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You didn't forget about her, right?

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For many years, yume nikki threads were more important to me than touhou threads were.

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Never forget

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I'm gonna replay it.

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le puke girl

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Narcotics gril?

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I could never forget, this game means the world to me.
Did anyone here ever successfully learn how to lucid dream? I tried to years ago but lost the motivation before I could get very far.

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Yes. I found my own little paradise and had loved someone fictional. I looked forward to sleeping every tine just to see her, hang out, chill, eat food and everything else a couple could do. One day, I was having my doubts about all this and her, and it went downhill from there. She was saddened but she realized that it would be for the best. She said her goodbye, teary eyed and had forever disappeared. The shock from all that made me stop dreaming altogether for the next 4 years.

I have yet to see her again.

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But those dreamlike days are gone.

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I miss her company more than anything else in this accursed world
The time of pain has long passed but the void she left has yet to be filled

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>exploring the dream world will never be as magical as the first time
>probably the same for Madotsuki
This must be why she kills herself after getting all the effects.

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I've knew about this game for years but never tried it so I'm gonna do it now, don't know too much what to expect, I just know it's going to be some creepy stuff.

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What a joy it would be to explore and remap all areas for the first time again.

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It's more melancholic than creepy for me, though there are some creepy areas

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Enjoyed it so far, it's really unpredictable at some points I always enjoyed games where you could explore really big maps and find new things everytime you visit them

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Never understood why this game got such a following, it has absolutely nothing on the witch's house for example. Completely aimless with bloated labyrinth-esque areas or simply fields of a whole lot of nothing.

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YN and the Witch's House have basically nothing in common aside from both being RPG maker games.

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How could I forget?

It's part of me already.

The toriningen party hits me right at home.
I know the feeling.

And the barrack settlement is such a nice place... I just love to walk around there and get lost in the music,

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what u talking about anon?

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who are u quoting

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never ever

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After all those years, I still launch Yume Nikki whenever I feel depressed.
I play it more and more these days

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I feel bad after finishing the game now

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For me it helps me feel better.
It's like crying without tears.

why do you feel bad anon?

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...ever...get back together

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I'm sad about her, I understood some of the things I've saw on the dreams possible rape victim? and while exploring all her inner fears as she wrote them on her diary I thought she was discovering herself to overcome them or was hoping there would be a happy ending after all.

Also probably not a good idea to play the game late at night while I was feeling melancholic and worried about some other stuff.

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I want Mado to stab me to death for playing this game with a guide.

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I guess that's the "magic" of this game you know.
Like, you may feel pity for her. Maybe sad, depressed or even makes you feel identified with the character.

That's the thing about this game.

You may find it interesting or depressing. You may joke about her situation too.

Doesn't matter.

The rape theory is a really strong one but...
I dunno. I see her as somebody who just doesn't fit.
Her dreams are her subconcious and you, as the player, get to explore them.
Like a a trip with no destination neither any company.
Just you... there... existing... what are those creatures?
Are they friendly? are they dangerous?
Maybe they are sad or whatnot.
Does it even matters?

A great game to be honest.
You don't have to feel happy on every game you play.

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BTW guys.

You might wanna check this video.
The intro and the outro are kinda cringy but... ehhh... A good video nontheless.


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Now that I think about it, Afraid of Monsters and Cry of Fear were "similar" as the protagonist faced nightmares of their own minds while they were unconscious, but atleast one of those games had a happy ending after all (well, they had many endings, I think there was only one good ending in each game)

I like playing stuff like this, a friend who played Yume Nikki told me I should try .flow too.

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If it makes you feel better, the game was technically never completed (it's version 0.10, and Kikiyama was last...noted, I guess, in 2014), so it's possible that what you saw was not the true ending.

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never ever

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.flow is great too

Sabi always my girl

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hey i think i saw this girl in a playthrough of some game PewDiePie made, isnt that neat

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i still play it every now and again.

I don't care if everyone forgets about it, i'll still hold it dear.

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I'm going to dream about Mado!

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>Webm over 3MB
>Lower quality
>Lower quality
>Lower quality
>Lower quality
>Video too long (128s)
>Time to cut and crop.
>Higher Quality


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I never finished YN.

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I was here when it was spammed

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Neither did kikiyama.

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These videos are cute

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You have to have imagination and a bit of an aimless wander's soul to enjoy it. Its not a standard game by any means. To be honest, i played Nasu over an hour before exploring the door.

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I've been recommended this game by a friend, but I scare easily. I played for about ten minutes before I closed out. Should I go back in, /jp/?

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Yes, there are no screamers or anything to be scared of, the only thing that might caught you by surprise is Uboa that has only a 1/64 chance of appearing when you turn off the lights in Poniko's room.

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The game is not intended to be scary. It is not a horror game. You can only get scared if you think you will be. If you let go of the idea that you will be scared, you realise that the game is just bizarre, not scary. It's just weird.

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>the only thing that might caught you by surprise is Uboa
Lies. That's not even scary. The thing that'd catch >>17053035 is that one room with the superfast bird woman

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Me too.

I always get stuck in some point, but I don't want to spoil the game looking a FAQ.

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Me neither. At some point I ended up in the same places everytime I played, no matter where I'd go or what I path took I always ended in some place I already was for the 3215432452 time so I decided to leave it like that.

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This occurred to me too. Years ago, I gave the game a try thinking it was just going to be some tripy yet cozy experience but I got freaked out by something and I never played the game since. I'm really that big of a pussy when it comes to anything remotely scary.

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I was going to upload that one but I dunno.

If you are easily scared as I am then you'll get scared a lot.
I only got to played when the game clicked with me. When I got to the abandoned settlement. That whole area resonates with my loneliness.
From there on I was scared yet intrigued to continue.

I did use a guide. Not a walk through. I used the maps on the YN wikia.
I don't think that spoiled my experience at all.
It helped me to enjoy it. My guide was like "ow to get to an interesting part. There's stuff there. You don't know yet"
And seriously some parts are so damn impossible to get like...
Sit next to the dude for exactly 7 seconds.
Use this specific effect on this specific place with this specific chance of happening.
Stab this block 21 times!
Turn off the light, go out. Repeat... Repeat... Repeat... Repeat... Repeat... Repeat...

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>Sit next to the dude for exactly 7 seconds.

Well, I sat next to him for a full minute and when I came out it worked, as long as you are there more than 7 seconds the event is triggered.

Some other puzzles can be solved using common sense, like extinguishing fire with the rain effect.

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I still browse uboachan
they still pretty much don't talk about YN and pic related

I just used a guide to get the bike effect because the game's areas were unbearably large in comparison to walking speed
Pic related doesn't feel as shitty to explore without broom effect

At least it's not the total fucking chaos in the frog / forest world where i just spent 20 min wandering around doing nothing

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The real question is whether or not yume 2kki will ever be finished

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I like you anon

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