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How does this make you feel, /jp/?

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feels good man

>> No.1704201

Doesn't feel good at all, man.

>> No.1704206

what the fuck

>> No.1704212

-- I heard Shiki takes his glasses all the way off to kill.
-- Feels good, man.

>> No.1704215

Well it's Nero.

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I don't get it.

>> No.1704289

I liked it.

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Neros true power is feeling good man ?

>> No.1704314


Stop re-posting jokes from Animesuki.

>> No.1704348

That's from the original feels good man comic, modified for Shiki and Nero... I invented it on the spot.

link to "joke from animesuki", please.

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feels good.

>> No.1704803

feels good man

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feels really good man

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A reaction pic is useless if I have to click on it to find out how you're reacting, lol

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Feels good, man!

>> No.1704884

I like the ones where you click on them and they turn out to be a different picture entirely.

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