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Is there anyone in Gensokyo who canonically owns a firearm?

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you mean her shit megaphone thing?

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Yes, her bun-gun.

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Firearms exist (the mains and Kasen know about them) but we don't know if anyone actually has one.

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Do not be rude to the bun gun.

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Marisa used to own an ICBM, though without the platform that launches it.

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. . .

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I bet she owns quite a few.

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Do guns work against 2hus?

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Sumireko was in Gensokyo with a 3D-printed gun, but I don't think she brings it when she astral projects nowadays

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if gensokyo was separated from the outside world in the late 19th century, there should've some guns in the human village (probably)

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Rinnosuke probably has a gun lying around somewhere

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That sentence fills my empty chest with worried trepidation for Rinnosuke.

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Beware Alice, and her gunpowder-filled doll plot.

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maybe nitori


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Cute, pinfire!

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Owns? Made - is even more likely than you think, given that she rides a pretty big one around to every place.

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Didn't Wild and Horny Hermit have a chapter about guns? Or maybe it was FS

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Good question

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Do I actually have to post Plankton to get you to admit I get it and need an evacuated? On that metric meme topic, would overlord manatee fit into DBS, because I refuse to post that without a thought out set up.

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Yeah I think remember a chapter when they heard what they thought was a gunshot from a villager who was out hunting or something.

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Lunarians have those weird Japanese rifles tho..

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I love seeing odd references like this on /jp/

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AKA The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight (based upon evidence provided to The Yama)

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in the inaba of the earth, inaba of the moon 4koma series, at one point they discover a gun-umbrella in rinnosuke mess of a shop

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I really want to see Rinnosuke re-enact that scene from Indiana Jones on Youmu

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They blam humans and fairies ded. Youkai? not so much. But that also means that you can use them in spellcard duels against them.

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Marisa B shot type since SA?

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Why would you use a firearm when you can shoot tons of danmaku?

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They kill humans better and are harder to dodge.

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In SiSB the moon bunnies had guns and Reisen has her bun-gun.

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