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"W-who are you again?"

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Mr Dick

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"What are you, retarded?"

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Your husband. Now, lets have some horribly deformed half breed children and feed them to Yuyuko.

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A hungry customer.

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Touhou food chain:

Humans -> Insect -> Night Sparrow -> Glutton

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Drunk girls are funny. You can pull down their pants and stick things into them and they won't remember jack.

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O_o ur mom xD

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Superior drinkers.

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Larry Flint

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Mystia looks cute when she's drunk.

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[ ] Rape
[ ] Rape
[ ] Rape

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Best drinker.

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This is a difficult choice...

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Mystia is always cute.

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I lol'd, fuck you.

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I fucking love Mystia in a cook's bandanna.


Can we get the non-sample, wretched danbooru user?

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Mystia is cute

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True, true.

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[x] Rape?

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[x] Rape?

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I remember doing exactly the same for a Thread like this, but headed with this pic.
But with a sage.

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You're doing it wrong.

[x] Take her home. She'll catch a cold if she sleeps out here.

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It's too late! Anon skipped the event flag!

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It's the only way.

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>I fucking love Mystia in a cook's bandanna.


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Hmmm, getting close to every character + Mystia combination in the stand.

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I'll bite.

[x] Take her home. She'll catch a cold if she sleeps out here.

I'll bite.

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I fucking love Mystia, period.

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/r/ that Mystia copypasta where you and Mystia get together but in the end Youmu cuts up Mystia and her and Yuyuko eat her

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Why would you do such a horrible thing, you monster.

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You shake your head in exasperation.

"Looks like you've had a little too much to drink," you tell her. "Time to take you home."

"E-eh? But I haven't finished my drink~" she says.

"Just bring it with you"

You carry her deftly into your arms princess-style. Mystia is surprisingly light, and you can feel her soft feathers tickling your chin. She snuggles against your chest, enjoying the warmth.


[ ] Take her home. Your home, of course.
[ ] Take her home. Her home, of course.
[ ] Hold her close to you.

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>Even though it's only an egg, it tastes good.
Who writes this stuff?

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Mystia -hat is cute too!

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;_; that's the first thing I thought of when I read >>1694185

also your pic (posted on old /a/ immediately after one of Mystia hugging an egg) and my ;_; response is when Mystia became my favorite Touhou

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[X] Hold her close to you.

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People who translate too literally.

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What, do you eat your eggs plain?
No spices or sauces?

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You hold her closer. She cuddles up closer to you, finally settling in your arms as she embraces your neck. You are sure that she is attracted to the warmth, but you can't help but enjoy the moment.

You can smell a sweet aroma from the little sparrow girl.

[ ] Resist. Take her home (yours).
[ ] Resist. Take her home (hers).
[ ] Take a lick.
[ ] _____

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[X] Take a lick.

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[x]Let her go and then run home and masturbate to the experience.

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[x] Unhinge your jaw and swallow her whole.

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[X] Resist. Take her home (hers)

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[X] Take her to the lake. Maybe some fresh air would do her good.


Man, I thought she was cooking some kind of disembodied penis there for a second.

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>the lake

NOOOOOOOOO Anon, you fool!

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You carefully take a lick of her ear. She giggles in her sleep.

"S-stop that, Kourin."


Rinnosuke, you are a bastard.

[ ] Take her home (yours)
[ ] Take her home (hers)
[ ] Leave her here
[ ] Head to Kourindou
[ ] _____

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[Q] Take her home (hers)

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Get the fuck out, underage Pooshlmer.

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[x] Take her home (hers)

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[X] Take her home (hers)
[X] Kill Rinnosuke if you come across him on the way there

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come again?

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rinnosuke is not the buddah

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Suddenly, the image of Rinnosuke doing his "SEXY BEAM!" in front of Mystia flashes before your eyes.

"I'll fucking gut that bastard," you mutter.

Unfortunately, you don't mean said bastard on the way to Mystia's little cottage. You take a glance at Mystia. She looks totally out of it. Looks like you'll have to carry her inside and up the stairs to her room.

[ ] Carry her to her bedroom.
[ ] Leave her on the floor.
[ ] Wake her up gently.
[ ] Lick her ears again.
[ ] _____

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[x] Head to Kourindou (and don't forget Mystia).

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[x] Lick her ears again.

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[X] Lick her ears again.

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>Choja !fy.n4oySK6

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[X] Carry her to her bedroom.
[X] Lick her ears again.
Both at the same time.

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Thank goodness you love me~!

Yeah, that sounds like a better idea.
Seconding this.

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You lick Mystia's ears gently. She moans gently in her sleep. She opens an eye sleepily.

"Kourin~" she mutters.

[ ] Drop her here.
[ ] Take her inside.
[ ] Angry sex option.
[ ] Uso da!
[ ] Kiss her passionately
[ ] _____

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[x] Angry sex option.
[x] Uso da!

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[ ] Beat that whore for cheating on me with that shopkeeper, then hunt Rinnosuke down and kick his ass
[x] Go the fuck back to touhouproject.com

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[x] Take her to your home, lay her down on the bed so she is comfortable. Find a decent weapon then proceed to Kourindou.

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[x] Push her away turn around and beg forgiveness to Kourin for cheating on him. Followed by hot sex.(with Kourin of course)

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[x] Kiss her passionately.

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[X] Kiss her passionately

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[x] Give her a shoujoai.com account

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[x] reported

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Shit, right?

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What is touhouproject.com?