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Previous thread: >>16870600

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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Started the second Leyline game. After going through the recap I realized how much I've come to enjoy Fuhito's voice and now I'm looking forward to her appearing even more then Rito.

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Currently playing IM Zero and Noraneko. Nothing much to say about IM Zero as it's the typical Eushully thing. Noraneko is quite nice though. Cat OP.

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I finished the newest Honoo no Haramase from the last thread. I thought I should post my thoughts since I took up so much of that thread. It was ok, pretty weird though.

For those who don't know, the protagonist rescues a cat from being bullied so she turns into a human and lets him fuck her then gives him a magic cell phone for the purpose of making girls pregnant.

He uses an app to fuck an idol on stage while her fans cheer them. He fucks a classmate on a bicycle while they're riding to school and she's more concerned with falling than the fact that she's fucking a guy on a public street during the middle of the day. He uses an app to fuck a girl during a baseball game on live television while the announcers describes the scene with a 'homerun' when he cums in her on an unsafe day. The dialog says that the whole nation of Japan was watching.

So it's a bit like the Zettai Junshu games or Onegai Tasukete where he fucks girls with impunity But in Zettai Junshu the girls are at least embarrassed when the protagonist fucks them during class or in a public park. So it just felt weird and there's no excitement about fucking a room full of girls while people are watching if everyone goes about their day while you're doing it.

Some great sex though. My favorite was the public morals committee president. Far too few are animated, there are 8. The step sister gets only 2 scenes despite being a main heroine, which is one less than the housewife who's a side character and the same number as the pizza girl and the trumpet player side girls. She's in the background in some of the scenes but gets no harem scenes as an active participant. Only a few preg scenes and they're all unanimated endings. They felt tacked on.

The tits are nonsense but that's the point. The girls still manage to be super cute which is hard to pull off for most artists when tits get outrageous. So that was great.

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The best part of this was the Utaha clone dialogue. Also the Hibike reference was hilarious.

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The last thing that bugged me is when the cat gives you the cell phone you put in your preferences and fetishes but they're literally irrelevant to the plot or gameplay. What was even the point?

I wasn't disappointed but I feel kind of empty for finishing. Like eating too much candy.

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That would probably mean something then if I'd watched those anime.

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It always gives me pause when high school characters in eroge go on about their "safe days" What kind of weirdass 16 year old is recording her basal temperature every day and charting her cycle?

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Mana worst girl?

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Every high school girl knows when her period is because getting your period sucks.

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Can one of you Ley Line dudes seed the nyaa torrent? It shows 6 seeders but I'm not actually getting any...

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>The step sister gets only 2 scenes despite being a main heroine, which is one less than the housewife who's a side character and the same number as the pizza girl and the trumpet player side girls.

This was the worst, because she was the main reason I was even interested in the game.

Marketing made it look like this was going to be the biggest game in the series, even though it had the same amount of scenes as any other Honoo no Haramase, resulting in "main-heroines" who get two H-scenes. Ridiculous.

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I wish the game had some mature main heroines. Some of the mature side characters on that game looked hot af.

My fav scene was the threesome were a girl is giving her bf a blowjob and you use your app to fuck her witouth the bf noticing and the girl trying her best to feel better from the blowjob than being fucked by protag.

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Well DUH, but ovulation is harder to track. You have to test your cervical mucus every day or some outlandish shit

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You don't have to. You can "guess" your safe days with calculators like http://www.doorjapan.com/anzenbi.htm
It's not 100% accurate but tends to do the job.

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Don't worry, just don't come inside.

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Why is she stating the obvious? Did the MC anything funny?

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Probably because she's basically autistic.

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Suppose something like Dungeon Travelers doesn't fit here? Haven't seen a thread for it yet tho

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>Utaha clone
Thank you, picked the fuck up.

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The game is nothing but clones

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finished Azuma's route in hatsusaku, the ending was pretty confusing, I really dislike how they keep on teasing a bunch of mysteries and not really explaining shit, i feel like they arent really going to explain anything until the true route, just makes me feel blue-balled as fuck

either way, azuma was pretty cute and there were a couple of scenes that were pretty cool and did give me some feels so i guess it was decent

i hope shirokuma's and nozomu's routes aren't too long, i need some answers to explain the end of the common route

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Why'd he do it, lads?
Why'd Masada betray us all?

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So I bought a nukige off dmm and had to install soft denchi.
It asked for my dmm account and I provided my email.

However when I go to run the game I get a popup saying

Script exception raised. Member "Kag" does not exist.

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And it's not like the previous works you like will stop existing just because a bad mobage will come out.

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Masada lol. The only worthwhile thing he participated in was Dies Irae and that already had characters/setting fully set up before he joined to write the two worst routes out of four.

It's like blaming that fat jew for selling out Blizzard when that was the whole point of him joining in the first place.

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And how could you forget the anime fundraiser. Check the trailer, it looks cheap af compared to how much money they raised. The whole thing was a moneygrab, like 99% of kickstarters have been. Nothing easier than scamming people who want to be scammed.

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Bait, joke or ignorance?

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It can be whatever you want it to be as long as it means you won't have to deign to respond to it.

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なりゆき→パパ活GIRLS!!? I bought it recently and have the same problem. I know that typically that can be fixed by swapping out the game's exe with another (more recent) krkr game's exe, but that doesn't seem to work when soft denchi is involved.

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Yes. And yeah the trial exe doesn't work for me either.

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If the trial doesn't work it's more of a locale problem than DRM. You can use DenchiUnwrap to get rid of soft denchi from exe files (some games actually run from main.bin).

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DenchiUnwrap doesn't work on it.

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Oh yeah, seems to fail on new games. You can upload the exe with dlls if you want me to take a look at it.

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Give me some games with さげまん characters.

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Here is the exe

And here is the trial exe


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I just downloaded the new Zettai Junshu game and this is what i get. Any ideas?

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Nevermind, it's explained on their website


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Looks like the file is corrupted. Deleting the file shouldn't be a problem since save data related files get created once you start the game but I'd make a backup of the savedata folder just in case.

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I finished Subarashiki. Subahibi. What a ride. >>16873394 wanted to hear my thoughts post-completion, and I'm happy to write them out. I’ll probably write a lot. Although I'm sure I won't be too eloquent. I have a lot of conflicting thoughts and feelings about the work and I hope writing them out will help me resolve some of that conflict.

First, as a preface, a comment about my previous posts, for those who might remember me ranting. I hated Looking-Glass Insects because I couldn't stand the bullying.
It made me sick.
But as I read further on I asked myself "did Sca-ji actually intend for his readers to feel like I am feeling right now?" and came to the conclusion that he did not. After all, no writer would want to drive his readers to drop his work. I do still think the way LGI's content was depicted was gratuitous and not well-handled. But judging from how others reacted to the same content, my viscerally negative reaction was largely a result of my own personal biases against bullying, resulting in over-empathizing with the characters. So I am taking that into consideration when thinking about the VN as a whole.

I know already this post is going to be long and rambly so I suppose I'll start out by talking briefly about technical details before giving my impressions on the routes.

The game system itself is fine, no complaints. I would have liked access to the music room before total completion but no big deal. One other very minor complaint is about the choice system in DTRH2. When Yuki was investigating around the school and you were picking locations to go to, when you picked a location and finished reading the scene at said location, it would just plop you back right at the original choice, as if nothing had happened, with the text in the next choice not reflecting you having already seen the events of the first. This is particularly noticeable at the part where Yuki gets attacked by Kimika with a knife and then in the next scene isn’t phased by it at all, and doesn’t mention it until that scene is over. Now, maybe you could say this has some thematic significance with it feeling discontinuous or something, but I think that would be reaching a bit.

The art is good. The tachie are solid, and the CGs in particular are great and add a lot to important scenes. Very, very seldom, if ever, was I thinking “man I really could have used a CG here.” The only complaint I have here is the ero art. I did not find it erotic. Could have done without it really. Indeed many of the sex scenes have plot significance but I really do think there could be a non-18+ release of Subahibi if there were some clever editing done. Sca-ji probably wouldn’t allow it but it could be done. Himawari made it work.

The VA work is fantastic. Yuki’s voice actor in particular does great work. Again, no complaints… except, the side male characters really could have used voices. Call it eroge tradition or whatever but I thought this was one of the few “objective” flaws. The end scene of DTRH1 would have been a 10/10 for me if not for this. When the teddy bear conductor spoke and there was not dialogue I was like “Wait, why doesn’t he have a voice? Oh right, he’s a male teddy bear.” It slightly disturbed my enjoyment of the scene. That scene stands out in my mind but surely numerous other scenes would have benefitted from this as well. In order of importance I would have wanted voices for Master and Kimura, then Shiroyama and the Fuckers, and then danshi seito A, B, etc. Personally I would want a voice for “fake” Tomosane too but there may be an argument to his lack of voice having some thematic significance. But again I think that is probably reaching a bit.

And finally, the music. The composer szak is the real star of the show here. Subahibi has a magnificent soundtrack. I think every track, without exception, is just superb. Without question one of the best OSTs of any work I have ever heard. There were maybe one or two times where I felt that maybe a different track could have been used to better effect in a given scene, but that’s a matter of scene direction rather than actual song composition. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about anything in the OST. If I were to try to find a flaw - and this would truly be nitpicking - it would be that while reading the VN, the songs don’t actually loop but just repeat. But I don’t even consider this a flaw because being freed from composing looping songs only let szak do the wonders he did. I haven’t had a long time to ruminate on the OST, but just off the top of my head my top three songs would be:

夏の大三角 (Zakuro theme): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIoSypI7ONQ
窓と光 (contemplation theme?): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n30229CPKi0
And it goes without saying, the iconic 夜の向日葵: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZWd_7Ud-Lc

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Anyway that was a rundown of some of the technical stuff. Next, here’s what I was thinking while going through the routes and some general impressions.

DTRH1: Brilliant
DTRH2: Exciting
Invention: Tumultuous
LGI: Sickening
JW, WDI, JW2: Neat
Endings: ???

The first part of DTRH1 was fun. Nothing more, nothing less, just fun. And looking back on it, of course it was, that is exactly what it was supposed to be, a representation of Yuki and Zakuro’s 素晴らしき日々. Really a wonderful part of the story.

Then comes the highlight of the whole VN for me. From the branch into the Zakuro “route” in DTRH1 up until the intro movie in DTRH2 is just brilliant. The sense of unease on the 終の空 ride, the sense of dread from seeing the frozen world, the sense of wonder from the train ride on the Galaxy Railway. Their tearful goodbye, Yuki’s reflection at the very end, and then, that perfect moment. Yuki’s monologue and conversation with Takuji on the rooftop while the hauntingly beautiful 夜の向日葵 plays. “This is it,” I thought. “This is the magic they were talking about.” And indeed down the rabbit hole I went. This part hooked me like nothing else could.

DTRH2 was also a lot of fun. It was a great read from start to finish and set up a lot of mysteries to ponder and try to solve from the clues given.

Invention was hit and miss for me. The misses were… come to think of it, mostly the ero scenes. Especially the sickening torture of Takuji by the evil guys, and the laboriously boring scenes with the teacher. The hits, if you will, were when it slowly unraveled the mystery by giving you hints as to what was going on. Quite fun. I had basically figured out the multiple personalities thing at some point during this route thanks to clues like Takuji’s room having a similar construction to Yuki’s (due to only showing half of the same room) and Yasuko talking about a “shadow Mamiya” with an identical appearance but different personality that is heavily implied to be Yuki, among other clues. Plus I already had suspected someone had brain problems when from the start two main characters were ripped straight from Lucky Star. Anyway, it was pretty good for the most part; the cows scene with Kimika in particular was neat. But all in all I would have to say I enjoyed DTRH2 more than Invention.

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Then Looking-Glass Insects… The first half was tolerable, then it splits into true and Kimika routes. Let me first say that the LGI Kimika route contains one of the only instances of what I would consider to be actually “bad” writing in Subarashiki Hibi. And that is when Kimika and Zakuro remain in the school until nighttime after they get their clothes dirty. The justification given for this is weak and basically the only reason they do this despite knowing the danger involved is to set up the scene in the park. Despite this, I enjoyed the Kimika route for the most part since it gave me a justice boner seeing the bad guys beat up. I would have appreciated a CG of Megu and Satoko being torn apart limb from limb though.

Next, unfortunately is the LGI true route. It took me ages to get through because of how shitty it made me feel. Scene after scene after scene of seeing the emotional torture of Kimika and poor Zakuro. And it’s just great, isn’t it? Seeing time and time again, a scene where the two might be able to defend themselves, and then, out of nowhere, there come Shiroyama and the Fuckers to ruin everything. Watch this, /jp/. You can actually pinpoint the line when my heart ripped in half.
Zakuro gets caught in the alley and gets raped and pillaged. At that point I was done. A broken man. When they kept going and showed me Zakuro’s friend getting raped by a dog I had already gone mad. I looked at her getting fucked by the dog and I just laughed. Perhaps that was my only way of coping. When they jumped off the building I could only think “good riddance.” Zakuro’s death also meant the end of my suffering so I was happy to see it.

If I were to say some positive things about LGI, it would be that it provided the confirmation of the suspicions I had while going through Invention, and it had the Cyrano stuff. Interesting to see “mon panache” taken the two different ways. I guess. None of it made up for the bullying though. But in a way I finally had an optimistic take on Subahibi - it could only go up from here.

Jabberwocky, Which Dreamed It, and Jabberwocky 2 were all pretty good and had some emotional moments. There were some neat revelations that I didn’t see coming, like Tomosane being the “original” owner of the body. (I wonder why Tomosane saw ‘himself’ as the image of the original Takuji? And why he regained consciousness just as Takuji was getting raped?) Whatever. JW2 in particular was neat. The heavy use of new, varied background art in the village was really pretty, and I felt it probably had some thematic significance. Like maybe because those memories were of times before Tomosane’s existence was discontinuous they were more vivid and colorful. Anyway no complaints here really.

Then lastly, the endings. For the 素晴らしき日々 end, I don’t really think I got what Kimura and Tomosane were talking about. It went on a long time and there were some poems I couldn’t really understand; they provided an interpretation but I think I missed the point here. If there is one scene I should reread it’s probably this one. I liked that they showed Hasaki’s justification for forgiving her mother though. I can’t agree with it but it’s just an alternative worldview I suppose. For the 向日葵の坂道 end, I think that it’s important that Hasaki could see Yuki which I’ll talk about later. And for 終の空II… Well, that’ll come later too, I guess.

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At this point I’d like to pose three questions to the reader as they are some of my biggest doubts, if you will, about Subahibi.

1. Was the amount of suffering depicted in LGI really necessary? And, in addition to that, how did you personally feel while reading this route? I can’t tell if my biases are still coming into play here or not, which is why I would be interested in hearing other opinions, but I really don’t think it made the VN any better even from an objective standpoint, and from a subjective standpoint it actively made it worse for me. I also have a hard time accepting Satoko, Megu, and Shiroyama and the Fuckers as legitimate characters. They seem to just be incarnations of evil, created for the sake of tormenting other humans. Maybe this is exactly the point though, and justification for Zakuro turning to her cult thing, if it indeed is a cult and not the truth.

2. What was Zakuro’s real role, in relation to the narrative and the theme? At first I thought she was going to play a pivotal role but the plot ended up being much more about Tomosane’s mind. So as far as the story goes, was she ultimately little more than a trigger for the events of the story and Takuji’s ascension? I feel like there has to be more than that. Speaking of Zakuro, did I miss something about her black bunnies? She got them from Kimika a while before the events of the story, I believe. But, surely, these are the same ones that Hasaki gave to Tomosane as seen in JW2, so what is going on there? After reading the first two endings I thought “Tsui no Sora II is probably gonna be another 5000 lines and explain this” but that was obviously not the case. And as far as Zakuro’s thematic relevance I won’t even attempt to give a theory myself since I don’t understand the work well enough on the surface level, let alone the thematic level.

3. How do the supernatural events in the story happen? This is the biggest question for me because the answer determines your whole view of how you interpret the workings of the story. While there are any number of interpretations you could make, here I’ll lay out the major three that come to mind. First, if you take the story at face value, then you could try to say it all takes place in reality, as-is, and any “supernatural” happenings are just a result of hallucinations or other mental facilities. But this viewpoint is flawed. On one hand, it is easily arguable that many of the “supernatural” events are not supernatural at all, and the story itself leads you to believe that. Takuji’s martial arts abilities come from just accessing Tomosane’s somehow, his mind reading is fairly basic and can be explained via cold reading or other techniques, and his magic elixirs are just drugs. It’s actually really clever how the story tricks you into thinking there’s nothing supernatural going on by presenting it as if it were indeed supernatural, but also provokes you into “reading between the lines” to see that it’s all a hoax. But, two questions cause this interpretation to fall apart. The first, more just raising a doubt, but still relevant: “Why can Hasaki see Yuki in the Himawari no Sakamichi end?” Naturally you could just say that Hasaki is having hallucinations as well, but this seems awfully convenient - why did it take so long for her to develop the same hallucinations as Tomosane? And how do they match up so perfectly, to the point of being able to have three-way conversations? But there isn’t really any need to dwell on that question, because the second is good enough to prove there is something else going on: “How did Takuji see, in detail, Zakuro’s rooftop suicide?” Not in any timeline nor any personality is there any way that this should be possible. So we need to look at it another way, continued in the following post.

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This necessarily guides us to the second interpretation - that one or more of Takuji, Tomosane, Yuki, or Zakuro has supernatural abilities, or at the very least there are supernatural forces in this reality that are acting upon them in some way. This makes it possible to solve some problems if you acknowledge this possibility. Why is Tomosane possessed by multiple personalities, and how can Hasaki see Yuki at the end? Simple, the souls of Takuji and Yuki are actually residing inside him. How does Takuji see the suicide of Zakuro/Liruru-chan? He has magical powers, as any savior would. How and why are Megu, Satoko, and Shiroyama and the Fuckers such scum? Because they aren’t really even human any longer, they are just pawns of the Physics Specialization Sign Creature (or however the hell you’d translate 物理特化符虫) sent out to perform evil and prevent the three warriors from enacting Spiral Matai. Okay, great, got all that cleared up. But then what about the “supernatural” happenings that actually are not supernatural? Clearly Takuji’s elixir wasn’t actually an elixir at all. But why? If he has the abilities that he seems to, he should be able to make a real elixir. Then why do his powers only work sometimes? And, more importantly - who or what is Otonashi Ayana? Even if you acknowledge the possibility of supernatural phenomena, it doesn’t automatically explain her. Is she a fourth personality sharing Tomosane’s body somehow? She denies it, but it might be possible that she just isn’t aware of it herself. Is she the dregs of Light Liruru, sent to obstruct Takuji in his mission to become the savior the world deserves? Maybe… But judging by her interactions with the other personalities that doesn’t seem to be the case, and she also is (apparently) not actually a futanari either. Then perhaps it’s possible she was the denpa all along? An existence on a different plane, only detectable to those whose brains are tuned to the right wavelength? This would explain a few things. For example, why she disappears when Yuki sees the false Wakatsuki twins on the field - Yuki’s brainwaves tune to a different wavelength to be able to see the Wakatsuki twins, tuning out Ayana in the process. Or why Hasaki can see her as well - she has the same magical Sanami blood as Tomosane so it certainly makes sense. Then what of her clairvoyance, her near-omniscience? Is it just a property innate to other-planar beings such as Ayana? She seems to know everything that will happen before it happens… But then, why also let Takuji fondle her crotch searching for dick? Did she just want an excuse to punch him? If so I can’t blame her. But with this interpretation of events, while anything seems “possible”, that’s all it is. Riddled with possibilities. While nothing appears to be immediately in direct contradiction the work is still filled with problems and questions that seem unanswerable without a different approach.

Which then inevitably leads us to the third interpretation. 終のそらII。 偏在転生。 仮定7。 仮定8 if you will. By some means, by some motive, this world is one of Ayana’s creation, directed by and starring Ayana as all roles. At least at first glance, this seems to solve most of our problems. Frankly I haven’t explored this interpretation very much so I’m not sure if it actually holds water nor can I tell if I like it even if it does. It seems a little empty, doesn’t it? It was all a dream! なんてね! てへぺろ。 Anyway though, these three were about all I could come up with. What is going on with this world? What is your interpretation of the events? Is it one of these or something different? Tell me what the hell is going on, someone.

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So those were my “thoughts” on Subahibi. Not that those were the entirety of my thoughts on Subahibi, long as this post has been. But what did I “think” about Subahibi? Did I enjoy it? Did I like it? The answer, frankly I don’t really know. Down the Rabbit Hole, I love. Looking-Glass Insects, I hate. The rest… is a lot more hazy. At the very least I unfortunately won’t be able to put a 10/10 down on VNDB with the rest of y’all. Which actually makes me think: damn, everyone likes this! It’s weird! How is this so well-rated? I’d think Subahibi would be one of those works that is a cult classic but isn’t so appreciated in the “mainstream” due to its bizarre content... But damn, no, everyone loves it. Weird. But like I said I don’t think I’ll be able to join the leagues of adoring fans, as much as I really would like to. Rather than blaming the work, I suppose I’ll end the post by offering some possibilities as to why I didn’t love Subahibi as much as everyone else, not necessarily in any order.

1. Contrarianism. Maybe I am just a contrarian fag and end up not thinking highly of any popular things just because they’re popular. I didn’t care for The Godfather either, sue me. I doubt this is the case with Subahibi though because I can absolutely tell there is a lot to love and appreciate here.

2. Personal biases and hatred towards bullying/injustice ruining LGI for me and souring the whole experience. This definitely is an unfortunate part of it. Without meaning to sound accusatory, though, I really don’t know how anyone could sit back and read all that nonchalantly. I suppose this is 4chan though so it makes sense. We キモオタ here on the chans eat 3 Guys 1 Hammer for breakfast, a little light bullying is 朝飯前, eh fellas.

3. A preference towards straight-forward works. I wouldn’t say myself that I prefer straightforward works, but maybe I just don’t know myself very well. Certainly most of my favorites don’t usually seem to be the “mindfuck” type so perhaps I was destined not to be a Subaliever from the start. The saga of a pleb.

4. Lack of Japanese ability. I think (or, at least, would like to think) this isn’t much of a factor as I’m pretty competent in the language. But I’m nowhere near native level and my completion time is about two times the EGS median figure. So it’s entirely possible that if I had a better comprehension of the language, I’d like the work more. Then again plenty of people who loved it read it as their first VN taking five minutes a line so I don’t know how valid that line of logic is.

5. Lack of philosophy knowledge/comprehension. I did some pre-reading for Subahibi, namely, Alice, Cyrano, and Night on the Galactic Railroad. While I won’t ever be able to experience a Subahibi where I didn’t already read these things, so I suppose I can’t say for sure, I do think those things enhanced my experience quite a bit, especially the latter two. If I had read (and ideally, understood) the Tractacus beforehand as well, maybe it would have made my journey all the more meaningful. Who knows. On the same note, I can’t claim in the slightest that I understood everything Subahibi was doing on a philosophical level. Assuming that Sca-ji is not just being pretentious and throwing in references randomly, which I don’t think is the case, there is a lot I didn’t understand from my reading and likely won’t for a while on down the road. Maybe if I read enough analytic blog posts it’ll all click. Or not.


And I suppose that wraps up my big fat Greek Subahibi post. If you didn’t tl;dr I appreciate it. If you respond, I’ll appreciate it even more, and I’ll be sure to write back tomorrow after I wake up. Until then, my verdict, I guess: 2deep4me, unironically. While I doubt I will ever come to like LGI, I can definitely see myself coming back to take another look at Subahibi 5-10 years down the road, hopefully able to appreciate the philosophy better and also be better at taking the bad with the good.

>> No.16924596

Sakura no Uta opens with this quote:


I see this as the answer.

>> No.16924636

Okay, let me give my thoughts on LGI.

To me, it was far and away the best part of the game. Obviously this is personal taste, but there's nothing I love more than well-written emotionally-wrenching suffering. There's nothing better than growing attached to cute anime girls, growing to love them and respect them and want them to be eternally happy, and then have that torn away from you, and just feel that crushing feeling of loss and pain. Nakige are really what got me into VNs in the first place.

What was Zakuro's real role to the overarching story? I mean, to me the overarching story of Subahibi was Zakuro and Kimika's plotline, and the Tomosane stuff was less important. This might not be the intended interpretation, but it's what left a lasting impact on me. You could argue the psychological themes of a disconnected existence are fairly separate from the emotional themes present in Zakuro's route, sure, but there's no rule a story has to have only one central underlying theme. So it's fine to explore different ideas and different concepts in this way.

As for which interpretation is true, well, there's no one correct answer, obviously, it's supposed to be an open problem. But I like the idea that there is no supernatural presence at all, and it's purely a psychological story about characters unable to deal with reality, escaping into their own fantasy worlds. I think it fits better with the thematic ideas, about reality existing only within your mind, and increases the impact of the sacrifices and suffering throughout the story. I know you raised some points against this idea, but the same could be done with any interpretation, I think it's fine to pick the one that fits with your worldview.

>> No.16925252

Not sure if you noticed this about Zakuro, but IIRC her actions in DR1 is reflected in the other bits of the story too. For example, her dropping the rabbit from the school rooftop at a certain time coincides with the teacher's fall if I remember correctly.
I think you'd probably like Sakura no Uta a lot more judging from your posts.
It's pretty much on the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of cruelty.

>> No.16925317

I despair over people never listing 邂逅 in top Subahibi tracks. It's one of my favorites and evoked some truly special feelings in me whenever it played

Still trying to find a game with an overall OST that comes even close to this day

>> No.16925862
File: 45 KB, 613x339, v.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Narahara comeback?

>> No.16925910

dude dont take subahibi so seriously, nobody understands the whole thing, just take it as a fun ride with a bunch of mindfucks

>> No.16925911


New SD protected games (in case when denchiunwrap doesn't produce any file even though it says it's done, this is a bug clearly) can be easily unwrapped using a hex editor. Search for the exe header bytes (4D5A90 in this case, but the third byte can be different I think), go to the second occurrence and copy everything from that point until the end of the file to a new .exe file. This is an utterly idiotic protection scheme.

Unfortunately, the game still doesn't work under NTLEA (same kag error), looks like you'll need to try to install Japanese Windows because I think it's locale-related. The error is thrown by one of the krkr scripts, need to figure out how to debug those.

>> No.16925941

I personally think Zakuro's role being shafted in the end is kind of a flaw from the story being based off of Tsui no Sora. I think sca-ji didn't know how to tie the character to the ending (also, being dead doesn't really help much).

My big question of Subahibi is what the hell the ありふれた世界 and the 見慣れた風景 lines meant within the story. It felt that the story made a big deal about the characters seeing things that they already saw, over and over again. (Hell, the beginning of RH1 and RH2 are pretty much about this), but I have no idea how it is supposed to tie in to the story at all. Is it some Wittgenstein shit?

>> No.16925962

When everything is in inside everyone just as everything is everyone inside you, you're bound to have seen stuff before.

Come to think of it, this idea leads me to believe Sakura no Uta starts at Subahibi's end. You cound say everything is everyone inside Ayana.

>> No.16926114

New Shimokura.

>> No.16926123
File: 312 KB, 800x600, 1466636643157.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those things don't have anything to do with the route structure or seeing things over and over. They just refer to the common everyday life. You could say attaining the 素晴らしき日々 and living happily equals living in that trite scenery but simply looking out on it differently.
If it's been a while just reread RH1 and the Jabberwockies.

>> No.16926125

Surely he needs some time to develop his ideas.

>> No.16926144

They just won't say it's him until he develops some.

>> No.16927756

Good Job on finishing the greatest work of a human mind in this otaku medium. But you can't get off this ride unless you watch this first if you havent already.

>> No.16928129

Sorry for multi-replying. I know some find it an eyesore but I think it's rude to ignore responses and posting each reply in individual post would be worse.

I'll clearly need a lot more reading of Kenji before I attempt SnU, but I do hope I like it more when I get around to it. Thanks.

Well, if that floats your boat. I won't pretend to be able to comprehend the mindset required to like that so much but I'm glad (and a bit jealous) that you can.

What can I say, I like the happy tracks. All of them are excellent though, including the one you linked. Middling "forgot it was there" BGM present in a lot of other stuff just can't compare.

I'd sort of like to take your advice but it's hard. If it were just a wild and crazy ride, would it have so many adoring fans? I think my striving to find a unifying theme in the work is longing to belong in the group of people who love it so much. I'm always "that guy" who doesn't like the great thing everyone loves. After hearing Subahibi's praises sung as the best written work, ever, I really wanted to believe that, join the group of Subalievers and not be in the "contrarian" minority for once, and find reasoning to support it as high art. It's hard though, and I'm not sure if it's partly because of flaws in the work, partly because of flaws in myself, or a combination of both.

That would make sense. If I ever get around to rereading it in a few years I'll be sure to check out Tsui no Sora first. There seems to be a bunch of stuff closely relating to it in Subahibi. Naturally much of the plot, but also some more obtuse stuff like the expiration dates on the amusement part ride which probably have some significance stemming from the original Tsui no Sora but I have no idea what.

Thanks for the link, that was really good. I haven't seen a professional-looking AMV/MAD for a hot minute.

>> No.16928418

One question anons, how hard are Lair-soft vns to read and understand in jap? It's one of the reasons i'm learning jap, so i would like to get some insight if possible.

>> No.16928423

If you care about difficulty, they're too hard for you.

>> No.16928432

What do you mean by ''care about difficulty'' i'm asking because i don't want to read some shitty moege as my first vn.

>> No.16928490

When you're good enough to read them without struggling too hard, difficulty won't be an issue because you'll know Japanese and everything will be the same to you.

>> No.16928580

Definitely bullshit. Even native speakers of a language will find some things written in that language to be difficult. Being fluent in English doesn't mean you won't struggle with a technical paper on quantum physics, or Ulysses.

>> No.16928615

*the vast majority of things
I hope your autism has been calmed, friend.

>> No.16928626

Not the place for this conversation. Take it to DJT please.

>> No.16928627

Did someone here get サクラノ詩 -櫻の森の上を舞う- 公式ビジュアルアーカイヴ? I would be really glad if somone made a summary of what Scaji said in it.

>> No.16928637

Ask denka on Twitter.

>> No.16928689

Megami Zero does kinda drag in the beginning but I do remember it picking up later on.
Haishera is a miracle of the universe btw

>> No.16928984

>magic sex/hyponotism phone app/device
This is literally the worst trope currently existing in eroge/h-manga

>> No.16929146

No, that's time stop
Time stop is the worst. Nothing but the guy's thoughts, no motion from the girl... it's terrible.

>> No.16929167


It doesn't. But that's alright. You get a pretty good idea about the game, when the prologue has a random loli raped by some random monster and the task you get afterwards is "purify the demonic onahole". The game takes itself seriously, but that's a trap. Reminds me of those old trashy fantasy hentai, with random ceremonies replaced by groupsex.

>> No.16929173

>when the prologue has a random loli raped by some random monster and the task you get afterwards is "purify the demonic onahole".
Picked up

>> No.16929487

Kusarihime and WABs pretty easy, seven bridge is hard

>> No.16929868
File: 489 KB, 800x600, Azusa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Good Job on finishing the greatest work of a human mind in this otaku medium.

But that's Saihate no Ima.

>> No.16930303
File: 55 KB, 217x190, good.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Utaha clone

>> No.16931248
File: 1.50 MB, 1280x720, kimiyume_2017-04-27_22-27-58.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Read キミトユメミシ after getting mesmerised by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCYuYBrOZ3o

Overall its a good moege with great humour and decent art/bgm.

The writing while not outstanding is very consistent.
For example the humour, which is the games biggest charm point is present all through the game. After playing for a while I thought it would tone down but it kept catching me off guard with some ridiculous situations. It's tagged as a バカゲー on egs for a good reason and I mean that in a good way.

It does actually have a plot too and has a nice true ending which left me satisfied.

The character routes are all worth going through.
I didn't like 七ノ羽s route at first but its ending was my favorite one.
The protags friend is only a comic relief character but he does a great job at it.

It's a bit all over the place at times and definitely feels rushed at certain points. It becomes pretty apparent this is the brands first game.
The writer has potential and I'll check out his next work for sure.

Anyway if you're looking for a good moege with a main focus on humour I think you won't be disappointed if you give it a try.

>> No.16931260
File: 114 KB, 1024x576, v2Z71R8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the easiest VN that is not Hanahira?
I'm trying to get into untranslated VNs but with hanahira I keep dozing off.

>> No.16931267

Try reading something with a real plot that isn't hard to read in itself?

>> No.16931294

So what's the name of this golden geese?
Every time I find something that seems to have interesting plot it turns almost muramasa tier in terms of difficulty. And I'm just a beginner.

>> No.16931300

It's called stop being a bitch and keep reading.

>> No.16931310
File: 56 KB, 800x600, あした出逢った少女.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm reading Ashita deatta shoujo on a recommendation from this thread.
Unless stuff like this is hard for you (these diary B entries are really fun), the game just has some odd word that even gives you the katakana for.

>> No.16931320

Anon, I know we need a bit of autism to learn japanese. But please, transfer it into getting better, not getting angrier.
Thanks! That excerpt doesn't seem too hard, so I will surely check it out.

>> No.16931387
File: 303 KB, 1280x720, japanese_is_hard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


If you have that much problems, you need to suck it up, or stick to REALLY easy moege. That's just how it is. There are tons of plotge with light Japanese. Which doesn't mean "with only the most common words". But it means the sentences aren't complicated, it's easy to follow, if you know the words and so on. There isn't actually a lot that goes past that. What actually does is sometimes even a little unexpectedly so. For example the Navel trap series could be written off as a simple easy moege, but the main-writing at least is rather.. descriptive? With long sentences and such as far as I remember. Hapymaher could also be rather wordy in some regards. I actually really liked the style in the latter though. The Navel trap series was in my opinion rather boring a lot of the time.

So yeah, this isn't really the thread for you. There may come a time when you just look for something a bit lighter to chill with, but in your case you probably should go to the right thread which is about learning the language. Personally I'd recommend to read a route of a translated VN with the translation ready at first, then go to whatever you really want to read and isn't too long and not care about anything else... provided that's not obvious very high level and you can't connect at all.

>> No.16931395

I just finished Amane's route in Flyable heart as my first VN and it was fun, even if it took me a long time to go through. The humor was generally funny. Heard that Sakurako/Maiyuri's routes are good (and I think Maiyuri is cute too) and that Sakurako's route should be done before Maiyuri's so I want to read those but it's kind of jarring going straight from one route to the next so I'll probably take a small break and read something else in the meantime. Maybe Yosuga no Sora or something.

Anyway, it was nice to see that [Flyable Heart Amane route spoilers] Souryuu wasn't just a total idiot after all. The ending with supernatural elements was sort of contrived. What happens to world for the bad end he leaves behind anyway?? I suppose it's not really worth worrying about too much since the game doesn't take itself too seriously.

Hanahira put me to sleep too, don't bother trying to force yourself through that garbage.

That video got me interested in the game as well, nice to hear that it's good.

>> No.16931400

>I actually really liked the style in the latter though. The Navel trap series was in my opinion rather boring a lot of the time.
Reverse for me, Hapymaher was beyond bloated script wise, every single sentence was long for no reason.

>> No.16931406

>Hapymaher could also be rather wordy in some regards. I actually really liked the style in the latter though. The Navel trap series was in my opinion rather boring a lot of the time.
This is the worst "opinion" I have read in a while.

>> No.16931420

Read Subahibi if you didnt, it's quit easy. I heared Baldr Sky is easy as well.

>> No.16931443

>I heared Baldr Sky is easy as well.
>I heared
Hahahahahaha learn english first.

>> No.16931457

>Subahibi if you didnt, it's quit easy.

>> No.16931480


It fit the style of the world, setting and the MC quite a bit. I'd argue that a lot of its atmosphere was thanks to the writing style.
Of course the game essentially recycling common route plot elements for the routes, and then in the fandisc once more was quite a problem and holds the game back quite a bit, but that's another story.

>> No.16931495

I find Ruitomo one of the hardest shit I have ever read, I stopped after few hours, and Iam not even sure if I can read it even now. I didn't read Hello Lady for the same reason. I found that Hino's writing is the hardest after Hanahira and Masada.

>> No.16931539

What things I should read before getting into Sakura no Uta?
What I found
-Oscar Wild's The Decay of Lying and critic of artist
-Miyazawa Kenji's Haru to Shura and his life in general
-Natsume Soseki's Kokoro
-Nakahara Chuuya's poems

Are these enough?

>> No.16931543
File: 1.45 MB, 1820x2048, VNs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just read whatever you want dude. The only thing that will change with difficulty is the time you'll stay there staring and analyzing some line or paragraph that you don't understand, but in the end you'll end up "leveling up" either way. Also if there's something that you or your penis consider the holy grail that doesn't need to get sullied with bad understanding just save that for later and choose another one from your desired ones.
I have some really old pics for this kind of stuff so sorry if they're outdated or inaccurate.

>> No.16931553
File: 860 KB, 1490x3442, VNs 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16931559

I'd also read Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics just to be sure.

>> No.16931598


He plays a lot with Kanji, their meanings and such. It's certainly a bit of a.. weird style, because a lot of times the character interaction is anything but natural. Takes a bit to get into, and is kinda the selling point.. I think. I found the underlying stuff not interesting enough to get past the opening. I basically just read past the race and called it a day to continue it "whenever".. unfortunately around that time also some not too positive posts about it came up in this thread further sucking away my motivation, because a lot of the complaints on EGS and here I actually do share about the work. Oh well. Maybe one day.

>> No.16932405

I love how so many people got tricked into reading a piece of shit like Hanahira because at some point somebody made it the meme "easiest game to read." There are tons of easy games that aren't shit, but they require some thinking for yourself to find.

>> No.16932492

I'm still reading this after 5 months because it's so boring. When does it get interesting?

>> No.16932552

Hanahira has literally no narration. Not too many games with that level of low difficulty.

>> No.16932682

Doesn't it have like no kanji? Fuck man, that's confusing. Although it's been a while.

>> No.16932685

True Tears. It has so little kanji and the text is so simple that even an elementary Japanese student can read it just fine.

>> No.16932857
File: 1.60 MB, 1286x745, magicha_2017-04-27_20-38-25.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16932937

Honestly, letting SakuUta be your introduction to those works and reading them after/during your readthrough works well too.

>> No.16933158

I want /djt/ to leave. These threads have gotten worse ever since they came to /jp/.

>> No.16933164


>> No.16933167

This threads were always relatively bad and apparently you barely post in them.

>> No.16933218

I'd go with >>16932937

It'll make your replay of SakuUta great (greater than the already great first playthrough).

>> No.16933385

This is the most I've seen it in any one thread.
Someone just needs to actually get a discussion going.

P.S: i see no problem with beginners who are just starting posting about their first vn's here, it's not the place to post about learning jap.

>> No.16933411

I've gotten some quality recommendations from these threads, even occasionally had a decent discussion.
I'm not really sure what else you're expecting form the thread.

>> No.16933589

That meta humor at the end was brilliant.

>> No.16934044

These threads are shit anyway, who cares? And if there's anything that needs to leave, it's e-celeb shit.

>> No.16935153

>9-koro- asks for serial code on install
crack when

>> No.16935333

If you're lucky you can just copy game files from disc and run them without installing

>> No.16935359
File: 4 KB, 366x122, 1465482336590.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this method unfortunately produces this popup when launching the exe

>> No.16935463

Looks like this patcher solves the kag problem if you use it on the unprotected exe: http://foreblog.tistory.com/category/Programming/Release%20Patch

Ah, it's that serial check implemented as a krkr plugin, I'll see into cracking this if nobody beats me to it

>> No.16935770

New Astronauts game was revealed. It's a 館もの again but sure, why not. M&M isn't dead at least.

>> No.16935994

Done with everything in IM Zero by now. In the end the game didn't really do it for me. Nice ideas, bad execution sums it up, though the rpg part was decent enough to make me finish everything including gaiden. It my not be the best, but at least there's always progress in good doses, it's rewarding to pick up stuff in dungeons, leveling is fast.. and so on and so forth. Not all games get those basics right.
So by now I know, at least for me there's no good Eushully story. Good ideas maybe, but in the end the good stuff was hardly focused on and then thrown away. Though it may be a particular issue of Zero, as it has 4 short arcs none of which are long enough to grow its characters enough.

That said I was surprised about the rather bad voice-acting. Deliberate or not, I felt this also added to the story not being particularly enjoyable to me. It's not even the actors, as for example Kaja's voice actress did a good job as Hanei in Supreme Candy which was released around the same time. And yet Kaja sounded horribly fake a lot of times. (till I finally muted that)
Oh well, I know this sometimes happens. And I feel at least part of this was probably deliberate anyway.

>> No.16936318

My crack is absolutely idiotic (retarded hook that runtime patches the krkr script in memory) but it runs. Copy the game from the disc and replace the .exe.


>> No.16936470

Awesome, thanks a lot!

>> No.16936672
File: 1.01 MB, 1920x1080, 20170428135317.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any way to run the new LxC at fullscreen without that awful aliasing?

>> No.16936689

Nice virus

>> No.16936775

And while I'm at it, here's a crack for DSIF


>> No.16936789
File: 85 KB, 800x600, あした出逢った少女.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I most definitely didn't expect the game to end in this weird, depressing note with all the heroines getting killed while also throwing several curveballs to plot points I guessed wrong.
Definitely interesting, daring in a way considering how it's set up. Anyway, women are fucking crazy and that's a good lesson to learn.

>> No.16937163

Did you install the HQ Tachie patch?

>> No.16937346

Yeah, but I don't think that's the issue. Is it?

>> No.16937399

I imagine that's what that patch is supposed to fix so fuck if I know.
Could be an issue with the E-mote then, or it's just buggy, or an issue with the crack.
I've noticed so far the "Keep playing voices until next voiced line" setting isn't working too.

>> No.16937404

You had the same issue with the aliasing on fullscreen even after the patch?

>> No.16937420

Yeah, but basically only when the sprites aren't zoomed in.

>> No.16937474

>Axanael has twitter functions
tempted to use it but I actually feel reserved about giving away control of my account for once

>> No.16937565



Welp. I have no idea what the issue is. I think it may be the fact that they give you no options for interpolation in screen settings, which is weird since their previous games had more options.

I kind of found a work around by setting my desktop resolution to 4k via DSR from the nvidia control panel. It looks a little better at fullscreen this way but you still kind of see aliasing.

>> No.16938051


>> No.16938066

At least we'll finally get to fuck Madoka

>> No.16938077

Haven't read this but it actually seems hard from just words that you don't know but you can easily just look them up.

If difficulty is words you can use a online dictionary but understanding is another matter like
it's not hard to read to read really, but to understand it is something else.

>> No.16938107

Are you nixthyo in the comments?

>> No.16938122

No, a lot of people were complaining about not being able to fuck Madoka in the first one. Which is also why they fixed that of course.

>> No.16938138

>What's your brand or company name?
>Don't need one

>> No.16938143

In the first game they should've had Madoka possess one of the other girls and then have an H-scene based on that

>> No.16938144

maybe they were going for a pun on no-bra (nd)

or maybe, going by the looks of that game, they're just irredeemable chuu2s

>> No.16938167

Since VNs are linear are there are any let's plays 実況or something similar?

I don't want to download and with videos I can skip annoying sections.

>> No.16938170

>skip unread text: on
>annoying bit
>hold ctrl, annoying bit gone in seconds
You're welcome.
Anyway yes there's a good number of lets plays on youtube but they tend to get DMCA'd because after all people like you try to watch them instead of buying the game.

>> No.16938306

>Anyway yes there's a good number of lets plays on youtube but they tend to get DMCA'd because after all people like you try to watch them instead of buying the game.
Pretty much this. Two of my Youtube channels were killed for unknown reason, and Google didn't answer me why, but I think it was because I uploaded the entire walkthrough for one of ensemble's games (乙女が紡ぐ恋のキャンバス). I checked some of my subscribers and a lot of similar channels also got shot down.

>> No.16938314

The writer's the guy who wrote駄作. Maybe he's just got low self-esteem.

>> No.16938321

Alright, Hatsuyuki Sakura is getting seriously boring. Is the true route seriously worth going through all these other boring routes beforehand? It doesn't help at all that they don't really address anything about the central mystery.

>> No.16938370

Nope, just more boring stuff and crappy drama.

>> No.16938371

If you're "seriously bored" the answer is always no, no matter what game you're playing.

>> No.16938378

To be fair, there are some games with one/two really boring routes but the rest makes up for it.

>> No.16938384
File: 220 KB, 1080x607, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like the new Lovely x Cation game is kinda bugged.

>> No.16938385

I just have a problem with the game's structure. I find the main plot and mystery compelling enough, and there are a lot of great highs that the story reaches, but you have to wade through a bunch of boring scenes to get to those moments. I have a problem with the fact that the game starts out so strong with a good amount of intrigue and a nice atmosphere, but this feeling gets lost within the individual routes and the central mysteries regarding the MC are only just teased and not really expanded on until, I assume, the true route. It just feels completely shitty to hold off on addressing those mysteries through a locked route order. At least they should make it so that you learn something through each of the different routes, and not just completely ignore it and vaguely tease it.

I'm in this weird position where I just want to drop the game but I want to see what happens.

>> No.16938397

Well that explains that guy's problem he was having.

>> No.16938402

Lots of games get better as they go on, yes, but I have never seen something from "omg I'm so bored and want to drop this" to "wow amazing". Even for games where people complain about the start like SnU it isn't that bad and has many cool moments to keep you going.
>I'm in this weird position where I just want to drop the game but I want to see what happens.
In that case, alternate with another game whenever you get bored. Else you're gonna burnout if you force yourself (or already are). Perhaps take a week break from it even, it can help more than you think.

>> No.16938411

I've already taken weeks off from it. Every time I try to get into it I just feel like playing something else. Makes me feel bad since I really want to like this game.

>> No.16938427

In that case you have firmly entered the forcing yourself territory and dropping it is the best course of action.

>> No.16938433

Now there are at least two other cracks.

One from Weibo: https://mega.nz/#!z4tHBCrA!3iI3umxcgfciJpx6i-P_hyUrEYwUg2UcssTDDcrNyUY

One from 2DJ linked here: https://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=2301757&showfiles=cc0d267b

Can you check them out and compare?

>> No.16938462

What board is that? I don't see that thread on futaba's eroge board

>> No.16938471

The weibo one is a loader that replaces the kirikiri script and doesn't touch the exe, mine does a similar thing except it's contained in a single exe (basically both remove the code that loads the tjs which performs the serial check), 2dj's is probably the same, maybe it fucks with the plugin itself

All of them should be good because they basically do the same thing

>> No.16938492


>> No.16938516

Why don't they post on the eroge board? I don't wanna shift through all that junk

>> No.16938549

Maybe the game was rushed. I hope there will be a new patch soon to address the issues.

>> No.16938754


Maybe it's a hidden message regarding what happens if you look closely at girls, especially when it comes marriage, and that you may be better off to just stay a bit away and accept the jaggies. If you drink some beer or don't look too much, they don't exist. Realistic!

>> No.16938762

Is new grisaia on steam dual language? First episode is on share but it's terribly slow and probably needs a crack.

>> No.16938765


What a great way to start GW.

>> No.16938781


Yes, you can even show both the JP and English text at the same time. Looking at the screenshots.. and store-page, kinda tells you all of that though. All games have the information what kind of voices, interface and subs they offer.

>> No.16938834

Both episodes are on Nyaa, normal, not Suku.

>> No.16938840

This game writer writes the most fucked up H scenes and gores I have ever seen, not sure if I should expect something from the story or will it be just a nukige.

>> No.16938896
File: 36 KB, 1012x361, fhc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh shit he's alive

>> No.16938992

Did anyone play 恋と恋するユートピア? Is it shit?

I mainly want to play it for this character and the lolikko, just listen to the first and fourth voice samples, holy shit

>> No.16939139

Did anyone ever finish Istoria or did everyone give up because no patch?

>> No.16939170

I didn't start because no patch
Also I dropped his last two works (KamiMaho + UnmeiYohou) due to too much slow-paced, kind of dull SOL so I would expect to end up doing the same with Istoria.

>> No.16939178

Why don't you just ignore it? Seems weird that you keep picking up a writer you apparently detest.

>> No.16939208

I don't mind giving him some more tries because I like his stuff, he just misfired for me those two times. KamiMaho was better than UnmeiYohou and something I think I'd enjoy a lot but I dropped it back when I didn't have the patience to read longer things years ago, I would hope for Istoria to strike a balance between UnmeiYohou's excessive SOL and KamiMaho's non stop sad parade.

>> No.16939214

>KamiMaho's non stop sad parade
Istoria is A LOT more depressing and basically misery porn. Has a happy end tho

>> No.16939236
File: 267 KB, 1366x768, 紙の上の魔法使い_2017-03-26_20-49-06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow thanks for spoiling the whole VN for me

>> No.16939699

He didn't learn English in all these years?

>> No.16939912
File: 290 KB, 1290x752, truth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm almost done, and promised a big fat writeup when I do. It's been real good so far, though other anon is right in that it's depressing as shit and borders on (plot-related) emotional torture porn.

>> No.16939944

Someone kind enough to upload the new lovely cation 1.01 patch in mega or something? I'm getting 0,5kb/sec from the jap download links

>> No.16940049

Girlcelly's second torrent includes the HQ Sprite + 1.01 patch.

>> No.16940340

He has ATLAS custom dictionaries for that.

>> No.16940343

Who's that? Some celebrity you pals from /vg/ follow?

>> No.16940349

He is an ancient person, he was there way before the /vg/

>> No.16940398 [DELETED] 

visual novel = pornographic slideshow.

Overrated genre of "games"

>> No.16940533

Not every namedrop is an e-celeb so you don't need to try that hard to fit in, new-kun. Use the archive if you want to know about the biggest NTR connoisseur on the planet.

>> No.16940596

There's a bunch of direct links in A-S. Where did you get the links you were using anyway? I'm trying to find a good jp source/archive for vn patches/updates.

>> No.16940619


>> No.16940793

Is there a reason why Eushully isn't releasing their game for GW like every other year? Is it just because they couldn't finish it on time or is there some other reason?

>> No.16941184

Damn, the high school girl who visits my house every day caught me having a threesome with my oni sex slaves. Life sucks

>> No.16941315


I know. I got this hot girlfriend from the netherworld and now she tells me to have sex with her sister too. And all my friends do is roll with their eyes and look weird at me when I told them about this serious problem.

>> No.16942262
File: 317 KB, 700x438, 2mu gun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Niizuma Lovely Cation crashed on me, my last save was hours ago, and apparently the skip function is completely broken, and you can't even quickly advance through lines by holding down Enter or anything.
Send help, or competent programmers to Hibiki Works.

>> No.16942292


Set up an AHK script mashing enter and go watch a movie, plus if you don't already have AHK set up you probably will have a use for it for something in the future so it will be a good opportunity to learn how it works.

>> No.16942302
File: 413 KB, 802x603, あいまいみすと_2017-04-22_20-19-58.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Things I like about Ai Mai Mist.

It's ultimately a story about the interdependence between human personality and their physical body, about the collapse of an individual's belief and value system when faced with physical change, and the struggle to maintain one's sense of identity. A powerfully written exploration of the human mind, explored through a variety of unique scenarios that question the fabric of gender identity and love.

The level of depth and thought poured into it is vividly clear. It's not just the research and detailed knowledge of the most intricate parts of both the male and female body, it's the strength of imagination required to accurately portray one's innermost feelings faced with a situation that could never occur in reality. So to make such a fantastical situation appear so real and so believable, an incredible level of thought was put into exactly how and in what way a person would react with each and every new situation, new sensation, new experience.

And it's perfectly complemented with a strong narrative route structure that highlights one of the strengths of the VN medium. Each route is entirely unique, not just in that it focuses on a different character or has a different storyline, but implements an entirely new feel and style to it. This makes for a completely fresh perspective each time, and for an exploration of differing themes that interlink across the overarching narrative.

Anyway, I'm moving Dies Irae down to 9/10 to make room for this VN in its rightful place alongside the other masterpieces of the medium.

>> No.16942322

My autistic min-maxing nature won't let me do that as I have to pick the "best" items.
I'll just start on another route until they hopefully get their shit together.

>> No.16942327

I'm gonna need a quick confirmation that this isn't some form of sarcasm, trolling, or obscure in-joke. Sincere posts are rarely so favourable, and favourable posts are so rarely sincere.

>> No.16942335

wait it's fucking fetish shit isn't it
you win
i am baited
everyone point and laugh

>> No.16942340

Don't worry, he got me too.

>> No.16942409

The fact that he really didn't say anything concrete with all those words, and also the obvious Dies Irae comment should've tipped you off.

>> No.16942410
File: 475 KB, 1536x2048, C-oa4DDVoAEFvN7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16942422

Yay Hamashima. I think a few people here will not be happy though.

>> No.16942425

Not that I had much interest to begin with, but that's gone now.

>> No.16942436

To be fair, I actually did enjoy it that much, if perhaps not quite for the reasons given. I guess it's just me choosing not to separate sexual pleasure and literary pleasure.

>> No.16942438

I swear there's a very highly regarded ps2 vn about teaching robots to love with a very similar name (can't find it, maybe i hallucinated the whole thing) and I was thinking of it while I read that.

im not dum i sware

>> No.16942455

Any crack for なりゆき→パパ活GIRLS !!?

>> No.16942471

So it really was bugged. Thought they programmed the skip that way. I'm also having problems with right clicks.
Anyway, I'm also putting it off till they give a new patch.

>> No.16942518

I think they switch to a different engine for this game, and forgot to actually test the game because a lot of these bugs are super obvious, or were too incompetent to fix them for the 1.01 patch,

>> No.16942539

Things feel noticeably different compared to the trial when navigating the menu and just playing through the game. It feels more sluggish even with the patch and I dont have a computer that is low spec.

You would think they would test the new engine out in the trial so this kind of shit wouldnt happen. I blame mimasu.

>> No.16942567


Perhaps he proposed the new engine to try and fight piracy? What little good that did considering it got cracked within the first day and even worse the engine change screwed the game up.

>> No.16942585

Can you imagine?
"Guys, stop using a great engine like Kirikiri that works and use this piece of garbage that'll be harder to crack. I'll show those filthy chinks, gooks, and other pirates for sure this time!".

Engine issues aside though, the game does feel much better than the past three Cation games, not that that's a particularly high bar though.

>> No.16942674


This (and its sequel)? https://vndb.org/v3696
I haven't read it myself, an anon mentioned it was good a few months ago though.

>> No.16942687

what's a game that will make me cry

>> No.16942700
File: 274 KB, 804x604, 滅び朽ちる世界に追憶の花束を *_forever 3章_2016-11-02_11-55-27.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Horobi, if you're a girl.

>> No.16942936

The cracker doesn't use demo exes anymore so the engine doesn't matter

>> No.16942978

Don't forget Mimasu was bragging about how they were going to get Denuvo and then it was just bog standard SoftDenchi or whatever.
The guy is dumb.

>> No.16943068

Pretty sure they're doing the whole misleading marketing thing.

>> No.16943076



>> No.16943093

That was true actually, he contacted them but as he didn't release on steam and the game was x86 they couldn't use denuvo so they bought securom which was their older product and wrapped it with Buddy drm (which is why people thought he didn't use it but it's securom if you unwrap the first layer)

>> No.16943199


Man, the selection on dlste's rental store is shitty. There's no new games.

>> No.16943203

They dont even have Koihime Musou's shin version, which is like 10 years old or something.

>> No.16943306
File: 594 KB, 1920x1080, noraneko_05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This route gets more and more serious with the moment.

>> No.16943390

I remember in an old interview he said he wanted to do a Nukige. That was before Necro was dropped off on him.

It will probably be meta and have some ebin TWEEESTS for good measure.

>> No.16943402

Rip Nitro

>> No.16943410


Why is it shaped like a heart? That makes no sense. It should've been a penis or something.
That said, Shimokura may actually make something interesting out of this. At least interesting for some people.

>> No.16943424

I'm certainly not the only one who would love a Nitro+ nukige. Nice character designs wouldn't be wasted for once.

>> No.16943429

Yeah you are.

>> No.16943485

I'm all for a meta nukige that makes me feel like shit for masturbating to fictional, unrealistic girls.

>> No.16943528


So, girls being randomly no virgin, fake moaning and fake orgasms, girls dumping the dude for being bad in bed and so on? A maze of choices with things that prevent "easy faq usage" needing you to pay attention if you don't want to get screwed over, with only one girl being actually nice and having a happy end. Till you get past the credits and get the message that she got pregnant but protag isn't the father.

Let's go.

>> No.16943638

>girls dumping the dude for being bad in bed and so on?
I doubt shimokura would do this so soon after Hanasaki Work Spring, a major release, did the exact same thing.

>> No.16943663

9koro appears to be pretty disappointing reading the reviews. What a bummer
>ならば最悪個別作品としてはまとまっているのではと思いきや、今作は『九條都編』と区切られているはずなのに彼女のストーリーがどう考えても完結していないのだ。正直ED終了後のラブラブチュッチュ直後に不穏な影を落とし「To be continued」の文字が出てきた時は思わずため息が漏れた、余韻にも浸らしてくれないのかと。しかも次回作は恐らく別のヒロインの話というね、なんなんすかこれ。

>> No.16943754

I've finished it and it's pretty much a prologue. And for a prologue i've seen way worse, especially considered it was a very low price release.

Btw, I have no idea wtf that jap is thinking. It's obvious that 9koro is going to be like the Leyline trilogy with a main heroine only main story and alternative side stories with sex-scenes for other characters.

>> No.16943779


Let me guess, it's another 4 hour long game they hope to sell for 15 bucks on steam? Great. I didn't really care much so far, but it does start to get annoying. Quite a few devs that started doing this by now.

>> No.16943799

Open your eyes. The first episode is literally called "Episode 1: Miyako Kujo" which likely means every episode is gonna be dedicated to a heroine.
Even other than that its format is really not even remotely resembling Ley Line.

>> No.16943808

I don't think i've heard of any planning for a steam and/or overseas release for 9koro.

But yeah, I understand the concern. I'd rather have full games than this piecemeal approach for eroge.

But still, it's the scenario writer from Nanairo Reincarnation and Akeiro Kaikitan + the art of Izumi from Palette. Now that's a combo i've never expected.

>> No.16943818

I'm reading it for Kazumi Fumi alone.

>> No.16943821

That's more a marketing blunder than anything else.

It makes it sound like the game is one of four heroine routes when it reality it's more like the first chapter from a ongoing story.

>> No.16943872

I just got past the OP. About how much into the game is this?

>> No.16943961

You pretty much just finished the trial. Not even half done.

And geez, I've been reading more impressions around the web and there's really people who think that it was a motherfucking route. Am I the one in the wrong?

I mean, i'm no stranger to the fact that the first route in a serious plotge doesn't really answer a lot of plotpoints, but the final scenes of 9koro didn't make it look like a self contained route.

>> No.16944147

>caring about reviews

Am I in /v/?

>> No.16944333

YES thank you I'm not crazy.

>> No.16944698
File: 538 KB, 1920x1080, noraneko_04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Done with Pato's route in Noraneko. Was pretty constant quality, though I would've liked a bit more cat I guess. Didn't like the direction the ending went either, but whatever. That is, the ending to the main-story, not the last "hero" things. After all, Nobuchina best girl.

>> No.16944708

Nice, we have one more nobuchina fan here.

>> No.16945000

>Done with Pato's route in Noraneko.
I have always wanted to say this, I cried like a bitch when Nora was talking to his mom in front of her picture at the end of Pato route. I'll never forget this scene, it was so damn powerful. Remember to always thank your mother for everything while she is still alive.

>> No.16945011

Is this a game where you have to do all routes or can I just do Patricia? She's the only one that really interests me (but I still want to check out the sequel eventually).

>> No.16945020

You can do just Patricia.

>> No.16945040


Nah. With a minor exception just doing this one route feels pretty complete. All girls kind of have a little teaser for their routes in the common route, but it's nothing too crazy. I do feel that Pato's route is the logical way this story would go if it'd not be a VN with multiple routes.

I don't even mind that Nobuchina or Pato's sisters don't have their own routes. Their characters were well enough included in the first place. But alas, VNs. Though if Nobuchina's route in the sequel is as good as all her scenes were in this game, I don't mind. I'm hoping for some good old trashy 893 stuff. Although I really doubt any route but Pato's will in the end make me say "alright, this could've really happened with how the story started" and isn't just feeling like a big "what if". Haven't been there yet though, so maybe I'll get surprised.

>> No.16945093

Are there any plotge with trap routes? Not trap protagonists, but trap "heroines" and without silly magic or sci-fi mumbo jumbo turning them into an actual girl.

>> No.16945140


>> No.16945144

I think you missed the definition of plotge.

>> No.16945205

What's the best place to buy digital?

>> No.16945217


>> No.16945230

Seeing your earlier discussion and checking out the website for that and Dasaku actually brought me to this question. However from what I gathered both are more nukigeish, or am I wrong and they're just very grim with appropriately darker sexual content?

Hey, there's plot games with trap protagonists such as TenshiHane and RuiTomo. Considering even most normal non-trap plotge have heroine routes I was wondering if there's any notable opposite cases.

>> No.16945260

Dasaku is a nukige, but ChronoBox seems like a plotege.

>> No.16945263


I think the barrier to yaoi in male oriented works will always be higher than putting a dude into girl's clothes and letting him still like girls.

I'm not saying there's no way it doesn't exist. But it's unlikely. The closest is probably reverse trap. To me this usually works about as well as actual yaoi (aka I REALLY don't like those routes..), but if you want them to be absolutely male I have no idea.

>> No.16945266

Yeah but the trap protags fuck girls. If there was a trap "heroine" the protagonist would need to be female. Female protag, trap heroine, targeted at male audience, scenario game. The combination of these doesn't exist. Your best bet is probably a otomege with a feminine male love interest、or a nukige. You know, the genre where you go to fulfill sexual urges.

>> No.16945309

Dasaku may be the only nukige with a trap route. It was pretty hot.

>> No.16945329

I prefer forced tranny routes.
Damn Akira's route in Gakuen saimin reido would have been perfect if the guy had kept his personality for a while, most of the fun came from the sheer humiliation.

>> No.16945371

It's already May now and we still haven't gotten a single good eroge this year.

>> No.16945378

That tends to happen when you hate everything anon.

>> No.16945422

Every route except Sachi flows very well (the flashbacks are pretty awesome tho) and has a very impressive ending so none of them has "what if" feeling with them.

Pato feels like more true than others though, I agree with that.

>> No.16945504

new Fumi game is good

>> No.16945517

The hero adventures was the best. Hoping for it to be there again during the sequel.
Also, fuck Nora for leveling up without doing anything.

>> No.16945686


>> No.16945705

How did you feel about Aiyoku no Eustia?

>> No.16945721

I feel that it is 6 years old, one of the most popular eroge and already discussed to death anon. Use the search function / read some EGS reviews.

>> No.16945728

Better than Sen no Hatou but not as good as Daitoshokan.

>> No.16945804

Played through it a few months ago. It has a good prick, completely the opposite of a moralfag protagonist who works for guys that are basically the local yakuza and consistently engage in human trafficking, with him also acknowledging that this is the way the world works. The slum setting is fantastic. The first and last chapters were my favorites, some middle parts were a lot less interesting and maybe a bit drawn out, f.ex. the investigation or criminal organization power struggle chapters. Antagonists were also rather two-dimensional and not really interesting characters apart from one who wasn't even an antagonist in a strict sense and actually had understandable motivations.

I originally kept avoiding the game because I vaguely remember someone somewhere mentioning the last chapter isn't as strong as the rest and I'm really particular about lackluster finales, but it easily ended up being my favorite part. Fantastic despair and feeling of impending doom. Overall a really worthwhile title.

>> No.16945863
File: 197 KB, 1280x720, tsukikage_00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I gotta say, this game hits the right spots for me quite a bit. Could be good.

>> No.16945872

That barely looks like an arm.

>> No.16945877


>> No.16945883


>> No.16945938

His neck is pretty weird too what the hell is sticking out from there

>> No.16945951


I'm sure the plot-twist is coming. I mean it's about dolls. Heh...

>> No.16946033

This is legitimately horrifying

>> No.16946079

I wish crappy anatomy was ever intentional and a plot point.

>> No.16946494
File: 1.35 MB, 1024x572, ss (2017-05-01 at 08.20.20).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the misunderstandings in this are killing me

>> No.16947128

what's this and what's the context

>> No.16947170

nevermind i just recognized the axanael's waiting icon

>> No.16947804

At least you can save, it doesn't even work for me. Seeing as nobody else is complaining about that, I must be doing something stupid. Will try reinstalling and maybe wait for the new patch.

>> No.16947864

Words like 黍 / 高黍 are the hardest for me because I don't even know what they're used for in English

>> No.16947877
File: 67 KB, 1024x545, explorer_2017-05-01_18-08-09.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone else have issues running Dies irae ~Interview with Kaziklu Bey~? I'm trying the cracked malie.exe linked in the sukebei torrent and it doesn't start at all.

>> No.16947897

the girlcelly one worked for me. The malie.exe was in the archive

>> No.16947917
File: 142 KB, 400x400, 10.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>windows 10

>> No.16947952

It's just a type of grain, mostly associated with India and Sub-Saharan Africa.

>> No.16947971
File: 166 KB, 951x1309, 1412141253804.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that toolbar is as perfect as me

>> No.16947979

Right, this is incomprehensible. Jap locale, 1.01 patch, tested different folders and nothing works. I doubt another sorry soul will go through this, but I'll type what I found just in case it's useful.

Only the Quick Load button works for me. When I save, the files are actually being created OK, but for some unholy reason both Save and Load Screens can't recognize or read anything at all.

In that case, to use a save, you must find the save folder and rename the file to blc999 (it's the quick load slot). The Quick Load button will pull any save like that.

I hope the 1.02 patch fixes this, but I'm not holding my breath. As long as I can finish the game, it's OK I guess.

>> No.16948087


Sounds like a really great game. The troubles of marriage I guess. Hohoho.

>> No.16948279
File: 308 KB, 697x1200, 53539475_p0_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks heaps, I assumed it would be the same crack as the other torrent but apparently not. You're the best.

>> No.16949085

Anyone here played Natsu no Owari no Nirvana? Thoughts?

>> No.16949155

Sorry to bog the thread with this, but I can't get Muv Luv to work didn't know if anyone had any ideas. Here's the torrent https://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=908940#c640378

It's on Win 10 the bin files will come up with errors. I'm not sure if the download didn't work or if it's some other issue. I tried running the .exe' and that didn't open at all.

>> No.16949161

Wrong torrent.
Try this:

>> No.16949172
File: 695 KB, 1023x574, pierce the heavens with your xxx.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did. Comedy's pretty alright but you'll get sick of hearing Handel's Hallelujah real fucking quick. Protagonist is fun at first and ore-sama types are always good for a laugh, but he starts and stays irredeemably retarded up until the very end, which is the cause of most of the drama. And the no-fun-allowed friendzoned-for-a-thousand-years childhood annoyance saps a lot of fun out of situations.

On the other hand it has a magnificently spiraled drilljou and if you're a man of taste and distinction like myself that alone might be enough to see you through a relatively interesting plot.

>> No.16949433
File: 1.26 MB, 1920x1080, AREEGAHTOE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


see you guys in 100 hours.

>> No.16949513
File: 66 KB, 625x626, thisisbait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those tabs

>> No.16949602


Helps my Muvluv antipathy. And a nice laugh.

>> No.16949965

Those of you who started out reading vns in english, have you ever gone back to read the original of something you'd previously read translated? How was it? Was it different/better enough to be worth the reread?

>> No.16949974

>Was it different/better enough to be worth the reread?

>> No.16950082

The only one I have ever read was Planetarian and I've long forgotten about it.

>> No.16950108

Care to elaborate?

>> No.16950130

Translations tend to be pretty bad and just general things that can't be conveyed in anything but the original language. Comedy scenes that weren't funny became funny. Tone in which characters spoke was radically different. Turns out some of the nonsense plot points actually made perfect sense and the translator just misunderstood them.

>> No.16950200


That's usually nowhere near enough to warrant a second playthrough though. Unless you loved the work so much you want to replay it anyway. Too much stuff to read out there.

>> No.16950297

Well you obviously wouldn't replay something you hate. But I don't think anyone who knows Japanese should go on living having only read the translated version of Inganock or Cross Channel for example, it's too 勿体ない. A reread of these would very easily overpower most "new" reads in terms of worth imo, especially since they really feel like very different experiences between TL/original. I guess it's good that plot spoilers don't really matter with these, that probably lends itself better to rereading than something like... I dunno, Ever17.

>> No.16950540

Now that nyaa is dead, where are you going to get your eroges?

>> No.16950719


Wan. Or puhi.

>> No.16950722

I meant more like which one was it and what was it like to compare the two, but it's alright, no need to unless you're bored.

>> No.16950820

I'm starting to panic. Lo-Spec was my last game after Monobeno and Maitetsu. It can't end like this.

>> No.16950868

Buy them in Akihabara like I always have.

>> No.16951003

Check your privilege, rich kid.

>> No.16951021

good thing I stored around 500GB of backlog before this.

>> No.16951022

I'd like to check his collection of 特典 too.

>> No.16951095

Where can I buy physical copies that will ship to the US? Are those proxy services like the only option?

>> No.16951102

Mandarake works without one

>> No.16951110

I don't think they would have everything, isn't it all used stuff?

Also for some reason they will not ship 18+ stuff to my state. At least it was last time I checked.

>> No.16951206

>Also for some reason they will not ship 18+ stuff to my state
Where can I check that?

>> No.16951266

I'm looking right now.

I was actually mistaken, it wasn't that they won't ship 18+ stuff to my state, it's that they won't accept Paypal for 18+ games purchases, and Paypal was the only option to pay in my state (no cards)

So it's probably just some tax related bullshit.

>> No.16951346

Hasn't this happened before? Changing domain with .eu, .info, .org, .se and so on.
So it's just going to be temporary, right? It's not like TPB was ever completely sacked either.

>> No.16951353

I'm not living in US tho, do they actually send everything (I mean 18+ stuff) to everywhere as long as you pay them with a card? I couldnt find info about the places they're sending.

>> No.16951459

Does anyone know where to find PS3 VN downloads? I want to try something with the PS3 emulator but can't find anything. I looked on nyaa before it went down too and couldn't find stuff there either

>> No.16951625

It's because PayPal doesn't support purchasing adult goods and can stop dealing with Mandarake if they get caught.
Related to the previous question, you can also find stuff on Rakuten, and Amiami works for new releases.

>> No.16951628
File: 44 KB, 616x369, 764879334523.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Patch soon

>> No.16951881

Nice. I'm going slowly, it has been nice and comfy so far. Too bad about the broken system.

>> No.16952002

playing games about 15 year olds feels kind of weird when you're 24

>> No.16952010

are you me

>> No.16952289
File: 682 KB, 701x649, ab.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not having an AB account

>> No.16952427

If it actually comes back I'm buying an external and doing the same thing because I'm having a fucking heart attack right now.

>> No.16952502

No, I think he's me

>> No.16952521
File: 21 KB, 500x500, 1472576771807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not having your eroge double backed up on two hard drives in a fireproof waterproof case

>> No.16952546

Why does a cucumber ever need to be that big?

>> No.16952559

So your mom can feel it

>> No.16952600
File: 112 KB, 850x1118, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this true?

>> No.16952737
File: 16 KB, 617x244, 743783234256.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Patch 1.02 is up on their site.

>> No.16952742

Yea for now.

Only has the popular stuff.

>> No.16952756

The current crack doesnt work with 1.02 so we have to wait.

>> No.16952790

Is there anywhere else we can grab it?

>> No.16952809


I dont usually use dropbox so if you dont see it tell me.

>> No.16952854

Thanks for uploading it. Was there only one version this time?

>> No.16952880

so are they gonna shut down the site forever or just change to some other domain

>> No.16952894
File: 699 KB, 1200x660, nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If this is to be believed nyaa has thrown in the towel.

>> No.16952898

i will cling to the hope that if not by the same name or by the same people, there must always be a nyaa. something will replace it. too many autists with too much spare time not to.

>> No.16952953

I hope so too Anon I hope so too

>> No.16952967

nyaa isn't a big loss for VNs. practically everything can be found on baidu

>> No.16953161

Except for the fact that I don't know chink.

>> No.16953253

>learn japanese
>need to know chinese, russian, and korean to DL the games
like pottery

>> No.16953290

google search "VN name" along with "pan.baidu", it pretty much never fails me.

>> No.16953294

I thought you needed to have at least .torrent file to download from baidu? no?

>> No.16953317

Does nyaa being down really matter that much? I thought all their torrents got mirrored instantly on other sites you can easily find in google. The tracker is down, but DHT still works, right?

Requiring a central website is the worst thing about bittorrent, even emule was more resilient for fuck's sake.

>> No.16953320

Yeah, searching for the japanese name along with rar/zip in google is usually enough.

>> No.16953332

Oh, and you can still use Share and Perfect Dark, they are shitty, but might get lucky with some stuff. And Clubbox, it's about time I wrote a tutorial on this piece of shit.

>> No.16953369

No fuck you it's a waste of my time and my hard drive.

>> No.16953386
File: 62 KB, 560x420, RE192354_img_main.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I uploaded デイグラシアの羅針盤, enjoy minnatachi.


>> No.16953399

Thank you.

>> No.16953401

How about we put up a spreadsheet of mega links, and if someone wants a VN they can request it and then someone who has it can upload it to mega for them?

>> No.16953408

DDLs get shut down way easier and are unreliable, that's why torrents are so good.

>> No.16953412


>> No.16953422

Super based anon. Now we just need someone to upload Lost Route
Well instead of the mega link we can just link the magnet link / site where it's alive. I wouldn't mind uploading stuff that is absolutely not available anywhere but I think most stuff I have is still easily accessable

>> No.16953430

Maybe /t/ will actually have a purpose now? If someone just makes a thread and posts tons of magnet links?

>> No.16953436

Was Ever17 the Japanese version uploaded? I was about to look for it today but since Nyaa and Sukebei are down Iam not sure where to find it anymore. Does someone have an idea?

>> No.16953440

Just use this

>> No.16953448

We can make a site like the Hentai Voice Database where we can have a mega link beside the eroge's data. I hate to say this but it must be a private invite to keep the links alive.

>> No.16953456

>muh sekrit club

Fuck off dogfucker.

>> No.16953467

hasn't worked for me with many games such as 月夜の瞳は紅に for example, especially small doujin games

it's a nice idea but not convenient, better to wait and see what fills the vacuum for now

>> No.16953632

the package that includes the Infinity series has 0 or often inactive seeds. in the end, I prioritized downloading other shit before it because i didn't have progress after a few days

>> No.16953643

I see some probably dead torrents of the dvd edition and some files on clubbox

The key to success is to search with the release date from vndb

For example I searched for "080404" "ever17" rar in google and found the infinity plus pack on diggbt (can't post the link because spam)

Unfortunately it looks like the torrent is stuck at 90%, better hope ever17 is not the missing data

>> No.16953646
File: 45 KB, 163x207, 00000056.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is cool, did someone copy over all of nyaa's links to this site? It seems to have everything I got from nyaa.

>> No.16953655

It doesn't have Istoria which had multiple uploads on nyaa so no

>> No.16953672

Nevermind, this one seems seeded

>> No.16953684

Istoria only came out like a month ago though, it seems to have all the older stuff nyaa had, which was the real concern. New releases go on anime-sharing anyway.

>> No.16953740 [SPOILER] 
File: 321 KB, 1583x6438, 1493722488120.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it just me or does the forum actually look like this?

>> No.16953793
File: 287 KB, 1600x900, Screenshot (20).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's a problem on your end, pic is how it should look.

>> No.16953855

Now that Nyaa isdead, where will you download VNs? I've never managed to get perfect dark working. Fuck my life.

>> No.16953901


How about you first wait and take a chill-pill? It'll work itself out. Whatever will fill Nyaa's place will be where you'll be getting your VNs. At this point nobody can say what it'll be, but so far my bet would be on Nyaa.

>> No.16953919

Really? It doesn't work properly on firefox, chrome, IE or even on my phone. I guess it must have something to do with my ISP, but every other site displays properly.

>> No.16953942

Wait, what about anime-sharing? Everything has been uploaded there.

>> No.16953948

It looks like the site just isn't loading properly for you.
I would guess you're right, it's something to do with your connection.

>> No.16953949

In shitty 10 part uploads at 20kb/s

>> No.16954008


Makes you appreciate a single VN more.

>> No.16954011

I hope it's like last year too, but for now I'm kinda scared. I don't want this to end up like Kick ass torent.

>> No.16954026

would it have killed him to give a warning?

>> No.16954053
File: 1.61 MB, 1366x768, malie_2017-05-02_20-35-44.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry for actual VN discussion, but my favourite part of this so far has been seeing Beatrice again. She's such an amazing character, managing to maintain her humanity and her hope despite being alongside the depths of human depravity, her personality making the light scenes so much more fun and enjoyable and the serious scenes so much powerful. I'm really glad she gets proper focus and attention in these side stories to make up for her lack of presence in the main storyline.

>> No.16954074


That one came kind of back though. It took a while I suppose, but it did reappear.

>> No.16954233
File: 12 KB, 264x197, 2dkff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you guys don't mind baidu links and bullshit point system http://bbs.2dkf.com might be good for you

Just remember not to click on baidu links because you will get an error, copy and paste them in a new tab

Looks like registration at bbs4.2djgame.net is open now and they provide baidu links for all new games as well (same point bullshit tho)

IIRC you get these points for free for logging in or something anyway

Here's how you pay for links on 2dkf by the way, you choose some random faggot from the list and click on the button

What's good about chinese boards is they don't use shitty DDL hosts like A-S does

>> No.16954278

>pay for links on 2dkf by the way
What?? Like, pay to pirate? What the hell is this?

>> No.16954297

>point system

It will eventually make me pay for pirated games, wouldn't it?

>> No.16954319
File: 606 KB, 1277x1436, 冷た.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are you new? some faggot has been shilling that shit here for a long time

anyway a small bandaid courtesy of /g/


i don't know if he's going to fix the sukebei typo

>> No.16954424

Those are some retarded forum points you can get for uploading or logging in, my account is pretty old and I have like 700 of them for doing nothing
Every chinese board is like that

>> No.16954437

Another site that has a good selection of eroge that hasn't been mentioned in this thread yet is rutracker. Only needs a sign up.

>> No.16955392
File: 3 KB, 689x48, 無題.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

need an invitation code

>> No.16955739

Well, shit.

I wrote a guide to Clubbox for you guys, you can go and spread it.


>> No.16955762

use this

>> No.16955787

It seems to have all the torrents up to February 2017

>> No.16955794

I thought it was honeypot.

>> No.16955810
File: 1.28 MB, 1024x768, NemuAndHaruka.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you find yourself using Girlcelly all the time, her blog contains links to every torrent she ever uploaded.


She might talk like a weeaboo but she uploads like a freight train. Love her.

>> No.16955817


>> No.16955829

I'm kinda worried for the old stuff, for example i tried some titles to see if they were still there
天色*アイルノーツ for example, doesn't appear, and it's not that old

Nyaa was just so reliable

>> No.16955831

Anyway, it actually only goes back to January of 2014, but 1645 VNs should be enough to last until this nightmare blows over.

>> No.16955892

What's the difference between mikocon and 2dj? I've never felt the need to dig too much into them outside of nyaa
I tried to register to mikocon once but confirmation mail never arrived so i just didn't bother anymore, and i almost always used girlcelly over 2dj
Too much chinese characters hurt my eyes also

>> No.16956210

2djgame is older (over a decade old) and still invite-only. Their forum has some non-shitty links for older games and a good request forum where you can get some rare games uploaded by local hoarders (requires you to ape Chinese posts if you don't know the language).

Mikocon has links on paid hosts and the vip section you don't want to pay for anyway, it's no better than a-s.

In case of new games there's no difference, sometimes they release their copies which can contain different bonuses or scans.

>> No.16956478

One is a jew and the other is a jew.

>> No.16956514

Neverm ind, Perfec Dark works just fine. Is this the power of weaponized autism?

>> No.16956955

Torrents for new games are posted on A-S, both Girlcelly and 2DJ. And older games I always got from DDLs.

So I don't see what's the ruckus.

>> No.16956989

Nyaa has much more than just eroge and anime you faggot.

>> No.16957034

We're in an eroge thread so I talk about eroge, you DJT immigrant.

>> No.16957085
File: 236 KB, 1280x720, tsukikage_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now that's a quality card-game reference. I haven't played it in ages, but at least I still recognize this one.
... not sure if there really has been an eroge artist who worked on that series though, or if that's from a different card-game of hers.. or her just generally messing with the protag.

>> No.16957971

I already stopped uploading torrents to nyaa when they gave me that shitty poem. Anirena is a lot easier to use for uploaders.

>> No.16958167

is it free?

>> No.16958178

>tfw live in Australia
>even flat chested women are considered under-age even if they are over 18
>tfw still have chibipaiya- on my work/class laptop.
It's not that great I'm not sure why I still have it. Sure the sex is amazing but I'm not into lolis.

>> No.16958210

they're the same damn thing. 2dj is the chinese side while mikocon is the "english" sister-site for gaijin

>> No.16958254

I loved HatsuyukiSakura.
However I don't get the big mystery everbody keeps talking about.

Hatsuyuki is the ghost child but that's mentioned in the prologue, what other big mysteries does this game present?

That said I read it years ago I might have forgotten some things but the overall mystery was just solved at the start there wasn't anything else really that big, sure there was Azuma and Shirokuma and the other characters and their mysteries in their routes but it doesn't really do anything big.
Am I forgetting something? I mean I really liked it but only the revenge motive is explained later on and Hatsuyuki being the ghost child is told at the start.
I guess Tamaki being dead and making a deal to become older was something unexpected but nothing else really.

That said I also hate the Bad end in the true route it makes no fucking sense, also why is Hatsuyuki's ghost powers so weak in general? He can't do shit. Only scare people.

>> No.16958265

I wish I could write and shitpost this good.

>> No.16958319
File: 346 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_20170215_092544.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When you guys say trap do you mean 男の娘
or do you mean 女装男子?

I mean you the later has male features like muscles. I prefer the former.

>> No.16958359

Is it a yuigoh reference?

>> No.16958380

I hear you guys talk about the text file sizes does it mean you can see the raw text?
If so, I was wondering if it was possible to change the text of a VN?
I wanted to give a shot at translating.

>> No.16958391

only some game engines are fully hacked, as a rule of thumb it's much easier to extract than it is to reinsert

what is it you want to translate?

>> No.16958401

Haven't read any of Chaos Child. She's joking r-right?

>> No.16958416

I was thinking maybe otome domain or Panical confusion, the second isn't as popular but I want people to try it.

>> No.16958429
File: 3.64 MB, 1024x576, 20151016232430.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If she's cute it's okay

>> No.16958440
File: 195 KB, 1280x720, chaos-child_170302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she's a slut

>> No.16958468

not familiar with the engines for either of those, ask in the VNTS thread

>> No.16958648

Nice spoilers asshole.

>> No.16958674

it's the fucking prologue

>> No.16958693

Which is better, Senshinkan or KKK? Looking for something new to read. Already read Dies Irae for the record.

>> No.16958862

Does this seriously fucking block other countries? It returns 404 but it works when I use a proxy.

>> No.16959477

I haven't read KKK, but senshinkan is definitely real good.

>> No.16959494

KKK is a sequel to Dies. Senshinkan is stand alone. You should read all of Masadas games anyways so might as well go with the earlier released one first.

>> No.16959499

KKK is a what-if scenario that takes place after DI's Marie's route, so you should read it first to get the complete DI experience before going to Senshinkan, which isn't even set in the Thrones universe.

>> No.16959639


Not sure if you are joking or something, but time walk is a pretty famous (and expensive as fuck) Magic card. She also namedrops the loti afterwards, of which at least the Black Lotus is pretty damn famous and expensive as well.

That said, I suppose it's interesting that it's not a Japanese game per se. I kinda wonder how popular that game is/was in Japan.

>> No.16959661
File: 27 KB, 695x477, v.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck, タンテイセブン moved to 30th of June.

Also appearently it's big.

>> No.16959700


Uwa. I thought about trying it, but that'd be too much. But for now it's better to doubt that anyway. If that'd be true without duplicated content, it'd be the longest single VN ever I'm pretty sure. And that without even being a re-release with additional content or smth.

>> No.16959787

A new game by the guy who wrote the infamous Dies Irae? Waiting warmly.

>> No.16959791

It'd going to have a metric crapton of porn.

>> No.16959798


That's an old and bad work by him. "Triple x Sadistic -Do S na Ore to Reijou-tachi no 14kan-" and "Tsuma Bitch!! ~Target wa Murabito Zenin ww Hitozuma-tachi no Ahe Ero Natsu Monogatari~" are way better.

>> No.16959817
File: 321 KB, 800x600, 1470754729154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you supposed to be confused about the family tree in Sakura no Uta? I've lost track of who is related to who and how they are connected exactly. In Makoto's route after the Kirino Onda being Kei's mother reveal.

>> No.16959848

Why are people so convinced that nyaa was the only place where you could find some eroge and light novels?

>> No.16959887


It's not about that. But which other place is as comfortable, easy to access, easy to navigate and fast?

>> No.16959904


>> No.16959919


Of course. How could I possibly forget the biggest search engine in the world?!? What did I even write, of course google is the...

Really? Try again.

>> No.16959975

You're just incompetent.

>> No.16960044

Same here, no way in hell I'm reading 5mb

>> No.16960094

I need to just provide one example to proof your sentence.

>> No.16960097

Okay, I moved the images and made a pastebin version.


>> No.16960108

Okay, I should have written "why are people acting like nyaa was the only place where you could get eroge and light novels", better?

>> No.16960129


Dude, did you read my post?

>But which other place is as comfortable, easy to access, easy to navigate and fast?

If you can be "just incompetent" it already is worse than nyaa. It takes more time to find stuff, as it's less immediately obvious if it's dead or not, way more clutter, nowhere near as easy to navigate if you just want a list of "new stuff" for example.. I'm pretty amazed I even need to write this.
Something like google is only a good idea if the standard methods fail.

I mean of course, if you just want new stuff.. go ahead and google. But it was never about new stuff.

>> No.16960160

YYMMDD 「Gamename」 Baidu/Depositfiles/Mega etc.

>> No.16960200

Not him but this only brings me to soundtracks of what I'm looking for

>> No.16960230

What are you looking for?

>> No.16960256

うたわれるもの 偽りの仮面

It runs fine on the RPCS3 emu now apparently so I wanted to give it a shot

>> No.16960275

>not having a CFW PS3

It's 2017.

>> No.16960282

For PS3 games I'd go to https://www.ps3iso.com/

You probably need to register. Same account should also be usable for its sister sites like http://www.psvitaiso.com/

Also nicoblog is good for Japanese console games. Here's Utawarerumono 2: https://nicoblog.org/ps3-iso/5474/

>> No.16960324
File: 45 KB, 678x137, 1464994905973.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cool, thanks. Surprised at how fast the filehost link on nicoblog is, it was behind annoying ads but the ETA is only 12 minutes for a 8 parter. Quite the upgrade from the usual slow hosts on A-S.

>> No.16960446

Has anyone used both clubbox and Share and can comment on which one is less annoying to download from? I used Share a lot years ago but I'd have to set it all up again. There's only a few games that I can't find between super sekrit club Chinese forums and plain Google since they're so old and/or shitty but they can all be found on either option.

>> No.16960600

>easier to set up and use
>need to forward ports
>internal search doesn't return everything (that's why you use triggers)
>even if you find a file there is a huge chance it won't finish downloading if it's an old one
>speeds are only good for fresh content
>the network is slowly dying

>a bit less user friendly
>no need to forward ports
>smells of malware/adware (that's what VMs are for) but then again it's very popular in korea
>files are guaranteed to finish downloading once started
>speeds are absymal
>files can be private or password protected sometimes

Besides, you can just use clubbox search engines and keydb.telegrip.info to see if the files you want are on either, no need to set up
Overall, I'd use clubbox these days because you can actually finish the downloads, on Share I had a few hundred files unfinished sitting for years
PD is somewhere in the middle as it's the easiest to set up but you need to make 20GB of space for cache and files can sit unfinished as well (but it has better succes ration than Share)

>> No.16960974

Apparently Magic was pretty popular in Japan and their pros were pretty successful back in the day, of course, nowadays while the rest of the world plays Hearthstone everyone in Japan just plays Shadowverse.

>> No.16961181


Makes you feel old, when the author oldfags and you get the reference.

That said, Shadowverse is digital only, right? I'd assume there are still SOME physical cardgames out there... some. The Wixoss anime actually had a nice cardgame as a backbone, not that the anime really used its rules and whatnot. (they could've only thrown dice as competition just as well) And a few other ones should also still exist, mostly for younger kids though.. I think. Magic was always less suited for very young kids I feel.

>> No.16961446

YGO is supposed to be fairly popular but I'm not sure if it still is as there was recently a big rule change that invalidated a huge amount of stuff, and I saw a bunch of bitching on twitter about.

>> No.16961511

Bushiroad TCGs are the only ones worth playing now anyway who cares.

>> No.16961555

I wonder if there's anything that makes Warhammer 40k references

>> No.16961961

Anyone got the serial code or crack for 神咒神威神楽?

>> No.16961964

Yeah just look on nyaa.

>> No.16961980



>> No.16962006

This should work for both versions: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B289QQzoX1tKVXVmM2l5OEtlT1U/edit

>> No.16962177

Thanks a lot anon!

>> No.16963155

The CSS didn't load. Check if any addons are blocking it.

>> No.16963201

Not him, but yeah, I block pretty much everything possible in uBlock Origin and that's how A-S looks for me. Still easily usable.

>> No.16963246

I know that Otome Domain uses the KiriKiri engine. You'd need to extract scripts from the .xp3 files. There's a dev tool for KiriKiri somewhere that might help, but I forgot where.

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