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Who are your top 3 favorite 2hus?
Who are your bottom 3 least favorite 2hus?

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Top: Reisen
Bottom: Marisa

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Why are you so mad about Marisa, anon?

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I'm not mad.
Her design and personality are just kuso.

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From most to least loved/hated:
Top: Kogasa, Shinmyoumaru, Yuuka
Bottom: Remilia, Koakuma, Momiji

Not him, but I think Marisa is one of those characters that's funny at first but gets stale and boring because of how static and constantly reappearing she is. Reimu doesn't have this problem because different aspects of her character are exemplified more strongly in different works.
At least Marisa has some of the nicer character designs. Love her UFO and winter outfits.

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On second thought, I find Daiyousei less likable than Momiji. At least Momiji has a character profile compared to Daiyousei barely existing as some fighter jet in one game.

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Top is Suika, Nitori, and Marisa

Bottom is nobody in particular because I don't actively dislike any character, though there are a bunch I just don't care about

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Top 3 are Marisa, Eiki, and Miko
Bottom 3 are Watatsuki Sisters (just counting them as one character because who cares?), Kosuzu, and Kokoro.

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1st Place: Yuuka
2nd Place: Elly
3rd Place : Tie between Kurumi and Komachi
I am a bit of a nostalgia fag on everything, and LLS was my first Touhou game (and the first I 1CC'd in a fit of autistic rage). So, the bosses from that game are rather special.

3rd from bottom: Watatsuki no Yorihime
2nd from bottom: Watatsuki no Toyohime
Bottom: Wriggle Nightbug
Yes, I just hate bugs.

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Top: Tewi, Sunny, Kosuzu
Bottom: Eirin, Mamizou, Mokou

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Christ, lad your opinion is garbage

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>bottom is the thick bamboo forest cast

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Star Sapphire, Youmu, and either Suika or Sanae.

The only 2hu i've hated is Clownpiece, but i mostly just see her as a joke these days.

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I like you.

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I don't really dislike anyone else.

Hecatia in AFiEU explains very well my hatred towards those cold cunts.

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Top : Hina, Mystia, Luna Child
Bottom : Mamizou, Momiji

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Top: Seija, Nue, Aya

Bottom: Meiling, Momiji, Letty

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Top three: Shinki, Okuu, Nitori
Bottom three: Mamizou, Rikako, Sumireko

I don't like glasses or tanuki.

You guys are all right.

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Kosuzu is an awful person and Kokoro is a boring character that represents a kuso game with a shitty ending to Touhou's only real overarching storyline.

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Why? There is practically nothing to hate or love.

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Im really indecisive in these things, but anyway

Top: Sagume, Patchouli, Suika

Bottom: Kaguya, Sumireko, Mamizou

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yeah aside from the rape I endured in hrtp

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Top: Remilia, Marisa, Utsuho
Bottom: Youmu, Parsee, but only because they gave me so much trouble ingame.

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Top are Yuuka, Kaguya and Star Sapphire although there are others I like a lot, too.
Bottom are Mokou, Sumireko and Mokou.

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>I don't like glasses
Imagine, for a moment, if Hitler and Stalin had a hypothetical love child that combined the very worst aspects of the two of them.
This child would still be a better person than you.

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I just don't like 2D glasses. 3D glasses are fine, though that implies that I have any chance with 3D.

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Top: Yuuka, the one and only, and the main reason for my learning to draw.
Several floors below, Sakuya, because I have a maid fetish.
And then, maybe, Marisa due to her similarly optimistic personality. Although I might like Reimu more, simply because there is more quality art (and, thus, porn) of her.

Bottom: Wriggle, because of its popular image as a trap (I might be jealous of it too, lol). Then Hatate, Mamizou, Yoshika, or Clownpiece, because their design disgusts me. And the lowest is Yamame. Because... you know. What makes it worse is that she is ABLE TO FUCKING FLY.

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My favorites are Mokou Reisen and Marisa

I don't think there is a Touhou I actively dislike. Just fans of some characters which has nothing to do with the characters themselves.

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>Bottom: (most of the above [at least until top 40] are the characters i don't care about)

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Post your art then, I'm eager to see it!

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If the least liked 2hus you choose had to be killed off for real and never to return again, would you allow it? Knowing that it would shift the series tone forever, cause hundreds of useless back and forth arguments in the internet, prompts even more fans leaving, and ZUN starting to weed off 1 character per game to be deleted forever?

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Top on the picture.
Bottom are Rumia, Yuuka and Reimu.

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I'm still but a learner, mind you. Barely four months have passed. Here is the latest picture (finished last night), which is also the best one technically. Not safe for work.

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Okuu. Satori. Mystia.

meiling. koishi. wriggle.

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Top: Youmu, Yukari, Akyuu.
Bottom: Tewi and the 3 fairies.

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>Kosuzu is a awful person.
>Likes Marisa and Eiki.
Good that anon.

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Top: Reimu, Mokou, AQN

They have been for years, and they are unlikely to be trumped. My top 10, in fact, has been pretty much consistent since TD. Oddly, I tend to obsess intensely over girls in #10-20 positions depending on the year, but Reimu, Mokou and the Akyuun are always in those top 3 spots.

Bottom: Byakuren, Hatate, Shou

I only actively dislike Byakuren, though. The other two I just can't marshal a fuck about.

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>kokoro on bottom

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I think it's supposed to be the other way around, with the sisters on the bottom.

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I don't think Satori would like you knowing you hate her sister

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More likely she would be impressed a human is able to remember her.

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Top: Sumireko, Rika, Miko
Bottom: Momiji, Yuugi, Reisen II

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I put way too much thought into this.

Koakuma and Daiyousei are pretty much already dead, considering they have never been brought up--even in their own game, which is pretty sad. But they're really just the characters I care the least about. I don't think there's anything to dislike (or like, really) about them; they're just the least noteworthy of the characters that just exist.

Remilia's the only character I outright dislike, and she's the big kicker. However, I can't think of any way it would make sense for her to die off, though you can say that about most 2hus.

The consequences are the interesting part. I don't think she's involved enough in the world for her death to make too much of an impact outside of Koumakan. I would think that it would result in those characters appearing much less, since aside from Remi they don't do much but keep to themselves. I thought I would be more enthusiastic about this, but they don't really appear all that much nowadays as it is.

Where this would really matter would be the characters within the clique. Flandre would likely inherit the bat shack, but she hardly ever goes outside so not much would change. Though it could mean we'll actually see her again.

Sakuya would probably have some kind of existential crisis without anyone to boss her around, but she would also get more time to herself and her character could be expanded upon. On the other hand, she could just go from being Remi's bitch to Flan's.

Patchouli is probably the least connected to Remilia of the Koumakan cast, so most exposure they get after the Remi die dies would likely go to her. I mean, if it would make her a more interesting character then there's nothing wrong with that. I might end up actually liking her.

Oh yeah, and Meiling. Nothing about her minor role would change.

But the best part about this would be watching her fans (particularly the secondaries, considering Koumakan's overwhelming presence in fanworks) flip their shit over the seventh most popular character biting the dust. That would be a day for the ages.

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Patchouli is Remi's closest friend. Your argument is invalid.

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Fuck. Here I was, trying to seem like I know what I'm saying... I should start paying attention.

Where is this established? I never played the fighting games or read the Akyuu books in their entirety.

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Top 3: Sanae, Miko, Hecatia.

Bottom 3: Daiyousei, Koakuma, Prismrivers

I don't actively hate anyone. I just don't care about them. The Prismrivers don't register to me. I can't say that about many characters. I even prefer the Tsukumos. Then you have Dai and Koakuma who simply aren't characters.

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Yuuka's naked body sure has a juicy pear shape, yet at the same time certain proportions like the arm lenght are a bit short. Keep practicing Anon! I'm looking forward to see more pictures with your style in the future! If that's your goal, of course.

Had to leave home so I couldn't respond from my phone due to failing captchas earlier.

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>Remilia's the only character I outright dislike
Why's that?

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Ice fairy
Medicine Melancholy
Flandre Scarlet

Least favorite

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1. The Baka
2. Marisa
3. Yukari
4th would be Yuuka.

1. Youmu
2. Ringo
3. Parsee

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I find her to be a conceited and entitled cunt. I guess many Touhou characters can be described that way, but it's either used for comedic effect or to make them love to hate. I don't find Remilia entertaining in the same way. That, combined with how she appears in so many of the earlier games, made her aggravating to me. There's nothing I can say I remotely like about her, except for Septette which is one of my favorite final boss themes.

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She's literally a child ya dingus.

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The smug is just one side of her.
In fact, I find it a very endearing trait when I think about why it is she acts like that.

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factually worst girls (that matters is it, otherwise I'd have to include 90% of the pc98 cast here):
Ichirin (not even funny as punchbag)
That Santa bull-thing from the same game as Clownpiece

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Yeah. That doesn't make her less annoying. To contrast, the fairies also act similarly childish and I find them entertaining. Cirno and Star are somewhere in my top 20.
That aside, children have parents that scold and teach them proper behavior when they act this way. However, Remi, being the powerful vampire she is, has no authoritative figures above her, allowing her juvenile and vain attitude to run rampant without any repercussions. Maybe it's just my inner Eiki Shiki, but this in particular is why I can't stand her.

I personally find it grating. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.
I assume your picture is showing she has her understanding side. When I first read these, I viewed it as Remilia using these people and reacting how she did to further her own wants, but I see what you mean. Though I'd like to know, could you clarify on "why it is she acts like that?" Genuinely curious about why people like her so much.

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Why Ran?

Top: Mokou, Kaguya, Reimu

Bottom: Sakuya, Chen, Satori

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What the heck? I thought the /jp/edos all loved Satori.

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Well Remilia is always interested in things that drive away her boredom and seeks new things. Being 500 years old she has seen and done a lot, I imagine every very old being eventually gets plagued by boredom, she just shows it rather openly. She probably likes getting spoiled and acting bratish cause she feels like it. People seem to forget that her body may be that of a child but her personality is that of someone with hundreds of years of experience. I think she is rather conscious about her position as the head of the SDM and the responsibilities that come with it. So it might be that the brattiness is just her blowing off steam. Interesting is that rather often it's mentioned how well employees are treated, probably ZUN being partly unhappy with how few thoughts he put in EoSD, it being the first windows game without much consideration for a long and consistent world. If you compare that with the masters that come afterwards. Yuyuko is rather mysterious, she might overwork Youmu and you have no idea what she is planning. Yukari is a scheming hag that hits Ran. Eirin mistreats Reisen and you can never know what she thinks or when she tries to kill patche.
I like her because she is true to her desires and considerate towards her subordinates. Personally I don't understand why so many people want to degrade her, especially when there are other characters that fit the entitled cunt thing much better. It might be all just due to disgruntled Flandre fanboys that got to easily swayed by fanon. Who knows.

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Something about the 5trillion tales erks me

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Top: Junko, Okuu, Tenshi
Bottom: Wriggle, Hatate, Kaguya

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It's said that the maids don't do much around the mansion and that Sakuya does most of the heavy lifting, Sakuya who also pulls double duty as a babysitter from time to time as you see in the upper left picture I'd posted.
From my understanding the fairy maids are allowed to live there with all the amenities, food and such as long as they clean up after themselves and do enough housework to earn their keep. For example the fairy trio tried to infiltrate the mansion with intention to mooch and they got ousted by Sakuya since they didn't actually do anything.
Fairies don't actually have to eat and can just make magic houses in trees, so it's a simple assumption that they work there because they like it there. There's more details on this in the sources on the wiki.
The hobgoblins had nowhere else to go after being chased from the human villages, and that's pretty much where the book ended with that one panel of them winding up at the SDM. While it looks like Remilias giving them a hard time on their first day, consider that Reimu wanted to just no questions asked exterminate them just because of their appearances. That whole chapter was kind of fucked up how the girl versions of the hobgoblins were treasured and they instead got treated like garbage. Made me feel bad, so I'm glad that worked out for them.
As far as Patchouli, Meiling, and Sakuya go, they appear to be on fairly casual friendly terms so it's more likely that she also considers them her friends than as just servants, in particularly Patchouli who is outright stated to be her friend.

As far as why she behaves like that, she seems to like playing the role of the "big bad vampire" without actually doing anything seriously evil, it's the traditional "youkai do what looks like really bad things from the perspective of regular humans." The "meteor targeted to fall on the mansion" was heavily implied to just be her doing chuuni stuff.
There could be many reasons why she does this, especially when you consider it's quite likely vampires are definitely sustainable beyond the barrier without her having to do much of anything, I have some theories for this but they lean towards headcanon so I'll try and abstain from most of that, though I believe it's that she wants to be respected and/or feared.

It also ties into the rest of the Gensokyo incidents in which the "youkai do bad things/say hello via incident and "eat humans" thing because of the theorized "youkai need humans to be scared of them to exist" thing. Whether she does this for fun, because it parallels with her own interests, or because she's secretly helping out her friends even if it's just her more immediate ones in the mansion or even whether that's just an unintended side effect, who can say.
The worst known things we know she's done is the scarlet mist and the moon invasion, and those did not seem enacted with malice in mind so much as simply following her own silly whims without thinking of consequences (then again, saying hello in Touhou is by causing incident traditionally). I imagine if she'd have succeeded in "conquering" the moon with her "army" of 3 maids, Sakuya, and herself, life on the moon would not have changed at all save for having them acknowledge her as their new leader and placing a flag on it or something as that sounds like the sort of thing she'd do.
If the "rampaging vampire incident" precursor for the spellcard duel rules had any truth to it being her, it probably went almost exactly the same as the moon invasion did.

At the beginning of her story in IaMP she does her traditional act of "I'm going to go do the bad vampire things" but in actuality she's trying to thwart Suikas non-stop party incident.
While you may be accurate that she can most certainly be selfish, that is probably the worst of her personality, as she clearly also cares about the health of even the maid fairies. I'm sincerely doubtful that anything she's done has been for outright malicious reasons, as her motives seem to be more about satisfying her silly whims than actually seeking to harm others.
Not many seem to agree with this sentiment however and will frequently paint her as one of the worst sentient beings in Gensokyo in the fandom.

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File: 1.22 MB, 1200x900, __hinanawi_tenshi_junko_and_reiuji_utsuho_touhou_drawn_by_miata_miata8674__6fb0e82399a29d0899faba3570f3c6a2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Miata taste.

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Thank you.
My only strong desire is to draw Yuuka as lovely as she deserves (read: most perfectly). Everything else, like drawing Remilias with lewd faces or coloring different people's pictures, is just supplementary, serving only to bring me closer to my ultimate goal.

And now that you say it, I do seem to draw pear-shaped bodies most often. Well, it's not like being attracted to child-bearing hips is strange at all for a man~.

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>The "meteor targeted to fall on the mansion" was heavily implied to just be her doing chuuni stuff.
It was heavily shown that SDM knew beforehand of it, but wether they did it and why isn't clear. Given that Flan destroyed the meteor it might have all been for her sake. Like making her feel like she protected the SDM or so. If it were just Remi being chuuni she would have made it so that she had destroyed the meteor.

Interesting is that Remilia doesn't seem to use Flan as a super weapon or so. Don't recall anything that could imply Flan has been outside before SDM extra, so I doubt she did anything during the vampire incident. Speaking off the vampire incident, if I remember it right then a devils contract was signed at the end making it actually impossible for Remi to break the content. So she can't actually harm the villagers. And while the scarlet mist could be dangerous over a long period (maybe affecting harvest), probably Remi would have gotten bored of it after a few days.

I can't really tell at what times Remis abbility affected something, in one of Akyus text it says she bring great change to people that meet her. And the vampire incident was surely a big change. But no clue how her abbility exactly works.

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Sagume, because Kanako is a shit compared to this cold and calculating mastermind, yet she is not evil.
Hina, because she is a benevolent girl who don't ask anything to humans but happily gather their misfortune. Plus her design is really cool.
Suika, because she represents everything I like: Parties, happiness and booze

Bottom: Clownpiece, because she is just a boring powerful fairy surrounded by really interesting characters
Flandre, because she is so overrated the secondaries made me hate her. I mean come on, she is fucking nothing but a dangerous vampire with childish traits
Kaguya, because she manipulated and humiliated thousands of men including Mokou's father by sending them to find items she already has.

>> No.16953979

>Kaguya, because she manipulated and humiliated thousands of men including Mokou's father by sending them to find items she already has.
>thousands of men
Seriously? It was just five of them. And if we go by the original tale, Mokou's father pretty much humiliated his own self by presenting her a fake treasure. Not to mention that one of her spellcard comments state that the only real treasure she actually has is the Hourai Jewel which means she didn't already have the other items. Also, if I am not mistaken, the Hourai Jewel can be found on both the Moon and the Earth so it's not even one of a kind treasure.

>> No.16954248

>Sagume is not evil.

Yes, she's not evil, she's a bitch, she can leave to die all moon rabbits in order to save her own skin and her stupid ideology, garbage character.

>> No.16957532

There is a difference between hating a character and loving a hateable character because she is hateable.

>> No.16959439

When did any of that happen?

>> No.16959800

Kokoro chang
Blue hermit whore

Jew kappa

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I decided to tally up the votes for fun.
The most popular character is Marisa, at 8 positive votes and 1 negative vote.
Following that is Yuuka, at 6-1, and Reimu, at 5-1.
The most hated character, to my surprise, is Mamizou, at 0-5. After that is a 3 way tie between the Watatsuki Sisters and Clownpiece, all at 0-4.
Suika and Utsuho are tied for best like to dislike ratio, both being at 4-0.
Kaguya and Mokou are the most polarizing characters, at 2-3 and 3-2 respectively.

So I guess /jp/ just loves witches and flowers, and hates tanuki and America.

>> No.16967303

Favorite: Seija, Miko, Reimu
Least favorite: Wriggle(uncute), Reisen(bland, but stays relevant somehow), Reisen 2(I just dislike rabbits)

>> No.16969931

Favorites: Mamizou, Futo, Kogasa
Least: Yukari, Aya, Eirin

>> No.16969959

Favorites: Mokou, Tenshi, Reimu
I don't give a damn about: Wriggle, Daiyousei, Ringo

>> No.16969998

Favourites: Okuu, Eiki, Tenshi
Least: Sakuya, Aya, Suika

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Seiga, yuuka, remi are favs

Seija, momiji, new reisen are trash

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Favorite: Seija, Tenshi, Orin
Least Favorite: Kosuzu, Sumireko, Mamizou

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Fujiwara, Reimu and maybe Youmu or Suika. I like Cirno too, but just because she's cute and blue.

Fuck Remilia, Kaguya and Wriggle Nightbug.

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Who is your favorite 2hu and who is your favorite 2hu to lewd?

>> No.16972191

1. Ran
2. Yuuka
3. Flandre

1. Eirin
2. Miko
3. Sanae

>> No.16972459

1. raiko
2. momiji
3. sariel

1. sanae
2. sanae
3. sanae

>> No.16973030

Favourites: Patchouli, Kaguya, Yuyuko
I don't dislike anyone particularly.

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Top: Picture related.

Bottom: Tewi, Nitori, & Mamizou.

>> No.16974785

top three 2hus i love:
Utsuho, Cirno, Patchy
Rest << I love all of them

>> No.16974830

>TOP 3

Assuming you mean characters I actively dislike than ones so boring and forgettable I can't find anything to like.

>> No.16981232

Touhous that should top me
- Yuugi
- Seiga
- Junko

Touhous that should be my bottom
- Seija
- Tenshi
- Sakuya

>> No.16981464

Top: Shinmyoumaru, Hina and Meiling

Bottom: Mamizou, Patchouli and Kaguya

>> No.16981556

1. Byakuren
2. Kogasa
3. Sanae

-3. Koishi
-2. Flandre
-1. Momiji

I don't particularly care for characters whose fanbase is primarily secondaries and memers.

>> No.16981580

Top: Remilia - Parsee - Suwako
Bottom: Marisa - Marisa - Marisa

>> No.16981660

Is it safe to say that Momiji is the most hated touhou?

>> No.16981680

1. Sakuya
2. Patchouli
3. Yuuka

I just dislike Mamizou.

>> No.16981683
File: 81 KB, 720x960, Words of truth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16981714

It's momiji, mamizou and sumireko from what I can tell.

>> No.16981882

Top: Tenshi, Utsuho, Sanae

Bottom: Yukari, Mamizou, Reimu.

>> No.16982090
File: 1.56 MB, 1653x1653, Inubashiri.Momiji.full.1674918.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Top: Yukari, Kokoro, Momiji
Bottom: Mamizou, Wriggle, Sumireko

>> No.16991403
File: 1.06 MB, 800x1131, 93fbcb80fd67538ac1d9985833e8af90.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I dont dislike anyone

>> No.16991438

Says the Byakushit fan.

>> No.16991441

Lol how can you prefer one 2hu over the other? They have no canon personalities to speak of.

>> No.16991489

I only know that Mamizou a big stinky shit.

>> No.16991493
File: 631 KB, 600x674, Flandre Scarlet (11).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Top: Flandre, Remilia, Kagerou
Bottom: Mamizou, don't really dislike her, she's just probably one of the less appealing 2hu's that I know. I don't like her type. I don't really 'dislike' any other 2hu either.

Judge me, Flandre and Remilia are generic as fuck choices but I love 'em anyway. Flandre didn't deserve the fandom treatment.

>> No.16991496

That's what doujin works are for. Like KKHTA!

>> No.16991499
File: 3.31 MB, 2508x3541, Hata no Kokoro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why the fuck is my name Kasodani? Oh well.
Meant Kokoro instead of Kagerou, but I do like Kagerou a lot too.

>> No.16991518

Top: Parsee, Remilia, Sakuya
Bottom: Apparently Catfish, Genji, Mimi-chan

>> No.16991533
File: 1.95 MB, 1500x2119, __imaizumi_kagerou_touhou__b1d0ba58fc50bb7030198388144eb666.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nuh uh! no take-backsies!

>> No.16991569

So in other words, you people base your love or hate for a certain character on fanon. Gotcha.

>> No.16991592

Touhou has no canon, so that's the only way.

>> No.16992384

Mima (unironically)

all three of the dog 2hus

>> No.16992469

Top: Reimu, Cirno, Yuyuko

Bottom: Mystia, Momiji, Kanako (sorry)

>> No.16996612
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>> No.16996658

I don't think very many people actually hate Momiji - I think they're just butthurt about how she's been adopted by secondaries.

>> No.16996722
File: 114 KB, 800x715, 4d4cce61a15f86dea116f021c64cf0bb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Top: Yuuka, Kogasa, Seija
Bottom: Tough to pick since I don't really actively dislike any characters.
I guess Byakuren, Shou, and Flan.

>> No.16996734

actually, replace Shou with the moonbitches; specifically the sisters

Shou I just don't care about, the lunarians I quite dislike

>> No.16996735

This is just me, but I "dislike" the midbosses without speaking roles or defined personalities that somehow have their fans, like Momiji, Koakuma, Daiyousei, Kisume, etc. I think "dislike" might be too strong a word in this context: there's nothing to like or dislike about them since there isn't anything to them, but I find the fact that a sizeable amount of people like them over actual characters to be really stupid

>> No.16996798
File: 383 KB, 1250x1425, 1488183809920.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chen again

>> No.16996858

Top: Miko, Tojiko, Futo

Bottom: Hijihag, Boatloli, Tigerloli

>> No.16997094

Top: Mokou, Yukari, Marisa
I don't dislike anyone really but as far as (relevant) characters that I still don't particularly like: Mamizou, Alice, Cirno

>> No.16997143

I feel exactly the same way

>> No.16998022


>> No.17001873

Top: Shikieiki (I'm the only one in this thread???), Marisa, Youmu

Bottom: Tewi, Momiji, Reisen

I hate furries

>> No.17001881

disregard this I just found the other 2 people who like Eiki

good taste you two

>> No.17001930
File: 56 KB, 339x298, 1447463748255.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why does everyone hate Mamizou, Momiji and Lunarians

>> No.17002001

because furries are bad and you should feel bad

>> No.17002212

Kemonomimi ≠ Furry

>> No.17002234

Top: Rumia, Cirno and probably Yuyuko
Bottom: I don't really dislike any enough to remember them off the top of my head

>> No.17002262

Top: Marisa, (necessary) Futo, Kokoro

Bottom: Ringo, Momiji, Moon Sisters

Ringo is one of the ugliest characters ZUN's ever designed, Momiji is fan-made at this point and the Moon Sisters are just super bad all around.

>> No.17003562

Moon sisters actually confuses me. Yorihime is your classic uppity school president and Toyohime is so carefree that she's almost Yuyuko 2.0. I mean sure some people might dislike them but activaly hate them? Why? I see no outstanding reason for that.

>> No.17003572

I feel the same. Yorihime is cute as HECK.

>> No.17003578

discount maribel

>> No.17003580

Yorihime and Maribel are nothing alike, dudester.

>> No.17005925

>liking Tewi

>> No.17007748

What's wrong with Tewi?

>> No.17008766

Sakuya, Suika, Kaguya

Kanako, Nazrin, Wriggle

>> No.17008793

Komachi, Yuuka, Mamizou

Medicine, Nitori, Letty

No particular order for any of them.

>> No.17009046

Because they're uptight cunts who deserve to be featured in a mind-break doujin.

>> No.17009666

Smelly, awful, tanuki scum
Memes, probably. As a character I have no interest in her. She's just a serious tengu who hates Aya and likes playing shogi.
Lunarians are fucking awful, man. Except Sagume.

>> No.17009679
File: 722 KB, 982x1440, img000025.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A lot. Not him, it's fine if you like her, but she is honestly one of the most horrible characters in the series. Not for her scams and trickery, honestly, but for her disturbing rabbit youkai mill and incredibly suspicious motivations.

>> No.17009682
File: 183 KB, 1024x819, touhou_youmu_konpaku_stay_focused__flow_wallpaper_by_takuneru-d5msxm9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Youmu, Marisa, Remilia

Alice, Mystia Lorelei, Komachi

>> No.17009798

not gonna say my favourites but gonna say some you fuckers made me hate
Yuuka & Mima, glad ZUN has definitely forgotten about them.

>> No.17009801

Where is that image from?

>> No.17009809

Wild and Horned Hermit

>> No.17009940


Bottom (I will exclude non-characters such as Daiyousei and other similar ones from this):

I don't actively DISlike any of my bottom three, i just find them all painfully boring, also, if you're confused about why i choose these three in specific, i simply have a weird case of judging Stage 1-4 bosses and Stage 5-EX bosses with different standards.

>> No.17017422

Top is Yuuka, Kokoro, and Raiko, but several others are right up there next to them.
No real bottom three, just some less followed than others, probably Tewi, Seija, and Futo, with a few others near to them.

>> No.17024965

A lot of tanuki hate in here.
Is Forbidden Scrollery responsible for this?

>> No.17024999

Most likely, I'm the Komachi, Yuuka and Mamizou guy earlier, but I got up to date with FS after posting that and honestly...

Not cool, Mamizou. I don't care if she gets manipulative in the village, but threatening somebody as powerless as Kosuzu like that just ain't right. I still like her overall demeanor, though.

>> No.17025101
File: 675 KB, 913x1300, Tewi the shit in its natural state of kissing ass to those that would harbor it before betraying them for a stronger group while shittalking the last.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"we are the rabbits"
>implying she was one of the rabbits domesticated in such a way being thousands of years old before such a practice was common and is also not mentioned in the lore she's based on
>implying she's not selfishly putting them through a potential meat grinder just for the small chance of it coming back to be her own benefit
I completely agree anon, I'm one of many anons who have mentioned "Tewi a shit" for those reasons you've stated.
The only luck we've seen that she grants is to herself when she "sells it" to dumbass villagers.
It would be neat if they came back to that point, if one of the rabbits did become a youkai because of all the suffering abandonment and such, wouldn't they be super pissed off at her for orchestrating it all in the first place?

Here's a picture of Tewis behavior when she switches "sides."

>> No.17025758

No. Ebin memesters are. Good job for falling for it, by the way.