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Who wears skirts nowadays?

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hope japan keeps drawing nice skirts

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Women with class.

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So in other words, no one?

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Me. (I'm a femanon of /jp/)

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Not Japanese schoolgirls, lol
Enjoy your pants

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oh u.

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Animes wear them. Kawaii neko ^___^ bro

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The more time I spend on /jp/ the more I feel like wearing a skirt.

What the fuck is wrong with me.

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I'd love to see frilly dresses get back into style, but I'll settle for skirts (and not those really short skirts that barely cover her ass).

If it was socially acceptable, I'd wear a skirt.

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I like skirts like these. Sense of grace, etc.

Too much focus on flesh these days. If I want flesh, I'll go watch some porn.

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frilly dresses where

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I live on a college campus, I rarely see any skirts except the short short ones which suck. ;_;

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>If I want flesh, I'll go watch some porn.
Why is porn always nude? It'd be more fun (and less grotesque) to watch if it was clothed sex.

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Agreed, naked is dull.

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Amen, bro.
Still though, I think many girls find skirts impractical. Around here, the ones that aren't obsessed with flashing their legs everywhere wear simple, classy pants.

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See? We're so used to it that it's numbed our senses. Sex with thigh highs/uniforms/etc. is more interesting.

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Or, alternatively, you're used to being sexually aroused by people with thigh highs, uniforms on etc.

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We'd probably be better off without porn altogether, because it has made nakedness completely unexciting, even a bit disgusting, because when the novelty of it is over, there's only the ugly left to see. 50 years ago, if a girl showed us her breasts, it'd actually mean something to us. Porn has ruined us, gentlemen.

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Same here. If I ever see a skirt in real life, it's always very short. Around knee length is the best.

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true thread if full of truth

it's rare to witness a girl with any semblance elegance

but probability says long skirts will come back into fashion eventually...

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On college campus all I see are jeans. The only time I see skirts are the short one-piece tight ones.

Medium-Long length skirts should become once again a common sight, a symbol of being fashionable.

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Or when girls decide it's "retro".

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I share similar sentiments of the majority in this thread, however I'd also like to add my love for a classy turtleneck - picture somewhat related.

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don't forget the scots

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I know a girl who wears skirts like the OP pic. They're the best part of her outfits. She's really cute.


Goddamn, saying that was creepy as hell. There is no way I could make that not seem creepy.

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>I know a girl who wears skirts like the OP pic.

I wish this was true.

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I wish I could say the same. About a lot of girls.

Unfortunately, that's not the case ;_;

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It's unfortunate how few women seem to understand the allure of a skirt. Honestly, outside of the dress, there's no more feminine an article of clothing. As plenty have said before me, the short skirts you see nowadays do nothing for me.

Regarding the idea of our exposure to porn desensitizing us to the sight of a naked woman, I can mostly agree. Seeing a woman naked on my computer screen does nothing for me. Likely, seeing one in real life would do nothing for me if I did not know her. The issue is quite different when I am familiar with the person exposing their flesh.

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The reason porn is such big business, aside from the obvious, is that Americans and Christian Countries in general make being naked a voyeuristic activity. If you get over the fact that almost every damn person in the entire f-ing world has the same shaped parts in the same general area you begin to find porn less fascinating and more of an, "Hmm... Oh that's interesting... I'm doing something else over here though." kinda thing. Once you get over that, porn loses it's appeal. With that said I too lament the fact that as a society the entire world seems to think skirts and dresses have become a pain to wear.

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A couple of months past a young girl came into my shop wearing a skirt that went down to her ankles. If ever there was a time I was thankful for a stoic face, that was it because it was so fucking moe I thought I was gonna die. Sadly, I haven't seen a full length skirt since that day.

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I wish more girls and women would wear skirts. As said, they really mustn't understand how lovely and feminine it makes them look.

I'm biased because of Akiha in the OP of course though

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I remember seeing a German exchange student back in High School who was wearing a long skirt (like a catholic school girl skirt).

It was so out of place I naturally turned my attention to her and stared. I think she was the only girl I ever saw wearing one of those longer, more traditional skirts in my entire 4 years at High School.

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itt america&europe nowdays

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Around my area only women over the obesity line tend to wear skirts, it saddens me.

To be honest I think women are losing touch, and by trying to break free from tradition too quickly they lose potential partners.

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When I have a daughter I will buy her skirts just like Akihas. They're modest and sensual without being slutty.

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We were actually having a thread about daughters. >>1691353

One of the points was that some of us would try to raise our daughters as closely as possible to Akiha. A refined young lady, something unheard of in this current society.

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In my country it's pretty fashionable, at least in the summer. Both long and short skirts/dresses. (Doesn't look too elegant though) A long skirt/long sleeves combination is usually only worn by religious women though.

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sadly not enough girls.
goddamn you pants, goddamn you.

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ITT: What we encounter in our limited lives encompasses all of society.

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