.17060304

Are you not just supposed to take a picture of it, and then compare it to a map of the world?
Am I cheating by doing that? Even if I wouldn't take a picture I'd still just compare it to the map.

>> No.17060344

>compare it to a map of the world?
Pretty sure you're supposed to do that, using that is just more convenient than making one to use yourself.

Something I was doing before I thought to look it up.

>> No.17060346
File: 157 KB, 600x800, 59945386_p0_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've also found more bottles of water lying around in dungeons than I have found salt solution. In fact the salt solutions I have found in the entire game can probably be counted on one hand. If you really need water, just buy them at Miral & Garokk's for 3 medals apiece. You'll be swimming in medals if you complete dungeons regularly anyways, I haven't even bothered picking up the ones scattered around towns.

>> No.17060347

You can keep reading your map until your little girl is a little granny but the location will not change

>> No.17060378

I meant the map on the wiki, not the ingame one.

>> No.17060458

That's what I was talking about, nothings stopping you from making your own if you feel using a pre-made one is cheating for some reason.

>> No.17060505

Is the only way to increase the success rate of Fascination Dance (in Party Time! quests) raising your charisma?

How about Preaching? I can't find anything about its mechanics on the wiki.

>> No.17060893

F1 quick saves in my elona+ but F2 doesn't quick load. Is something wrong or what? getting sick of ALT-F4ing and have to have the resolution resize and reload everything.

>> No.17060901

This was changed in 1.67, so if you have that version, you can no longer use F2, maybe in wizard mode you still can.

Why do you have to resize the resolution, can't you just set it in the config and have it stay at that?

>> No.17060904

Pretty sure they got rid of quick load in one of the previous updates until Ano's crusade against save scumming.

>> No.17060910

I have the game playing in full screen because if I use windowed mode it looks tiny as shit.

Setting a custom resolution didn't seem to scale the actual game just increase the window size so you can see more but everything is tiny.

Any negatives to wizard mode then?

>> No.17060918

It's a debug mode, check the wiki for more details, I think it prevents you from making a gene, but then so does overdose.

>> No.17060925

invest in magic shops

>> No.17060947

I got my intsturment, put all my platinum in making it and investing level fast, spent all my cash investing in a magic shop 'till I had none left, grinded music and died a bunch as a result and moved from 1 to 2 charisma and I think lost some stats from dying to thrown rocks.
Not sure what I'm doing wrong

>> No.17060962

You're trying to impress nuns and Loyter is what you're doing wrong. Just work on playing for children, old people and animals. You can cast summon wild in Lesimas to conjure an easy, persistent and out of the way audience you can impress at your leisure.

>> No.17060974

Until the map crumbles into dust and the location is gone forever.

>> No.17060983

I haven't played in a long time and there are a shit ton of corpses I don't know If should avoid or cook, the wiki doesn't look like it has info on them.

Things like Turtle Rabbit / Mayu Sibayu / Stheno / Black Gryffon / etc.

>> No.17060999

I was training in in the north side of the first area, around the building to the right as you enter, since that generally has just kids and old people in it. A guard would sometimes wonder over and kill me though.

>> No.17061086

Salt solutions are sold at the magic vendor.

Preaching is Will-based.

>> No.17061113

Scrolls of flying are also sold at the magic vendor, that doesn't mean you see them often. Point was they are far from common

>> No.17061233

I don't think I've ever seen some of the lesser potions in the magic vendor, do some items just stop showing up completely once you take them to ranks 100+?

>> No.17061250


Well, Faith is a Will-based skill, so yeah.

I was wanting to know more about how exactly it works. Like the Special action (Elona+) page says Fascination Dance is your Charisma rolled against NPC's Will but no such info for Preaching.

>> No.17061381

I got my first ever wish from the Noel fountain. I already have the 7 league boots, not sure what to get. Anything else it seems I can just buy/train or you can't wish for

>> No.17061401

Happy bed, a shift core or a Kumiromi's experience.

>> No.17061415

You can buy or train most things, but you want to wish for something that would be a pain to obtain that way. Happy beds are hard to find, Aurora ring I don't think I've ever seen randomly generated before, a scroll of gain attribute is always good to have, secret experience of Kumiromi is really nice and also rare, a speed ring might be a nice boost if you or a pet have a free ring slot.

One thing about wishing for skills/gain attribute scrolls is that some skills can only be obtained from the guilds, and if you get them this way it saves you the trouble of joining them.

>> No.17061452

>a speed ring might be a nice boost if you or a pet have a free ring slot.
I think there's a speed ring in the pyramid.

>> No.17061460

Got the bed and drank well dry, dumped potions in it and got another wish lol

Do cores add much to your stats or last long? If not imma get the experience thing because it beats grinding for it

Weather doesn't feel like a big enough deal to wish to fix, especially when it doesn't even stop the biggest threatening one

>> No.17061464

There definitely is one, but that's just one. You and every humanoid pet you travel with have two ring slots

>> No.17061468

>dumped potions in it
Was it the Noyel well? If so you just corrupted it.

>> No.17061471

Yea. Ah well lol. Fucking up is how we learn

>> No.17061516

It's not that big a deal. It's not exactly a reliable source of wishes and while you can get blessed water from it, there are plenty of other sources. I only realized I hadn't been using the well the entire game until I read the above posts.

>> No.17061521

Invest in Moyer's shop in Noyel and you will get a lot of speed and aurora rings.

>> No.17061575

>always blessing my treasure maps before
reading them.
>actually getting nigged into wasting so much water for so long by a cookie
>actually believing false fortunes


Alright, so its mainly luck that factors into treasure map loot quality, so just read them only on lucky days instead of blessing them. Sorry if that got anyone hyped.

But yeah, I always found the ingredients used for distillation to be more scarce than the actual water itself, just my issue was always more with the rods of firewall than the salt.

>> No.17061683
File: 1 KB, 48x48, 812-hungry_sea_lion_plus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate this piece of shit.

God, he just appeared of nowhere, destroying the walls and eated my shit! He can't get away like this, no!

>> No.17061696

Food-scavenging monsters are the worst, at least normal thieves give you back the gold after killing them.

>> No.17061705


You can just teleport the guild watchman away and use incognito to learn guild only skills.

>> No.17061741


Mage guild leader will fuck you up, though. The other two, sure, but I would not try sneaking into the Mages' guild at low levels.

>> No.17061788

>at least normal thieves give you back the gold after killing them.
Got bad news, may want to pay attention to how much it is you get back, a lot of it vanishes into the void of nothingness for some reason. Unless my pets are pickpocketing it back for themselves or something.

Thing about that, you probably want to do the guild for fighter to Rank 1 at least once for that nice fire sword assuming you're Sword Melee, and even if not, maybe a pet would benefit from it.

I wound up doing that then switching to the Mage Guild and just got the skills from the thieves guild with incognito.
Wasn't particularly interested in the thieves rewards anyways.

>> No.17061864

My guess is that money evaporates so that you can't "steal" it from your pets with a thief middleman. Still, some very strange logic is at work here.

>> No.17061867
File: 268 KB, 550x600, 1493724849561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yea I'm already in the fighter's guild. You get a 50% gear enhancing discount that saved me millions, and the cutest guildmaster.

>> No.17061911

Another reason to use cooler box and 4-D pocket/mirrors. Also you can carry cursed/rotten/poisoned/harmful food to give scavengers like him a nasty surprise.

>> No.17061987

A shame we can't mix food with gasoline or explosives or something then light them up, that'd be good fun.

>> No.17062016

If you have a caramel of termination they can probably eat that.

>> No.17062038

Well, there's always cursed, rotten, undead, hard or yith food. Sure atleast one of those will kill with food poisoning.

>> No.17062063

So, i first download Elona plus,then the custom patch and overwrite files?

>> No.17062067

>If you have a caramel of termination they can probably eat that.
Fuck, I actually just got one of those, will have to test it out later.

>> No.17062068

Yeah, but it's the custom unofficial patch now until Anna gets back to it.

>> No.17062170

if i patch do i need to start over?

>> No.17062194

Any idea what could be causing this? i got the elonaplus1.67fix2 and ElonaCustom Unofficial 1.67fix2.2

>> No.17062206
File: 3 KB, 257x151, Error.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot image

>> No.17062282

proximity assist and interlocking shooting mechanism are like shmup options right? do they deal damage based on my stats or the stats of the items with the attribute?

>> No.17062337
File: 221 KB, 600x415, b4fd864f7e0e63cb79d8ac62c3832139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have you pleased your goddess today?

>> No.17062395

Are you playing on Windows 7 or in Windows 7 compatibility mode?

>> No.17062551

how come the unofficial custom patch lacks the ''end farm quests early'' thing? was all i downloaded it for

>> No.17062553

ran compatibility mode and it fixed that

>> No.17062586

Because the official version of the game now lets you do it and was removed in CU because it was redundant.

>> No.17062596

Because the official version of the game now lets you do it

wait what how? googling it leads me to a wiki saying you fail if you do that

>> No.17062605

>Performing and harvesting quests will now automatically end if you leave the map. (The quests will be cleared if you meet the quotas.) Added an exit for the Party Time! map at the bottom.

>> No.17062618

huh cool thanks. edited the wiki to reflect this for anyone else who didn't know

>> No.17062742
File: 1.11 MB, 1628x640, nomagicpower.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Out of the 57 times I've either initiated sleep sharing in my house or my pet Saya initiated it through her sleep sheep I always had a suspicion that I wasn't recovering spell potential. I guess you really do need a good nights rest to recover spell potential and a tumble between the sheets stops that from happening.

I really need to find somewhere to put Saya's bodily fluids since it's actually weighing me down. I always collect it saying I need to dump this elsewhere or it's going to stay on top of my bed in my house but never really get around to dumping it. I'm actually laughing that this is a problem and that it's going to end up in my storage house. Only in Elona...

>> No.17062878

Why don't you sell them?

>> No.17062940

sell his waifu's precious body fluids? are ye mad man?

>> No.17062990

Sadly it only goes for just shy of 1900 gold if I sell the stack considering just one sells for 33 gold or something like that. The bartering discussion with the vendor must have been priceless. I'll probably keep it just for laughs as a counter of lewd behavior and put it in storage. Who knows if it will end up as an ingredient for some pet related craftable in the future.

>> No.17062996

you don't just sell your wife's grool to some stranger

>> No.17063119
File: 702 KB, 1628x640, ammo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wonder if there's a way to easily farm miracle or higher arrows. So far the arrows I have all have been from dungeon pick ups. Vendors seem to be giving me just regular arrows at the moment.

Interlocking shooting mechanism causes a 2-turn evasion penalty to the opponent. Damage is based on your normal attack damage, your marksmans skill, and the enchantment strength. Might ignore PV. Proximity assist is similar but that's based off of normal attack damage, tactics skill, and enhancement strength.

>> No.17063145

Sorry meant enchantment.

>> No.17063287
File: 642 KB, 600x2451, 50003040_p1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The online in Elona had/has so much potential. Imagine visiting other players' shops and buying/trading things, visiting their homes and leaving gifts, or buying pets off them ala slave trader. Not to mention the legendary online co-op mode.

>> No.17063297
File: 239 KB, 813x407, 1356124666148.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>use my god heart from estork to evolve chaos plant
>doesn't get extermination breath
This is the worst

Also, is the Absolute Protect special action for the evolved defender any good, or does it just make them explode instantly?

>> No.17063325
File: 8 KB, 629x17, whoresanae.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I just want the death messages back. It's lonely now.

>> No.17063328

You have to reinitialize its actions in order for it to learn the skill if you're using custom AI.

>> No.17063359
File: 268 KB, 515x850, __ojyou_elona_drawn_by_shunsei_muratou__8bfd1d19194cec5807bfe3237b1da3e2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

young lady a best

>> No.17063366
File: 643 KB, 700x950, 1467064106371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish there was white princess art.

>> No.17063505

Any way to fullscreen without making the game hide the top roll?

>> No.17063535

how do i actually make money from my farm i cook the stuff and total its worth like 1-2k

>> No.17063543

Get a hibachi for better quality food. Also raise cooking skill.

>> No.17063549

I wish there was more art in general. Especially comics.

>> No.17063625


You wanna cook fish and corpses for money.

>> No.17063693

What's stopping the next update to elona+ from just forcing people on a custom server?

>> No.17063745

Murder knight worth using?

>> No.17063768

One of the best options.

>> No.17063781

I just spent all my bronze coins in cargo upgrade, and the NPC dont have more than 30000 gold. How nice.

>> No.17063782

So give him a 2hander, low weight resist armor, gene engineer skills, and use only 1-2 pets at a time?

I have the Defender and Golden Knight. The golden knight dies constantly (prob resists). Should I build these guys up or is there more "meta" power gaming pets I should be saving for?

What makes him good? his ini is 836/110... which IIRC is high and thus bad?? I'm 212 hours into the game and haven't spent AP on anything (my character included)

>> No.17063965

About how many times do I need to invest in a magic shop before it can stock cure corription? I've invested in one about 10 times but its only ever stocking cure mutation so far

>> No.17063992

I see them like 25% of the time at 150-200
just play blackjack if you need a cure corruption potion, chips are pretty common even in the low level resource deposits on the first few floors of Lesimas

>> No.17064047

imma do that then im only level 11 nowhere near enough income to pour that much into a shop

>> No.17064093


I just found him a couple days ago and I think the concept of him is really badass so I don't mind him being harder to raise. I was able to knock his INI down to 500 something/50. I noticed he gets completely destroyed when it comes to magic. I've accidentally killed him multiple times with ice bolt even though I have control magic. I guess I need to raise both that and his resistances. Raising a pet from scratch is a lot of work.

>> No.17064141

I want my pets to pick up gold off the ground but not drink out of wells or eat food.

Do they still eat horrible things that lower their stats (undead) and fall in wells?

>> No.17064296

>invest ball shop to level 1000
>typically don't even get balls above lvl 100
Am I just incredibly unlucky, or is the ball level exponentially tied to the shop level?

>> No.17064304

No, he can sell monster balls as high leveled as his rank or 200, whichever is less. It's possible high level balls are deliberately rarer.

>> No.17064376

It's normal for the top row to only be partially visible. Or do you mean something else?

Because there isn't any, Ano wasn't the owner of the previous one and he doesn't seem to want to mess with that.

Buy and sell the same items repeatedly to them to increase rank.

Yes, but it isn't hard to stop them from eating something since it isn't instant, and you can just be careful around wells.

>> No.17064649

Bitflags are just about the only thing in the game you can't grind up. Certain skills can't be grinded for, but Leold offers many useful ones. Murder knight happens to come with cArmor and cFloat, and doesn't look as boring as Living Armors.

>> No.17064713

If you've got high level dungeons and 4d Pocket at the spell scribe, you might have better success with the Fusion recipe. Monster balls you create will scale to the level of the area you're in. You don't even need to be in the mage's guild thanks to the Sacred Library.

>> No.17065435

Are you guys keeping the cute fairy in your main party now the it gives herb seeds more consistently?

>> No.17065501

Do any of the bonuses revealed by rubbing with the big brush have any effect on the chances of, say, rabbits dropping rabbit tails?

It seems unlikely since I don't seem to get extra skins from the ones that drop more meat, but hope springs eternal.

>> No.17065885

Statues are worthless, gemstones are worthless, fairy puke is the new meta.
Apparently some guy managed to get 50 seeds in one day, and there's 6 herb days a month.
Rather than keep it in the main party, I'd guess you leave it in the bar and bring it to puppy cave on seed generation days. Find a hungry demon and let it unload on your fairy.

>> No.17065908

What is this "rare drop flag" I've been hearing about? I feel like I've been getting a new Mag-Abyss every other hunting quest.

>> No.17065960

what's a herb day? i dont have the fairy myself since i have a minus 8 charisma ether disease i cant fix yet

>> No.17065978

It seems to be responsible for rare item drops now. Drop rates of rare items were supposedly increased, but this flag stays turned off until 10 minutes have passed since the game was last loaded, meaning many precious items won't be generated until after that mark.

>> No.17066029

outdated info, statues are king

>> No.17066132
File: 1.76 MB, 1080x3268, tmp_18665-Screenshot_20170519-141722146050196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone did some tests on the way type of seed creation relates to day.

>> No.17066137

Does Lesimas ever reset gathering spots? I ran down it as far as I can on this char without just dying and got a total of 1 gambling chip.

>> No.17066270


how do you actually make it full in one day though? i've got it now but its taking ages to eat anything.
do i feed it a day in advance?

>> No.17066348

Pretty sure blessed food instantly fills them up, then you make them throw up and do it again.

>> No.17066485

Speaking of vomiting, Shadowstep + Bodyblow on a pet is fun times.
Everything vomits itself to death while dying from the bodyblow spam.

>> No.17067052

Lesimas floors are static. Why not run low level dungeons? They should be all over the place.

>> No.17067157

Besides the Exile, what are some handy or unusual mage pets? My party lacks magic and is almost all little girls with big dicks I mean swords

>> No.17067317

I'm liking my fox brother. Has a nice range of useful spells right off the bat, and evolved gets megid flame to remove buffs and inflict elemental scar.

Of course I am using custom ai so that might make me biased.

>> No.17067323

Fire fox brothers get Megid Flame. They're kinda low HP though, so they need some investment.

>> No.17067388
File: 277 KB, 809x632, statues.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Fairies are alright I guess. If you have them use them but it's not going to replace Kumiromi statues.

The problem I have with fairies when it comes to collecting herb seeds or just seeds in general is the fact that their seed generation is directly tied to when your character sleeps. My fairy will only eat once from my stomafilla stack, generate some seeds, and will then stop generating anymore seeds until my character sleeps again. Due to having to constantly sleep to refresh the fairies ability to generate herb seeds, I find it very easy to overshoot collection days because it can be hard to pin down when your character gets sleepy.

It's a shame that sleep is required to refresh the fairy's ability to generate seeds now. Before one of the more recent patches, fairies could eat multiple times from a stack generating a lot of seeds. Now there generation is similar to statues but I find statues easier to work with. Still, if collection days coincidentally come up where your fairy or fairies are able to generate the seeds you want then you should use them.

Fox brother is a mage like pet that can be evolved to get megid flame. I found the little girl evolved into a witch interesting because she's not a full blown caster. Seems to like to melee and throw out spells every now and then. Also comes with the special action sanity rain. I have a witch on my team and had her learn variable storm from Leold so she could take advantage of AOE spells. Since she likes to go in melee range she's usually close enough to tag many people with that spell. I guess with playing just the Elona+ differences with mage pets can boil down to what spells the pets cast. So you might want to look into a pets spell list before choosing. If you're playing with Custom truly unique mage pets are very hard to come by due to being able to teach your pets special actions and spells.

>> No.17067561

I think static dungeons do respawn sampling spots, which are good to run after they're fully explored and cleared of monsters.

>> No.17067599
File: 439 KB, 768x810, __pariya_otoyomegatari_drawn_by_sunameri_oishii__6028fe6ba522e48ac258586db1ef3d41.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's a lot of fox boy endorsements

>> No.17067659

>He can cast Mind Bolt, Magic Dart, Raging Roar, Nightmare and Divine Wisdom spells and uses the Touch of Sleep special action

>> No.17067739
File: 69 KB, 300x500, face2_F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also he's cute.

>> No.17067830

ive never seen them anywhere else and someone mentioned them in it specifically so i figured they'd be more common in it
probably need to raise my search skill a lot more

>> No.17067873

oh doesnt even matter i found one, got my potion of cc and cured the bad stuff and it left the good one (+rain chance).
is there any way to lock in that disease so i never lose it?

>> No.17067903

Yeah I compared a number of wizard and warmage NPCs on the wiki and couldn't find anything as good.

A few that I thought had a nice set of spells were High Magician, Legion Mage, Sage of Elea, Dark Elea (all unsurprisingly high level, high INI), Abyss Princess and Nein the Flying Witch (same as above and need to astral light pen).

But as for low level spellcasters to raise, Fox Brother seems to be king, followed by Exile. Wrang-wrang might be OK, with mind bolt+nightmare and nerve touch.

>> No.17068072

How do I uncurse non-equipped items or does the Secret Experience of Kuromini (probably spelled wrong) just act normal if its cursed? Mine got cursed. Was gonna use it for knockout but not sure if that'll just go ''haha cursed you wasted it'' or ''haha cursed we take a feat away''

>> No.17068083

Blessed scrolls of uncurse or vanish curse will uncurse your entire inventory. This also works if you give one to an NPC, who will read it the following turn.

A good tip for when you have a nice supply of gold is to start buying lots of uncurse scrolls from magic vendors, then blessing a huge stack of them later.

>> No.17068088

I didn't know you could manually bless stuff. Bless scrolls of remove curse didn't work though, I tried several.
Wiki says its blessed vanish only that does that but I've never seen a vanish curse scroll at all

>> No.17068103

Sometimes cursed items resist being uncursed and take several tries, if the item is doomed you should get a vanish curse scroll. Vanish curse is always better in any case.

If you drop a bottle of water (not dirty water) on an altar, it will bless it. Anything dipped into it will be blessed, including a stack of items.

>> No.17068137

Vanish Curse should be the very first scroll you ever see in the game. Maybe there's one lying around on the floor in your house.

>> No.17068162

probably is still in my house lol; i only visit it to pay bills since its out of the way for where i do most of my quests
imma grab it hopefully then try and bless it thanks

>> No.17068271
File: 36 KB, 482x436, 1460720744548.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Accidentally houzanha'd my house

>> No.17068288

I think there's something wrong with my little fairy. It doesn't seem to be eating most food; it just rots in its inventory. Blessed food it eats but its never getting full.

>> No.17068314
File: 177 KB, 619x527, fresh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]





>> No.17068354

The name is pretty radical too.

>> No.17068481

So is it actually possible to compete with the rate pets scale with? Feels very hard to compare with any pet that's faster than me and has same slots, easier to add slots to them and more rewarding to just let them kill stuff because they get drops for it if they have the right skills while I don't

Looking at ways to improve speed it seems by the time I could improve my base speed to a comparable level, I'll have basically already done everything

Having my options be ''don't bring pets'' or ''pets kill everything before I even approach them'' is kind of fun killing now I'm actually doing the combat. I do have a skill to make them less aggressive but they still kill everything before I do any damage with guns or get to think about melee.

>> No.17068490


Just press f2.

>> No.17068504

I've found the higher level dungeons and quests I tackle, the more monsters take a concerted effort of the entire party plus your PC to take down. It's pretty satisfying. But fighting monsters far above your level means you and all your pets need a near-complete set of resistances and high defense.

>> No.17068549

I just imagine an adventurer having nightmares of the void then waking up screaming obliterating their house in the process.

>> No.17068556

Not anymore ;^)

>> No.17068640

Maybe he skipped the tutorial or actually did what Lomias said.

It won't eat if it's already full, and it won't check its inventory once it gets hungry again.

Why do you need to compete with your own pet? It was uber hard to train them in the past,; if you're not having fun anymore because of a too strong pet then just bench them until you're stronger or stop feeding them all your herbs and eat them yourself.

>> No.17068646
File: 343 KB, 813x635, void.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My previous character and my current character have always been stronger than their pets. I'm doing hundreds of thousands more damage than my pets despite their capped attributes.

Pets get better rates when it comes to food and AP rewards but the problem with pets is that they are very hard to grind outside of bonus points. If you know how to grind skills well you can overtake them on that front and in the end you become much stronger than they are because of it. I've only been able to get my pets to around 1000 skill through bonus points but my character has already capped a couple of skills. The problem is that bonus points eventually just don't go as far to level up skills. It takes a whole lot of bonus points to raise skills after 1000 but you'll probably feel your points not going as far sooner than that.

A player not only gets bonus points but if they know how to grind can cap skills quicker. I capped my casting skill by just spamming oracle and using some bonus points on it at the end. Unfortunately, a pet can't spam oracle so it's going to level the skill much slower.

The problem I guess a player can make is when they decide to let the pets play the game for them and focus all their resources on their pets. That's a big mistake that has real bad consequences later on. Resources need to be focused on the player not on the pet. That means hermes blood, herbs, etc should first be doled out to the player with excess going to pets. Since pets get better returns on some of the resources they can afford to make do with less. So I wouldn't necessarily say stop playing with pets or stop making them better, but I certainly would say slow it down and don't let them become so strong that they're stronger than your character.

Maybe it's just not as hungry when eating certain foods. Certain foods are also more filling than others. I've had 100% success in generating seeds from feeding my fairy blessed stomafillas but the problem is that it might be too filling since they occasionally vomit afterwards. Probably need to experiment with other foods.

>> No.17068739

>Why do you need to compete with your own pet? It was uber hard to train them in the past,; if you're not having fun anymore because of a too strong pet then just bench them until you're stronger or stop feeding them all your herbs and eat them yourself.
I've literally never gave my pets any herbs or actually anything beyond hand-me-down equipment. I've only ever had 3 herb seeds (hundreds of fruit and veg though) and I used all the herbs they made on myself

>The problem I guess a player can make is when they decide to let the pets play the game for them and focus all their resources on their pets.
No its more like the pet is playing the game for me if I bring it whether I like it or not because it simply does everything more than I do on account of higher speed. I'm pretty sure I hit as hard in melee; I just never get to melee anything because everything is already dead
Maybe need more riding but that skill is training ungodly slow.
I don't want to bench a large part of the game and one of the more fun aspects just because its performing too well that'd be silly

>> No.17068758

What level are you and what's you and your pets' speed? Do you bring only a couple or a whole bunch? What level enemies are you fighting?

>> No.17068759

Alright so you already know the answer to your problem then. You need to get more speed on your character but since you're using a mount those speed upgrades should be directed towards your mount. But to answer this:

>So is it actually possible to compete with the rate pets scale with?

Yes, the player can scale just as well or even better than a pet

>> No.17068760

I had that problem for a while. Get speed rings and try to find speed uppers and Hermes blood.

I picked out and found a speed ring on an adventurer that was like 20 extra speed early on, but I know the pyramid always has a speed ring.

>> No.17068774

I dunno low. Its just a lil' sister and a horse so 110 and 145 I think? Pretty sure that's what the wiki said. I don't know how to check.
I just got as far as doing the fusion quest and it was like... they can get limbs like a mutant (I'm playing one of those) at way lower levels at pretty much no cost.

I was asking because I'm very early in the game and new to it. Well, not really new, I tried playing it years ago. But I never made it past like level 3 then because of expecting it to play like a roguelike right off the bat instead of a sandbox quest simulator

>> No.17068791

You only just started and are complaining already?

>> No.17068797

>I'm very early in the game and new to it
Pets far outclass you at this point. You can die in the puppy cave to an enemy sneeze, then bring your little girl along and watch her murder her way to the lost dog.

>> No.17068801

I was asking a question, how is that complaining?

>> No.17068802


The funny thing is it still exists in the form of pressing the x and restarting the game. Now takes 2 clicks instead of 1.

>> No.17068823

>Feels very hard to compare with any pet
>They're playing the game for me
>I never get to do anything
>It's killing my fun
>Wah wah

>> No.17068826

i though how it worked was it gets full, vomits up seeds then i sleep and its empty again
as is it seems to be eating enough to get full then that's it it lets everything rot and never spits anything up not even actual vomit

guess ill just keep experimenting with stuff and grinding food so my stuff is more filling

i only really want it to work because someone here said its a good souce of herbs and aside from srt my growths are abysmal now anyways. but im sure i can fix that other ways

>> No.17068829

Oh then yea sure I was. Sorry you can't handle that

>> No.17068863

>No its more like the pet is playing the game for me if I bring it whether I like it or not because it simply does everything more than I do on account of higher speed

Since you're using a mount, spend level up bonus points on riding while equipping your mount with glass equipment for speed and speed rings. Maybe later on add more limbs to the mount for more equip slots. There are also other potential enemies that you can capture, through monster balls or dominate, or have join you that are suitable mounts. So there's a bit of trading up you can do with mounts for more speed.

As for what I said about resources and how they should mainly go to your character before your pets, it's a bit different for mounted characters since all your speed is tied up in a mount which which is just another pet. In this case any hermes blood or speed uppers you find should be going to your mount since the mount determines your speed. The problem that can emerge is do you hoard your stuff and wait to spend it on a significant trade up, or do you spend as you go? That's up to you to decide on what works best for you. No clear answer on that.

>I don't want to bench a large part of the game and one of the more fun aspects just because its performing too well that'd be silly

Well if the power gap gets too big I actually think it's very much worth doing. Benching all your pets and focusing on your character until you're stronger than your pets.

>> No.17068909

I ended up just getting rid of my old mount and buying a new, higher level one, which seems to largely solve the issue I was having before of being unable to effectively raise riding because it would just die and never level up. Didn't want to because its mean but eh the thing was useless.

>Well if the power gap gets too big I actually think it's very much worth doing. Benching all your pets and focusing on your character until you're stronger than your pets.
Your probably right but imma try to avoid that. I like the idea of buffing myself and leading them into a fight. Right now I just kill myself and sort of follow them behind in fights, but since I know that can all be fixed its just more stuff to grind for in a game that makes grinding fun and honestly seems built around it

>> No.17069055
File: 473 KB, 992x766, __daiyousei_touhou_drawn_by_kuresento__70a878722108125b5b8ef01608530361.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gods constantly getting into drunken brawls until one finally has enough and decides to unleash Ragnarok, burning all furniture and killing all house servants in sight
>accidentally piss off one of the neutral monsters summoned into your basement that just so happened to be a backpack looter, for some reason there's still a caramel of termination sitting in your inventory
>decide to do some cheap training with a sandbagged mass monster in torture dungeon, forget to unequip busterbook
>mfw when no more f2 in later versions

I guess now It really pays off to printscreen/screencap your home after its finished.

>> No.17069066

Do you know which of the gods unleashed Ragnarok? Wonder which of the gods is the mean angry drunk.

>> No.17069087



>> No.17069121

My bets on Mani. He seems like the kind of God who is calm and collected but somehow can't hold his liqueur.

>> No.17069144
File: 644 KB, 1024x768, Opatos likes to break shit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're actually all mean angry drunks. So far I had it happen from five different gods.

>> No.17069174

>Homo Domination

>> No.17069274

Well good to see Jure is trying to keep Opatos in check.

>> No.17069308


im on version elona+custom 1.58

should i update to elona+custom unofficial 1.67fix3?
sadly, I have a lot of spritesheets and item sheets i would have to update which would be a pain, so any notable changes necessitating an update?

>> No.17069372
File: 140 KB, 247x441, Remi kink.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17069384

Do not lewd lewd the Remi.

>> No.17069617

Did the once a sleep thing happen in some kinda hotfix update to 1.67? To quote someone who seems to be playing on 1.67:
>The days in which the cute fairy produces seeds are different than Kumiromi statues and are less. Days 3, 9, 13, 19, 23, and 29 produce herb seeds for fairies. Even though the eligible days are less, the fact that you are guaranteed to pull more than one herb seed a day from a fairy now that RNG from it has been eliminated is significant. For instance, in one in game day I was able to pull 53 herb seeds from my cute fairy.

I had found this trawling the archive.

>> No.17069708

Any advice on maximizing the number of big daddies I find? I want Kumiromi gemstones, but I have like 6800 favor from Yacatect and don't want to give that up until I can cash in some little sister rewards for maybe 4-5 gemstones.

act 3 content
agreed, her sister is far superior for lewding

>> No.17069783

Do not lewd lewd the Flan.

>> No.17069797

Well, it's a numbers game. The more new dungeon floors you generate in a given time period, the more Big Daddy kills you can expect. And you'll be gaining gold, medals, and plats all the while. I think Sense Object can find the stairs for you?
This is what Kai does, and I guess he's the de facto standard for Elona powergrinding or something.

>> No.17070078

How hard is it to kill Big Daddies as pure melee? The wiki makes it sound like an extremely daunting task but I'm starting to think I made a mistake passing them up since it seems I am virtually immune to damage unless it is magic.

I have no idea how to benchmark myself against what I can or should be doing, since level is largely meaningless. I've learned the hard way that going into 1x DL dungeons means instant death the second anything casts spells at me, but I've discovered I can kill rogue bosses extremely easily and do hunting quests I thought were far out of reach.

Nobody ever really talks about specifics other than maybe resists, like "if you have 100 PV you're good to go" or "you should be capable of doing at least 200 damage a turn before you try him", so I always feel like I'm just groping in the dark. I'm probably overly cautious but then whenever I step outside my comfort zone I get instagibbed because how the fuck am I supposed to get superb resists for a dozen elements when I can only do low level dungeons? I should've listened to Kai and done Itzpalt first.

>> No.17070147

Rogue bosses scale with your fame. Don't they mention a level next to their name? That could explain why you have it so easy against them. Don't they come with rogue wizards? How are you surviving those? And there should be plenty of wizards and baptists in low level hunting quests, why aren't you getting instagibbed there?

>> No.17070253

Even doing low level dungeons, you will often get casino chips from the gathering spots. Get a load of cure corruption potions and go adventurer hunting to trade with them for their gear. Consider joining the fighter's guild for the discount and enhance all your equipment to +3. For resists, try grabbing as much precious gear as you can. If you gather a bunch of medals, you can go buy the Sage's Helm for example at Miral's

>> No.17070255


It's not like I have no resists whatsoever, I just can't cover every element. I'm at ####+ in fire so red baptists and the like aren't an issue, but I have nothing for poison, nerve, nether, and chaos.

But the last time I stepped into a 12 or 13 dungeon I got one shot from offscreen by the first caster that spawned with some dart or another.

>> No.17070274

Ah I get you, to fill those gaps I relied a lot on random drops of gear of [nerve/nether/chaos] (they're not even miracle) and pet-crafted artifacts. If your pet has crafting skills, you may wake up to a nice artifact that plugs those resist gaps.

>> No.17070313


You're right about the Sage's Helm, I should probably have bought that already. It's better than anything I have now and even a little more magic resist would probably do me more good than anything else at the moment.

I've already enhanced my equipment to +3 and beyond in some cases and looted all the adventurers I find. Trades were great at the very beginning but I'm having no luck finding anything usable on them now.

I'm just having a hard time covering every single resist at once and knowing what I can and can't do at my current level without blind trial and error leading to painful death penalties.

I guess I just have to work on my crafting or rely on my little girl.

>> No.17070587

Alright I can't handle my pets eating fucking food off the ground anymore.

Is there a way to easily get them to train potential and eat in a more micromanaging way? can I turn off eat/pick up off floor and manually put food/gold/ore in their inventory for them to eat/use/sell?

>> No.17070615

Tamer's whip lets you stop them from eating food, picking up ores, or both.

>> No.17070661

I have 2 happy beds:

Blessed etherwork happy bed
Madam's Favorite Silkwork happy bed

I hear people make a bed really light so they can sleep on the go, how would I go about doing this? aim for dawn or spirit cloth and then blessed scrolls of flying?

>> No.17070721

Paperwork bed should be the lightest. Though with enough scrolls of flying it shouldn't matter what it's made of.

>> No.17070727

doesn't Dawn / spirit cloth give more potential gains and "better" sleep due to quality?

Was thinking of taking 1 light one with me for travel and a high material dragon scale one at home?

>> No.17070738

Any reason not to go quaff from every well in the land until empty with mut resist equips and a magic shop that sells potions of cure mutation? Seems 99% I just get mutation bad results that don't do crap most of the time or aliens that die in 1 hit and are countered by dye
I think it can lower attritbutes too but I also have potions for that

>> No.17070782

You get an item for killing a demi god in act 3 that removed all the negative parts of quaffing from a well, so you could just wait for that.

>> No.17070809

Does blessing hero's cheese increase the gains or do anything good?

>> No.17070938

Not that I know of

>> No.17070998
File: 154 KB, 827x746, hat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So this is why Yowyn had been a nonstop party this whole time.

>> No.17071011

The only thing that influences sleeping is the type of bed you're sleeping on, quality doesn't matter.

>> No.17071084

That's what I did since it will be a long while until I can get to act 3 content.

Main reason is I was tired of preventing alien outbreaks because for some dumb reason all the npcs have horrible luck.

>> No.17071466


Magic map then teleport until you can see stairs is the fastest way to generate floors that I know.

>> No.17072068
File: 735 KB, 600x1967, 50003040_p2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Isn't your etherwork bed light enough? It's one of the lightest materials.

None, drink away.

>> No.17072147 [DELETED] 

I don't understand. Did he use blue dye on the junk ores?

>> No.17072390

So if I'm understanding the wiki correctly, with magic, I'm basically at no risk unless I go below 0 magic? They don't explain overcasting in the main article on this but its what the mana capacity one says

>> No.17072512

Yes... mostly. Dim and Confuse will put you at risk, with NO helpful warning dialog box. I think Ehekatl's ability can also surprise kill you.

>> No.17072533

You use your HP as a substitute for MP if you don't have enough mana. The higher you Magic Capacity is, the better is your conversion rate, and the lower you can go at a 1 MP = 1 HP rate once you hit the negatives.

I think it also affects how much damage you take if your MP gets drained because of a failed book reading attempt or a spell failure when you are confused or dimmed and your MP is not full.

>> No.17072559

Magic reaction only happens if casting puts you in negative MP or you're already there, yes. Or you're confused and fail casting.

I think he means "no risk of magic reaction" and not "no risk easy mode play style".

You always lose 100% MP from spell failure or failed reading, so there's no magic reaction if you're full, and Magic Capacity will protect you if you're not.

>> No.17072635
File: 305 KB, 811x632, bigdaddy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I actually said what you quoted. It was nice while it lasted but yes, it was changed in 1.67 fix 1. After that patch my current stance on it is now in this post. >>17067388

Pretty much just do lots of dungeons and hope that a floor spawns a big daddy. You'll find them eventually. It's not unheard of to find multiple big daddies in one dungeon also. I think in one dungeon I managed to find 3.

I've done fine without focusing on increasing luck but if the wiki is to be believed about luck, then that attribute can help your chances in finding them. Perhaps hopping on Ehekatl for awhile and donating lots of fish to increase the luck bonus she gives you might help your chances of finding them but I certainly can't say for certain if that will help. If anyone wants to test and share if they feel like they've found more big daddies than normal I'm sure we'd be interested in hearing about it.

I normally just let my pets eat off the ground in my home if I'm leveling their attributes. Won't do it anywhere else. While out adventuring, I normally just push them away from the food when I see them with a blue life gauge and trying to eat things in dungeons. Having them well fed though normally keeps them from eating anything they're not supposed to for me.

I think one of the Custom features lets you put food in their inventory to eat. Giving gold to a pet is easy once you have evochat and a nice supply of gold on your character to hand over. If you want to give them ore and stuff just access their inventory like when you do to give them stuff to equip.

>> No.17072658

I know I died reading a book once. Maybe that was the surprise. Is actually why I decided to read about it on wiki.

Thanks. That's much more succint and makes more sense than the wiki article.

I was thinking about damage yea.

>> No.17072670

>I think he means "no risk of magic reaction" and not "no risk easy mode play style".
And I told him some situations where he would be at risk of magic reaction thank you so much for the helpful clarification.

>> No.17072679

About about the part about Ehekatl?

>> No.17072703

It's her special ability you blathering tit.

>> No.17072712

That's related to magic reaction?

>> No.17072720
File: 585 KB, 276x252, 1434041169216.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mom dad stop fighting

>> No.17072750

Not him, but apparently it randomizes mana costs leading to possible death by magic reaction from spells that would normally cost only a few mana

>> No.17072764

I forgot about that. That's why I was confused.

>> No.17072803

>Female pets lose attract if you bash them

>> No.17072967

How is fairy for endgame? I'm loving it in the first act, but the pain of seeing so much equipment I can't use is getting to me.

>> No.17073059

The richer your fairy gets, the more magic vendors you can invest in to get flying scrolls and make heavy equipment light and wearable. So it follows that lategame you'll be able to finally get a nice set of gear.

>> No.17073131
File: 2 KB, 99x22, 2017-05-25 00_36_51-ElonaPlus Custom 1.67fix2.2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Equipment is not a very big problem later on, what with the abundance of artifacts and flying / superior material scrolls. You'll still be on a fragile side unless you grind hero cheese, but high evade and emergency evasion help with that.

>> No.17073160

Great, thanks. I never thought about flying scrolls on equipment.

>> No.17073294

Weight is a factor in damage and PV bonuses. As a fairy with scrolled equipment you will not be receiving these bonuses. If you are a caster fairy (as fairies generally are) you should be keeping buff spell potentials very low to make up the difference. As a non-caster, at least consider adding the buffs to your repertoire.

>> No.17073423

How is weight a factor in damage and pv bonuses? I know flying scrolls reduced in in Elona, but they have no effect on it in Elona+, unless I'm missing something.

>> No.17073439

Good lord. Will I really need to devote 6 shortcuts to buff spells? If that's what fairies do then I should stop now.

>> No.17073446

there's the feed option as an interaction, I don't think there is any way to get pets to eat stuff from their inventories

>> No.17073668
File: 667 KB, 1280x768, petfood.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Managed to find the option. It's not exactly where you think it would be. At least I thought it would be under tweaks as well but instead it's an option in Custom's AI. Select Other Settings and it should be there.

>> No.17073859

Are most people playing with Custom or just regular elona+?

>> No.17073870

not very clear whether it displays the current behavior or hitting enter will set behavior to what is highlighted

>> No.17073897

I switched because I didn't know what the fuck was going on in South Tyris

>> No.17073902

Nice, easy to go back if I don't like it because it isn't destructive to files / saves right?

>> No.17073909
File: 642 KB, 1280x768, pfood.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry, previous picture had the option already toggled for use so it was showing the option to turn it off. This picture shows the option to toggle it on. I've tested it and it does work. I put some herbs into her inventory and when she got hungry I saw her start to eat them.

>> No.17073912


If you switch back it deletes your save and all backups you have.

>> No.17073915

>Elona Custom should be 100% cross compatible with Elona+, meaning you will lose nothing but Custom's features and translations should you need to upgrade to a new Elona+ version without Custom.


>> No.17073919


That's just the custom devil's tricks into getting you to switch over.

>> No.17073922

Yeah yeah.

Elona Custom is abandoned and I should be using Custom Unofficial, right?

>> No.17073950
File: 6 KB, 316x190, error.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I recently updated my character sheet using GIMP, but when I run the game (Elona+ Custom 1.67 fix 2), I get this error. I'm guessing the issue is with the export to bmp, but I can't seem to figure out what the correct options are. Have any of you experienced this?

>> No.17073957


Another poor soul falls for the custom bait.

>> No.17073970

I get the same error just running Elona+.

>> No.17074016
File: 222 KB, 470x595, pep.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17074041

I got it working. I flattened the image (removing transparency) and exported with a bit depth of 24. Strange that all of the previous sprite sheets had a 32 bit depth with no problems, but the problem's fixed just the same.

>> No.17074346

Did they have 32bit depth once you opened them, or did the game still work after you saved them in 32bit yourself? Maybe they were just showing as 32bit when they were actually 24.

>> No.17074792

>Yes, but it isn't hard to stop them from eating something since it isn't instant, and you can just be careful around wells.

Say that to bells and quicklings. But tamer's whip is an easy fix to this issue.

>> No.17074953

Does negates the effect of poison on equipment remove the need for poison resistance?

>> No.17075005

It's more for the status poison than the actual damage from poison breath and poison related spells.

>> No.17075039

Wow, you're right, goddamn. Noa hates us.

>> No.17075330
File: 114 KB, 600x800, 59945386_p1_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.17075387

How does timestop works with tag-team? If one of tag-teamed pets stops time will other be able to act?

>> No.17076251
File: 59 KB, 300x300, 8a5783347072f0cd813b0267f071ed01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.17076314

>Found a bronze staff with It enhances your casting. #####+
>Accidentally sold it, by the time I realized it vendors had already refreshed

>> No.17076333

Anything I should be pouring my money into before I start just shoving it all in the closest magic shop? I have more money than I have any idea what to do with, already got a big enough house for my needs and a farm. Don't really wanna walk around with it forever as it grows and grows then lose a ton when I die.
As is I'm just checking on adventurers and hoping for random shopkeepers to have nice stuff.

>> No.17076349

Get your best equipment to +10, get everyone's equipment to at least +6
Couple more farms and ranches, storage house or two, at least one shop and museum
Consider saving up for getting an evolution heart from souvenir vendor (1.5mil)

>> No.17076364

Oh I don't even have a ranch. Wasn't sure if its worth getting when my pet selection is extremely limited being level 18 and having no balls to capture stuff in. Didn't even know museum was a thing (haven't seen that deed). Shop and museum sound like a really good idea thanks. Saves me dumping tons of crap on my floors

>> No.17076419

Even at a low level you can gather 20 medals and buy a rod of domination from Miral. It's a good idea to train magic device with other rods first, though.

>> No.17076456

My magic device is pretty good I think. Can't afford either anyways since I've somehow gone from 1.2 mil to 40k without dying or having any money stolen. Weird. Not hard to get it back since music pays so well but weird

>> No.17076483


Skill increases are not that good. Casting doesn't increase damage anyway. You want "It enhances your spells".

>> No.17076490

Speaking of dumping all our gold into magic vendors, does anyone know the lowest level flying scrolls show up at, however rarely? I want to carry my new happy bed with me but I'm still poor.

>> No.17076495

That's what the staff had, it didn't have any casting increase at all

>> No.17076522

All it does is increase the probability you cast your spell successfully, and that caps out early except for Wish.

>> No.17076527

oh shit, read it wrong

>> No.17076544

Yeah I know, it was a typo. Otherwise I wouldn't care about losing the thing

>> No.17076554

The last two times I've slept my little girl didn't cook breakfast and I don't know why. She made me gloves with tailoring as usual since it was morning, but no breakfast.

Is this just bad luck or am I doing something wrong? I didn't know it was possible to miss breakfast if you woke up at the right time.

>> No.17076559

You have to wake up in the morning.

>> No.17076560

You gotta go to sleep in the evening in order to get breakfast, I don't know the exact time, but from about 8 to 11 should probably work.

>> No.17076568

It'd probably be handy if you actually reply when responding to a post. Like >>17076456 this >>17076456

With appchanX all you need to do is click the post number

>> No.17076592


I got up in the morning, dead center in the middle of the quadrant. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't tailoring/carpentry crafting also require waking up in the morning, same as breakfast? She crafted, she just didn't cook.

If I had just overslept and hit noon I wouldn't be confused.

>> No.17076595

Try waking up at 7-9.

>> No.17076753

crafting is more lenient, not sure what the rules are exactly

>> No.17076765

I do when there's a need for it. This topic moves so slowly its pretty clear I'm replying to the post directly above my own

>> No.17076792

OH NO. I finally got the ''can I take your hand'' thing to work and now I'm married. I thought it literally just meant hold hands
I don't want to be married to a little girl

>> No.17076899
File: 426 KB, 5000x4430, 1439677122393.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He doesn't want to be married to a little girl

>> No.17076998

Haha, what a fag. Now the only way you can get out of this relationship and avoid providing for your wife's alien kids is to bring her out innawoods and abandoning her.

>> No.17077330
File: 747 KB, 1280x768, breakfast.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No. Time stop freezes everyone else and only the person who initiated time stop can act while it lasts.

Breakfast checklist:

-Fellow relationship or higher
-Pet has the cooking skill
-Must wake up between dawn and noon

Since tailoring requires pet to be at soul mate you should be ok with relationship level but if your pet has died recently you may want to check its relationship level. Check with the informer if your pet has the cooking skill if you're unsure. As for getting up at the right time, I normally head to bed between 9 PM and 12 PM. If you wake up earlier than dawn or later than noon you will not qualify for the breakfast event.

>> No.17077370

If you just can't accept the consequences of your little early wedding, you could always be a horrible piece of sentient filth and sell your bride to Raphael.

>> No.17077548
File: 210 KB, 1294x281, TerrorLevelPlaid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was just trying to pay my taxes when a group of yeek jihadists came out of nowhere, what the shit?!

>> No.17077589
File: 31 KB, 166x215, 1438754394365.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The gryffon child screams

>> No.17077601
File: 94 KB, 500x656, f29ecc5d52a47e6fc14d46158d2e0e8d1247889527_full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It can happen anywhere or anytime anon. Somehow it taking place at the Palmia embassy makes a lot of sense since it's a government office.

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