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What is a weeaboo, really? I always thought of a weeaboo as a headband wearing narutard hocked up on pocky, yet I see it associated with any and everything Japanese here. Does playing a Japanese game with anime styled graphics make one a weeaboo? How is the word used correctly?

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I make a mental distinction. There are weeaboos and then there are weeaboos. Certainly I am a weeaboo, but I am not a weeaboo.

It can be confusing, but if you're deep enough in it it all makes sense.

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>What is a weeaboo, really?
A miserable little pile of secrets.

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It used to be a 4chan insult, but to us it isn't.

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there are weeaboos, and then there are weeaboo faggots

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Where's that cheshire cat when you need him...

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Enjoying an aspect of japanese culture?
Light weeaboo.

Thinking that you belong with the Japanese because you do so?
Weeaboo faggot.

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I think you mean a cesspit of hatred and lies.


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/jp/ is the king board of weeaboo.
Calling someone on /jp/ a weeaboo is like calling a gay man gay.
Have you ever seen one get mad being called that? Because I haven't.

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a weeaboo is a westerner that wishes or sometimes thinks they are japanese and tries to achieve/prove this by doing everything "japanese" such as watching anime, listening to j-pop or learning the language.
this is not to be confused with those that simply enjoy anime j-pop or learning another language yet do not wish to change their nationality.

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But alas I have you instead!

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Weeaboo is a nonsensical phrase featuring in an installment of the internet comic strip, "Perry Bible Fellowship." When the word "weeaboo" is first said, all others in the room tie the offender to the wall and paddle him while chanting "WEEABOO! WEEABOO!"

Later it became a word filter for "Wapanese" on /b/. Just like 4chan to ruin a quality product.

Skub is for faggots.

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If you use the word "weeaboo" instead of "wapanese" you are an idiot.

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If you use either word, you are an idiot.

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I use weeaboo for those who take an interest in Japan, but don't take it any further for that. I use narutard and fat yaoi fangirl for those who think they are XD HONTO NI NIPPONJIN by eating Pocky and Ramen, singing J-pop, etc, because that's what they tend to be.

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Weeaboo is just a fuck you with an anime flavor used by people who don't have an interest in anything Japanese or Japan-made to feel good about themselves.

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If you use words, you are an idiot.

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Oh wait.
How do we call ourselves?
We're not otakus, neither weeaboos. Is it /jp/sies?

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If you don't know what a weeaboo is then you don't belong here.

Reported before the cancer spreads.

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I always figured that since it was a filter for "wapanese," which means a person who wants to be Japanese, that it should be used the same. Even if a person learns Japanese and moves to Japan, as long as they still hold on to their original culture and consider themselves a part of that background, then they're not technically wapanese. On the other hand, if someone doesn't know anything about Japanese culture or language, but wishes he/she was Japanese, then that person is a "weeaboo."

Of course, since words like that are almost always used as insults, people will use it for a wide variety of things. The most extreme will use it, like the OP said, to make fun of someone for enjoying anything that came from Japan (that the person using the insult doesn't like).

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