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Embrace the mommy ghost.

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Mommies are shit

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I want Yuyuko's milk straight from the source​!

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Undead girls are just better.

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I wish Tojiko was my mum!

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Built for mating press

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I want to embrace her friend.

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What are you gonna feed her?

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She's canon like 14 dude. And ghosts don't age. So she's 14 forever.

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The back of my hand. I then tell her to stop acting like some slutty grandma and act like the pure young woman she actually is.

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Unless you count experiences gained as aging.

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Was the age that she killed herself specified beyond "teenager"?

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I want to lick her fat ghost body.

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She was on her early teens when she died. So she should look around Reimu's age.

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Pick a Mom.

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Boobs are too spread apart !!

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Squish them together for instant paizuri!

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Stop staring! She is sensitive there!

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I'm suddenly overcome with the desire to mating press an experienced woman twice my age, /jp/
ideally one that's stuck in an unfulfilling relationship

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I'll embrace mommy fox.

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I'll embrace her alright, heheheh...

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Mommy Byakuren giving me a nursing handjob every night before bed!

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You know it is time for bed when she puts on "that" outfit.

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you need to return the favour eventually, anon

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Such easy access to Mommy's bosom!

I will! Even though I'm an adult I'll still live with Mommy Byakuren so I can provide a sustainable income for her home!

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I can't choose if I want to feel Yuyuko's ghostly embrace or Byakuren's soft, warm hands around my throbbing member...

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Why not both?

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Don't mind me. Just wanted to see if the word filter still worked on this shit board.

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Such a lovely, sweet and voluptuous pic, OP!
Yuyuko is the best of all!

I prefer to interpret it as referring to her tender and motherly nature, rather than her age or whatever.

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She's got some big yuyukos even though she's only 14.

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But Yuuka is my wife. She can't be both my mom and my wife.

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Momfags are the fucking worst

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Onee oni. She torments her younger brother with nuggies and indian burns and then when he gets upset she holds his face against her breasts and says "there there it's ok" while she plays with his hair!

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But is the little brother cute?

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Age != physiological age. I always think that age is simply how long something continued to exist. So a creature who continued to exist for 1100 years is pretty much 1100 years old, regardless of stuff like whether their body cells change (the case with immortals), or whether they have any "body cells" to begin with (Not sure what ghosts are composed of).

What does change over the course is their mental age, which is arguably all that matters. A 1100 year old creature has 1100 years of mental age inside their brains. Which sounds incredibly interesting.

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No! Suika was his babysitter growing up!

He looks like a midget Charles Bukowski!

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You lost me.

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He drank from the Ibuki Gourd every day!

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Yuyuko's ten desires:

1: To eat Mystia
2: To eat shark fin soup
3: To eat caviar
4: To eat sushi
5: To eat pizza
6: To eat meatbuns
7: To eat Kuroge Wagyuu beef
8: To eat Hakata Ramen
9: To eat pizza pie
10: To "eat" Youki

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you listed pizza twice

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Should've added 'To eat Myon'.

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Yuyuko is leaning on my shoulder right now (she's not my wife or anything but she is an affectionate ghost) and she doesn't like this, so stop posting it.

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But if she didn't seduce and "eat" Youki, then how did she give birth to Youmu?

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my dick wasn't ready for this

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What a naughty thing to do!

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Moms can be 14, dude.

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How can she be healthy if she's dead?

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Simple, anon. Unhealthiness is bound to life. You can't be unhealthy if you are dead.

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shark fin soup is disgusting

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I tried making cookies, want some?

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What does it truly mean to be a mommy?

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some girls do

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Looking at this image is physically painful because i know that neither of them will ever become real and take care of me

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I'm imagining them all looking at my tiny penis, some of them giggling, some of them think it's cute ;-;

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Ara ara, what a cute little thing, I'm going to milk it dry.

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I want to yuyu yuyuko's yuyus

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Reimu is in her mid to late 20s.

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Extremely cute! I'd seal Yuyuko everyday!

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(You) (You)

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Jesus Christ, who draws this stuff?

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Yukari is best mom

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I want to be a shota and come home from school and cuddle in a bed surrounded by all the squishy warm 2hu mommies...

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What's wrong with it?

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Sorry anon. I was just thinking about how the fish will die a gory death (She should kill it first), and about the fact that with this HUGE amount of water, she'd just end up with a bucket of icky, slightly tainted water with a bit of fish debris floating inside it. It's not gonna become a thick soup or something. She has to dispose 90% (if not more) of that water before she runs the blender.